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Digitized by V.i009lC 




Digitized by V.i009lC 




Digitized by V.i009lC 

Digitized by V.i009lC 


Digitized by V.i009lC 

Digitized by V.i009lC 


IJNDIAN mail; 


MtQlsttv of J^nttUiQtntt 





/ .' 







Digitized by V.i009lC 




A)i M(KinMl,316,3Tg 

Allipon, tOnj uai, £38 

An, 883 

Benam, eiplorioD ■(, 377, f\0 


Bethuue, J. E. D,, 35, 60S 

Bfau UabutLJa Siogb, SO 

Btawulpoie, the Kbaii of, 122 

BUck Acu, the, 35, as, 90, IM, 186, U, 

Blont, W., 2 

BoHtar, 2, 59 

Brooke, Rajafi, 578, flOS, 835 

Batter, Dr., 379 

Cmultie* by deatli in tbe umles of India, 
8, 36, 59, 91, I^, 154, 166, BIS, 250, 
S83. 314. 347, 379, 410. 443, 475, SOS, 
539. 57S. 602, 835, 667, 698, 731 

Cunpbell, Dr., 33, 57, 89, 1S2 

Cape of Good Hope, 731 

Cuhmere, 186 

CejlOD, 35, 90, 154, SSS; 347, 410 

Chiene, Capt. P. J., 571 

CIrini, S6, 90, 154, £50, 38% 608, 667, 731 

Cboleia, 2, S9 


CommuMteT-in-CbieC tbe, 2, '34, 58, 91, 
ISS, 15t> S17, 850, 283, 346, 378, 410, 
442, 474, 506, 572, 008, 634, 66% 730 
' Commerce ia Upper India,730 

DartmaMA, desCructioo of tbe, 90 

Dhulepp Singh, 34,90, 154, 666 

Electric Tel^npb, 314 

Elliot, 8lr H. M, AS 

EtJiibition of 1851, 2, 666 

Eu«ob]^ eountT7, 34, 57, 59 

Fagin, Captain, 379 

OamUfaiB, £70. 634, 698 

Gholab Singh, 34 

Gilbert, Sir W., 94, 58, 186 

GoTenior-G«n«i»I,tbe,2, 33,'SS, 90, ISl, 

186, ?50, 882, 378, 410,412,506(602, 

634. 666, 698, 730 
UMilCen. E.N,C., 58. lS2,888,ff70 
Harris, CRpL. 882, 570 
Heal)-, murder of Mr., 281 
Hooker, Dr„ 33, 57, 69, 182 
IIuxhaiD. Lieut, 4ethBeDgU,}f.I., 570 
Impey, Capt, 31it Uadiu N.I^ 538 
Indore, 58, S^ 570 
Jotee Paruu.-!, fraoda of, ffJl.VSi 
King, Colonel,506 

Lahore, 34, 90, 122, 154. 186. 314, 378 
LawMQce, Colonel, 1, 34^ 69, 345 
Lawrence, Sir H..35, 602. 633 
Lead and copper mines, 443 
Litcbfleld, Lieui., 48th Bengal K.L, 570 
Lingard, Rct. Mr., 186 
Magistrate, a, ugnitigan ordeEfocbi* eM- 

cution, 2 
Maba Uurrea, 442 
Marriot, H. E., 188 
Manhall, Lieut, eol. J. 8., 571 
MarslMll, LieuL eol. W. H., Sll 
Meer Shaded, I 
Militaiy Fund, 474 

Slorei, sorvej ot 345, 378 

Moolrai, 314 

Mulinj of [he 66tfa N.L, 159, 186, 21B, 283 

Navigation Law*, the, 2 

NepButeM Ambanadors, IM , 

Nium'B domiDloa*, 1, 35, 89, 154, StS 

850, 346, 378. 410, 442, 474, 537, «9 

O'Brien, attempted raleaae of Soiilli, «t 

Sydney, 731 
Oude, ^, 314, 378, 669, 780 
Faliatr, H., 2, 122 
Pertia, 283 
Peshawur, 1, 122, 217, 849, 345, «r3, 5S7, 

PoEt-offices, inquiry into slat* of, 448 
Punjab, the, 122. 1^ 819, 382, 441, 473, 

506. 601, 633, 665, 698, 730 
Railways. 2, 882, 314, 316, 410, 571, «tt^ 

635. 666, «ee, 780 
lUnee Chanda, 34, ^6, 538 
Roods, construction of, 538, 634 
Rose, Lieut, 3rd Bengal N.I.,570 
Satlara, monument in memory of tha late 

Rajab of. 635 
School of Industry at Bombay, 443 
Scinde, 379,412 

batia, 153 

priie- money, 882 

Settanee Joetebbaee, the, 635 

Sbeer Sngb, 1 

Siam, 539, 635 

Sikhim, 33, 57, 89, 153, 154, 165, 218 

Soldiers- Gatdeiu, 693 

Taxes, 539 

Tibet, 33 

Turton, Sir Thoa., 154 

Tyranny in naliTe stateB.442 

Whitford, Rev. Mr., 166, 216 

Wrecks, 608 


ADEN, 331 


AUSTRALASIA, 7T, 303, 4S7 

ANDAUANS, the, 107 


Alwlitlon of tbe ezamptioB 'from the jnria- 

dtctioD of the Ca^any'a CMitt, " 

A djucsnt- Generalship, the, 414 
Administration of Senijal Proper, 4I0| 446 
Afreedies, the, 349, 449, 480, 510 

AGRA, 7. 287, KO, 381, 703 

Agra and United Senrice Bank, U7, 509 

Agremens of Moollan, 701 

AUipore, affray at, SUS 

Amterst as a Sanatartma, 91 

Andaman island), 94 

Armed men in the Punjab, be., 542 

Articles of war, an officer to write out tbe 

Asiatic Society of Bengal, 383, 577 
Assam Coal, 888 
Asaam, steam saw-mill and coat mioei 

in, 566. 670 

Tea Company, 962 

Australian Horses, 415 
Australia, population of, 416 
Babookollj, indigo concern, 186 
Bauleah, distuilNUice at, 37 





Education, 381, 383, 148, 608 

Military Fund, the, 475, 545^ 609, 638 

Suda duel, the. HI, 575, 603, 667, 700 

Edwsrdeg, Major H., 68 

Mint, the. 448 

Bukiig in Indii, 350 

Electric Telegraph. 381 

Baptiimtt the Kirk, 3S3 

EUiot, Sir Henry Mien. 60 bank), 510 

Engliah school st Lahore, 544 

Mogul, the great, 636 


European Troopa, mortality in. 8 

Moolnij, 886. 319. 479 

Beckwilh. John, 9S 

Moody, Lieut, col., 639 


Bengal Bank, 255, 382, 577 


Benaru B>ik, 7, 347, 545 

Pagan, Capt C. G, 382. 414 

Murderers, 349 

-. explonion at, 379, 415 

Family Pension Fund, the. 605 

Musioorie, schools at. 360 

Bengal Buik, 447 
Ciril Fund, 7 

Finance* of India. 60, 700 
Forgery Case, 8 

Mutiny of the Sikh pristHiers, 476. 5U 

I'f.t V* IT ^f\i^ A.-1C. run 

Medical Retiring Fund. 187 

Frauds at I^hore, 701 

38nd N. I, 880 

Military Fnnd. 577, 605, 607 

Futteyghur, census of, 381 

Bbwe Mahar^ Singh, 61 

Gambling. 509, 541s 575. 606, 669, 699. 

Napier, Sir Charles, 3, 447, 500, 669 

Biddle V. Taraney Chum Bonoeijee, 573 

731. 733 


GauMen, Capt. W. A., 669 

Native enetgy and industry, 415 

Bbek Act. the, 886 

General Pension Fund, 545 

Blunt, Mr, S87, 701 

NayigMion Uvrs, 7 

Boat voyage down the Indiu, expentei of. 

Gilbert, ]lif>j.,gen. Sir W. R.,59,93 


Gwalior. 93. 187. 191 

New plea rules, 7 

Golab Singh. 509 

Biadford'a, LieuUdijmirtal. 481 

Gomm, Sir W.. 445 

Braineo.MuttyloU Seal, 160 

Gooroo Mahanj, 186 

Opium, 37, 93, 186, 160^ 219, 382. 415 

Brockman, the late Lieut., 34» 

Gough (Lord), 7 

447, 409. 509. 

Brooke, Sir James, Kl 

Govemor-General. the, 254, 267, 286, 328 

Oriental Bank, 62 

Hebetlin. death of Dr., 7 

Oude, 416, 676, 670^702 

Brnneee Cotton, 696 

Hindu College, 189 

Palmer. Henry, 701 

Butter. Dr. 4)4,479 

H.M's. 14th Dragooni at ChiUiatiwallab, 

Patna, fatal accident at,S19 

Caleotla Steam Tug AtMciation, S55 


HogB, Sir J. W., 446 

Peshawur, 127. 161,219,318 

Campbell, A. E., deUb of. 350 

Hooghty Steam Tug Company, 161, 480 

Pew. Colonel P. L. (in the matter oO 3 

Campbell, Col. Colin, GO 

Hooker. Dr, 36, 126 

PhcenU Mnnoe Insurance Company. 460 

Campbell, Dr., 36, 186 

Horses, N. S. Wales, 7 

Piracy and murder, 481 

Gaop«s, burning of the barqiw, 61, 02 

Ice, fell of, 255 

Papular literature of Bengal, 572 

Caebmere, 636 

Idol market, Mate of the, 8 

Camipore Rank, 219 

Impoy, Captain, 733 

Proceedings egainit civil aerrants, 738 

CenauB of Calcutta, 543, 577 

India, diiturhed state or, 606 

Progress of absorptioa. 543 

Ceylon, tranifer of, to Ibe E, I. C, 418 

Steam Navigation Oompany, 63. 160, 

Cbeape, Col. J..60 


Punjab, the. 62. 321, 349, 351, 575, 635 

Cheap Ju.lice, 513 

Indote, the Resident at, 92, 854 

Army in the, 476 

Chiene, CapL . action for libel againtt, St6 

Civil li«t, 413 


Local force, 478 

In^is, death of George, 186 


Chittagong, earthquake at, 37 

Troopa in the, 440 

Cholera, 3S1, 383 

Irvine, the late Colonel, 190 

Bailways, 93, 348, 605, 669, 701 

Chunee, 573 

Jagbeera of the Sikh sirdars, 287 


Chuprah,explo>ion near. 542 

Jotee Peretiaud, 708, 733 

Ramgopal Gboie, 866 


Judge Advocate, duty of, 468 
Judicial forgeries. 701 

Ranee of Thaneiur. 887 

Reduction of civil aalaries. 703 

Cockeiell & Co., estate ot 62 

Kaleegunga, affair on the. 508 

Regeneratien of India. 93 

Coflee on the Malabar Coast, 609 

CcUege at Benares, a new. 638 

King, the late Colonel. 510, 541. 639 

Religious liberty Act, 476 

of Fort WiUiam, 510 

Koh-i-Noor. the, 126, 576 

Repwt of College of Fort Trilliam, 315 

Kumaon tea, 603 

IMf Mary Wood, iuuruice of the, 460 


Commercial report, 576 

Lahore, 92, 350, 703 

Road from Simlah to Lftdakb, 544 

Conduct of troop on parade, 191 

Bank, 639 

Road to China, 637 

Convemion, 7. 887, 479 

Rootkee College, 703 

Cooly emigiation, 639 

Lelieii of natives, 700 

Rose, Lieut H., 544, 640 

Copper depoEiC,416 

Lighthouse on Pedto Banca, 7 

Salt, 7, 97 

Copper ore, discovery of, 219, 286 

Littler, Major general Sir J. H.,91, 3^ 

Santipore, 4r5 

Cr/minal Code, the, 475 

Lysll, Uelheaon, & Co. estate of. 321 

Saunders, Mayft Co., estate o4 887 

DMca Bank. 819 

Lucknow, 98 

Scott, aoddent to Lieut. flOth N.I., 61 

Dagy, En«.. H. M's. SStb fool, 545 

Malm Murree, 449,510 

Seals, Ensign. 703 

Daijeeling. 128, 855, 700 

Mail, arrival of the, 7, 37, 61, 93. 186, 160, 

Sepoy, English, 700 

Setalcation at Moulmein, 287 

219, 254, 886. 321, 346, 3B8. 415. 417, 

Sbahabad. tragical aftOc at. 5U 

Delhi Bank, 219 

479, 609, 513, 576, 607, 638, 669. 701, 

Sikh arm!, 606 

Deyrah Dboon, 190 


Captains, the, 191, 3S3 


Maree, eanitarium at, 576 


DUtrihution of Honoun, 640 

Marriage Bill, the, 482 

Officials, eonuption of, 479 

Disturbance on the Eastern Frontier, 510 

Manhall v. Chiene, 478, 574 

Dividends, 37 

Recruits, tlie, 450 

Dost Mshommed, 309 

Meear Meer, 126 

Sikhim,36. 186 

Dundai, CoL.theHon. H.,a9 

Merit and .eniooiy, 6M 

Simmt, Mr.. 544, 609 

Eattem Archipelago, 388 

Meiopotatnian antiquities, 607 

Singapore recejpu and ditborKment^ 500 
Sporting in India, 488 

Military, 37. 61, 189, 220, 351, 448,440, 

Edliu, Dr., 62, 287 

479, 460, 702 

Statistics of Cawnpore. 507 



Supcntition, SM I 

Suttee at Bomber, 415 I 

Srria,450 I 

Table or precedence, 660 I 

Tajrlor v. Lang, 61 | 

Thackvrll, Major general Sir J., 59 
Tlukoar Petiaud, 708 
Tlianpton, Rcr. J. T., 54t 
Titaljab, 128 

ToleratioD Act,ibe,63, 3S1 
'nadini; jadgea, 963 
TrafeHing in CMbmere. 482 
Trarelltnft in Inilia, 182 
TuitoD, Sir T., 8, B3, 127 
Vo». retirement ol Dr., MS 
Whnb, Major general W., 59 
Wreeka, 37, 287, 604, 609 
TouDg, tbe late Lieuc. col., 319 

BORNEO, 77, 3M 

Apprenticing Act, (he, 330 

Beacon on ibe island of Kenerf, 5S0 

Belgaum, 104, 169 

Betlarjr, 136 

Bombay Bank, 230 

Briggs, G. J-. 519 

Brougham, Lord, oa Indian appeal*, 389 

Burial ground, 1 95 

Biitnes,Dr., 17 

Candeiah, 200 

Capon, Brigadier, 361 

Cardamoms, 716 

Caeie amongst convert!, 260 

Cenana oT Bombay, 136 

Cejion, disluibancca in, 327 

Cbamberbiin, Captain N., 710 

ChilliuiirBllab, visit lograrefarda at, 196 

Cholera, treatment of, IS, 104, 424 

Cocbrane. deatb of DH>t. C. S., 619 

Commercial Bank, the, 104 

Firaii. charges in. S65 

CottoD, 361, 517, 619,6*8, 678, 737 
Cotton-preaa macblnerj, &53 
Saw-gina, 830 

Deaibt. 457 

Dewan-i-am, the, 425 

Dimock, AaiisL lurg., 74 

Dundaa, rareivelt order oF Brig., 74, 197 

Education, 71 1 

Explosion at tbe powder-mills, 826 

EiIraTagance at regimental mesaas, 3S7 

F^te at tbe gardena, 137 

Ftitb, tbe late R.,710 

Tbllerton, the late Lieut. toU J. A., 390 

Gambier, testimonial to Sir E., S27 

Grant, the late G.. C. 8., 456 

Harris, Capt., v. R. N. C. Hamilton, 328 

Hunter, Dr. A., SS8 

Indian Journal of Arts, &c., 327 

Indian navj, the, S30, 390, 710 

Indigo for tbe Persian markets, 263 

lodore, 137 

Indus steam-floti'lU, 169, 491, 647 

IndDstrial Exhibition, 74, 676 

Irrigation in tbe N. W. provineei, 616 

Jacob, Major 863 

Juneson, Major G. J., 268 

Jejeebhor, Hr JamaetJM, 361, 4X5, 401, 


Khutpul, 491 

Kilncr, C^t. J., engineer*, 456 

Koh-i-Noor, the, 330 

Kumaon Tea, 647 

Lunatics, treatment ol in India, 520 

Madras Bank, 296, 327, 467 

Mail, arriral of the, 16, 43, 74, 169, £30, 
S6S, 298, 330, 360, 390, 486, 519, S22, 
552, 685, 619. 6*7, 878, 710, 739 

Marvellous credulltj, 491 

Mean Meer, 330 

Medical College, 388 

Retiring Fmid, 580 

Meteorological hct, 710 

Meteors, 230 

Militarr, 17, 283, 331 

Mineral reaources ol India, 16 

Mooltan, 199,619 

Mortalitr at Bombar. MS 

Murray, death of AsilsL mrg. W. B. tS6 

Museum of economic geokigr, 195 

Napier, anecdotes of Sir C, 677 

Sir C. and Col. Clibbom, 263 

Native languages, 296 


Newbold, the late Capt, 585, 737 
Niiam's dominions, 104, 287, 260, 486, 615, 

Novel race, 199 
Observatory, the, 425 
Oriental Bank, 521 
Parsees' Benevolent In8titution,565 
Peace and War, tbe adrocataa of, 136 
Persb^ 619 
Peabawar, 137, 1»T 
Pew, dismiiaal of CoL 425 
FggotI, Rev. O.. 296 

Public improvement*, 329 
Railways, 43, 74, 199, 830, 326, 353, 425, 

Rain Gauge, to make a, 520 
Red Sea, the, 648 
Registration of Births, 136 
Reliels, the, 710 
Rooms, Ena. F. 10th N. I, 558 
Route to the Blue Mountain*, 706 
Rm/ttl Firtorio, tbe,.M6 
Rusieleondah, 195 
Sanscrit College at Ponna. 360 
Sangor, Literary Association at, 327 
Saltsra Tunnel, the, 679 
Schism amongst tbe Mussulmans, 296,327 
Scinde, 617 

Shark-fishing at Knrtacbee, 485 
Sblkarpore, 648 

Soldiers- garden at LalMre,424 
Southern Mabratca Irregular Hor*e, 390 
Spontaneous combnstion in shipping, 295 
Statist ic^ 16$ 
Strange decision, 104 
Sub- marine current), 330 
Su gar-plan I injt at Zantibar, 648 
Suttee, 800, 360 

Taylor, death of Major T. J., 456 
Trade and Public Work*, 200 
Veitch, fatal accident Eo Lient., S60 
Vemaculnr literature, 71 ! 
of Bombay, the, 135 
1, the Rev. Mr., 330 
Whitford, the Her. Mr., 896 
Whiting, the Rev. Mr., 830 
Wrecks, 647, 648 

CEYLON, 19, 46, 77, 107, 140, 172, 802, 
233, 267, 300, 333, 363. 426, 491, 52% 
553, 588, 021, 681, 713; 749 

LABUAN, 107, 301,487 

Agra Bank, Madras branch of, 133 
BangaUire, 389, 454, 488 
Barracks in tbe Neilgherry Hills, 195 
Black Act, want of a, 615 
Bredin. Lieut. H. M.** 94tb Foot, 645 
Brooke, the late Arthur, 133 
Campbell, Capt. J., 488, 674 
Canals v. Railways, 513 
Civil Engineen' department, 515 
Conspiracy, 71 

Cooley emigration, 14, 71, 195 
Cotton farmi ia S. India, 13 
Deputation of native Indians to England 

Employment of East Indians, 71 
Famine, 41 
Feast, a, 515 
Fight between a panther and an elephant, 

German mission, 454 
Hunter, Dr., 515 
Hutchinson, Lient., 14 
Hyderabad, 1 4 
Impey, Captain, 615 
Industrial Ezbibitioa of 1651, 421 
Insolvent Court, 71 
Jeremie, testimonial to Dr., 516 
Macelean, Mr.,71,421 
Mabomedanism in Malabar. 568 
Mail, airivalofthe, 41.286,369,481, 487 

Marches in the monsoon, 645 
Marinera* Widows Fund, 615 
Metiah sacriflcea, 487 
Military, 41, 133 
Mount RoUl Church, 674 
Mysore Coffee, 568 
Xsgpore, Ibe ex-Rajah of, 487 
Napierian anecdote, 133 
Napier's (Sir C.) order*, 615 
Newbold, the late CapL T. J., 23td K.I.. 

Noble, death of Major, 515 
OoCaeamund, 454 
Opium, seizure or, 487 
Papal doings in India, 645 
Pondicherry, tbe late Governor of, 467 
Foat- office reform, 466 
Potlinger, Sir H., 133 
Rights of a widow to administration, 706 
Scale, Ens., H.M.-s 94tb fool, 645 
I. Ens., H.M.'s2*tb foot, 645 
Small Cause Court, 674 
Squabble* amongst the great, 615 
Sulphate of lime, 467 
Supentition, 487 
Thag* aitd dacoiu, 487 



Veperr School, 615 

NETHERLANDS, Indi*, SI, 77. 


' Wut, Cipt., 43nl N.I. , M 

SINGAPORE, 19, 77,20a, 833,681 


MI2AM-S DommioDi, 33t 

Whitfort, ihe Rev. Mr., 582,615 


PERSIA, 77, 203, MO 




Abolition of eostoro* in tli« PBigriv450 
AOnedie Tnbec, 821, 290 
Altowuicu with EuropcBn namf, 6C0 
Amenabilitr of mtKiary, offiMci to Cirll 

CoarU, It Simla, 128 
Anilable Furtougbj, 8, 733, 
Bills of EzchMge, 731 
Cunpbel], Lieui. rol,, 703 
Capture of a Sututard— rettomtloB of Sad 

L.C., «1 

Examination in HioduHtDi, 670 
E^iption of augat and ram from <lutj, 

Fran Sir H«niy EUiot to C^t Hmia, 

Grant, Lieut, co)., 463 

H. M.-a FaTe«g,8 

Honoumble conduct of a native doctor, 

HfpoChecBtion ofgooda, 91,150 
Indemnification for Joliei, 63 
Indian allowance* to Queen'i officer*, HI 
Knowledge of Hinduatani language, £1 1 
Leave ofabtcnce, 890, 323,, 545 
Letter* from Commanding offieen, 9 
Littler, Maj. gen. Sir J., 383 
Medical officers, 8, 451 
Mutiny of 6atliN.L,224 
Neglect of geneni order*, 577 
New Stations of Examination CemaAtee* 

NuiBcree, Simoot, and EcBMn baUalton* 

Officer*' Iravetling expemea, 51 1 
Offreckonings, 161 
Operation* agiinil the Affreediei, 290 
Order* from the Brigade major, 290 
Fassage-mone)* to sfflcata of U. M/aawric*. 

Flanging Batb*, 609 
Punjab Medalt, 191 
Re^mental Band*, Mi,890 

Saving* Bank, 416 

Relief, the, 578 

■ of Anillery DetaehMcnts, 483 

Raluln of Iniignia^ 483 

Review of troops at Meean Meer, H 

Salaries in department of public workH,2ei 

Stiade prize-money, 288, 483,511,, 7?' 

Smla gambling case, tbe, 704^ 7SI 

Supeiintending surgeon to PediBwuc, 290 

Tranifer of station*, 65 

Advanees to officers on 
them to return, 101 


Allowance* to troops in Sciode, 740 
Bair, Mtyor general, 679 
Campbell, Lieut, col., 711 
Furiough* avaiUUa, 75. 585, 740 
Guzerat police corps, 610 
Medical Officers, 137 
Remonl of bead-^iiitrter*, 457 
Securiliea (nm public aerraiu*, 261, 361 


. sm. 11 
Bofd, Sunteon general, 619 
Deccan prixemoney, 71 
Detaebment of 4>3rd N.L ennged witb 

the Moplabt, 4S8 
Fines, 72 

Macdonell, Supg. snrg. G.B., 297. 
Maclean. Mr., 101 
MontgOMuie, Brig. P., CB., 787 
Momnenuof Uoops, 11, 11, 133,431,155, 


Pre*ideneT medical duties, 227 
Rank of Engineer Cadet*, 455, 516 


Baldwin, Lt. J., H..M.-( «2nd foot, Sti 
Bank*, Private X, 417 
Bennett. Cor. J. D., H.M.'s. 3rd drag., 
Bradford, lit Lieut. E. C AiL, 483 
Brine, Cspt. A. G.. H.U's. S3nd rcg., 4l 
Butter, Surg. D.. u.^.-Sei 
CookMKi, Litut £., 68tb N.L, 192 
Da Costa. Capt. L. G., 58tli N.I., 38 
Dagg, Ens. C. H.. H.M.'s 98lb rsg,, 545 
Dugleby, Private J. H,M'* 14th drags,, 579 
Daniell. Capt. J. T., ITth N.L. S5G 
EnKlish, Lieut. A. F., 22nd N.I., S7 
Fagan, Capt. C. G.,8thL.C., 3&1> 
Ooodrit^s, liaut. E. J, Aiu. 610 
Hasell , C^t. C, 48th N. I., 391 
Holland, 1st Lieut. G., Art, fill 
Holting*. Capt. W. C.,17th N.I.,256 
Houstown, Ci^t. H. J., 2nd Eur. Fu*. 

Huxham, Ens. O. C, 48lb N.L, 670 
Kennedy, Assist. surg.E. J., H.M's 64tb 

reg„ 611 
Latter. Lieut. T , 67tb N, I. 32.1 
Lillingston, 2nd LieuL C, W, P., H.M' 

60th RiScB, ffI8 
Litchtord, Lieut. E. B. 48th N.L. 670 
Msckenzie. Capt. H. 2nd Eur. reg., 37 
M'Lean, Private Jahu, U.M.'a lltb drag*., 

Msyne, Lieut. W., H.M.'s 22nd foot. 578 

Morphelt, Lieut. J., H.M.'s 53rd foot. 95 
Pennebther, Lieut. B. V., H.M.'s SSad 

foot, 57S 
Phillips, Major B. T., 7lh L.C., 578 
Renny, Lieut. a~, ITth N.L, 291 
Hose, Lient H., 3rd N.L, 609 
Runjet Sing, Pay Havildar, SKnd N.L, lU 
Sandbam,£ni. E. lltb N.L, 671 
Seale, Ens. C. T., H.M.'* »4th foot, 704 
Smith, Lieut. O. S.,4etb N.L, 670 
Taylor, Lt J. E. H., H.M.'s lOthfoot** 
Tottenham, Lieut F, R„ 7th L.C.. 66 
Walmiiley. Lieut. P. M., 16th N.L, 94 
White, En*. T. W.,4etb N.L, 670 

Bowie, Assist. Eurg. J. M,, 585 
Scott En*. D, M., attached to 8nd Eur. 

Scott, Lieut W. H., 3rd L.C, 300 

Alston. En*. R. G.,5lst N.L, 101 
Austin, Lieut T., 22iid N.1..550 
Bell. Lieut H.. 50th N.L, '!8 
Bredin. Lieut G. N., H.M.'sOllh, 675 
Case. Capt C. H., 22nd N.L. 540 
Dintdale, Lieut. J„22iid N.I« 640 
Dowbiggin, Lieut. W. H., 6tb UC, 516 
Henegan, Lieut D. V. A., 10th N.L, 14 
HBemabon,En*. J.,H.M.'s 81tlifDOt,a61 
Parke, Lieut. J., lit Fus., 72 
Preignve, Lieut. E., Sod Eur. L. I., 708 
Pybot, Lieut. F. G.. Ist Fu*.. 72 
Watt CaptR. P. K., 43rd N. L, 166 


BENGAL, 9, 11, 
128. 129, 130, 
B23, S24, 257, 
324, 351. 352, 
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XB&vs or AMBmwaa. 

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BENGAL, 13, 40. 70, 99, 131, 163,195^ 
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490, &)7, 552, 583, 619, 646. 677, 70« 



Su«erit J.mga^e, Ihe, 207 

An Mnu, the. 395 ' 

Fagan, Capt., and Di. Butter 463 


Ameers o( Scinde, 177 

Delhi Papcn. the, 396 

DlsmUaal of Vcncatarogte NaUoo, 176 

Emperor o( Delhi, the. 81 

GoidoD, Capt. P., 176, 398. 592 

Fromoliom in the lodian arm 7. 753 

Qoarterly General Court, 176, 398. 59 

Eai]w»yB, 177 
Bajah oT Satiara, 753 
Etidoval of Judgei of Sadder Court 1 

Madnu, 177 
SocceasioD by adoption, 839 
Surrey* of India, 594 


Alblr in tbe Afreedit Hilta, 496, 528 
Agra and United Service Hank, 636 
BulUe'a Moohuminudan Ian of gale, 500 
Bourne's Indian riTer nsiigalion, 25, 1 13 
BorfiOD. Lieal. col.. 499 
CVof Good Hope Mails, 657 
CeftoD committee, report of, 463 
Cobden, on the China trade, 720 
Cobden on colonial policy, 83 

College in Ceylon, propwed, 83 
Cotoieal birds from Nev Zealand, 145 
Colonial Reform Society, 430 
CoiniDander-in.Chie(Bt Bombay.^S 

in India, 55B, 594 

CommDDtcalion betmen Europe aiid India, 

Consequeoeei of tbe Califiwnian gold 1 

Cotton, 25, 52 
Cotton in Ceylon, 594 
Directors of the East-India COBipanir, list 

0^ 338, 273 
Etutern Archipelago Company, 499 
East-India College, 399, 498, 750 

Direction, thf, 467 

MsrriagBS, 304 . 

'. Military Seminary, 369, 748 

Edwardea, Major II., 143, 431 

Egyptian light frigate Sliarkie, 25 

Exports of British gooda, 688 
t Oalloway, the late Sir A., 338, 841 

Gomm, Sir William, banquet to, 497 

Oougb, Lord, 143. 175. 207, 210. 241 

Jeffcoll.Sir W..25 

Jeremie, Proleisor, 337 

Juggernaut pigodn. 840 

King, Coloosl J. W.,5Sg 

L«yard, reiesrcbes of Dr.. 179 

Mails to the Cspe, 559 

Metcalf, tbe late E.B.. 240 

Missions to Scinde, 306 

Mortality in Indik, 840 

Napier. Sir C, 178 

Napier, Sir C, and Lord Dalhouiie, 559 

Nepaulese Embassy. 338. 396. 499. 559, 

Feniniular and Oriental Sttva Navigation 

CoB^nys 330. 467, 791, 72% 758 
Priniep, H. T., 467 
Railways, 111, 145, 271, 48% £30 
Roxbui^b, Major J., 559 
Royal Asiatic Society, 53 
Sandwich Island Prtnea, 25 
Shipping, from and to the Ealt, 6W 
Siddons, Maj. H., Bengal Eng,, ITS 
Spier* & Co., Messrs., 25 
Trade witb India, 529 
Wsgbom, the late Li^ot-, 52, 240 
Waghom, Mr*„3TI.6S6 
White, Lieut, col. H. J, 145 

Ez-parte Watson, in re Union Dank, 431 
Ez-parte Wilcoi and others, directors of 
the Peninsular and Oriental Company, 

SiXTMK&Tvms AM9 sozswoa. 

Ancient Hlilory lie., of tbe Hindu*, 173 

Anecdote of the Crasadei, 556 

Antiquity of Btabmans and Buddbiiti, 

New Dutch NaTigalion Acts, 657 Aasyrian anliquttiea, 590 

New Special Statute of tbe order of the Assyrian and Babylonian inscriptioi 
Bath. 530 { Bengal Army and its chief, 589 



Buddhiit Cbamis, 461 
Okve Templei, 65^, 633 
Cllaldean anCiquitiM, SOS 
Chiaeie " Deed of Sali," 493 
ChronictcB of the kiogi of Wanuignl, 7S 
CoDfuciui, 302 
Cieation of the world, 836 
CrimJntl law of Cbioa, 653 
Viluvial grarel, S69 
SiMOTcrj' of inland take in Africa, 79 
Electric Telegraph, 556 
I>Wine Bt Isfahan in I7SI-88, 589 
Geography or Central Africa, 623 
Htil-Btorm at Shikargbur, 78 
Hail-atormi in India, 525 
Hindu coini, 49 
History of Tartuy, 62S 
Ibn Kbiiilikan'i Blognpbinl dletioDarjr, 
F 715 

Inacriptioni from Beejapooi, 744 
InacriptioiiB in ancient Santcrit, 204 
InBcriptiona of Assjrria and Babvlonia, 365, 

Jadicial STatem and the Black Acta, 580 
E6cch Bodo and Dbini£] people, 21 
Koopi of Rajah Raina Chandra. S36 
Litaiaij joomey in Georgia, 269 
meteorological, &c., obaervatione in the 

Himalaj^, 428 
Mogul canals, 49 
New motile power, 715 
Kinereh, 269, 303, 461, 557 
Origin of the dominant race of HiDdastan, 

Feblvi coiiu of the eari; Mahomedan 

Arabs, 365 
Pecpetoal snow it 



BaUgion of the Vedat, 49 

Bcmalna in the villagea of Ragnn Kooloor 

nig Veda, the, 74S 
Bocnan coins in S. India, 366 
Rnina of Sarmath, $St 
Tamil ayslent of DBtiiral hittaiy. 111 
VedanCa RaaaTana, 331 
ZtDdaTesta, tbe, 557 

Broome's Rise and Frogress of the Bengal 

Cociu' Musical Almanack, 28 
Cholera and ita Cures, 562 
Disturbances in Ceylon, 1)5 
Enquiry into H. A. D'Abbadie'a Journey 

Grore on Epide mica, 628 
M'Murdo'i Reply to Burlton's attack ot 

" Napier'a Indian Baggage Corps," 468 
MiUler-i Rig- Veda- Sanhita, 180 
Perry (Sir E.)on Reforms in (he Common 

Law, 756 
Steam Co Australia, 147,657 
Taylor's TranslaCions from the Mancbu, 
Wilson's Rig- Veda. Sanhita, 627 
Yearslcy on Dea^esB, 723 

Acta of the Legislative Council, 50 

Affgban expedition, the, 553 

Appeals from India, 173 

Bengal military fund, 195, 527 

Bomean Pirates and Rajah Brooke, 80 

Brooke, Sir J., 429 

Cape of OooA Hop& 237 

Ceylon, 142 

Colonial Cooatilntiona, £05 

Coaititution, tbc^ at the Cape, 744 

Court-martial on Lieut Rose, 625 

Diridends on East-India stock. 79 

DoelliPg, 690, 717 

Eaatem pirates, 142 

East- Indian cotton, 394 

Expedition to Kohai, 494 

Female emigration, 51 

Foreign policy, 395 

Gambling in the Indian army, 22, 52, 55S 

Grant upon Indian railways, 174 

India during tbe year, S2 

Indian cotton, 623. 655, 686, 718, 716 

International law, 270 

Marriage law of India, 303 

Military law, 430 

Moslems and papista, 716 

Mutinies in native corpa, 270 

Nadre ChrUtiana, 367 

New colonial policy, 109 

Orden of Sir C, Napier, 336 

Oude and Hyderabad, 653 

Parliamnitary proceedings, 461 

Pew, Colonel, and the Benares Bank, S3 

Popular literature of Bengal, 591 

Railways in India. 366, 5B7 

Rebellion in China, 684 

Revenues of India, tbe, 526. 557 

Session of Purliament, tlie, 80 

Simla gambling case, 745 

Tiirton, 8irThos.,206 

Wars and agitations in Europe, 684 

West India question, the, 335 

Ceylon, II) 
Colonial policy. III 
Convicts at the Cape, 111 
Deblaations of Sir Thoi. Turlon, 210, 273 
EaateRi piracy, 272 
East India cotton, 397 
Railways in India. 368 
Steam communication with Australia, 466 

DOMESTIC,28.53, 83,113. 146, 179.2 

242, 274, 307, 338, 372. 403, 432, « 
500, 530, 560, 595, 626, 659, 689, T 
736, 755 

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338, 371. 467, 530, 559, 532, 595. 
658, 722, 755 


Digitized by V.i009lC 







Vol.VllI.— No.l40.] 


[Pbicb la. 

Tbt AjJalf, with the maili. left BombaT Dee. 3, arriTCd at Adn 
oil tht nth. and Suez an the I9lb. 

Thr mtiiT* rMcbH Aln«n<lrlii, wen thnca detpBtchcd br th* 
MHma fnr Malta, aad arrived oB the 9Tth. Tla Mtrlia look tka 
mailt on tn Mamlllei, nrrinngaa the Slit. 

The Merita, with the London mall* of Not. W, rMdwd AlfUadrla 
Dn. )0, w)>ere the lOiilla were trwaTerred tn the Prtfrtar, which 
renchH Son, Uating on the 13th for PDiat*-dc-GaUe, Madrai, and 

K Bail lot notsbaT ^^ Marigilln will be dMpitebed OD tha 
Fnningof Monilav. Jan. T, lUO. 

The Mit man for Bomhar. Ccylnn, Madnu. Calnttn, the Straita, 
-add Cblaa. nid Santhanpton, will b« made np \a Lnndm db tha 
eTFrin; nf SatnrdiT, Jan. 19, or, If mkriied M MtrsclUea, on tbt 
emiiBg or Tharadar, Jan. 3-1. 


Not. 24 I Madru Not. 24 

BumW Deo. 3. 


Vtmhanat dtt rickatti is not, at the pruent moment, 
tbe cril of which the purvei^ort of political intelligeticB in 
Indit have to complain. "Nev«1e«s maiU " are the topic 
of UmcDUUon. "Peace the most profound," aayi the 
Htrkan, " nifpaa tliroughout the wide bound* of India, 
Kai not 80 nmch aa a rumour of an intennptioD to thia 

bappjr eUI« of affair* ia heard od mbj ude, eren at tha 
be^nDing of (he cold aeaion, when war too often haa 
atalked forth from thoae retnat* to which he ha« been con- 
fined during the hot months br a fire more destmctiTe 
than hia own." 

The oalr incident which wean the eemblance of an 
exception to this general tranqtiillilj is the movement of M 
force of aome etrength, under Cdond Lawrence, mainat 
some Affghan marauders on the bordera of the Peahawnt 
lerritorj. Tliia force, which waa to march into the Enaofajo 
countrjr (the people of which are well diapoaed to na), eon- 
aisled of Fordfce'a troop of Bengal horae artilleryj one 
company of Bombay aappera aod miaera, under Iiieutenant 
Kendall J 300 men of the. 60th rifles, and 300 of H. M.'a 
6l8t foot; the entire 3rd Bombay natire infuitry; aod the 
13th Bengal irr^ular cavalry ; together with thfli:e«id«Mj 
cavalry and infantry — in all about 8,aou men. In addition 
to the thievish propensities of the tribes referred to, ofiience, 
it appear*, haa been given by some cbiefk in that quarter, 
who refuse to pay the tribute due to the Government. He 
robber* in the very neighbourhood of Peahawur are aaid to 
be moat daring, and all well armed. 

TbeNisam'a itateeontinneatobe a kindofplague-epotin 
the eonadtulion of India. A serious disturbanoe appear* to 
have taken place between the Pathan Suwan (or Arab mer- 
cenaries] and the Nisam's Line-wallah*, both actuated by a 
mutinous spirit, in which several lives were loat on both 
udes. The capital i* in a state of confusioD, which por- 
tends, it may be hoped, a speedy termmatiou of tha capri- 
doua tyranny of thi* feeble prince. The BwffKtliMan 

" Oar Hydnbad eormpondent eOBttanM to report tonnlt and 
eonfiuiDn u petrtdliis the Niiam'a domioloiu. That polaotata li 
■tiUd to bg >o weaifed wHh the eodleii dltorden and eoibUTUa- 
Benti o( hli goTeramant, that he hai thrtatMcd to abdicate, baad- 
in* oTCr tha whole politieal sothoiltT to the BrltiA AiDctlonaiiet. 
Thi* is probaUr bo more than a thrent uttered Id a Doofent of tcx- 
atloa. In order to alarm the people about him, to wboal Britiah rale 
•oald be aa diatulefal at to Ibelt maater. tl eaooot be belkred. 
howeTBr, that aDfthing thort of a revolt, wbleb he foand bisiaeU 
aaable to qntll, would Indue the Nlaam to bawble hlneclt to the 
eooditiOD it a state aeoiloBer. U* li pcnonallT ropnlar, and his 
iobjeeta do not sttribMe-iha geaenl miigOTCrament to Um. He 
haa now given the entlr« ebntrol over Ui iMtin to the lately re- 
ippdnted mlniiler Raia Kan Box ) but It ie donbtAil whetbci any 
effort will reitore order iato the Soancea, without which tbe authority 
of the govemmtnt cannot be aopported." 

The Bombay papers state that Meer Shaded, one of tbe 
Ameers of Scinde, who had been doomed to confinement at 
Sunt, aa a murderer, has been fully and formally acquitted 
by the Government. ^^ 

Tbe inquiry instituted at Lahore into'l 
Shere Singh and hiaabrotber rajahs, ha*„ 

\il.ijJ-.x*rH o xi.iJL/jL.n.i.i . 

entirriy frait1e«*. Natwitb standi Dg die CKtraordiDary Mcrecf 
MHd eautian uied in the ooup de main vith which ^hey were 
aorprised and captured,— notwith eland in({ thai nil their 
papen and private coireipoDdence Tell into the hands of the 
CommisBiorera, — the only fact to be pror*dia,ttI)at Kmh 
Singh posBCised a lakh and a half of rupees in coined monef 
in hie reeidence. 

The noreraente of the -GorenMriGwieral and the Conf 
mander-in-Chief in the Punjab are the only mattera t*lked 
of in that lately agitated country. The former (in whose 
health, we regret to fiadj ibare nutiale JntfaoicnMBt) anived 

at Jnllandhur, gbew hi* ^"■''i - It"", npih* \Alii Tllawmn- 

b;r, and waa expected at .Lahore -^n- (be a8tb. Sir C-, 
Napier was about a week behiad the Marqueaa. Great 
doings were to take place on the arrival Df the' Governor' 
General and the Coininander-lii- Chief tf tahore, wtieif 6ir 
WaherGBbertwas'to twinveated wfth-all due(|Kinip'*hh 

■ the- Grand ' OraM cf die'Baib. Hevmn,'4nll^ &c. were 
expected to follow. 

The domeatic and local incidenti, which, in the penury of 
-moreatimnlBttngmalters, form the Maple Df the jonmals,. 
are not withotit inlereet. At Cktnlta, the LegiahAn-e 
Coaneil baa pnbltahed thedraft ftf an Act, founded on'the 
power gnntted'bythe new Navigation' Law to tbe' Governor - 
General id Coonial, to open' the coat^g~trade of 'Mdiato 
-foreigneTa; wbwebythe tndi betwixt UievancKi»i)mi*-of 
'tfae<loinpany'a territoiieB will be ai free -to' fbrMgn-veaabla 
«B to'Britieh onee, Bird onthe aame- condrdons,«a to cne- 
totna ' duties; &e. The judgea of the Sapreme' Conn are 
prDceediBg jntH tiberaKty wfth tfae'Sovemer- 
General; ^ey have iaaaedatet of rulM,«peniBig with'the 
ominouB wordr that hereafter " the n«e (tf fletkma in-p)ead- 
ing ihall be dieconthtne*;" ' Rtitr ftttnaibf ■artton.'fornmiiey, 
moveable property, wronge, «tid land*, are-tQV itiat are bere- 
after tobe allowed; andhiaeipected thac^hy^hs-newniles, 
which take effixt m iFannary, tiie adtci ai i t r a tron oFtfae bwa 
will be rendered wmple, compendiona, and-ccoooniieai. 1%e 
trial of Mr. Henry iUii>«r,«f'ifae dvil- eervice^waa iMt yet 
candwicd. 1li«4«td«icefePtiispm«eo«lH»iJHkd(lKm>aver, 
:b(ni-tahen,BadU pbUiehtd-at. my rraatnlsgith inithe 
^ulypapera. The-wiitteni'defeoea was-befare tiw jCmd- 
'MiaManensattdthrOtartbadbmni^oitfiwd taAe^Mtb 
.of November. ^FMm.|fa«MBif1e>to»af lk»4ndencefitiwas 

■ aiipeatcdthaliJMwill'be fMsd ffMOtjr, otk the neiliBMit of 
UaowB lettera, oa^Ulbe leading fiointe.'of'abe- ^ae. The 
caae of Mr. 'W. Blunt, C.S., appeara to have been paimAely 
Jiqieeedof, andtthnt gawHawiwi ia^cnwinyto Bi^tand un 
have. The iprriimimry hiveetigation, oo die contplaitit of 
Ur. Cruise, agninat UaMra.Priofgle'aod Penaaaa, tiie jjidge 
and-Magietnitanf Pfimeah, faadbeen condndcd, andtbe 
fflwnplainant ~bennd vuk,Xo , pcoaccttte Judott ihe Sndder 

Letters from the ^late-aeeretary And inuu the jSrecUur* of 
ibff Bank cf Benaree have been publiabed, shewing ^at, 
while the latter wera Qo^nplaloicgof the .difficuiiy of aafely 
invaiiing their origMal capital la«dnmt*|pv*ba fovoaernma 
directed to write to iotendipg .purchaaera of jiew ato^k -i^at 
jnore money was wanted, on account of the extent and 
Xpriety of the biisineaa of ihe-bank. "Armore^ioBa caaedf 
^Jtavd and falsehood," obaervee the Boaiiay Timet, " .eaa 
- Bcarcely be- conceived on the part of officers of-the.aruf 
s^ pennitted to, rat^n thttr conunitvooB." A aepcm ta In 
Fu«ul4t4on that tbs Conilwn4«r-iB-Cluef ^ad ipiiiat ed ^^t 

BO officer of the-lnSian amy bIim^ in future he ■ paid 
official in any bank '4a InSia. 

A letter from Agra tells A strange story of a native func< 
tionary in the north-weat province* drawing up an order for 
the signatnre of tlia inagistrate, directing the judge to he 
hanged. The paper, according to a custom much prevalent 
in India, waa subscribed without being read, and the order 
ior hia own executioo was placed in the hands of the judge. 
Who of coursa declined having it put into effeet, and brought 
a charge against the magistrate of attempt to murder t The 
'paat)<Blsia<aFe thus detailed i — 

" Tbe juj^e was sittjajcat breokhtt, wtteDartTtTcsfiif Id, beailed 
bj a natlieofBdsI, btaring the msglstralc'B order for liia inmeiUate 
aSMuttan by,baaglaj(. The wu-rut wu draVD Dp in Uic nsaal 
offldarform, sad was diitcd it the inagiitcate't cutcberrr, and bma 
Us iM^aaaBitakeihlie *)EB*tare. Uamver, being aupoica to Ibe 
■agiatialc, tbc judge inued a (Dnunl repriere to stay hia own exe- 
cntlon, andtbcD, liatcad of 'it once prcceediag to Ibe nogutnte'i, 
witb whom he was not oa rery guod terma, he, on tbe presnmpUim 
that Iha latter had laid.thi* scbema to mnrder Um, Hot In a lonaal 
■tat»Wi>M ta the coaiBiisiiaaer, denMaJlnjr an iannedUte cent of 
ia^idrf. ThiS'Va* awDBuned, sod on tbtir invatigatiDg t^csaat- 
ttr. It sppifrt t>at. ■■ ta-all aoDrt* Inlbeae picvisee*, th«ai(>ck 

■t- -.-nai so baaryAnt th* aissi*twtft «a« oblifed ts trust, 

greatneaanre, to the native officuli, u ' 

.Xba ' intelligence Dram Madras possesses i 
much interest. TbeTaina^had not set in'so latBAS the 33rd 
of NasiaMbef , «Bd lere fuHy a ntmth behind their time; 
fears ware c*nseqaently entertained 'Of fasnne : a tornado 
generally .pswedes a kte.nonsoon on -tbe CeroBuaidd 

At'Boaihay, oholern had been slightly on the ioaaaae 
amongat the natives, in consequence, as was believed, of the 
return of the pilgrims from the great Nassick fair ; these 
huge periodical assemhlBges ahveya being followed by dia- 
ease. The beats of November-had been onprecadented in 
tb*«Mi^a of metaonlogy, falling very lilde abort of dose 
D May. During the lut ten days, 'the 
Jind alsaest invaiiablyiTisen>kbove 90 degrees 
in the shtfde, and T20 in the sun. n^arations were being 
made for fumisbing contributions to Ae grand Exlufai^n 
of 1B51, under the patnmage of Prince Albert. Of the 
14,000 shares, into whicb tlta ea^tai «f tbe proposed Tan- 
ka>4a Bander and Baroda Railway •cheoae is divided, 7,135- 
hod elraady bsea tak«n up in Goozerat. 

Tram other parts of ibe East ihece is little to notice, ex- 
cept an account from Persia, reoeived at CoBstBntina|ri«) of 
«n ussnrMOtion-at Iipahao, in .uhbicb -the. palace «f.tbe 
govarnov weaattarckml.and atotwedpJtod the.gsvecnor and 
thirty of bis servants were put to the sword. 

H.M.'a Taaors.— Ens. l^mas Tevphtnan, QStb, at La- 

bore, Nov. 18. 
Bbnoal.— Brev. msj. B, W. Goldje, of .the engre. at Lan- 
donr, aged 39, Nov. 13; Snrg. Thomas C. BIHot, 6ll»««t,«ged Slr'Nov. u. 
,^A«iiM.-<^LieiU. W. Lawioi 5tb, Jantoafa, Nor^ 4. 
<fiqHBAv^Ene.F..B. B. N«i»er, Jrd N.L at Snkkur, 
Wflv. 13. 




• oftta 
B th« flr•^ BritMi foot 
WW plHMed in ladia. N» m&n with tbe amsllnt pretension to 
lukor richevcaa ■wveaboiK without a glittering train of at- 
taadniB aiaaod Hu, canring with then and ia*nt)i>g their 
leadec inth ■ d n yee of importauca in tbo eye» oT tbe popttlaw, 
watfti^ wMch, tba " great mm," a pits of hia kineaub and fine 
mntti^ woulil paae aa ■ nobody. Nor is this love of dtiplay con- 
flM4 1* tbamfca»rtpawnfaL Tbera are Oriental "genti" In 
erafjr.cutan-eitj', who neret (alie their evening ride or-driTe 
willMt pnrnbair p^ng due attention to their eonreTaneea, 
ani.tb* mpfngiiflbeir hoRe«, and enn ttiepooreM inhabitant' 
-cfiilto nwt aattodod village [asTea rrom bti hanj-eamed pittance 
fttSdenttodetejtbvciperiEeaof h marriage procete ion. The 
PBMlittf «f Napccting the cintoma and prejudieea of tbe nativn 
lia> oftoa fivmed BMlter for discussion, and minf illnatrious 
ptnoMsea bai» in soaae meaaore confomed to then. Th* 
Uaiqiin of.Haithgi maa-fiillr alive to ih« pcriie; of keeping np 
aaaHaia dagie* tl'ih^r U)i» eiaie oenaiena, aacl never tn- 
T«Uad witkout a TMrnna baMiig hh higti position ; bat oUrera, 
bwiuK (acMul diflbrcM optniom upon tbe eubjeet, have come-lo 
India mtk tbe &m intentiDD of dnpenainf with wbM appear* 
toMtann a.«eir MnMcaaaary dtaph; of position, and a waste of 
thne and money. 

It ia related of one Gonmor-Gtaenl, wbo hoi a bumble 
Inbit of travelling eboat alone in plain dotbei, Ibat a native 
pdoce, wbo went wWi ■ boM of glittering ettendants to meet bis 
Jortahip, upon being aaked his opinion oF the lord aahib, replied 
wmy Mlveir, Ibu he w*a only like another sahib, but not so 
wtU dressed; asd we can readily understand Iha disappoint- 
ment that called forth the remark. The naiivea are too apt to 
jndge of Europeans as tbey judge tbeit own cotuiUrmeii, and 
looK upon a display of nugnificeoce as the. never-failing aetam- 
pMiiaent of greatxets. 

Sir CbvlnNa^eramvedflttUs statioa oo tbe 8Mi «M. A 
guaid of honour, suited to his Excellency's exalted rank, naa in 
attendance, and every thing arranged in order to do honour to 
the diMinguisbed *Wlor. The (jallant ofScer, however, deiplMd 
such " pODipi and vanities," and sent tbe guard ol honour to tke 
" right about," like a second Bombastes, " Begone, Iwsve army, 
don't kick np a raw.' After inspecting the troops, and pre- 
•entinj; coloun to the list N.I., Sir Chsrlei departed for Agra, 
DO doubt vary mncli disgntted at bsTing been treated with 
marteed civility and attention. What the native opinion of these 
eoeatrkities may be we will not venture to inquire, nor do we 
soppoM Sir Charles cares two straws about it ; but, ift a country 
where tbe obaervaBce of pomp and aplendour is looked opon as 
indispeneaUe on all state occasiona, and where a man of rank is 
beat known by the nagniflcence of his train, we should consider 
tbe obaervanee of a little fortn a* not only pttldent but rtecessary. 
It would ensure more respect, and that at but small I'lpi'iiM to 


tbe state.— J?Etti Gta. 

The draft of a piopofad Act was read in lb* Legislative Cou- 
d1 of Bengal for the first time on tbe Eetta of October, for abo- 
liahhig tbe exemption from the jarisdiction of the East-India 
Coaspany** crltnitial courta of 4er Ma^sty's subjects, resident 
in tbe territories ander tbe govermaeot of Ilie East-India Com- 
pany, without the towns of Calcutta and Kfsdrss, and the town 
and Island of Bombay, whereby it is enacted, that in every part 
of the teiritories ander tbe goremment of the Company, with- 
out tbe towDB of Calcutta sod Madras, and the town and island 
oS Bombay, all persons are henceforth anMnable to the jurisdic- 
tion of tbe magiattalea and ciimioal courts of tbe Company, and 
m^ b« appfeh«nd«d, tried, and punished by them according to 
the Begolations and Act* now ot hereafter to be in force ; save 
only that no such magistrate or court shall have power to sen- 
tence to the punishment of death any of her Majesty's nstural- 
bom subjects born in Europe, oi the children of such subjects ; 
Who, when convicted before any such criminal court of any 
olhnce wbieh, according to any Regulation or Act, now or here- 
after to be in force, is punishable with death, shall be transported 
Ont of tbe Company's territories for life, or for such term aa the 
Court shall adjudge; that the judgrsand magistrates of the courts 
of the East-India Company may. in any case in whicli it shall seem 
fit to them, with tbe approval of the governor of the presidency or 
place, aend any of her Msjesty's nalural-born subjects, bom in 
Europe, or the child of aay such subject, chafed with aay 

pttoce Mhb than, Co be tried bctea tha Sapreasa Com of 
judtealnrciBMead of trying and paniabinghlMnDdertMa act; It 
repealaao much of clause cv. of 53 Geo. 3, c. IM. a 

aaawlM, fo«:iUe eatriea, or other- iiqariea ateamp 

fotMi which na^beeoKiHMtMd by B)iiiahaulv«cM,ata 

fram ilw.plse*wb«ie tbe couKa are eatablithad by royal charter; 
and ttreatnes the jariadloiioii of the several eouns esiablisfaed 
by Rayal CkatMr in CUealta, Maiba^ aad Bansb^, foe tha trial 
andpunithnieM of treaeoas, fHoniea, and misdeaaeanoura, and bt 
th«ducad«iiDialwtiasitf <7>mmd jaaticeatCDrdingCDthc tenoui 
of. tbe s B vaa aL chaWera ; so neverttidess tbat wt person sImU be 
liaUe, {Miaished twice for tha sane oSbnca: 

Insolvimt Coubt, NeimitrS. 

Jis Me MMler of CoUmd PHer LaicrU ftw,— Colonel P»w 
cameBprorthebeneStofthe Act Jfr.Dfrilnuand Ifr. Tkeo^ 
ftoU supported- him 1 Mr. MorUm ani Mti Bikn opposed, on 
bebaVof Capt. Graham, Dr. Ediin, and Baboo Hummunt Rao, 
shareholders of the Bennres Bank ; and Mr. RHcliie held a brief 
on beliKirof the Managing Committee of the Benares Bsnk. 

TheC»niia*taiMr-(Sir L. Peel) iiHpiired upon what siouDde 
tbe opposition was based. 

Mr. MirtOK replied, gross miscondnct and breach of trust. 
reHtng-upan- lb» followtt^ flwtt: 1. That tie was the bank's 
trustee end-dlrecWr, and a boirovrer of Iwo-tbird* of the capital ; 
a. Tbst be kept the sbaretiolders ignorant of Ihe actual affairs 
of the bank; a That he made dividends five times out of the 
capital of'the bank; i. That he ca«ce»e<V'his own and other 
direetors* shares at par, at a time when they were at 40 per 
cent. diKount; 5. That he cancelled the shsres of others at. 
80 per cent, dlsronnt, when they had paid for them in full; 
wfaHst> hetbari not paM fbr hieown sImtm wbteh he csncHled; 
6. That he kept up tbe rate of premium to A) per cent, when 
he was paying dividends out of capital ; 7. That he sold 
shares to himself and other directors secretly at 10 per cent, 
pramtam, ami «t the same time to absent pareliasers ; viz. Dr, 
EdHn, at 9S oent- ; (^pt- Oiabam, at fi£ per cent., and so on ; 
and in (he same month created new stock. The schedule con- 
tains f»UT or live entries of debts. Tbe first is—" Benares Bank 
—Mr. E. O, DUnbar. secretary. Oo.^^ R«. 4,99,000. This ac- 
jcouMisor soate standing. Admitted. Sorrowed by ipe upon 
tlte Heturify of the following joint-slock shares:— 63 Caivn- 
pore Bank shares, 100 Dacca Bsnk sliares, 16S Ganges Steam 
Company's shares, 60 Benares and Mireapore Steam Company's 
abarcs. 17 Msririndeepore Su^r Company's sbsres, SOO Sylhet 
Coal Company's shares f I am unuble to state tbe present market 
vatoe of any of these sliares), and 647i Benares Bank shares." 
My opjtoaitian Is chiefly directed to the first, which is due by 
the Insolvent iniltvidtially, and in tbe oeation of which, as I ant 
instructed, he has been guilty of a breach of trust. 

Col. P. L. Pew examined by Mr. Morlcn.~ I am a colonel of 
artlllerr. I was a director of the Benares Bank, and nominally 
a trua Me— bat nothing was ever mnde over to me in trust. The 
bank was established 1st August, 1815, but I was not in Benares 
at ihe'tlne. I was not a director originally, nor till about 
Sepcawbiar.'IMS. The origlnj paid-up eapfial was Rs. a.50,000 
— ilivided into 1,000 shares, of tbe nominal amount of 
Co. '8 Rs.aOO espb, but of which Co.'s Rs. 250only was paid 
up. A thousand new shares were afterwards ctcaCed, precisely 
aieailar ahares. There ivereallogetherflve increases subsequent 
to tbe original issue of the flist stock. The second hall of the 
first 1,000 shares was never paid up. Rs 950 upon each ebarc 
of the second issue was paid up. After tbe last issue of 
newatoek, the total numberof sham wak 4000, on none of 
each of which more than Rs, 250 bad been paid. I believe (be 
bank had paid for them all, taking other security for (he money 
advanced. The subsequent shares were issued at par to the old 
piopvietote. IfaU the abares were paid up at Rs. S50, the total 
capital ot the bank, after the issue of the last instalment of 
stocks, would be fifteen Ucs. I left Benares in March last 
on sick certificate, t continued a director to March last. 
The Benares Bank suspended payment on tbe 1st August 
last. I think some bye-laws were made by the directors for 
regulating advances by the bank. In lending on personal secu- 
rity, the practice was to require two personal sureties, besijes 
tbe applicant tor the loan. I do not remember that any limit 
was assigned to tbe extent of the money lent on personiil security. 
The directors would be guided by the supposed means of the 
applicant and personal sureties. In lending on tbe shares of 
other joint-stock companies, the direclora genemlly allowed the 
whole par value. There were seven directors witti myself In the 
bank. A managing committee of three was formed, orArbirh I ' 
made one; Capt. Fagan and Dr. Bulterwere the others. Alt' 


loana nqotred ttw Muictioii of the nuniging commiticf at leait 
— ■•ofDclimet Ibe Unclion or all ibe sevpn iliicctan. There 
were no personal lurclies for the Co. 'i Rs. 4 98.000 due b; me 
to tbe buV. Tlie aecaritlH giren, conaiated oT joint itock 
■harei. There were SSCawnpore Bank ihareB, at par value; 
lOODtcca BaDbabirei,ODwbich300 Co.'i Ri. each bad beea 
paid up; 108 Oangei SleamCo.'a shares, on each ofvrbichCo.'a 
lU. I,fiOO had been paid ap ; 10 ihare* in Iha Bensrea and Mir- 

zapore Steam Coinpanf, on ivhEch Ita. S50 tiad been paid up 
17 Niachiodecpore Sugar Cotopinfi aharea, on which Ra. 8,001 
each bad been paid np ; 300 Sjlbet Coal Conipanj'a alurec, on 

each of which Rt. 300 bftd been paid up ; and 647 Benarea 
Bank Oiutt (my own), on each of which Rs 250 bad been paid 
up. 1 bad given no money-pavment, but other aecuriljr for 
theK 617 bank sbarea, and the tonkpaid tliem up. t.garefor 
them what waa coaildered good aecunty by the director! at tbe 
time. Some portion of tbe money due on then I paid into the 
bank myaelf I cannot ■bv precliely lion' mucli, baving kept no 
regular booka ; but I befiere it \raa aliout Ha. 90,000. Tbe 
total number of m J shares in tbebanh w^ 991 ; and upon tliete 
T tbink I paid about R«. 80,000. UpirardaofiSO of my abare* 
in the bank were cancelled in the cancellation in December last. 
I was not preaent at the bank when this took place, being aick. 
I doot ttunk I gave any *ot« on tbe occaEion. I did not object 
to the eaneellation, certainly i bat I expreaaed natrisbonthe 
autject, either way. The Director* genrtally expreaaed a iviah 
for tbe cancellation. Capt Fann and Dr. Butter bad some of 
tfaeira cancelled. The bank bad paid luion these abarea for m«; 
The cancellation bad the effect of adding a lac of rupee* to tLe 
credit aide of m; account with tbe bank, but only ior « time. 
The ttaunction did not lake, effect ullimatety. I ttink the 
cancellation took effect from tbe 1st of August, I&18. 1 voted 
in reapect of the whole 991 abarea. In August, 181d, for in- 
stance. Siiidenda were declared in ^uguft J«t, at an 
avenge of 18 per cenL on tbe paid-up part,^ vis. Kb. 850 
a abare. I did not draw divldendg on the wtwlaflSl. 
abarea, but I waa credited witli them in the bank'a books. 
I considered the abarea I held to have been paid up, hariqg 
given good aeeurity Ibr tbe purcbMe-nion«y. I received riivit 
dends on the sharea for n'bich (he bank bad paid, and Ibr which 
I bad givcQ security : that ia to say, I was credited with (beta 
in tbe banU'a books, and T drew on the account at I raaxirtd. 
I have aaid that Ra. 250 were paid for tbe whole 6.000 ahsna 
iaaued; I cannot aay bow many shares were in tbia pradica- 
ment Tlie lU 80,000 wtiicb I had, paid up, reprMtntad 300 
shares. The others 1 gave good security for. Oo Iba whole 
6,000 shares, about 6 or 9 iaca were paid up. Of tbit, I got 
about 7 Iica. There were three peraonal sureties lor the debt 
to tbe bank, of Co.'a lU. 42,000 due by myself and the other 
partners of the Nisbcbindeepore Sugar Factory, who save a 
bond. Major Stewart and Dr. Duncan were tlie 9ur«tiea be- 
sides myself. They were co-directors in the Benares Bank. 
Tbe debt ot Co.'s Its. 29,000 due to the bank by myself and Iha 
other partners of the Richmond estate jointly, waa borromd ia 
the same way, upon the names of myaelf, Capi. Pagan, and Dr. 
Butter. I say tbe aame of the debt of Co.'s Ra. l.Oi^OOOL due 
jointly from me and the other partner* of the Ganges Compaiw. 
We were all three (J e. Major Siewart, Dr. Duncan, add my^ 
aelf ), I think, directors of the lank at tlie lime of tbese hwH. 
I am not certain about Dr. Duncan. The debt to Ibe bank of 
Co."s Ha. 3,500, due jointly from myself and IbeotberBarttwr* 
of the Mbrapore Coal Company, was borrowed on the sMurity 
of Mr. Hamilton of Miraapore, Major Stewart, and iQyaelf. 1 
thought the Dorca Bant abares were always conaidered of good 
maHietable value. Tbe Dacca Bank ia not o^ily in exiaunce 
yet, but ia doiuK well. Tbe Benares and Mlrwpare Conpanv 
which atarted ihe Saaeftt, is still in ei;isteace. Mr. Stopfuid 
runs the Kiuhtjte as tbe agent of tbe Company. Bh. 3,000 waa 
paid upon each abare of tlie Nisctiindeepore Supir CMnaany, 
in the Miraapore Coal Company there must be, at least, twenty 
partnen, or more. Tbe shares of this Company were sold in 
the market, I believe. I may hare voted for loaiw that I myself 
applied for; but I do not remember that I did. My vow was 
. not requitiie. The other two members of the managing com. 
mittee cooslilated a majority, and passed tb« loan. Capt. 
Fagan and Dr. Butter are indebted to tlie bank for alure*. In 
August I&IS, there was an election of directors. In answer to 
your queation, whether we three voted each other in as dlrec- 
tors, 1 can only say that there waa ■ limited field at Benarea, 
and there wa* none others there qualified for tbe direction' 
Capt. Fagan and Dr. Butter and myaeJf were tberefora elected! 
There waa a proposition for tbe appointment of auditors ui 
Angnst last I did oppose it The proposition was re- 
jected. I dar* say it was known to the aharehaldera that 600 
of my sbatcs bad not been paid for, tjicept by tbe bank itself, i 

who took aeciirity.. I must hsre approved of the haif-yearl* 
reports of the director*, pabiisbed during my conneWIoi with 
the bank aa director. The reporta rcpnemnted that the oaid-nD 
capiulwas 15 lacs; akbonghSwO i^ waa ,bc amSuM «5 
capital actually paid up. 1 thought this uo miirepreaertatlmi. 
for 1 considered that tli? money lent to the people who tuHfer 
shares upon leeuttty, sna ttie bank's capital lent. I euKM 
say whether, in every case iihere tlie lank bn« m this 
way, money re^ passea. If the Lank le«t m^ ntoatt 
on good aecwity. apd t purchased share* wJth The -noner M 
lent, I aUouW . coiiauler. tha abwes pakl for. The orac- 
tiee of purcbaaing ahaiea u^s«»ii.y, was geoerairy understood 
among th« sUutdmlders, I bel.cve. Capt. Graham was a ™«^ 
holderoftbahaak. He entered gieijankoo my „oOmi«n.lation. 
He applied 10 ate Xn ""J «<lv|«, and J lold Mm I thoughtdiat 
the hank waa .very good insiitulioQ, Hefre^uemlyapplied to 
me to piucbaaa ibarea for bim. I sold bim aome of my own 
Oo one occasion. J aold them to him it ■ pM«Am ofMpe* 
cent Tbia was the rata the bank fixed. I do Mt suppoMS that 
any othac person would aeU bis shares i* th« Wnk at th« tine at 
a smdler rate of prMsinn. Tin aercn diiMton decided that a 
few share* tlutTemaiiied«T«f.Bt tbaandgf a half year, should 
be divided among ihemselvc* at a pnmina of 10 per cent Tie 
^ per cent, wbk^ I clia>«ad Capt. 6iabaa, wM nlenhted on 
the par value of each share, aad not oa the Rs, KOpiid up: so 
that It It true that the pTemiain.MM really M ««r cent Thi» 
letter to CapL Orabaai is ia ny bandwsitlng : — 

"My drar Graban.— Tboegb viry baiy, here Is a line ia l^pU to 
yonrlaat. E^tly, yaa are 4en for 94 Aaies, and we Cmi^ not 
T^' ,'a'^,T\. '™**'. •**«"r' "■« *»*•> aawSet of jov aharts 
BhovldrIi<idehT3,aDd flQ »OBid aot divMeS; UlnH}, were veM 
cot yon ddwQ tg 20, jmi trotld hcrtsfUr nptaf c for, ob tha 3\at 
Jnnnary next, jou will get 8 new share* at par, befog eaa ia 3. 
-VgBln, oBSlit Jolynntf, you«illgft 8*rra. poe te4i and 
oo31.lJannary.IS49 you Will gH 8 mare ne. .hsr«, oae i. S. 
and ID on for pefhspa the nut It) hnlf years. So ton ban wide a 
dTueed nod bargain. Yon fbonld strain ntrj nerve to cons Into 
this baali loi^c^ now, biAiTe a number of ahnm be created. Yob 
wouM nat oely be gettiog Humfbif divtdeads, bat new slock, at 
par.MqchaU.jNui. Bring hi all yea/ rich Wands, for 'twill be tbe 
b(st of hankB,.wlUr K gteloiH baaieesa. 

"VeryalMenrlf fifarr. 
" Dfnarea, atlh Sept. 1846. " *"' ^ *""*' 

"Don't St an inmnvenicnre jnursdf abont pafaieiitj, Debnam ■ 
»lll lend you fund) aa long «a yon require tbem. p." 

Tbe bank was doing great di'count buaimsa at tbe time— it 
»..* dlM:ountijig sugar bills chiefly. It was ihM a»d«- pretty 
:onsiderahle aUvancea to mr, not to much aa one tac, however. 
I think. I look at these three other letters. 
'•My drar Oraha.,— Ia reply to yovs of tlu 97tb bH., I aay yes. 
adviae you to hoy as nnn; monalurfa as loa pmMlgaa, for this 
-<i> be B KloHous banii, and no mistake ; sad 1 tbbik I hMt i 
old ,W« carrjirg ne* aa on 31« Juoary last, on tl 
la on which you got jourlas:; hot fou mutt bt quick in wii 

terma onwhUhyougol 
yonrwlthes, that 1 may instri 
■am yon may need to pay for 
ments, big or small, ai nay a 

n bf Ui 

prrftit cnn«nien«. In baste. 
" Sloerrely yours, 

"V-h. PbW." 
"TtbFcbraary, 1S47." 

'■ My Dear Orabain,— Thanks yonra of the 3oth u"t. I have 
got JOB tiMha old aher™ at 9S per ofot. pftB., and ftiar new sharea 
at par; a deoacd good baigaia for yon, as you escape the t per «nt. 
/irrn. OD thoa* MM abarea. Uowmr, I'd alwayi do a rfnl to get 
aTEADV mro like }»untlf lato Um Baak. It's a gruid polet. We 
are doing the most (pleadid busines*— smd our e»aec dliidend siau 
' ^, • "' ''''° '" ^"''^* ""■ " "'"^ "" "" Pfufi««- Dab- 
iura will arnd joo ■ mrmo. of jour acconat. Just repay Ue Baak 
when roost ptrfectlj cnnvenltnt to iour$tlf, and net Liafvre. Lat 
me know If I can be of further n»e to you here or hereobouti. Yott 
Rsrric, but yon tboold atill increaae 
- -liatake. We shall gv 
id this of lIscTr, 

.1. .,- -. " 7 — ■■ • •■~— ' ""ate people SrAft 

thiBUank, la prefcrtace to otben. WeoeaW employ 100 lakhs of 

« Ibia will b* fAr Bank of Biuk 
ileadily giilag new slock nitg half year, ai 
' aviag /«t dividewla owt at tbe qaentao, shoald b 

y sincerely yanr'a, 

-P.L. Paw. 
far year* of tbe oaad Inst. 

" 13lh April, 1847. 

" Uy Dear Gtaham,— I thaafc , 

fa true jour lemlttances manlhly for six 

u elRhteen new shares, but thro recollect tbe dividci 

t, yoB ace pajinj 

Getting it 

haiktntheahspeoffat diridfrj'ds. Imade 

ramint In buy Baok S/ort— and ff voo can g., ,.„ ,„ „. 

elsewbarr, my advlee la yoo l», ■• bonow, aad boy Bank Stock see 
itrise.V Yon pt tbe stock of Ihia Bank In the ttpo latt iatlaHctt 
■/inmrfarcAoK, on very easy tcrHW: leeufelleWs:— 



" Tint old ibaraa at U pw ««nt. prai.' - 37S Ri. 
One nev (hwe, M) pnalam - -000 

PrtD. gwiJ oafoHflutrti - • - •■ , . ais i 
Eqniil to cack - . • ... e3| . 
Or Fqmlto 1^ perMBt. prenlsn— 

" 1 bcHfrc I eoalB (till proinliB tdb > fc nrc iboret on the 
Hmc atnanble tcrtoa !f jon ht ahiirp sboui K ; but whetbcc )oa 
»ke (bCH Bp M wt-, yno hiic Aewgota Fair ilaie in IMt tcri/ rising 
Ba»i. Sikk. tD'lt« aid Tear forlsDC li imvL B? Ac time tob 
think a( ti«biK k<Me, yev pw*e «4n be s htg one— tan dilabt Of It. 
-'E»teT)r«iDd*'ka^tn<i«ytiat.'— AiliM;b«HeTenC, ' 

". Ysvatetf riBOtrtWi 
■■ Benam, Uaf 3, IM3." "P.h. Paw. 

TLegTMUTpHt of MWiwHwrl^ntf' KM wilt mrnwii itMk; 
it ma. iuit.nai«]r"tBlua ftnoi tb« Bank'. Tile stHirM 'divided 
imong the DinMovar'at POptfeeM, prem'hiDr, irere « tt\t that 
KiuioedttrecBttiMindof bilf aynr. The Bmlh wa« antfous 
ID Mil. ami 14»Mt think tlWlMceton *ren animn to buy, 
but tot tliecoKTC^DM (rf Ite BAit tiny dM boy. At the same 
lime li>at t(t« DirMlanwefc dIViaidf the neMaimiig ihatM at a 
piOTiiufla «f M pM. cnt. anoagat IhemMlvVK, 1 Wid Id Capt. 
GmlMtaifoaw or rrj *«lii ■e»pnMl«ror «fiper«nr. ; Imt 
I «ai not fuepand to aa^dwt tlM •horai that I aoaoM w«re 
pan o(_[haM dindad.uaoAgK dw DirMMri ai a premium of 10 
iwccent. TlMjrKaritiMtt tMMr bM I have atreadr tolll ]>W 
tUt I heldSOl abMM >i Hn BmU. 

(Examined bj Ur. BiUlmy,—K gmX. nnnx of the different 
Joint Stock aliif«K.wb(di I-kamenHndn aaaeta in aajFBekC- 
dulf, are annmstboaA^ldwIged. < hum elated tbia diMincDy in 
aj Bcbedule- TbeMaea VMehaeee In tHe Pe<.T eatate^n niihe 
ertete in >i,% llaWu Cmm) >MmI( C».'a Re TO.OOO, and Are 
GaogeR MeeM ■bucaiwi'whM'Ce'.'a tit. 7,700 h^re been patU 
cp. Tbcfa ai»' eoaa Ortei^tal Bank ehareg, of *}ii.cb the par 
tatoe- ia -Oe.ia Re. 00,000', in pledge for Co.'* H*. 15,00a A 
laige aain of money traa paM into (he Benare* Bank on account 
of Or. Berwick for tb« purchaee of 249 abaica. I .acted at Df. 
Berwick's aeent In diat. nutter. Tbe pochaM wwat J1 per 
eent, premium. A. pan pennant «M M*de on aaCouM ef DC. 
Berwick 1 viz. lU n,0(KV; and the 'rei»aini]Cc»-Ca.'i 
Rj. 76.0f»— wai carried to tlH^4eM:«f- Dr. BWwick i» Ihd 
Biuil( boo|(a,«a Ita ae«««tT <rf' tl" rery ebarea purchated. Dr. 
Bera-iek witaequently aeemed to tbink lltat 1 had exceeded my 
powers, and diaputed hii liatrillly; but 1 and tbe pirectots 
dented (bis, an* iwleled on big paylnft tbe babnce of Co.'e Ra. 
r&OOO. I believe Dr. Berwick was duing great harm among 
■be. native abarckolden, I Miere there were tome private 
■netiinga eonvencd fay him. Upon the adrice of a friend, T 
took over Dr. Benrieii'a ibtres, and the balance due, iu conte- 
^nence «f tbit agitation. The Director* conaented to tbit— at 
leaM three of Uw Kraeton oott hare done ae. The eharee 
were naUe ever to »e, and the tahnee ef Ra. 76,000 was ear- 
ned to Dr. BcrwieiE^ credit In the Bank bookf. I took tlie 
abaiea at 17 per eeoL premlanl ; I paid no money, and gave 
«> aeceaity *w ihem. They were put into tlie Bank. 1 wa» 
not Bvare that I waa in embarruaed circumatancee in December, 
1848. I iMflpeeted then that an *«ent liad made away with 
funds of mine, but I vaa not ture. My agent failed wilb my 
fiiode in June, 1848. I waa preaaed for debtt whicli I could 
not pay in December, I S49. I dare say the prtmium eealiaed 
(nm Dr. Berwidi io Dcaembtr, IStT, entered uM tbe «ecDDBU 
<i the Bank ai part ut tlw pnittt and waa dnided ae amb. I 
bflieire Dr Bervick ia aolcontj In AugiMi ISW. I »c«l ell 
tbe i-atca [ wm «n&Jad Ut, toateet-CHpt. Pag«n mMI Dt. Butter. 
1 (Med OM 780 Aaeeai'Ca]M. 'F4!dn'M4aDo4daharee;and 
Dr. Butter on TOO odd. Dr. BotteTi and Capt Fagan-a thirea 
were not all paid in caeft. Uke lome of mine, security had 
been Rireti Cm them. I do not recollect a cUuae Id tbo Trust 
Deed prohMMttngrDtea on unpaid aharea. I opntidefed lltnt Ji< 
tliaite, foe which I had given aecuiily, bad b^enpaid fat. I waa 
not anre ihmt the dividends up to Avgtisl, ISJiS, catoe oat ei- 
clwirely of the Capital. . - . . ' - 

(By tbe CoiKMWHoaer.) — I beliave the atbce direelova made 
rait paymenU (oto the baaik'occasraaally. ' I did net make 
raali payments regalarly— ooly oeeaahMdIy: These paymrnta 
lent to tlie relief of my eenent account. Tbey aggteaaleii 
abwtJU. 80,000. 

Mr. RitMs ta Cob Peir.-^Yoii tuNt 9») iiharer, on which 
Ra. 250 wa* to bwpaU n^ That wovh) Ue In the grofs Co.'s 
III. Sf,4T,3ML Tben yM paid about Ha. £0,000. I'hat would 
kareabalMleBOfeo.'B Ra. 1,67,730. But your debt to Ihe bank 
>t4,seOOO. DM yon borrow in c«ah llie dieference between 
Da. I.67.7.30 and tta. 4^,000 on your own account 7 
CU- Pev. — If my tbares i^eic taken at par, ny debt ta tlw 
nkfrouU l« S,4T,7o0s add the ' 

iU incieaee it to Rt' %30b00a 

(By Ibb Cmniiiitoiur.)— l^e' buaineu llie bank carried on 

waa chiefly di«co\int on augaj and comjnrrcial bjllf. The bank 
rcilfzed laiw proflta on theae lillg. . There were iosi^ alto: i 
attribute the losses of t'le .btuik.'chie^ ^o a party in Benares, 
-nd also to the general dep^eg^tian of^ecurjttea in l!H7. 

The QuBmwrioner.— Tlien, liow 4k\ the ilireclora continue to 

unrealiwd, and losnes acctuinjj. . . ., ,,,.... 

JIfr. t}Kkr<a,~Cp\. l^ew bat.'iboirn.tlwt tli^ie .were no actusl 
payments of difiitanda. The matter was ownage^ by a mere 
entn at debit and, credit in. the,b(H:<ka of the bank.. Tbe namea , 
of thediredort were inscribed' to a certaip nuiqber of shares, 
with lite amouM of w]iich ,thqy,|>v$iw debits i« oqcount, and , 
the dtvMenda payable tlier^on were cf tried, to tiieir credj: :—to 
that theaffairwai all in the house;,,. .',',).. . 

Cbi. P(a to srt. li itch ie,— When I pldlgal the Ganges Sleaui 
Company's shaies to Ilie Benares Bank, itliey wc^rc at 20per 
cent, premium. 'JTtey made a re^dy 6)i[e et tli't time. I vis 
chairman of the Ganges Sieutb Ovviwyy^ 1'''^ Dacca Bank 
aliarei, when I pldged itteirt,,.iiplili.Bt ^ percent, pietnium. 
The' Cawnpore Bank Ehnres H'^re then sold at. 90 jter cent, - 
premium. Both JDdccn and Cwviipore Banks rep'^tered the - 
tranafcr of roy aharea In their re»pec[iye. banks to the Benares 
Bank. The Sylhet Coal Cpmiwiy'.*, «hH»a weie.. I believe, 
sold thenat some pretnlum. ,'f ' ' ' ' w in itie 

market at par, Tlie Ni^icli tint a aliares 

were never in tlie market (ui i d to the 

Betntrea Bank on the itfosf^ion < it. Tlie 

whoWUetrt'dne l>y nic to the tp 

ToMi'. T*MoW.— The Gai its debts 

very RnL ' I was to'd by one ol nty days 

Bgoj thM iiTtfie eoune of thre) elfareda, 

proWo»'Ri.TO,000.- !nt*ie* Hiinfc it 

will pay Its delits. Tlife MiscHundeeftote, Company had been in 
bushteas two yean befcre I pledged its'ahnret. II wa»' managed 
by aieborne and Co', of this (own. I uipp'.i9e the Cswnpore 
Banlr Mtl pay half (lie capital on tliose sjia res which 1 have 
pledn^ to the Btnfcre* Bank.. T^ft sftiij-e^ 'tils'dgeil liy me were 
originnlty -eonttderality shove' the '.loans ')vliicf| . (hey seijined. 
JolM'-'stbeb property g^ner4My'.!s'/aii|ei^le iri the Murui<il. 
AmdnK OlBcer* W the Company fliere .'are laj^e sums invested 
in jrtnt-WOcfc ahares. If, at the'end of I8V7, 1 had, with the 
conaenC of ttw 'pledgees, sold tlie secnritiee X had uioriga^ed. 
therewouRI lAve been ■ very considerable aurplua in my Aionr. 
The turnlw w6iild have ejceeiled fli^ d^fs, di<e ta .Benares 
Bank by two Fac^. ITie Benares Ba'n[(i sWrea might h^ve been 
depreciated, bnt aearcely the othl^rs. In my o\mi opiniuii 506 
Oriental Bank ilxireii held by me have l|een mlaapprojtriati'd as 
tecariry tor a debt. ' The (mount of (he sliartjs is above 
Ka. S,eO,000. Cipt. Pagan, Mr. Charles, Cupt. Hobdny, Major 
Carpenter, and Dr. Butter were co-directors wi|Ii me of the 
Benarc* Bank. They all took certain portions of shares that 
remaliMd over at the end of a Tialf year, at tlte 10 per cent, pre- 
miuni. The new stock created wa>i nlwnyfi'ma'Ie with the lon- 
aent of (lie share hotrlers. The secretary collected liic rote* un 
tlie inercMe by writing to the shareholders ,br and near. J 
think Ihe ittreetora did not vote at all, and that (he slHirehol. 
dera bad orrty one vole each. The anrnlus, amount of all niy 
property, pledged and unpledged. If tpjii at aprvinium in U^- 
cemUer, 1847, nouH have been sixteen laes.above my debt*. 

(Tb the' Cbtnmuiiiliier),-;! believe Ihe half.yearly meeting'! of 
tlie bank nrtllev the 80th section were regulariy ailverd^eil, for 
declaring divldenda to the ahateholdi';*. At tlio^e meetings, I 
do not think that any particular accounts Ware exhibited sliowing 
lltat the tfiieetors were debtors (o the bank, 7'lie shareholders 
had-mi InfoTmatton anbmitted (0 t]lem that the $liA.res erealed 
from time to (ime were not paid for by the dir'«(ori (o ivlwm 
'. Ttievmight haveaacerlained, hov - - 
troulife to look at (lie Itooks. 
rHIDculty in procuring money from the 
Carfnpore Bank On deposit of Agra Biink shares, Or Hce vtrti. 
Tbeae advanced (o me were before the general eiaah liere i thu 
value of tlte alnrea pledged was depreciated at that crisis. Capt. 
FagnnaAd Dr.- Butter were in the habit of receiving adianies 
from tbe tank. Dr. Butter la now indebted to the hank lo a 
lonaiderable amount ; Capt. Pagan a little. They were huhlers 
of aliBVee to a considerable amount in the Jlen.iiea ami other 
banks. Tlie advances to them had the same maigiii as tlioee to 
me. A large number of abareholdera, not direclore, were debited 
for abarea for which security had been given, as in my own case. 
Mr. Mertoo.— l aubmit that the examination of the insolvent 
allows, that the debt inserteil at due by him to the Benares. 
Rank, or a portion of it, was created by meant which a Court oC 
I Eguity would consider a breach of trutt. ^ 

Digitized by V.-j009 IC 



Ur. OttM*.— I sball on]; oUtba atteatiaa of Iha Coiut ta 
the oneellklion «f tba debt du* b; Dr. Bciwiek. I donotwhh 
to pceu thewtnt igaiast Che insaivcnt, not will I additto the 
Court upon It. 

Mr. Diiim, — Hf pifneipal dnty hen i* to exonerate the 
Dionl chanwtter of Col. Pen rrom derogaCorjr iiBputatiom. If T 
uodeitook (O d«fend hii notiooi of piudent banking or book- 
keepinf, or (bMe of an; of hii co-dlrtctora, I ehould undertake 
an up-hill tabk. But I do not mean to undertiike auch a de- 
fence. The question with which I haTc to deal a, not whelh?r 
the directMt of the BenartM Bank hare conducted the aflFain of 
that inatkution with pradence, and in a manner calculated Co 
euHi* the Oration of its capiMl ; but whether, audSfide, they 
baveTiokiedtlKir duttea, and iacriflced the Tunda provided by 
the ehareboMcrs. Naj, Ihe quealion ia not even a> wide as this. 
It ia, whether Col. Pew contracted hia debt lo the Benares 
Bank in bad ftitii. An; propotitioa of Ibis eitent, I apprehend, 
It is iniposaible lo eetabliab I7 the evidence. The case mnst 
come roond to thii : — without either bad Faith or dishonest in. 
lentiona, the inaoirent engaged in iranaaclioiis in which no pru- 
dent banker wouki ever hare thought of joining. This being 
HI. will tha Court think him a proper object for punishment 
under the 5l«t section oF the Act? IF be hsa been indigcreeC. 
the Court wid remember be ia not a trader bjr proFestion ; but 
that he hai coMracted his debta to the Benares Bank bymeana 
of a bfcack^tVMt, I maiataim there is nogroond whatever for 

iVDtunfer & — Jn D a H iHT. 
Sir L, PttL — The cste baa bren fully considered b]> me tineS' 
the arguoient. Tbe principal (lueation to be considered is, 
whether tbe flat section oF (be Insolvent Act i« applicable to it. 
I have a painful duty to undertake ; for I muat express atrang 
censure of the conduct of the directors lA the Beaaras Bank. 
The adnnceil age, the feeble health, and the preeenl Hreuai' 
stance! oF tbe insolvent, render tbls duty more than ordinarily 
painful to me. My cause of diisstishction with the eendvct of 
the direclora of this bank is, not merely that they ronduetad ita 
affairs upon a system totally opposed to sound principles oF bank- 
ing, but that they, as I think, paid no regard, or, at beat, but 
small renrd, ta the duties of persons placed in a AdtKiaiy poai- 
tion. The directors oF a joint-stock insillution oofjM never to 
make their position and influence subservient to their prirmte 
putpoaes. They are placed at the head of the institution to 
protect the interesia oF individual shareholdera ; and, atrictly 
speaking, they are trustees for the entire bodr. This being so, 
they should never favour tliemseives or their friends, btit be paib 
^ulurly rigid iti the application of rules wUefa every prudeM 
private banker would obiarre. When it is eonridered that the 
Benares Bank was started only four years ago — that Its paid-up' 
capital was so small as 8,000£ — that, so br aa tlie Court on 
aee, it sulTared no heavy losses hum the caauallies of trade; 
that, during Ihe brief period oF its existence, it was reduced to 
auch a e'ate of embamasment as to be compelled to suspend 
operations — and that tbe elate of ita ssaett was such, that th« 
paid-up capital is represented by aasets coniialing of debts that 
may b« more properly described a* deaperate than good; it is 
impossible to say that the conduct oF the directors was at all 
consistent with propriety, or that any director could have been 
so obtuse aa to suppose that il was such. It is perfectly rrue 
that ihia cast, ia not «o Iwd as that oF the Union Bank directors, 
to which it has Jieen. compared. Col. Pew, at the time he con- 
tracted bis dobta to tbe Benarea Bank, was. a man of very targe 
property! and the evidence shoiaa that the vakw of bis aaatta 
generally was more tlmn BnOicient to cowc th* amount of bis 
debta ; nay, that there would be a conaidanMe anrpiua aFlec 
payment oF tbe debts, It ta true, that property of I)>e kind be 
pledged is sulyect togreat depreciation; that it is difficult, upon 
a sudden pressure, to convert a large quantity into money ; and 
that, therefor*, the aecurity given waa of an inferior description ; 
but still, it appears, upon the evidence, that it was a species of 
property whieh waa in demand in tbe Mofussil i and that, up to 
December, IMT, it might have been aakt or repledged by the 
bank, so as to cover tbe amounts adrnnced. But, on the other 
hand, it is to be observed that Col, Pew had great inOuetica 
over the direction of the bank ; and that he might, Iberefcre, 
fetter the bank in the diapoaal of his own sheraa. 

The points to be considered with reference to the advances 
obtained, are — tbe amoimt of tbe loans, and the value and nature 
of the securitiea pledged. The sum lent ia certainly enormous, 
even as regards a man of large capital. Tbe nature of the 
pledge tvas such, that it would be difficult to realize tbe esti- 
mated value, when it was sent into the mariiet in laixe quan- 
tities. All this being considered, the conduct of the bank in 
advancing the loans, was, in my opinion, extremely improper. 

There are sOme other rlrcumttanees respecting whiofa I have^.' 
to express my strong disapprebation. The flrat of these itT 
payment of dividends out t>f capital. Tlie premia realised upon 
shares formed part of tbe capital stock of the bank. It waa 
precisely the same as iF stock were given out by tbe bank M 
par. Whether the shares were saleable at ISOL or M., tke 
price which they fetched waa part oF the capital stock. 

Then, it appears by the evidence, that intareat waa not r^o- 
lirly paid up by many botrowart of the fanda of Um bank i and 
that profits not realised were conaidervd a* naliMd; and thu, 
in point of feet. Urge dividenda were mada «it of capital. 

The next point is, what I consider tbe improper conduct of 
Ihe directors in giving themselves such undue tnOuence by voting 
in respect of shares upon which they had wot paid up the par- 
chase-money. The deed CKpraMty prohiUta votes upon abarct 
in this position. Col. Pew baa mM, in adf-joatUaation, tktt, 
having given good security fiw certain of bis ahwea, be eaa- 
sidered them virtually paid up. But it is imiioaaible to pot 
such a conattnction npon tha prorislonB of libe deed. The 
plainest restrictions of a partnership dead irigM be evaded, V 
such sophistical reasoning were pernrittod. A pledge is not a 
payment. It ig given, became payment is not msde. If, then, 
tbe deed etipniates that Che tbares of the bank niMt be paid np, 
what right have tbedireetof* toad*— "or eeearadl" Wton, opoB 
creation of new stock, a banfc parttwWi it»abwei,no* upo« an 
actual money- payment, but upoa «•• H«>e« o* Ae»WT»t»»« 
taken, the whole thing operates ■■ a BHtedetaiion. 8wppiM«for 
instance, that a jo'mt-stoeh- bank advcrltaea le the world that 
all lis capital had been paid np j who wwild infcr f(om tbls that 
DO part had been paid up in &ct; but that a oonsidai^le pnt 
stood pledged to the very Institution of wilicb thej- were the 
shares? No one. ItisobWout, then, wbat fraudalent use might 
be made of such « private armgement by a bnbUe bank or 
company. If the public knewtbil none e< lis akkras bad bee*' 
actnalty paid Fbr, the value of Ita stock In the market wottM be 
nil. But, if this slate of things were aaaaaaEMly eoncealet), 
the public would believe that the amount atatad had been paid 
up in full ; the value of flie Aarea, upon tbe atrength of thm 
delusive representation, might rise; and e*ery party that pur- 
chased would have been duped and defrauted. 

I regret, therefore, to say, that tbe comluet of the diieeiota 
of the Benares bank appear* 10 m* to haw been posaly im- 
proper; BO improper, indeed, that, it aa application were made to 
me, in a init properly instituted, toe the roao^ of the parties 
trom their office of directors, I eboald not have hesitated one 
moment in declaring them disquallSed kom acting in any Bitu- 
ciary character- 
But notwithstanding thia opinion, I cannot go the length ot 
dismissing the insolvent's petition, the neoeasary consequence of 
which would be to expose hhn to the risk of imprisonment for 
an indefinite period of time. Such a step la never taken by an 
Insolvent Court, except in caaes of actual ftaud, where there 
has been nm^ onnM, or the intention to deceive. 

Colonel PeWs conduct baa not been of this character. He 
bad tbe means lo pay his debts when he contracted ttem- 
There is no ground for supposing at the time of tha 
deposit that the securities he pledged would depreciate 
in value, or that he incurred ibe debts without any inten* 
tion of paying them. Nor did he risk Ihe payment of hia debts 
on tbe continuance of his life. Had bit life terminated the 
very next day, there waa his property, which waa of substanttet 
valueliben, to be reailied in aatishetion of his debta. There la 
no evidence against hitn, as Ihere-wa* agslnat tbe director* of 
the Union Bank, of a public annouacenient, oloae upion ilop- 
page. that tbe bonk eontiaued in aflMuiaMng eoadition — an 
announcement which canaoC be too strongly cflnMred, aa con> 
veying ■ wicked and delibeiata &laehood, pregnant with miidiief 
and niin lo all who confided In it- 

The remaining qBe*tian.ta be considered is. whether the 51 St 
section ot the IiisolvcBt Act is applicable to this case. Tliis ia 
of no real importance, since there is no prospect of any suit 
being instituted agwnet the insolvent, which might terminate 
in his imprisonment. The 5lsl section of the Insolvent Act is 
framed upon the following principle :— It does not, like the 
50lh section, enable (he judge to Imprison an insolvent for mi*, 
conduct appearing before him in evidence, but merely enables 
him to put a restriction on the freedon which an inaolvenC ac- 
quires by his discharge. In effect it keep* alive tbe creditor'a 
remedy againKt the person of the debtor, which the law esteem* 
some species of satisfaction, but limits it to sach period as the 
Ineolvent Court may think reasonable. Specially aggrieved 
creditors must work out their own remedy by a suit instituted 
in the proper tribunal. Every creditor is aggrieved who doe* 
not receive his money ; but those creditors suffer under a special ' 
grievance, the debts to whom have been contracted by means of 



..jijpMbLiardiV. .T h — a. w I-havn irid, naitwotk oQt their 
.imuif fcy *■ writ on tke proper i^s «f IhM.Cotm. It appein 
..ttBc.xIiBt if jn; HDCndi)iji be iutUoled, itaiut be by ■ bill 
ID ilqiii^.Miice tbeiMU^MMMKtnied'anptrtiieri, and there u 
:iM .charter or act under-nhieh tte intolTent m»y be lied 
■toommon law by tbe bank. Aitbough iadltidiMl .dtve- 
holdeni may institute auch a suit for the 'benefit of 'the 
crrdiion, yet there ii no ground for comideting that any bentfit 
would rcault from the loititiitlan of aucb a suic here. Slill, it ti 
proper te- .draids (be point tlnt.iB jaiied aiLlbe.oHltruction of 
tiie statute. The debt which U excepted must be slated in the 
order of the Court, wb'reh iDDtt name it specially, md the cre- 
diton to whoiD it is dne- ThsdAt mnit oiininKe in a breach 
of mst, to brii^ it, tn'tbla cue, within the'eonxroetfeivaon- 
- tended for. The Act due* tm nyrbat tbe <Mt may be«plit, 
-antntaiotatncAlbt part as faunded in eontraeti-and' ma(*dj as 
.to the Other p«rt,aB ftnmded in breath «f troati-or cMble'ihe 
'Cvurt to enter tiptin to wide and nqpie ■ Held- 'o( inquiry aa 
WDtrid be necenarv to Ri; if it were aacatabiable, tbe <pn«ise 
iiDiimit'thkt'aboiJd'be bonowed wfccre a ham ia penntKfed. 
Ttre oppondon 'did ml ditttagoiah between thate'-debu, but 
hmped di«n, B>d tteated the aget e gat e aa usetsive. . I canaot 
to. define Ibe ezeeta at to mentKin it in- my «riler. ' Th« Fart- 
-nenMp'DRd Hid not prahAit » "kiMi -on' penoMl «*carity j 
nor one to a director ; nor doet the general law probiUt aacb . 
loani generally. To nurftHnle a breach of truat within the 
meaning of the Mat .NotioD, tbe^^iaaactton miHt be equally 
■wHMg^iwhMlMrtlivamtindiad^wffatU oiMOIL 

giB th we MMOMi I^Mf.jeFUiM,.diM.UiaT«He dott:-nat 
it t M ga ll wW irftfiin tbnmiMinn U kBitewr,. jsy ■Um' bi una. 
neoua, the etfor itofno practical conteqaence i»tbiaj«te, aince 
T«»a«riti*iHkalf to-be .inttfcutad'by' frtiicb the punlahiBont by 
impriaonment nn bt carried into effect. ..Xhe.Comt,lboi«(»re, 
■ w ili rn thajMa— 1-oidee «l rtit thane Ja.hra(it.ot.lhB^iRa*lvent; 
that ia t»«^'bia.pamo»«^ba pniteeted. Tha official ataigaee, 
bowcver, will dcdaet on*.balI.«f hit official lalary and emoln- 
menrs for the ben«at-a(>hit-««M«it. 
■■ I d fiia *o>gdd, that tto Cawt Aaubwpowet o tuantoB the 
.-.ifalgiw l iat My<<|ire it>"*a obtain fathei.ilaltraatioB it 
bittbira; and ihM.Jbc^atp.piVtrlabalb ba.m«Bt-.lbwikfuLlbr 
.f^nyJettwaiiaa that a^il'-btt'todttcd.tojae where' Laao raceiTe 
' it,.of property bi<M ltilltialit'ad|igbt,^. 


Th« -M.m,wMi lettvrr-lrain London''to>^flf>t'W,-iM«hed 
Catrut* NslT:«. 

Tnc Emm l^oin Boobay.-witli'LotidMk'mwt t»-9ct t, 
arrived Nor. )J. 

ButABxa BtJic — The tbanbbMera ■(if>'tbe'Benu«8'''Bank . 
have -voted Ha. i,WO to Br.' Bdlia-aa c ampen w tion Ibr hta 
trrviees in cipoaing Ibe nefarious Iramactiont of'ibe latsdiivo. 
Ion of that raititntlon, A lubecription bat alao been opened 
Ibr a icttiiDonial to Dr. Edlin. 

A Batch or N. S, W»lM Houci vere-votd at auction Nov. 
9.BI an-Hwage oft Ks. 4U a boate. , inftern W ibnD vera taken 
by 6(ivet«iD«itfcrtbekoi«aaRillervablti^S80cn:li. .AnMhcr' 
bauh for tbe i5tb, at the nnMaal (tneti aA'Bt; TtO Mbh. 

Dr. jAHieioa, a well-known natunlist, bat been deputed to- 
tiaraii.e tbeaountty bey<md tbeJhrinm.nto laaraitain .iM fltnett . 

'DHuiur Sraon, the IWti flat^tfa ttatea,.had-y n a e nt>M to 
him, on tbe anniveraary of hit Urtliday, a lakh of rupees' worth Of 
■ the. Lahore atatf jewels. 

A MaKiHi CoBBT hat -been. aiaoOtMed for ' the ' tdal oC Mr.'. 
'Sledley, of Iheptlot terviee, for.occaalooing the loat.of the; 
Arab ship X^'i.Midrfor.dcanudipg.a, gimtuityftoni tlie>Dwaeit' 

'iMWttMHNU'ieH 'PtaBo- Bwujt.T-Ordert ba*e. b«eftNceiv4dj 
from Jbe. Coon of JliracMra-i»t4hB iniinediate .orectiaa of>ibe , 
liRhiUMiae .on Pedro Baiwa. fot .' which, .aa a •leatigtonial to, 
Capi. Horahwgb, ftlatse aum ba^ been anbtcribedJiy the mer-, 
oiitile andJtniticalVHblie. 1 

Loan Jgaawi ItaspecUd to arviee all Alhhabad.on the 6th. 
of Deccnibcrj>arheneaJie will embaib'fai'Xaleuflm. , 

Salt.— >Tfa«re9triettonainipo*Fd'bythenetT Act, "To pre-' 
vrnt the amuggling of lalt into Caleottt." have inrfaced the re-' 
lailerd of aalt to raite tba-price fraoi'lOpiee td S-annai ■ seer.' 
in Ibrming their cuttoorerrthat Ibit it " Cooqipafiyka houkum."' 
This extortien ia -of eouite a ue tj e t t ful Willi ■ the ignorant- 

Da. HaaiiuM.— -We are aony to bare to annoimee tbe death 
dfthe ltev.T>r. HcberHB, oF4he Baoes-aiaakD. .(HJtJeta will 
-be terereiy Mt'^n 'this -catmvy^'Wbar* hit aaaipla.of dittae- 
rettedneta-wid^deWtiocriiirill'tMiK'Ineira the Danwry .of aaaiy. 
«e cameout to-AdvHNiiKTyin'ISSS, alang-ndtb^iabtfiiWattDn, 
andlabonteduaHl IflSB a^m agesi «r> (be Ghwch dittai^iy 
Society. He ■waa' tabteque At iy ,'fer teaewl j«afa,.thent«fiAand 
indef)itV<d)le'«ectet*ry'of tbe'BiUe Sociny. BuMag'thaJatt 
fooT yeiri he hat'been'devoting 'hit>4llIle,.*itbnbAal•dre- 
ward, to the Dacca ndaaion. 'Likeidie<lBtelMr. ;.XiAvd{dM*ad 
l)roperty«f hir«wn;'bat oenMnocdiui.indiaibEttaa-talieaf.daing 
-good. We tnitt«iany may b«MitBd-ap toi'iOtlinr bia-aunple. 
Dr. HebeHfn hM a.hnowladge «f SaMkrit, and ■iililbhilil i 
Sanskrit irorh-.thai-caat Mm lauehJaboar, aa it etMaaa a;Mlec- 
tion oFtome ofthe'flneat'mca»>Mi-th*langiMge,iMtb«rt«>anpBb. 
[i>hed.-'7iu£an 7¥ina,.'Aw.''tl. 

'Niw^FLii'RttLas werepHbHthed-in th« au^Mte Ooilrt yei- 
m-day, and Me (O'ttke «fftct Oan the iatuoT J 
Tt)ey wntiMtetUmy^er.'iimpHQi 
pleddinf, *y gettin'g tM «r tiMMonnji tt 
tTon-tomttch-riiOicirhyidtlay, ««l.«ap«B 
courts. The niHneroui dVerentftraa-of action aee nfdaea d to 
feor, naoiHj, l»t,fonnoneyj andjttr a attaaMa 
forwrongg ; 4ith, foi<,)rtid.— 'M(Mav«.'Aiio. 15. 

'AoBA, Ifm.Ki — Mwdnqniifca. o''-" 

LDtbingtoiT'lMtf'Hw 'abu 

. . W ilia n land 

' they wtfl-hiUawin^to-tbrwd^piaaaad r- 
-tBMBuree by dwenfty MHeiMt.nMbiap 

'door -of'tbe tuperior 'tHIkwe -*■-'- 

ahcadyOantpired (o paore^lM 

1 fit l h ig- hi:tbai«Bpttiar jentlt i1 

"(he-paiaeati^taa. udJraddynaany 
,-aDBeidf alittB:Mkc(bs*'» ooanMer 
-oFaoivWaii af'Mgl>»>ailding'd»ie.;b«>; waa iiag at fciii a ti ic n. 
It vDoM be -linproperM-tiraaanato'.givs pnUktty ailtierjaAltera 
■or-tathe'nBiBe'oMbevattr whet»>chaHMei;.tte|;«lfcct. iM it 
■<«H;.»ew«wr.'lhat warty aH <he gndd arjady a puttU diiyged 

- 'HaviaanoH Lawai— 1W draft' af'-aii ^jAct "Uif i^ftcMhmi of 
' thrvwt- open the wade-RMnrporR to(ip«rt^te->f|-" 

■plaelng'tbtrmnwajtacdythe w 
-'India' i»tbaa*he Ant •Baatry«hM»tl 
-M-ap|>lttd»i-avi gMi«» ha» b w aibM _ _ 

BaHaAL'Cini. ''Fimfc — **-We, tba.iaaduaipwdi.iMiiib«ra of 
'the CitiFFimd, -MBatdaringilbU^Sha x ' 
■ Wat* ■ — 

the Civil Fund, have p wdi^ta d 'the ftiaik-taibatiBian intairent 
•tate.>'do' he«M>y ewmaei att eiWng -al (MMUa,fVi«b« 2!nd 
'Jawnary,'lMft(o'devfce'(beabaati i» iMi ii <or ftmrnpUM-miBe 
'in'a--aDNmt-MI«:-!iT. T. Mattalit^J. P: GoUkm. H-'W. 

BeaBe,'C. OhbbiBB,T1/ S^Itatanahaw^Edwad' Ool*in„Gli>f. 

BerfMd.^P. 'H. 'Bgerton, Wm. .'MoOUc^, .ODreOaaetey, T. 

' eoHvnaioif^'We a»d jndhiebknttkifilw tlttifaliloawf ape- 
clmen of ■ begging letter, add uii if i-te Btti.CartW!— 

"Kr.. Father in »h^Lord,-i-Pr™tt4«W(arT.-Sif,. la takig It to 
to tW^iKCChard) bl 
*D the- 

eabiwca C«l boUut at , 

«iiatyt«rtcacby I, reBBHn,lB tbe'J'*tt]ii,.naj^a.goad to 

aaofted.ia TBarCliBKh,.thepulccti^pas(iiliBChDre)ii tlao a anm 
ior>.BU>ifT for Blciiti;i{: .up. taj dtbti, which leontraned before my 
bapttom, and wUeh'l IlMUEhtwoBld be paid- bynyhMilTi -one of 
U>e rtaprataUe fiunlUc* el^Btngal. '.'irTaa«Snve>-(la agteata it. 
ynn will btliai eaotfehto-wriltfto me^<nM^iiah«H«ogyrPMt. 
oSccaadfntbecine 0* B-"- — ' — ■^' ' 

n JcKwUtboar BtaOtaobaileef.t 


" Bsnibbaiia. " I am loor sod, la the L<»d, 

MdObt-.^tM*. '•— . 

"'PiS.— ta tbaniatasrletter^T'w •■'U' bvgoo,^- eaougli *• 
ikaowibaw f»a sill aupport me dtilng the period talcrreii 
tweeai.niiiadopUon.iand gaiaiog the fV ''" "''"' 

truer «Bd afewjapeaa for the eipeB; 
other ttiiugawiU.lncor In mn pusigi ti 
miher, that for jnoBejr' I em enbt*eiDg 
thtng. -The imn of Tirpen-4ririefr twlc4rani jotimtkntkaaini 
attoicMher, which F hs^f K yoa-oMdtr.iDD^iae'.a good , ailueliou, I 
wHI^T-T'"'- Th*e>t(ntiaaiiiatt>haa<t«aprctBWaaM." 

-MnasnoH-avCiamAL PvmianarwirB.—«erliam Agm 

reh«aatba^• nagiatrate inith* i-iaiailiil bai:ipg-t«nlB»eed »jnan 

beha>^«d, war Induced 'by^ bit baoineftdiefBrta tvdercLal 

' beebeuld beeaecMadtnldw 'the 




tfitrMaatit k ^la am i n eo 





L'MXjiErr. — The ProbhaliaT hu beeo at 
ct number of FoojihBthii yew. 
Bs fumiihes the following itatement, and aaiare* hia readris 
tbat iti coirectueis any be mielf relied on : — " Doorga. — Mr. 
UBbctnred 300 in eiceas of the uiual number ; all wld with tbe 
exception ofibout ten. KalL — Manubctured 1,600 in exceuof 
the ummI Btambcri all Bold witb the exception of about 15. 
JagattHatr^- — Msnuhctured upvards of 3,000 in exceia of (be 
Diual number; all sold without a lingie exception. N. B. Tlie 
demand (till continuing, the dead stock of Kalii, Kartio, and 
Ganeabas, in store, was mutilated and transformed into Jigatt. 
dhatiies. These too were sold; and jet tbe nart continued 
crowded with multitudes of cuslomen. Tlie god-makers were, 
at but, driven to the neceasiCj of drying the elaj bj fire, that n* 
time might be lost in psintiiig tbe imlgee." 

HaaTALiTT IH EuKorEAH Ttoora. — We regret to learn from 
a coRcspondent of tbe tfuritoni, that the number of deaths in 
llie Queen's corps at the presidenej aince Jane last, amoant* to 
the Ter^ lai^e number of too hundrtd and forO/.t^hl. H. U. 
TOlhloic 131; tbedTtb43| wd the 96lb 57. It liai been gene- 
rallj sffirmed that each recruit costs Government Ri. I.COO 
before he is aectimtted, and fit (or seirke. Calculating the lo«s 
to Government M Ibia venle, it amount* on the imsmdI oecaskm 
to nearly fioo laei and a half of rtipta. There can be no doubt. 
' however, that the loss does not hW short of a lac and a half of 
lapeesi to this is to be Mlded tbe amount of penonal miserr 
ettdured hj the poor men, and' the dlHres« of their bereaved 
relatives. Niltbev nn there be tbe smalJMt doiibt that the 
greater part of tbis pecuniary loss and Ibi* wretchedness might 
have beeo taved by greater aueMieD t* the diet, tbe comforts, 
and the location of tbemen. Tn all these respect* there is a 
depee of apathy tfhicb reSecti no Htlle discredit en (he public 
autboritie*. Some bavc propowd one remedy, and some an. 
otlter. We ventuejo si^nfM^tbtt on .the airlval of a European 
corps, a medical officer ol the Company's service, who has 
enjoyed loag «i|wrienM ia thecountiYi ipore especially in tbe 
treatmcNt of Bnfopean sol^ersi and nllo coa tptak the language, 
be immediately appointed to do duty with it i that all his rcqui- 
^tioas be promptly and effectaaliy eNecoted i and tbat.wbenerer 
any delay occurs he be at liberty to break through tbe routine 
of offlcial correspondence, and to tubmit his report direct to die 
governor. Jscquemont designated our Gorennnent as a station- 
ary Government. Speed and efficiency are extinguished nnder 
tlw maa* of officitd cocrespoudence. In the case of the soldiers, 
they have been knono to sink by dpeens into the arms of death, 
while requisitions. lor their comfort were creeping through the 
iaiBlte foroM of 9&eer—Frimd rflndta. 

LuairwALi.aH " 

ith tb« skat 

IlIohumenL We ihall, as- eoMi M we poaaih^ can, have tbe 
drawing liibographed, and ■ copy will be eimlated with tbe 
GaitUt, to all our subscribers. The design for the nMnnnent 
baa been taken from plans sent in by Colonel Tremenbere, 

Ihi Oazeat,Noo,S. 

BanKjieca.-!-Wa understand that Sir Cbarlea Napier wu far 
from pleased with the bairadu U SabMfaoo and Kuisowlie. He 
considered them unflt for tbe residence of human beings. Those 
at Dugshai met with approval,'we sk told. There U to be a 
wing of a regiment it Kussa«He, aiui a regiment M&ibathoo, 
and one at Dunhai i and new barracks will be eoostrwited in 
tbe room Of thAae wtitch, the. Chief object* to. 

Tut Foaa»T ,Cas|'— "Itie' Aiagistrate of Steerot proceeded 
toward* Calcutta yesterday, on his pilgrimage to the Sopreme 
Court — to give evidence in the fkmous forgery case. Which win, 
-one way ta other, cost the East-Indw Company's government 
•om* R*. 20W0, or two thoosand pounds iierling.— 3fe/iMntt& 
Nov. n. ■ "^ J 

Sia Thouas Tdktoh ih Jail. — It is gaierslly known that 
Sir Thomas Turtoo is at present ■ prisoner in the Calcutta 

t'sil, pending the hearing of his petition by the Insolvent Court; 
lut we believe it is not generally known how admirably be ha* 
arranged for bis comfortable accommodation. He has obtained 
the use, at an outlay of a hundred rupees to Mr. King per men- 
•em, of a commodiout suit of apartments, bigb, dry, and airy, 
and commanding a delightful view of tbe entire maidan west of 
tbe jail premises. Hare he receives visits from friends and calls 
from clients, of the latter of- whom JD particnlar a large number 
crowd to his jail ebambera daily, and at be docs busineat on 
cath terms and usually is a bard bargain, be is stated to derive 
a very handsome iocome by tbis chamlnr practice. It is true 
he is not allowed out for an evening ride on the ttiand, hut 
there is a clean and eitentive area within the jail and a large 
lerrare, sufficient for all the purposes of exercise, and then of 
^ an evening there is often beanl the melodiont totind of a beau- 

tiful piano issuing from the baronet** aperttnentt, detigned no 
doubt to soothe his solitude. What then vrith comfortable and 
salubrious lodgings, lucrative employment (■ the day, a pleataot 
promenade in the evening, and Uie ^d of Diaaic and bocica. It to 
not very likely that Sir Tiiomas Turton'i temporary tojouni in 
the jail willln any serious manner aSeet bit bodily health oc 
mental faculties. — Bmgal Bwian. 

govebnment general orders. 

Fort WilHam. Oet. 80, IS40.— No. 388, of I8U.— The Hon. 
the President of the Council of India in Counell, with the con- 
cuirence of tbe Most Noble the CoTemoi-OeDcial, bas been 
pleased to resolve that medical oincers attached to lesidendc*^ 
or to political agencies, shall, in like mtnaer with medical offlccn 
employed in the civil and military departments, be subject to tbe 
control, in professionalmatters,of tbe superintending snrgeOD of 
the district in which (bey mKt be tt*li«ned ; and that *ud) eoa- 
(rol shall be exercised by the superiatendliig surgeon notvritb. 
standing that he and the residency, or [be agency, medical oA. 
cer may belong to different presidencies, 

Thisorder is to he consfdeied applicable to all the pretiden- 

SMa, Oct. 22, 1649.— Tbe Moat NoUe t 
General of India it pleated to dtrfect.'Ifait Mr M^eer^^Bod 
foot and 60th rifles shall be Iranaferred bapi the Bombay tothe 
B<^a] presidency. 

lUese regiments wiD be brou^ On the Bengtl establishment 
ftom tbe 1st proximo. 

U*t Uajettr't sith and 83rd repmenti, raeetitly arrired A««b 
England, are attached to tbe Bombay ettabliAnnitt. 

, is pubtlsTied for general infbrinatioit :^- 

On the tst November, ISU, there were Vacant and avnUble 

to make the complement of Gf^'One fdrlougbs. . .. 18 

Lapit* ma Isl Noetmber. 1MI& 

Ist By return— Messrs. W. C, 8. Cunninghame, F. A, 
Lntbington, R. H. Skinner, A. littledalc, R. P. Utr. 
riton, R. T. Tuckei ... ... ... 6 

Snd. By expiracy— Messrs. H. V. Bayley, W. P. Uts- 
■on, J. Alexander ... ... ., ... 3 

3rd. By resignation— Mr. E. WDnMt ... I 

4tlh By death. -:-Mestra. A. Raikei wd G. F. McClin- 
tock ... ... ... ... „. 2 


jOtdaet taiat teUkiati* Year. 
By Mettn. R. N. Farqubaraon, C^T. Le B*t; H. D: H. 

Furloughs available on the lit November, 1849 _. SI 

Remaia abactit ob thit dete, to tn^ tie compleMeot of 

... . ... SO 

Twenty-oile fbrtonghs tberefote are available mt Ifato datct of 
which four bare been assigned by the Defmty-gbvemAr oTBengal 
tour following »""<■*.■"'- ■ ■ 

Jts. O. W, & 


Thit leaves seventeen available furloughs unappropriated, and 
the following will alto fall in between tbis date and the 3I«I of 

Uirch next, if the ini 

Mr. R. Gobbins ... 
Mr. G. F. Cockbum 
Mr. A. I. M. Hins 
Mr. R. B. Garrett 
Mr, S. Hampton ... 
Mr. P. fi Gubtuns 
Mr. I. B. Mills ... 
Mr. R. Houston ... 
Mr. I. F. M. Held 
Mr. G. L. Martin... 
Tbe vacant furloughs. 

do not previously re 
..: igth January, iB5a 
... 86th ditto 
.~ 9th February, ISSa 
... eth ditto 
... Mh ditto 
... 9th ditto J 
... 9lh ditto 
... SOlb ditto 
... 9tb March, 1850. 
... 9th ditto 
those which lapse during tl>e t 

they become arailabte, will t>e granted BrM (o tiiplieani 
on medical certificate, and sftenrardt, according to senKirity, I 
other applieanb previous to tbe Slit of Maieb next. 


AW 6. — His Exc the CammBnder-in.Chief bin leceived 
the Bloat eilraontiniry leUeri rrom olficcn commaiHling corps, 
botli r^uUr and irregular, praying lo have the destination of 
tbeir regimenti changed. The CammandEr- in. Chief begs U) 
inform theae gentlemen that the troops are moved to luit the 
publiceonvenience, andnotthe convenience of indiridiuilt, and he 
deairei that luch an unsoldi^r-like and diEOrderly practice may 
not again take place to Ihe di^ace of militarj dixciplinr. Tlie 
Commander-in-Chief leldom, intentSonallj-, ietrtt an; one a 
teller maniwered, but be will not in future reply to letteia of 
Mch a nature at tbeae ; for this once he a«»urei Iheie gentle- 
men that not one of tlieir unrailitary requests ahall be complied 

By order of hie Exc. Ihe CommaDder-in-Chier. 



d coll. of Noddea (eat. 

AtiSANDSB, H. A. a. aiat. I 

with specUl pover, Nm. !. 
ADHkMIi, A. S. oall.ofSy1htt, of hfaoff. Nov. I. 
BALroua, G. G. Dug. of Bchar, maite oicr ch. of oW. to Roie, 

Nat. %i oSe. u mtg. of MoDghir. Nov. IS. 
BASmv, G. R. made over eb. of off. oT jt. mag. anil dep. eoU. of 

Pubra, la G. C. Croiter, Nov. i. 
Batlkt, H. Y. retarned lo daty, Nov. 10, natUebtd to Beual 

Ct. of pres. of Fort WUHan. 
BtuapoKD, H. B. returned to duly. 
CkAnvK, E. C. lee. etk irf uff. of it. mac- »>d dco. euII. of Tubaa, 

fr.G, ILBatry, Nov.S. 
DiUiTHPLK, F. A. E. to be mag. of Beerbhoois, Nov. U. 
DsvMMOMD, Hoa. E. retomcd to duty Nut. 10, re-attached to 

BeD(*I div. of pru. of Fort TCilliioi. 
Facak, C. W. ret. lo doty. No.. 10, rialtflcl". to N. W. proT.^. and dep. coll. of ChuiDpania,madi over 

ch. of oAee, to R. J, Rfcbsrdtoa, Nov. 13. 
FOBIES, W. A. aait. to coll. of Etawab, vtaled with iptc. powers. 
Gut, W. to oS. as pilme etc. to pr«. of tbe council of India, and 

to Ibe dep, pn. of Bcagal, dw. >Im. of BtdneU. 
HoooMM, R. F. art. todatr- 
Hddboh, W. S. nb. oait. and dep. coll. at MoDgledie, in Aitam, 

nt. U) daly, Oct. to. 
IKGLIB, H. aut. to pal. Bfcnt in the CoBtjn billa, made over ch. of 

Off. to Ueal. Cave, Not. 10. 
Latodb, B. F. Jt. mag. awl dep. coll. of Farreedabad, res. ch. of 

hi* off. No*. 13. 
Lrhlib, J. p. to be Ooidoo tiaos. to gort. and curator of scliod 

books, N. W. P. Nov. B. 

LsTCBana, G. P. to be a nem. of fcny fnod cOLumiltet, Nov. 19. 

lAMOHa, C. to be BO asit. to mag. and coll. of Jistgre, nitb 

powers of Jt. mas. and dep. coU. i to be Id cb. of mb.div. of 

Khoolna, Nov. IS. 

LoncMORE, W. J. to be on aait. to Jt. mag. and dep. eoH. of 

Pobna, Not. 13. 
LOTTR, F. mag. eoU. &c. Bee. BaUsmc, rcc. ch. fr. W. Alnillr. 
LoiBineTON, C. H. ret. to duly. Nut. 10 ; re-attach, to Beogal 

IS at Cal. 

lah, made 

t. to cell, of govt, c 

if TIpperah to Q. 

LcasiNQTOH, T. A 

CBtU Ir. Nov. 1 0. 
Hactilk, T. B. oQe. Jt. sag. and dep. coll. of Ban. 

ncr eb. irf the treasnry to A. W. Rnaaeli, Nov. 0. 
Halet, O. W. made our cb. of tbe ci ' ~ 

A. Faiton, Nor. I. 
Hahbon, W. p. re*, to dBty Nov. 10 ; M.Bttuch. to N.W. prov. 
Helvili., p. rc«,«li. of oSoe of see. to board of adnioistraiMn for 

affairs of tbe Pnajab. 
■etcaltk, H. C. retoraed to dnty. 

MoHCKToH, H. ret. lo daty No*. 10, re.attacb. lo N. W. prov. 
Mbspkatt, J. B. to oOc. aa aug. of Barkergunge, Nov. IS. 
f Arras, G. A. rcc. cb. of the eoliecinratc ufTliipernli, Nov. I. 
Ratbhshaw, H. 8. to oOc. aa mag. aud colL of Metrut, dor. 

aba. of Gabblns, No*. 13. 
Ron, U. rec. ch. of off. of mag. of Behar fr. Balfonr, Nov. 3. 
RcssELi., A. E. lo be an assl. to mag. &c. uf Pnrneah, with power 

>tf a Jt. mag. and dep. toll. — to offlc. a* mag. of Rnjcibye dnr. abs. 


1, Nov. I 

S>AWB, M. A. Q. to ofllc. as coll. of S;lh;t, Nov. IB. 

Spaxeib, J. S. to be Rg. of decdafordiitr. of Chlttogong. N'ov. 7. 

SwiHTON, A. to be Jl. mag. and dep. coll. ol Mottra :--lo continue 

lo olfie. as nar. and dep. coll. cf Moiaffcruu^gur, Nov. 14. 
Tbomab, E. ret. to duty. Nut. 10 ; r<-Rtineh. to N.W. prov. 
' :kbb, p. eierc. pow. of a jt. majr. and dep. cull, to be in tharge 

! sob-dJT. of Bobera in Tirbool, Nut. 10. 
WooDcocE, E. E. to be jl. nag. and dep. coll. of Puhna, Not. M. 
Yule, G. V. made OTer eharge of colled. of Parncah to t. J. 

Ward, Not. S. 

I, O. 1 m 


and coll. of Sjlhet, S mo. OD 

if Tiiboot, 15 days in 

C. W. asit. to mat 

■ a. c Not. 7. 
Money, D. J. 1 mo. 
PlOwdcn, A. U. C, M dayn. In i, F. lyr. loEngbnil, 
Stewart, H, fr. Oct. 19 to Dee. 

TauhtoJ*', J.'j.'w. 1 mo. 
Tucker, F. asal. to mug. and eoU. ol 
ToCKER, St. 0. 1 jr, to Earope. 
TwEBDIR. T. 10 days In eit. 
WiLBOH, H. R. dep. coll. In lillah Budaon, 1 mo. 
WooDCOCE, E. E. leave cane. 

WooococK, T. P. I mo. to prci. 3 jrs. lo Cape of Good Hope an 
N. S. Wales, oa m. e. 

Eteboh, Rev. R. I mo. 

Maltbt, Rev. R. B. chapl. of Lahore, to England. 
VaVOBan, Re*. J. lease prep, la Eur. (and not lo retirement.) 
Walker, Rct. R. O. 1 mo. 

Alexander, Brev, licat. col. J. c.R. arL from Stb batl. to Ind. 

BaCok. Ucut. C. B. O. 3rd N.l. retomod to daty, Nov. 13. 
Barker, Eas. G. D. pnited to lOIh N.I. 
Battine, Maj. grn. W. c.B. aiL retumrd to duly. 
Beadle, Lieut. J. P. cngs. to bs 1st aast. See. to military 

BiBcii,'c. B. Capt. R. J. H. 47th N.I. to be mi^.fr.Oet. 81, IH«, 

in sue. to Cooke. 
Briso. DrcT. Lieut. Col. F. cm. art. fr. Sad lat batt. 
Bbibtost, Brev. eapt. D'O. R. art. fr. 1st COmp. 9th to 4tb cmp. 

3cd bait. 
Brocoham, 1st Lieut. T. art. fr. 4lh comp. <)tb to Srd comp. 7tb 

Brown, Ueat. P. 6th N.I. returned to duty, Nov. II. 
Burns, Lieut. H- K. and N.l. W Ump. cb. of UmliaHah and. 
baiaar, dur. amp. ol Lieut. C. C. Rob<:riion, sub. atst. com. gen. 
Bt Ku!>0>lle. Nov. 5. 
BvNC, Capt. H[>o. R. P, to conduct current duties of office of SUpt. 
If DarjeeliDg itnr. aba. of Dr. Campbell, Not. 19. 

L, Brfg. Sir C. app. a brig, of m elaig, Del. 81. 

L, Capt. W. C. Mlb N.l. perm, tn res. *pp*. of Sod la 

rcg. of Lnodinnah, tn rejoin his corps at Meerat, Oct. 31. 

iH. Ens. H. B. 37th N.I. pasted *»■. Ian. lang. Oct. 4. 

. Llent. N. B. l«tb N.I. pi. at disp. of for. dep. fer 

elTil ei 

p. Nov 

Chbibtiak, En<. H. H. C7th N 
Chase. Llent. D. a'. to oke.n ■ 

i.lo do doty ulth that 

lodutyouNoT. IB. 

CORFIELD, LIrul. col. K. B. poiUd to soth N.I. at Jhelnm. 

Coventry, Lieut, col. C. fr. Sard to 8th N.l. at Loodiaaab. 

CuRBiE, Lieut. J. R. 4Ui N.I. passed colloq. exam. 

DaLIelL, MbJ. Hon H. B. art. rtt. lo duty. No*. 1 1 . 

DaBXaU, Ens. H. L. posted lo4l>tN.I. 

Db Mole, Lieut. P. V. 3od Eur. rcg. to TEtnri 

Dixon, Lieut, col. C. G. «H. fr. 3cd to 3ad bi 

Douglas, Urol. col. C. ff. 48th to 60lh N.l. 

Eden, Ens. P. G. 39th N.I. tonctaiadji. 1st Assam L.I. 

cenl, in dv. enp. Nor. S. 
Emehbon, Lieal. J. 3dth L.I. to offic. as juo. asst. to Got. Gen. 

«g. on S. W. froB. Nov. 7. 
Fendall, Eos. J. 47th N.t. to be lieot. fr. Oct. 31, 1S49, in inc. 

lo Cuok'. 
Fitxoebald, Ens. J. H. to do duty with 65lh N.I. at Benaru, 

Nov. 1 i pasted to 19th N.I. 
Gabeorth, Lieut. P. eng. to be sopt. of operations fnr imp. of 

navigating of the Ganges belwe.n Allnhabail and Rcvelgunge. 
GoDBV, Ens. B. F. f'. 13tli N.l. to 3Sth L.I. nt Birractipore. 
GoHDOS. Lieul. 2nd hill rejt. S'ikh local in', to act as and in com. 
Grahau, Em. J. M. 37lb N.l. pB!sed elam. to n, lung. Oct. 4. ; 

to do doty with Ranghur L.I. biitl. Nor. 13. 
Graham, Lient. and Adjt. W. to olllc. as 3od In com. 71h irr. eav. 
Hamilton, Col. C. W. fr. 271b to 40th N.I. 
Harris, Eoi. J. T. 67ib N.I. rec. adm. lo do duty with tbatcorpa 

at Dioapore, Nov. 10. 
H EWITT, Cul. W. H. fr. 40th to S'tU N.I. at Barrflekpore. 
Mill, Brtv. eapt. G. M. 47tli N.I. to bi- e^pt. fri-Oct. 31, 1S19, la 

•"■"0.-U. „dr,vC,OOglC 



h 6Sth N.I. I 

HOOOAK, Edb. J. V. 4Sth N.l. to te'd«tT.«lu;t>>*t MtT*«t Un>. 

Ullab, Not. 10. 
Bdzbam, Em. O. C. 48th N.I. to Bct u adjl. du. laditf .pr Eu. 

O.L. Siiith, No*. 5. 
HlSI-OF, En>. H. P. H. to do duty 

Nni 1 ; poatad t« 7«tkNkII 
iKriT, C(pt. B. H. to off. ucommla 

diir. «hi. or Boglr, Not, S. 
Jbbvis, Lieut. S.C. rec. arr, tojofnh. ii-of'Mp. ud ^aanf(.at 

Loodlaniih. Not. 10. * 

JOHKSOK, lit Ueat. fr. Sth tn Irtbrig. to9adcamp. 

JoBHBTOH, Em. O, J. 38tli N.Ii ta be sdj- a( l*t 8^^ l»e«i:«arw. 

T. LlMd- 
EatB, Brer. capt. E. Bit. (r. lat brig, ia «th CM^. Olkbttt; 
Kkoi, Bm. opt. J. S. 41ad N.I. perohto m.ap|4. af qr.u. 

and iDtcrp. Nor. 1. 
Lawkehcb, eapl.SlrH.M.K.c.B.utift. littr.«rSbilt[. to lit 

LuB, Em. W.N. 
dw. aba. OD 


md N.I, 

dar. aba. on Itarao/ Brer. capt. J; S. Kaa>, Nor.. 

" I. C. 8. aNt fn. awl WBp. S 

9tb batt. 


L).OTD, Ueat. B. P- Mth N.l 

ad), of Mbaimanoh bait. 
LcoAs, Uent. C.P. to oBa. 

adn. to do da. «1A. tl«t eocp* 

tat ng. Sikh local corpa, to be 

n-BT.loi^]*. Gta. bodf guard, 

19th N.T. to oB«. M ad], t. AQ. A. RO- 

UaNNINO, LScmt. H. D 

bliiaaa,OD Bi.e. Not. .. 
HAsaHALL, Utat. col. J. S. ft. Goth to 4»th N.I. 
Habtinbau, Ene. E, M, 10th N.I. to act. a* iaterp: and qn; mr. 

▼. Llimt. A. N. Cola, od learc, XJet. as; 
UAxmu., Ueat. H. a.-d.c to M*}. goo, Q. HtaMnr to oMe. 

alwto AriK^geft. F. Yoaag tc*p. No*, s. 
Maxwell, Capt.W. art. poated toSrd comp. Sthbatt. 
IteCxvauMo, Bren lint. eol. loth NJ. to ooa. of I^ndAar 

d«et. T. AlaiKBder, on lean. 
McNeill, lat Lieut. O. art. fr. 3rd troop to Ittkrin. 
MncEK, Uao*. col. A. froa litEar. roa. to 63rd JJ.I. 
MlVBn.L. Haj. Q. B. 9ad Ear. rcgt. to be eomnidt. of Sdndo 

camel coi^, to proo. and jolo at Oofjerat, 
NJtramTON, Lletit. cal< T. E, A. pooled to 13th N.I . at Rawut 

> 4tb ti 

NoaTON, Lieut, col. H. ft. Mth to 17th N.l, 

NVTHALL, Ueat. W. P. 9wl lo com. Anasai 

of ieothodtir. fo Arraeao, Oct. 31 ; paaai 

of Yds 

in lea'^p. 

Iflth N.I. retaiDcd to dutf Not. 13. 
h Niaam'a cai. lo oBc. ai cooidt. dor, aba. 

imdt. or 4th rcgt. lof. OwaUot 

Pakkes, Maj. N. A. 

placed at dlip. orc.-in.i^. 
Pbillifs, Capt. J. C. 3ad io com. IBth Irr. cav. to offic. ai.a4. 
PBfpeb, M*J. H. N. art. poated te ath batt. 
Paw, Cnl. P. L. art. perm, lo rei. in Prea. dir. Nor. 5. 
PiKBBON, Ena. W. S. tododoty «ith66thN.I. atBeoaRBi^BT. J, 

potted to a4th N.I. 
FOMTBT, Ena. J. Stii N.I. rec adm. to do da. with thkt eoipa at 

IHaapore, Not. lo. 
RBHUixflTOM, lat Lieut. F. F. ait. fr. 3rd troop 3rd brig, to 6lh 

RlCHABDSON, Capl. C. J. 3odlncno.Gtb rcf. inf. Selndiah'atoo- 
tlBgcDtrta be coBidt. or4lli rrf. of Inf. Gnalior contlogtnt. 

RiPLBT, Lieot. F. W. Arraeao lac. batt. pasaed eiiia. in Bar- 
meae. Not. 9. 

Roatt Lleat. E. D. R. to ofi. » and In com. 17th Iri. ea«. Not. 9. 

Sdsiell, lat L)«Dt. W, C. to retain com. detach, of ait. recniita 
ailixd at Cawnpore, with effect fr. April a. 

LIcQI. L. cog, rec. arr. to Join h. q, of aap. and pioneen 


RtaLL. Ena. B. W. flSrd N.I. to 

SdodU'a coMtnueat, v. Ada ma. 
Shawb, Eaa. W. B. potted to Mtb I 
StMONB, lat Ueat. A. P. art. ft. 41 

SiNCLAia, Lieut. G. 63rd K.I. to < 


ET, BroT. miij. Q. H. art. fr. 3rd b 

e adj. of Sod reg. of IpI. 


tr. Sod brig, to 9th comp. 

. oF InTilId* of the laaaon 

It brig, to lat camp. 

Tratchek, Capt. R. stb N.I. to offlc. oi detach, staff to detaeb. 

■Oder com. of Llcot. col. Smith, forming the eacort of the Got. 

Q*B. of Jodia. 
Thouson, Eni. W. B. poaled to 13th N.I. 
TaoBNTON, Lient. eol. S. L. fr. ISth to ;oth N.L at Peabawor. 
Tbobpe, Mtjnr, to be poat mFister at Fatteirhnr. Oct. 31. 
VoTLB, lat Uenl. G. E. ait. late adj. 9th batt. to 4tb comp. 

9th but. ^ 

Wammak. CapKHrto'b*'* Vaa^addM** WJtIm dop. oaaa. 

inSiUHr, 1H. tenit:-^ Cd|Ni'C' B*>««MP«*>J K«*' >"-^ 
WnuK. BiMnoBhiQ.'fci JItkiNiI. toiltt'Eu/ ha. 
WBMBiNn Ba» O.ib JalM.l. I*to4a»a>v. ajadtqa. nblat^.L. 

T.'EwoinOi Haniaj praa. toiothirinp. Oct. St. 
Womr Lfe^wak^H. J.- ojt. art. b. akd<to ard batt. 


HiWT, c;3. Not, li; 
SimWEBB, 3. S. Ndr. ll. 

BABMhT- N.Nafi II. 
Battike, W. a. Nw^ll. 
Mabtin.J. P. Not. IS<. 
Moffat, F. Not, la. 
THOMPBON, E. Not. 19. 

ALEXAKDEB,Unit. F. J. ioT. ett.3ao. from Oct.- 1 , to'Cale aWi ; 

prep, ta spp. fOr fori, to Ennpe oa m.e. 
Albxandeb, Bret, lient. eol. W. c.B. Mb L.C. 4 no. ftom Nor. I, 

toCalcDlta, prep, toapp. for leareto Cape of Qaod'Hopaoa mx; 
Abadtrmott, LIbbL Hoo. C. J. D. to Ma; SI, prep, to B«n^ 


AuBTBH, Capt. O. P. leih N.I. ft. Oil. 19 to Nor. 

remain at Simla. 
Bbbt, Ena. Hon. F. B. and Enr. ref. fr, Oct. 36, to rtm. i 

rat till arx. of hia eorpa. 
Boole, Major A. I mo. 

BaiHD, Brer. Ileut. col. F. tod bi^. h. art. cit. of leCToca 
Rtbrs, Edi. C. B. 70tli N.I. to March IS, In ext. Simla. 
Clabee, Ena. J. C. L. 67th N.I. fV. Oct. ISUi ta Jaa. I 

In »L to lem. at Nfiiee Tal, « m. c. 
Close, Lieut. E. 3aad N.l. I jr. ft. Not. IS, la- eit, to 

3lml>,.oa.m. e. 
DAtis, Lient. W. Slat N.l. S nto. ft. Oct is, b eil^ to 

Denntb, Lieut. U. R. 30th N.l. fr. tlet. 1 to ApiB ), 

Calcutta, to applf (br furl, to Enrope. 
EcEroBD, CoL J.c.B. Sdth N.t. to March 10. la at. 
FowLia, IJCDt. J. ;th N.I. 
Fbaieb. 3od IJent. A. 


. to 15 In 

QiLMoRE, Capt. M. W. 3gthN.I. toFeb. 20, prep, toret. 
GoDBT, Ettt. fi. P, 13th N.I. 3 mo. ft. Sept. 39, lo KishaagwL' 
QOBDON.Ueut. T. 6Sth N,I. 1 year fr. Not. 1, in ext. to w aa a M 

at Simla, on m. c. 
GOBOBB, capt. J. A. B. S3rd N.I. to Dae. 17, to proc ob tM- 

Oorr, CaptW. C. S6UiN,I.ft. Not. 10 to Jaa. 1, In eltitoM^ 

main at aimla. 
Gbaves, Lieut, col. 3rd inf. Sclndlah's eoatii^. 4 mo. fr. Dee; I. 
Hauilton, Capt. O. S3rd N.I. to Frb. I, Meetot. 
Hkbbebt, Major C aaat. conun. in the Poajab, 3 mo. la eat. fr> 

Nov. 1, to BambBT.on m. e, 
HnriTT, Col. W. H. aTthN.I.NOT. I, 1849, to April SO, ISft^ to 

HuNOEBFOBD, Capt. T. I. W. art. ft. Sept, 99 t« Jan. 1, in «lt. 

Kenhedt, Capt. w'. SlhN.I. toJaa. IS, prep. toBoropc. 
Ehox, BtcT. capt. J. C. 43ad L.I. fr. Oct. 39, to arr. of regt. at 

Barrnckpore. Calcutta. 
Lake, Major £. dep. com. lo the Fanjah, to Jan. IS, In rat. 
Lbbiik, lient. H. G. 37th N.I. lo March 31, prep, ta Eoropc, oa 

L'EsTBANOB, Ltent. F. 3Dtb N.I. to Feb. M, prep, to Europe, a> 

M'GsEOOB, Capt. R. G. ioT. eatab. Oet. 39, 1349, to March IS, 

ISGO, to prea. prep, to appL forfsrl. to Earope, on m. e. 
M-Nair, Brer. maj. R. 73rd N.I. ft. Not. 1 (o April 30, to CriU 

}.I. fr. Not. 1 lo April IS, la cxt. t» 
rnri. to Enrope, oo m, c. 
" ' '- March 1, prep, to Enropa^ ob 

B. Lieut. C. W. 

B, Uent. C. R.'l'Sth N. 

Odselet. Umt. R. 34tfa N.I. ft. Nor. 1 to March 31, In eit. t« 

prea. prep, to app. for farl. to Enrope, oo m. e. 
Pbw, Col. P. L. art. 3 jeara to New Sooth Walea, on m. c. 
PosBOH, Lieut. J. P. 47th N.I. ft. Not. 15 to Feb. 10, IBSO, in 

Pbice, LituC. R. H. Slat N.I. to April 33, Id eit. to Stmla, ob 

an. IS, In ext. to Mnaaoorle. 
. Sth L.C. to OcL SO, Ib cxL to 
caaMahlm tojoio. * 
Sauleb, Capt, P. loT. eat (o itvA 3, » 


• MuaaAL. 


Mb Cut. R..36tl, L.I. b. N«T. ^ tq Jaa. 1, 1 

latha &IU.N. of Darmb. on b. e. 

T, lln. J.A..lar. Ht. to Apnl — ,.»g ptoe. 

TiawBHT, Ucnt. E, Slat N.I, to M«« ']57v*M<'to.EaRM. M. i 
Dnwik. LiMl. R. 16th N.I. to D«. Jia. Noipj'., "^^ 

U««.lv«at to 

Apnl --..ta ptoe. oa lb« rinr, 

T^FloV, Br«. MiJ. J. L. aaib, to £ar«|.^«« M, 
Tdknkk, Cant. fi. tfi>. »iBk ■„ Ti,. ..T*... 

-■™l R. 16th N.I, toD«. la, Nix^w _. 

N(n, 1,1d 

:, Lient. 
rem. at Simla. 
Whitiko, Gbi. H. C. 7«Ii 
Wilson, UebL coL R. W. „.„. „ 
Wbodobtoh, Haj. H. loT. («. tp 

to Oct. tl, in Mt. Simla, n. e. 
'— V-I. >«*« to ooai. fr. Dec. I . 
iH^5, hUliN.ofDfiTab. 

AproiHTHKHTt, be. 
AnmmsoN, Ant. nrg. F. m.d. to aff. ned. aid 

Atkinson, Aml «it|. B. J. to affwd med. ud ta 

S. CarlioB, Not. 10. 
Bauitt, Vat, iBrg.W.f. ttnd. dcp. paMcd a 

w J?;.^:i»- ■'■ ""■ '*■'■ t" "f- ''«- -■■■ '" "'«".■. oar. 

■ba.ofD.McDonM, Ort. 31. 
ComsMAWi Aiat. iitrx. W. S. eatli M.I. pwi^ eritoq. anm. 
ComiJKO,Sarg.C.S.6«l,N.Ltp aSe. aa a-mt. aonTof Cava- 

™" **"■ *™" ■-• W. DaAj, en lens, Noi. 10, pcutedtaBt- 

>.No.;iO. "=■ ■ -.--'■'— ''• C.w.por.:to 8«,.r 
Datibb, J. m*»i>. mrd. e. of SaadowaT, Oet. IB. 

i^fTL' *"^ •"<• "■ ""' ^l* •*■'■ *" •*• ■"'■ •** »• W"t*- 
n'^Mdbrir^art. proton r»e.d».whli tie gor. gin.- Oet 30. 
iTofOhaaofpore, '■ 

It N.I. in 

Oatwkll, W, C. t 

FOQAKTY. At»L lurg. g". T, C. jotiiVto 

•dd. to dMie* of hli bwb eorpi. 
^ANCis, Snrg. C. B. fr. tjit to Mnd N.I. 
FniXKR^ Snrg. W. enk N.I. b, ned. ^b. of *7tii N.I. j. J. Kam- 

ford, Del. 30. 

°"'Z."^L'*?'- •"»■ '■ '■■ *"• «■'■ ("*■ "t- ft- '"'■) "PP- *o 
■M. cH. of a dclacb. of H.M.'a mt, recraiti at CliiMarati, •• s 
t»"p. arr. J tDjata fOrtkiftth 4l«t N.I.M DtiU, Oet. 31. 

BANaBaow.Aut. torg.O. toproe. toDiaapOTsud place Umsalf 
»Bdere.i)enof»npt.iWB. of«iat«ltett. 

«■?«' *"'■ "•»■ "• *■■ '* ^**"^- *» («<«. I» -rf. rt. of 41at 

rf.l. Not. TO. 
Hotf.. Aaa^ amv. 1, H. to rfm. at JabbalpoR, Oet. 91. 
JOBBsoN, V,t. wrf. W. paiard eoaoq. emu. 
IjAUa, S«w. T. on cIt. e«p. rem. fr. Vtfa to lAK N.I. Oet. 31. 
Maddkn, Sotk. C. on fort, poatolto atta N.I. Oct. II. 
McDauiDTT, Vet. wutg. W. Sth L.C. puacd eoltoq. lum. 

..?"«'!'■''• **" •■"«■ ^- """ N.I. to ret. Snrg. A. Rdd, r,f 

«li N.I. (r. mad. eb. of Sm N.I. aa a tean. arr. to proc. (d 

Noorpon, and «ff. med. aid to 19lh N.I. doTT temp. ahaVof N. 

S. Smttb. Oat. 31 i fr. lotb L.C. to 4th N.I. at Jnlhindar. 
McKiHHON, Sorg. C. K.o. 60. batL art. attach, to lit and 3rd oo. 

at Loodianah, to join hd. qn. at JaUBadnr. 

Im' ***■ '"*■ *' "■ ^"'"^ '"^ ** ''"*^***'' ■* *■ »* ^- 
MiNTO, Snrg. A. M. IfeK. potted to 4lh N.I. 
NlcaoL, Br. R. to be poet mr. at Baitool, Nm. la. 
©•DwTBa, Sarg. I. rem. fr. 7tti L.C. to «4tti N.I. «t 
Fakkeb, Aaat. aarg. B. toaff. ntd. aid to tkk of a 

"inmgat . .. 

Sth N.I. to proe. id med. eta. of lefl 
PAauTT, Aut. nrg. W. ree. adm. 

h(Bp. at CalenUa, Not. <> 
pATNa, Ami. lorg. A. J, , 

aaea. ehaige of med. dnty at ilatioa! 
BwUtsrOKD, Snrg. J. sth batt. art. ap 

6tk but. •; W. A. Qr«n wKh h. q. if aod batt. Oet. SO. 
«aiD, Sbij. a. fr. 4th to Slit N.I. at JnUandnr. 
SniMON, Br. A. eix. aait. mrg. of Sarao, aleo to b( poeta 
BuiTa. Aiat. iniy. C. H. art. to med. eta. of left wlagSrd ■ 

„ - loe, to do dut^ nith 
■iDg of tbat corpa to Phlllonr. 
to tbi lerr. to do dntjr In gen. 

:. to proc to Fnttehgarb, aad 
~ - W. R. Oerrard. Bi. e. 

' cb. of 4tb MDp. 


lUBOBT, Snpt. snrg. G. G. rem. fr. Sanger to Cawopore eirc 
irg. W. sth L.C. to n}Diil hi* oerpi. 
- " -" toHaupperMnd, paeudaoloq, «t. 
Rana eirele. 

Will „ „ ... 

Wdop, Sapt. (org. A. poitad to 

AnHrrraB to thb i 

C»KBTN, P. No». 

H[im,Yet.rar);. H.C. lit brig. H. A. 9, to Bom- 
bay prtp, tn ipp. for lari. 
IiAMa, J. clT. eaeM. inig. of Halda, 4 im. In eit. on a. e. Nor. 7. 
lAa. Aaat. nmrg. T. M. lat N.I. 3 no. fir. Oet. I6 to Rawal Pndee 


CAT*r.BY.— 9th. AMt. aorg. C. Jobntoo, doing duty, to afford 

Bed. aid to cii. >tat. of Gooxerat, Oct. 30,~lDih Hiwai^ Uent 

BranBll, to take charge of ReraiU expected, aul prooM »«h them 

lN»ANTBi.— loth. CapU Slock, Not. i to Apiil Jo, to Cdcntta. 
- ISlh. Lient Poiaon, o( the 47th, to be qt. inltm, ; A»t. tart. 

" '■■-■ tomed. th. of wiogofetbirr..e«r.att. toeaeort, 

' "-'- ' eit.-32ad. Lient. 5l«o. 

t. Llept. Mitraton, lyr*. 
:o CaleUto. — EOth lUBei. 
. of recraiu fr. England, 
to be a brig, oa ' Bombar 
ry, 1 yr. to Cape of Good Hope, 
■p.-rS3rd. Asft. surg. Boye*, to 

'— 06tb. 

W. K. Chalmeri, 

Nor, S.— Mib Capt. Balgftiette, 1 
beoiee, 6 weeka to Nniqee Tal, m. c 
to Go^ond.— Slid. Lieut. Breton, -I 
As«t. eurg. Heffeman, to proe. in m 
to join.— «4Uw Lieut, col. Wliaoa, 
MUb. No». 19.— 75tb. (Jr. or. Ben 
m.a.i Lient. Burnt, to beoir. 
aff. med. aid to recmlli of U)._ ...,v 
toPoona.— 64th, Lteut. A. E. Moli, 
Eu. Holland, of the SSth, to be off. !i 



to the regtatrar, Sapreme Onrt. 

TnoMia DtxoH, who itaa a captiln In the 43rd ngtaent of 
Bengal aatjre iatertry, la ttaeaerrioi of the BaA-ladte eMpaoy. 

CoAaLCg Ow«N Llovd, who waaanaiin'ln.the StdMrlsient 
^ Baagal^attTO ^Hattj, la the inietvl the EM JatUa Cmpany. 

JaMkhT. Boasoir, wbo KnafcnMalya aiplain iaitha.tGllI re- 
glracDt of Bengal Battre lofeotry, in tbe eenloa of t>i Bart fnilii 
Company. DHto. 

Edwabd CaaiSTta, who wae a >rrTTrt mnjni ,ri nrtiilrrr \a ttic 
■errtee of tbe BaU.ladIa OMapany, on tbe Setkgal. eMabUabnent. 

Honnnmble Kait.Iodin Obiapnay, tottae MgiMaarkAaprtmBCoart. 
Q. O. Betbr, proctor. ... 

SiEPBEH UOKM^BY, focioeily of RiddcrpoM, bat- late of Uahne, 
in th. pariBti of Manchceter. In Ibo connty of Lancaater. Baghad, 
to Georgt William Horobj, of Ktddcrpore, aToreMad, eagineet, one 
of the aoDs of the a*id deotaacri. Robertaoa, prootar. 

Allan Eliia Joskph CAMaaoN, late ef ComaJKetcKent, 
Charade n- to >o, In the oonaty of MiddleMX, ipiaater, to Nlnlan 
Mackroiic. o( the town of Caltatta, merchant. Molloy, Uaokla. 
tosh, and Pof, proctor*. 

JAMia CHABLBft MnHKAT Sti<PHBU,dee«Bted, lato aHrtllata 
•nb]e« and the naatcr or commander of the barqit* or **a*e> called 
the .iBiwdthrndrr, to Edward Gratoo, of Cain-atre«t, in tb* town 
of Calcuita, merebani, a luabcr of the «rm oF Messrt. D. C. 
Haetaey and Co. of Calcalta, ahircaaid, Butctafwta aad agenta. 

MB Bbownswobd Bbuci, late of Calcutta, U 
r Brnee, E^q. at preaeat of LIndiay-itreet, In the 
Oehme and Martha], proctors. 
ELLTK, formetly of No, 78, Upper Stamford- 
road, In the conntyof Surrey, fteretnforaa »ur- 
if the Eaat-IndiaCompany on their Btagaleita- 
regiatrar, Snpreiae Coort. Frith, Sandet, and 

Cbablottb a 

:;harlea Conatanlj 
awn of CBlcotU. 

Datid BuaoXB, Inti of Leamlngtou, In the enanty «( Warwick, 
E«i., toDaoid MncKlnlny. of C«lcntt«,Eaq., a member of the firm 
or Me*ar>. GUliindcra. Arbothaot, and Co. of the aame place, mer- 
ebaati and agcnta. Frith, Sandei, am] Wattt, ptootor*. 

Rkv. JoBNMcauKEN, ialc Chaplain to the MWtirT Orphan 
laatHMlon, to the He*. Alfred Wrilii Street, SeMor Prafca«>r of 
Blabop'a College, Caicatta. MoUoy, UacklBtDah,««d ftw, proC- 

Chablbb McLbllan, heivtofon of Rognaothpore, in the 94- 
pcrgnnMha, rwa dialUlBF, to the regtotnr, Saprrma Coart. Bnhert- 

TBDif AH Bbak, into of BKbooeOHy, in the dtatrtct of Jesiore, 
Indigo planter, to Caroline Brae, at preseot of Caicatta, tbe widow 
of the deceased, George McNair, of Joradah fartory, In Jeasore, 
aforttaid. indigo planter. John Law Tamboll, of Oalcntto, afbre- 
■aid. and Henry Edward Brae, of Beeordy, <n JetoBic, aforetatd. 
Molloy, Macblntoah, and Poe, proctora. 

Hannah Rais, Inte of the town of Olentta, wid<nr, to Joha 
Ede, of Howrah.aDHaalstant Ig the Caieatto Branch of tbe Agra 
and United Seirlce Bank. Paol, Lyoot, and Bell, praetor*. 

BicsABD Callanan, late a ftioocr of artillery, la tb<r (CTrice 
of the Ea*t-Iadia Cofopany, on their Beng^ otabUahment, to Ser- 
geant John Baker and Gnnner Richard Taylor, both of the artillery 
*ei>lce aforenld, and now mldlag nt Nnaaeerabad. W. G. Cam- 
pion, proctor. 

Bdwabd TnouAS PAaHRN, ofiu Edwnrd Creed, Into of Um. 
ballah, aergcant major and quartCT naiter aergetmt tnd brigade 
botM artillery, to Samnel Morton, aenlor, of UmbaBah, aforciBid, 
peatmaater of Kujaowlle, and Amelia Creed, of the aame place, th« 
widow of tbe decenaed. Molloy, Macklntoili, and Poe, pi«eton. 

~'"" '"*" qnatter master of ber Majetty'a 
' — of Cnlentta, Etq. 

13to Hght iD^ntry, to Fiiaala Robert Neiiso^ 
MoUoy, HaeldnUBb, and Poe, proctora. 




, th* wife of Roheil. s. >t Delhi, Not 

PEK, the IndT of J. H. d. at AlmorHh, Not. 5. 
:., Mra. JnmcB. >. at CaliMlttii, Nov. T. 

L, the Kife af J. i. nt MntiDarle, Nov. 16. 
BkADT, Mra. B. G. 9. « SiAh, Oct. ». 

Bdroes, IhelBilyDCLicat. F. J. 7th N.t. v. nt Dclh^ Not. 13. 
Chalucrs, the lady of Dr. A'. I. at Cnlculta, Not. 22. 
Chev, Mn. J. G. d. at Uacbaarc, Nov. 9. 
CoNLAN, the wife of Jamo, o. nI. Agra. Not. 8. 
DtLRViiPLB, tttelnilyofF. A.i:ipUHtaDe, e.g. d. (atiU-barii), at 

DBrJTclin^, Not. 4. 
D'Mello, Mra. A. U. d. at Calcutta. No*. 9. 
DOUOLAS, Mra. SXifart, a. at Gnlcolta. Nnir. 30.^ 
Duncan, the wire of W, a. a): CaiitQpoi,^, Oct. 25. . , 
DVNH, the ladj of Lieut. W. C. H. M.'i SOth regt. A. at Din*- 

port, Oct. 27. 
Fabuituah, Mra, W. L. B. alCulcutl", No*. 19, ' ' " 
Gibbon, thE wife of J Anii:a,<l.«tGnti''aRFnch, No*. 13. 
Glass, the uife of A. W. f. at'CricnIta. Nov. 14. 
Herklots, thelailyofJ.'O. il nt'Obiitinrah, No*. 8. 
Lawrkhcr, (heifiM'of JobD. (M. i. at LakorCj No*, IS. 
Lbllah, »H. Urarf, tl, at Merrnt, Oct. ». 
MiMitz.Uieladycf Eat.:fi4M>td.P., Hj M.'s S3rd, d-alLnkorf. 
MOBAii, tkr-nifeof Aii«w<>iu, 'J-«bGnmialiBoic,Oot.,a<i. 

.. .,.__^ , a -tC«lcnlta,Nov- II, 

:lor W, d. at A?™, No*. 3. 
ts, i. Bi CjiicBtta, Not, 16, 
1. fl( Culculla. Nor, 17, 
nt Onicutth, Nov. ii. 

, 3( Cnpl. 9th N.Ii ». at L<ibnrt, No*. I«. 

TrodI', the iHily ofMnjur. 4BEh N.l.s. al'Cannpirr, N«v, t};'- 
VARbiN, ttKlaJrArA.M^.fl. HlCMMttM, Kvr.lS. < ' 
Wood, Hra. T. E. d. at CalsoCIa, No*. a&. 
WilXT, thala^T a(£^ M. a-tnt. MiSbnWv No*. 19. 

Beebt, G, 0, (uMBry lllltop, 'd. of Jiibei 'Cafey', at Cnlentta, 

Nov, 19. ■■ ■ ■" 

Campbell, Patrick, to 'MiJi Emil* HairfTtoD,' at OalMtta, 

No*. 19, ■ ■'■■ ' 

Oarr. G. rid. mai. 4th L.C. (• MM loRllV at Dcf rtik. ' 
CncHioir, Tkanuii, to flmocnOIaa^ Hall, d. of. ii J, L, Hog, at 

OaknUa, Ns*. la. . i-.- ■■ .-,■,--. 

Utt M 


H th 




V, th 





Si -11 

c of H. 1 



of A. J. 

iRfly of t 


S, Slit 

of Drif 
Gbahai . 

Jamci DavJdnm, at Landour, N«t.,<(. 
Hawtrev, Bna. Ohaa. Htiity,i60lh N. 
1 the iaU (>(*. T*«t>le, a« Macrat, No' 
NASMim, Jnati.c.ft. to ,£|iiB< Gordon. £iod«, d. or F. W. Kua- 

■ell, at CaleuUa, N<n. 19. 
, Sbppincb, Lieut. Edward JaoiCKr 11th L.C. to Jesiie Tnrnhnll, nt 



;h, d,;o( eri(a$*r 

CatherlDe MirTj «1- 

, iHdow of ih» 'Ihte 

g Blaacha Eaily, d. oT 

TmelwaLL, CBptTJ, B., n.'il.'i 44th rfgi, to Jali 

Ule Col. Richnrdr, at Miusaaflt.'Dct. 34. 
TnOMFSON, C. to MlarM. Staeifk, at Kidderpore, No*. 16. 
Thowfdh, Uenr. W. A.AnitrutlMrt'Mh L.C. to lahbHla Blli 

d. of LicDt. col, Jaine*Slfri,'«.'». M HUaiiioile, No*. 5. 

Arnoui, OHpt. Gnvrtiiit ilBM«>W. "E^dM, Oot- IfU 
lloii^KS, a. at Cilcuttn, agrd 33, Not, is„ 

' , d. of Muor F. B' An. af NusKciabad, Not. 
■ ial.i.a'- ■ ■ ,- - ^ 

\l tbe 

BoKD, Slepbrn,Hobe[, 

■ 9.' of th 

No*, s 

Lj.JoliD EJnard, ).' of the Re*, at Ddlii, aged 1 mo. 
t, McD, d. of Jnha, at Berbampooter, aged 33, 
■ridow of IhC late J. H. at Cnleutla, aged 43, 

Elliott, Btinr, Thamaa.C.Cth M«crut, agrd SI, Nm 
FvBBBS, CanriiBe, A. d, Dum Dkd, aged 3 dnyf. Not 
GoLDis. Bre*, niaj. B. Wu. eaga, at Laudoor. aged 39, fdo*. 
Hollow, Aieasdcr, at Dacca, aged hi. No*, IS, 
Leal, Mri. Joaeph, at Calcuita, need 46, Nov. II. 
LuDLAM, Agnct Mnry, infant d. rf Mr. at Mcrrut, No*. 7. 
Machbson, p. at JolloBdar, Nov. 4. 
MaCnaucht, Msry Janr. A. of Mr. at Calcutta, No*. 16. 
.. . . ^j Calcntta, aged 70, No*. 18. 

Palmbr, InfaDt a. of D. at Ca 
PenniKoton, Cbailei M. a, o 
Pop*, EUea, d. of Qua. mai. i 
aged 9 mo. Nov, 7. 

Xta, agrdSdaj*, Not. II. 

^. Cat NaulpDrei aged 1, NoT.8. 

rj. Thomas, llth N.t. at Umballa, 

RAVBtfRCRorr, Edirard Wai. *. or Lieat. at Calcutta, aged 5, 

No*. S. 
RiGBABDS, Elliott Wm. H. a. of Cspt. at HoozalTemiifgn-, 

RjOKR, Sarah M. d. of Mrs. laahella C. at Chinmrali, agrd ID, 

No*. 17. 
Starlikc, Samuel, at Calcutta, No*, is. 

TEUPLBUAy, Ena. ThoDiB*, H.M.'asSlh regit, at Lahore, Nov. IS. 
TitouPBUN, George Powney, C.B. at Agra, No*. II, 
Thorpe. Infanta, of J. J. at Simla, aged I, Oct, 25. 
Wai>e. Bridget. M. S. at Sulkea, aired S, No*. IS. 
WienT, Aaiae R. d. of George J. at Calentla, agU 17diiT!, No*, e. 
VOUNO) Anbilr C. at Caleulta, aged 35, No*. 13. 


Nov. 10, iokl Sptottr, Llilbettrr. Bombay. ~ll. Steamer Bea- 
linik, BouoUer, Sui«; Piltm, Hotmrin, Cape of Good Hope; CUf 
qf Ohlgaic, Btdoo, 'G'A^goi*- Snlbtrl, RtBOot, New Ynrk.— 13. 
Sliarp, Thomia, SiiSgipore-^IS. UaiMvnti Naab, London. — 17. 
Ri^h, LavaOD, Liverpool.— 19, A»ratoam Afiear^ Dnrbnin, Singa. 
pore ; SMfnanp/M, BowVn, London ; Ifahtlia, Brtggs, Liverpool. 
— 21. Amat, Mackenxie, Ilong-Koag; Meslem, Rogert, Bo'toai 
Fraajet Coaaijtt, Waka,' Muuat.— 31. Jraral, Rodm, Cbioa; 
Janpk Maitmtk, Hlcka, RbngaMi OMii9iirJtB,Naeoda,CHnmBore. 

Per ( 




Ltloe ai 

. H. Baylcy, B.C.S. 

iafUt, Md ier 

ml; O.I1JP! 

BiWWB, B.N.!,; W 

>. B 

i-a; the 



md, B,C,S.I 



•;^'ii ,«' 

Wttaon, B.C.ff.r 



natl 'M'l.OoitkrMe. d.Wliaont Aflat Maddy , Mil*! 
Mr, C. Ttaooaa. fJ.C.S; Mra. Wllllana; MIm Gardae 
MTT,-*iny; Mlaa Uaa 
HIlli Mr. Hardie; Mr. Monteith { Lieut. Bacon, B.N.I. ; t 
H. Lee ; Mr.W, f: MtuMil, B.fXS. f Mr. R. Lamaden: Mr.Doacan; 
limi. W. T. OcilliB, BvN.I/; Mt. Mtackton, B.C.S. ; Mr. 
£,' Taylor; Mr. L. Hew^i Mr, BoraetMr, G. W. Freeman ; Mr. 
MrNfijl, U.M. 3rd Drfgoona ; Mr. R. Jj^omr.H.M. 9«i)i; Mr.C. 
W. Fagan, B.C.S.; Capt. J. R. Kevell ; Mr. Etaasa ; Mr. Evcr- 
san; Mr.C. H. Larhingion, B.C.St ; Mr. d. H. Boyle g Ue. Flct- 
di<r.R,M.E.( Mriv Pletcher ; Mr. Ward : Mr. Shn>henli Ur. J. 
Martinc ; Mr. E. ThomaoD ; Mrl Moffat ; Mr. C. Haat^ Mr. T. 
Bnker/, Mf. f . Corltrn, Aailit. aarg. ; and Mr. Monteith'* %n- 
ropeaa lerTBal. From Sdkz. — Mr. TbtcI From Galle. — Sir Jap. 
ColTillcMkaaColTille; Mr. Mackenzie ; Mr. Kllbum ; Mr-Hedger; 
MoD-i. Neven; Conat Je Lorfe; Mr. Vt. Haj dea ; Mr. Hogg; 
Capt. Mulark. H.M. TOlh ; Maj. Daliell, B.A. From Madras— 
Mr>. Capt. Chambert, 3 cbirdreo, and 3 MfrknU ; Lieut. J, Moor, 
erooft, M.N.I. 1 Mr. Baiobridge and aerraat ; Lieut. Danaon ; S. 

Per City tf OloWBto,— Melara. J. Gtaai, H. Clvkaoa, aad W. 

Per AfaUifaar.-Mn. Metcalfe and 3 diildren, Mra. lace, Mra. 
Nejhet and 3 eUldren, Mra. McCukell and child, Mima A. Smett, 
McCaskell, Ince, Vial, Caaipbell, R. Campbell. Janeion, McMaio, 
and Povdl; Mr. Neibet, Mr. HarriKin, Mra. Genult, Milaci 
BugarinufaDdUulgbaaarr. Mr. Geradt, — Ocrudt, Mr. Malthea, 
HUl Mr. Mnller. Fmm the CAPB.-Mn. Smelt and diUd, Hra. 
BereaforJ and 3 children, HIaaci Palmer, Smdt, A. Palmer, and 
Faidlii^ : McuTS. Smelt, Mebealfe, and Hodgton, B. d*. aar*. ; 
Mr. Palmer, Mr. Bfruford, and Lieut, col. Roai. 

PrrRnj'aA.-^'noiu^MuchilL . 

Per JdAb SjvHMr,— Lieut. Moore, H,M.'a 33ad, 

Pel SD|iUiinjifaii.~-Mra. cal, Dandoa, Mn. Montgomery, Mra. 
Dowleana and 3 cinldren, Mra. Burkinyoung, Mra. Kabbeth ; 
Miiaci Dondaa, E. Dundai, Bernard, StCTcn, Jonea. E. Joaea, 
Malia;, Stewart, and Rabbcth; Capt. Montgomery. B.N.I,; Rev. 
Mr. Bnyera ; F. Bntkiayanag, Eaq.; J, Rahbeth. Baq. ; A. Dow. 
leani, £aq.; Lieut. McNair, H,M, TOth ; Eniiga Aaioa, H.M. 
7Sth ; Enaien Dickenaon, H.M. 39th ; Al». Caldwelt, Esq,, fl.M. 
Mth light dragooni; — Page, Esq,; J. Habbctb. Esq.) G. Shaw, 
Eaq. ; R. Chalmera and R. Dnndaa, culcU ; Mr. Suvena, Mr. 
SoDtbey ; Me^ara. Jonea nnd Lenin, H.C. marine. 

Per Jrnw.— Mias C. ICerr, Mra. Btood, Mr. Abraham. 

m^ffrid. _ . , , , 

pool.— 9. Lad^ Sate, Cailor, Mailma ; Hary, Tweedie, Liiecpool, — 
11. SI. Anne, Geranileau, Uaurban ; Blglhiatod, JnnieaoD, Iau. 
don 1 Ladif UatDonald. Gold, Liverpool ; Fanuel Hall, Foster. , 
Boiton ) Ballaaqiiik, Lidilell, Lnndoo ; Camtl, Laabton, Lnndoo ; 
itoMaa, Milford, Bombay ; Kilblain, Shaw, London; jiHi/ SobiB, . 
Joyuaon, Bombny. — 13. Jlanec, Boyd, Ijttrpool. — 13. Aliei RttQ~ 




mm. Brown, Mnnrilia*.— If. Tfoucrim, Dteer, Aitmid ud 
HoDlDda.— IS. Fiu»y, Short, Jnddah i S^uateia; BclmoBt, Bor. 
diaux.— 16. Williain. SnliDiin, MoMBt.— 17. Parlaad, Smitb, Lon- 
don ; CiMtlaxlint, BarrnwB, LnDdoo.— 19. Brilaimia, RobMD, 
Hanritina ; Gocemor. V«ty, U.erpuol i John Dallini, Jukion, 
Literpool ; Citg i>f Palaca, Brown, GlB,gow.— M. IViM Briloa, 
Boa, London 1 Ccttaur, Hrrrlng, Sin^npare; Naiartt, NuodB, 
ZiBzlbar j DeniUlm, Patt, Boabay ; Kmi, Ttny, LouIod. 

P« Piimtt of Walf^Mim. F<*d|f, Mn. DiTldHn. Hn. M. 
GabbiD), Mn. F. GnMiiai, Mn. Prior, Hn. Fawliawi Urt 

Carlctoa, Hn. Norton mnd Mn. RabMOi Miwet CnrlrtoB, C. 
Cwlelon, PeonT, Anado, SviiikiiM, Smith. Reid, Bockctt, Forbes, 
ft).™, Llo-d, uii F. Llojd; U &cf. J. A. D.»wn, ehaplBla ; 
Mr. U. Gabl>iD», Mr. J. Gubbioj, C.S. ; Major Asado, 34lli 
N.I.; C»t. FaetbawF, lit EBrnp»a< i CapL Proat, SSIh N.L j 
Capt. Hudtog, «7th N.I. ; Litnl. DalUII, 7and N.I.;MrMr«. 
Hainaid, HHdoagia, Anderann, Dnrrah, tihivc, Field, SaiuH- 
bant, and Bochforti Itn. Hmornkk, Hn. Kopu, Htt. Hayea, 
HrLUopwood, Mn. SnUbi Marls Datt, andiaaermU. 

^ Twoumw,— Mn. Rtaay aad tisttii Mr. J. Conbi, Mr. 
J. Worttll, Hr. Abraham, luid Ut, Anlos. 

For Aa>ACa.H.— Ura. Smith wd cfaltdi Mtf. NnOitll. Lkut. 
Nnthall, ud Lient. FatthfoL 
«^2*l5,'"*°'""''~'*^'- Fo'l*. Mn. Yonng and titkr ; Mr. 

aj^wte:^""-' *"'^ *^ "^"^ •"•""•"""'■ *• 

Par S™«w(on.-Mn. H-nrr Torrtni, ehild and wrvut ; 
M"»rC»L Nmh, 4 cbildrm aad i«tuI j Hst. M«, Hodn and S 
cUldOTBt Mn. QiHKM aod Q afaUdnn t J. T. BknUn, «a. aut. 
TOTf. 38U> M.N.I. ; Baa. D. Standca, 3SIb M.N.I, i Utat. R. T. 
Gr«,,H.M.'.70tbnKt.l Be.. U.A. Uodst; H. T<»iMM Gnlwn, 
MO. ; fina-A. DeKanWow, aiod M.N.I. ; Mf. Harrej, J*r, Wood, 

nd Mr. Fuiit'a eUld. 


•RCpKITIIl AN» ■XCH4mi». 

OKm/Ta, JV*E. M, IU0. 

ODTrn)c'cnt'$«c«rRira. Sell. Dat. 

TiMWerSUekPapefBptrcfiit. .. prwa. ll * to ir 8 

BMbafSptrent. .. Siac. ' IS II 

OU«M*6do;M«or«ii^toNDa. .. do. 10.. It 

JJ.Tj'^'* ' *"• ' '•'"'• 9.. 4 

™'*»«»*d(, do. ,5 8 .. Ik IS 

HnrCv.*«4'do. do. K « .. 14 • 

Baak Sham. 

Bwg»r Bank (Co.'i R», 4,000) .. prcm. 1675 to IflOO 

r.B«nt'(Co.'iKa.S(M)] . 


DhtooHt <A Qnmiiiinit aeecptaDcet (s roontbt) .. ' 4 per cent. 

Do. onjrinu bill) and noUt do. .. .. 7 per cent. 

HtamtonftpQiit of Co^'a paper.. .. ,, .. Sperccnt. 

Do. on cuta cHdit account* Siptrtent. 

^jattOnr Co.'aRa.l«4 B to IM 14 p.lOOia.nt 

CUaaOoidftut ........ IS « . Ifl 8 1 

GMDut 13 .. 13 8 IP*"*-"*- 

S«>niah Dollar* KtO 8 SSQ 14 i 

Mnieui ditto Mo «9Q < JP«"00. 

Snrenrlgna 10 1\ .. lo bJI 

XadiU OtddHofaan .,., 10 g M o^ooh. 

(MdGoldMohBrt. 91 aj .. 91 S^J 

la at 3 dajV aigbt, and 


1' tigbt ar* It. lid. to li. II(d- N«n 

— _ J. ...g.^ and Bank of England Post Blllt at ilrht, an 

l«.»d. to H. 10«. AoKrMn Dill*, uoda- ettd«, at 6 months, 
Ii-IM. toll. lljd. 

Qaolstlou to London are 3J. ita. to M. St. 

Calcutta (Nov. 94).— BriBih Cotton Piece Gondt.-Oor laat 
Rport, datid the 7th lost, waa received per Pncvrior ateamer, 
■ad we legiel to (a; that erer alnee that date dulneas nod faaetl*itT 
han ben the chief eharaeteiUiica If the Piece Good* Market. Tha 
Wencation of (be Jut of the natlte boBdaTa occarriaf tUi isar, 
■m doabtlrts had aoine iffeet on the regular eoorae of bwiaaaa, 
oat tba chief drawback haa beea lu almoat complete abteaco of de- 
"Mad for tbe Upper Pro.incea. Pricea cnncnt b»B not eiperleoetd 
meb cbanp. oat the fact li that aome few claeiet of gooda are all 
ntuaakabk. Ai aotlcedbylaataddce.MnleTwiat hnd been doing 

a Utila boiler, and waa In actio iaqiriry i alnce then, howerer, it 
haa relapatd into iU formrr quiet atate. Glaigow Fabrlca are, h- 
neniU; apeskiag, aclDne at faToornbla ratea on arriTal. Met^ re- 
naln in a lery unfs.ooraWe lUte, tboiifh there ii a alifbt tendeoCT 



W« hare been (avoured witli a nutuber of iotereMins papcra 
upon ihe subject of tbe eiperimental cotton ftrma in Soutbem 
India, consisting of reports to Government; eitimels from offi' 
cial eorreipondence between the Madraa authoriiiea and the 
Court of Directors ; commtmiealloiw to prirate indiridnalB, and 
memonnduma upon varions suiementa made from time Co time, 
with refercneeto clie important queetion which still continue* la 
occupr so large a share of the public atlenlioii at home. It 
would be difficult to quut« a topic upon which so mncb miicoo. 
ceptioo haa gone abruad. and it ma<? also be said with p«rf^ 
justice, that apoa no other occasion, perbapa, bai ao muoh of 
good intenlions been uaprofltahlr displayed. Hanuftctorm, 
nefchanta, nilpra, and philoaophen bare al) msrat w«U, aad all 
made great Mistakea. At Ae clow of tbe jear I6W, w« bim to 
reeonl the useless expenditure of tbe Court's monej, the break- 
ing down of all llie scienKflc tchemei for rendering England la. 
dependent of America for the production of cotton, the unaltered 
condition of the Indian labourer, and the settled diaaalisractlon 
of Hanchtstet men of buaineas at the failure of tbeii hopea, the 
catastrophe being Httribuled eatirel; to (be Compan;. The 
Government eatnblrsbmenti for improving the cotton euUivatioit 
in Tinnerellr and ColnhatO'e ban only served to demonnnte 
the uttei futilitjief the eip«ru)initt and tbs proprinjr of nOn- 
quiatiing it nitb the lesEl p<naible delay. There are of conra« 
reaiont for believing, that iillimRtMy the superior skill of the 
European and his TrslraatUntlchei^bours'wiH not be witboot 
influence upon the mind of the rfot, but the movement in Uio 
way ol change must originate ivith the people themselves. We 
oannot make thoq iniiative., TlwT have not ■jn\ learned to feel 
diKontented wilh tlif ir own melbods of working, and unClt- that 
reanit is adiicYM there ii but litlle to beexptntcd in tha wa^ o( 
progress. They do not value obt oiviliaatioB, and we in tiaa do 
not undentand the nature of their system of leteHlgiin and 
totial opcruione. Tlie MMt of India hM an unconqacraUa 
•version to machinery, and Will not Isboar in a cnxvd. He is 
tractable and lobmisaive, and wilt obey orders wtiM nnder' di. 
rect •aperriaion, but tbe results produced in b factory where 
coolies are taught to worii under the inspection of European 
maslrrs beer tlte same reletioB to tlie naulta of the gencial la- 
bour of (he population (hat garden coltlvatioo Iwara to field cul- 
tural or npoanentsof tbe ebemiat te (b« pioaeei «f the nAnn- 
bcturer. And before yon can hope to BMke headway ia the 
(natter of cotton growing, you imist rerolDtiOinia the entite 
habit* of the peaaani^y, and make time vahiaUe to them. Tou 
muat increase the number of their wants, and altogether do etray 
with the influence of that axiom wbicb teaches them, that it is 
" better to walk disn to run, belter to alt (ban to walk, and bet- 
ter to aleep (hitn do either." We tank iocenlircs to stimulate 
tiiwr esettton*. GivcM. EaglishnaB pelatoea todineupoiii^iMl 
he will li^ to get beef in addition. Let Jiia drink be amall lieer, 
and he will if possible get it axcbanged for London porter. But 
Ihe food of the ryot is the ehoapest of al) kinds of human suste- 
nance, and be will not chaitge it for fonign Joxuriea. The 
appliances of his home and household are the rudest kind com- 
patible with eiiistence, and he is quite content with tbe abseneo 
of flnery and comfort. As for saving money, wby should he do, 
it? He muat still borrow to carry on liia cultivation, and it ha 
were known lo possess a litlU hoard of hit own, the bet would 
only induce the purchnaer of the coming crops to increase bit 
cliarges for interest. Capital to buy seed wUI be forthcoming at 
(he proper time, and he knotrs that (he monied man muat per- 
mit him to live. You may build, as tbe Court of Dircelors have 
done, gin honse*. erect costly machinery of undeniable uae in 
cleaning the cotton, after it ha* been gathered, bat why sboald 
the ryot, who can clean in his otvn hut a candy per month, foi 
which he receives five rupees, carry ft to the big house, where 
the work ia done in a few hours, at a saving of twenty per ccot.? 
It ia true that the iron slave does tbe labour of bis wife, as well 
at that which be has been accustomed to perform in his own 
person, but he doen not reckon this as an advantage. Has she 
not ten fingers, and a back capable of bearing burdens, and if not 
employed in cleaning cotton, what can cither of (henn Bnd to do 
when the fields are bare ? The money paid for the use oF the 
machine is just so much abstracted from their gain*, and tbe up- 


JiUMi^-^; JNOIAN/MA.Ht-., 




it M. Idle -to 

pl^ Baku at ttasMma tiM»«r<«n'||iye.(liBm ika maaataf p*o> 
. St^f •mptojrag ^tke hoBra saved. U it only nhaUe'^a «n 
aniitant, but ip Ihii can -it wwild «i«t*se m deatraettn <n- 
fluence. and injure 'mtt»4 of 'Mrrinfc th« wellhre of tht imny . 
If ne could break down Ibe institution of caatr, and throw opru 
trade and dignitlvB taUl ^Ja«g«s, die result would be verj ditfe- 
rentr but as il it, ire muBt be content to ttach the lli«orj of 
knowledge, and leave to other generatloni aed happier lime^ tbe 
tMk of praciicaJlr »ff\f'aig it.-^JUi^*Mm, OcL 20. 


CooLT EH)H>rioM.^"WhitC8n iLsigriify," ftbieifvM a cor- 

reipoiulent of Uie '4<Anutiiim '' if you allotv tLe prineiplcof emi- 

Stion, wlietber tlie French or ouraelTea export OMt Coolica? 
eir plan ia one n^jr woibed,-«un i* dsfgad wi(hJw»*j 
•xpaoiea- Wa bave on* {tDil.'for fxpertinf- Coidiea, . Itey-Jwre 
.three or four. We eannot reatrict emigniion by penal iaiic- 
tiooi, for ibey vMrittbaiatpolBntaBd iMp<diiki Iba^wiMldM- 

. get vatMioo by eh wghifc . iUidt (ittte on the i^myi, a^d ne 
Muuiot if (Va woaH pnant oar Coolies «i|;iigiiig .ibeaxelvei at 
fttodiaberry aa they ehooK.' The French are detarmmed to 

, kaep Ibeir doors open for ibe escape.of Coolie* from their, porti. 
Compulaory ordera to prevent tlieir eoibv^Aiion tnuild' be Hide. 

. feMiible, CHily.alu4«d, anil periiaps aetal deftwce- The MmH- 
tiuf, our own coleny, dmwa.fuur., te mis u n^aoy Cooiies-Jram 
tlie Presdi porta a> liquiifon, owt tba Mmritiua.OoMniBiaBt 
icceivee every baicb of Coeliaa with avidity. 'WaoMUt.thtK- 
f*re, aubvett thii oregular mAie by ao appeal to.(haai, whll* at 
tUa period it ia tnexpadiant that we absuliti Oar Caolita^ra 
departing by thouunda yearly; rhey go toeniMt ibraMlvea, 
anil having ■econipliebed their object, retura, and aa tbey.oHut 
■ba aupplicd wbattaer we wiftornes it ii of no avail to put aalt «n 
Ibeir taila to tcopUiaaa. But an-loHaly. wby not tqien our porta 
vriwre there are proper officers to reviee the plan oT emigntioti, 
and aiake it oa airere eoonamical scats (to as to n>y ittiU? In- 
dividtul responsittllity is the bestguarantee for the pioteciioa lA 
the Coolies, and ,tbe aurneillancc of the eiecalive functioawT- 
We way by tbeaa mcapis arreu. tbe miscbievous diapoiition oif 
aflaira, and oooduci tbe eaigiauon of Coolie* ' 

HrtnuAaiD Mtera, Nor. 7, ttate tfntt for two 'or tbice pre- 
vioiia daya, a Mrang party of honemen and of UBowalas had 
Iricen poet within the ami near two of the principal ^gatee of 
the NJaam's palare, and were iinpoitiinMe. Cde iWr pay. On 
tlM'ltli inaCant, as Raja Ram Bax, on his return Unm ceoElt-was 
attemptJBg to pass ihfougli tba area ^occupied by the Line welai, 
then wn a tumultmBEnuli to armi to fall in, battbeimtaaiian 
wai apparently BMbtBg faM to-dainaDr aad^vadfeiateb 

We understand that Ihe iraters of the Dt)wlBiali««ri) 
of the Godavrry have damaged, as it was'ar)l4cipated theyweald, 
a portTOn of the Anicut. Ii waa found impMfible to get the 
Anient completely thrown aereta the atieam, hefare the' arrival 
of the season wlien the freshc!) are expected, and a'wing wall 
vrai thrown 01^1 from the land, wbtcb it was hoped woeld cktae 
np snffldently the epertitre, until opeimtions couhi'be reaamed. 
The river, however, as Mie engineers had reaaon m Imu-, has 
CMritd away a ponton of the BMenry, and cauaed tfie 'Anicut 
Itself to aftik some itic*ea Ibrtugli «ii axtentofafaayt'SSOVfet. 
Wodsm^cof a aerions nature has tcsuHed.-Hdthe'Gstera- 
'inent htve coinpletvly eWwierMed the engineertAum Mams. A 
trilling ont I sy is considered safflrient for the rtecesaary impairs, 
'Mid the Bticcesi of ttie magnificent work is placed beyond a 
donbt. Capt. Oftbas proved liimitlf a worttiyeneeeafer df his 
gMed senior, M^j. Cotton, whose bealtli-ts, we are happy to-wy. 
dmost perfectly re-eatabHsbed.— ..4^ilBcniiis, t/ov 90. 

LiECT. HoTCHivsoy. — The following from a eorrespondent at 
CliittBgong ([ivea ail account of the sad accident which befell 
Lieut. Hutcbinaon and his bmiily: — "You have no doubt 
heard of poor Hutchinson's sad lot ; his boat, with himself, wife, 
•nd child, and tome native passengers, was nnaeeountlbly 
wrecked od a aboal between Boodhoochum and Hnttia. Aa 
aooD as she sccuck, several of the paasengers with dowa began 
■mtting away the rattan lasbiiigs of tbe boat, and plundering Ihe 
property. The fact was, a rich native, named Futteh Ally 
Nazir. was sending some silver to tbe vahie of Bs. 4,000 to a 
(Hend in Calcutta: llie fellows bad got soent of Ibis, add Mk) 
were under an impression that Hutchinson was conveying 
treaanre I'tbe boat being deprived 6f its lashings, as you may 
■uppose, fell to pieces. To save thensetvea and child, Hulcbio- 
aonand hiswlfe aeized two of the planks ; the (tllowa endcs- 
TOmrcd lo.push them oS with baraboos, -aild in'the struggle. 

body. To ci««»4be whole, tbe bore aana in 
Ifrs-'HatcbiMOn and her chMd, who wer»lwtk lost. With Ibe 
gi«steat diffleirity HatcfiiajMn nuiaaged to reach Snndeep.when 
lie was picked «p by ^ooie fishennen, and a rich tumeendar 
■ent him comfortably back to Cbitt«gong. do a considantxn of 
tbe circumstanees .there«ppe»rs trvachuy at the bottov of tbe 
aflair, and from the fiict of the manjee's not readering Hotchiik- 
son any assistance wher) he was being so brutally treated by tb« 
passengers, be is suppoaed to have coUaded. He (the n»BJe«) 
happened to be savMl, and waa pnt into matody far ■ few day*, 
bat Kbentted forwsnt ofaufieient erldanoe to ImpHeaivMBi. 
Poor Mrs. Hutehineon^ body, we baye jnst heard, has been 
wen Boainq; up and down with (he tide neat Hut'ia, hot aa tbe 
n4tl*eB wnv not awne that a rentrd-wai ofTercd for iu Re- 
covery, they woold mu bring it in."— HwAam, tfoit. 3- 


riirtSl. Gtorse.yoc. 13, lB43.—TIiose parts of C.O.'ti, 
dated 81st Ai^. 1S49, which di»eM Um aaneBoit al tbe Utk 
N. I. from Madnu to MrtdmeiW, the A MMp. latbair. ttC 
Ifom the Mount to Secimderabad, and the B aonp. lattaM. 
Am* isausidsaahni t«'«he M o— t , we ^mmtitd t ■<•<> ibetoOne- 


ing movements are ordered : — 

H. .M.'S5th K. O. B. A»B AfadiMlisSugelore. 

H. M. &Ist K. O. L.I. from Baagalon to Mmlaa. 

Sad tcgt. L.C. from TricbiBt^ely to B*mffiMm- 

4th reirL L.C. from Bangalore to Kamptce. 

Ttfa regt. L. C. from Howgoug to Saogot. 

6lh regt. L.C. from Kamptee to Mliow. 

A. comp. 3rd. batL horse bat from Kamptee to Mhow. 

A. eomp. Ut bait, ao^tm nmlf IroKt the -Moont from Stmt- 
deiabad, to Kamptee. 

F. comp. 5ili batL Goiund*lize~rrom Mount tc 

22nd regt. N.I. from MIdnspore to Nagode. 

33rd regt. N . I. from Jaulnab to Mhow. 
. 3kh Kgt. I..I. ftoD Dacca to Moutmein. 

40lb regt, N. I. from Sccunduabad to Julaah. 

47th reiit. K.I. from Ellore to Seconderabad. 

IVov. \&, 1840.— The followii^nioveoientaBr«»i*e™dT— 

KarkhBiaWo. 5i from Bellary to Kamptee. 

Karkbana No. II, Itob Mount to Bellary. 

Fart St. GeoiftKmi. SlOfh. IMO.— No. SIS of le4e.-~Th0 
Right Hon. the Governor in Council directs it to be notified, 
that orders have bten passed in the eceleiiastical departmenti in 
modifleatkw of Ibe G. O. O. STth Hareh. 1805, republiabed in 
G. O. G. VSnd April, 1SS8, No. »5, prohibiting laymen tnm 
peifonaing Ihe ofhce of baptism except in urgent eases, when 
the service for tbe "private baptism of ebUdren in htHxas'iB 
alone to be used. 

2. In cases in wMcli, under ihia order, Ibe baptism of childivn 
lor whom tbe Government allawaDce is claimable BMy bed*- 
layed, the following crctificate, to be signed by tbe Aiefd^UoT 
military aatberiiy at tbe acation, accoiding to tbe bn>eb oflbe 
service to which tbelhtber of tbe child may behNSg U<tbe ltm». 
Is to be snbsiitated for the baptismal «eriia«ate otbcrpviaaTe- 
qaired for the pay department. 

This is to eertify that son or daughter of [beie enter 

father and mother's name), was bom (here enter date and year). 
(Signed) A. It. 
(Onee-«i BMdcJ 


10th HjkDSAS H.I. 

Bead Qaariert, Cfawfcy Plam, Oct. SO, l&lfl.— At a genaial 
court-martial assemMed at Smigor, Sept. 94, IM9, Licvt. IX V. 
A. Henegan, 10th regt. M. N. I., was arraigned on tbe followiiiK 
charge, viz. 

Ctnrpsi. — For eondurt anbeeaming an ogceraad agenUamtn, 
in baling at Saugor, on the evening«f Jaly II, ISW, p r o c ee de d 
to the retUence of^. F. H Weat,«f tbe- M a* n i> 
■riiHery, well laiowii« that he mn from hoase «t the tine, end 
■Nnded bimaelf into Mrs. West's ■partment, in diaragaTdofber 
■ Fapantetty direotnq bim to qait the piemfsc*. 

/iiidniy.— Quiltyr witb'tbe exception of the WDTd>"indiH«- 
gard of faer repeatedly directin bim to qqit tbe premiae*,'* ot 
wbidfa tbe Coartacqutt bhn, ■ i^~>(^~>0 1 p 

ALX5BN** IOT»A» flBVUt. 


ApproTcd and CMtnocd. 
(8«m4) C J. Nahik, OcMnl, C-ln-C. 
Hcad-Qoatten, Oet..IA JMH 

Tb> Mriad of MUHniiiXt •mi'ed Liaot H«w«wt li U) eoin- 
pHMMMaibetMie oftMpiMnliJrtH ofiMtioiCn'itflhaiar, 
wUck i* lo b« npotted to tbt AdjaiMt-GCBtftf of thB-MUnr 

. du of of . fr. 

BsADCBAHP, O. T. lalr. Jodt of Ibr sinab 

A. of coort. Not. Itieatd. wooa hit AMin m reflfM to tka 

rant of Smdiw wml y u »H »i i . i UMat, Nor. If. 
CnatTBa, J.E.'tobcuu.taeoll. ■■•! bk. at Malabar, No*. 13. 
ComM, R. R.'toagru«ab.jBd.aftba xOlafe of Salem, dor. enpl. 

•f Frm, Ho*. M. 
mvmoH.T.U: daL-cnwok of nff.ofivglatoraf^awlvMMHr 

■^ Pot^dm* trUtt M P. LmiUMaar Mv. H: ^ 
MmkcH. taaetudV.BBdin.Jini. Df lUtA af TtavtadtTf iM. 

•to. of W. Daarttt: 
IftTwraoK. A. 3. to aa» i» tir. ■■< m. J«d.' jfMMTOM«i*»ii ■ 

tMi, dar. aba. of DDi)4r»«cll. 

tK«-rr or kvmhvb. 
W. 3aa> to Pooaah, oaB.e. 
^ tftNtUgknik*. 

BO(r&E9l A8TI G AU- 

t,fc«,J.V.«i*.t»— l»aataplaia.otiBlMh.T*i»> aaOnw. 

RsHB,Mi<,N. H.Uk'baHfait. tv «■•■.' dl*. WMti at^Mm 
nU«Ma,9ad-UkatvW) art. (r. da. diMi ■ad'tVCIktetC. Mm. 
OlMDM, Uaat. T. Wt SoA Ean Ui. pMcAaoah Ik HMaiti 
BaBv.Lbat.Jt. a.SMt bJ..aMM. iaiHU*aWaat,i ivtaLXot pM« 

Go«a«»,KJ.Bi aik ba Itcat. ft. Nm.l^' 

HBwsT,Llaat.W. B. aiat N.I.qnal.Mlattrp. NAr. 13. 
KinniaoT, Eaa. R.B. J3rd L.l. tododu, -iib isth N.l. 
LlnRiB, LleDt..caL J. Mlh Nil. to be a Wg. a»d elatt. awt I 

coaa. TrtchburpplT, lb nee. to Brig. Cttrehnd, NOn 131 
lira, Capti F. B. 45th N.I. to act ntfort «il}t, •' •~-^' — 
llbK«4it. EM. O: Mtb N ' 

,^ , ti Ae> at ikcniuUrabait. 

R^raMSBAvr, CaiMt,.K..C. itt L. C pwaad exam. 

daalaal, Nor. 32. 
SC0BILL, Lleat. T. aotb N.I. tnoif. to Iot. eitab. fi 

Skm, Ebii EI. D; 1 

N.I. tnoif. to lOT. Htab. fr. Dte.l, 

Mil Ear. L.T. pamd' rxaor. In' HIo- 

■a. to Ear. mta. t* d« 

V!nwraa,ltad'liwbU. A.' art. k. 4tk laMk batt. N>n «. 
^a«T«BN. 04t.U.C.SaadN.I.eiaa. la H— 4aBtaai^ qu»h for 

mnxuicK, £aa.W. U. app. to da da. nith Stl.LJ. to jidn 
Ka». 16.. 

UtaL a. J, 7th. N.l. lo-Mt. to Oit. &,. IBM, 
Ueat. W, C. 3Dth N.I. to Caleatta, on m. c. fr. 

Cine, ciMro;l«B*a«aaE: ihMtr.a. 
CavBOB.Capt. W. J.i 
Clbtccau*, Sffg. J. W. f 

B. tt. Oct. W bi 
Fab. IB. 
DAT, LIcat. J. C. nthlf.T.latxt. toMtT^>lN«l%titrTt<*>M. oi 
DizoN, Ueat. H. Had H.N.I. U-Jaa. IS, Baaooorab. 
DowH, Utot. W. lit M. fa>. to Apr. 30, «m. 
DoHtmsuK, Capt. E. mh N.l. mm. prep, to rea.theKr*. 
PmsH*l.v,linil.eol. J.4Sa«I«.l. W Sax 

GaBDHBETcV. R. O. 9atti>MJ. la.N^Vurrin and I 

OilLt.Capt.A. A. KtH. fai. fa nLta Jbb* IT, IfaUgbcnlei. 

QlBBOH, Unt. 3. «lod N.I. I no. IK Oot. St. 

Gilbbbtboh, Ueat. C. F. 4»li VH. Ucil. to Htj I, NfU^ 

HOWDBH, Ueat.c<i).J. A.MlN.1. toApr. I, Vt*agapataiii. 

JaaHmnii, Baa. M. iiit L.I. to Jbb* is.'to Kdigbcnhi, ob 

HACtvrrak^Um*. J. M. 9ad tMi art: li M iy nn^t. • 
MAnw>Bw:Oapb e. 41adMtI. to K>r u pa> i a <!■* ■■ lifc ^tB il l iM Ul 

Uaboh,SM.:U. I{..3lBdNXpn|Mt»iaatt»,aB«an'E 
PHii.Lip»IiMkA.C.3MhMJ. KofuJIk MJtaa.iSl.M UmIBW 

and CbiactipM, on a>. c. 
Pooi^t Uaati coL M. SUi N.l. * MM. paa. . 
PBKNDBB^av; Capt. S. Q. to Eoiwa. oa k. o. . 
puBTia, t U««.a A. aa. 3 JBO. fr. D«a. I, ta.Hadnawd Nel- 

lor*. pcap. trapp, (tor fori to Eora^; 
RKU9urj Uaat. O. BjsvMfl^l. w Madiaa, 
Tairs, LkMtja MUlrNJ. « ao. SMstM. 
WiLDB«Li»bA. T. isthJJ.l.MBOTk, 
WaououTOH, Capi. N. and N. V. batt fr. Not. I, toOet. 31. 

ISSO, to Jaaloab. 

AVtaiNUUIITB, &at 

Adam*; AMt. aarf. KiHtlC. m.d. fn da. datr aapt. ntrg. dtpt. 

H. tUa^Aa. .t*J»d aty ,mUi MM M.l. aad !» j^m, ;4di. ao. 
'AincsMt Awt. la^. V>', [«■. fr. mad. ch. art.MoolMtiD, todo. 

datfii^thaitH. aorg.'sdepU N. di>. No*. 39. 
CkcNDAU^ Vet. iDrt. E.,rem. (r. lat E.C. to 4tli. L.C; NdT. Ifl; 
CCBBiWi AUt. inrg. A. O. nt. to dalf , Nov. 30 ; to do datf iBpt." 

aotlt. dtp. N.'dl*. Nfnr.-»; 
DKWVotr, Veti lorr. B.' B.' rei*. fr. Mh^LJJ. tiylit I>.0. HMr«A- 
JHOWm Aaati toat. A.'. da4«*r'wl»aa^saT^'>4tpli.C.- 

Ik«B«B, Atat. aals* R 

PAMiiSrAaad ■«HfcJ..g.pprt»4 waa 

Pbp^B, Nav. 16. 
Tbiuhbll, Aaati^anrKaO. F. peca. to 

aaaa. Nor. !>. 


ta< aaUMk. Of 7Eb M Jf.I. 
t(.M«tL ahst* at«lvaA- 
iter the geo. daUn oftba 

e. toi«Hka>k *; AS'prak- 


Camub.. Uia la4r of Cit|>L J.of tha barqat L>^ Salt, at »AdiM,' 

Nd*. 17. 
CliuiESHAHKB, ttU) olAi of W. 1. Rt PilaaffitttU. NdT. S. 
Hodson; thtwifenfCapt. D.4*ih N.l. ■. Bt-Mti*Bra, Not. If* 
OucKTiCKi.i>Mr, Ike wife of Capt. cogi. d. at Komktrti. iHi^a. - tbawttiarM^^aivSStliN.I. at S*Mifr, Oat. 3P. 
Pb«:k, the ««i ■oil. E. t. at MaJrai, Nor. 31. 
ItawaiMUBB, tha wUa^f Atn. «. at- Madraiv Nnvi 1&. 
Skbbakv. tiK wife of Riaht. i. at Patwli, N«. 5- 
Vaw llMttaa,thawireotaaofsa.B.«tUad(a«, Not. 31. 
WilWt, tba HirBot H, 0,*. *..Bt Cuiklalwt. Nov. 3. 

JOBMMTOHB. Ma^ Geo. l*tN.I. to Miti Uclea Bradshair, at KuU 

borgh. No.. 10. * ■ 

Lewsev, thoiuBi Lang, lo MUi W. M. F. TranqBebar, 

ageiSl, N< 
laniMWl- C.G. at Madraa, agcJ M, Not. 1«. 
LaaiK, Uaot. W. &tli LX. at Jaalaab, Not. 4. 
McOkbuott, Adoc, wife of auaf. mr, Seij. J, 
limcattah, aged 33, Nov. 10. 




Scott, Ana Ellen, d, of Qa. dt. Scg. Frandf, at Facnundlec, 

aged 10, Not. g. 
ScDSDCB, Hairlet, wife of the Rev. Jahn, at Hndisi, Not. 19. 


Not. •a.—Cambrin, PlwnridBa, Anherit. 

Pel Atbcrln. — Mri tod muter Buckluid- 

NoT. \S.—PrmtttillBgal, Yowigbnibaiid, Muuiooieoltah. 

Uadrai, Nob. M, 1849. 
GommncBt S«««ritiet. 

S pel cent. Loan of l«U ) to | die. 

(At the rate (rf lalMcripliDn, tIi. 1061 Co.'s Be. pet 100 Sb R*.) 

a pet cent. L040 of 1830 , , I dli. 

(At Ibe nte of aabKriptloa. lii. lofilCo.'aUi.per looSa.Ri.) 

4 per ecDt, Lowi of )«33 16 die. 

(At Ibe nte of laburlpUoM.ili. IOC) Co.'iIU. per too Sa^ Ri.) 

4|^ccnt, LoaBQf ISM ., IS die. 

SperecetLoUitflMl 3-18 dii. 

4 pcT .cent. Loan of 1S4S.. ..'!..... '....'. I5|dt(. 

Stock of tfae B per cent. BodV Debt Loan no tnnu. 

FjRmiawvrNottioftbioTai^aieDAiE.. m dii. 

Bank of Hadm $liam .; ' 9) preoi. 

BQlw^yr; ■;;■■,;; ■ 

' koi 

bat procnineiit place. Tb«re cmi to little 
dpAt'lfctt V ^pk B ltto e «bt lirMbtM by'" MMdi oT Mptkn,'' 
vnlcakiiincneadnoMdBrianraaAiitd tdinw^fi, Mte ww k h^ 
of tbe coal, »a4 iron, and coiper, and lead minM of In& Wvald 
Buppif valuable (UilitJM and adm 

Id adMntage* to bod^ and U IbcM 

_ ofle . .. __ 

It to b« fMMd-in At BO«wlainf rovJMM, KHi>aan,GiiikMal, 8«r- 
voor, Sec , litaalad about tbe biada of tbs OaMea Mid Janma. 
Coal and bxmitone fotnutionii, (imilBi to thaw «( Oiaat Britain, 
Inmite tbe MDtre oT India fiMi Nerbvdda to Sjfliet, iBd In tbe 
HimalaTai, Biuidelkund, and otbet ditlrtett, exttnatvelitdeof 
iron ore* an to be met witb ixpable of yielding metal equal in 
QMlitir to tbat «f . Jtiueia and Sireden. Tbeae taat Kaourm 
MTC D0( )iMMd wbolly unDotkod, but with Ibe excepOoo U tbe 
.wial-»inea ot Beigi^ no airate— tie effort baa ever been mada to 
4«rcbi^tb«ri«&eatb(ye»DlBin. A fewmineabavabMacqicDed 
«nd impeifectlr i*orkeil ; a iciitcb, a* It were, baa been made 
kcMUdlberei b«tiofKatiie|T«*tbu]koftbenine(al(nallh 
«f India i* eoncenied, it nmf be tahl to Ha u Natuie dcyo ri ttd 
Ht ntanii aware ofthelwiiMiee of the treaeulv, but lack* the 
energy avl Ibo enterpriie to drair !( forth and Mjoy h 1 ' lliii 
■patbf, however, cannot list )6ng.' The eeiabllAment hi India 
^ VOrtcf lyte iailroad%— tuiled lo th^ circunietanw' of tbe dvi> 
lued and buy world — will force attention to suhjectc whidi 
Mberwiu VMild pwbsp* not b>TC baan taken up witb tlie requl- 
■ite.vigoor lor «wtbe» ccntlll]^ And, in panicubri will the 
Biean* tt obHiDfa^bMi-laronriaH^ and coal lot ou w^iinM, 
toiiHTMrly«oi>iawl,andBMdeth«*a(iat(^. A lettat&ttn tbe 
Rortb-weat infonni ne that " Major Henry DnimoMnii, of tbe 
Srd Benpl Cavalry, hu JnK been oidticd by the MtntueM of 
Dalhouiie to mome hii reaearclin at Alroorali for iron." Tliii 
it in keeping wilh Ibe inquiring and energetic ipirit which baa 
ditlioguiBbed tbe admioisiraiion oF the present Oovemor-Gene- 
nli Major Dnunmond bu been for thirteen years endeavour- 
tog to turn tbe attenlion of the authorlticB 10 Ibe expediency of 
taking meatnrea to lecure the richei whicli lie buried in the hill 
diilricts at Ibe ioarcea of the Jumna and the Cangei. In 1838, 
be brought out, it bit own expente, a practical Corniib miner, 
wboae 'retearehei, which were principally [linrctcd to copper, 
appear to have been luccettful, but who went home during the 
abience of Major D. on field wrvice in Af^baniitan, eonteqnent 
upon an Dnhvouiable report by the Commisnioner of Kunwon, 
who erroneously " tuppoted that to be tn outlay of caiiital with a 
view 10 profit, which was merely Intended for a practical exuni- 

Ution." A letter hat recently been addreated by Ibe Major to 
the Government of tbe Norlh-Wf at rrovinces, calling attention 
once more to the dei iratileneii of working tbe mines.— .Bom£^ 
Tdtgreph, . 

Hie KTail, wiib lellert from London to October H reached 
Bombay November S7. 

Da- MotoROTi'i TaiATMBiiT or CuoLia*. — Tbe Cholel* 
Hoipital Committee baa iwued the following 

" Report of eatet of tholera treated by Dr. tlaagrove ftOM 
Sept. Mtb to Oct, 0«th, IMS. ^ 

" Caie* In the collated itage, when firtt teea 

by Dr. Uotgrove 43 B 

" CaM* wbcrc the ttaeaae had net nycbed tbe 

coltapted lUte IS 1 

Total 67 7 

" A neiBhttl retura of the patlesU, tocetbit vitb a Biwte accouMt 
of tki itate of each, and tbe plan of tieatmtnt adopted, hat been 
forwarded liy tb* Caaimittee (or the iataniiatton of llie GoTcmot tn 
Cooncil, and by Dr. Hosgrwe to Ibt Medical Board. He Cbolcn 
lofinary baa been fieqoenUy ihKed b; Dn. Keith aa dtaw et; aad 
olbtr gtuUcBen have teen very many of the BM*t trvarc ctaaa,— 
raaet wbeie the pathntt were in a perAct ataU of eollapte,— aad 
have waiebtd Uie mode of Kaataeat a*oted by Dr. Hotgrorr, 
from tkeadaalatlDabf iMBatWattaU* dtaAHge^ ItltwHtbyof 
ataaA, that the ploBaf titataent a4«ited haa hero prcdtdy that 
Md dowa by Dr. HoHrort in bit pani^. and ba* bern tbe aame 
faicinycaie. Cold at kcd water hai beta glTcn freetj, oatil tt- 
actkin baa coBmeaced. The palkit bat btea carcMly prevented 
fron doling : ttalt baa been actoopnibed by tnppotting Vm la a 
utting poalare, and roDttBntlf atnailnp Un bf nnvertatkn ; aba 
by tbe appHcatfon of tbapiaini, &c. In ao aiag** caaa bat mif 
prepaiattmi oT opinn ben enplayed. C aNae l aad antnaoata hai* 
bfcvn tbaoaly ti»adlw atad by Itr.-Mwitet." 

' Da. Poaian bat been lined a handred nipeea Ibr tyfng a 
cooly to • [Kitt, tttiking him rrpettedly on tbe face with bit flit, 
and beating htm with • itiek. 

Wo III tA Bin. —Our atation i« about to be oUiteratcd Grant 
tto liaC of calOBBeaiU of Ibe Bengal acm;. Thoae who bave 
baillkowetMonni ever tbaiiwatled wealth; tbotc who voogbed 
it i> tend diuckk over their well-taved rupeea. Wuieetabad^ 
doom it tealed. In itt plaee, Sealkoie, which it a ttation aboM 
twenty or twenty-five milet to the north, is named at the can. 
tonnent fated to bold the troopi whose detlination waa othVn- 
wite Wuaeerabad. Sealkoie is a lovely spot, and will, I am 
tnta, ba eventually a Cavoutite, if not the moat lavouiite atation 
of tb« Bcaictl army. It U very near " Jaoioo," and tlierefore 
wit), I bncy, be well kept up, ae a large number of troop<: must 
be required to watch the movemente of the Althartjoh Gbolab 
Sii^ who it aaid to be exlremejy dlGsatfafled at tbe reaulta of 
Sir Henry Lawrence's late viait to his province, — Sir Henry 
having an eye to Cashmere, wbieh he (Gbolab) it equally da- 
tlroua and determined to telwn. Sealkoie potsetaee one great 
reeonmendation in a mild delieiout climate 1— near the hilla, it 
catcbet ibelr breefea, and, being bi^. it will noi bt tubject to 
tb(i mlatma or bve^fog, whidi in geneid tbe ne^hbourbood of 
the billt tmpoeea st a lax for tbe enjoyment of their verduie-ctad 
beintiet, on the turnMitdiny t win tq .— J ? itrt *t Cbaritr. 

Ttia JatDM.— A corretpondent wrtter:— " A distiogiUabei 
member of tbe Council of Adminiinaiion, writing to a friend in 
our neigbbonriiood, eipretted himtelf in the following tettM, 
conveying anticipations of a futnte struggle, in tli's lairt of tbe 
world, as Berce, if not at tanguinary, at any we bave yet eDtM«d 
on. He aaid, ' I entertain no (ear for tbe pence of the coantiy 
situated between the Cheaab, the Raves, and tbe Suilej; bnt 
beyond the fofwer tWer there eiista a formidable and increanng 
dittike to our rule, and dittnul of our pacifying meaaurea. Con- 
tpirtcics, only not dangennie beeaute ill-coTiceivedi, have bees 
already dticovered aeveral timet, tnd in the mindt of the popu- 
lation the cUiefi. who potaesa influence to an extent which we 
bardiy understand, have iiiitilled a hatred of our rule, and a de- 
sire to revenge former defealt, which will render any speedy set- 
tlement of the province difficult, if not impoatibte. At tbe 
sligbtett call from a man of name or influence, the barbarous 
population would ruth to arms, and it behoves the Government 
to be watchful to an extreme degree over a people who, often 
subdued as they have lately been by u«, have yet ever watched 
andgalned an opportunity at which, in a wonderful manner, they 
spring forth, Hinerva like, all armed and ready, and as a swarm of 
locuats inundate the cuunliy which, till then, had been almost 
unaware of their exisience."-»mifci|t 7T««. - ^.^^\f^ 



D». BD«m»— W« bnr that Dr. Burnei poiiti«1)r retirii 
from tlM ternee ttota the 20th iniCanl. Thrre i» > icporl that he 
propoMi remaining ia India (or a ihort time longrr. and ptoceed- 
ing to Sdade, for the parpoie of Decting the Murqaii ol Dal- 
hoDiie, who ii an old friend and btlow-itadent of the Pfajiiciui- 
G«tKral. We have mioa to brliere, b[>wc<tr, tbal circnmitaaeei 
will prcTnit bia folfilliDg tbli intention. The reiirement of Dr. 
Borneawill be a grot kiM to KTcral of oor public insCiluCion), ai 
well aa to locietf in general, of which be baa been for Mme time 
■ leading member, and diatingniabed oioament. Bot whaterer 
regret maj be felt at hia departare, we conci^ire that, for hia own 
■alie, the determination to quit India ia a wiie one. H'n health 
haa of late been BaatertaHji waakaaed, and it ia provirbiailf to 
daogenraa to remau in Mi* " a yaar too long, waiting for tbe 
other lakh," that we are glad be boi rc«oWed on accepting 
tbe aikr now made hj tbe aenioe— the membrn of whicb 
b«Te como forward wllh grati^ing promptitude and liberality, 
to " add to hia comforta " (aa [be oBSdol plirate bm it) oo retirC' 
menl from Indaa. Dr. Bomea came out a* Bisiataut.iargeon in 
JonelSai, ttd i>btaintJ ^roeoolioo aa followi : — To Mrgeon 
on May 24, 1834 ; to nperintendbig anrgeon on September 
27, ISI7; to TmpceCOt'-genertl of boapHaW and ncBber of the 
Helical Board on SepteAiber 15, 194g ; to largeon -general oh 
Jaanari .1, I84S.; aotf to phjrician -general on September 17 
lak. Wa ihall tako MOlber OpjK>rlun1t; of adierting to Dr. 
Bwmm'* ii|» rt i i> Jmm -MKniC^t JH, w'^n ■e maj be able to 
nf aMwe of hia aeniaea tui BWita Ibm tima and apace will at 
prcaant aHoir. Il« pjafaawJatviag luda, wa beliatc, b; tba 

'~A mtrflMWetv^tofeBltonoir «v<«ract«iira ha» jmtben n- 
odicd fNMa t^tjtaenK ColleDi'fHM tfarlttrrTt* Mmt-Oaa mar 
Cochin: fMl,<;iltAlal ^ giwitA'' ffod' the grairiie, iM gnftat 
and grapAjJa ^ati tint la&rlte Ibrwatton, — of lignUie and Kgoe-' 
tom roM li«B Ibia latter formation— hitherto luppoaed of «o1. 
aawaMi9^bt«.«kioh.haf pme&nore perpleiing togeologiita 
*m mf fitm^' t!k»4irtb\ mmt Utef W* had to deal with. 

Il iiiiiigiilai llm lln- hfc^Hlifclih iinw^'a iiiai Ti irf tt 

(qaar« nilM. in IimM^.. laA giHa • ebanetci to all oar Kfli, 
mouitain rocka, and aeeiMKy, ia hardi; ao mndi •• named' in 
■Bj angle Engliab worh on Geologj ; and IhoSMnd* of collec. 
lioBt are mnaiihiiiil eomplete which do not coniain a aingia tpe- 
dnwn «f MerUe.— BMiAar n«et. 

HiLrfAkT.— TbefMtwngandbeM-qttartenof tbVlMgt*. 
udftrN.I.^adNd Tanndi m the C4tH iili.~-The tefl wtdgof 
tbe Znd grenadirn left the prtatdencj fi>r Bhooj br the ateamer 
nroie, on Uondaj erening lait. — Thf depot of the lit ftailKera 
landed from the JJdaMa from Knrracbee on Friday, tbe 33r4 all, 
Ibe iick bdog lent To' the Enropean General Mofpttal. Tbey 
prooMdnl to Tmiwell, nt nmlt fbi- Pctom, on the «7lb-— ne 
head-quTten of tbe Eltb foot itartrd froBi Puona, for Ptnwtfl, 
on Satnrdaj, fbe 24tb; the remainder Of tbe corpt fbllOwMg {■ 

detaehaocnla. They embarked on 

Mmimiij, Oielelt wiog leaTing to-daj. ' Tliebead-quarTenorihe 

left Sbolapore lor Aitetrgbnr aln> on Saturday, 


Ammnmtirn, ft*. 
AmMprwawt, J. F. to lie wti-mm. u> edi. Had nag. of Tanoa. 
AnBtmuM, II.«ail.and ■■■■ odBm 

ff. «•». ». 
Blas(, Q-. J.g 
EUtib,Oi.J. t 

ft. N«T. 1. 

IVKiKB, E. L. ittaroed to dntj, . . 

LocKtTT, B. B. to act u 9ad aail. to cotl. and mag. of Belgkam 

fr. Wo*. I. 
LvKVinKiy. G. rM.d«lie8aaHe.'toGi;v. In g>n. andjad. depta. 
kr A LET, H. F. con. of land rev. reo«M. <>• . nf dutin, No*. M. 
If ALRT, H. F, Mpt. of atatianirr, rec. eh. of Ui off. No*. M. 
HoacAM, J. B. to aat. aacaU. and maf. of Afamtdabad fr. No*, l. 
PxKNBaMiAtT, C G. Tee. ch. of Sunt [oUtctaruIe fr. A. F. Bci- 

tani, aUowed to proc^ lata hit diltilcU on drpotilion. 
Bavekscb^pt, a. W. posttnr, gta. rii. rli.ol hit dotio, Not.OT. 
Bbiteb, B.W. coll. ol Belgnum, allowed to pioc. IdIo hii dis- 
■ ttlrtB OD depatallon. 
KOBEBTSON, J. W. to act aa and aiat. to coll. and mag. of Rataa- 

SnfH, A. am. ch. of oOee of aeaior mag. of police aad rer.Jadga 

Yocii«, H. coll. of eoatoaia, Ac. reaaat. ch. of dulin. Nor. 16. 

Baektt, R. Y. 1 no. to Hhow. 
FaWCBTT, E. O. In (Xl. to Uic. 31. 
TaTLOB, a. 1 BIO. to BilgHnm. 


, Re*. P. A.M. ret. 

and the harboor. No*. 14. 
'ark. Re*. W. to be Jan. etaapl. of Karradwe, and to act aa ehapt. 

of Ilidrabad, No*. 14. 
" - " — - ■ a cbapl. of Malcolm Ptth asd Sattara 

II ehepl. of Abmedanggnr, No*. 38. 



BsKCRfcB, Lieat. Bth N.I. to act aa brig. mij. at Rajkote dar. ab*. 

of Capt. Morac, m.e> No*. 17- 
Brbthoh, H. p. B. art. attaebed to flth to. 4th batt. art. at Kar- 

raehee, tojola Na*.91. 
BLiNEina, Major, c.b. «h NA. pL at diap. of bd. of ada. ftr 

affaire is the Pni^ab lor ipec. empl. No*. S. 
Boutok, Em. to act. ai laterp. to 13th N.l. dar. aba. of Llent. 

Short! , Nov. IS. 
Browne, Ueut. eol. W. J. 8lh N.) . to cam. %id elaai brfg. dnr.aba. 

of Brig Stalker. 
BBOwna, Ueot. CO). C.B. loprotttS'to Borodaand aHomecom.of 

the brinde at that atation. Nov. SB. 
Brdcb, IJeat. F. F. lUh ^. I. to be capt. fr. Sept. 30, IMS, inane. 

to HcBDcll, prom. 
CoeiuAn, MaJ. V. M. art attached to 3nd ball, to Jolo h.q. NoT. 

38 ; fr. 3rd to lat batt. No*- fB.' 
CoRNEWAtL, Eat. F. T. Kai N.I. (r. to da dqtj with lad gran. 

N.l. to win at prca. Nor. 19. ' 

CuhbirleiH. Llint. !.<;• Ut' 'Bonh>T t^' fna- to' pfoc. wltb 

In*.' In aat. ol lea*e n. c. No*. 5, , . 
DECI.DZEAO, LUnt. col. H. C. art. fr. aad to acd bait. Not. 38. 
Dbrinseet, Bi4g. to proc.' t6 SUkar^orc and «om. Irt daaa br%. 

o net aa ehapl. of Colaba 


■Idi36tb N.I. aatUanltalof hia 
iitbithcd to, and to Join 3ri 00. 

rtgt. la Upper Sdade, «miM- 
Elliott, CeraetH. H. ItlEX. 

Fairbrotoeb, Eaa. 19lh V.I. to do datj wllh Mth N. 
-ItfMtforwnMffata efVMiafclatfai'iMavtn. - 

B.^«i:6«ikai BaBI iartkar 

GMMf in, Uaat. M-'T, IWbN J. 'to ha foil adj. at Jtmaglimt. 
Oa*v, LieM. W. lat Ene. faa-.tobca aa^. atu. a)B.Bea. >.Bka> 

ki«», Nofc SO. ,. 1 , - 

CRABAti, Lieut. T- art, 3d to lal bait, tojolnat Shola- 

port,Not. l!l. 
BAanK. LIcot.T.' rtBi.f»,mtD3ndbatt. ta join at Ah' 

■tdnnggor, Na*. IP. •' ■"■ 

HARVE^.Xltwt. toTTC. eb.«« Noj T HgU IMd batt aad latea. 

SidkaM. ajt. Bf/LI*t. MMw.' U,taa»l«mp; anantamant 
HcATBCinn, Bna. G. Tj U cank ir. Oct. 3, aa4 paatod to latk 

M.I..*ilh>wlaaa,faa>» v 

URHBBaaoii, Uaut.J.'B.wta Twa. fr. lattoSod batt. tojida at 
< AhardaiVBMFNBa.UI. 

Ka>iKR].L,M*j. ial. to be [ieut.^Ml. b. Sepl. 30,*. LdghtoB, 
. piom. to iitbN.l-No*. 33. 
HuwiaoN, Edi. S. t. 19th K.l. to le IlraL ti. Sept, SO, IMS, U, 

■uc. to Heunrll, prom. ' 

HcKTCR, Utut.T. B. 4tkK.I. tstieaiq-.*. Waaaoa, prora.Ne*. IK. 
HvsHRa, Brer. aia]. R. M. rtlhN.I.Wbeltaj. Ik'.Sept. », IM)^ 

taaacuawiavAlifraai; ■ . i^ 

J«iniaoit,Uaa*.4Uin.r.'to dB'idBtT«ltlL.aa*N.i.BottlaMti« 

otU*N8tiiBTIp^i8elad4.Na«.Mu . 
Low, UeaU S.C.4tb- tlA-i»^m.9t-mi Intury. *. B^ttan, Ip 
..-JBur. No*. 16. ■ . ■!■■ ,! : ■. .1 , . . ■ 
LKianTON, Bret, coU T. iaf. to be col. &. Sent. 30, *. Ballaatjaa, 

dee. _,,.'.■.'_', 

Leciib, Capt. G.A. 31tt N.I. to lel u a.-d.-c. to Brig. gen. D. 

Capon, fi-. Oct. 19. ' ■ 

LnrBR,'Llcal. col. F.' P, nH. tr'."9r#le MbBML Norf 38. ' 

LviBHtoN, CoL T. to rami iinatMIIM, I«o*i.Mi 
Llots, Lhat. Mil ti C>a. aet.A-.atlito Mrd teat. No*. 18. 


aad to iTjoin. 
arrlial of Ua regt. 

Madnbbu., Eb«. a. t» rtak and paitcd to 98ih N.l, 

aon.praa. No*.E. ' ., -. 

MioiiOH, Bre*. Ueut. col. foa. rep. fit Ibr datj, 
MoObe, Col. G. to Sth N.I. 1. Ballanlioe, dec 
N^Piea, Eoi to do dut; with 96tb N.I. natU 

la Upper Sclndt, Not. 91. 
Palin, Lint. R. attached, to do dnly with 3«tb N.I. ontil arrival 

of hi* eorpa in Upptr Betnde, Nor. 31. 
pABR. LieM. cDl. T. C. lOth N.l. ret. todatj No*. 7. 
Pkhnt, Mi^. lit L.C. toJoiDUaoorpaatMookao, No*. 31. 
Pitman, 3nd Lleat. lit co. 4th batl. ait. to dodntrwith baUerpat 

Shlkurort, Not. 33. 
Reid, Uent. col. A. O. c.b. fr. 71b to 10th N.I. No*. 34. 
Robemtson, Ebb. J. F. 3Bth N.l. to be lieat. *. Malcoba, dee. 

date of rank Not. S. 
Rqwlakd, M^. a. 4th batt. to 






SuntromD, Ueat. H. HL'fl^wli la emamlM. at SMtu*. nmmt 
•!• oMMInf 0«t^ 9«| 'T«Mad «UB. MiMtkMrti^. M«r. IW 

Sbaw, IJBM.KdN.1. to d> dotf utth WIXK.I. lilt Milial »* 
Mwigto l»-Ow" ■ *i* <» »» ». 

SncLAIH, H<4. S. aft. fr.mtaSrrlbsH.NW.Mi- 

SHvWMf, UN*.aLlBd"fM. NJ. ag^- ttwia#. -afBl— g!>a» 
Harte, « te. <4 lOtk N.I. Nov. 17. 

Stack, Cast. G^ Jap>««lfcof ■ It) in rtii, tt'Srtiifc.paf^itoir— 

BnTKNa, Hij. c.B. to act ai •aa.aad aoU. of wh«d Uz, ami coH. 

of thm f«CT oa Bqaar ll eaaati,.da«.ab». af Cant. Bajaca, »i». top. 

of actlag npt. of poHea, Ntfr. 3. 
Tait, Bn*. ■»}. J. Wh ».l. rat,- to * at>« *. 31. 
TBMKaB,. UM«irSlkiJf.L.t»J«*B W*«iaT*M«MU«H JlavdM, , 
WAKaax, Eai. W. B. aUaekad to ia.i Mf a WkM lfc-NJi lM}dilp 

WiLtov, Br1«. pMtad toMg. at Pooaa, Now itv 
VvAMTAaDt Capt. i(l«Be«faK UaM. t*>laih*rtj.N*K 3Ki 
ToNOa, Eat. F. L. attaA. tvSMh,lo ■Ivda^'wItk.SBUl.N.l. . 

CBArMAH, Ucot. 1 m 

Dmt, U*«t. H. IMhN.I.SnanlwL t« 

DiCEiHaoH, E». W. 4tli N.r. 3 jcm' tM. »»S 

?■>!■», EM...T. a. l«tbNLl<»fe D«a.SI, la MtltHilMWHiiMWi. 

QMnurr.'Chfk T: H.^ I^V'^baH. lo4M. «, ]» «ili thrdiir of' 

hUrctamto pna. 
j6aM»»i,Uaat..W.T.Ir. .DM.J5.lMJaD.1W,l* BMik«nl«-ba' 

exam. <n Hahntta. 
JOBMrmw, Boa. R. fr. D*« 31, lS»»laiJ«B.«Oyi»*, M-Bm*»- 

baff to be czaaai la Mibltai 
Xiva, Ena. P. lltb N.I. rr. Nov. 3S, 1B49. to Jau.31, ISM, to 

MM aliflaMlMf p. t^JN mraiar In llwdattunli 
Lbkbon, Cipt. W. S. and N.l. 1 mo. It. No*. SB. 
LBMKTCMt, Col. T. «oai^bt%: iaIhMdciih, to Eir. 
I.0DW1CK, C*pt. H. fr. Not. 34 to Dm. II, In [lltlirt«lMb>n. 

Uacdonaui, Bn*. (apt. a. J Mi N.T. I Bu; ftjDfe. WrtaB«Bk 

Natlok, Ebi. 19th N.I. S aio. Ar. data of U*- can* Brt>tl«r«ttw 

Nixon, Lint.E.atk N.I. (t. Not. M to Baa. 3»itftHatafe«bak* 

•w, •■• ■. «. 
PmicB, Cast. A. 4th N.I. 3 vean. fnrL to EatOMr'aa^ w 
Rbu, Ed*.! F. T. isa J4.I. Wlhiiilif . 
Stack, Capt. dfp. cnll. at Hyderabad, 3 bo. In «bi 
&rI3b«*u, £o(. a,M Dm. 31, to rcB. a&Bantkrro>»- <• 
TttACKK*, LlmL T. Btfa-N.l. fr. Apitt Ulo Oct. 13, ta Boahaf . 
ViLKiM!, Sod Llcitt. H. C. S. tapper* udshKM; i B« be Om.!, 


Caknegik, Sorg. HthN.I. to rec. ned. eh. of nmalalog wIbb aT 
Ikt. gru. N.l: on depart, of head. qu. wUg of' tluM ngt/ tr< 

CRAHonv, Saifr;Mth«'.l: t(«oap.-iOtbbktt. 

art. dar. ibi. of 8Kde«nn, Nar, 31 . 
Dbab, Aaat. nrB. J. to'be sitrg, fr. No*, n, ■.^Burnei, nt. 
Dov, Surg. toiHd. cb. afSrdL.C. *. White, to joia NaT. 30< 
OiBB, Id*. gcD. H. to be earg. gen. ft. Nor. 3V, in vnt. to HImMt, 

LiiTH, Snrg. \. H. to aet-aa iti. te ned. board, Nov 

lUcKKWzlB, Snug. J: tM. todotr, Oel. SI. 

Maitlamd, Aut. mrg. puMd txtm. in Unhratti, Mer. 14- 

HoBBKOTB, Aut. mg. toned, eb. rfglit nlng ISlh N.t. Not. 33 i 

to ree. aied. eh. of let Bar. tat. dnr. natch to Poooab, No*. 34. 
If DKBAT, Asm. aafg. to nt. at*, eh. of 3rd eo. Qd# bait. art. 

PbllT, Aaat. to rce. Bed. cb. of detaeb. at DhmH*, fr. (M^ 31 ; 

»H. ch. of app. aadr. torg. Ia KkadeM i pl. la tnaa. (^ of Iha- 

tnaawTi No*. 38. 
Rbminqtoh, Aut. ears, ant for dntr in ImUakMrr, Non 31. 
Boolca, Sorg. B. B. tolie npt. lant. oa ettah. ft.Nor. 30, la Ml. 

to Tartar, prom. Not. 16. 

KifoKv, S<Trt:n^. poatal WStHttiM. bat to eoMlBMBttrt* 
taMMra tm rctan of 8«pt. rarp Stratar; Nar. 30. 

SAMWtkMir, Auti earg. 4tk'co. 4tb-tMM. •». to a mm mpt mMMT' 
dMHe «f t*a VoHbn Ev, rett. a. r « a« e«B. m > r eifc « i,Mo«. Hi 

■Mufc, B«4 BIB. L.i. N*T. as. 
Scott. SargbJ, to offlc. aanp^Mrs, dar. aba. oadatria Paajak 

of Mt. Slakar, Not. IP ; atl. to Setade di*. bmI to iota. Nor. 90. 
SIHCI.AIB, Sars. tea. J. A. ta b« phfa. pa. fc. Nor. 30, w. V\tft^ 

ink. J. BerBce, ret. Not. 10. 
Tatlor, Slug. W. B. to be In*, (ea. of hoip. fr. NAy. 30, la »mi 

tolSKA, prom. Nor. 1S. 
WfcTBnn, Aut. tnrf. F. W. to be gar,- laig. at Bdni>»^, TT 


WM«B».ABalj aarfij;. 

■t«M( of 4aps. BHS-^ae. 
O^ to b(«at. nw BiM.riara 

■ilt.riara M.SaUHB>' 

HooKKH. SbiK. p. W. 33rd N.I. I 
MbBSKavB, A»t. inrB. Itstc eanc. 
Sbawakii, Aut. tMTg. to Dee. 31, to Bmubar. 

Cb»ld, Hate irfthe, Qeetii Iraatf. to the f ipArofee, 
HbatHcotk, Mklt. J. to NaT. 30,- iB ext. to rem 

JA«as, Lleat. tr to-Nor. SO, Ik at.' to n*i«t MM 
JoKieBTON, CbniD'. J. O. iM-toAMf, Oa*. M. 
KBM»fM»K, CoMO. ret. to dM^ NaT. 7. 
Lakk, Mid*. J. H. to New. SO, la «A: 
RowjeauMv UmI. of to* r<H*fr tape*) 

BRirTEKT, the -wire efT. TT: «. at PMraR, NM. VT- 
BitwlrBtt. tlR«ir»afT. F; d. at-Ah iaej daew |af ,iNg». IS; 
Daai, thrwil* of Smrg. Jobxt, •- at PaoM, No*. 19. 
DBLiAMAn, U»*4b of Major C H. c.B. 3td L.0. 1 

Nov. 33. 
Dt 3oDZA, the wife of Joha, a. at Masano, Not, 15. 
Da SiLVA. the vile ofTbiagoV. a. at Malcolm. peU, Not. M. 
Fill, C.B.J, at Callsal, Not, 31. 

Hatch, the wife nf Ueut. H. S. art. d. atBeltanm, Ndr. 19. 
JnkDVH, Mn, A. 1. atCoIatiah, Not. 3S. 
PoLlabd, at wife of A. d. at Det**, Not. g. 
PbKb, tha erife ef Mr. at Dbaniw, Not. IS. 
TATt.OR, Mr*. Walter, a. at Baakay, Nor. IS. 
TTTLn, ttvirift of CbariM Bd<^. F. CS. d. at AhaiedB*aw, 

Not. 3*. 
ViBSAB, tha «Ub of T. A. *. at Card. Not. 36. 
WiLUAHB, the Udf of Capt. A. S., J.N. d. at Calient, Nov. 11. 
WooBBUBM, the oife of lieat. coL 3Stb N.I. d. at Aiaeercbut, 

Not, 13. 



J. at Bombay. 
■t Poook, Nor. 33. 
. of W. H. at Olrgaoas e 

McDoKAtD, Jamca Wm. 1 

McEtot, the Kite of the Re>. John, at BombKT, Not. 
Natieb, En*. F. R. B. 3nl N.l. at Saklur, Not. IS. 
WMntlUt-^ Sarah Jane, itifeotCapt. C. S. 3ad L.I. 1 

or. 18. 


Nov. 17. PuHfaub, Palmar, Manritint ; Abtniii; Seott, Loa- 
doB.— 30. JfemvfiUre, Kirbf, Laadoa.— 33. Steamer Pikim, Baker, 
HoDg-Kbnc— XI. Ckipptm, Beethim, Liierpool ; Rs^al ricluria, 
Da»iol, Colombo.— 31. Crmmrre, Vaie, Liverpool.— M. Corslfiie, 
TrcTVer, Madraa. ~36. DorfmaafA, Lawton, Londno ; Sullanf, 

HaodleT, — .—37. Calluriit, Apeor, Cidcutta ; ateamer Qiteca, 

CampbeU. Aden. -3B. Steaaier Bomhaj, Haalewood. Col, ' 

,, 1, London i 
Wild, Hong-Kong. 

aa, Bai 

:er, Calcntla.— Dae. I 

Per At»iMr~-~UtTtt%. H. A. O'MoloaT and F. Dairaon, lad- 
Lleoti. G. B. Macqueen and R. Freer, H.M.'a 60th riflct ; Eob. 
R. T. Sweroey and W. FlUroT, H.M.'a S3rd foot; Eoa. 
Conrcj D'Orady, H.M.'a 64th foe*. Troopa, 13S men. 

Per ifirayiAirr.— Mr. A. Hoghet. 

Per steioicr Pcti*. — Heaira. RemiagtOB, Greesberg, ud Scarp. 

Prr ■tcnnier AjdiA:—Ai>t. anrg. Froaer. 

Per Caroliiu. — Mra. asd Mlia Kail, Hi«*ta Corea and BaaiK- 
gordt, Mr. C. Kail, and Mr. W. C. Darlot. ^^OOQIC 




rm OwtrntmHu-Un. BoM, Ctpt. ■> Watt, Mb Bogal I.XI.1 
CW. H.B. Rote. utBoBb.&u,: Lhat. J. W. Bktlle, tadBanb. 
Bw. L.I. ; AM. (org. J. Wdab, B«aib>) Any ; 339 mta. 

f%r SaUany.— Mn. ThortOD. 

Fr»B Sou.— Mra. Loiirick, Hn. J,'C. Stewart, Mr). Mdhto, 
Mlu. Sbaldbao, Beo. arm; ; Cipt. C. G. G, tSaan, lUh Mtax. 
N.I.4 U«t. col, W. N, T. 3mec, UtBam. NT.; Mu. W, M. 
Co(:Iu.uid A. iMiJ.E. P. Lynch, K.L.B.lBth 
Ben. N.I. ; Surg. J. Ihia, Bom. arniT; Cnpt. A. Mnrrig, 4th Bom. 
Me% i CoDot Dicsbeck, Hcuri. Sptrliog, Laacaitcr, Laoglcj, C«l- 
ItgiitB. ud S. CunpbtU. 

Per SvaJ.— Lieut, col. M. M. Shaw, l&th N.I. ; >ad dipt. Uib. 

_ t,U.H.'f33adlmti C*pL Hu, 
■m vcMic* Smith, ttq. 

Par I>iMria.— Awt. rarg. J. amdenoD, R. Knight, nq. 
Pit Orcu^.—CMft. W. H. Kirby, Mth foot ; Licuti. H. G. Bow. 
lea, Uad foot, H. B. PnOt, 9ttti foot; Eoi. W. Cairnctow, anil 
H. C. FraMr, SSad loot i W. R. XiiMius, G. E. Httddlcatn, and 
B. V. LUIierop, Sth fool ) H. JaiiKioa, »4tt> toot ; and H. S.Cocb- 
rtat, S6th toot ; Uwft. J. Ftgmt, Strd Bro. N.l. ; Hcari. Baker 
-J^J— M On t IISreeniiU;Hn.lleUh,Hfi. Bruce, aodHliaFtr- 

NOT. IB.— Arincw, DiwaoB. Oalcatta ; Skth Allmm, Oamayat, 
CUoa.— 19. Steamer Dicaria, Rafatr, Kurrachee ; fffpauU'Ucljrm, 
13Tee«ock.— 90. Ladg Pttl, Praser, China; OraHllult, TtacMHll, 
•HvnMoa', Jtim Me/CeiaHt, Pattenon, Umfooi.-^^lf. lineal 
" "luMt, LoHia, London.— tS. Dum/riti, Greci, China.— OB. 
k£, Palmer, Calcatts.— 99. Julia, Row, Cslcatta.— Dkc. 1. 
Wodn. CalcntU; Bitten, Stewart. Madrtu.— 3. Lmnr, 
s, lfalL~B. SteaMir ji;4rt>,OHMads, Son. 

JtitAla, Ei^; and Bfai Farunda*,. £*^— 

—A. Qenard aad. E. Boaii, Etqa.— To C*i>ovtta — 
B. I. Wood, Emi. 
Par i9Nlli«ai|f.-'Hn. Dawran. 

Vkt Nrpaml.—Mn. Dntf and two cbildrcD, Mr. Qaorte Dtago, 
nd Mr. Janet Grdg. 
Fcr^ffiU JTSeaxie.— Hr. Taeter. 

Per Canoe.— Sir Erihiae Panr, Kt. Chief Joitlee, aad aerrantl. 
Per PAtar.— Ucat eol. OootfeBow, CDf. 

'P«r5vra/.— Un.Carr; Mr*. Scott ; Snrj. J. Sentt ; M^c W. 
'BKtt, Mt. ; Rn. Mr. Carr; and Lknt. J. H. BnTkc. eog. 
- Per Ftagmub.—Utmt. O. Fitagerald, H.M.'i TSth tui. 
■■T» /■«•.— Mr. R. Sya Md «ill. 
Pcrateaoer^^dttU.— Urt.ataek aodanlaCaDt; Mra.ilerteT ! 
Mr*. Murray; Cspt. Stack, 14th B.N.I. ; Dr. J. Bunwi, en,; 
"W. Hai-t. E-q. -, Surg. J. Mnrrar, Bombay army ; Lieut, col. M. M . 
~ ~ vyiOapt. A. Price, 4thBc«)bii]r'^ll«*:*ld H. 


GorersBent Seeoritiet. 

MifeeloMi .. .. Rs. 
do. 18M-« .. Ri. 
do. 1B^30 .. Ra. 
do. 1841.43 .. Ri 
do. 1332-33 .. R« 
,do. 183»-M .. lU 
do. lS4a.43 .. Bj 

106 lofijdo. 

tpm. prrlOOCo.'i 




d Bank .. „ 1,000 eaeb SIM do. 13 pncent. dl*. 

A(ra Bank „ SOOaaeh Mm da. 4 per cent. tlU. 

Bank of Hadraa . .. . „ l,004leach 1,000 do. 10 p«rC>Dt.pio. 

<— iiiaiia. catch Rj. 10 la**. 

Jaak PC England Notei, per £. „ 10 Iftaa. 

balth Df^sn, ptr 100 „ 32(il 

'fieiBU Crowna „ :i2 

-fc«— 8itwr,fer Wttolaa 104^* Ml| 

md Leaf, per tola, rasp of ^naUty ...... ., „ 16} 

QoUlBcata.mccordiiicta todeb, pertola.... „ 17 to ITt 

a ■aasUi*' tight, par npte la. 1 U. Far doamtt 

6 la. iMd. M IfcWUi -For vnUt 

« '. tai.l4d; VDrlnUc 

4 la. loM. Do. 

I lt.lOH* Da. 

1 la. Utd. Da. 

1 day'a la. 9)d- »•■ 

OsCktaMaat •Odn*' ^l|*t,'pifMI>.. .. iMrM. d) 

Udapa'Mght. .'.... i do [«Ut. 

at liabt... .„.i,/.. '4 aa. p« eest. pnaa. 

Od Madraaat 30 itaTa' tlfM. '. Bw.perecDt. pren. 

:-atii|iktM... a aK peraU^piaB. 

Oa CUa* *t M'^ara't^tpar 100fdlia.Jtajai»a. SU. 

aad UatrpabI, M."Sa. to N. nai per 

Cotton Yabn. — (Dae. 3.)— Tbto tale* dnring the fcrtniiht 
amooot to 940 bale* and IS/IM Ai. Water, asd lis bale* l£de 
Twlit, and S3 balei Onnga Yarn. Kxaapt tar J4o. 30, the damand 
for all eunDti of Mule hai been iteaily ; while for Water the laqnirr 
hat been limited. Scotch Tarkey Red o( enparior qnality com- 
aaada Ra. I 7-16th* .per lb. but Hw ptiet oblaluUe for Oraage 
Yarn U atlU rathtr low. 

Copper, except for ib«athlo(, haa il^Ur declined ; the prleaa a* 
befoie. A imalt ^aaatlty frsm the Buia Bwra nlaoa haa ..ben 
■oldalRi.Sl^pErewt.- Iron, BcHUb aad. Bwadiih Bar, ftnaaod 
Indaaiand. Hoop aad Sbcct are dalL whlW Nail Bod la la nodo- 
" '' ■ -' 1^^ ||B„ ■acededtln lalaa. — 


Bcaa.— TheMle(darlurthapaalfort^ght.ha«*bc«i to alatger 
extent thaa for aooa tliaa bclare, via. 80 hbda. Hodgiai'e, at 
R>. 40,' aad 66 hbda- at «» 3S. per hbd. ; IM hhdi. HodgMwIi aad 
AUaapr'a. at Ba^ n, and loa Uid». Uadgaaa'a anit,Ba«'-> at 
Ra. 46 per hhd. 

WooLLBNa. — Elanael* oantlB«a in mfiot, aodaie aUll aerf 
aearce. Stocks of Clathi o( all deicriptioua areata* vct^UBlttd. 


Loai or wa " ScMaaa>a."— Tba WWwIbB <ms tanMd to ni 
bj a (ulor on Stiordaj tail : — 

*■ laliDd of Male Maldire, 
■" !4fli OctftbCT, WW. 
" To tha Editor of one of the Cototnbian JoBrnali. 
" fUrr—The barque Saaarang, o1 Kewcaatle, under my eom- 
nandi waa totally loit apon a reef near the ialand of Tilligille 
Suadive Atoll, Maldire lalandi, an tlie aifif of Slat Aaiput, 
M9, camr and paaaeoEara landed <at TUllgiJIe aDd fonraaded 
bore by Ifaa natlTa autborittea, jmdarriradliare 6tb Oetabe^ IMS, 
afliii maal nnlTialta ami the loaa af bar hutttfcemiBitt, all 
bandt haTin; been eieb except two. 

'loinr JaLUWT.' 
Sone or the tailora haTc arri*e<1 in the HaldMan Dhoniea 
that have just come on tbeir annual voyage, and the captain and . 
crew are to come In a amall vessel to Galle. — Obitrver, Nov. IS. 


like Governor bat been compelled to send a reqsiritloa 
GoaetotaaU of Baotal £» a wunbtr af .Shihai 
to extirpate tbe tigers Utm tbeinoriBce. f^ rar^ea of i 
animals have atruck aach terror into the inbabitaats, that tt 
dta to aennna o at after oigfatfall, aNd«aea»tbadB;«ui< 
neeeasary to cany flre-annt. 


Caldwril, theladytrB.R. d. at Eiogapore, Oet. 39. 
D'AIUURA, tbe lady of Ja», d. at Monnt YlMoria, Na*. 1. 
QooDwut. tb* ^rita of Bebart, tf Boa. Co^'a alaaMa HoMttf 

GauNi, Baarael N. to Jaae Waidloar, d.'af :tb».Ma«*aad* 
Hmlii, at aistiiiii, Oct. 19. 



Her Mftjeity'i PleDipolentni^ bis much pleuurc in giving 
publicity to the following official comiiiuniralioiM ham Com- 
nunder Jobn C. Dmirymple Hay, to the addresa of Kear- 
Admiral Sir Frmncia A. Oilier, C.B., K.C.H., Commander- in- 

Victoria, llangkong, 3rd Oct. 1849. 

" H.M.'i iloop Mumbint, T^piDDg Baj, SOth Srpt. IS49. 
" Sir, — I have the hoDtnr to iDfbrra your Etcrllcpcy, that m the 
eneiag of the a7lb luH. I Mt Hon|ikons ia learch of a plrHtieal 
Bert, cDDiBnQlHl by the notorio 

id tkKt, 

after sBckiag tbe nllagt there, Ihcy bad gone to Tjiuni, 00 vUeh 

fonrteeii juaka, formed In tna liuci, makiBgoff for theS.W. The 
Tillage at tbia ba; ve observed Bmouldeiing. I attaekeil one of the 
largest I coulil reach, tbe wlad being Tery light, at 11. *G. and cod- 
■ engaged with as many a) I ■ ' ' ' -. . 

their I 

I tl 

i light Bin throogh the night, « 
■ciAk at Bear boob yeiterday (the ?9th), when, to my sallsfieilnn, 
U(«lDdbrlagMM*trTllght, I Obterred the PeDlnattlar and Orien- 
Ui Ste«B NiTlgMioD Ounpany's steani'iwuel Cunton eomiag froin 
the wettvard ; that riatel, eeciag ve chasing, as km ai rhe eonlil, 
opcBod her (rr, aod thereby tbrew the jnnka into confiuioD, whro 
nnmben t>rgan to juiap oierboard and took to their boats. Mr. 
Watkiai, wbo had ebirteted her for the potpau of loaking after the 
Coqmlli (miaiing reaiel), sail *ho carries this deapatch, nod who 
erentaallj aerred Id oar boats, mott kindly ^ve up his thaitcr Id 
admit of Mr. Jamleson, tbe commander of the itesm vcsiel, render- 
ing me the Bnlitance ot getting near the plratei I so much needed. 

*• t ban Ae sadsfhctlon of aeqiulntrng yoar EierUFDcy that 
th*eB)Bnk*hlTeb*s«abndaaed, dndDDeblovniip and destroyed, 
hi thM* ofarBtioaa g the latter, by the boats of the ilnop onder tbe 
eOBmaod of Unt. Bribes, aeaior of the CnJunMnr, ofwhickl 
pwpoie fualaUDf yoor ^ecUcBfy ■toredetailcd pMticnlan. The 
nmaiadet of thia formidiUa piratic^ deet, tea in anmber, ara DO« 
■t BBchorat tbe head of By*) Bay, near Fantukoog. io slRbt; asd 
I feel coafident, if prompUj osslated by the Fury, and such other 
dlipoaable fore* aa yoor Eieelleacy may be pleased to send me, can 
be effectually destroyed, as tbey ahov do lotenlioa at preient of 
eomta|raat, asd 1 have good ioToroutlDo that they porpose repairing 
their daiMges where th^ are. 

■■ Wnfcrn dertMyed at kaat IM* ptratea alBce 11 ricof the 
aHh,bntli«giBtU«iy that-oar loaa hat bcca tbne killed, oae 
ofBccr ami lis nea ■ ottpded. 

" My ship's company baling mw been forty boua at the ivcapa 
and qnactcrs, are neccstarily mncb faticDril, tbe sirk list leaTlag 
me DOl more than slity cffeclire people on board, Mr.Walklas 
will gire yoDr BietlleDcy eiery InforinnCion of tbe proccedlnES of the 
■loop nnder my command alnee bdod yesterday, wblch, from my 
BBiIely (o pnt tobt Eicelkney In poatessioo of these proc'edlags, 
and to get the CoafH andw weigh tbr Hoagkong, I eunot at pre. 

" Mgj — ri Woatsmth redoeed, but If Io Uercase my present 
stock wonJd detsia the apef'tioD, what I ha** mint aBdUe. 
' ' I bail tbe boooor to tie. Sir, 

" Tonr Eictllency's most obedient hnuUe temat. 


I hBTe the boDonr to larorm yoar Excell'Dey, that my 
ms bate been fortansttly rtaliied, and that the piratical 
_ , adron of Cbnl>a-poo has been totally destroyed by the force you 
■0 kindly and promptly placed at my diipotsl. Twenty. three 
ptratieal iaak*, arengiog SOfttans, meonting from twehe to elgh- 
lata gnni, three bcii onea aa aha ataolu, aad two small doahpardt, 
with a eoBiIilenhle sppply of aaval atom, bare been totally de- 
atroyed bj Brei and of 1,604 mcnwlio mauied Ihea, about 400 hsTc 
been killed, and the rest hate been diaptncd witbont resource. 

" To Commander Wlllcoi, of tb* Furf, whose great ability aad 
ical are already kaowa to yonr Excellency, I most gire the principal 
hoDOar of the day. To tbe Fnrf'i nariTslled sccnrsey of firiog 

The Cabmbitt ttcing nnable to eome dose up In the oarrow cbaoael, 
where the would Iutb faaDpertd the Fary'i moiemeata, I went on 
board the Fury to share In the action. Tbe piratical Rre was 
allsBwd in aboot forly-Svt mlautcs, daring vhlcb time only nns 
man was slightly woaaded. The boats of the Ifaiftnpi and Cdan- 

I beg to reeommend to your Eieallrney, then assiited Id eoHpleting 
Ibe destroeUoo ; and IJeut. Holland and tbe marises aceonpanied 

* aabteqiHMly sseailaiBcd to bs )l». 

me Id bd ripedltlon to seoar the beightt, bnt ni 
offered to us, the pirates ruDniog in all directions. 

" The officrra, senmen, and marinea employed, have eondoeled 
tbemseliei in a steady, quirt, and gallant manner ; and 1 Bin son. 
If the rrriithnce bad been much larger, similar saeceia would haTS 
cra><ned thr Ir rffnna. Mr. Caldwell, of tbe police force, who acted 
» iuterpTcter, hat pro>cd taiauelf loTsluable in collecting iDtorm*- 

" I send this nt ouct by a Chinese boat, and I hope to aocceed 
In ileatioying some dttachcd piralleal innks, of which we have 
laformBtlon, in tbe coarse of to-day and to-morrow j after wblch 

" iOBM C. DAI.RTMn.K Ha1 

Then rullon-a n list of Chinete piratini Teasels captured and 
desiroyeil by her Majeaty'i tbipa between tbe months of Maj 
and October, )84d, vit. piratical Tnsela captured oi deatroyed, 
yi; number of pinites killed and drowned, 904; captured, S30 ; 

eei-aped, tfiBi. 

Tlie Bombay Gentlamaiii Gaielu infom* ua, that tbe gorem- 
Dient of alacao baa wnt to the govemoKnt of Goa for reioibree' 
menlB to enable it lo combat tha empire of China! TbegoTcm- 
ment of Gon thereupon delennlned immediately to deipatch one 
of its raliant regimeiiis to [he aid of Macao, and sent to Bon- 
bay to engage traosporca for tb*eon»oyaiiceof theregimeotej 
but before lliey were cbmtered, inUlligence was bappBy received 
that everything had aaaumed an air of tranquillity, and tbey 
were cDUnternuuidcd. The idea of the Goa goremmeot aaaitC* 
ing tbe Macao govemmeiu \m icaiitinf Ibe Chinese govern- 
ment and tbe armed popnladoa of ibe Canton prorinee, is tbe 
riclicst faire we have had in India during tbe pretent year. 


The Gorenior- General of NctteHaada India wae at Macaaar 
on lilt I9tb ult. He waa gatbrring together a large force, eon- 
HMing of tiro frigatea, two or tbree iteamer*, and a whole fleet 
of schooners and rmall craft, with the purpose, aaallegad, of 
putting an cad to tba wara in the Boai terntoiics. The reaolt 
will probably be Ibe annexMion of conriderahle territory to tbat 
already possessed on Cetebei b; the Netherlands, ot at all erenta 
a renewed and stronger assertion of NelheriaMls inprenacy over 
the Bugia aovereigiis and Ihmr countries. ThU migbt not per- 
haps be a subject of much regret, were it not certain tbat one o[ 
tbe effects will be a still further injury to the trade of tbe Bugia 
with Singapore. — StBjroporff re* Press, Ott. 5, 

Tigers batre ao mulliplied in Singapore, that, whereas not 
many years ago the cxlaience of a tiger on the island was firaljr 
disbelieved, full £00 persons are now annually carried off bj 

A Bedouin, who waa aeked bow he came to be to well 
acjuainted witli the stars, replied, " Who is not. familiar with 

the rafters of his own dwelling?" 

Tna pagodaa of Southern India arc ■ defcription of si 
quite different from anything seen in BengaL Tbey arc aqnaro 
enclosures, witb four gates, each in the centre of tbe walla; 
above each gate tliere is a targe building or tower. Moat of tb««a 
buildings are high, massive, and very finely carved; in the centra 
of the aquare tbe god is enshrined. 

Digitized by 





Mr. B. H. HodgKin, in moiher of his rtluoble ellinognpbicit 
papers, irbiirhvepiibiiibrd in ihe Jonmuiofthe Asliiic Societj 
of Bengal, has invesligBted tlie " Orisin, Locaiion, Numbers, 
Creed, Cuslomi, Chamcirr, niiil Cumliiioii," of tlie Kiicch, 
Bodo, mil DhiniAl peopip, inhibiiing the country from Goalpara 
in AMara to Atiganj in Monnf, skirting ttie mountains o( 
Bhutan and Sikim, anil whom lie coiiaidera "aborigines of Ta- 
mulisn eitnction." 

The Kiccb liad been lone lotnted in the northern part of 
B«ngsl, lonniRla Ualimkot, being the most niuneroiis and pou'er- 
fnl people of Tamnlian exiniction on tint side the Ganges. The 
maaa beranie Miboraedans, and dropped their etbnogriipbie de- 
■igmtion. BdPhanan bas gWtn an ample account of the condi- 
tion of the K6cch, the primitive or Tani Kfccli living In the 
woods, frequenlij changing their abode, is order to cuttivate 
luida (with (he boe) enriciwd by » fiilIoi.v. Tlnj aie clothed 
with cloths made by their women, from cotton grown by them- 
■elreo, sod dyed vilb their own indigo and morinds. Tlieir huts 
areasgoodas the Bengaleie; (lieironly arms are cpeara. They 
sacrifice to the tun, moon, and stare ; they liave priests called 
Deofibi. Disputes are settled by juries of elders. 

Tlie Bodo and Dhiinil tribes occupy the northern and pastern 
■kirts of llie K6crii country, between Ae opeit plains and the 
mooMaint, boih of vbicb akea, generally speaking, ibey avoid, and 
adhere to the gratt forest belt (hat divides the two.froni fifteen to 
twenty miles broad. Tlie Dhimal seem fust passing aivay ; but 
the Bodoare still a very numerous rare, and extend, as foresters, 
OVBT ■ l«rg« portlMi of CtBtrat and Lower Astan. Both the 
BodQ oh] Dhonii aie erratic cultisntora of tlie uild* ; though 
cultirators, they ere nomadic, so little connected with unyone 
spot (ha( nei:lier lanEiiage possesses a name for n village. They 
never cultivBte tie Fame field beyond the BeM>nd year ; but after 
tbe lapse of four or Bre years they freqitenily T«(nm to Ibcir 
old Keids, and resume their cuJliiaiion, if they liave jwt been 
anticipated by otiiera, for tliere is no pretence of appropriation 
other (ban poaseisory. In general tiiey prefer new land to old. 
TTiey discharge tlie dues to tl^e govenimeiit they live under by 
the annual payment of a rupee per Bgricultiiral implement, and 
by • tribute of.laboiu- for (he scveieign. Tlie Jienio of Kamrup 
bmve abando^ fWr 'errilie ^ropeftsities, imcf have become, ac- 
cordii^ to Major Jenkins, " a remarkably line peasaiitry, and 
bare very superior cultivaiion of Ihe permanent kind." Esch of ihe 
-^'- WMdDMaUitbaildl bit oira bono, •ndmakoB his 

have not (he grovelling fear and cunning of the Bengsleie. 
"niey have no public laws or polity whatever, not even tracea of 
village economy. They dwell in the forest in liKle commu- 
nilies ef from (en to forty houtes. which they are perpetually 
abrfUng from place to place. Crimes of a deep dye me almost 
uaknawnamangstthem.andbreachesofdiapesce veryrare. TTie 
women are esteemed and respected, and, as a necessary t 
quenee. are strictly virtuous. " Any Haas of women deio 

"""'■ " '• a ihtngforwhith iheir languages have ro 

manners no jilnce." Infanticide, suttee, and every 
, (oo ffSfuenfamongst rude people, are utterly u 

and (bell 

aavige rii ^ ^^ ^_ 

Of learning and letle[a,"tlie Bodo and DhimSf axe^ and 
e been, totally deroid. Their cardinal numbers 
igi( tha Bodo, and ten amongst the Dbimilsj neither 
auy onnnala. Their region, like their manners, is dis- 
bnguiihed by the absence ot everyihing shocking or ridiculona, 
coofliting Itself almost eiclUfively to propitiating the superior 
powers by offerings and sacriftcf s. Their priests are in no way 
lUsiinguisbed from the rest of (he community. "I have no he- 
sitation," observes Mr. Hodgson, " in calling the religion of the 
amiable Bodo and DhimSI the religion of nature, or rather, tbe 
natural religion of man. It consists of the Worship of the most 
s^iBgandinfluentisI of sensible objects, the starry host, and of 
the tetreiieeleasenta, with a vague but impressive reverence of the 
powera displayed by (bese aenub)* objecla to an immaterial or 
tamal source, unknown, indeed, lu( slilt adored as divine, ami 
eren as a ditine Unity." TTieir languages, liowever, have no 
If^. '" "God," for "aoul," for "heaven,* for "hell," for 
"•in," for "piety," for "prayer." for "repentance." Their 
gods are many, and are all void of dcflnile moral attribmca; yet 
llieir oaths and ordeals ate appeals to the moral nature of the 
deity. Tbe manners of Ihe Bodo and Dliimil are a plrawng 
nediam between tbe unsophisticBled rouglmess of (heir talgl.lud 

neighbours, and the dry ajtiBciid smoothness of those on the 
plain*. Mr. Hodgson tvinds up Ids acrount of these tribes by a 
sketch of tlieir character, which he represents as " full of 
amiaMe qualities, and almost entirely free A'om such as are un- 
amlabla. They are intelligent, docile, free from all hard or ob- 
trusive prejudices, honest and truthful in deed and word, and 
industrious in Ihtir onn nay oflile. They are totally frte from 
arrogance, revenge, crnelly, or pride; yet (hey ara not devoid 
of spirit, and frequently exhibit symp(oms even of (hat hasty 
temperament, which is so rare, at least in its manifests (ions, in 
(he East," 

Cup(ain J. D. Cuniimgham, in a Note "on the Limits of 
Perpetual Suow in (be Himalayas," published in (lie same 
work, combats some uf the opimons of Ueutcnaiit Straebey, 
wko (be admits) baa satisfactorily cstablkbed diaC [ha elen- 
tiona hitherto fiteigncd to the phenomenon have been under- 
estimated, and that rn trulh snow is only to be permanently 
found at about I5,U0Q feet on tiie southern, aitd at about 16,000 
feet on the northern boundsries respectively, instead of at about 
IS.noO and Ili.dOO fret, as hitlierto supposed ; but he thinks Mr. 
SCrachey in error when be ascribes the greater elevation on the 
iigixliem side almost solely to the saallet fwwtity of SDQw 
tvhich (hare lalls. Humbuldt's vie\K, he tbinks. cpneol. In ft- 
fsrring the superior bdcht oo the nortJiem aide of (ke Hiina- 
layan cb»in lo tbe general elevB(ion ar<Tibe<» >.«. (»thabeat 
due to ladiatioii and rrrerbttMioii svoi at that ^eat keiBbc 
above the aea. " Ii will, indeed, be fouMt," he uays, "that,' in 
any broad motntaOi chnin resting On N plane inclined to Ihe aea- 
fevel, and running nearly east atid west, Ihe effl-et oflatitddeon 
(emperatiire may be discarde;!, and (lial elevation above the par- 
ticular country, and not ulmve the ([eneral ocean, is mainly, al- 
Ibough not solelyi to be caiisidered la detprmiuinj! tbe limiU of 
perpetual snow on lite (wo edggs of tha bait' XJw tine ol saow 
will rUe as (he. pUoe of the. county .lis«B,.attii kt«p alMM it4lia 
cpiuiouil^dscsessingdixance, until iliaidiainlsbiac tetsfen- 
twe due to incroasmg height Danses^shatltoiaoeirtaids-'wpibf 
aome(KMiwtHe«afc«ane aaniKit oeout tnlb^femperttv mmb, 
as we know of no (able-land so high as (v be alttaysfraien ifn 
the surface." This rcLsoning doe* no[, bowerer, apply to tTie 
limits of snow on the northern and sodtllern slopes of any oM 
hiil or mitotlain of a broad and cuinplei chain ; and, as a rule, 
the snow wil| be found to lie loner, ou d>e ftVliiitfP UiAO ,fat the 
Southern face of a single peak. ... 

Capt. Cunnii^am proiests against tha Tibet df tha HimalByaa 
fceiny spoken of as a "plahi;" or " taUle-fand i-'h^'dotiMs'Hfte- 
ilier, between the Imaus and Emodns, «t anyirfiere in the ni' 
leys or basins of the Indus or BrabmaputrH, (o tlie north of the 
Himalayas, (here are any plains. " Tlie range separating the 
upper courses of <he Indus uud Sutlej is, judeeil, inferior in height 
to that which gives rise lo the Cangetitiid ji^na,but it ii Mill 
a lofty range." ,,,..) , 

The- asseaiU^ce of rolcanoee, fn (HSWent pMteof Iba globe, 
in rounded groups or in double lines, furnishes ewwlasive evideilee 
that their cause is deeply seated in the earth. HnmbotdtT^ards 
the whole plateaa of Quito, whose summtU are tbe *(^eanoes of 
Pinchincha, Cotopaxi, and Tunguragua, as a single volcanic fur- 
nace, the iiiternsl fire rushing out soiRptimw by one and soine- 
time* by snoiher veH(. That the esrtb is a melted mass, a| no 
very great depth briow its turfaae, is piraid beyond a doubt not 
only by (he facts connected with volcaoio eruptions, but by a 
great mssa of oliservaliuiis collected by Humboldt aiul Arago, on 
the increase of temperature as we descend into the bowels of tbe 

Tlie pbitosopbers on tbe CoMinent at« at jneaent dnply 
engaged in ditcnssing the eiperinent of Mi De Bels Iteymmd 
on the development of electricity by the Toluntary action of (he 
muscles ; an eiperiment U-iinefsed by tiie illustrious Humboldt, 
wiio speaks of it m a " phenomenon of life rendered sensible by 
a physical in strum cut." We seem on tbe point of proving the 
organs of life Id be a series of beuutiful electrical and magnetic 
contrivances, opernting In a manner closely analogous to the 
i. ;. .. — 1. ._...!„... . — i.:_i. .1 — ,g ijave hitherto been 

Tlmt singular substance called bAatknr, whicb Is fouiid in 
tbe joint! (if tbe bamboo, is supposed to be formed t^ • species 
of eitrai-asation from Ihe silei secreted by (be plant to supply 
the glossy polish on the bark. The (abasheer, a beautiful opales. 

cent and dichmidc mineral, ia blue h ' — '"' — ' — " — "■- 

(ransini((ed light. 

e by retoc(ed,^uid^»ejlwr by 





SA7UBDAY. January 5, 1850. 

In taking t, vettodpect af.the-hiBlory oC British India 
during the paet fear, we cannot but be atruck by the mag- 
.^aitude and importaoM of tbe incidenta wbkb are crowded 
- into a eompwatf vriy Avrb apace ef licae. T\t htittca on 
' die CbemLb and the Jeliun, the decieire victory of'Goojrat, 
'dM«Mault.Biid eagitaia ef tlu city and fort of MooItaii,.the 
'wmrmder of tbe 8ikfa ohieb, tbe dethrooeaient of aaneoeB- 
.aor of the great R^i^eet Singh, and the paciflcation of the 
jPoBJ^b, u* sMata^wlticH will dccerete inaay a page in the 
' military annals of oor Baaiera empire ; wbttrt thrBfowwig 
ermt, die annexation of' the country of the Kre Hirers to 
1- that empire^ — odvancijig its weUera frontier from the Strtlej 
'to tbe h)dw, and-placrng the wtote ef HinAwtani in the 
.. moat comprebenaive eeOBe of that denominatioii, rnider the 
liBMediate aatbority-of flveat BriluOf — w alone auffiaiaot to 
''diitingnieh the yeat 1849 aa an exlraordiaary epaefa. 

Hiia long-foteaeen, perbapa long-deKtred, consummation 
.of OUT territorial acqiuaitiont in India, by the annibHation 
' '•f-erery rival and indqteiuletit atata within Ma *ait rir- 
CUmference, affords not only a aecmity for nninterrupted 
- ly iaif, but as apfovtMuty aad mtuM far improviNg ibe 
,poGtical and social condition of tbe pojralation of that 
^ ooontry, which have never been yet available by any of, ita 
irnkn. The oaly enemy we hare now to provide agaiaat is 
inreaUty onrselvea,— our own maladministratioD, irtkareby 
tbe minds of the people, instead of being with us, shell be 
-.aliaaatgd from ua, and opposed to our rule. DtbtUare 
•nperbot baa bitberto been die moat indiapenaable fuHttion 
, of our imperial authority in ladia; we may now direct our 
' fl^ecial and exduaive attention to the oUmt no lesa aaaential 
fanetimof C0Dqaei«ra,jKn-cfraniftr>(4tf. 

New circnmslaiiceB may, bowerer, breed new dangers. 
Onr Indian Government, which haa bad no experience of 
«ti bdcyon a aMa of tbiufpi, aaay find that tbe<app«ehen- 
non of eztemal enemiea, — the pressure from wiihout,— 
, k^ tbe machinery of government in whobaame azarctse, 
iwbibt it diaripated tbe etements of iateraal di«conta*t. In 
a society so peculiarly conatitnted as that of the East, and 
watrangtly divarHfiedaathatof India,it.ia dittcnlt toaal- 
vnlMa i prion, and to predict widi any certainty, the edhcta 
;of political slagnatton, when that undefinable dread which 
foreign invasion inspires has been banished ; of that tor- 
pid inaction, so insupportable to the restiess people of 
Earope, that it often dlspoaea them, fiir' the aake of ex- 
dtement, to internal ferment and agitation. Possibly, tbe 
ncaa of India, in whom tbe eentiiaeabof patsioliacB ia aaid 
to be extinct, and some of whom regard'a state tffprofaimd, 
■Unbroken repose, — an abstraction from every emotion but 
:ibo mere eonsciouaness of existence, — as. their enthaaasia, 
'irill become mote thoroughly reconciled to tlteir fan, as 
•nbjects of an alien power, by a vacancy of mental occu- 
1 fatum which Eoroptana find it difficult to^andure J^oaMbly, 
an the other hand, it nay engender new feelinga iriUiin 
them, and fill them with new aapiratioaa. 

.One thing ia certain; that, if the condition 6t the ladiaii 
people can be improved by out aid and ^ipliiweea, a* oo- 

caaion haa baen.-or <«b bereaftir b^ naore lamuraU 
atcompUshing that oln^eet, — an c^tject, too, in which onr 
iolenat coinddaa atnctly with onr duty- tasnHds tbara. 
When the pras> m j iaae i a tion- shall ten.paaaad-away, atid 
Ae Tapaohei xtt dae' MsdkrMtM, <Ae ^avtatatiMis of Uie 
nndorries, the tmelciea ttf. Hyder, the tfnaay of -Iha 
Sikha, and.tlia'mailiferaa poKlical tuMMUa fcom wUebrau 
ndehaa wh aaad'theijeopla'of lMfiai<«re forgotten, aMie 
otlHtstioDg motive of aelf-intarett ' inay be required to ax- 
ttngotih in their minds,'— not, indeed, -the generons aatfti- 
incMof low-of coMrtry, «o whiah tWf w aufpaaad'ta he 
atrangera. — bnt diat aeoae «f h uu i ilUai wa -whidi ike dtfltest 
nation mnat^ntartain «t baiag aubjaek to another, aUon in 
muMis, habita,iaiu^ abavaall, veligiaaL -If the^faka of 
onr gwtmneM bo tnMtj'or fslt b«i»M|^tfy,' they <riO,ivith 
the aptitude oatnral to all mankind, w^b its practical aaid 
mataiwl advantagea agaiHt ita ths uwt i uat and iiaagiwary 
evils; it tfacy eafoy oDder'tfaat gm ■ Bmm.-^-what other 
Asiatic nations do not enjoy, — just taws impartially admiais- 
tared ; if their ri^ta are respected, and thnr griavaacea 
pTCMptlTTednaaed ; if they we fnviacted in Atir iarta, 
their pTOpeity, end Aeir religion ; IT, atoreorer/tlwr social 
condition ia'. Mt by all classes amongst - them to be in a 
coorae of jpragvaaaiTO a roe fi eaaHon , a samai ag -tiMt •tiie 
Hiadna are i w fcuwMj d by the aame llws'Wfalcb gonni'tlie 
actions of the great human family,— th^ will aot-eacnfice 
Hh— poakiiwsiblBriaga far . apeaaiat l v a iad^ deMhtfatwiea, 
by indulging a caprieiona app«tits for fchai^; which Aaiatica 
iMver love for its o«m salu. 

Whilst, during tbe past year, eventa -of ancb moment 
have occurred beyond our old frontiera, it is remarkable 
baw trifling wete the political iacidenta which dia t iubud ' the 
aerenity of Britiah India proper. "We -can scarcely tndnde 
in this category the outbreak oC Appa Sahib, the pretender 
totheNagpaaaR^, aadUa.lMaHaeiror tbemowMatoC 
a few Mopla fimatica ; y«t these wnvibe cUtf 
currenees there during the twelve months. 

Upon tbe wb<^, it would be difScalt to -fir npon a sidgle 
year, the results of which could be considered more satis- 
factory than thoae of the year jntt closed, as raapecta the 
tnteresta of Britun and of India, furnishing, as they do, a 
pledge of eecurily to the one, and lo the other a prospect 
of benefits, political, aocial, and iuduatrial, which a leaa 
favourable state of things mnst hare indefinitely poat- 

TiTB dismissal of Major Cooke, of the 17th regiment of 
Seagal Native Infantry, on ciurps growing out of a.gam- 
bling transaction with an officer of anotber corps.-^tho 
Commander-in-Chief refusing to coiaply with the Court's 
recamaiendatioa to mercy, founded upoDvarieas litigating 
cuTumstancea,— proves die detertaination of the mifitaiy 
authorities in India to put down, if possible, the vice ot 
gMnblifig in the Indian army, or at least to >nait 'o ff and c r a 
with the severeat puniabment. 

For nearly thirty years past, this vioe aad ita deabvctiTe 
oaneeqaaneee have drawn repeated wamii^ and tiireats 
fnnu the head of that army. In tbe year 1820, the Mar> 
qaata of Haatings earaeetly enjoined offieera Msnwaading 
carps ** to vaa their active axeitiona in disconraghig ao 
^pamidoua a practice," and dwelt upon the disgrace wliictt 
Taaladaponanofioeiof anyitaBdiag/wbo.eadaavouaad"to 
'attip a yoaag b vo t hsr addier of.lris aeantymeana, and'>«- 



dwwMnrto pnvyj'if aot M irw«di«Mt »!■."' Iiiisai> 
LiuJil M hww ki lliMij rn i wwwUr Ti^CliM poiaUd (wton 
•tiMK toiM a»«jM f w lau h- inMimnrili WMB-vf «an- 
Miiq. Inirtinfl In inimiiJiif iiiiIiiiimmmiiH mil Imii oftlu- 
neWTi pmteMd to <i»iimaiMmmof avtfHyi ind in iMt, 
SirUiigk(ntw Lotd) Gooi^ mutLitknaet to « recent 
caw in whkb t javBf-offien- had bean itrtpped of imrlj 
tlw wbohofACMMHknbk'patTunoBT, wartudflfficera who, 
■ter Am naito t, ' ih— M powNr* intba viwof aiiwiagL 
tbat thsj wokU be " fiiUe to tiM penak^ wtuch attached to 
direct itiii)h«Jii— a, ami iiailtniiiiag ct- mtf AvoMaUa 
■wtiM «r pnrfaawn— 1 ^tifaiiiimu.'.' 

lA'ti»DW»«f Ml^r'Ceol*^ tlia iMriaat part-.ofitha 
oStece ia, ondMMed^, hia coadsct towardi Captain Da 
C € mU r , w kh..TthMtatm.ta Uw diHbacgMo£ thtpaoniacr obU- 
galta»bw kaA iD««Mdf- bM tbe'flnt xhufn-dtatinMlT'- 
alleffw "nnoffiferffift conduct, eipeciaDf irabecanriag an 
tAtetcnrntanJagj ngiiMat,'' in baring placed at cbcca 
aadcMFdafM-lani* Mnto».aad b«si.i»wUd«HaT)»4Mt 
Ra. .36,000, " aach coadnct bong in diract diaobcdiencfl of 
repeated General OrdenpEohituunxgaaiJ^ngintbeaimj." 
It ia to be inferred from ihence, that Major Cooke woold 
liaM»'b(eRC«iltyaC ^aiUkarj offence,— in iaa the finding 
of.'tbs Conrt aSnna iWa infeT«Bee; — even had' the ^gra- 
Tsting ioiitea* attending hia trananatinaa witli. Captain 
I>« Ootta been WMktiog. 

Th»-a fc ala.fl< babiHal ganaiag, ao panddiXH aBOngit 
carffiina, are in a tenfidd dcffiee nior»io-int)nBnir7, and 
BBpw ial ly in tb« Indian ann;, wbere ita aednctinna have 
grcnier acope than anumgal tin Qnean'a offican at haaae, 
and tbe aknderar ranani of tba. jroung and inexparienoed 
aabnlieraB render tbca caBter and mwre hripleae rietima. 
ImtiiMabk loaaaa , povenj of the moat forlorn character, 
bitx^fat about by wbat ia termed "ill luck," expoaa tba 
finhanrr indiriduaLto mortificaUona which graduallT nnder* 
mtnfi bia seif-reapect and cormpt bia fviacipke i tbe palb 
to diahommr ia than an tMj ilope; he treadait, and is loat 

T&* force which temptation muat exert i^on a youDg 
roan, wboaa power of OMiral reaiatanee baa nat baen fortlAed 
by habit! of self-control and oecaaional triala, may be eati- 
nmled frnn tbefaottbat an fAS^et of neatly tweMy'tereB 
yean' ttandjng in^the army, aad'who hadnp-tothe trans- 
action borne an ezcelleDt character, could not escape those 
diareputable compromisea to which tbe gambler is aome- 
timea obliged to itoop. Dtbta of "boBOQr," as they sre 
termed, are not uofrequeutly discharged by means nhich 
nan. of honour should blusb at hariog recourse to.- 

That this ««*<»araa|rfe, so r^idly and indelibly made^ 
witl'baTe salutary consequences, we do not doubt ; and if 
tbcas be no relaxation of tbia severity, — if in all cases 
where officer* irf standing, and eepeciBHy thoae command- 
ing corps, instead of discouraging the practice of gambling, 
conntenaoce and promote it, thnr conduct be visited by the 
infliction of "the penalty attached to disobedience," — there 
ia room for bop»ibat a rica- which (aceonbng to report) 
proraila pretty extensiTely in tbe Indian army, wedcening 
the sense of honour as well aa tbe rules of discipline, will 
be repressed, if not extinguished altogether. 

Wc hsTQ girvn in our present isme s pretty full report 
of tba examination of Colonel Few in the InMlTentDebtorB* 
Court, Cakmta, with reference t» bia eOTaantien with the 

tbe- coadnct of . tba insolvent, wa focbaai fiosn maltMigaMy.' 
other comment upon tba case than this, — thst tbe ttatementa' 
of Celoaal Rew, incaajancttaa widi hi* lettara, place in w». 
fsrontabb li^t Ae moral* of tbe BritUi in India. 

t tkam oC-aad. 
t BuMtag-a*^ 


Mil Cobden, in hia recent harangnea at Leeda and Bradfbtdf 
hn developed bis views upon celODial poHey In term* so clear' 
sad iatalUgikle *s- to lear* no daobt that a prim* objact of Ut . 
sgiiatioa of' iaaace reform ia, not to leave our eolooie* ftee to 
witUiaw tbaB**K«, whan tbey choose, Aam a conneotioo wltb- 

thanotfeereeam^, oeFMBtviaeiMtham to 

pea4anea<-biit tauMBtbem to te aoi— t^ « 
let theas Mtt hr thcDnlre*. 

At Leeds, on tbe JIHb December, at a " H 
his eoaatlcaaDla^ Mr Cabden, 3 prspos- of^adaKiaa of tb* XV 
poodjtnte, Dsalssa eMaUiabnan^ be,, ofaaccvad: — 

"Tba enDDtuaterisllyTcdaMruBi (ipiadlt«n,aDtonynicrihT« 
VDirsclvn /rom tiK aonrcnnrr wute of aatloDal eipmdHBre ta th«' 
cokmlcs. Wtr'SfcRolxrtPkcl hM*|i«aaad*«dn,lBkisbwlMl" 
■|M*eb(«,-plilM*d iMa'M dMdr4ti*n*t-ManaiBH«laoK«ilo.. 
aiitt bekasagafaiMidaflala aay thM tiw-tUf4»of oarawrafa' 
dtber McttiaiT fo* santoa* ia oai cotorin ec •!*« to lupplT depota- 
■t boB« lo faraish rtlM for thgM rcUitor ; or eUe tbat tboasaada 
at mn are slwan oa the wid* octan tIsMhi oh plaee or iBBtlMr i 
—he hM paiotia that odI tlnie sliir thoe, *nd ha hu rapaatad tbeM ' 
Ihlaga aooftni, that t bsva nid Sir Mbtr* Pad la anitaai to dia)- 
ailh pnblk tsnticm bv prtrentlDr this wait* ef aatloaal reaoarae*. 

-•■ -■ "^f; hooDldKkepatHeoplnloBtobadtRotedte 

ipialaD enabMa IriB la a«eat a shupa, I aa taca 
_ . . Peal It th« man who woold aOsat ■ adntafT ehanf*. 
ion md TOar driHcd dcd — EogKahnwa — to scmai polleeeteB to 
Eaillthmrn in AartraKs, New Zeala^, and tM Ca^ of Gaod 
Hope. Doo't yon think EcgUshiBaD tkiie aie qoita capiUa of " 
taktag art ol thnDulTer, withont pottiflz you lo ita eipcnic of 
dolDg It? WbM faBTc TOO bera d<>lB| laMy> Tna ban (paat 
3,000,000 or moDFy ia the J»(t fonr vaara to dcfcnd the setOers of 
tlia Cape of Good Hnpc ngalott the ioroadi ot the bsrhaioDS tHbea 
ofCSffrta. Whrt <a tnkhijr plsta at thto vcTTMOiBaat? Why, 
tteaaTatrmcB, wboai yon hsTi tnattd as MMrea, Incapable Ot 
dcTcDdlDB tbcmiflns agaioat a rew nntaaght a a v aj e*. thav haia- 
prodslmcd your nva OoTcrnor ia a atste ot dcge, Invaited year 
own tTDopa, rcfSKd to aJb* (hen tern prmMtiDa, and sent aoay- 
the auun't troop* and ■ ahlp aodtr the «k>ar* of the Qbhd, aod 
won't rrcfbrc thrm; and in their ■pcechc* and letters the leadin of' 
tba aMl-coDTict moranient doo't hctitat* to daetare that thty are 
ready to dthnd thetr coantry. If Deeneny, agalaat tka whole (beta 
of the EcgUah empire. Doa't yon think then is anlHeleBt EiigUsh 
plaek about them to drtead tbaaaselvi* agdaal a ft«ant0l0»4 
uvagei? He ■ime tUag la going oa In AnitraUa. Thay qaote 
the example of Amtrlca : and aome of tbetepeopla an holding ttctr- 
great raceUegr on Ihe 4th of July, the Baatversary of Aneriaaa- 
Indtpendrnce. I do not retpect thrm the leai— I reapmt then the 
more. I think tfaey vould be nntrorthy of the name of EagUibnea 
If Ihey did oot itnai: np agalnat thdr eoantry beiag made the eess- 
pogl lor oar convict popnlatlan. Bat *hat 1 want to ahew li th is ■ 
thst there ia not the ibadow of prettnct tor teqnlrlog our Brmlca to 
defend tbcm." 

Mr.' CobdSn wa* strH more diatinct Ud eipHeit ia his epaatb 
■t the Bradford loeetiog, on the enmi^ day, apon a rasalMian, 
one object of which wa* to encourage bim to peraevere in hia 
exertion* ' to promote peace in our own colonies." He •^rai— 

" I alwayi approach thit quution of the cokmlei vlth Ihi* preli- 
minary point of faith. Canada, which ha* ao area of five or six 
time* tkcsarfSee of Eniland, eaaaol fOc aver be poiltleaUy da p in fcat 
Dn and aoicrard by Engtasd. It woald be ■ uoaatnH abiaidlty; 
■FT In nBlnri for u) to ntppoie tliat either Cuiada 
iarg* aearly a* the whola habitable part irf 
carope, or lue v^npe oi Gnod Hnpi, which la tolce as luge a* 
France, end e«petl»liy when tho»e eonntrlcs beeowe popnlated, as 
probaUytbey will, with viUliou of InhaMtaati, can bs alway* eoa.- 
lidered as the political propcKy of thit eo<mti7. My dootriae for 
tba colonies la thit— I weald glv* to oar coontrymCD abroad tha 
hllaet aBOoat of etir.roveromeot tluy eaa pottiMy olnlin. I *ay 
Eaglbhain— whether lltleg atBradlOrd, or at Moatreal, or atSyd- 
iiey,or atCapeTown— Eogirahmtn are entitled, aa their lobrrent birth- 
right, to tba privilege of Betf-ganraawBt. Well, I woold give the 
eolenlet abraad tht fnlieat right of teif'^ovenaitDt. and tbat wiB 
involve the loi* to the Ooieramtot of a great deal of patronsfa. It 
wlH iDvolve tbe appalataKat of oAeer* aad AaetiooarM* in Uweo- 
loniea by SogUah«en living there, iD*te*d of their beiog appelated 
byBBEoglithiwinlivingln Downing Street. But If yon periiat In 
uaking lltsai appolBtiBenl*, and oiteg this patreoage for the por- 

it would be Ff 

I, which It 



poM of (knmrfDB yoor dcpendcoU and partiznni In Ibij caantrr, 

of twi 

St follow, 

t tnr tl. 

BiBde Dp ? Wbj, wc toted s dtrk, ■ 

liamrat, or tUi, If Ihcy (ttae colonUts) pny tbcm thensctna, It n 
be aoder tbe ImpcciiloD tfaB.t tht; got tbe moary out of you in loi 
other way. The notlDD which has been fsird rcfcri to finnnc 
Teform. Now I hate no heilttllOD in atalliig, I huve nta <t fii 
the Ent, that yon CBu make no redaction in ihe public eipenditnie j 
anleti yon folly remodel yoor ealonlil tystem, for it prelect the ] 

•ccoDDt of yonr ealoDici. I lay, Ihcc, to tbeie colonlslt, I will 
giTB yoD the fuUeit aelf.iOTerDmeDt yon cnii require ; but, on behitf 
of the people of Englind, I My yon must p«y fur Ibii goTeromtnt — 
I uy you Duit piijr for your own army, you must pay for your own 
fnnctioniriei, you must pay far your on'n rccleslailical eatabllBli. 
mrst. I want to know why the Engllth here should pa; fur any 
atandtag army in Caonda at all ? I want to know how it li yea arc 
eompcniated for thia ? Bear In mlad oar colonlei hare never paid 
■nythlDg' Inio our eichtqufr fbr allthla. Thla Ian fact which ahowa 
the loeRdlUe folly of the ■rrasgemcBt for kerplng oar eoloaici. 
Sneb-a thing never happened befnre in the world ; and it tbe middle 
and labourloB! elaaaea had had the goniDmEnt is Ibclr haada, in- 
itead of itabtinglDthebwdaDriheariitocrBey, I ncici niU believe 
that anything lo aUly (ud auicid«l aa thia aorC uf pollc; could have 

Afltt rMdin^ • atronitty-wonled pmsage from a apeech of a 
RcT. Dr. Adu>i««n at a neciiDg in Cspc Town on (be Uh 
Jul]r, vbo pointed oat, aa haa been obaerved, pretty clearly lo 
tbe buDba of hi* flock that their gM^mpliioil aori social poaition 
olttn peevliu (aciliiiea for (hulling oiiC Briiiah ioierfwenee and 
taking to the trade of pinM?. Mr. Cobden pn^ceeded :~ 

>itnnt on II. (Langhter, aud criea of 
noke~he haa been upon a marauding ' 

..... «r'L"!¥! 

grape ir 

" Now, what do« thia mean ? IJobody 
read can doubt for a moment that the ape 
■tand that, if we inaiited on fbnilBg oar co 
ptepaied, not ODiy to defend thtmaelvea 
tavagta, but that Dtey were ready to tfeioi 
go af ainat the EogUah Oaferonient llirlf. 

a thia p 

id then 
ting jon 

gannllet and 
T that aptech. 

log tipcnie for the piotrction of thii colony. 

■ KtaliataiT aplrit „ 
" . iHu iKcu n kbe Cape, inatead of living here, I ibould probah 
hare been one of the first to oppoH the rccrpik n of thcae convict 
Then, a« to New Soath Walea—there ia an agitnti'm going on then 
tbey have held meeliog*, and they sent me ucw^paperi. 1 got oi 
the other day, in which wu reported a mcttioi; uf 6.000 pwtona (ai 
^in which he read an extract of a apetch tec- mmrniiing the aaae 
tion of Aoetralian frcedoB). I reail you thtai 

KfaeU to tie 
yon Ihe temper of the eolosii 
coDflkt with them, bat alM to eiprecs > 
yonra too, that there cannot be any gtoui 


rely lo al 


between na for thoae thinga i 
they wut adC-gornnancst, ani 

ment. Yoa will find ttieae colonial a mil noi db ennieni to reeeiTc 
Tonr oonTlcta, and I am mre tbe quarrel na raiaed by thia convict 
queatlon W a miauahki grand of qnanrl. Y<<n have ao right to 
apnad the i4ru of your ciimiaala amoagat tbe popalallon of any 
eoantry. We have taken poteeaaion of tbeae diitaut pwaeiainnaoa 
the gTDund that wa were g^Aig tn benefit by tbe eielaalTe trade of 
Uieae eolonlBa. Why, what ia thia ndutive trade > Look at an 
indivUnal In thl* (ewn aayhig, ' I will nut go into the market and 
bay ay veeetablca, I will hare a nudeu and grow my own.' We 
aaU, we wfll go and take tbeae colooiea, and have the eiehuite 
trade wilh them, forgettlBg what U prov>d now. that it ia better to 
have an open market to receive the whole woild'a prodwe, and that 
nil natlona will benefit sort by perfect commercial freedom than by 
any aelfiab reitrictiona wbate*er." 

red bia art-repeated attack npon Sir 

Wby. we 
d our Gorern. 

Mr. Cobden then 

Jamea Brooke, «-lio 

culiarlj obnoxioui to llie member fur the \\ 

" It Is not merely Inrn rolonlca, aucb as Ai 
that the QoTetnmeot la nnilun to have, bul 
fefalon of barren rocks in all parta of the vorlc 
the raeao) of bordfaiDg yon with ennrmnni 
lately took pmaeiiioa ot a rock on tbe eoaat ii 
long, wIthoDt an InhabiUnt upon It. And n 
meat do ? Why, tbey aat down and co^l'y drew out an eatabllah. 
ment for It,— and we In Parliament loted £9,(KI0 for the eipenses of 
the gorcrnment of that iatand wiihont an inhnl.itant. (Sbonta of 
laughter.) We toted Jia.OOO a year for the governor of thia rock 
without as inhabitSBt upon it— [laupbier, and eric* ol ' Shame')— 
nearly four timea a> much as is paid lo li.e covemor of Califonila. 
Not merely that, but the person appointed as g,>vrrnnr there wai 
goreroor of Labnan- a peraon who hna aaaained tn himieK tbe 
outlanditb tille of Rnjah of Sarawak (Innghtrr) j that i>, he dlipoi- 

1 -... i.u — 1 dnbbed hlnijelf mjnh in his place. 

houtands oF lollea awnt, eonld not 
and as lie could not be there we vDte<l£i,900 aytar 

Well, thl 
be at the 
for a lien 

Aad h 

e paddle -whei 

ilorekecper, a poatmaster, n 

igiiirair, nnu n puTuiB umcer. (Peals of laughter.) We 
' whole establiahment — ay. more than what ynn find nteea- 
Bve fbr this town uf Bradford ; and we voted all thia money 
rock without an Intiabitnn- '" ' '"- ' 

') Lo.nk »(-:-- - 

i with your ships, nnd he haa 

,500 of these penjile (' ahame'], who have been shot down by 
i caniiter. and their fragile boat* beaten to pieces nnd auak 
IBRoieri. All Ibis haa been done, 
Engllah life. It waa like a battue 
of sheep and rabbits, and 1 hare no heaitation In atating that tbe 
ohjoct of that indiridual ia one of the nwat aiaiUrr character. He 
deaervei the niune of a second Piiarro la murdering these pagaoa ; 
and ynn ought to repudiate such coniluct, as you protest against the 
bntcDeciet of a Haynau or a Ridetiky. (Lend spplanseO 

It ahould never be forgotlen, thou^ It did e«c*pe the 
memory ot Mr. Cobden, Ural, in 1846. when the opportunitr 
oITered to establish a Mtttement on I.abuan, that tile Manclieiter 
Cliamber of Commerce, Mr. Cobdirn's coadjutora, presented n 
memorial to jir Robert Peel, then Minister, Imploring him not 
to let it escape, and " not to suffer an; delay in securing • po- 
aition so important, and in every pomt of view so desirable, for 
Ihe convenience and protection of our China trade, as a refuge 
for our shipping in case of distress, as a butwarh in the event of 
war, and «« a cenlial dep&t for our trade m the Eaatem ArchU 

The conclusion of (his extraordlnar]^ haiangue odntains the 
important corollary, or conclusion : — 

" If people tell me that I want to dismember the emigre aad 
abandon the clonlta, I aay 1 want EngllihiMn wha ara frea to poa- 
seia them. Now, I ahall be told tbt I an going to leave tbe coa. 
nection between the mother country and the colonica of so fnil and 
fragile a character, that It will surtly he aetered. Well, I adaft 
that the political conoccllon between the colonlea and the motbcc 
country ranat becoise lest and less atrong, and ultimately I can see 
that It will be bnt a mere thread of connectlan, poTltlcMly apenUng. 
Bat, on the other band, by giving the coloniea the right of aelf- 
gotcrnaient. with a right good nill ihaking handa with them, yon 
will retain the connection, eommereialli nnd siorally, far more 
atron^ly could by any politii 

ia by tt 
country. Now, we do n 
to this country by any 
dple ol free trade, we t 
kind wm teach thera t 
trade with n* better Uia 

■J of ai 

trade with «. Well, if the eolonie* can 
rlaewkerc, tbcT will be bound to as by th« 
inaancts ol aeli -interest, and will not desire to d'al with any onn 
else. In abandoning our moaopallea, we only do It for tbe sake of 
the trade of the whole world. But some persona may eay that the 
colonies arc taltiable as places for the emigration of our auperabnn- 
dant popalation. Will you give up this meana of giving meat to 
this surplus population J 1 beliete, by giving Ihem aelf-govem- 
ment, they trill be far better nulleta for our population than tbey 
are under colonial misgoTernmrnt. What Is tbe fact bow? Why, 
more EngHahmen go Ihe Uaitvd States, whlob is iKrfsetly indepeodent 
el ua, than to all onr colonies throagbout the wnrld." 

Mr. Cobden wonnd up Ills apeech with the usual argument, 
that, by thus dealing with our cojonies, we should be enabled 
lo reduce our expenditure, "not X10,000,000 only, but 
^15,000,000, annually." 

A recent visitor at Shaiighae, In China, writes: " Amw^ tbe 
poor seen In the streets yesterday was a lad, eight or ten yean of 
age, led by bia parents, who represented themsdvea as being in 
great diatress. so poor that lliey must die of starvation unJeaa 
tbey could tH tlinr litile son. Tbe^ were seeking for a buyer, 
begging that some one vrauld show pity on Ihem. and purchase 
the lad. This i* tbe first ease ot the kind that has come to my 
knowledge in this city. Girls are often sold, but boys seldom." 

Tlte Rock Snake, or, as it is sometimes called, the BulTliIoe 
Snake, tvhirli is common in Ceylon, grows occasionally to an 
enormous liie ; in iJie jun){leB of the norlbeni province, wfaicb 
swarra with herds of small deer, specimens are occasionally seen 
nearing tlic extreme siie oF thirty feet long. — Ceslon Obsrretr. 

Mr. Oxiey stales that the black cobra snake of Singapore poi- 
■easea llie peculiar property of ejecting venom from its mouth. 
He lias killed several from 4^ to 5^ feet in length. " When 
attacked, it erects tbe body and diUles the skin oii either side of 
tlw head, uttering a noise lilie an irritated cat. and if approached. 
it throws, to the distance of from six to eight feel, i 
fluid of most poisonous quality." / ^ 

Digitized by V 





Thi EoTrtUM Stiam FaiaiTm "Shibeic" — It ippeari b j 
UtUri from Egypt tbat the retrognd* movement which ut in 
witli the reign ot Abbu Puba \a itill gung on. Wean informed 
tbat UiGi BeT< lbs comina<)Dre of the Siarkii, ba< been lent to 
tbe White Nile— t.*., to baniahmint ; which waa ipecdily tbi. 
lowed by bii monler, ai cuatomaiy in iucb oaet. The alleged 
ground of thia, and of Mobamswd Bey'a degiadadon, ia the long 
Qnw that the SharUe wu detained in England to hare ber en- 
glnea Stled, tb« espenM CMtaequeni thereon, &c. The puniah. 
me»t ia moM udjdb^ for neither the Eonitiuia nor the engineer* 
who Htted the enginea were able to drapatch Che work in (b« 
lime required, owiug to the great preiture oFengineeringworkfo 
Eagltnd at Uie tine tbe abip waa liere. The whole leemi to 
lM*e been ioatiiated b; French intrigue — Frenchmen who hold 
oAeea under the Gorenuneiit and Kgjiptlana who have been 
aducated in France being tbe moven. Tlie result of the liberal 
poliey oa which the Ute Mehemet All proceeded, in having 
yoiui^ men England and in Fnuice to Bll places of 
tmat in Egfpt, j> now being abused to stii up a general bottHilr 
on nation^ partuJiliei againtl all wbo liave been educHtcd in Eu- 
rope. It ia dear that the late br-aeejug Paiha considered he 
abonldbywchao anangement Bccumulate ibill from the diffe- 
rent countriea, and il appean that the ihili obCained Trom Eng- 
land baa prepoDdeialed. He wai, as ia wtll known, an acute 
diacrininatof of individual merit, and obaerved tbia ; aud during 
hia reign an intrigue waa formed to diarredit in hii regard the 
penon* who had bem m Enf^aad [ but bs nur tlirongh the 
•tiempt. ahd tbeefTortfuled. ItdoMnotaetm that Abba* ia 
jet aware Of M uothm iti wHch the hostile fecltfigs lomrda 
MMne of MMerfants who bate been In England have ofiRioitad, 
nor of (be ^ngerdf acting on those feelings. National jialou<r 
Ret at tbe bottom, and the itsutt is the loas of talent and worth 
wbidi he baa not Uir means o( reoliiing elsewbere,— Tbies 

^ Thk^ndWicb Isukd pBiNcia. —We announce In' ou» 
American intelliRence Ibe arrival here, 1i; (he Canada, of the 
Hon. G. P. Judd, Minister to bis Highness the King of tbe 
Sandvicb Is)aBda,accompiinied by Ateiander Liliibtho, helrpre- 
suB^teto lbs Hawaiian. lliione, and bis hrotlier. Lot Kaine- 
hameha. Tbe object of Mr. Judd's visit (o the United States 
tasd Emrepe at tiris period haa referanea to tbe late outrage of 
tfW FVeacta at the Sandwieta Itlandk The King ia wide to tba 
princes, and the ohject of tha-htter in tlsitrng Europe il purely 
one Of'obaerratfon. TT>e two ;oung gentlemen, who, from their 
exterior and m&nneri, are fully entitled to the name, are br«thers, 
■bout 17 and 16 years of age. They speak English thoroughly, 
^tb pleasing correctness, giving every evidence of good msnners 
and eilumtion. The youn^ai is named .MeiBndcrLihi))iho,who 
bat 'been deatioed and •elected by bis uncle, the King irf the 
■lands, to slKceed hioi oa hia throne, should he himself die 
childless. Thisi hewBVerr is but • remote probability, as ha ia 
married, and ia only 34 year* of age. Two children whom he 
IWB already had have died. Tbe largest of the lalsnda over 
which the King reigns is Owhyhee, wbere Capt. Cook was 
killed. Tbe cbief city is Honatulu, whiefa contains about 
10,(100 inhabitants, and is becoming a pUce of great commercial 

New Toil with beaomiag dignity and attsiition, and tbe* will no 
doaiit raeet in thia oountty wjth tinilar tttpeet. — Liotrpoot 

E*ST-I>Dla CorroK.—'nte import* of cetlon tn the past year 
()M9) are amongst tbe tanest upon record. Tbe eaoesi in 
general imports oret tbat af IMS bemg I66,S1A balea, Thia 
incrrase ceoriMs of 1€S,S33 bales from America, 43,993 bales 
from Egypt, e3;8T6 bales from the Brazils, and 1,896 bates from 
tbe West Indies, whilst from ths £ast-Ind>es we have bad a de- 
fiiawi af 15,403 balea— the total import being 1,905,!40 bales, 
gainst 1,738,931 in 1848, and l,233,$91 in 1847. 

HissKS. Srne add Co., whose suspension in the East-India 
trade toolc ptaca in tbe oisis of 1648, chiefly in conse<]ueDce of 
the desth of tbe senior partner, have now realised (he belief 
wbieh was then expressed regarding their actual aolvency, bytbe 
payment ofSOa. in the pound to all their creditors, with interest 
in full. 

Sia Wm. JxTTrOTt.— WXittliaU, Dte. SO, 1049.— Tbe Queen 
has been pleased to direct lettera patent to be passed under the 
Great Seal, granting tbe dignity of a Kn^ht of the United King- 
dom unto William Jeflbott, Esq., IlecoTtlet of Prince of Wales 
I aland, Kag^ort, and lUalacca. 

Ha. BonaHs's Schiki roa nm NATiaanoH or Txdiak 
RiviaL— The Calcutta £>9£aJhHini, of the 7th November, haa 
an elaborate article under the abore title devoted to a denon- 
stiation of the fallacry of Mr. Bourne's project (or Indian river 
navigatioa. The conclusion, however, to which (be EaglMium 

haa arrived is haaed upon certain miscooeeplions lespeetiag 
nature of tbe plan, which imly fequuw to be pointed out to e: 
hit tbe futility of its remsrks. It is necessary to explain, then, 
that the steam-train proposed by Hr. Bourne doe* not consist 
of teak rafti, aa the EngKtkman aupposes. hut of flat iron bargee, 
as msy be found fully explained in the ISuuraltd L<mdim Tftwt, 
of August 11th, to which the Et^Sthmm refer*, and in which 
(he description of the Etesm-ltain commences with these words : 
" It conaisti of a series of Iwrges, articulated to one another like 
a hinge, so as (o be able to bend, if neceatsry. in paisiog eurre* 
in ihe river, aod to be exempt from stnuniitg if it gets aground 
■pon an urMveu surface. These baiges are built of sheet-iron, 
'~ ''" ~ of pontoons, so as to Boat apon very little water; 

Hon, Is bnilt, either for the aceoftiaiodstton of passengers or for 
carrying cargo." It may also be neeessBly to exptarn that tbe 
speed of fifteen miles an hour Is referted to in Hr. Bourne's 
published Report as being attaimdalc in still water, — not in 
gohtg over sboels, as i( is coaddered that if the veaaal, when it 
grounds, which from its light diaft will b* bM ecMem, can get 
off or over the ahoaU at aU, witheat iaeoning tha detentions to 
1 (hat casMSk h will 

Dae. ai.'floy'fliwta /(<o;w;RDlllttgB,'MmltWas; Qimn of Bug. 
had, Ciinkett, Keogtl.—n. itan( Arm, NeH, Manila; Mtnziti, 
Sprowell, Hong Kongi Jostpk flurtfcy, 6pBi*«, Hong Koag; 
Slta^ail, SptnctT, Soorsbaya.— M. Entx, Piilty, Bengsl; yoSn 
WlckUfft, Duley, Hong Kong,— SI. Brrmtia, irnoM, Madras j 
61nt«/lP, BanDBtynt, Stnfihsy; CtanuNe. Nelson, hfadraa : Conifoji, 
B'lberts, N™ Smtb W»l« 1 ,1 Hfsiojt, Taylor, Port Pbllltp ; Ptnia, 
Brosiift)ot, Coldilrtaai, Goodson, and Worrftlor, Krose, BeogBl. — 
JjtN. I. Pnlliir ffou^fan, Orcd, Matrritlai; Bir Bary PatRtigtr, 
M'Wesn, Btngsl.— 3. Blaring; Banja,' Bengal ; Bb™ eoll.TiJlidiro, 
and AdiMB. Daylca, MaDritlni.—t. Cannaia.TWUav, and ttojialhan 
Stewart, Bcngnl; Ann, Clinch, and triact Charitt, H'MillBn, 


FtHi tha DvwNa.— Dkc. 90, Mamfatart, Ta^r (fron Shteldi), 
Ceylon.~~2t'. SloriHa, Cnrsy <rraiB SUiMa),<^lcatte.— M. EUtn. 
Noel, BHls'iia awt Soarabsya ; Ada, Nerrta, Cups | SMu, Daalrt, 
HobartTovn anfl Norfolk ialaodi An Hattent, -RabertSM, and 
i>nca, ateaalag,CaletitU.— ai. HUtlsm^ahrB, Bedhead, Csylan ; 
rrMBdaUp,Clelaikd,PeaaDgaadSiaf*Ba»] Sstrant, Wcol, Bern- 
bay; OoIiaiAiu, Uollan, Beaabay, dnee asboia at DanHHa- 
Bifhmiftw, Barras, Hone Koag; Latnttte, 8Mmi 
aodPraaaf; M—ftlux, HMati, Uorstoa Bay.— as. Jl 

SMorfJMn, Wright. New 8aath.WBl*«.—t«. Owottr, B , 

UoBK Ksai.-^O. IVopic. Robsrtsoa. New Boatta Wale*; Cn. 
tlBiUntlt.VomK. New Z«aUad.-». .«anafc Mctalfi, VaiBt*D, 
Uadrasi AMffam, Pirehard, BAwtMy. - 

From the Cltde.— Dec. 18. QMfonj.'WTai, port PklUlp.— 1^ 
Uaj-e$tie, Dick, Cnlcatla.— 20. ITi/Hani 5)ia»<I,W»tdeo, BoIbtIb; 
BarlmB, FtBser, Bombny.— 2S. Sebeeca, Sltnpion, New South 
Walrs.— SO. Caier, AltcUasoo, Adelaide and Ntw Sonth Vales. 

From LiVBBpooi,— Dec. !S. Cordelia, Carrick, Calcutta. -.,-30. 
BlixaCaroHmc, Willlanis, PlymoathBod Port Phillip: ^fno Mariiu, 
EUl*, Hong. Kong; Prfsceat Sofl, Adamton, cVlcotta; Fovti- 
port, Oraut, Bombay.— 31. Praiptl, M'Dooald, New ZciUaBd. — 
13. prixB, Ckriallan, Shanghsl j Niptum, TBUtier, SlDgBpore; 
n-'k- VibtcUt, C»lcutta.-30. EfUiUon. Lotbr, Calcutta ; fairfiiid. 

Haghf.. Bo" 

From Sai 


—Dec. 36. J 

DatM Rou, Kelds, Hoog-EoDg. 

From Bkibtol. — Dec 31. 5anr(<^, Storey, Hong.RoDg. 

From FLTMOttTH— Dec 36. TVit^a^, Riehardton, Adelaide : 
Amily Ball, JobnatoDe, Adelaide aad Part PhllUp; 5ts Qana, 
Wood, Adelaide.— 37. Aurora, Byao, Port Phillip.— 39. Samutl 
BoddiiigloH, Hurat, Adelaide and Port Phillip.— 31. Elixabttk, Rees, 
New South Wale*. 

From PoKTSMOOTH.— Jan. 1. Malatta, Coaaitt, BombST I 
Warner CalU, AUbam, Madras aad Bei^al. 

Fran KtKeBTOWH.— Dao. 10. JBerl GIrty, iitMira^iHabBrt 


Thi Flora U'Dmali, Smilh, frnm UTcrponl to'BDiiibHTi'l»s put 
into Miirord, twing ftrnck on tbe tlM> and BuTrl* daring ■ itnng 
^c, and la v>7y Uak^. 
JFbe Oat, Mctcalt, from AdcIaOc to Svbbkh, waa iibaDdoaal Id 
aaJoklagitHte, In Lat. fi Ni long. 24 W. ; eitw tmd bj the Xarifa, 
from Llicrpool lo BiWDoa Afna. 

Tbfl Salttllf, Maaro, from Laudon to Sjdner, pot. Into' Flitaioath 
Not. is ; baa beea mrre^cd, and miut dlicharjc part Of cargo. 
Vbt Calvabia, Uolton, frniD LoLdoa to BonihaT.goC aahoie at 
. OtuigCDao, Doc. 114, and wna got otl on the KOt, tftcrdlaahargliig 
■ome f aigo ; baa retaroed to Runaf^te for repawn. 

Xtia Chtbar, Grajion, fram Loodon to Bonbaj, Iiai put 'iBto 
.Plyinoath with damage, haiing bten in eoDtact. 

Tbe Cadel, Ailcheaoo. rniai tbe Cljde taABatialiOf^tnuk on-tbc 
NoMb ApckDcc. 31, but floated off and pot back. 
iTbe Ptilmlalt, FbiUipt, irsni Loadoa to L«uiKrstSD, nUch .got 
iMharealXksgidowii Dec. 7, bat beea attjated bfaadrelurBtd to the 

Ihe Mv/osle. M'Alpln 
.Baal Dec 13, haiiog ben 
jiai.aDA tomdJolD KawB 

Haplis, Mrs. Frederick, a. a I 

WiLaoH, tbe ladi of Major, la 

SoBthimptoD, Dee. la 

.Sbvib, W. L. to Pbebe, d. of the Be*. D. While, at drnteMter, 

Ju. I. 
.JlDKAKT, John, to U(>. Cogger, at FaddlDgtoa,.JaD. 3. 
.'MacGboMB, Major W. Uoa. £a>t India Co.'a aenicr, lo Bo. 
.lahF.d.of Llent. ool. J. Stvel, CD. of Ibe-Brngal arny,. at 

Brtdekitk, CaBberlaad.JaD. l. 
•Wall Copt. R.G. SSrd n|t. to Fannr A. d. of tbe lateSir.^. 

ward Wett, Cblrf JaMiee of BombaT, at HilUagCaa, Norfblk, 

Dee. 6. 

:, aL the Cape of Good 

ChkrrT, Alexander J. Madraa < 

Hope, agtd 46, Oct. 36. 
Darlby, Matilda MarT, A. of E. J. of C ilniabn, Ccflon, at Hdi 

ton, as«l li, Jan. I. 
InmcB, Lleut..enl. AreliilMlil, C.B. diredor.of varka tvtba.Adnl 

-ratty, and late of tbe Bangal (DifiDccia, at Hlgbg«e,.Dec. 9B. 
M'ClIHTOCK, Mary Add, widen «f Rnbeit, of Cakatts, Dec. IT. 
,.OiJBU.aV, Ladf, «llct of Sir W. at Boulogae-iDr'Mer, i(ged G! 

Tiia character oT the nnM^ialieated JUataf i»rafiiBilialilfl^far 
its aimplidty aail boneat;. Having no Brillldal vanti, lis ia 
' casjlv catiaSed, anil eonaequeotlj apathetic and inactive, and irill 
.IMI tor any amount labour iMyoHd bis uaiwiJiaKL Hebu ^t»- 
ganl for tratli, and majgeaoialljbe depcndril Kpoii. WhotiiM 
«o oAen li«eii n'ritten. of tba. rereageCul ipirit of tlte Malaga is 
. flUMb. exaggerated. 

The Indian Oovcmnent hare cQounimicat^. to tlie Ovegra- ' 
pbioal Society of Bomliay ita.pnrpoM to make acoDectioD tf 
. meteorological obeervations. through the agency of civil andiitxff 
'o be placed at tJie diapoMl of the Society. 

in Arab was aaked what. In 

n bnlh f He re|ilicd toAAeei 

t queation. " We ner< 

a language, was the name for' 
"And wJ)at for coUf was: 
"said'he, " gtre it time to 


Trk fine liBOtin fclBy) of Singapore is Ibo best «dBpt«d of any i 
Id lodiftfor ilie maoHniHure of porcelain. ItiaAMimlintbioki 
strata, cloae lo Uie bNch. On firing, (hit dajria-lMinritofasist 
BtemDCTUuie sufBcietit MfoH Eo^isliUaklWIS, Tbe-.piekedi 
da; give* • inciw-whits liitcuit. 


Dee. 28tA, 1819, and Jan. Swd, \6S0. 



.£<n^al'£:«f(i&.— ^Mijor-OenerBl George HuMvr.'Jtt Btir. iw. 
Lieut. AognstuB N. eote.lmh }f.I, 
. Ens. '-BrooMnf Swldyi 84* W.I. 
Lieut- Frederick IL M. l9anet,'3atli'K.I. 
Em. miliacn M. Walm^ 4irth V.l. 
'Cipt. ' Brooke-Boyd, eSth NJI. 
irMb-iia£ite6.— Lieut,' William O. StoU, 8nd Eur. icg. 
Ent.Edvard Dnnbar.lStb'N.L 
Unit John' S. ' Eos*,' 3Sth?N.r. 
Major :Emaniiel ft (Aetts^iartlMi. 
Surg. De B. 'Bi)eb,-w.D.,'(Mii«d. 
ftirg. H. 8.3riii!e,ntired. 
.Boni»^EUab.~Ma)or Henry C. ttaWlmMM, .at,. -pABHcal 
agent in Turkish 'At^ria. 
'Ijnit. Jotm'W. Playftfr,"eirgineen. 
Ena. LionelX.'B«rwp. lit N.L 
Lieot. Sobeil' Gordon, Wi'N.t. 


: B n i fl B i at.~rMt, rChvli* PoAoi, ot^sad. Jaamtj. 

■BtmfBll»b,--'Cmpt.-ltmTj G.M^DMtiag, iisHdida, Fetnair 
JWiAwfMab.— Lieut. James Flint, 38th N.L 
Sombf^Eitab.^Ctift ioaeph Estridge, engineers, March, 

Xient. Atthar H, 'Cnrtia, Snd K.l. 

M^T. John: Cooper/Ttb-'NJ., ' Utttfa. 

Aasist. Mirg. John Craig. 


■Madrai£4tab.—lMiU. Henry £.iIiek«„Att.. monUu. 

iMHt. GeoEge Aitbeu.JOih N.L. do. 
Anniatffi:steb-,LJeiit-nol>crt, T. N..Ti*ba.iKh N.J., do. 


^argal StUA'-^Vtr Wtflimn -M*egaa«|e; UatN.!. 
'Capt.'Hanry Le Mesarier, nr^ida. 
Sm. Thomas W. Burt, M.D. 
. BombfgSiMi-^^loe Robert >M. Hoglns, nth N. I. 



(In continuation of Ihatdatedflht'Dec'tSIB.} 
. From the date of departure as under: — 

The ReT.-'CkaiieVSItveiVa.i.fWveilutd.-'Slhh Jan. 1849. 
llie'EteT. Bdii's#d John 'COiapmw.- wa.^owftaMlr-^Otb 
Veb. IMS. 
FramtJiedatCDf'tfee-MKiig from GnTMBM••^ tbe bbipa hy 
which' tliey-prace<ld«d, -vfz : — 

Tlie Rer. Frederick Olway Mayne, h-a., EOtitonnali, 

flthJimei IMS, 
lie Rev. ThMnaaWJUiwa <, WiiUJn, I3th 

Tbe -Smr. TIkhww Catt«Tl8lfld^tli.>kA„ UorfborowA. 
gth Aug. 184.9. 




ftom the date of ., _ 

Tlie Re*. Jobn FiMricrrfn^ j^a-, MariMd. 30tb Jan. 

TfaB B«r. COMm Dodder GAmm, m_4., do. do. 
Tbe B«T. JMM.Vifkn Biill,.mA., Ssrimjtmmmi, 16tb 

M>r, 181A. 

(In continuation of tbu dated 31it Dec IMS.) 
From the date of depaituvHuMact — 

Tbe Rn. Wiuiam Cur. a.*., overland, SOlh Julv, 1649. 
The Rer. Digb; Beorr Coles, b.a., Earl of BarAovAr, 
SOtti Aug. ]U». 

(No. 1 of I8SX) 

To tank from the lOth Dec. 1917, the day on which they 

fUMd ttieir pablic-exBn)ination,and in the fbttoiring order, yiz. — 

Lindsay Rouell, quitted Chathun SSnd June, Bipon, 

aOtfa AiB. 

Swynfen Cbtiiet Jerrlt, do. ISth June, do. do. 

For Iht ArliOtrs. 

To rank fit» tin Htta Dee> 1819, the day «< vliieli 

they passed tbtii public eufoiBation, aod in die following 

period presciibied liy tbe Court's 

take tbeir departure 
tegulatujn*, *ix. — 

Montagu James. 
Edward Tierney. 
Alexander Haddea Lindsay. 
Heniy Tirisden Forbea. 
Fnuicis Robert Butt. 
Thomas Paikyna Smith. 

Far fiht CaoAf, 
To rank from the date of tbeir depaiture (hm Soutbampton 
by Ae dveitaad toote,' Hid in the fbUawing older ,-Tia.— 
Sir John Hill, Bart, iKpoa, SOtli Oct. 
Chartea Aatell Damell, d^ dOL 
DigbtoB Uaenagbten Frobrn, do. do. 
AlaxDder Cbarle* Gnot, /ajus, SOth Not. 
Walter Tschudi Lyall, do. da 
LeoDod Augustus Arttor, mpan, 20th Dee. 
Francis WbHtroitb Rueaell, do. do. 
John Boyd Baaad anj , do. d«^ 
Charles WiUiam Qatn, do. do. 
Henry Edward Elliee, do. do. 

For the InfetJTy, 

To rank from the 11th Dee. IMO, the d>)r on whkh they 

passed their public examination, and in tbe following Ofder, pro. 

n'ded the ships by which they respectively proceed take tbeir 

departure within tbe period preicribed by the Coutt's regula- 

Wtlliam Alexander Garden. 
John Edward Brighlman. 
Henry Lionet Chnlss Bernard. 
WillisBi Mumy Fraaer, 
Frank. B«raatd Foote. 
Henri Caoopbell. 
Henry Tboaaaa Oldfleld. 
Geo^e William Maosmr 
£dward RcjneU PogawL 
Richard Henry Wall 
Willism Hewy Lumsden, 
Frederic Heaiy Tonkinaan. 
Beauchamp Colctough UrquharL 
John Horlud. 
To rank froDi the I2th Dee. IBiS. agreeably to the Court's 
natinioD of 4th Dec. 1833, and in the rollowiaE order, viz. — 
Edward TbompsOn.Bpp. IStb Sept., ^adoKon, SOlh Sept. 
William Gordon, app. I9ih Sept., India, SOth Nov. 
Aitbor Briacoc Uawai, app. IMi Nor., do. do. 
William PaCtle ^abroad), para. app. SIstNov., pans, via 

M sraciUe*. SMb Nov. 
JameaScett Ingram {alKoad),parB. app. SSid No*, do, do. 
WiUiMH Birch (abao«4}, para. app. Slet Nov., do. do. 
Thoma«Buttansliaw(^oad),pBiH.spp.21st NoT, 

Ralph Bristow Dundas (abroad), para. app. Slst Not., 

do. do. 
Arthur. Upton Fox Ruiton (abroad), pan. vpf, 21it 

Nov., do. do. 
Gilban boowde Bax (ahroad), pan. app. Slat Nor. 

Charles Baltine (abroad), para. app. S8th Nor., patas. 

To rank from the date of their departure from SoulhamptOQ 
by the overland route, and in the following order, vis, — 

John Hobait Tyler. Ripm, SOth Dec. 

James Archibald Campbell, do. do. 

Maurice Ceely Wybnuitt Noithcote, do. do. 

Gilbert Augustus Master, do. do. 

William Jackson, do. do. 

WilliMQ Diawidtiie Hogg, do. da 

Henry Vincent Matbias, do. do- 
William riaylaJr, do. da 

Henry Mscdonold, do. da 
To rank from the date of tbe transmission t>y the OTerland. 
mail of the para, announcing hia appointment, viz. — 

Thomas Gilbert Kennedy (abroadj, ma Klaraeillet, SlUi 
To rank from the date of tbe sailing from Gravesend of the 
ahip by which tbey proceeded, and in the following order, vie— 

Patrick Darling, If oAacr CuA, S6(h Dec 

Algar Bowdoin Temple, do. do. 

Augustus William Cripps, do. da 

(No. 1 of 1860.) 

For the EngiiteerM, 
To rank from the 10th Dec. lSt7, the day on which they 
passed their public examinatiosi, and in the following order, viz. — 
John Goddatd, quilt»d Chatham IWi Not., Ripon, SOth 

]S(b Sept, Tnr^ir, 


Gordon Dennisoo, quitled'C 


John Frederic Fisher.quiUed Chatham 5tb Sept, do. do. 
Charles Scott, quilted Chatham 2Iat Aug., Siolg, 25th 

T» luk tnm tba llth Dee iStB, the day on which, they 
passed tbeir public examination, and in tbe foUowiog order, pro- 
vided the sbips by which they reqMctiTely proceed take their 
departure within the period prescribed by tba Court's . regula- 

. Frand* Swan son. 
Ererard Stepney Miltnan. 
Henry Cadogan Harvey. 
William David Forster. 

For the Cavalry. 
To rank from the date of bis departure from Sonthampton 
by the overland route, viz. — 

Frank Honley, /lufus, SOth Nor. 

Per (As Imjmtry. 

To rank from the Iltb Dec. ISW, tbe day on wbiidi they 

passed their publir eninhntlon, and in the following order, pro- 

vided the Bhips by which they respectively proceed take- their 

departure within tlie period preseribed by the Ceurtfer^utatiODa, 

Joseph Alleyne Foiter. 
Frederick George Hankin. 
Frederick Thomas Miller. 
Flit James Holmes Burnei. 
John Charles Middlelon. 
Cbsrles James Ricbardl. 
Lancelot Henry Isacke. 
Alexander Dunlop Gordon. 
To rank {roat tbe 12th Dec. I»t9, i^reeably to the Court'e 
resolution of 4th D«c. 1833, and in the following order, viz. — 
Samuel Cooper (abroad), pats. app. Slat Nov., para, via 

Maraeilles, 21ih Nov. 
Charles MarsliBm Parsons (abroad), para. app. 21st Nor., 

Attbnr Thaddeua Searie (abroad), pan. app. Slit Nor., 

Digitized by 




Henry Daniel Cloet£ (abioul), para. »pp. Slit Hot., 
-'Jilli.n^WEt ^'SW^^fi !*'} Not.'^^ r*"i 

T« nnk from the ISch Dec. IBtO, iftreeati!; [o the Court's re. 
•olution of 44b Dee. 1833, provided he irrive it Midru on or 
before the 5th July, IB50, \]g htviag been periqitted to .visit Jii« 
bthet at the Otpt, **b.— - ^ ' ' " . 

Hugh Chrwtian Henilei, ipn. 5lh Dee., Ltnti Flora, 
StitDet. • ■■■■■' 

To nnk from the 12th Dec. iei», ngreeatiij to the Coutt't 
resolution of 4ih De;. JS^ and <n tbu (atlt^uring order, vii. — 
John DnnKomb Vallince, app. 14ih Nov., LaJj/ Flora, 

Aih Dee. 
Richard AugHturCtndWicV, app. SSth Nov., do. do. 
Forster Frederick Robert Biahup (abroad), para. app. 

5th Dec» para, oin MatielllH, 7th Dec. 
Henrf TotUl Stuart (Bbroa^. para. app. SStb No», 

BohenCaaiibeU Bum (abioad), para, app. 8Slh Not., 

d». do. 
Benjamhi TwiiletonAihe (abroad),*., 
4» do- 
To rank from the date of their departnrc from Soulbampton bf 
the overland rout*, and In the folloiving order, vii. — 
Oustave Henry Motlet, India, SOlli Dec. 
Robert Carr, do. do. 
Francia Drummond Gordon, do. do. ; 

' iMH ICUMiOA CaltmOEir,' io. 'Ah. ' ' ' 

Edwud Cunbotluid Blenklnaop, do.'do. 
Charlei Jame* Godfrey, do. do. 
William Robert JcAnion, do. do. 
Henry John Egniont Teed, do. do. 
Thomaa Kirkpatrick, do. do.' 
To rank tiota thf 4ate d( the eailinp (tpoi jSt^fM^nA vf, the 
ahip'bf ivhich he proceeded, vii, — ' 

-Ateiander Dnity, Watmrr Ct^tlt, aHli Dec. 

(No. I of It 


To rank from the 10th Det. 1947, the day on which they 
patMd dieir public examination, and in the falloiring order, 

Edmund Soutliey, quitted Chatham Bind June, BipoK, 
SO(b Aug. 
- ' David Jobaon Namij'lb,' quitted Chatham 8£nd June, 
iJSMbiteii, aoih Sapt. 
John Edwardi Donne, quitted Chatham 14lh Nov.. 
.Kpaa. SOth Dee. 

JFar Ike ArtUltry. 
To rank from the Uth Dec. IB49, the day oil which they 
patted their public examination, and in (be folJowinK order, pro- 
vided the ahipa ty. u*)licli they reaptctivaly prooced take, tbnr 
departure within the period prcscribetl by the Court'a regula- 

William DeVitre. 
Oodftey Twiaa. 
Geoife Henry StODC. 

.,. . For At Iffaittry. 

To rank fmin (Ae lltb Dec. 1819, ibe day on which they 

paafed their puUic etatnlnatioiv and in Ilia fallowius onlar, 

provided the ihlp* by which they respectively proceed titke their 

departure within the period preacribed by the Court'a regub- 

Edward Steer Kennet Danron. 
Moi)Caeit.WilUMn Parker. 
EdvrarU Ovren. 
Thontai Roae Nimmo. 
William Ailierton Piirk. 
Devereui Henry Hickman, , 
To rank from tlie 12th Dec. I84S, agreeably to the Court'a 
resolution oIllb^Dea. 1833. and intlw f«]ltkwing«rdB', vit.— 
Randle Farker Mainwaring, pan. app. 83rd Nov., par*. 

tia Marseille*, 81th Nov. 
Heniy Pitcaini, app. eiit Nut„ SmIIoh, S9lh Nov. 
To rank From the date of theii^Upsrlure from Southampton 
by the overland route, and in the folloiving order, viz. — 
Nugent Kitkland, Bifxai, SOlb Dec. . 

To rank from t^M^i^^ qf Akomlifvrtain SnoeMnd of Ibe 
Rbip hy which they proceeded, and in the foltoiring order, vii. — 

Alfred Preaant, Malacca, S6th Dec. 

CeeH Wilhmghby Wigney, da do. 

Thomar Ern«t Britten, do. do. ; 

To rank from the date of their departure from SoutbamptCHi 
by tbcovarland route, and in the fotlowii^ order, lii.— 

William Hicka, Euzi»t, 29Ui Dec. 

Edward Philip Fletcher, do. do. 

Thomsi Forbes Robertaon, do, do. 

W*« Orrica, Ore. «, t84». 
Seagal, Sith foM.— Hajor WHIiam Gastavua Brown to be 
lient,-coI. by purcb, v. Harris, who retires. Dated 
Dec. 81, IBld. 
'Cajit. Charles Henry Ellice to be major by purrt., v. 

Brown. Dated Dec. St, tSS). 
Lieut. John BaHielay Thelwall to be capt. by purcb , v. 

Emcr. Dated Dec ei^ 184<. 
Ens. George Wedderbum to be Meat, by purch., v. 
. TbelwalL Dated Dec. SI, 1640. 
Ena. Robnt Joseph I.agMi Cratchley, from the 17ih 
Foot, to be en*., v. Wedderburn. Dated Dec. SI, 

W*« Orrici, Dsc. 33,1819. 
Madrat, 51(t Foot.— Major Henry Rdd, from halCpay 3ril 

Ceylon reg-t to be major, v. Mai nwaring, promoted. 

Dated Dec S8, ISM. 
Capt. Pcrcjr John Bioe to be major hy potch„ v. Reid, 

who tetirea. Dated Dec 88, 1MB. ' " 

Lieut. Richard Atbettoa F<aringtoa to be capt by 

purch., V. Rice. Dated Dec 36, IMO. 
Ensixn Edward O'Callagfaan to be lieul. by putcb., *, 

Ffarincion. Dated Dec S8, I SIS. 
Somban, Sih Fool.—Cmpx. Charle* Stsniforth Heil, fioin the 

4th Foot, to be capt., v. d* Robeck, nbo escbanges. 

Dated Dec. S8, 1S49. 
iind Foal. — Capt. the Hon. reregriria Francis Cust, 

from 3rd dragoon guaida, t* be capt,, v. 

Frederick Browne Raasell, who exchanges. Dated 
, Dec.a8.JS*». 
Lieut. John BreuMn to be capt. by parch., r. Cutt. wbo 

retires. Dated Dec 28, 1810. 
Ens. Duneombe Pleydell Boaverie to be licut. by pavdi.. 

V. Brennan. Dated Dee. 28, 1840. 
£n«. Thomas Young, (nun the 8Ub Foot, to b« an*., r. 

Bouverir. Dated Dec 88, 1S19. 
Bmwf— CapL the Hon, Peregrine ^rapcia CuaL of the 8^kI 

Foot, to be major in the army. Dated July H, iSSO. 


J the 2 
a be Heot'Co). in the army. Dated Nov. ! 


Cockt' Mmkal Almanac for \S50 1 cemiabuitg Miaotllanaau Iii~ 
Jbmalion, icif A lit itgi of tirri anf tboCA, ami Ihr rnaarMila 

tvtnta appertaiHuiy Io all datiagiatitd 'mnaidans and cau/UCa 

ijf tvay age and nolum, 

A " Miiiical Almanac \ " Why not, as ivell as ■ " Mnairal 
Spit ?" Messrs. Cocks tell ua of one bdon^nf to Count de 
Castel Maria, of Treviso, which " tnma 13) dilFerent roams nt 
once, and i^ays 84 tunes, and whatever it plays corresponds i« ■ 
certain degree of cooking, which is perlectly itndentood by thtt 
cook. Thus a leg of mutton, i tAiii/laue. will be Fxr«IWiTt at 
the twelfth air ; a»d a fowl, d h Ftamaada, wilt be full of gravy 
at the eighletnib, aud ao on." 

This very eniertuining volaase comliines with the roninMin 
calendar a column of " lBtere«tii>g Events ca n a c e ted wifli 
Music and Musician*," short biagraphieit nolic 
the history of music, anecdoiea, &c., often new, 
tremely well told. 

Ordinary readers, (or instance, are not probably aaare that the 
Ute Duke of Marlborough \r*a a good violin-player, and set to 
music several glcrs. for (omc of which he received iKHiorjty 
prties from dilfcrent societies ; that he composed many songs aiul 
ballads ; one of (hem, " You save im s RWi^ was publubed l>j 
thelateMr. Bj-an. n,.,.,,.^ k,,C ^noa[c 

Digitized by 




Eui-luUi HouH. inh Du. U19. 

CO U PAN V da hcnbj (li« npUtc, 

•aU up, An nd pbknh ■■ a>i be wUliiig to topjily (W^ul^n) wlih^ 

HALT, ^*- 

■ curifLBa ■' 

!|a«2,_i ^ 


COMPANY *> tumn (It* hMcf, 
tbu IhaFl nmu i (DdHcia*C(*nnUU(i>ill b* rwlT. on orbiAnWed- 
■"i* ^- "" i«l« "»J 1 1, ro Mcdt. wniMi la wdiiH. mM ap. (roni 
na rena V nw; tf wUliiv to niiiprj Ibc Compuy ullh 
AM Ihu Uw cotttfaiBi of Ibc hM initneb (Iwo la numberl i»* bo lud 

Mb,*(ta>>taic)ibBiir.aoT«kli(Ulban>ialn4. - 


ThM thoFtaHtanCHoawCaaalliMwin band*, on « bcftn Wed- 
itootftt, HMM «b Dom ncnptnorv u nuy be wlM n^ to tunpiv LheCoin. 


,. S 


fsSSn WEST hartlW e 


I iBBfR *f iha aooM>iT>aB<n In ibc ptoi-lDiUa HduM, 

ledi inddHTuhn mn lo br left it IhiSecnuryl 

— .. .._.__,. ^ ,^ fonoaon of the ISih diT of 

Fender wUl be bmItkL 



Tito. MMd. One Sblllbv. 


Pio, mid. iUf ■-Civn. 

Tlie two bound t ogeth er in neat eloth, unifunn wiih 

^mdes yma, prke Fau Ssnibp. 

Pi"T 1^-Ob ADdBR m HadeA o 
"^ ^IMMV-Oa the rWi. 

~- -QftalAeicaaiaraMCoB. 

■t-eea ^0M< nd ladla. 
H frn nv to <he neeent 
•——p oCCmtBAlilD— 

-Cbrookle ot Ocnirmca— 
[y Aiulfili— N«cialii|iy ol 

»ENGAL ARMY LIST.-J«« Puhli.hsd, the Quar. 

■_.. ,, .„.-- riBrftheHo^Cp-pttr-Fartnonihi 

>■ nnk.euad^.najwluuieenrkaeoi 
"14 Iboaa wbe Gna neclTed nedeta aai 

SeiTwiU la Beopl and tbc Nertb- 

/, U. RicBAi 

I1P8 OF IRDIl, €HIHi, tc. 

}<|]^ Wilkar, Oeognphar to tlw SMt-IadU'Cgoptitr, 


.coMKMD *o *H« rktmr tim«. 

A Nenly-constructed and Improved Map of 

■^ J^'"''- "." ■'»,»''eeti-fiUe, t ft. 3 in. widr; ft O. » In. bUb, 

fI.IM.«d.| oioaeloUi. liiic»ee,je3.1».W. ' 

%• In Iba compUicka of ihte H>^*11 iba UlaU Snnan la AQiliuiiiBa 

Map of India, from the roost reoeiit auUio- 

~ - - ,sAlot».nkla,an.Ata.UgKllbi DiOD 

Map of the Weetem Provinces of Hindoostau, 

— (hePui^, Caboal,SlBdr. &C| includliu all the Sum betweea Cw 
diher and AlUhebad. on (but iheeti— Stu. 4 ft. 4 In. wide : 4 ti 4 in 
bi(h. £1. ll(.«d.;<>r«iclatli,lBacaae,£S.ta. 

Map of the Punjab and Sikh Territories. 

Map of Affghonistan and tlie adjacent Coun- 

Ulei. CDmplMnn>mtbaUlarl8ur>aTta[tlH(aCaiiBtr>w,bii)i*oaea« 

aiuthed to the IndUa Anavi em) puWlihed by AuthmAt of the Hon. 
CouK of DLreem of the BHt-lnfla Company. On mi ahaet— siie 
iri.3Iii.wldei IfLSlfl.blih, M-iKOudotli, BiAaH.IM, 

Map of the Overland Routes between Eng- 

Und and India, wllb the athet Linea of Conmunlcalloo. On one •heel— 
Slie,ifL8la.vldciltLltii.tatb, (LiotonckNb, InacaK, |». 

Map of the Routes in India, witb Tables of 

iMiunm between tbe prtndpal Toni ud Military SUtioni, Oa one 
•<>«■— eiM, t n. 9 In. Hldti I ft. t IB, b^h, 9e.i or oa doth. In a 

Map of India and China, Burifiah, Siam, the 

Meliy PHIInaala, At. On Dro riiaeU-Slie, 4 A. SiD. Hide-, 3 11.4 In. 
U(h, £1. le. I DC uo ckub, bi a OM, (f 1. lua. 

LONDON: Wm. H. ALLEN aho CO., 
7, LEAMWHALL STRETP^-^;-^ „ ^ 1^ 

Digitized by VjOOy It 





CoBiplite IM* oT Iha Caaptafi Strrut*, It kon* ud ibnul i Buola- 
tiou leiptctint UK ■wsntngnt of Wriun, CidaU, &c. Compiled from 
Om eOewl nlunu HcdTod u Iba BHt-IndU Houk. 


Of tlio SiKRtVT'* OBci, Eut-Iudli HoBU. 
ISmo. Bnrad. I»>. u ill. M. hoand. 

wosKS nsErni to cadets 

Boeood Edition, poat Svo., pHn 5i., 



Bt Cut. H. Kaa>, lanamtj CoBuuduit el CenileaaB 

C*d«* u CikutM. 



TVilhifiw OtncnUiaai.SB Itia UiUtirraemcavf i)u Hon. Eub-India 

Ib pan Bto., dotb, pnM 3m. U. 


Bf U^.-Gbd. Sii John Uilnlm, 

S.,4<. biOIDcan tctiiiBaiidu' 

l)l> CMm in Cnbil ludis, A.I>. IS91, 
',' Oncoftbaskiefo)iiHl>otthH*'lHMiutliiu<BqB Sir J. 1C*ImI«0 h> 

-"u.inthaiiuMtdindblaiuaDtr. Iba no*l beulu Ibit ut lo bi 

■ Und ud eaDcUtKlD|r muoer, md • nnnint friendly inicn 

~ ' ' id coatnl in Uu iBdian unr- 

>ad eoDcUtsnD* mi 

Id po>t Sfo., oloU. priH n. Sd., 



Bt Iliu-'Oa. BKKiaa. 
Second Bdilion, fai po«t an., doUi IilMred, ptk« 14a., 



Sf J. H.STOGaDiu>,E>q..IUc Editor of lbs " Calniiti EngUalimaa. 
■a' Thli PublicUiaD embnui, in n condouedfong. nmpMcuid act, 

merce, Lun, Iiutltiitlana, and PrsdncCi of India; the Uannen and Cnitomi 
■ ■ - ■ • ■ - - ooiboulth. - ■ 

; Ibeoetbodof (nvcllinn 

Ibe Bulu iDd KuraUtiolit of the Tirioui 
eoit and manner of pnMMiUn- •■ — '"- - "" 
coimnoD to ChB CcudUj, Sc 

luropcan (Baaluli} Sociell ; 

„ Jim of ths EiecuJim &e 

India i tha 5porta,C«rei)iDaiea, and Fagejinti 


Bt JOEiT H'CoiB. U.D., 

Mtnbcr oC tba Bufal Hedioal Sirrin. 

InTwoVoloBH.STO.idalb, primal. 4i., 


BT LlITCB niTCEii, Bn, 

Sonlhem hUlorr, Eorcrnmenl, lilcralure, mannen, prvdueclona 'aatunl and 
indnitrial], cammcrce, eTerrtblDr> in fart, but ph jaical acionco, ud not with- 
out a gixid deal even on that, will here find what tbef rtqujrt. It ii a eon. 
deniat on of the contenu of malllfarioui toIudih, and maj jiuHt be termed 

ibjeet to which It relatn, ud afford him, wllbal, mueb 

If kept H a book o 

Eaaten iifhlrt 

LoDdoii : Wa. H. Auxa and Cp« 7. l«idu*all.SlKtt. 


Tbli Dii U puMlatwd, tba «A BUHm, Id I TOL 4U. rrkg £5. It, tn boadh 

DICTIONARY, aitiin.T nruaaiDt to whlefa U aMed, ■ Die 

%• TDlbaPin< Fmrl a/ Mb IMMtawv, lb* pncsdijaf edtthn oltUA 
luTa mat with genanil appiebMlgo, ai waUln Mnniwii iD.liidW, OnnOoc 
bu br laboiioiu itudT of HtaidaataDi woifca, balB prlottd nd nunwwi^ 

UT nbar Hbidiutui ud BoRltX DInlOBaTT auat. Iia Me ifindnHaiiJ ad 
BiglUt Pan, lhaHlndHtinlirordaanpiinndlntbalrBnfardkarwMr, (of*. 
thIrwUII tb* prauBdattoo la Romu lattai. The DfHaaHwi, which He 

' ■ ' -l'-c — k-i. >— hj... umimum fivnlan, and Onek, art glwoi it- 

I of thoae Uuniagnj khI mich 
tho «nHt e/nmu, a> will ai of 

Tha Sreond Purl, OtfUA and HjaJMHami, Ii aiiTlULV hix. It a 
pnaaa tba Eof ^lih worda in moat Mtamai uie, ai well aa numooua phn 
with tha correipooding Etlndiutani aiuaied: and «a much atMlei«<taf ma 
I. that although the woik ii prii 

the lait, ud It la grtarty redttaHapria. 

MbEditloa, inLrajnlSTo. priecl4b. 

To wtOch b Ddded, a ihoit Dnmmar of the DiUmt. 
1 ml. to^ Bvo. prtcc £l. lOi. 
OUAGE. DnifD ■ ■ -- - . 

HINDUSTANI. ITKb a intal tnabitloD and gnmniatlcal analyila ut 

pctfeet lecurity fnna falaa 1uqr> and plchlocka, aod aVi daUct an; ■Ucmpt ia 
opeo tbcm. 1 he; are made of all alui, and for eten purpaae to whld) ijtfm 
•R (ppliad, and aia aliDng, lenin, limpla. wd duinUe. 

CUDBB? PATENT LATCH, rot ftantdaDn,caimthL|-hauia dam, kt. 
li dmpla in couiiuMlaii, low in fdm, and quite aaciin. Tha kc|n an paitt- 
eularl* n»i and pnrtabla. 

*&, madeeniiiilTofatniogwrcHighi Inn, » ai eObctnaHir to nabt r*-- '-■" — 
oi brich-vork, timber, drc-, m caia of lire, acd arv alaa rtT**'''* J u 


III llb.Botllei,3a.Cd.i ) lb,, aa.3d., ud lib., l(.Sd.; oi Ilbl.Bottl» 


TNDIAN CURRY SAUCE, of ■uperwrqmiHlv.— Thia 

&nt Ibna, ii pi^larlv adsptad foi SlBiki, Cbm', Game, FUh, Cold Matta, 
nlmBDi. PAVNu'udSON'S rorelCB WualMaaa^S^ 3M,and3i8,RaKm 


For OBNERAL I the EniRih, ^ench, and Qerm^ Lan«uaia, HIstoiT, 
EDUCATION! 1 Gengiaphy, Ac. ; Boud, Lodging, aaJLundrr EiyaaM I 

L— EfghiT Oulneai per annum. 

Inih.ri<ll (CheoiialrT and Phy.lcai Mineralogr and GootofTi tKm~ 

nll»™~il. ^talluigr; Oeodervj Bnaioeei&ig »nd Architeetuiw: 

Depaitment: \ inchiaaeT i UanipulaHoo. ' " " • | 

rPlan Dnwlog i PtrUtcatliaii SunerliiK In all brancbect 

I Reconnolirtoif I Frca hand Dnwlng; Chemiitry Bod 

iDtheHIUtai) I PAyalai Geolonand HInerahjfjl Straliiy udTw-tlott 

Depailmeol: ^ HlUiarv JuiUpnulai«t MunfKureofOnlnauca.E'tacaB. 

dici Ccautiuetloaaf BMMtii,UtMi, and Bridgea* Ml^ 

LlltaiT MachlneiTi Ewotd EuKiae, and Fendna. 

Id tba Unlianlti r DivlnitT, ipaclal eourHi Uathemaiki, ditto i "'mlta. 

The fen for tbe aDDiTiowaL CauHama In tha Three SipaiLBienli ar« to '• 
anaiutd, that in no cue am the coat oC EduotlUi Beaid, JK. Ac — ruiil i 
Onofluodiad Guineai per auiuiD. I 

r I fiiiiii iiir iiiiiiiiii iiiih iiiiii ni miii iiim inihn nnw mi nm 



Xdmrd Bunvd, B^. I John B. Etin, Xm- 

BobFttilrDohi, £^, I C- K. JjADglM, Ku. 

Jitbn Hcnrr cippcr, B^. | WiUilm U iJbci' Eiq. 

TniMccBdvBd ftmud, l.M.Cmrfm, ud ■4wu4 ThoMpHa, Eii[n. 

AiuLkort'^Bia Cmioi u>4 RobL Ctpps, Eh|i«> 

SolictlDn— Mcun. Unplo, Fhth, Mlpla, ud 1>1HH. 
Wiwhlll ThalJMB)lMlkot IfMIMl. 

CilaBfcl Bauk*n~-TlK Pint iif tilnliiij Ilnrnnntnl by Bujal 
IBMJ, a,'AiMiitPil*n, LmdOD. 

FbTiieUn—Dr.FnHi, 65, OnUdCord-itIK- " 

Actiun luid 3«tOuy — Kdwd Kjlt 
jUfe'^Vtlw*!*^ IkiudDriHnctau, ud Accoti 

. Umti. Uu&Ce. 

- alto- UM wMd w—W la-ifc. AiiSSiwIia ««d flait> aim 
r-aMiw (Iw Cm* B( ck»d >k 

-a«i«dwCM*xcx»ditoiib T^trfa if<tmt tmmm 

U Uh IHatst be tEfulurr lakl upoo 
THE ANNUITirsii*nd».«Erc_ _. . 
tim iMmiAiwI bi i^ atlwr c ' lmj—to. ht.l 
■OH lo tlM nu* oTlaiMMsMiA^la oa Cokx 

-aiillMlllljf tft»aWllf*— lt|[JllHMBiMfc>- 

Aja. , 1U> Util ,Kmd*U*»| J«L i ll>taU*«.-|lh^l*U>M. 


Ill ltri:i lillfil 


la [ht Fku, A.D. Hau 

OScta, 7, Bwnl Eicba^*. CanhiU, and 10,' nwiiil IMwl 
OaGailiit)KAiBirB><lN>Tr*tnwL>udUKib»CI>ll lod Mll^fa 



fitfaa— miMMi nMlfc by miiinniin tfcrti Mhiliiii to iht iih. !>■> »" 
. ■a ^l w* m U t m mimitimk mi mpp^uw. u imMii«iu^hMI<*ud 
. IMtM* bmIwmk. Th» >1afcl«tiim< Uiitfitfcf pl^il i i I ■ 

■iku tu cflcKf in ■■mhn ud (BilKUBbiH tlw mill h piiii iiii 

<t^(if ■!■ knclnvi TCtdte^laih* |iu3lc,ud lu>, ki tawmmaa, 

oCOnu BrtulD, udilMssnrSfUiiiiitNUDIIily ■'■ ■■- ■■ " ■■-'— 

CADTioH^Ta pit til* puMIc bom fraud, the tfao. ComlMlaBeH 

fton tbe vigiDidi b) tiM rlnrwt aMnai. Tliti sill wn duiaa* aWHi 
OK^, end vilt hr fsuod wiHtpeilor lo ear IMh •» btAxe lued. '; 

~^" nend |iH(H>»<ke tiattalkuenlsuM, ud lifi 




Ae taaan, nilh bm Mmjtaf VtlU, Pwcopn, aid Cnpi, tor the imdai. 

17lh.udt7tbar(TerTiiiauli.itlJi)(.K. Wlm aUlur of ib«M diuilklU oa 
■ SaBday, Uh THHli >un thtfoliiiHi^ d>T' 

MAi.TA.Mtk«MWIkiileTiiTna>db AI£ZANI>ni*.mJi«ttk«Mauh. 


Ob Iha nth of llw monUi. 

INDIA AND CHINA (tia Eotft). 


hipCu«KBtaeowBlT*i iheOainEiifiemeceiNi- "~ 

■T, LOHBOH, ud No. *7i 'llf" tiTT— . SODTHAH 

NA.— Lmm ofpiwiie 


■llothe IndU-HouB. L 

bdibiiMiMM *Mtti<lMi«wt Owiwl-Adi. 
^Ui«pea™HWOfW:W M M MW »il i »hidl».*ii»ltayi>pe» 
m» mw Mt JBdt fcoe^thtf tUt (HMlTrlV.lll^BMCI muh by Uaanou 

W.M. B. k pcrpuad £> nw'iml iw fcJ&pSnn'of Aiiwir b MlMi . in- 

Indli, ramdllHCelMaOvcrtandi eMrlh^udnrAnnHf of liig|M<,&G.| 
tr> n i nitn io«ofpiicfcMW,piir c elg|— dleMeieowe^Bil 

Amii(«i>«Ui luTt btaa midf Ax (leuiM uddMuahiC of beanM beloiu- 
ln( lo perlka Bttbif fton Isdiii ailiirblivlhaClP* "f OoodHoM oi % 
AiEundiU. PiH(Men arrlTad br tbt laiur nuie, ud dvlraiu of luiliic 
Hulr <M»Me rtmrtwHlwunWiir. •Imtkl'inKelBBsvuaMCo., rMllu. 
Mlllei, «EairfU •i'mr* ter* iMIi Aimn-W Mtiufc w^ at-eeirthw w. 




'.^aSTS; ; 


^rid. Inr aU dnaftMi, Md u PntaMi UaUMuy'i irtOhwwy M4 
iWid, Idodoni aad ki ■!■ EunnnD and Huin.iarin «( ndleln 




Hwbnla Tfnni, u No. U, Burtun Ciiu ni, rremlOA.H. to 1 r.n., W 
DONCAN FORBES, LL.D., pTolmvx of OrlaUl Luau^a Ib tha 
KhiA Colhn, lAOdOHi IMmW oT tlu Rolil AiliHc SaStu of Onw 
Bri&BuidTntuidi Hambar of th> AriulcSadatTof Pull, ukTADtlior of 
Um foHovliif Wotki, Jut pablkbid, gn tha 





la OlIB VOLDMI. ROTAL STO. FRIO £t. 131. M. 

CDhiordBrtoniaetthenlgncTofiniTdA* — vlL A 

onHcxu ud portilil* 
Uwomiilliriala u> 

<V tha jidoptit 

Tiw Fl(M>in— H Udtutul md Euli 
idil Ihu bat* •nr kcaa vnrldiidir I 
TIhShwI ^n— EDcUah aul ■"-' 

, to iuatruetbg otlian th 


Rjact thln^ of 

md upmnkaf aumijfn to I 
bi daanad nmniRiiT of numin rttmett*- 

•• U OMdwaWVw and diinltiw. If dua dHUBeaon 
gf ■•nmouriiaaadlaikoipaBbir, tflo mriM feulti 
doabtfU ■tUIIT, to nplilr daandaa, and to da aU tU 
Ittat typog ^Ti payg, an d pfioaihallbaunaiuspitoBi 

DkUuMTT b tuIlT voRlii of llM paDDnaga of iha punun 
of HtaduMBl Utwaton-— FrteHl tjlnila, OtMrn », fsU. 

KQinUuntant (Srdiiiiiur. 

H,itiinai-m OklHHAR, In Iha Oriota] aod Rooao Chi . ^ 

«-plita lUuitniioni of iha Ptnlin mi DcTwanrl Stus 
ITilUnf. To Khldi !■ addad, a copkrua Selectian of Ej 
idhii Id tha PmL-AiaMc and Devananri Chuacltn. ronn 
ntradactlon lo tb> Ba^bo-Bahar, iqaathn' with a Vocabulv 
r Nolaa. By DlIKDAK>ouai, LL.D. Sto. cloth, 191. 

Sittbuetani iManua). 

a PMkat Coupanioa for Ihoae nho ililt India li 
< f*tfllTti^t tha — w»l>t attaiDmvqli ot coavantoii 
big Tith acenracy, hi tht moat uiafut of aB th 
main Empin^ln Two Pula. 
Pau I, — A CDMPtQdlMi OnnuDar of tha Lananiafa. irlth Emdia oi 

... .. _._..._.. „_, ,u , sjiteaoa rJ —m/,. 

to Gnglhh. 

an* cua^Qi li 

-A CDMPtQdlMi OnnuDar of i 
n pmiiliiaiK pacollarUlaai toe 
a, DlalogiKi, aod Sul^ctafDc tn 

Paai II~A 

Oriental priinmn»1)il>> 

OaiEKiAL PaiiMAHaHiF; aoEaaay for fadUtathig Iha laadJuf and viitlaf 
of ihn Ta-llk Chanctai, ■ gasnllT uHd In thi Eait, Id Ptniao and Hlodua- 
Writing, acrunldi 1ilhopi|ihad llrlmt oclglnViiatlvr USS., accoaipaiilcd by 
laOarpraia dftcrlpuoru, toaathcr trith Eiplaoatary Notaa and ObiatfaUont. 
B]r Ddhcui FouH, LL.I>. tto. doth, b, 

Thr BaaB-o-BABiiiii oonaltUu; of RitortaliUBg Talai hi tha HhidiutnDl 
LiDguue. A mw adlUOB, ouafuUy tullaied with original kISS.. having tha 
aaMntU tonal polBU and ptuwniatian nuikcd thnufhoiiL To which li 
■ddad, a VDcadmlarr of tha Woidi ocnirrtB* la tba work. By Duhoah 
FSHH.LUO. HaTilSTD.«tDth, Ua. 

••■ Tba Bagh o-Babar la tha laat-book In which cadM and ualataat-aurnoni 
haia to paH an auoilnalion In India. Thia edition wa> picnunl under Iha 
auLhoTlty of Iha Hon. the £aat-Indla Coopaoy. 

<5r<inimar of t^e VtvMnn Uangunge. 

Ckuiuaaf Ih* PaBMAR Luanda a. To ahirii li addad, a Selection of 
Eaay EltcacU IMraBdIni. tii«lharwllhacD|4oiu Vocibulan. By Ddhcih 
FsBwa, LUb. S«x«daditIaD,greatly ImpiaredandeonUdarabliaalarted. 
Rayal«vo.chKlllSLed. ■^ 

■•• A kDowladga of Penlan ii abwlidaly nacaaorr for reading the bsl com- 
paallhwa In HlndiiUanl. The preecdhig Grammar, with iu Selectloni, wlU 
imply (uOafor thlipurTuae: when theitudaoi baa flniahid the tUnduitanl 
Gnnuoar, wii)ilta5electloiu(lnIhaPrnianehancta). be wIB Ind It greatly 

THE foliowing SPLENDID SHIPS, iKionniag to 
Uewa.OREIN,orBlackwall,bulltaiEpraal« fa the INDIA TRADE^ 
win be daapBtcbad punctually from ORAVESEND at the BwltnBiiitioaal 

ToBt. CoBmBBdar. 

800 e.Noaka... 
WO ,W. B. Plyca. 
1000 iB. HlgU ... 

too CnSob... 
too A.Parlib ■■' 

Prince of Wals---' 1310 W.F.Hof 

Sulk) , lauo w.cregai 

Vsnon lOOD B.VUH-' 

Serlngapitui I lun J. Fsmall 

Owen (JtaDdswer .- lMa|W.H.Par 

• ■ UA' 



THE followine SPLENDID SHIPS, beloneine I 
McaarL WI(}R.4H, of Blankwall, built and Ittad eipraady r« the Ind 
Trade, will laaTeOHAVESEWDaltliaappolaladdalaa.—Ttach Shir cBrilaai 
txperlenced Surgatn, 

LaM Shipping day In tht EaU-India Docka Ihra* dayipntioudy. 

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Cvnwtf riiMw iliipi.f 7«a wjnawaoo •"■ 

Catsitca direct.... 

Calratta direct 

E*, apply 10 the tatpactln 



BESBMERES and SONS, Clothiers, Outpittkrb, 

India to iDipecl thia Poutablb BBnaiBan, price lii. Od., loToiMd and 
made only by thai. Although to Ught, II ii •tnu, conpact. of (UU alK, 
and iitay ba uaad without B Battrcaai It paaaai rendlh Ibiu a b*r elnahaa hi 
dtaaiauc.HkiBg. BcdMtMl, baddhig, bUokau, ataaaa, ouUt, &&. pack«t ia 
ooe of Utelr Waterproof Ragulatloa OtvUnd Tninki, itaigh undB (Wlta*. 
OrwlHtd TruBka, Ose Oukiea each. Lieu of OatBt for Cadata and AaalBtaol- 


CoBpaiy'i Cindiy, Anillery, and Infiniiy, are rwprctfully acqaalBtad tlimt 

-uidflDcj, which are prepared by them in the drjt atyle, and &t tba 

FLUnlnm, and «T«7 aitidt of Ftreonal OntBt, ready for Shlpmant 

lew JnlintfT Sword, teited OB tba mail laapcotad madlu, and gilt 
KBI LoDdon workmen, lapplitd (1 *l. Si. each. 

KAYVABD * HABBIB, 124, T».< Btnet. 


Dublin, llod 
Brighton, C. I 

71 di 7S. Oraat Qaeaa Smat, LbHolB-^TiSi 

■In-the-FieWe, In tht County of MW" — ^ ™ 
'iLB, at No. IIL CathnlM StreM, 
lod, Id tit* a^Cnunt]- 

IwaatdCDilnt^ . 

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Vol.VIII.— No.l4l.] 


[Phics U. 


Sbipping ud 


LB Iic^tUtiTi CmmeU 

in of CsUoB la IndU I 

lippiDf Inl«m«Da 
uucMle InteDigRica 

Eut.!iuli>' BmM 

Tbc Btnlinck, with the DHili, Irft Ctlcatta Dec. 8. Midru on tbe 
IStta, Point de Oallc l§tb, Alien S91h, and teached Sacz Jm. 4. 

Tlie Mozufftr, with > m^, left UombaT I>ec. 17, and mind «t 
Adaa on tht 94th. 

The Bragama, with the China mnil, left Hoa('Son( Nov. 30, 
"' "■■ " I Peouig on tha loih, reaehiiig OaUa oa 

Sioppore Dee. 

The mails' thm broii|ht r 

Slpct) aa the lath, and Muj 

hrd Alexandria Jan. S, Malta (per 
ei (per If(dwa) on tha ISth inat. 
r. of the inalli, na; be expected 

The next inaU rot BombsT. Cerloa, Mndras, Calcutta, the Strelt), 
And China, aif Maneille*, will be dnpatahed from LondoD on the 
creunc of Thnradaj next, Jan. 34. 

A mail for Bombay rid Marjtilles will be made up la London on 
tkecvcBlDg of Tbaraday, Feb. 7. 

1 1 B'liaek Mb aumtof • ^"^ ^-i 


CdeatU Dec. B I Ce)lan Dee. IS 

Hadrai ,,19 Singapore .. .. „ B 

BomUj 17 I China Not. 30 


By the present mail we learn that the surface of poUtical 
a&in in India, which have beeo for the last two or three 
months almoat stBgn3.iit, is slight]}- rulHed hy the audacity 
of a petty rajah in the Tibet couDtry, who has %et our Ga- 
it at defiance, by eeiiing, imprisoniDg, and treating 

with harsbneis and insolence two British travellers, Dr. 
CampbeU, superintendent of the Sanataiium at Darjeeling, 
and Dr. Hooker, son of Sir W. J. Hooker (the illustrious 
botanist), who wsre on a tour, partly commercial, partly 
scientific, in the Himalayan country, some of the resulta of 
which we have reported in preceding numhers of the 
Indian Mail. 

It appears that Dr. Hooker having been botanizing alone 
in Nspal and the neighbouring districts, orders were sent to 
Dr. Campbell, directing him to assist Dr. Hooker on his 
arrival in Sikhim. Ha joined that traveller, and they ven- 
tured to trespass across the boundary-Une which Chmesa 
jealouay prescribes aa the ne pIii* ultra of Europeans in 
"nbet. They were civilly warned off the Mcred territory by 
a Chinese f(uurd, and were about, to obey the injunction, 
when a party of sixty men, belonging to the Rajah of Sikhim, 
rushed upon them, threw them on the gtonnd, and were 
with difficulty restrained by the lama and the Chinese guard 
from putting them to death. The two gentlemen were 
bound with ropes, which were employed as a means of tor- 
ture, to extort answers to question8(the cords being tightened 
and drawn back with violence, occasioning aevere pain), 
and finally conveyed to rigorous confinement, where they 
remained at the date of the latest advices, the Rajah re- 
fusing to release them. Some accounts represent that the 
Rajah's motive for this arbitrary act is a desire to enforce 
attention to certun representations made by him to our 
Government respecting real or fancied wrongs, to which no 
answer had been returned i other accounts say that he or 
his dewan had a personal grudge towards Dr. Campbell, 
which he chose in this manner to gratify. It is with more 
probability conjectured that the rulers of the 'nbetan 
states, partaking of the jealousy felt by the Chinese Govern- 
ment, and aware that Enropeau "Imellers" have been 
aomeiimea the precuraois of invading armies, look upon 
these visitors aa spies, and that the Sikhim Rajah may have 
assumed that he had a right to e^cclude such travellers from 
his territory, no stipulations to admit them having been in* 
trodaced into the treaty of Titalaya in ISIT, by which the 
East-India Company made over in full sovereignty to the 
Sikhimputtee Rajah, his heira or successors, " ah the hilly 
or mountainous country sitnate to the westward of the 
Mechee river, and to the westward of the Teesta river, 
formerly possessed and occupied by the Rajah of Nepal, 
ceded to the Honourable East-India Company by the 
treaty of peace signed at Segoulee." The Sikhimputtee 
Rajah thereby engaged, for himself and hia successors, — 

" To abitain from anj acta of aggrcgglon or hajtllitji sgalnat the 
OoDikhas, or any other state i that he will lefti ts the arbitratloD 



of the BritUh Gomnmeut any dispntti or questjons Ibat mar iriie 
iKtwcen bis snbjFCts and tbose oF Nepal, or any other nelghboniing 
date, BDil abide by the deCtsioD of the BHtisb GovernineDt ; to joia 
the Briliih troops with the whole of his military forcf , when em- 
ployed wllhin the hills, and in gencrHl to afford the British troopi 
ercrj aid aad faeility in bis power ; that he will not fenail any 
British tnbjrct, nor the snhject of any European or AmencaB state, 

GoTeiaiaeiit ; that he will iramedintFly seize and deliver op any 
dacolti, or DOlorlous offeodets, that may take tefagt within his terri- 
tories j that be mil not afford protecdoD to any defaulters of rennue, 
or Other delinqnents, wheo demanded by the British GoTerDmniC 
throngh their accredited agents ; and that he will afford prntection 

that no duties shall be levied on the transit of merchandise Iwyond 
tlic utabllshed custoin of the golabs, cr marti." 

Upon these conditioDt, the Earl of Moir^, on the part of 
lihe Company, guaranteed to the Rajah and hit euccessora 
" the full and peaceable posseaaion " of the hilly country 
ahoye specified, ivhich, not being a conquest of much value, 
was erected into a separate alale, in conformity with the then 
policy of f^irdling our tertitoriea with small dependencies. 

The Calcatfa Star slatee, that, — 

" For some time past, the Superintendent of Daijeeliog, an sctWe 
and intelligent officer, has been engaged in atti^mpts to extend the 
commerce between the British atatioo of DBrjceUag and tho nelgh- 
bouriog districts. He has, with this liew, made manytrips Into tbe 
Interior to discoTer the resources nt the country and the wants of the 
people, as nell as to oscertain tire best routes, and whatlmproie- 
menU might he made in them. Tliis enterprizf hai been an offence 
to tbe ^ikhim ministers, nho no doubt Imagine these inquiries to be 
a preliminary to re-anneiation of the cooatry. They have, there- 
fore, long been at feud with Dr. Campbell, and songht erery oppor- 
tunity to hinder or thwart him. Cnmpldnts have been further lodfted 
before tlie Snpreme GoTernmeat, but it appears bare been nnheeded 
—not even anawered." 

The Englishman gires the following account of the Rajah 
and his people : — 

" The SikhiiQ Riijab passesaes ■ terrilory on our frontier nearly 
due north from Celcottn, between the coiintrie» of Nepal and 
Boolan, about the size of a large English connly. About sixty 
yeara ago, the Qoorkas Invaded It, and expelled the Rajah. The 
country remained tributary to Nepal until the close at the Nepal 
war, in iai6, wbtn the Rajah, who had taken part with the British, 
was restored to hisdominlon!, and they haie erer since been peaceably 
possessed by the same family. Bounded on the north and east by the 
CblnesetemtarleB.tbecoonectlon ofthis petty state with those power- 
ful neighbours has always been Intimate, wbile very little IntercoDrse 
was kept up with tbe British, until Lord Auckland, being desirnna 
of establlsliiog a sanatHrium in Bengal, obtaiord from the Riyah the 
cssaioo of Darjeeling. which, bavloir an eleTation of 7,000 feet, wai 
mppoaed very suitable. The purpose was, however, abandoned on 

has ever since been the resort of private indivlilnals, as a refuge 
from the heat of the plains, and has acqnirod a high character for 
its salubrity. Tbe iiiliahltanta of the Sikbio country, who are 

well disposed towardi their European acquaintances, and not at all 
■verse to Intereaurse with them. A. jealousy has, however, always 
been displayed by the Rajnh as to strangers penetrating into the 
coantry, whieh has been believed to be occasioned by Chinese In- 
fluence. It has, at ti^es, led to complaints as to the conduct of 
travellers, and about four years ago, the officer in charge of the 
station of Dnrjeellng received a severe reprimand from the Bengal 
Goreroment on account of some transgresaiou of limits." 

Prompt meBsurea have been taken to chastise the pre- 
sumption of this petty potentate. The Bfaagnlpore hill 
Tangers were sent oS' without delay to the station of Dar- 
jeeling. A corps of infantry at Berhampore detached aeva- 
ral companies in the same direction, and the l6th native 
grenadiers were to leave Calcutta in tbe course of a few 
days for the Sanatarium, having been preceded by a small 
detail of arUllery from Dum-Dum. If the Rajah attempt 
renetanee, it must soon be crushed, notwithstanding the 
natural difficulties of a sub- alpine country. The imme- 
diate advance on Sikhim was said to be impossible, aa the 
ground waa thickly covered with snow. 

Amongst the rumours connected with thig occurrence, 
which seems to have excited a ferment almost unexampled 
in that part of out dominions, ia one which traces it to tlie 

agency oF the ei-Ranee of Lahore, now resident at I^tna, 
who ia said to be disposing of her valuable jewdlery, and 
employing the proceeds in the furtherance of hsr intrigues 
to embroil our Government with that of Nepal and with 
the hill states in that quarter. 

Another occtvrence is, with more likelihood, ascribed to 
this restless and ambitious woman. A deep-laid conspi- 
racy has been discovered, according to the D^lu GazHtt, at 
Lahore, for carrying off the young Maharajah Dhuleep 
Singh, which was to have been effected whilst the Iroope 
were being reviewed by Lord Dalhousie. Some of the 
agents of the ex- Ranee, it is said, had tampered with the 
men of Prendergast'a Irregular Cavalry corps, who proved 
true, and gave notice of the fact to their commanding oScer. 
Nine of the emissaries had been taken ; they proved to be 
ci-deeant " kommedans " of Runjeet's better time. The 
little prince was to be sent to Futteh Glwr, under charge of 
Dr. Login, escorted bf a strong party of cavalry, infantry, 
and artillery. Chutter Singh, Shere Singh, and the other 
rebellious Sikh Sirdars, were likewise to be removed from 
the Punjab, eome say to Calcutta. Norayen Singh was to 
be transported. 

Lahore was a scene of gaiety. The Governor-General 
had arrived there on the 2SIh November. The Europaan 
and native infantry regiments and the cavalry were dnnrn 
up to receive his Lordship, and the usual salutes fired. 
Mr. John Lawrence, together with the other members of 
tbe Board, and the Rajahs and Sirdars, were in-attendance 
on the roadside when his Lordahip and Lady Dalbonaie 
made their appearance. The young Maharajah had paid the 
Marquess a visit of ceremony. His Lordship announced his 
intention of holding levees and reviewing the several 
corps. The ceremony of investing Sir Walter Gilbert with 
the Order of the Bath was to take place on a scale of mag- 
nificence equal to that of the investiture of Major-Genend 
Sir John Littler and Sir Dudley Hill in Calcutta; no less 
than 17,000 troops would bs assembled. Sir C. Na^ez 
arrived in the city on the 30th of November. The Marqoeu, 
as his health is much improved, will, after visiting Mooltan, 
proceed by steamer to Bombay. Some accounts report 
that he will accompany tbe Marchioness to Sues ; others 
that he will proceed from Bombay to Madras and Calcutta. 
We mnst recmve all these reports in future with less con- 
fidence than ever, since it is now asserted that the state- 
ments circulated for six months past, and rdtarated "upoB 
authority," of the speedy return of Sir C. Napier, are totally 
groundless, and that " he never had' tbe slightest inteatioB. 
to return to Europe until the period of his service expires 1" 

TranquiUity still reigned throughout the Punjab. Th« 
expedition from Peshawur into the Eusofzye coantry, under 
Col. Lawrence, to which reference was made in our last 
Summary, had received ordere not to follow the malcontents 
into tbe hills, and, by laat accounts, was waiting at tiie 
entrance of the pass for orders from Goremtnent. 

Complaints of the oppression of his subjects in Cash- 
mere are renewed against Maharajah Gholab Singh, He 
is eud to have monopolized every article of trade, even 
grain, reselling the commodities at cent, per cent, profit ; 
that he over-taxes the shawl-workers ; and that he has a 
force of 25,000 men engaged in expeditions against hia 
neighboun. The Bombay Timei observes truly — 

" That tbere is so strong a tendency in certain qnattera to malign 
the Jamoo chief, Oiat the accounti of hii emelttea mut b« rccelTCd 



I ">"SJ in'' 
Kb eifl u li 

. iriUi bdltatlMi. Hi i* uid to k«n Initnicted Dr. HonlKbcrgtr, 
laU pbfaMaa at tba Court of lAhon, to procHd homo, and to |>cr- 
ttet hisiadf in the manaruture of beet-root inear, a maaahctory of 
tba uUele bttog abcmt to be ailaUbbed In Caibmnc." 

8ai H. Ltvnace had taken his departure from Caabmera 
for Moolttn, vid Kobat and Dera lamael Khan, accom- 
panied by Lord Gtfford. 

AccoT^Bg to a latter from Delhi, publithed in the 
Bombai/ ?%M*, mmcran were in circulation re|]^rding the 
detenniiution of cenain regiments, under ordera for the 
Pnnjab, not to croM the Sntlej except on the same allow- 
SBcn as thoae that hare hitherto been enjoyed hj the 
Kgiments oecup]ring that conntrf. 

"lBtt(rrea«Btsta«<,>'NT* tbawHter, " it winiM ba more than 
! ■ >"> ■ ■ ' to pobt out fa B«R dintt tenn*, eltber tbi oorpa alhried 
te, or ^ nperti ngardiag thMi ; bat Sir Cbiria it amn of tba 
■troag fnrlhn of di*sati*AtcttoB wbtcb cilila, •■ atoo ii GorcnneDt, 
aid both OB« aai tba otbir ar* prepared to nwt it with Arm (ad 
dgomni detenalnatioa. Sir Charlei adioeatu no half meauirei, 
and Trtll permit noae. Re IntcDdi to hold him»eif la readineit at 
■ome central point, (o ai to be prepared, ihoald the emcr|[incT 
occur, — iiblcli God forbid 1— to rnah at once to tbe required locBlltj, 
Md tout u to deterotbera from follovioE Che bad eiamnle. Hnw. 

•wr, aa who with ._ .. .. 

>0t ba called for, or pnt ia reqntiltlon 

itportcd nlati, the batter >ent« of the 

aa to pt f —t tbait MUbMng ay oppoaiiioo to tba ordrra thn mar 

moUrt, be tbq to tMtt tht Satlij, Jhtlnin, or A.ttock." 

Uu Bombag THegrofh diacredita thii Tomour. Our 
Madam aPeBww«tlut,an the annezMioo <d the Pnnjah to 
die Britiah dominion), in April laat, all extra allowances to 
dke troopa, now no longer considered to be on fordgn aer- 
TiCB, ware pot an end to. Thera were some diseoatants 
and mnrmorings at first, when the General Relief tritbdrew 
du amnnama, and Erected their places to be taken by 
Mtbera, wh« bHnr wfakt tfaar bad to look for. 

The tame paper reports another afiraf of a serious 
atora at Hfierabad, betwten the riral aecta of Mnaul- 
mans, the Sooneee and Sheeaha, ariaing from a trivial in- 
cident. A Sheeah, at a moaque, vexed at his own in- 
ftraaitaes, cnr s s d Ua agt^ and having eaoplayed the vaT' 
mealar tarm for "agt." otiur, the name of the Soonee 
«iliph, a stir took place amongst the Soonees present, which, 
BScoMaqmnca of other provocations, roused tbe Mood of 
flie sect (to which the Nisam belonga), who are tbe most 
powrafnl of the two, and for serenl hours the city was the 
secM of tomnlt and outrage. At length the Kotwal, with 
sfcodj of MCAnb meroenaries, put an end to the con- 
flict. This occurrence has led to the establishment of Arab 
psats IbTongh the whole of the Residency basilars. It has 
keen ahngn deetoed highly expedient that tbe Arabs should 
InveM GtOa to do with the Residency localities aa pos- 
dble; a large body of these turbulent mercenailea are 
«9w perMianently poated onder the very noses of the 
Bfibit aathoritiea. 

Aceording to the Uadraa ^eelator, the Resident at 
Hyderahnd faai been Buthoiised to adopt a step whi^ is 
Hkely to bring matters to an iaane with the Nisam. It is 
said that Geoeial F^er was charged with a metaage to hia 
ffi^mcoa from Lord Dalhousie, indmatii^ that, as the ad- 
vice and remonatianeeH of the British Government, idthough 
^eu tendered, had failed of producing any eSect, they would 
M loagar be thought necessary. Tbe Nisam, however, is 
if Ihe same dme to underatand that hia pecuniary engage- 
fciita with the Company must be fulfilled, aa regards the 
fMnc, nndor pain of ibm using measures for tbeir own 
UHunifleation. T%d« baa been given him for the payment 
«( Us ontatuding debt, now amounting to 54 lacs of 

rupeea, notil the end of December, 1850 1 but should he 
meanwhile suffer the pay of the contingent to fall into 
arrears, the Governor- General will take measures for the 
adjustment of both old and new dainu, without any ad- 
rertence to tbe pleasure of hia Highness. 

Attempts are made to get up an opposition at the Preti- 
dencies agunat tbe Act for aboliahing the exemption of 
British snl^ta from the jorisdiction of the Company's 
Cnminal Courts, — stigmaticed as " Bethune's BUdt Act,"— 
which, according to tbe Btt^JMAmao, " will take away tho 
birthright of British anhjects in that country, and leave 
Ihem at the mercy of the corrupt and incompetent tribunala 
of tbe Gaat-India Company." We have offered a few 
remarhs upon this propoted law in another place, and 
merely add the following extract ot aa article upon this 
subject in the Frimd of India .— 

ainrtaln the opioloai of the PariiamFnt of the lodiao Pren upon it. 
Witb Borne eieeptioDi, Ibepapen Btthetbna PreiidaDciai have gimi 
Utdr votea againit it ; while tbe Mofoa^l, or eouatry, papers, pnb- 
Uihed in tbe midit of the eommuiilty mott deeplT affected In tbs 
Ael, ba*B nnanlmoiuly drdand in Fanmr of It. Bnt tbe opponHon 

taity ctBatallr vpesia lo bar* taken IttUt I 

t ta the 

The draft of aROther Act " for the Protection of Judicial 
Offioers," ia p«hliriied, which, if we are to take it* object 
from tbe interpretation put upon it by the Hurkam, is "s 
very modest attempt on tbe part of tiie Government to 
exempt its servants from the just and natural consequencet 
tt thor own ignorsBoe or recklessaess." 

Mr. Bsthune, like Mr. Macaulay, hu been sat upon per< 
aonaUy by a portion of the pressi and all hia public actiona 
are made the subject of comment, aometimea, at least, in< 
ndioue. The Huriaru, with reference to the mrcom stance 
of Mr. Bethune's presiding at tbe St. Andrew's dinner. 

"The Hon. J. B. D. Bethtme, the repatod aatbor of tbesa bb- 
popular lawt. and tbs editor of aa emaaeulated edition of Olivtr 
ik/ldimilli, haa lately Uluitrated bit eharaiter ae a legitlator toll 
parlit, aaddrawo apoa hivKlf the contempt, u ba bad already la- 
cnrred the lodlgUBtion, of the pnblic, by Baking a Tain egotiadeal 
tpeceb, and ilnging a Tulgarly obscene long at a pablle dinner." 

At Madras the entire fiulure of the monaoon was tbe chief 
topic of intereat. " Instead of the customary heavy showers 
which viait us in the month of November," says the Atht' 
tuaini, " we have recuved only a few occasional driblets, 
quite inadequate either to satisfy the demands of cultivation, 
or the longings of those who look forward to the raina of 
the monsoon by way of a pleaaant change from the tropical 
routine of unclouded sunshine and clouds of diut." Lord 
Gough ia expected to pay Madras a visit on hia yny 
to England, and the sheriff, in obedience to a requisition, 
bad convened a public meeting for the purpose of couiider- 
lug the beet mode of testifying respect to him. 

The local incidents at Bombay are devoid of interest. 

The Cef Ion jouroala, down to tbe 14tb December, con- 
tain few matters which invite notice. 'The departure of Sir 
B. Tennent for Europe was a topic of general comment; the 
Obterver admits that " the colony, in parting with the 
Colonial Secretary, parts with her cleverest man." The 
coffee crop ia expected to fall abort of the estimate formed 
at the commencement of the seaaon. The rice market waa 
aasuming an alarming aapeet : " Tbe coolies on tbe estates 
must be fed, and the Madras papers bring alarming ac- 




counta of the failure of tho nordi-eaat monioon rains, od 
wUch the rice harvest of aouthern India aad the aupply to 
Ceylon entirely depend." 

The Hong-Kong papers announce the complete success 
of the expedition under Commander Hay against the for- 
midable pirate Shap'ng-taai ; of 64 pireiical veasels, 58 
were destroyed, withont any loss whatever on our part. 
The event ia of some historical importance, inasmuch as it 
is the first time, we believe, in which the British and the 
Chinese navies joined in friendly co-operation SRainet a 
common enemy. Commander Hay pays a high compli- 
ment, in his despatch, to Major>General Wong, who 
" proved himself," he says, " a gallant, active, and efScient 
ally." It appears that her Majesty's sloop CoJumWne, 
Commander Hay, her Majesty's steamer Btry, Commander 
Willcox, and the East- India Company's steamer Phhgtthon, 
left Hong-Kong on the Sth of October, and, proceeding 
along the coast, arrived at Hainan on the I3ch, where they 
met with a most cordial reception from the Chinese autho- 
rities, who prepared a small force of eight war-juaks to co- 
operate with them, and offered a Mandarin to accompany 
them, who was accordingly received on board the Fury. 
The squadron set sail again from Hainan on the I4th, and 
after a close search all along the coaat, they fell in with the 
fleet on the 20lfa of October, in the Bay of Tonquin. Tho 
force consisted of Shap'ng-tsai's junk, mounting 42 guns, 
16 junks carrying 28 to 34 guns each, 42 junks mth 13 to 
15 gnns each, and a few smaller janks. Only six amall 
junks escaped; 1,700 men ware killed, and upward* of 
1,000 driven on shore, where they were speared by the 
Cochin- Chinese soldiers; some 160, being made prisoners 
by her Majesty's forces, were subsequently handed over to 
the Chinese authorities at Hainan. The chief, Shap'ng- 
tsai managed to effect his escape in a small boat juat before 
his own junk blew up. 

Angry communicalions were still passing between the 
Macao government and the Chinese viceroy respecting the 
murder of Governor Amaral, and the refusal to deliver up 
his head and hand. The tone of Seu's letters to the Macao 
Council is haughty and contemptuous; he concludes his 
last letter, " this is all I have to communicate to the de- 
apalcb of the council." The reply of the latter contains, 
amongst other strong expressions, the following; "Nothing 
now is left them but to bold you responsible for the assas- 
sinatiou of Governor Amaral, for the retention of his head 
and hand, for the violation of the rights of the Portugueae 
nation, and for all consequences that may result from this 
inhuman and nnheard-of act, and from the proceedinga of 
the Chinese authorities at Canton with regard to it." 

The China Mail states that the Spanish minister, beaides 
opening diplomatic relationa on the part of bis own govern- 
ment with the imperial commissioner, has been negotiating 
for the delivery of the head and hand of the Governor of 

Bbnoal.— Lieut. Edward Haines, engrt. at Maulmain, 

Oct. a ; Eos. John C. GrifEo, 26th L,C. at Tsrragonea, 

Nov. 24 ; Surg. A. C. Gordon, 1st N.I. at Jullundur, 

Nov, 30. 
Madras. Capt. R. H. Jamas, 9$tb ^,1. at Davamunny, 

^'ov. 29. 



Darjt^aig,NoB.^.—Tit. Campbell, with Dr. Hooker, crossed 
the frontier, and went into Tibet; we do not know how Ibey 
managed to pass the gusrd of one officer and twenty men, but 
tbef did so, and n>n>ained Tour days in Tibet. On their return 
tbey went to Tumlooog, the Rajah's winter residence in Sikbia. 
He would not, and did not, receive either of tbem ; when tbey 
determined to go to Cliola, a lofty mountain, two marches o^ 
although they were warned not to cross the frontier. They 
reached Cbols, snd Ending Choombec, the RajiU's lummer resi- 
dence in Tibet, to be only one march furtlier, they determined to 
see it, knowing well it is scrosi tbe boundary and in Tibet: 
tbey passed the fatal boundary, and were seixed upon by a guard 
of aliiy soldiers, snd carried to Choombee, prisoners, whence 
tliey weie ordered to be taken prisoners to the Sikhim Hsjsh 
St Tumloong. On their arrival, the Rqsh wrote s letter to the 
Governor- General, inclosed in one to Cspt. Bishop, officiating 
superintendent, both containing a long liat of complaints sgwnst 
Dr. Campbell, and stating that tlie Rajsh would keep him a 
prisoner until he received an an stver from the Governor -Gen era], 
to whom he has been writing for three years without receiving 
an answer. The letter, dated ' Tumloong, llth November,' was 
received at cutcherry on the 13tb, partly interpreted, hot not 
wholly translated until the IStli, when Cspt. Bishop had left, 
and Capt. Bying taken his place. The supplies of rice, &c 
from the Terai to Tumloong, I beliei'e, were ordered to be cut 
off, and were bo; a requisition was sent for the Bhau- 
gulpore bill rangers, snd s letter of remonalrsnce to the 
Rnjab, requesting liim to send in Dr. Campbell, and' 
depend on the Governor- General for justice and impar- 
tiality. The Tibetans hold the Sikhim Kajah responsible ; and 
between the two 1 hare nodoubt he f^eli himself inaGi. ETery 
precaution is made to defend this place, on acconnt of s gsther- 
ing of the Hill peopU on the banks of the Rungeet The church 
is turned into an ammunition store ; the cntcherry is occupied 
night and day by nine Europeans and as many sqioys, with the 
two 6-poander gnns, — Hvrharv, Nor. 89. 

DarjtiHtig, nov. S4. — Dr. Campbell is still in confinement, 
and not even nllowed to write to his wife ; but yesterday a chup ■ 
prastee came from him with a mesnage, saying that be was ilive 
and well, but begged that no sotdieis might be sent to Sikhim. 
People seem to think thst he will i.ot be relesseduntil tbe Rajah 
receives s commanicstion from Government to thst effect. All 
the servants in this place are snned with thick sticks, and most 
of them with swoids ; and list evening, when out walking, tve 
met a psriy of armed sepoys, and saw numbers of them about 
the alatron. The bazar is almost empty, so many natives have 
run away from the station, on sccoant of the reports they have 
heard. I believe there is no real danger now, but Capt. Byng 
seems to think it better to be prepared in case of any thing hap- 
pening, for perhaps if the Rsjah heard we were not prepared for 
any disturbance, it miglit tempt him to take us by surniise. — 
Ibid. Nov. 30. 

Private letters, dated Daijeeling, Nov. S7, state thst Mrs; 
Campbell had received aletter fram herhasband, telling her (bat 
be had been most cruelly treated, and did not see any protped 
of his being realeased tor some time yet 

Tbe Eattern Star gives an extract of a letter from a corre- 
spondent, dated S6[h Nov., which ststes thst "A letter no*- 
received from the Bajah of Sikhim yesterday, in answer to tta* 
forwarded by Capt. Byng, immediately on the receipt of the- 
news of tbe imprisonment of Drs. Compbdl and Hooker, The 
Rajsh was warned of the consequences of detaining Dr. CatnpbeB 
an hour after he might receive Capt Byng's despatch ; but be- 
hsl detained him, and in his reply does not hint at giving hins. 
up, until communications from the British Government reacb 
him. It is said thst he has hitherto Bought the attention of 
Govenunent to his wrongs, bncied or real, in vain ; and that bv 
is resolved not to let the present opportunity slip of enfofcii^ 
respect to bis petitions." 

The CalmUa Star contains the following extract of a letter 
from Daijeeling. dated November 97:— " Tbe treatment whldi 
Dr. Campbell has received has been of the moat shameful 
description, and must entail on the Rajah of Sikbim the ven- 
geance of the British Government. It appears tlist Dr. Camp- 
bell woi proceeding towards tbe Tibetin frontier, when he was 
met by a Chinese guard of about 100 men, wbo in civil terms. 
requested the travellers not to cross the frontier. Upon this, 
they prepared to retrace their eteps, when a party of Sikbimite* 
rushed upon then, threw them to tbe ground, and with difficulty 

« conveyMl to a resideneei where tiiey were placed in sepo- 




nte Kpirtmeiitc >nd all coonnanlolkin between tbem inter, 
dieted Tlie SIkhim peopls were, however, not vtry tharp- 
ligbCed. Dn, Campbelt and Hooker were allowed to share 
tbe proviaiont bniuglil witb (hero and thoae supplied to them ; 
and joint* o( niattoD, beer bottles, bceCtteakB, and hermetinll; 
icaled meata and aoups, fee. fonned the Tebiclea of occasional 
ivrillen conrene between them. The Dewan of the Rnjali 
appear* to hare hart the most implMabTe animosily towards 
Dr. Campbelt.and there can be little doubt Ihnl much of the 
ill- treatment which that officer liai experienced ia the mult of 
his liHtred. Dr. Campbell's hands \rere bound in a cruel man- 
ner behind hia back, and when he was asked questions and 
defayeil answering, the cords were tightened and drawn back 
with violence, caiuing gpreat pain. On one oecaiion it ^TBa at- 
tempted to destroy Campbell, by pressing his head with violence 
npon bis biessL' 

The Mail (express from Bombay), with intelligence Trom 
London to Oct. 21^ reached Calcuila Nov. £. The steamer 
Haditing'm Was reported on Che 7th. 

DisiL-aatKca AT BADLTiH.—E^iIract of a letter from Bauleah, 
?7th Oct.—" A moat furious affray took place this morning be. 
tween the Mahomedans and Hindoos, in consequence oF the 
de terminal ion of the former to slaugliler cows at the Durifab, in 
the Banr, surrounded by Hindoo merchants, on tbe occasion of 
the festival Buhreed, against tbe remonstrance of the latter. 
Tbe number of men assembled on both lidei was no less tlion 
5,000— the MshomedaDS were the most powerful, and well 
armed. The Hindoos, having been previouily bound down tiy 
tlie maglslrale to keep the peace, were not allowed to carry any 
weapuos with them. The conscquenA has been most lament- 
able i tnenty men have been most severely wounded, one or 
tn-o of them so dangerously that they are not expected to live. 
The Hindoos have sufTered tlie most ; they were not only beaten 
and wounded, but received all kinds of insult; one man among 
thereat iraa bound to a post nesrlhe Durgab, and beef and blood 
were put into his mouth. Tlic liousc of another (aud he was the 
Judge's tberuiodar) was plundered; two or three other shop* 
were also broken open and plunilered in the same manner. Tbe 
magiilmle was an the spot, but he was too late."— CU Sfar. 

Tuocoaa.— We have heard that the confession of a Thug 
has led to the exhunulion, not far from Subraon, of the skele- 
ton of an European, and from the correspondence of lime, 
place, and circumstances, there is little duubt chat the remains 
are tboae of I.icuL Brockman, of H. M.'s 5Dth, nho very mys- 
tcriotisly disappeared during (he lir>t Sikh campaign. A corre- 
spondence is going on, on (lie sulijccl, but as the regiment is at 
borne, a greater diSicully exists in (racing particulars than would 
otherwise have been tbe ca»e. yiu hope to receive full in- 
tbrmation alien tlie investigation is completed. — IJelhi GaxelU, 
Dte. I. 

DiviDEvna. — Tlie rollowing dividends are now in course of 
payment at the office of the Officiat AKignee, Calcutta^ — 
Estate of Brigbtman and Co. second dividend at three per 
cent. ; es'ate of Saundera, May. Fordyce and Co. first dividend 
at two per cent. ; estate of Fergnson, Brothers, second dividend 
at eleven *r. per cent. 

Wiica.— The barque La^ Sah. bound to Calcutta, from 
Tiiagapatam and Madras, was wrecked near the mouCli of the 
Calingapalam river, on the Iflth November. No lives were lost. 
OriDM.— At the Ural opium sale of the aeoson held, Palna 
averaged B*. 87-5, and Benares R*.6I, below the result of the 
preceding sale. — JVbe. S6. 

Thi MAQUTucv.—It ia said that Mr. Hume will be made 
Mnior Dugistrate and Mr. Wylie, junior ; that Mr. Patlon will 
be removed to an equivalent appointment ; that the pay of (ha 
office of €iml magistrate will be reduced ; that the chief 
magistrate will be alao superintendent of police i and that 
Mr. Law will be made deputy superintendent Witli the power 
of a DMRistrata in conserrancy cases. — Nurtaru. 

Tiia BovDCD WtaiKooE AssocitTioK declared a dividend on 
Nov. 19 of Co "a IU.5 per share lor tlie last half-year. 

Tui Salt HaTAiLaaa have been hron^lit to their (enaea by 
the late order from Government threatening to establish sbopa 
bt tbe sale of salt at wholesale pricea. The commodity is now 
fat wie at ten seers the rupee. 

Aluh ABA D.— Letters inform ns that tbe Snd division of 
H.U.'a 9Tih arrived at Allaliabad on the 16th Nov., and joined 
tbtir comradea at Allopeebagh on the following morning. Tbe 
SAh K. I. arrived by water from Cawnporu on tbe I7th, in pro- 
Kfa t« Dinapore. The European invalids also had passed 
OaiatatioD. The 67th are not to inarch until tlie arrival of 
I^ri G(]ivli,wbo ia tbe colonel of the corpa, and will inspect 
tea m MB HTiTB) at Allahabad. 

Rav. J. H. PaATT.— Tbe Bishop of Calcutta ha* nominated 

■ domestic chaplain, the Rev. J. H. Piatt, to tbe oltice of 
archdeacon, vacant by the promotion of Di. Dealiry to the Sec 
of Madras. 

kSTHQUAiE AT CuiTTAaoHa.— A Icttcr from Chittagong, 
dated tbe !7(h Nov., states that a very severe shock of earlh- 
quake occurred early on the morning of the Viih ; a young 
man, who was in a precarious state from an attack of fever, and 
had been delirious for several days, was brought to bis senses by 
tbe shock, and the following day the fever left him entirclv. 

MiLiitar.— The 68th N.I,, under command of Majir C, 
Maling, reached Delhi on the morning of Nov. 10, and marched 
into camp the aame evening. Tbe march of the 38ih L. L 
from Lucknow has been countermanded for (he presen(, Tlie 
5Gth N.I. lefl Agra early on the morning of the I2(h of Nov., 
for Barrackpore ; the artillery had also moved. The 4th N.I. 
were to march from Jullunder for Rawul Pindee. on the Siind 
of Nov. Tlie 5(?i Punjaub cavalry left Mooltan for Kavrul 
Pindee on the lOth of Nov. The 12th N.I. lefr Altyghur for 
MooKan on the SOtli of Nov. The 49th N.I. marched from 
Nakoda for Phillour on the 13(h of Nov. 

Loan Gounii presented coloura to the 30th N.I. at Allyghur, 
on the anth November. 

The Fritrtd o/ India gives us tbe following comparative state- 
ment of the Government receipts from Opium during the last 
twenty years. It will be seen that ttie demand lui the drug has 
been steadily on tbe increase : — 



J. 16,76.771 
1,80,5 1, 4S8 
1.83. 16.5(1 e 




Cimp, Phvffwara. IVoe. 21, 1819.— At a general court-marfial 
•asemhied at Lahore, Oct. 89, 1840, Capt. Hugh Mac- 
kenzie, 2nd Eur. reg. ivaa arraigned on the following charge ;— 

For highly anbecoming conduct, in having, in a letter to (he 
address of Lieu(.-co1. Grant, c a., adj. -gen. of (he army, da(ed 
Lahore, Juno 30. 1819, hisely and recklessly imputed to Major 
G. R. Talbot, of the 2nd Eur. reg.. cowardice and misbehaviour 
before the enemy, in the battle of Cliilianivalla, on Jon. 13, 1849, 
and in the battle of Goojerat on Feb. 81, 1819, 

FiBi/inS.— Guilly- 

.SenfCTce. — To lose (bree step* in the 2nd Eur. reg., by being 
placed in tbe list of tbe rank of captains in that regiment next 
lielow Captain and Brevet-mqor M. E. Sherwill, and above 
CapUin F. D. Atkinson. 

Approved and confirmed. C. J. NAriin, Gen , C.-in-C. 

Head QuaHera, Delhi, Oct. 9, 1810. 

JuSmidm, IVov. 22, lEAO. — At a general court-martini assem. 
bleil at Ravnl Pindee, on the October 84^ 1S19, Lieut. 
A. F. Engliah, 8ind N.L, was arraigned on the following 
charge :— 

For having failed to lejoin his regiment itutioned at Ratvul 
Pindee, on May 31, 1849, on (he expiration of (he temporary 
leave which had been granted to him, in expectation of general 
leave being sanctioned, notwithstanding that he had received tbe 
positive orders of hi* commanding officer to do so. and for 
having been absent without leave, from (bat date until the 24(h 
t4 August, I8L9. 

Jinrfinj.— Guilty. 

Stnltnce —To be severely reprimanded, and to lote one 
step in (he liit of lieutenants of tlie 28nd N. I. 

Approved and conflrroed, C. J. Nariaa, Gen^^l-C. 

Head-Quaner^ Delhi, Nov. MSlSfc . ^lOOVl*^ 




Benarla by kit JSxctOaici/ tie Cormnmiiier-a-Chuf, — Lieut. 
Snglislj bus been above five jean in the ■ervice. and b» tbere- 
fore no right whatever to put forth tbe exeuae tbst he was igno- 
rant of bis duties, especially as lie must have teen men tried for 
tbe offence of which he has been foinid guilty. I feel, Iherelbre, 
that it is neceasaa? to carry so much of the veryproper sentence 
of the Court into execution u to TepriBiand LienC. Englieh, and 
he is herehj reprimuided according] y. But I accept of tbe con- 
trition of Lieut. English, and in tlie hope that hia conduct will 
be more correct in future, I pardon him tbe rest of hie leotence, 
viz. the loM of one >t«ii in tbe list of Ueateionti of tbe 


C. J. Nansa, Gan., Cin-C 

ber, 18^9. Capt. Lionel Gomei Da Costa, of tiie jBth regt N.L 
was amigned on the following charge : — 

For nnofficer-like conduct, in having, at Jograon and Mullick- 
pore, in the months of February and March, 1849, played at 
carda with Major T. Cooke, 17th regt. N.T.. for large stakea 
and bets, in tbe course of wbich play he won liroiii Major Cooke 
the sum of Ra. 86,000, or thereabouts; such conduct being In 
direct disobedience of repeated nneral orders prohibiting gam- 
bling in the army; viz. general oiden bjr the Commander-in-Chief, 
dated respectively the 95th of September, 1S90, tbe I6th of 
AuguBt, 1S3I, and the 26th of June, 1845. 

FiBjing. — Gailtj. 

SetUoKt.—To be placed at the bottom of tha list of capbdns 
of luB regiment. 

ApproTed and confirmed. 

C.J. NAriaa, Gen., C.-in-C 

In accordance with the above sentence, Captain Da Coita's 
name nill be placed immediately below that of Captain Auguitus 
Kay Moffatt in tbe list of tbe 5Stb regt. N. I. ; and be is to be 
TcleaseU froni airest, and directed to return to liia duty. 


Alrxahdbk, H. a. B. aatt, to mag. and coll. of Nuddtah, t»I. 

with spec. pow. No*. M. 
ALEXAMnEB, R. to be an aiat. to mag. and coll. of MMoapore, and 

to be in eh. of sub. dir. of Gnrbetab, wHh posers of jt. mag. and 

dep. coll. 
AlkxaNDSK, W. S. civ. and aes. jad. of Bhlngulpore, made over 

ch. of dn. offals off. Nov. 17. 
Battts, O. W. to offic. a* aaperint. of stamps and dep. ace. to 

board of cnslonu, &c. Nov. 36. 
Batlkt, E. C. app. under see. to govt, of India Id all the eiv. 

depts. with (Ov. gen. to offlc. in that otHee nntil emb. of Chriitlan 

for Europe. 
Blcndkli., E. a. rec. eb. of Penaog rei. fr. L»i), Nov. 30. 
BtrcKLANn, C. T. to eb. of off. of coll. of Bhangulpore, dnr. abi. 

of Loeh, on leave, Nov. 38. 
Cadknbkad, J. to be a prise, aatt. to gov. gea. ag. N. W. front. 

and to be ttat. at Snmfenlpore, Nov. 37. 
CoDEK, H. W. sab. dep. oplun agtat <^ Jaonpore, to aet ■• As. of 

Azimghor, Nov. 15. 
CuKuvra, D. nia<. of Uanghyr, made ov. eh. of off. to R.O. Hsy- 

wDod, Nov. 16. 
Dbuhmond, Hon. E. to off. as mag. of Bthar, dor. alii. of Bal- 
four, Nov. 37. 
FOBBTTH, T. D. to be ]t. mag. and dep. coll. at Simla, Nov, 13. 
FOWLE, F. C. rec, ch. of off. of Chittagnng, fr. J. S. Spankic. 
Harrison, R. P.tooffic.nsjt. mag. end dtp. eoU. of Bografa, 

dnr. abi. of G. U. Yale, Nov. is. 
LeuarcBANb, J. snrv. at Bulllah, to Bet as inb. dep. ophim 

:, Nov 

of H 

SBE, W. C. til r«. th. 


xh. Nov. : 


J. late atat. 



Nov. 13. 



to off. as d 


Id off. as jt. m 

e, Nov. 19 

Tis, S. N 

east, to m 

g. fa 

dep. cell, of Comek. 

mag. Bee. Qoruekpore, iav. with spec. 

pow. Nov. 31. 
MoKBT, D. 1. dv. and acaa. jnd. Moorsbedabad, nade over eh. of 

COT. du, othis off. Nov. 37. 
MONBV, W. E. to offic. aa coU. of customs at Miriapore dor. aba. 

ofTodd, Nov. 30. 
Nabkyth, J. Bsst. to mag. Su. of Hooglj, veitid with spec. pow. 
Palube. W. p. rcl. to do. Nov. 37 ; rec. ch. of dv. aud. off. tr. 

O. W. Battye, Nov. 19. 
Smelt, A. ret. to duty, Nov. 16. 
Tfmflb, B. Iransf. as an asst. to Allahabad div. and app. to exerc. 

pow. irfjt. nag. and dep. coll. In Allahabad diat. Nov. IB. 

r. i. to be aist. to mag. &c. Midoaporr, Nov. IS. 
DPS, 6. mag. of Hoogly, rea. ch. of off. &. W. G. YoDBg, 
WiLBON, T. aub-dep- opium ageot Aximghui to act ai do. of 

Benares dur. Harvard's abs. Nov. 1>. 
Woodcock, E. E. mag. of Beerbhoom, made ov. cb. to A. OgQ- 

vie, Nov. 13. 
Wyatt, T. ret. to duty. Nov. 33. 
YoDNo, W. G. res. cb. of enb-div. of Serampore fr. KasseU. 

Babinotok, L. leave canceUed. 
Bekpokd, G. M. I rao. 
Chbistian. J. O. to England oo fori, on B 
.-. . 1. forfnrl. 


r. Dee. 3, prep, to appl. f 
I. T. D. leave ei 


Lbnnox, C. W, leave caoc. 
Linn, F. M. 1 mo. 
Lo«B. G. coll. of Bkangulpore. 1 ho. 
MACaiNToaK, G. G. coll. of Bardwan, 1 mo. 
Oldtibld. R. C. 1 mo. 
Paluib, W. p. leave eaoc. 
Phillipb, A.m. 1 mo. 

Plowuen, a. M. C. mag. H cott, of BoolnndabBliar, to Nov. 30, 
in eit. 

Tbobkhill. K.'i no. 

Ttsciaii, U. C. I BO. and l year to Europe. 

WbODBBBVBN, J. 3 mo. to Knnwdiee. 

ArFOixtMBHTa, (ke. 

Botlb, ttev. W. I mo. 

Bboobe, Rfv. R. P.chapl. of Banilly, 1 mo. in est 

Gasbett, Rev. C. to bt cbapl. of Uauoont, See. v. E. K. Had- 
dock, Nov. 16. 

Maddock, Rev. B. K. ehapl. of Mutsooree, &c. placed at disp. of 
Gov. of Bengal with view to app. at ehapl. of Ptoang, Nov. 16. 

Haltby, Rfv. R. B. to Enrope. 

Haynb, Rev. F. O. to be cbapl. of Labore, v. Haltby, to EtV. 
Nov. 16. 

Paktino, Rev. R. asst. ehapl. ret, to duty, and le.att. t* Bo^tl 
dlv. of pre*. Nov. 33 i to be ehapl. of Mldnapore, Nov. 36. 

Pbatt, Rev. J. H. m.a. to be arcbdeaooo of CalcBtta, to oonliBiB* 
to offlc. B> domestic ohapl. to the lord bisboa, Dec. I. 

Sbakpe. Rev. J. to be chaal. of Loodianah, Nov. |6. 

8haw, Kbt. F, W. to be ehapl. of Rawnl Kndee, Nov. 16. 

Bhith, Rev. H. cbapl. of A^a. I mo. leave of absence. 

Smtth, Rev. T. C. reported his arrival Dec. 3; att. to N. V. 

Whiting, Rev. W. J, to Enrope. 


Abbbcbowbtb, Brev. i 

Bbdce, Uent. U. 3ad In com. 6th Panjab eai 

dur. abs. of Ens. C. ChambetWn, Nov. 13. 
BoHNT, Ueut. A. set. to act as a4). to 

era ottatit. 
adlnst Ua 

art. div. T. 

t. H. K. Sad N.I. to act. asmaj. ofhrij 

BoBNE, Llei 
Btno, Capt. 

jetltng fr. Capt. G. W. Bishop, Nov. IT. 
Caokli., Ens. R. posted to Mtli N.I. at Jbdam. 


Caupbell. Brig. Sir C. K.4 

Peshawurdisl. Nov. 31. 
Cabtkb, Lieut. H.J. W.6fith N.I. retnrud to doty. 
Chaubkblaw, LitnL C. T. 3Stk N.I. to be oonu 

fr. eoot. «f SiBd Sagw to 

of lat Irr. 

Chbistian, Ens. H. H. to Joht and do duty with Silt N.I. Bt 

CovKNTKY, Lient. col. C. fr. Bth to 17th N.I. proc. (V. Lahore to 

Hoehryarpore, Nov. 31. 
Crosbuan, Capt. C. Inv. eetab. retnmed to duty. 
CuNNiHORAM, Br«v. eapt. J. D. tug, to be capt. fr. Nov. 13, in 

bdc. to Hrev, msj. B. W. Ooldie, dee. Nov. 33. 
CUBBIK. Llent. M. E. art, to proc. to Pabawor and >oId hia troop. 
Dav[EB, Llrat. J. S. to be jun. asst. to gov. gen. eg. S. W. front. 

and to offlc. as 1st dass asst. in Slngbocm, during abs. of 

Hanghtno, Nov, 37. 
Day, Brev. Ucot. eel. E. F. fr. 19t to 3rd brig. h. art. but to coO' 

t'om in com. Ferozepore div. art. Nov. 31. 
D'Oyi.v, Llent. C. W. SSth N.I. retnmed to duly. 
Drumuond, Brev, mq. H. 3rd L.C. placed at disp. of foreiga 

depl. fnr special emp. fgr 13 mo. 
Ellis. Cnraet H. A. L. 1st L.C. to b* Heat. fr. Nov. 16^ in n 

to Goad, ret. 

Digitized bv V 

M Heat.^lir. Nov. 16. in i 



I. Hst. to Got. Geo. »g. S.W. 

EUERBON, Ij«t. J. to off. 

_ front, r. Durln, Nor. 37. 

I, Mnj. J. A. toT. cit. permUtcd to nildc Id vlckiltT o 


Goad, Cspt. S. B. 1st L.C. perm. Id 

GoDBT, Ea*. C. J. 3«(h N.I. to ofBc 

I. UeM. Ggrdon, Kpp. to ofli. u 2 

iiiDON, Lieut. W. F. tub. utt. u 

itHh Punjab Inf. Not. 13. 

3 adj. la and Sikh loe. Inf. 

in com. No*. 1t>. 

I. gco. to eh. of offl::e of 

•apt. otloEMan at Mooltaa. 
GoKDQif, Lient. J. Stb N.I. rtt. to dntr- 
Greek, Lieut. 3nd iu com. Stb Punjab inf, to pcoo. «D 

dutT to Laban md Loodluali, Not. 13. 
Haldahe, limt. caL C. 63nd N.I. rL to dotj. 
Haksib, Llcnt. J. C. engi. to be lit Ueut. fr. Nov. 13, In ne. to 

Capt. C. Caaoiigbam, prnm. Noi. S3. 
HAiTiNsi, Hod. £. P, R. H. sand N.I. ret. to dotr- 
Hbatr, Itt Ueut. A. II. art. to rejoin Us corps. 
HsHDEMOir, Lieut. 3rd Paajkbiiif. to talia eh. of ni^ta. off. Nor. IT. 
HuiSD, Li*Dt. eoL Q. cm. oa lesTe, fr. e»li to 37tb N.I. Nor. n. 
Jbllicoe, Ens. F. G. G3rd N.I. !□ oMt. u bitnrp. and qr. nr. *. 

Kkmp, Edi. F. C. portad to 6gth N.I. 

Laub, Ed9. T. I6tb N.I. (pp. to do duty with Rungbir L.I. ta«. 
LcMEDAixE, Edi. W. S. R. SSlk N.I. to do dntf with recroiu luider 

com. of Haj. St. G. D. Shoveri, 7and N.I. Not. 33. 
Maodeoos, Mbj. made OTcr eb. of off. of agent to go*, gen. 

Benares, tod •nptTint. of ii-raj. of Coorg, to Mr. Raade, com. 

of Sth Besare* «t. Not. 13. 
Mackenzii, Lient. F. to rcc. reporta of station and depot of 

I.<adoiir, Not. 91. 
Hahni.vo, Lieat. H. D. I»tli N.I. to be adj. t. RobioBna. 
Uabshall, Lieut. W. E. MOt N.I. to otEe. u adj. to left viiiig 

dur. it* Mpwr. fr. kd. qr. Not. 31 . 
UoKTeoiiaaT, Capt. G. J. 15tb N.I. rtt. to do duty, Not. 31. 
UOODT, Lieut, col. 3. 33ad N.I. to com. of Ferozcporc itation. 
M OWATT, Hiq. J. L. art. to proa, to Lahon and jcdn bd. qr. of 
Sad batt. Not. 31. 

N.I. pcoc. to Ptiliawar. 

NouTON, Lieut. coL H. fr. i;ib to 7 

OLDVfELD, BrcT. lient. Eol' C. E. T, 

Ottlev, BrcT, capt. G. O'B. eib N.I. ret. to dutf. 

Fatton, Lieut. U. 17th N.I, to be interp. aad qr. mr. 

PviLLmTTS, Bu. H. posted to lUb N.I. at Wozeerabadt 
Bkhnt, lint. R. 47tb N.I. to oSe. at dep. jud. adv. gen. of diT. 

T. BrcT. maj. G. Can, on leave, Not. 31. 
RiVBLi., Capt. J. R. IDT. eM. ret. to duty. 
RiPLBT, En*. E. P. W. do. dutf witb 67tli, to jolo and do do. 

vith 47th N.I. OD dep. of rormer corpi fr. Casopore, Not. 31. 
RaBiNHoN, Licat. A. 19tb N.I. perm, to rei. app. o[ adj. to corpi. 
HoSB, Lieut, eol. R. fr. 71« to Utb N.I. Nov. 31 ; ret. to duty. 
Sage, Lieut, eol. W. itaff emp. fr. 37tb to 69th N.I. Not. 31. 
Smith, Maj. L. H. Sth L.C. perm, to les. ap. of com. of lit irr. 

Show, Utut. T. R. 9tb L.C. ret. to dotj. 

Stewart, Maj. W. 32nd N.I. to be gOT. gen.'a agent at Btnara, 

and Buperint. ol ex-ra]ab of Coorg, and of the afl 

fi-r^afa ot Sattara, Not. 13. 
SroiBs, En*. H. 13th N.I. to olfic. ai lotarp. and 
iiiuaiiB, Lieat. W. U. 33rd N.I. to act at adj. dur. aba. of LU^. 

T. Tnilob, Not. 3D. 
TiTBHER, Brer, capt. T. F. Itt L.C. to be capt. b. Not. 16, la Mc. 

toCroad, ret, 
Watebfield, Capt. J. 38th L.I. returned to duty. 
'Wood, Ent. J. C. to proc. iu cam. of I. w. Stb In 

vnrdi MooitsD, T. Ltest. T. WaUon, detained, Ni 
YavKO, Lieut. R. (Bgr*. plated Bt diip. offer, dep. tor dT. amp. 
Young, Lieut. J. 4tb N.I. to ofBo. U interp. and qt. mr. 

ROBIRBOM, J. J. Not. 38. 

Chaluebs, R. Not. 31. 

Bf ADDOCEI, T. U. No*. 36. 
WlMCQ, H. P. W. Not. 3S. 

BLAia, Ens. H. B, 47Ui N.l. ff. Nor. 13 to Feb. 10, to D 
Bbbtt. Lient. G. A. 41st N.I. 1 jear fr. Oct. 39, ( ~ 

Shnla, aad hlBi BOTth of Derrah, on m. e. 
6An, Brer. m^. O. prep, to tea, on m. c. 
f^AMBMLAiN, Lient. T. H. Ist Onds local Inr. fr. Nor. 13, t 

Dtc. >4, Id »t. to enable bim to join. 

Craubebb, Capl. J. 31it N.I. to March I, in eit. 

Clikton, Ueut. W. C. 67lh N.I. leaTe cane. 

Cole, Lieut. T. 13th N.l. fr. No*. 34, to Nor. li, 1860, In cit. to 

rem. at Muitoorie, on m. c. 
CoBNiBH, Brev. capt. P. G. lOtb N.I. 5 mo. fr. Get. 19. In ext. to 

Calcnttn, prep, to app. for fori, to Europe, on m. e. 
Cbouuelin, Lieut. W. A. engi. fr. Sept. 9, to Not, 30, (0 Bom- 

1>aj, prep, to proc. to Europe, on fori, on m. e. 
CtiaaiE, Lieut. J. R. 4th N. I. prep, to tea, on m. c. 
DnitDAS, Brig. Hon. Sir H.3 mo, fr. Dec. 1, to Bombaj, prsp. to 

app. for furl, to Europe, 
Epwabds, Lieut. H. B. Itt Ear. fni. I Tear to Europe, od furl. 

vithont pay, to imb. at Bombay. 
Elms, Lirot. E. J. 1st. N.I. 4 mo. from Nor. 10 to pres. prep, to 

app. lor luTS to Anttrnila, on. m. e. 
ELPBrN«TO.vE, Eu. N. W, 4th N.I. prep, to tea, on m. c. 
FEnouaBOM, Capt. J. H. 38ri1 N.I. to Europe, on furl. 
Prrz.GEBALD, Eu, H. J. 10th N.I. 1 mo. In eit. It. Nor. IB, to 

Qabdbn, Lieut, eol. W. c.e. prep, to Eur. on m. e. 
Griffith, Lient. J. C. art. fr. Ota. I, to Uay 31, to Calcutta. 
Hauilto.v, Lieut. O. 7th L.C. to Europe, on furl, oa m, c. 
H1CE8, Capt, G. W. dep. comm. Punjab. <n eat. to Not. IS. 
HdiSh, Lieut, col. O. c.b. I mo. fr. Not. 15, in ext. on m. c. 
LaHB, Lient. J. Feb. 15, Lahore, m. c. 
Law, Capt. /. H. 30th N.I. fr. Dec, 1 to Mnrch tS, 1850, ti pres. 

prep, to app. for turi. to Enrope, on m. c. 
Mackehzie, Lieut, col. J. 9th L. C. 4 mo, fr. Nov. 15, la ext. to 

ptes. prep, to app. for fori, to Europe, on m. c. 
NUTBALL. Lieut. W. F. Anaean batt. fr, Oct. 3S to Not. IS, to 

Olfhebts, Lleat. H. A. art fr, Not. 33 to March 1, 1850, In 
ext. to pre*, prep, to app, for furl, to Europe, on at. e, 

PaBHOTT, Lieut, B. 37lb N.l. fl mo, fr. Not. IS, to Calcutta, on 
m. c. prep, to npp. for furl, to Europe. 

Richards. Lieut. J. 13th N.I. prep, to i>ni, on m. e. 

„Mttj. W. asst. superiat..forBnp.ofThuggeeiDPatnadiT, 

Almorah and 

I mo. prep, t 
Robin*o-i, Lient. A. 19tb N.I. 1 year fr. Not. I, to 

Nynea Tal, on m. e. 
Boas, 3ad Lient. W. A. art. 4 mo. fr. Nov. 16, in 
app. for fur), to Europe 

Smith, Lieut. K. M, S4th N 

Shitti, Lieut. R, B. eugi, prep, to Fumpe. 

Smith, Em. O. L, 4Bth N.l. 3 jn. to New South Wales 

Dicmen's Land, oh a, c. 
SuTTOtJ, Lieut. T. M. S6th N.l. 4 mo. fr. Not. IS, in ext 

CDtM, prep, to app. for furl. 
Swathe, Eat. J. D. lllb > 

Taylor, Bre>. maj. J. L. 26tIiL,I. fr. Not, 30(oFfb, 2S, t? re 

. Nov. IB to Jan. 2( 

TiDCOUBE, Eos. T. 43ad L,l. to Feb. 20, on m. c. 

Trench, II. Le P. 35t)i L.I. to Feb. 1, in est. 

TuENEB, Ciipt. G. 4 mo. fr, Noi. IS, to Agra and Calcutto, prep. 

to app, for furl, to Europe. 
Ward. Lltut, G, eih L.C. prep, to Europe (1 yr. wilhont pny). 
Watson, Capt. E- O. 44th N.I. 3 mo. fr, Jan. I, to piei. prep, to 

app. for furl. 
WiNTLE, Maj. E. 71st N.I. 4 mo. fr. Nor. 10 to pres. prrp, to app. 

for furl, to Europe, on m. e. 


b L.C. to join. 

I. dur. abs. of 

BaddElbt, Surg. P. F. H, posted to • 
Bowbon. Surg, J. 37th, to aff. med. a 


Bbamdkr, Surg. J. M.M.D. fr. 4eth N.I. to 43rd L,I. 
Cape, Asit. lute- H., H.A. to mtd. eh. of 3nd comp. Gth batt. 

vilh No. 9 light field batUry on Its march to join Stb troop 1st 

brig, at Muttra. 
Chai-win, Vet, sui^. E, G. Itt L.C. to ch. of hoiict of Bengal 

and Bombay art, at Pethawur. 
OflBiariB, SoTg. R. llth N.I. to aff. nKd. aid to ataff on dep. ot 

Snrg. D. Woodbnrn, Not. 31. 
Cbaioib. Surg. O. m.d. H.A. to be staff snrg. nt Meerut. 
Cbawford, J. D. to be dT. asst, surg. of Charbassa, Not. 37- 
DiAPEB, Asst, smg. H, at*, eb.ofmad. dntlcaof Pumeah, Not. 19. 
FABQifiiAR. Asst. targ. T. n.d. to med. cb. of 3nl coiap. 7th butt. 

art. and No, S Hght Held batt. 
Frahcib, Asst. turg. C, R. ratmied to duty. 
GBiFFrrn, Surg. S. tf. 6Mh N.I. to accomp. b. q, and r. w. of 

48th to Banda, making OTcr cb. of 65Ui, kv, to Surg. G. J. 

Berwick, art. Not. 31 ; to ned. ch. of 4Sth N.I. 
Gbeio, Surg, J. 3Sth L.I. to aff. med. aid to r. w. Itt Oade lac. 

Inf. T. J. i. Maodonald, Not. 31. 
Gbierbon, Snrg. M. fr. 4th L.C. to 48th N.L. at Benaree to 

proe. andjola. 
Hanbbbow, Attt.Burg. G. to do duly trilh H.H.'i BOth regt . J"*, 
Hdlubb, Surg. S. I9th N.I. trwtf. to 6th L.C. v. KC^mot ' / 

dec. Nov. n. A.' , -■'>'„ 

it) «. 


I> N.t.i 

E. T. DiTict, 

f. 3. u.D. to Bed. eb. of 
It Pcabawor, Not. ai. 
I, Surg. J. B. lOth N.I. to iff. mcd. aid to rteht wiog 

lit Oade local lot. Nor. at ; to off. nwd. aid to rtght «1db of Sod 

Ouds local inf. 
O'SBADOBNEBHr, Soig. W. B. chcm. fxam. to gorL ret. to 

dntict, Not. 36. 
O'SULLIVAN, M. to Died. ch. of Pnrallfi, Not. 37. 
Pearson, &»t. Snrg. F. to pcoe. to Bordee Hnd, and un. mti. 

ch. of 4Ui coap. 6tli Iwtt. art. ; to nl. Snrg. J. U. Di>j*r &. 

mcd. ch. ofTtli L.C. Nov. 31. 
pAiEETT, Aut. »nrg. W. to do dnty with H.M. '» 70tL foot. 
Thind, Surg. M. M'N. 2BlhN.I. trani. to 7th L.C.t. J. O'Dwjer, 

app. to 64th N.I. Not. 31. 
SiHFeON, Dr. A. to be a mem. of (ha ferrj fund com. oF Samn. 
Wallich, Ant. sorg. N. S. to do duty with H.U.'a asih regt. 
Webb, A)>t. surg. A. to be aorg. (r. No*. 14, t. T. C. Elliot, dec. 
WiLKiE, Snrg. J. 6l>t N.I. to aff. med. aid to 3rd comp. of up- 

pen, Not. 31. 

PAOt, Tet. Snrg. T. P. Nor. 3 

Bhahdeb, Surg. J. M. u.o. 48tb N.I. 3 mo. tr. Not. B, to Cal- 
cutta. OQ ID. G. prep, to app. for hirl. to Enrope. 

Cbebf, Dr.'G. N. e!». aiil. anrg. of Bancoorah, leme cuie. 

Chiyne. Aitt. snrg. G. M. 3 mo. fr. Dec, 5. 

Grant, Aist. snrg. J. to Europe on furl, od m. c. 

HovQH, Vet. Snrg. J. furl, to Enrope, on m. c. 

Hui.Bi, Vet. inrg. H. C. h.att. 3 mo, fr. Dec. 10. to Bombay, la- 
atead of former Ic are. 

MORRIEBOH, A>Bt. IDrg. J. S. U.D. ft. No*. I to No*. 15, IS&O, In 

eit. to rem. ia bUla oorlb of Deyrah, od m. c. 
Wallich, Asat. aurg. G. C. u.D. and irr. taT. prep, to Eoropa, oa 


Catalbv.— lOlb hiuears. Conict Wllllaaia to be iieat. *. Blake ; 
Lleat- Uttle a yn. to Eogtaod.— 14t]i It. drag*. A»t. turg. Faa- 
BOo 3 mo. lo Muaraorie. 

Infantry.— 9th. Aiit. lorg. Martio 3 pa. to England,— 10 lb. 
Aaat. BUrg. Macbeth to Not. 25, In eit.— IBth. CapC. Edwarda to 
March 31, to rem. at Umballa.— a4tb. Ueut. Bcrrr (o ba cant. t. 
Grant, dec. ; Eni. Weddetbam to be lient. *. Berry.— B3rd. lient. Oct. IS, to Calcutta.— d4th. Lieut. Loft 3 yra. to 
■nglHod ; Eni. GryCta to be lltat. t. Johnatonc- 75lh. Lieut. 
Coucbc 3 ]ri9. to Engiand, on m. c— Both. Ena. Pateraon 3 mo. b. 
Not. I, to Calcutta.— a3rd. Lieut. Molony to Dee. ao, to Bombaf, 
— S6th. Capt. Tboraton to Jnn. 1, to Bombay; Ht^- Stilrj to 
Dec. 30, to Bombay, on m. c— B7th. JLlent. Bolero to England. 


Brett, mite ofLleot. Q. A. 4iBt N.I.'d. at Umballafa, Not. 94. 
Caupdbll, wife of A. d. at Daiieeling, Nor. IJ. 
D'CBDia, wife of J. Calcutta, Dec. 5. 
Debfiioltb, wife of Robert, a. at Calcutta, Dec. 4, 
Edwardh, «lfe ofCepC. H.M.'a ISth, d. at Umballah, Not. 31. 
Frsbth, wKa of Maj. d, inT. eit. at Mnaaoorie, Not. 33. 
Gabfeh, Mrs. A. M. a. at Calcutta, Dec. 4. 
Hampton, Mra. John Palmer, d. at Calcutta, Not. 3S. 
Keene, wife of Henry G. c.B. d. at Mattra, Not. 2S. 
Miller, Trife of G. R. d. at Bowanypore, No*. aS. 
Prkkorave, wife of Edward, a. (atill-born), at T " 

Rbid, wife ofCapt. C. S. art. d. at Dam Dum, Nor. 3d. 
RoBENSON, wifeotS. H.s. atCalcntU, Not. 38. 
Scott, Mra. 8. H. d. at Cslcotts. Dec. 1. 
Smart, wife of James, d. at KIdderpora, Dee. 1. 
Steel, Trifo of the RcT. Thoa. d. at Cnttaclt, No*. 10. 
Taylor, wife of John, «. at Umballah, Nor. ag. 

ALI.ARDICR, Robert, to laabcUa Mary, d. of W. J. Aachmithie, at 

Calcutta, Not. aS. 
BR01TN, O. W. to Mill Mnndy, d. of the Re*. G. at Burdwan, 

Not. 36. 
DovrtON, H. to Jeaay Anuc, d. of the late Robert MarUudell, at 

Calcutta, Not. aG. 
Harrison, Ueut. Edward, art. to Ann Leah, i. of Lieut, col. 

J. T. Bolleao, eng. at Umballah, No*. 28. 
FaNVOLD, W. to Jeii; Mary Anna, d. of William Mouldi, at 

MauLmaln, Oct. 25. 
Ree8, Capt. C. M. to Elizabeth Hary, d. of the Uta WlUlani 

Edward tteea, at Chunar, No*. 38. 
Robs, Chailea RIchmoDd, to MIsb ElcBDor Harriet Ward, at Beer. 

bboon, Dec. 1. 
Rowland, George Henry, lo Jeisy Henrietta, d. of Henry Ran- 
dolph, at Calcutta, Not. 26. 
R¥i>','.R, Lient. S. C. D, i4th N.I. tO Jolla, d. ot tbs R«*. Wm, 

Muoey, at Berhamparc, Not. 33. 

Ahdrewb, J. a. of J. Rt Calcutta, aged I, No*. 30. 

Ballandb, Capt. A. late commander of the H. C.'a ataMaer ifcfaa, 

at Snhreegully, aged 33, No*. 39. 
COOFRR, Caroliue A. wife of A. H. at Calcutta, aigad 17, Dee. t. 
EiTiaaBALD, Harold, at Chnprab, aged Ss, No*. 34. 
Gordon, Surg. A. C. lit N.I. at JuUnader, Not. 30. 
GRiFriH, Ena. John C. aOth L.I. at Tarragonea, Not. 34. 
Uaebbrlim, Rot. J. d.d. at Calcntta, aged 41, Not. 13. 
Haineb, Lieut. Edward, ngi. at Maulmaln, Oct. fl. 
Hardino, Edward Weaver, at CaleutU, aged B, Not. aa. 
Laracvaa, Lonia Fraofoii, e. of L. Fraofoit, at Dacca, aged 3 

Login, Jamea D. L. u.D. at Dlaapore, No*. 13. 

Hackinnon, Anne Margaret, d, of Dr. at CawVpON, aged I, 

No*. 34. 
O'Brien, M. A.F. d. of J. at Buaar, BgedS, Not. 36. 
Oman, Oscar Emeat, a. of the lata John, at CalcRtta, seed I, 

No*. 30. 
Park**, Abb*, wife of J. P. at Aaaam, aged 46, No*. 38. 
RoLLO. Jeuie, wift of WUUrb R. at Calcutta, aged 30, Dec 7. 
Rot, W. at Caleatta, aged 43, Dee. 5. 
Sandbkb, F. p. at Calcutta, aged 39, Dre. S. 
SnERtriLL, Znoey, fnf.d. of Capt. W. S. at BbaugnlpMB, Nov. 34, 
&HILT, Arthur, at Calcutta, aged 60, No*. 36. 


Not. as. Umarch, Weller, Londoa and Portamouth ; Pepptf, 
Cole, China and Singapore; .Ir^J, Surd, Cbiua and Singanor*.— 
26. Uarlbvra, HethTcn, Portamouthj BiHkaisliemiiire, M'Oregar, 
Mauriliua ; Rutlumjic Coaatjit, Wright, Manritlua.- 37. Dido, 
Saundrra, Singapore and Pcaaug ; Prince Albtrl, Thompaon, Bota- 
buy.— 38. Comtti. Ireland, Bordeaoi ; Rtd Rovrr, Oilier, China 
and Singapote', Charla Damorjfr, Lecty, CoHaga ; SlfzuAtlt, Car- 
lyle, Port Phillip; Victoria. Smith, Bombay and Colombo; Ttak, 
Rundle, China.— 39- Eria, Plum, Afaeao ; Lydla, Spratt, Sunder- 
land.— 30. toatra, Potter, Boaton.— Dec. 1. Uary Rat, EUwood, 
Peuaug; Zot, Mllli, Ceilon.^^a. Alfrtd, ^Wlltahire, Portsmouth.— 
6. Zaph<ua\ Pattrttah, Foanlc, Singapore ; ataamer Hoddiaiiloa, 
Field, Suez ; Prince of Wales, Uopkina, Portamonth ; Uancheslet; 
Fonaytb, Mauritius. 

Per WoitJrcA.— Mra. Short, Mra. Fenwick, Mn.Cooke, Mrs. D»W- 
aon, Mra. Gordoa, Mra. Bull, Mrs, CahiU sod child, Mra. Knlan ; 
Mlaaea Henderson, Cahll], Dawson, Gibbon, NIsbett, Carew, HoT' 
Ion, and M. Morton ; Lieut, col. Oldfield, c.R. Bengal cav. ; Ueat. 
col. Short, H.M.'a srrTiee ; Lieuts. Gordon, Carter, and Doyley, 
B.N.I. ; Uenl. Snow, cbt. ; Heisra. Wrnch and Maddocha, ca- 
dets ; Mr. Mulr, Mr. Inquahart ; Major Fenwick, Lleuta. Mon- 
tagocaudBull; and Ena. Peardand Fundworth; Mrs. KowaU awl 
tani children ; aSO men of H.M.'a lOth reg. and yotb foot. 

Per /ia.~Mr. and Mra. Englebrlght. 

Per Ariel.— Mn. Burt Rud Capt. W. Cole. 

Per Marlborough.— Tbt Hon. Mr. and Mra.lHaaUntB and Mtaa 
Morris; Col. Haldane, Maj. and Mrs. SoodgraM ; Capt. and 
Mra. Aniey and child ; Cant, and Mrs. Crosamao and four chil- 
drea ; Capt. and Mrs. Waterfleld and child ; Rct. and Mn. T. C. 
Smyth; Dr. and Mra. Frances and child; Ueut. and Mra. Gor- 
don ; Mn. aud Miii Joaca; Mrs. and two Mlases BaiaragoD ; 
Mn. and Mtas Wateifirld ; Mrs. Law and child ; Mra. Clayton, 
two Mlaaea Barnard ; Lleuta. Cannon, Fellowa, Grant, and Klp- 
peu i Ens. Little and Montgomerie ; Mr. Fagan ; Mesirs. Hor. 

Sn and Robinson, cIt. aerT. Steerage pasiengera- Mr. PbUlipB, 
rs. Peddle, Mrs. Roai, Mn. Crolae, nod IBS men. 

Per X>iilo.— Mr. and Mn. Bright and a children. 

Per AIM JtoAanaa.— Mr. Rud and 3 eblldna. 

Per Mory Jtny.- Mrs. Ellwood and family. 

Per Conple.— Mr. H. Bethmaun. 

Per steamer TenatitrinK.—tSrt. Rnmaay, Mlaa Ramsay, Hr. 
Combe, Mr. Warrall, Mias Lemoniine, Mn. Lemonilne, Misa 
Rlchaidaon, Mra. E. Harris and child. Dr. Bedwell, Capt. Thom- 
Bon, Mr. Mooreogoacnt, Mr. Slater, Capt. Tickdl, wire, and cbUd ; 
Rct. Mr. Barpe, wife, and children ; Lieut. Law, ud Mr. E. Coga. 

Per Alfred.— Km. GHndall, 3 Mlaaea GrindaH ; Mn. Cock- 
bourn and 3 children < Mn. Lukin, Mn. Kennedy and chUd ; Mra. 
Emmeraoo and child ; Mn. Morgan, Mra. WUtahin, Mlaacs Blair, 
Gwatkin, Cart, aud Greeuavay, 3 Miases Slowell, Mlu Martin, 
M^a. Mee, Rawcroft, and Kennedy, B.N.I. ; Mr. Cockboom, 
Bengal civil service ; Capt. Lukin, U.N.I. ; Msian. Nichall sail 
Rawcroft, art. cadets ; Hda. Keuidy, Ramfrv, and Slowell, 3 Ma»> 
ters Stowalt, Mr. Dougal, Mr. Naiou. 

Pet ■tcamer Baddinslim. 

From SocTRA MFTON.— Mr. aod Mrs. Mills, Lieut, col. Taylor, 
Mr. A. Hammouri, Maj. Ramsey, Mr. and Mra. Gordlog, twa 
lufants, and seirant; Mn. Comberledge, Hiss Bagihaw, Mia* 
Borrodalle and icrraal. Miss Motte, Mrs. C<A, Jcnes, Miai 

[, :,i„,i.,C,oogTe 



BnrkiB, Miss Bracken, Un. Tcnauit, Mill TMnKnt, Mlii Ten- 
aul.jaii. MiuCampbdl, Dr. and Mn. Btgg. Mr. Nleboi, Mr. 
J. P. ThoDui. Hr. C. A. Dwiici, CMlet; Mill Plnmb, Meiin. A. 
Jaekfoa ud W. H. Haaaoiul, MUi Hendcnos, Mrs. C. B. 
Stain: Hr. W. S. KcUt, Mn. Patton, Mr. P. JjbnioB, Mr, 
Hogg, lir. E. JaltDMaa, Sir J. Hili, bart. cadet; th* Hob. B. 
Drammond, Mr. D. M. Frobrn, cadet; Uoa. J. Banrke, capt. ; 
Hn. CilEle, Hr. Dick, Mr. F. B.ElUott, eidtt; Hr. WhTte, Capt. 
ntnlmoB, aad Mr. DcdoIi. 
From Malta. — Hr. C. Artratbiwt, Capt. Jonn, Sigtior Dotec, 

I.— Capt. Seaaine. 

Not. 34. BtBd, Bonn, Bcnion ; Mary Imrag, Bidctt, Uttt- 
MOl ; ^ma Hntdertim, CdbII, U^trpoeil ; ZuUika, WilliamiOB, 
linrpocd; Rabtrl Bra^ard, GioaE, UTCr^ol ; Faulie, Da>ia, 
LoodOB ; Saiiigaptlam, Funidl, Londaa aad Cape. — 35. Vtllort, 
Campbell, Unrpocd.— M. Joht BrijM, M'Leui, LoodoD.— 97. 
Enipnvr c^CMiu, Locke, LoadoD ; Aujiulvu Htard, HnntlB^o, 
Bosim ; Ltri BtfUiatinu, Portrr, Maarlllns,— 9S. Julia, Naeada, 
BombBT- — Dkt. I. Brfdathaiu, Lofan, Londaa. — 3. JtuKn. Le- 
knip, BnnrboQ ; Aiia, Rhmiti, Bottoa. — 3. Sttptirk, HDcnphrlea, 
lioadoB.— S. Lawrick, WUte, Chios ; fitfoa, Hatnan, Cape of 
Qood Bopc.— S. Steamer Btntiatk, Bencher, Sua. 

Per steamer Bftintk, to Hadbab.— Capt. Ogiliie, and Baboo 

To Qalli.— Mr. A. DtA, Mix Dick, aod urraot. 

To South AM noN.— Col. ABd Mr». Weattrs, a cbildrtD, and 
•CTTut ; Hi.asdHn. Hanih, Hill StercDi, infaat, ud •eriantj 
Mn. Dkkaon, Col. Bale*, Mrt. Witta, Mn. McDonald, Hn. 
Moore. Hr. BKertoB, Hr. Cbritllaa, Mr. H. BrowB, Capt. Deal- 
MM, Mr. HaodltOB, Mr. Boldero, and Mr. DaTf. 



Calntia, Dtt. a, iMg. 

OoTtncMBt SecniltUa. Sell. BBf. 

Tranitet Stock Paper S per cent. preu. II 4 to 11 B 

Bonbaf G per eCBt .. diac. 16 .. 11 

Old SkcaSdo. aceotdlBf to Noi. .. da. 10.. 13 

New Co.'b S do. do. 3.. 04 

TUrdScea4do do. IS 8 .. 15 19 

MewCD.'a4da. do. 14 .. 1« S 

Bank Shan*. 
Bngal Bask (Co.'i lU. 4,000) 
Ana Bank (Co. 'a Ri. Wo) 
iCW. Buk (Co.'( Ki. MM] .. 

>a OoverDBCBt neceptaooea (S uonlba) 
Do. OB prlTBte UU* Bod notea do. . . 

lateicat OB dcpoittofCo.'i paper 

Do. en cash cmUt aettHUU 

SreeeSInr Cd.'sRi.IOI 8 to 104 I4 p.lOOM.* 

CUaaGoldBan Ill 9 .. 18 9 1 „„ „ .» 

GoMDaat 13 O .. 13 S } P" " ■"'■ 

^aalahDonar* SSO 10 ..331 !„,,,„, 

Mcdcaaditla 390 .. 330 8 /P*"^""- 

8«««%n* 10 7i ., 10 Bil 

UadraaGoldMohoia .,.. 16 3 .. IS D Veieb. 

OU GoU Hoknn. 91 9^ .. 91 3tJ 

Oar qootatiooi (or BiU> et mantba* ilBbt, la. llH- to 
U. lltd.. Naff BUlf at 3 deT«> gight, nad Baflk ot Einclnnd Post 
HUb at light; are li. 9f<l. to Is, lOd. Amerioan Bill*, aoder 
CRdlt, at 6 BOBthi' tight, It. ll^d. to la. ll^d. 

QoaUtioas to London and LiTcrpool are Si. I7>< Gd. to 4I.Si. 



Tbi Mau., per Had£Kgtim,yr'ttb iutelltgenee from England to 
Oct. 21, r«sclied Msdra* Dec. 3. 

The Beia Tkimuu Mttcalfi, horn N. S. Wales, •rhen at ancbor 
in \br Hadru Roads, on Nov. S7, parted with ber anchor, 
drifted on shore, and become a completa wrrek. 

MiLniMY.— The left wing of H M,'a S5lh regt. waa to lesTC 
Fort St Geor){e for Bangalore Dec. 15, on wiiich daj the right 
•bgof H-M.'a 5lat reg[. was to leave Bangalore for the preai- 

itnej. The beod-qoartera of H.M.'i 25ih regl. would not 
leave Madns before the firat week in Jonuaiy. 

RijAH Rah Bdi hai been invested, in Oie pretence ot the 
reaident, willi ptenar; powera over the affairt of tbe NtEam'a 

BtTiniMiKTf. — The Sptciator undentands that Superintend- 
tng-Surgeon Scott hag offered to retire in March next, for the 
ium of Ra. 10,000; and that Superio lending- Surgeon Smith 
ia al*o read; to take tbe Mine step for a bonua of Rs. 18,000. 

Fahihi. — "A letter from a correapondent at Salem, expreiaei 
much apprehension of a famine, and goes on to lav, ' with *uch 
a proepect before ut, by mj of improving the eoiidition of the 
people, the Board of Revenue have Usued a circular, calling 
upon thi tabaildoia to collect each kjit nichin the regulated 
term prescribed for paj'ment, under the penalty of aerere die* 
pleaaure, and even auperccMion and dismisaal.' M'e know not 
bow hx the contemplated acarcity i* likely to prevail in ibe ad- 
joining districts, but it is certain that, for many miles round 
Madraa, the prospects of vegetation are in imminent danger." — 
Alhmaiaii, Dee. 6. 

Maisis. G. Aaiitt&mot and G, Thohsoh Were elected 
Directors of the Madras Bank on the lltb Dec, in room of 
Measn. W. N. Arbuthnot and D. Roil. 

Catt. Watt, 43aD N.I. —The trial by a general cotirt- martial 
of Capt. Watt, of tiie 43rd regt. M.N.I, upon charges connected 
with tbe late Moplab outbreak at Munjerrr, ia to take place, ae 
before- mentioned, about Cbrlatmaa lime. That officer baa been 
placed in arrest on Wednesday, Nov. i& 


Fort Sl George, Noa. 80.— The following movemeiits are 

One-tliird B company ith battalion artilieiy, from Aden to 

One-third do. do., from Mount to Aden. 

A company 5tb battalion artillery, from Aden to Mount. 

£ do. do- from Canoanore, Msngalore, and French Roein, 
to Aden. 

C do. do., from Mount to Cannanore, Mangatore, and French 

One-quarter C company gun lasean, attaclted to the one-half 
C. company Snd Iwttalion artillery, from Penang lo Mount. 

One.quuter C. company gun lajoirs, attached to ODC.hall 
C company Snd battalion artillery, from Mount to Penang. 

One-hatf H company gun lueara, now attached to C company 
1 battalion artillery, from Aden to Mount, to A company. 

One-half F. company gun lascart, now attached to A com- 
pany 4tb battalion artillery, from Mount to Aden, to C com- 
pany ith battalion artillery. 

Fart St. Geory*, Dec. 7.— Those pOTliona of G. O. G., dated 
Auguat £1, 1S19. which direct the movements of the 80th regi- 
ment N.l. to Cannanore, and the llth itgimentN.l. to Madras 
on iheir being relieved, ate cancelled; and tbe following move- 
ments are ordNed i^- 

Corps. From To 

llth regu N.L Moulmeio Viiiimgrum 

SOlb do. Aden Palghat 

39th do. Palghat Cannanore 

i3rd do, Cannanore Madras. 



BolLlAV, T. E. J. ret. to duty, Dec. 3. 
CocHBANB, W. E. ret. to duty, Dec. 3. 
Cotton, R. R. acting sub ju'lge of rlllah of Saltm, ass. ch. of 

eoart fr. sadr. ameen, Dec. 7. 
Davidson, T. H. sub judge of Colmbaconarp, assn. cb. of court. 
DowDGBwELL, W. dv. and acH. jadne of lillah of MDiDlipatam, 

del. over ch. of court to A. S. MathiiOD. Dec. 7. 
Eltoh, F. B. acting cir. and sets, judge ot illbih of Tlnnevelly, 

del. o«r cli. of court lo prin. aodr. ameen, Dec. 4. 
FisuiR, W. to act as id. sub. coll. and jt. mag. o[ Canara, dnr. 

ecnp. of Silver OB Olhrr duty, Dec. II. 
FaaaB,H.aob. judge of lillob o( Snlem, del. over ch. of court to 

theiuJr. ameen, Dec. 5. 
Olasr, E, B. civ. and seaa. judipt of Chicacole, rea. ch. fir. A. S. 

MethiaoD, Nov. 30. 
HODOSON, A. P. to act Bi head Bait, to eoll. and maj. of Mndura. 

due. emp. of Knoi on other dnty. Dee. 11. 
Knox, W. la be head aail. lo eoll. and mag. of Mndara, do emb. 

of Rall'ff for Europe, to continue lo act aa sub eoll. ot tbat dis- 
trict, Dee. 11. 
Newill. H. bead aiil. to coll. and mag. ot Guotc 

diilr. fr. Tneedie, Nov. 33. 
Silver, J. to act as aob coll. and Jt. mag. ot Caua 

HaUoD leave, Dec. II. 

ec. eh. of 

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Stoebe, O. ooII. and Bag- of Guntoor, del, otu cb. to Tweedie. 
SwiNTON, G. H. ret. to fnt. to b« M*t jodge dT alia MBjiga- 
tore, Dee. 7. 

~ (, C. tobesnbcoH. nndjt. mag. orTiDQerellr. 

Bkbekv, J. W. Dtc. 3. 

Bell, J. H. to Jan. IS, in eit. to ten- at faa e<u 

Blank, T. L. I mo. to Bombay. 

Hall, A. 2 yeua to Cape of Good Hope, oa m. e 

Hahqis, G. a. lo Europe. 

Satliff, J. to Euiope. 


; Corn. G. A. cbt. to nnk it. Aa(. SO, 1B4S, rem. to 

Atkisbon, Capt. E. H. I9th N.I. to act u dtp. pay mr. at Ma- 

inlipatam, iai. nbt. of Capt. L«ice*ttr, Nov. SO. 
Bakbb, £a<. B- S. 17tta X.I. r«t. to <li)ty, Dec. 7. 
Beaumont, Brev. mu. W. 23rd L.I. ret. to duty, Nov. 30; perm. 

to joio bii corps at Kamptee, cid Culcatts, Noi. 30. 
Bond, l3t Lieut. F. W. art. paucd eioin, ia UindmtAnt, qoal. as 

adj. ; to be adj. and qr. mr. 
Browh. Eos. E. P. a;tb N.I. to be lieot. fr. Dee. 10, 1B49, v. 

BuKGK, Ena. R. S. S4th N.I. pasaed exam, in HinduaUni. Dee. 6. 
CadelL, IBt Lleot. A. T. art to be brcv. eapt. fr. Dec. 13. 1S49. 
Caukkon, Lieut. F. K. C. 6th L.C. passed eiam. lu Hiadiutaai. 
Campbell, Lieut.N, G. art. fr. 3rd bntt. to h. brtg. Nov. 30. 
Candv, Lieut. G. J. 27tli N.I. to be cipt. fr. Dec. 10, 1M9, v. 

a duty Nov. 39 1 fr. 3rd t 

CoNGBF.VE, Capt. H. art. 

bntt. art. Dec. 7. 
Cooke, Lieut. C. Sod Enr. L.I. to be brev. capt. fr. Dec. 19, 1H9. 
CooKSON, Lieut. J. G. sth L.C. to be ndj. 
CoTTELL, Lieut. C. G. 4Sth N.I. ret. to duty Dee. 1 1 . 
CUNDY, Eng. R. 3Stb N. I. to be lirut. fr. Nov. 29, v. James, dec. 
Dance, Lieut. B. W. art. paued eiam. Id Hioduataol, to leeeive 

DbSaubuarkz, Capt. G. Slat N.L ret. to da. Nov. 30. 

DiiON, Lieut. H. Hai N.I. to he coomaDdt. of the Pboordah and 

Bnlaaarepaclc comp. Nov. 32. 
D'OVLV, Ena.W. R, d. d. 15tk, posted to SfitbN.T. a* Gth ena. to 

join under orders fr. ofllcet cammanAag MfBora div. Dee. S; to 

DVHKitCDE, Capt. E. aTlb N.I. nt. tbe aerv. fr. Dec. 10, 1S4S. 
DttN, Lieat. E. W. 43rd N.I. passed 

r. Ueut. F. E. C, 81 

join oa 

L.C. parsed eiam. ia Hioduttwii. 
_ .nt N.I. ret. tn duly, Dec. J, 
FitzGebald, UeuL col. J. fr. t^nd to Sth N.I. 
FoORD, Edi. H. II. to do duty witb 4tb batt. 

exp. of leave, Nov. 24. 
Fui.ToN, Eus. J. R. Znd Eur. L.I. app. to do duty with 16th N.L 
" --- rn, Eas. S. IGthN.I.pnasedcism. iuHladiutaal. 
Llrut. P. St. G. inf. lo rank fr. June 8, 1849. 
)N. Capt. R. 1st N.I. ret. to duty, Dec. It. 
Uankin, Eoi. E. L. 34th N.I. pasaed txna. ia Hioduataal, Dec. S. 
Hrlbebt, Lieut. F.J. H. sth L.C. iaterp. In Hiaduttaui, 

1. to Sth 

Hencht, Lieut. R. C. inf. lo rank fr. Job* 8, 1849. 
Hbsbev, I^eut. W. H. 3Ut N.I. to act aa qt. mr. and ioterp. 
HoDcaoN, Coro. S. cav. to rank fr. Sept. », 

L. C. Dee. 7. 
HOWDBN, Lieut, eol. J. A. fr. 9th to 42Dd N.t. 
Jacob, Edi. V. G.«4thN.I.paaiedexBm. InHudnataniforoffleeia 

of companies, Dec. S. 
Lenkox, Gng. S. W. aSrd N. I, doing duty with Slat, to Join hia 

corps with 4tb L.C. Nov. 34. 
lirMBDKN, Lieut. H. W. fr. 4tb to Sth batt. art. Dec. 7. 
Main, Brev. capt. J. D. art. fr. lat bait, to H. brlewk, Nov, 30. 
Mabebam, Act. rid. mast. J, to be rid. mait. fr. Dec. 4, 1B4S, V. 

Proudfoot, peoa. Dec. 7 i posted lo Slat L. C. Dee. 10. 
Maktim, Lieut. G. C. M. to rank fr. Jnae 8, IB49. 
Mein, Brt. capt. J. D. resigned app. of a4jt. Bad qu. tor. of lat 

batt. art. Nov. 30. 
MlCHAM, Eoa. C. U. poited to a7th N.I. to ioia. Dee. 13, to r«ik 

IV. Jan. 30, 1849. 
HooBE, Lieal. R. A. 3»tb N.I. to act aa or. mr. and Ioterp. to 

3Dlh N.L Dec. 13. 
Ndihall, lat UcBt. F.O. art. ret. to duty, Nov. 7, tr. lat tofth 

bat. art. Dec. 7. to be brev. capt. tr. Dee. 13, 1B49. 
Ociltib, Lieut. A. J. inf. to rank fr. JaneB, 1849. 
CyGBADT, CapL R. W. 34tbM.N.I, tooUc.Badep.JDd. ad*, ofa 

D. ct. mart, at Dacca, Nov. 33. 

PHiLLorr, Capl. H. R. 35th N.I. to be eanloameat aijjt. at 

Fkxnpbkgaet, Coruet R. S. J. and L.C. paaaed exam. In Hia- 

Pbiob, 3ad Licat G. B. art. pasted exam, la Hiodutan), qoaL tot 

G. 4th L.C. Iransf. lo inv. pens, ettab. 
QdailB, Acting ridinji bus. G. posted to 4th L.C. Dee. 10. 
RaKkBN, litut. B. 3Sth N.I. to he eapt. Er. Nov. 39, *. Jomci, 

Ravmsfoed, Ens. F. M. ISth N.I. paaaed eiaco. in UladnatanL 
ROLSTOK, Lieut. \V. T. K. I4tb N.I. ret. to do. Nov. 30. 
Round, Eos. W. R.inf. to innk fr. Jan. 30, 1849. To do du. wltk 

Slnd N.I. rem. lo lOth N.l. Dec 7. 
SANoroBD, Brev. maj. J. R. 23Bd N.I. perm, to proc. aud Join U* 

corps under orders to proe. lo Nagode, Nov. SO. 
Sbawb, Lieut. R.3ad N.l. to be brev. cipt. fr. Dec. 13, 1849. 
SuiTH, Lieut. J. F., H.A. to bea.-d..e. lo Brig, gen. H.Walpole, 

fr. date of the brig. gen. aaau. oom. of S. div. of the army. Not. 

37. paaied eiam. in Hindostani, Dec l. 
Stedabt, Lieut. M^rl. to rank fr. June 8, 1849. 
SWBTE, Lieut. J, B. fr. 4th to Sth batt. nrt. Dec 7. 
Tavlok, Ueul. R. W. 17th N.I. pi. at disp. of Supiune Govt, for 

emp. Id Nizam's Inf. 
Tavlob, Lieot. C. P. 40th N.I. i 
TaousoH, IJcut. T. II. Sth N.l 

21ad N.I. 

Waddell, Lieot. C. D. fr. Kt to 3rd batt. art Dee. 10. 
Ward, LJeut. A. lat fua. lo join Eur. Inf. depot at the Moiut. 
Wklliton, Lieal. H. D. art. passed data, in Hindostani. 
WiLKiEaoN, 3Dd Ucut. C. V. eng. rat. to duty, Nov. 39. 
Wing, Eds. J. F. rec. arr. and 'pron. app. to do duly with 4Mli 

N.I.Dec. 4; fr. doinc duty nilh 491b to do duty with Slat N.I. 
Whish, Lieut. C. W. F. 43rd N.I. to res. app. of ad^t. 

Gr.«he, p. Si. G. Nov. 39. 
MaBTIN, G. C. M. Nov. 39. 
&TEUAB.T, M. Nov. 29. 

(, Lieut. B.C. 4lh N.I. to Cape and N. S.!WBle», m. C 
BaBKeb, Cnpt. A. 1st fus. 3 mo. to western coast. 
BaTLEY. Brev. maj. J. W. 30th N.I. 6 roos. to Madras. 
Bdbbouohs, LIcDt. W. M.Snd N.I. 3 mos. to Bangidore. 
Caknell, Ens. R. R. 33ad N.I. fr. Nov. 34 to Jan. IS, to Seemi. 

derabad, on m. e. 
CLEUENTaON, Ens. C. D. 14th N.I. to Ool. SI, in eit. 
Danoebfield, 2nd Umt. E. Isl foa. 4 mo. fr. Jon. 1, to Madru. 
De Kantzdw, Ens. A. 33od N.t. furl, to Europe, on m. e. 
Dtmelet, Comet H. E. lat L. C. kavlng been reported fit to 

ntars to his duty, the unrxplred portion oF leave granted oa 

m. c is cancelled, fr. Nov. 39, fr. which date he ia pemitted (a 

proeacd to Madura, E. coast, until April 1, ISSO. 
FisHEB, Major T.J. 4th N.I. 6 mo. to Bangalore, Nellghenleat 

and Madras. 
FiTtitADBicE, Capt. G. 39th N.l. to Enropa, on m. c. 
Fbaseb. Ucut. C. H. aotb N.I. to Jan. 15, 1850, Calcatt*. 

31, Eaa 

d L.I. te 

I, Lieut. S. 43od N.I. to Jan. 31, inext. on m. c 
Gibson, Maj. gen. J. T. perm, to mlde on Neligherriea, ud tn 

vlait Coimbatore and Trichlnopoly, fr. expiraUoo of hia to« M 

staff. No*. 29. 
Goslino, 2ad Lieut. Q.F.fna. Jan. 1, to Madras. 
Gbimes, Capt. J. atb N.I. 6 mos. to Egypt. 
Oboobb, Capt. G. B. B. 5lh L. C. to Europe on m. c. and emb. 

at Bombay. 
Havtib, Brev. msj. J. C. lit Faa. to Enmpe on m. c 
Kantkov, Ens. 23adN.I. fBrl. to Europe on ■■. c 
LxADiB, Capt. W. Sth N. 1. to Jan. 20, in ext. to St. ThOBSa'a 

Mount on m. c. 
LlABUOHTS, Ens. A. J. 3rd L.I. to Apr. 30, IBSl, in ext. 
LETCBaTBB, Brev. Capl. luth N. I. 3 mo. Bastom Gout. 
Febeiba, Capt. E. 36th N. I. 1 yr. In cat. 
Rainet, Ucnt. A. J. M. Sth L. C, to Europe on m. c. to emb. tr. 

RowLANDaoN, Ens. E. A. STtbgren. ta Europe, m. c. 
Skottowb, Eni. C. F. J. 2Bd N. I. lo Bangtiore due. leave. 
Tatlor, Ueul. col. C. Enr. Vet. to Dee. S, to prrs. 
Tatlob, Lteut. andqr. mr.C. W. tsth N.I. from date of quitting 

rett. (br 3 mo. to Trichinopoly. 
Dmvbb, M^or E. Bor. Vet. 2 ran. to Midraa. 
Wbbt, Capt. A. R. eth N.I. Dec 7 to Feb. 28, to Madras. 
Writ, LieuL W. H. 1st fas. 4 mo. fr. Jbb. 1, to Dbarwar awl 

Waatera Ceoat. 
WfllBB. Lieat. C. W. F. 43rd N.L (o Ean^, SB Ikrl. and emk. 

foe Bombay. 

Digitized by V.iOOQIC 





ASAMB, Ant. nrg. K. M'K, ft, dolir dalT astk N.I. poiW to 

SathN.I. Dee. 7. 
CiujKOTSOK, Ami. latj. F. h. h. in*. Hea. eb. of Eur. irt. &e. 

St AdcB, to 9Tth N.I. Dee. S. 
CowFiK, AMt, lurg. to ret. AMt. »ufg. WOniunMn st PenMur. 

Dec 6, b. doing datjr lit H. fni. to 9ad batt. art. ud to bm<L 

■k. art. at Pcnug, Dee. fi. 
CoaBiB, Aut. lorg, A. O. u.d. to ned. eh. of eonip. of tippen 

SBd Blnen, and engi. dept. at Doolalihirenm. 
Satidb, Ant. forg. to nl. A»l. mrg. a«nfiitgon at Aden, Dee. 

«, fr. ddag dnty H.M.'i 94th irg. to med. eh. of Enr. sit, &c. 

ae. at Aden, to ppoe. fr. CBnuBnoro, in ch. of art, ie. to Adeo. 
DOBntnsoN, Ai«t. TOrg. J. u.d. fr. do. du. SUt foot, to do do. 

I«t M. hsileen, to jola Dec. S. 
Evans, Sorg- W. m.d. to besori. otgin. hoipltBl.Dce. 11. 
HaKdino, Surg. Q. to reiign Bppts. of lurg. to gtn. bmpltal ; of 

■Bperiot. of the mediesl school, and of prof, of meiHcloa lad 

eBnical mediclas, fr, date oF fmb. 
HD«r«B, AMt-mirg.A. M.D. tobeaorg. of Hldi»triet, Dee. 11. 
JowiTT, A..t. lurg. J. to eootlnne in med. eb. of detach. G3nd 

W.I. ABd art, TCt. eomp. &e. at PalaYmuB, nntll proildrd wMi a 

pasuge to Moolmeln. 
K"T, Sorg^T. gar. aar. ofFoHSt. Gco^e, to be «opt. of aed. 

ned. cb. of Kngger dl 

•dwol. Dee. ... 

KlRIPATBTCE, Sorg. J. «I,D. 4lh 

in M;>on territory, ». Canipbell. 

D. Ant. antg. J. M.D. to do dntririth Sod Eat. L.I. 
to Mainllpatan, Not. ja, 
»«rg. W. G. M.D. 33rd N.I, to ioln at Jaalaafa, 


dnr. its progrem 

HJBoaibaT, Ni 

WiLLiAuaON, AMt.inrg. W. fr. 9nd bat. art. 
b. Penasg, Id eh. of lel. detach, art. Dee. t. 

a aeth N.I. 

Bbdweil, Aut. anrg. E. O. Soih N.I. fnrl. to Enrope, on m. «. 
DoRWAHD, Surg. J. lit N.I. prei. prep, to Eorope, m. e. 
HAnDiNO, Sorg. G. to Enrope, on fori. 

'l ^*L *"*■ "^^ ' ^*"* ^ '^'P' °' '^°°^ Hope ud New S. 
M.D. to Enrope, on m, c 


CAKtt, wife 
Co LI. J 

wife of the Rer. R. d. at Palameottah, Dec. 7. 
if Or. m. arrji. R. 40th N.I. d, at Madrai, Not. TJ. 
"I of l)t Ueut. Carlton, art. a. at Kamptea, 

Geddes, wife of John Innei, d. at Hadrai, Not. 30. 
BONOK, wife ofApoth. I, at Tlzianagram, Drc. II. 
HcDDLESTOK, wi^ ofT. d. at NegBpatim, Dee. t. 
HrNTKR, wire of Alex. h.d. d. at Cbioglepvt, Dec. 1. 
JACK80.V, wife of aait. Bnrg. Marriot, 41it N.I. i, wife of J. ■. , , .._ 

LoT«TT, wife of Conductor George, ■. at Palameotlab, Not. 23, 
Hahonet, wife of F. a. at Madraa, Dec a. 
McCALti, wife of M^or Andrew, 

Not. 38. 
PowxLJL, wife of Efre B. i. at Madra*. Dee. B. 
Raiieb, wife of Lieut, Thomai, lit Eor. rrg 

Not. so. 
Ross, wife of Hngh, •. at T'n>n *■'»■ on 
Wbitebouse, wife of J. O, _ „ 

■Wriobt, wlA: of JJeot, J. H. ut N.I. 


N.I. d. at Kbyonk Phyoo, 
at Bellarr, 

Bakbow, Llect. De Symoos, 14th N,I. to Mary Elizabeth, d. of 

the late Dr. Honey, at Bangalore, Not. 38. 
StxoH, lient. Uenry, aSnd N.I. to Catherine EUia, d. of G. N. 

Cheek, at Bancoorah, Nov. 39. 
PoioN, W. toUI»EtiiabettaEdge,atVeperT, Not. 17. 
HjLL, Major Wm. l>t Ear. rrgt. to Sibella, d. of Utnt. col. PhUl- 

potta, at Hoog-KoDg, Not. 14. 
BoiTGHTon, Eoi. B. R. I»th Nl. to Joiephinc Loniaa, d. of 

If ^. Yarde, at Ootaeanund, Dec. 4. 
iNKia.LieaLU. D. 47thN.I. to RobertlnB S. d. of the lat« K. 

S. Tlieolwldi, atTepery, Dee. 6. 
KtMP, A. P. to Ann, d. of the late Maj. Whlttler, at TrlehlDop<riy, 

MiLLEK, W. to Charlotte LobIm, d. of the late C. Breltbaapt, at 

MaAaa, Dee. 7, 
If iTCBELL. Snjt. B. B. to Ang, d. of O. Waidct, at St. Tbomas'a 

VoDDt, Dee. S, 

SuT, Cap*, r. A, ._ 

Black Town, Dec. 19. 
TOBE, Seijt. P. Sad Ear. L. I. to Eli 

T. Tiewen, at Trichioopoly, Not. 33. 

Boliate ChatMM, t. et ». Stn^e, «t 
d. at pendmtd Seijt. 

. of Capt. D. 44th N.I. at 

HowABTB, Sarah, wile of Seiit. J. ait. at SL. ThoMaa'a Moiut, 

M'fivoT, wile of the Rev. Joha, Not. 16. 
Shsbard, luf. g. of R. at Uudraa, Not. 33. 


Nov. 3S. Sora*, Shcy, Corlnga.— 39. TVtie Briton, Roe, Cal- 
cuttai Trafalgar, Robertaon, Porttmouth.— Diic.3. Steamer Hod- 
dta^fon. Field, Snci.— 4. BUra din, L«, Mnnlmaln ; Bimrald hit, 
Downie, London. ~7. Mtlanim, Bird, Maorltlns.— 13. £mDia, 
Knight, Sydney.— 14. Steaaier BcHlintli, Bonaher, Cakatta. 

Per Sarah— U. P. Strange, Em). 

Per Tme firt/oa.-Hr. and Mr*. SImbIob and bunfi' 

Per Trufalgar.—Lmij DowUng; Meedame) Plowdei 

De Sanimarei, RaietDn, Gwya, Grores, and Wilkeison ; Mini 

Hyde, Etodi, Pierce, Amot, GroTca, Rolaton, Qwjn, and Beau- 

' ^aJ.Beaamont, 33rd regl. N.I. ; Capt. CongiCTc, M.i 

t. Boleton, 14th r^. N.I.; Ueot. Gwyn, H.U.'e 

P. C. Qre__ 

W. C, Thomi 

C. T. Owen, Eeq., ai 

Berole. Mre. Henry, 


ud G.C.HarUa, M. art. ; J. J. Wing, : 
Ben. Inf. ; J. G. Grovea, Esq., J. P. Grorea, Eeq., 
'-■' • W. Bertram, Esq. ( Mr. Caoim, Mre, 
Gwyn, Mri. Cheater, and Mrs. Moore, 
rer aiua Jan.— Mr. Andrew, hmlly, and lemnt ; Aist. apoth. 
Kingeley and scrTant, Ure, Feoa and 3 ehildrtn. 

" eteainer Baddimftim, boat Sodtsahftom. — Mr. and Mra. 
- Mr. J. Brecks, Mn. Ford, Mlu Katileban, Mr. Eaur- 
H>a, niie Glase, Mr. Boilenn, Mr. Northey, Mr. Baker, Mr. 
Foreater, LEeot. B. Taylor. From Malta to MADRAS.-Mr. M, 
WileOD. From Adin.— Mi(j- Napier. From Gallb.— Mr. A. 
Gerard, Rev. J. Wxlton, Mite Campbell, Mre. Napier and lerrant. 
Per steaaier Beiirfnc,t.— Capt. OgUiic and Baboo Moodelllar. 

r, Godla, BordeauT.~-3S. CambriM, Plnmridge, 
). Trq/elgar, Robertson, Calcutla. — Dec. 3. 
Steamer Haddington, Field, CalcQtta. — 7. Alvtrloa, Backland, 
Brmlipalam.— 13. 7rw Brilon. Rne, London; Bukaag, Boh, 
London.— 15. Steamer Bcntinck, Boaeher, Suei. 


Maj. J. R. Sandfoid, 
g. 1 Capt. 
Lieut, i. 

Per eteamer Haddinglc 
W. H. Poo, Esq., F. Taplin, Esq, 

Ptr7Vii[flri(oa.— Lieat. Q. V.Arbnckle, H.M.'e 84tb 
Harriaoa, Kos. Lane, H.M.'i ZSth reg. ; Ens. Coo h 
; Capt. R. B. Norton, Cspt. Hoisted, Mr. Hu<t»f 
', aad 31 Inralidi of H.U.'e and the K.C.'e eervice, 

fer noiAemjf.— Mr. Hnig, Mr. E. Hendrleki, Capt. J. Foriter. 

Per iteamer BmUnek to BoMBAr.— W. Lomond, Eeq. 

To Aden.— Maj. N. H. Flihe and lerrant. 

Tn SooTEiAHFTON.— Mrs. Howorth, 5 children, and 3 aervanta j 
R, M. Taylor, esq., J. Lanranee, ejq., Capt. E. Dumargue, Sb^. 
H. C. Ludlow, U.D. 



Thi Mail, with lettera frooi I.ondoB to Nov. 7, aniTed at 
Bombay on Dec. 9. 

Baeooa and Taheabia Railwat. — We Inm Arom the 
Bombay Tdtgravh that the total number of eharee taken in the 
prapoaed Barodn and Tankaria Railway i* 5,160, nbicb U 
Re. 50 per abore giree a capital of Re. 2,58,000, or mora tiMB 
one-balf of Ihe entire eum required for Iba cODatructton of the 
lina. Tbe Guicowar, tlirough whose territory the propoaed line 
will mD, wilt, it ii expected, take a aufficieat Bumber of ahaiM 
to fill up (he Ii«t and mt the Bcbeme a-going. 

Mr. P. J. McKehna, formerly editor of a paper called the 
Gmiltman'i Gatttit, bae returned hams by the laet mall. He 
went out in 1810, retired from Ihe Cowitria 1841, and was next 
connected as editor or joint editor nitb the Bmtbay Gazttte and 
tbe Boabag Unittd Senrict Gazttt: In 1843 be commenced the 
Gtti^mox't GaztUa, a daily nawepaper, which some eix weeks 
nnce was transfonned iBto the BonAay GoxaOa. 

R. F. RiHinoTOH and Makockjbb Lihjie, Ewga., were ib 
Dec. decled directors of the Bank of Bombar, in room o( H. 
Cormadf and J. R, Hadaw, Esqa, who rstin b^ ratUioB, 





Schism.— A lerEoiu icbiRm Ibreateni to ttvet tbe Church at 
Poonah, " the CtTO clergymen who have of iMe been officiating 
baving," iTiitei ■ MoFussil eoneepondent of the Bombay Tima, 
" on sucMBsive Sundays been preacbing doctrines most pecu- 
liarl)' oppOBed to each other, to the scandal of a Urge portion of 
ihe congregation," 

The Mortalitt bad been vtrj great on the iiluid during tbe 
last fortnight, no fewer than 836 pereoot having died during the 
first thirteen days of tbe montb, 406 *f vhom were cut off bj 

Tna Ankuil ELEcrioa of CouHissiONias of ini Cduit 
or REijuESre look place in December, wlien tbe following 
gentlemen were cbocen Commitsioners of the Court for the fear 
1850;— Oregor Grant; L. C. C. Rivett; W. de Blaquiere ; M. 
Larkro; Edward Arthur; E. E. Elliot; R. F. Barro; J. L. 
Johnson { B. F. Remington; H. Connack ; R. Willis i W. S. 
Grey; J, L. Johnson; W. Brooks. 


Bi LXLIT, H. paiied mm. in Hindus'anl. 

G> AHT. C to be judidil cDnm. tor Cuzcrat and Ibe Eaocaa, t. 

HoBABT, 0. A. pi. sad. ordira of the coll. of Taana. 
IHVEBARITV, J. D, coll. of Sholapoor, utnm. ch. of duties, No». SB, 
BlTEiT.L.C.C. to be sheriff of Bombay, Dec. B. 

GiLLKT, J. I. to Nov. IS, In ut. 

OutLrr, T. pol. ag. In Culeb, 1 mo. fr. Jan. 6. 

Rose, J. V. 30 dara to pres. 

Rtan, H. H. to No». 30, issa,ln ext. 

SiUB, F. to Dee. 31, to eit. 

TUBSIIAND, W. to Drc. 13, to BombiT. 

AlTCBisotr, Lltsl. C. T. and Eur. L.I. to do duty vlth detalti of 

(hat eorpa proe. to VtngoriB, en lonte to Belganm. 
Akdedson, Llent. D. G. art. fr. lit bait, to h. brts. Dee. 7. 
Abtdub, Lleot. E. P. ist Bombar lancen and Niiam'a eaT. pi. U 

dj>p. of Bombay gort. for emp. as lient. of police In Sdode, No*. 

17 ; to be Ileal, of pnlice In Sclnde. 
Bainbbidos, Limt. R. to join bli slittDQ, Dec. 3. 
Bahton, Lleot. C. J. art. Ir. tad to l)t batt. tojola No. 1 It. field 

butt, on Its arr. at Kolspore . 
Batkb, LWt. J. Blh N.I. rrp. fit tor daty, to rejoin Its itatlaa. 
BauBh, Uent. C. B. 9th N.I. attaehed to mkHDC batt. Dee. 4. 
Becheb, Llent. A. Bth N.I. to act as adjt. to 8th N.I. dur. abi. 

of Lleat. Bates OB m. c. Dee. 4 ; to act as qr. mr. dor. abs. of 

BOODLB, Eu. C. E. Sib N.I. to be Uent. fr. Oct. 9, in inc. to Al- 

BaAKDT.Eoi.B. posted to lit Ear. reitt. ftu. to rank fr. Not.30. 
Browh, Hh]. L. pol. agcDt In Hewn Kanta, lei. ch. of duties. 
CAMKaoN, Lieut. W. art. ric. cue. Abmednagaor, placed at lUin. of 

C. iDC.forregt.doty, Dec. S. -^ r 

Castkll, Ltcnt. toperf. dntlea to 4Ui N.I. dnr. abs. of 

CoQLAN, Ma]. W. M. art. ret. to duty No*. 37. 
CouBBNB,£a«. S. posted to ISIb N.I. to rank fi-. Dee, 1. 

Llent. eol. H. to temp. comd. Id Upper Scinde, fr. 
til arrlTBl of Brig. Deriuiy. 
u-BiL.i,, 2nd Lieot. J. C. let Eur. fns. R. W. to be 1st 
lieut. fr. No*. 30, Id sac. to Woodward, iDTallded. 
UHHINGHAM, Bre*. col. D. Cai., to be «ol. fr. Oct. 19, ». 
Danbir, dee. ; posted to 3nd L.C. *. Dunbar, dec. Dee. 1. 
'AacY, Lieut. R. W. adj. of Kaeddsh Bbeel corps, rts ch, of 

icEsoN, Capt, T. C. 13th N.I. to be m^or fr. Dec. i, In «nce. to 

Shortt, prom. 

— " -X, Eni. A. A. posted to Blh N.L.I, to rank fr. Noi. IS. 

OK, Lieut. A. E. tojoiahiiaUtlOD, Dec. 3. 

OB, Lieut. A. T. 33id N.L.I, qnal. as interp. io Firtlaa. 

s. J. engs. Id join his Btatioo, Dec. 3 ; to act as executive 

Upper Sclnde, Dec. S. 

Sept. 37 ni 

Deb Vai 

j. the lit.. . _. 

FsANRrAKD, Lieut. A. C. 3nd Em 

in lea' 

GiBBABD, 3ad Lieut. T. B. art. fr. 3nl batt. to b. brig. Dee. 7. 
GiFFASD, Lieut, 16ib N.I. to act as adjt. to left »iDg, Dec. 7. 
Godfrey, Capl. T. II. Iht. eit. to tnidc and rec. pay in Wioaud. 
Gordon, Cipl. M. F. to act na Inam conoi. dur. abs. of Hart. 
Graham, Litut. A. W. 4th N.I. to act as adj. to Scinde camel 

corps ; to rec. eh. of office. 
Grkve, Llfot. D. Ut tr. h. art. to be adj. lo «l. In S. di*. army, 

7. DoUglB. 

lake cc 

com my. gcB. to 
I Baiar dept. fi 

proceed lo Rajcote and 

ibeek, Lieut, list N.I. to act as adjt. to left wiac while detaelwil 

fr. hd. qra. Dec. T. 
SuERiN, dipt. D. A. brig. maj. at Aden, lo be bilg. naj. at Can- 

poor, T. G bbatd. 
Hanson. Eos. G. W. 9tb N.l. qu 
Head, Litnt. M. T. 3ud Eur. L.I. 

HoBSON. Eo). J. C. posted to 3rd N.I. to CDutlnae altathed to 

36tb N.I. until nrmsl of bis corps la Upper Sdnde. 
HoBSON, Capt. J. IstEur.fna. to join depot of fui. at Pooaa, 
HuNTEB, Lieat. F. E. 4th N.l. perm, to res. app. of poit mr. at 

Moo! tan. 
Jackbon, Capt. C. P. 3nd L.C. to be EO^jor fr. Oct. 19, fn luec. to 

TreTdyim, prom. 
Lancton, Lieut. 17lh N.I. tojoia his station, Dec. S. 
L'EsTHANOE, Eds. E. to act as adjt. to 9tb N.I. dur. abs. of Lieut. 

Church, m. c. Dec. 4. 
LOON'DES, Lieut. 39tb N.I. to act as eiec. cng. In Upper Sdnde 

for Lient. Mellerisb. 
Ltk, Lieut. W. H. C. 13lh N.I. to be capt. fr. Dee. I, in suec. to 

Shortt, prom. 
Lynch, Capt. E. F. Spth N.I. ret. to duty, No*. 37. 
Hacdohbll, Lieut, to perf. duties of adj. to L. W. Sad gren. N.l. 

due. its separation fr. reg. b. q. 
Mason, Capt. lo act as int. to 4th N.I. dor. abs. of Maude. 
MaDDE, Lieat. C. O. 7th N.I. to act as qr. mr. and interp. t. 

WaddingtOD ; to act as interp. to 3rd batt. art. Dec. 4. 
1IEI.LEB8H, Lieut O. B. adiee eiecntke eng. lo Upper Sdode, 

pi. at diep. of c.-lo-c. for reg. duty. Dec. 8. 
MORRIS, Capt. A. 4th N.I. ret. to duty, No*. 37- 
MOBSK, Lieut. R. A. art. fr. Sad to lit bait, to jtrio No. 1 %ht 

field battery, on Its arrlTal at Kolapore. 
HuNBO, Capt. C. a. G. ISihN.l.ret.todnly, No*. 37.' 
NAYI.OB, Eos. I9tb N.I. to act as laterp. to 3nl N.I. r. Header- 

Capt. I 
Reynolds, Lieut. J. H. nth N.I. to be line adj. at Kolapore. 
Roan, Capt. H. B. lit Enr. rc(t. ret. to duty. No*. K. 
RowLAKO. MaJ. TSt.toduty. No*. 37. 

Savile, Lieut. J. W. 3nd Eur. r^t. ret. to doty, No*. 35; ts 
ch. of details of that eorp'> V"- to VIngoria, ea route to Bd- 

SHAw/Uent. eoL H. H. I4th M.I. retired fr. Betrtce, Dee. I. 
Sheffard, Lient. J. L. 4th N.I. to be post mr. at Mouttan. 
ShebwoOd, Corn. R. S. lat L.C. att. to, and to Jala 3rd comp. 

lai bat. art. at Abmrdnnggur, und. ord. for Nuncerabad. 
Sbortt, Maj. J. M. to be llent. eoi. fr. Dee. 1, *. Sbaw ; pasted 

to 13th N.I. Dec. 13. 
SuEE, Ueat. eol. W. N. T. 13th N.I. ret. to duty No*. 37 ; fr. 

131b to ISth N.I. Dee. 13. 
Stack, Lieut, eol. M. fr. md to 3rd L.C. Dee. 8. 
Stxuabt.Ebs. C.J. 13th N.I. to be bent. fr. Dec. l.lnsaec. to 

Shortt, proiB. 
Stdddebt, Capt. T. to aa>. com. of sappers and nlnei*, fr. Nor, 

33, T. Qoodfellow, Dee. S. 
Syuons, Llfut. C. J. fith N.I. lo be capt. Ir. Oct. V, In ancc. to 

Alendi, decnsed. 
TBEvaLTAK, Mq. W. n*. ta be eol. fr. Oct. 19, *. Canab^ham, 

prom. ; rec. prom, to Sad L.C. Dec. B. 
Trevor, 3ad Llent. J. S. to act as execntiia eng. at Ahmtdaag- 

gnr, Dec. 6. 
Troweb, Lieut. C. T. 1st Ear. tus. r. w. to be capt. fir. No*. SO, 

In sncc. to Woodward, Ivalided. 
Valliakt, Lieut. F. to act qn. mr. and interp. to iBt L.C. Dec 4. 
Wallace, Lient. H. h. art. to rejoin, Dec. 10. 
Wallace, Ens. R. Gth N.I. to rejoio bis sUtion, Dee. 11. 
Warden, Llent. 4lb N.I. attached lo marine batt. Dec. S. 
Wats ON, Ena. J. 3Bth N.I. to join his atatlon, Dec. 3. 
Wilson, Ueut. to ut as a^j. to I. «. 1st N.I. ^r. its aepar. fr. 

b. q. Dee. 4. 
Wilson, Capt G. brig. maj. In Candeitb, to be brig. nsj. at Aden, 

*. Gnerin, eie. ' 
Woodwabd, Capt. in*. eiUb. posted to N. V. B. Dec. B. 

I, James, No*. 39. 

iiSON. Capt. A.. N. laih N.I. in ell. to Dec. 31, on m. e. 
aaoN, Em. F. to Jan. to, to AhmedDUggur. 
nsoN, Licut. W. F. tlthN.I.iacit. toDec. Sl.onm. 0. 
Dapt. J. fr. Dec. 1 to 31, la tit. to rem. at Ihe Mahabulesh- 



BEU.AS1*, Mb). 3. B. 9Ui N.l. Id ut. to Dtc. 31, od n, c 

!0 Cii Jan. 24, to Boutbuf . 

■. Not. 3 lo Dec. 15, xo Kurrm- 

in. 31, IS50, loDcca*. 

Bbrthoh, Cept. H. engs. to Eg 
Blowers, Eai. W. H. sgth N.l 
BOLTOK, Ell. G. L. loth N.I. 1 
BaowN, Ueqt. W, W. glli N.I. 
Bdciiana^j, Em. W, SSib N.I. 
Cane, LienL F. fort adj. fr. Drt 
CuuBCH, IJeat. A. B. eth N. I. 

Ckeacb, LicDt. W. fr. Dec I tc 

Dm VlTHE, 3ii<I Llrul. J. irt EuL _ _ _ 

Forbes, Urat. H. E. lit L.C. to BombiiT, m.c. 

Geacb, Ueut. Q. O. 13th N.I. to Dec. 31, m.e. 

GBAVKg, Capt. J. C. 3rd L.C. to Jnn. 31. 

Haic, LIcat. H. act. x»(. qn. n>. gen. H.D.K. levn emir. 

Hankik, Ed>. 3. K. and G.N.I. lueiL to rem. at the Mahaboleih- 

wnr Kill*, OD m.c. 
Hawthokn, Ed«. a, eth N.I. fr. Not. 3 to Dee. IS, to Kura- 

Heatbcote, Lieut. C. J. I3th N.I. to Dec. 3t, to Bombiy. 
Hill, Cspl. J. ntc eng. Lower Scladc, 3 mo. fr. Deo. IB, to 

UooltiD had Pnojub. 
HoBART, Ens. Hon. W. A. 36th N.I. ia ext. lo Dee. 31, iu nj.c. 
Hdstkh, Capl. W. F. Sod L.C. to Jan. 13, 1850. 
jACKaoH, C*pt. T. to Jan. 31, ISSO. 
Kean, Lleot. C. ord. dept. to Dm, SI, m. e. 
Kekton, Capt. W. Sad L.C. ia eit. to Dec 3I,od b. c. 
KljiLOCE, Ueat. art. (Dl>ec. 31, m. e. 
K.voWLKi, Lieut. J. P. Sth L.L Co March 10. 
I.EESDK, Capl. W. F, lad N.I. to J*a. 3D, Ln tXt. 
NEWNSAU.Lleat. F.G. 23rd N.L.I, in eat. lo Dee. 31, on m. e. 
NiCHOLiOK, Bac J. 3rd »*at. to commist. at Saltara, lo Jaa 1, ia 

Pkibcott, En(. C. Mth N.I. Ic '-- " 
Kbtnolds, Capl. W. brij. nm]. 
Rose, Ed>. W. mi N.I. to Fel 
Sho«t, Licat, W.r. 3l>t N.I. 
Sorpi-CT, Licnt. M, lath K.I. 

Statseb, Cut. W. C. lit N.I, to Jaa. IS, 
Steblinb, iOdloB at. J. lit L,C, l aw. 

renaia at Bambajr on n.c. 
Tait, BrcT, m^, J, 8th N.l. 1 mo. fr. Dee, I, to lenala at 

TBatchbb, UcBt. T. nth N.I. 3 no. to MooHan. 
Thouphon, Lieut. G. Q. 36tl> N.I. Id eit. to Dec. 31, on m.c. 
Thobpi, Lient. Mth N.I.ln rat, to Dec 31, on m. c 
Tbevhian, Ua). W. H. lo eiL to Doc. 31, on m. e. ; to Eonips 

Waddihuton, Edi. W. soth N.I. la tit. to Dw. 31, on m, c 
Wallace, En. R. SU N.L.I. U cit. to Dae. 31, qb m. c, 

" ■". B. atlaehcd lo 3Sth N.I. 3 mo. lo rem. at 

D Dec. 15, to lihonj. 

r. Dm. 1, to t 

nooDWAkD, Capt. H. J 

r. hi*, 3 mo. fr. Not, 1 

'CAmrzB, Ant. • 



BowiB, Ant. nrg. relleired fr. doing dot) Ib iBdIaa Narr, Dee. S. 

" Ant. lOTf. H. J. to act •* dT. torg, at pre*,; to be 

;. of police, ». Lcith, 

...... if mperlot, larg. prei. diT. 

eh. of Sth N.I. oa dep. of 

DlMOCE, Ami. mrg. Mth N.I. to all. Bed. aid to detach, Sod 

Ear. L.I. proe. to Belgaam, Dee. 13. 
Don, Sorg. J. ret. to dotj, Nor. 37. 
Glabsi, Ami. (■■(. to perf. dntj of gar. >org. .Saral i. Leggttt, 

HUBaET, Ant. ■ 

b. of Srd L.C. Dec. 9. 
13th N.l.T. Watkine. 
t civ. earg. at Broach, i 

>, Dec. 10. 
I.ODWICE, Snrg. 31st L.C. to rec. temp, med. ch. of head qrs. 

Trine uf Ifltb N,I. proc. to Aiseerghur, Dec. 1. 
Maceekzie, Sorg. to rec. eh, of italTnad dtUlli at Milllginn. 
Maitland, Snrg. to be an aist, mag. in Itutonglieiry collecto- 

nte, Dec S. 
UobgbOVE, Allt. snrg. lethN.I. toproc. to Ahmednasgar, and 

relieve A«et. lurg. Lndieick fr, med. ch. of ning of that corps, en 

roHfe to AtBcerghar, Dee. 7; to med. ch. of Ifith N.l. 
FiaoD, Allt. snrg. 1711k N.l. to lec. med. cb, of 


h i^i.". 

■J>. 9Dd bott. 

Sod L.C. en reufe to 

for emp. ia 

sa. Decl3. 
Remington. Aut. snrg. placed at ditp. of e.-io- 

Indian Davy, to tnc. to Bowie, relieved, Dec. 5. 
RussRLL, Allt. (org. art. to lec, mcil. ch. of depot of lit Eur. 

Int. D.e. 13. 

THOHfEON, Aid. sorg, 5ih N.I. to ree. med. ch. of bead qu. 

4lh bitt, ert. at Ahmedabad, on dep. of Hocliin, Dtc. I]. 
Tda.veb, .int. aurg. on meeting the depot of lit Eur. fut. rnreife 

to Paoun, oo lec, eb, of the lame, lo deliver over med. cb. of 

Invalids, &c. to A««t. lorg. B(0«n, Dee. 8. 
Tt;BMEB. Aut. 8urg. II. A. uiiee. med. ch. of Eur, Nck loTalids, 

. I. Dec. 6. 
WicHE, Atst. lurg. C. G. to be civ. snrg, i 
WiLUUT, Vrl. aurg. to rec. of leftwi 

6th comp. 4Ch baCt. art. oa d'pt. of iicad qr. 

to Snikarpore. 
WiNCUEBTBR, Surg. J. W. fcc ch. of med. dutiei of Bhooj 

agencT fr. Ai«(. surg. Pitmao, Nut. 34. 

it Sattara, Dec S. 
- asih N.I. at 
( of 26ih N. 

BattibiBer, Vet. lurg. E.G. lit L.C. t 

Bowie, Aasl. aurg. J. M. to Dee, 31, onia. c 

Fbasbb, Allt. suig. J.O. lit Sciod* irregnlBr bone. Id eit. to 

Leooett, Surg. W. in eit. lo Drc 3, on at. c. . 
MaItland, A»(. aurg. It mo. fr, Dec. IS, lo Mababnleabnor. 
MoEQBOVE. Asat. lurg. F. J. M. In ext. to Dec. 91, on m. c 
MuBRAV, lurg. J. to Eur. on m. e. 
Sanderson, Aiat, nirg. J. in eat. to Dec. 31, OD m. c. 
Seeldihq, Ant snrg. W. IGih N.I. to Enr. 

CooEE, Mld«. 3. C. to be mate, Dec. 10. 
CooKBON, MIda. A. A. to be mate, Dec. 10. 
ETHEkiDat, Lieat. W. H. to Dee. 31, to Hahabulubwiu billi on 

FahHeb. Mids. C.H.IaDee. 31, toMohabnleihwiuhilliOD m. c 
FaUBHARD, CommtD. to com. the Feraei, Dec. 6. 
JoHNiTOH, Comuan. to auum. cooi. of the Aaetluad, Dec. 6. 
Melvin, Lient. ol the AucklaAd, perm, to reiide Oa tbort, Dec. 6. 
Phillips, Hids. R. A. C. leave to MBhabnluhvai hlUi to Dec 

93, OD m. c. 
Rkminotoh, Aut. aurg. pi. at disp. of c-ln-e. Indian navy. 
Sandbbs, Capt. J. P. 1 rao. fr. Dee. 1, to Mahabultsbwur. 
SrBVBNS, Mat* F. C. to ha pror. lleut. (r. Not. 38. 
WiNSns, Hid>. of the Atkland, perm, to reilde oa ihore. Dee, S. 

Bowil, wifeof A 

lELL, W. Rtatoo, at Colaba, aged 39, Dtc. S 

NEB, Fraocei, d. of Mr. at Upper Colabah, aged 3, Dec. 14. 

C. B.J. at Calient, Nov. 31. 

, W. F. at Uingalore, Muv. is. 

T _ - H,d,„bad, Not, 3* 

Of Mr, at A " " ' 

I, Mar; A 

acdabad, Dec. 


Dec. 4. DiindDnatif,Gilllei, Liverpool; Clariua, And rem. Sand, 
headii Accord, Suckle, Singajiore; RobUa, MU/ord, CsIcutU; Sir 
Edvard RgM, Brlggi, Hong-Koog.— S. Moftawar, Dariey, Cal- 
entta; St. Abbi, Willis, London and Madeira.— 6. Kurraauay, 
Hogg, Chioa.-8. JeUy Robin, Jojoion, Calealta.— ». Steamer 
Actor, Gardner, Sme; Oiota Glendotcei', Pare, London.— 10, Ann, 
Oaable, Singapore— II. fiarl nf Hardaickt, Drown, Londoa,— 13, 
Comitr, MelltB, Port I'hilllpi Marg Ann, Darler, Cbina,— 14. 
Steamer Furg, Wilcoi, Hong Kong; Ariea, Loodtr, London. — 16. 
OrleaM, Uurrj, Liverpool. 

a Scott, 

Per Claricia.— Mri. Jamea Scott, Mi» 
and Mri, Tfloma. Crawford. 

Per stcsmer Ferszr.—Mra. Migu^n ; Mrs. Bangh, and two ehit- 
dren; Mti. Slrellcll : Lieut 1, J. Bigs'. H-M.'b 8th regl. ; D.J. 
Kinloeb. an. ; T. S. Warileo, 4lh UiBei ; C. R, Baugb, Sth regt. 
N,I. i P. Dods, ditto ; C. C. Shellell, lub N.I. ( Eua. C. 3. 
PreMOil, 3*tb N.l. ; Asit. lurg. H. C. Martia, H.M.'i 8lh foot ; 
J. Weddcrburn, esq.; Lieut. Jabuttone, 4tti tiaei i and Mr. 
Trravers, act. 3nd mr. 

p.r JfuAuiiur,— Mrs. Darlcf. 

Per steamer Acfiar.— From Suee— Mri. Marriott and servant, 
Mrs. Preedy and «rvnnl, Mr*. Wiehe and servant, Mra. Kirk, Mrs. 
Cole?, Mn, Gntnl, Mrs. SUphens, Misi G. Bell and servant. Miss 
M. Crawford, Miss CSlroud, Miss, A. Wilson, Mi sa. G. Enttwick, 
MIsi A. Enstwick, Capl. W. F. Mairiott, Bom. enga. ; Surg. R. 
Kirlt, Unm, arm ; Aa>t. aurg. Colee, diilo ; The Hon. Major Foley 
and scnaal, A. Cmsrls, E^q. ; Capt. K. Jopp, I6tb Bow. N.I. ; 
Capt. D. Compton, 39th Uiito, and acrTant; Cul. C. B. James, 
Bom. arm; I G. Jnmei, Esq.; Liiut. F. Brongtinm, Beng. ait ; 

Digitized by 




Bl^or R. L. Shair, SUd Bom. N.I.; C»pt. JohiutoD ud LicoLJ. 
BkldwiD, H.M.'i nnd tuA ; R. Colowortt, E«q. ; M. Arbathnot, 
Eiq. H.M.'i 9Ui ISDOert ; A, ADderua, Eiq. ; J. Hiicrolt, Eeq, ; 
B*T. Dr. Gruit, Mr. T. nich, Mr. Stephani, wid M. A. F.Wotzd. 
From "- ' " "--'-- 


Bromle; sad fsmll]r, Mrs. M. Reynolds and too ehlldniD,' Mrs. Fare, 
Hia. E. M. LeeioD, Mra. B. H. Piiee, Mines C. J. Aitkin, H. 
Bdwarda, L. Darbf , A. Eckfard, and E. Milford ; Cspt. J. A. Eck- 
foid, igth Bom. N.I. 1 Ueut. C. P. Tajlor, Mth M.N.I. ; limit, T. 
BromlcT, ISth B.N.I, i Liest. J. Mencham, H.M.'i Mth foot; 
Be*. W. S. Price, H. J. JohntOD, Etq. ; W. C. Crockett, Esq. 
I.N. ; Mrsdamea PriCclurd and Peg;, asd MadtmolaeUe W. Sulnl. 
From the Caps— Mesdaines M. Stuvell and E. Morisao ; Sar^. M. 
Stoiell, ReT. G. Moriaon, Mrs. Gmce, Mr. J, Grace, and C. F. 
HoMhig, Esq.— At Cankanokk— Mcadames L. A. Whit*, M. 
Hamilton, and F. Cottell ; Misses M. 3. White, A.E. UUl, and M. 
F. Baillle ; Capt. R. HamUton. l>t M.N.I. ; Lltat. C. G. Cottell, 
4Sth M.N.t. ; aod C. Youog, Esq. 

Per steaiDfr SuuiriEa. — T. A. Comptao, c.s. 

Per steamer ifoonifn-.— Mrs. Tajlor and cLild, Miss Forbel, tod 
W. B. Tailor. 

Per Ana.— Mn . Oambla aad ftunlly, and Min Bell. 

Per Earl of Hordwieie.- Mrs. Boyd, Mrs. Saitnon, Mrs. Thcini> 
ton, Mrs. Jameson and Infant ; Mrs. Mildmsy, Mrs. Coles and 
inFant ; Mra. Seaward, Mrs. Brown, Mlsa Fallon, Miss Colthiirat, 
Miss Seaward, Miss Stawe, lient.-col. Boyd, Capt. Salman, iora- 
lids ; Cnpt. Tbornton, H. M.'s 86th regt. ; Capt. Jameson, 3Wh 
Bo. N.I. ; Ens. MUdmay, Uth Bo. N.I. ; Rer. D. St. Coia, Mr. 
Barton. Asst. surg. ; Mr. Gillespie, cadet ; Mr. Barron, Mr. Lofe, 
Mrs. Frith and child; Mrs. Bainei, Mrs. Nelms, Mrs. Benuct, 
Mrs. Archer, Mra. McPatrick, and Mlsa Matilda Rkhorda. 

Per CouHfT.— Dr. Bowden. 

Per itftduia.— Mra. Kean and child ; Lieut. C. Kean. 

Per fin-en<».— Maj. G. Mscan, Capt. A. Sannders, Mrs., Miss, 
and Master Saaodcis ; Ueuts. H. Statwcll, W. F. Saadwitb, C. S. 
Jessop, M. G. Head, and B. B. Wliittaker; W. B. BaninglAn, 


nd Ens 

Dt. G. O. Geach, 1 

[.anghton) Moj. B. Criipio, IGth N.I. ; 
h N.I.i and Lleat. M, O. Hud, and 

Per Orletma. — Mra. Hairy and two cliildrea. 

Dbc. 3. Lattar, Thompoon, Hall; steamer .l/ifaAa, Grounds. — 
4. Uiiii, Wallls,: Zanztbar.-5. Contlivice, Vanlklng, Cochin and 
Maotitius.— 7.Gnin-oi5iifc, WhilF.UYerpool,— a. E/nmor.Streltell, 
Uitrpool.— 10. habflla (falton, Clark, Cork ; steamer Vldoria, 
Ammerate, Colombo.— 1 1. Sural, Graham, Calrntta.— 13. ZaHXibar, 
Crigh too. Port GlBsgow i Ontario, Watson, Uierpoot.— IS. Poa- 
thea. Glen, LirerpoDl; Alcksmial, Pearson, Londoii, — 16. Moray- 

T Moasaffer, Hrrrelt, Snez. 

Tey, LI eat. 

Pit Bombay.— iSn. Mauson, Mlues Mansoa and i 
J. F. JohDsUD, 4tli rldea, Ueut. P. Dodds, 3rd N.I. 
R.Xlmeae3, H.V. LllUcrap, and G. E. HuddestOD, H,M.^B22od 
foot, Lieut. H. Q. Bowden, Ens. H. C. Eraser, and W. Cairncross. 

Ptr Isabella IFafion.- Mrs. Ballantine and six children, and the 
Bat. H. BallanUoe. 

Per Vitloria.—Mn. Warden, A. B. Warden, Esq., Bo. 0. S. 

. Graham. 

Per S«ral.~M 
Per slearaer ifDOn^A-.- 
WriiOD, and Lieut. Ralney. 

'Haj. H. W.Trercljan, Bo. art., Capt. 


Bombag, Dee. 17, IS49. 

Goiemmant Securil' 

Par per 100 Co.'a 
Bs. 89perlOOSicca. 
Ks. SS} per 100 Co. 'a 
Rs. S6tda. 

Bombay Bank Ri. 1,000 each 1,000 pd. up 

Oriental Bank „ 1,000 each SOO do. 

AgraBank ',' ' 300 each SOO do'. 

BaokofModrai t,OODeaeh 1,000 do. 

Apollo Press Com 13, SOO each 13,500 do. 

CMaba Press Com.. . „ 7,eoo each 7,D00 do. 

Coiaba Land Com... „ 10,000 eaeh 10,000 do, 

Bombay S. N. Cms. „ SOO each SOO do. 7D per cent. dis. 

Or. Ind. P. B. Com. „ SO eaeh fi deposit. ParnomlB^ 

per cent. pm. 
i» p. ct. dis. nam. 
13 percent, dia. 
4 per c»Bt. dIs, 
10 percent, pm. 

7,000 nomlDal. 

I, each Rs. 10 s«s. 

Bank of England Notes, pet£ , 10 Baa. 

Spanish DoUan, per 100 „ Sao^ 

German Crowns, „ „ 313 

SyceeSllTcr, perlOOtolaa „ 104^* 1M( 

Gold Leaf, per tola, range of quality „ 16} 

Goldlngots, aceordlag to tooeb, pertola .. .. „ IT to 171 

la. loid. 
Is. lold. 


la. lOld. 

1 day's Is. 9)d. Do. da 

On Calcatta at 60 days' sight, per 100. ... | per ct. dis. 

30 days' sight Par. 

at sight 4 u- per cent, preu. 

On Madras at 30 daya' right. 3 as. per cent. pm. noi 

at aight 8 aa. pet cent. pm. 

On China at GO days' sight per 100 din. Bs. 311 a. 313. 


At the close of the Ecasion of tbe LegialatiTc Council, tbe 
following protest was recordod in the minulesof the Council;'— 

" Pbot«8t. — In accordance with the permission granted by ttaa 
aoTemor in Council, on the 23rd October, 1348, we, the unde- 
signed Members of the Legislaliie Conndl, protest ag^ut th* eoa- 
linnance of the payment of tbe contrihntian of 34,000t. towards A0 
military expenditure, for the fnilowing reasons : — ■ 

" 1st. Recauae no such contribnlion is exacted trom any otter «f 
her Majesty's colonial poucsiiona. 

" and. Becanae It was Inied under a miaapprehenrfon, to Ae 
effect that the islaod had, at the time of Its imposition, a large mz- 

Sins revenue, whereas this surpina was entirely tbe rcaalt of pcBil 
sheries, which han ceased, and the sole of the einnnmoD in the 
Goieroment Stores, or, In other words, of the diapoial of aocunn- 
lated property, and not from any cmraat or coatliinoas aonrcea o( 

" 3rd. Becaute the eolaoy, hadae thus been impoTerished by (he 
dispoaalof its occamalatedsualth, Badfurtherraors by the sale of 
fonr-Gftbs of tbe donamoa gardens, which, wkeo In tlia hands of 
Government were so much capital, ii now placed nailer the Decesatty 
of opening new roads, and dereloplng means of camnKmicatlng 
throughout the Island to a greater eitent than at any former period. 

" 4th. Because this colony alreadypays aboot 7b,000l. per ouikb 
tovrards the military eipcnditure, in the shape of eolooiat pay and 
allowances, payments towards military works, and colonial commil- 

" 5lh. lAstly, and chieay, becanae Ceylon already contribntea to 
therevennes of Great Britain upwards of 600,0001. perannnm intbe 
shape of import duty leiied on Ceylon coffee, and the nndenigned 
consider that, while thus Indirectly taxed Air the aopport of Oie 
general revenue of the mother- country, their military eapoiditum 
mgbt to be provided for also by Great BritaiD." 


DuHH, wife of C. U a. at Pettoh, No*. 30. 

GABariN, wits of the Rav. Normas, a. at Qalle, Deo. 10. 

Hakt, Mrs. Thoa. s. at Colombo, Dec S. 

Mills, wifeof A. a. at Colombo, Nov. 35. 

HlLfOAD, Mra. d. at Coloabo, Die. 11, 

NocattA, vrife of J. F. d. at Cohjmba, Dec. 8. 

Tats, Mrs. 3. R. d. at Gompola, Dee. 7. 

TiTLBR, wife of Robert B. s. at Kandy, Nor. 33. 

lander, to Sophia Wdhrimina, d. of Don L 

E. Perelra, at Negombo, Dee. 4. 
De Eretsbb, Peter C. to Miss Amoldioa WelhehnioaVnn Qersd, 

at Colombo, Nov. S3. 
Gibson, Wm. to Mrs. Henrietta P. C. Parchra, at Hatnta, DacS. 

Da Jons, J. C. widow ofths late C. A. at Colombo, D«c. 13, 
De ZiLVA, wife of W, B. at Oalle, Nov. 17. 
NxwiNBooT, Thomta Andrew, at Hanntehn, Dee. 1. 






GocermKent ?/'otificBlion.— lJ. M.'s plenipotcnliury bas much 
Bttii6>cLion inpubllKhiiig forgenerul infurmation the accompanying 
official comiDunication from CoinutBrider John C. Dairymple 
Hay, to the adilieu of Li* £ic. Hrai.Admira] Sit F. A. Col- 
lier, C.B., E.C.H., Commander-in-Chief, repoilinfl tlie siicceu 
wlueh bu attended the operatioiiB of the Columi/int, Fta-g, and 
^tlfg^oa, aided by a patly of ofiiccra and men from H.M '* 
dip Hatliagt, at ttie entrance of the Tonnuin river, nguinat tbe 
piratical equadrou imdei tile command of ibe notoiious Sliapng- 

Tbe folloviiig tnnshUioo of an ofliclal communicttion, ad- 
dressed by the Chinese naval commander- in -cbief, on the Ilai- 
Dao station, to bia Ezc. H. M.'a plenipotentiary, is likewise 

" H. M.'a nloop CUuniuw, Chokeum, Cocbin-Cbina, 
" Oct. 23, ISIS. 

" Sir,— I htre the satisfacCion to report lo your Excelleiicy 
tlte great cuccesa of tbe expedition you did me ibe honour to 
place under my command : S6 piratical vescela, mounting about 
1,200 gnna, with crews of 3,n00men, haye been totally deslroyed 
by 6re ; and, by the blessing of God, wilbout the loss of one 
Sfe of the ofBecrs and men under my orders. 

"After leaiiiiE Htmg-Kong on the 8ili of October, I aearcbed 
Ibe harbours of Concock, Saltci, Si. Jobn's, Mong, Mamee, 
Sungyue, and Tieiipak, and proceeded to Nowchou. From 
infonnation received there, I determined to proceed to Hoi-how 
in Hainan, inside tbe shoals, and throogb the junk passage, for 
X found good pilots, and jutiks with fourteen feet draught going 
through, and *e drew littie more than fifteen feet. Moreover, 
Siapng-tsaibadboaited he would go where English ebipsdared not 
follow bim; this vaunt I deCetmined to belie. We reached Hoi- 
how on tbe J3lh, and found tbe Governor- General Ho, whom I 
Tisited at tbe capital, in great fear of the pirates, und vvilh a 
most friendly feeling to the English nation. He immediately 
ordered a mandarin named Wong to proceed with me, taking 
■nith him eight war Junks, and I gave him a pusage, to ptevent 
delay, on board tbe Pary. On tbe 16th we reached Chooksban, 
which the pirate fleet bad left tire days before, and we found 
the same tad story of towna destroyed, men murdered, and 
women taken away, that mark his track along the coast- On 
the IStb,' we fell in with one of bia look-out vessel*, which 
Inring got into aballow water, was overtaken by the PMtgethtm, 
■nd destroyed by ber boats under tbe command of Mr. Simp- 
■os, first officer. On the 19th we rcBcbed Hoo-nong, his re- 
ported haunt, and found he bad gone about twelve miles further, 
and [ feared we had lost him ; but (bat invaluable officer, Mr. 
Daniel R. Caldwell, inpreseed me so strongly with the correet- 
Sess of bia infonnation, that I decided on a reconnaisance in tbe 
fVegtthoiit in spite of our ehortnesa of fnel ; and proceeding 
in to Chokeum for that purpose on Ibe 20th, saw ihlrly-seren of 
■he fleet under weigh. From 7 o'clock until Ir. m., like terriers 
at a rat. hole, we hunted for tbe channel. Then a pilot managed 
to escape from lh« thore. 1 proceeded in the Fkltgcthon, with 
Uw /uy sfitetn and Colvahim in low, over tlie bar, fourteen feet 
(nnd), and at 4.10 had the pleasure of finding all the ships 
wamily engaged. At S.S Shapng.tssi's jui^k blew up with a 
tremendous crash, and at 5,S0 they had ceased firing. Before 
B o'dock twenty-uren were in flames, and the squadron in poll- 
tion to Uockade the rirer. On (he SIst October the steamers 
-•nd boata destroyed twenty-fonr more, and nine of them gave 
iJent. Geo^eHancockin a paddle-box boat of Ibe Aery, assisted 
by CapC Moore, R.M. , and Mr. Close, acli^ mate, with Mr, Leao, 
anopporhiDity of diatingnlshing himself. iVo large junks turned 
to bay, to d^end tbe retreat of tbe reit, but Mr. Hancock so 
haiidled his boat and her gun, that, aftei an hour and twenty 
minutes, be had beaten them from their guns, and carried them 
by boBrdiog' without loai, and then pursued and destroyed the 
other seren. Mr. Haneodi's boldiiesa in attacking, and correct 
judgment in managing tbis affair, are worthy of (he highest 
pluae ; and Capt. Moore, R. M., Mr. N. N. C. Leao, a Brazilian 
Uentenant,and Mr. F. A. Close, aciirg mate, gave him the greatest 
Hsistance. On the SSnd I proceeded in the PMegtthm and 
boats to destroy all that were left. We found (bat the man- 
darins bad destroyed four, and we finished two olhers. The low 
tat iilanda at Ibe nouth of (he river were at times covered with 
wen deserted froiD tbe jnnks, yet afraid of the Cochin- Chinese, 
Vfas had aaaemblcd in great nimibers to attack them. Tbe 
■h^' bOMte and naall-onn men baraased anddertroyed many by 
cpattant fire of shell and grape, whilst the Cochin- Chinese 
dcttrojed aod captured the rest. From the best information, it 

appears that the fleet conuated of siity-four vessels of wmr, 
which maybe diosed as fallo\vei — 

Clui. 14a. QatM, Ouaa. Crew*. Na.Df Mea, 

1st 1 of 42 43 120 leO 

Snd 10 „ SSloS* 480 75 1,200 

, 12 to 19 673 



Total ... 64 1,824 ai.30 

"Of these, two amnll of tbe third class, and f«nir of the fonrCb, 
have escaped wilb Sbapng-tsai, bul without much ammunition; 
and the mandarin assures me he will shortly destroy him— now 
an easy prey. He took wiih bim about 400mea ; so that, 1,700 
having been killed, about 1,000 more remain to be finished bf 
the Cochin- Chinese, who hare already (est prisoners to Iha 

" I shall now proceed to Hong-Kong with all defpalch. I 
have the pleasure of mentioning tbe exceeding good conduct of 
the oBicers and men during these laborious and baiardoa 
operations. Their unanimity, willingnen, and eheerfulaew, 
have made it a most pleosint aervico, and no plunder, rspiDe, 
or misconduct baa larniabed tlieir honour. M^r-Gen. Wong, 
the mandarin, proved himself a gallant, active, and efficient 
ally, and 1 trnst his own goTOmment may reward him for bil 
good services. To have Commander Wilkox with me is, I 
feel, to have success. As a friend and an ofiioer be is unequalled, 
and his ship is in such good order, that I believe there n 
nothing be could not do. His judgment aad gallantry are OH 
an equal footing. Mr, Nibletl, of the Phligethan, has handled 
his ship ill a bold and dctennined manner, and has given me 
every assistance. As I was frequently obliged to be in tbe 
steamers, the command of this sloop has devolved upon Lieut- 
J. H. Bridges, senior lieutenant ; and he conducted her In 
action, on tbe SOtfi, with much ability. Lieut. Darnell, senior 
of tbe Fury, in command of her boats, has also rendered good 
service. Capt. Moore, of the BatHngi' Marines, has assisted 
me most materially in command of that body. Lieut. Hancock 
and Mr. Cbambers, acting mate, in command of the tespectira 
detachments of Haalingt' men, have given me much satisflKb 
tion; and Mr. Ratbbone, midshipman of the J^Wry, bus brought 
himself into notice for bis zeal. I have also to notice the namo 
of Mr. Algernon Woorlon, midsliipman, a most promising 
young officer, who has acted as my aide-da-camp, and been very 
useful on every occasion. I have tbe honour to enclose a list t^ 
tbe officers employed in the boats, who I have no dcubt woidd 
equally have distinguished themselves if they had bad the oppor- 

" I enclose a journal of ray proMedings since leaving Honf- 
Kong, tt^etbar with some hydrograpbical remarks compiled bf 
Mr. Thomas Kerr, acting master of (bis sloop, which will,! 
trust, be of service to commerce and navigation in the Gulf at 
Tonquin, hitherto so little known. Mr. Kerr, during all thia 
very hazardous navigation, has proved himself a careful and 
judicious oflicer. Mr. D. IL Caldwell, of tbe police force. hM 
again proved bis talent as a linguist, his intimate knowledge ot 
the Chinese character, and the thorough correctness of hia in- 
formation. To him, in a great measure, our success is to be 
attributed. Mr. Soames, master of tbe Hong-Kong Companj'l 
aleam- vessel CanUm, did his work well as pilot, as far aa be WM 
acquainted with the coast. 

" I have the honour lo be. Sir, . 

" Your Biost obedient bumble servant, 

"Jou« C, D»«»Lx H*r, 

" Comoiaoder. 
" RIa 'Etc. Rear- Admiral 
Sir Francis A. Collier, c.a-, k c.n., 
Commander-in-Chief, &C.'' 

Translatien af aa Official Commnnioatisn addressed by the 
Chinese Naval ComnMuder-in. Chief on the Hainan atatka, 
to H.M.'s Plenipotentiary, 
"Ho, by promotion. Acting Oommodore on tbe Yfii-efaaii 

Matioo, now acting Caminander-in- Chief at Hainan, &c., makei 

" Whereas the pirtle Oiang-shih-wii-taE' (Sbap-'ng-taaiJ 
asid others, bad for some time past been buroing and destroy- 
ing merchant vessels at Pitabibi (Fak hoiX hi tiM department 
of Lien-chau, and all that neigbbourlKtod, I bad been apprelieik 
aive that he would And bis way into the waters of Kiung-cban, 
and cause trouble therein. I had aeoordingiy consulted tha 
inteodant of tbe ctreiiit of Liea-chau, and Kiung-chau, and tbe 

temporarily in charge of tbe H&i-kau (Hoi-bau) pnt 
himself at the head of a naval force, and to t»k« up, '- - '"■'— 


in addition 





■ome trading tmbcU, and arm them properly. The istendant, 
prefect, magitlrate, and aaintanE-mBgittrate, also •ent a contin- 
gent of troopi and militia; and the !8th of the Sih moon (IMi 
or October) had been fixed aa the diiy on wbich the; were to 
go to i^a in queat oF the pirnea- 

" On the attemoon of the 87lh(13lb of October), two «te«mer» 
and a veasel of war, despatclied bj your Excellency, irriTed at 
Hai-ban, the commanders of which being desirous of accompa- 
nying ihe Government ihipi in the purauic, ai soon as I had had 
an interrlew with them, I degired Hwing, the »enior officer on 
that station, to move on with the force under bis command, to 
aztermmate and make prisonen. 

" On the 5th of the 9th moon (20th of October), in the bar- 
barian waters, of a place known as Hw4-fung,* they seized Chin- 
tsiu-ching, and other men, 48 in all, Wfing-pei, and other 
women, eight in all, and ux children, whom they brought into 
6ie city. I have had the prisoners examined strictly, and they 
bftve admitted their share in several acts of piracy. T have, in 
lay turn. Forwarded them to the provincial city to be tried and 
diapoaed of. and have at the Bame time given positive orders for 
the punuit of tbe pirate chief, Chang- shih-wu.tsz, insisting upon 
hia apprehension and surrender, that he ma; be brought to jus- 
tice. In addition to this, ai in duty bound, I make Ibis com- 
rnunicaiion to your Excellency, of the contents of which I hope 
you will inform yourself. 

" A nereasaiy communication, addressed to Mr. Bonham, by 
loyat appointment Envoy of Grpst Britain, Govemor of Hong- 
Kong, and Superintendent (of Trade), at the Five Form. 

" Tiukwaog, S9th fear, ninth moon, llih day (86th of Oct. 
1S49). (Received Itt Nov. 1B4S.)" 


Hia Exc. H, M.'s Plenipotentiary is pleased to give publicity 
to the subjoined correspondence with the Imperial High Cora- 
aissioncr, on the tubject of the destruction of Sbap-'ngtsii's 
fleet by the successful operalions of the Columbiiu, -Fury, and 
PhltgtlhoH, aided b; a parly of officers and men fiom H. M.'s 
■bip Hastbigi. 

Victona, Hongkong, Uih Nov. 1849. 
From His Ext. Mr. Bonham, to Sii, Imperial Commissioner. 
Victoria, Hongkong, Bib Nov. 1849. 

Tn my despatch of the I5lh ulL, respecting the destruction of 
the Mttuflmcer by pirates, I repeated to your Excellency my 
determination to spare no vessels found to be engaged in piracy ; 
that I had written all this before, and not once only ; and tint 
youT Excellency would End there whs no dilference between my 
word and my deed. I have now the salisfection to inform your 
Excellency that two iteamers and a brig of H.M.'s service, 
which left tbis upon the 8th ult., relumed to Hongkong upon 
the 1st November, and have reported the complete annihilation 
of the fleet of Sbap .'ng-tsai. The circumstnnces are as fallows : — 

(Here follow! a detailed narrative of Ibe operations against 
Uie piratical fleet, as given in Commander Hay's official com- 
munication, published in a Government notification dated 1st 
November, from Ihe diplomatic department] 

From what has been done at Tin-pak, Ping.hol, and Fa fung, 
in the last Tew weeks, your Excellency will perceive that I am 
alocere in my desire to give security to the merchant by tbe 
punishment of these pirates ; and that every small force of our 
navy is perfectly equal to the task of e it erini nation. By their 
recent successes the outer waters will be almost entirely treed 
tmn these dangerous enemies ; but, as there are stilt loud and 
frequent complaints of the unsafeneas of the river, wilbin and 
without the Bogue, I again declare my n illingness to co-operate 
with your Excellency in the suppression of piracy there or 

Accept tbe HssurancL-s, &c., S. G. Bonujlh. 

From Sii, Imperial Commissioner, to his Exc. Mr. Bonham. 

sa. Imperial Commissioner, Govern or- General of tlie Two 
Kwang. &c., in reply; — 

I am in receipt of your despiitch of the S2nd of the 9th moon 
(6lh November), by which I am informed of tbe particulars of 
an attack made upon the pimtes in the water? of Cochin-Chins, 
bj the steam cruisers of your Excellent^'s nation, which, witli 
the co-openition of the officers of Cochm-China, who cut off 
their retreat, had been enabled to burn almost the entire pirate 
fleet; no more than six vessels of the third and fourib clsss 
havingmade their escape. This will indeed gladden (he beans of 
all men. A]thoughShih-wu-tsz'(Shap-'ng-tsai) has for the time 
d«lByed (the blow oO die sword of punishment, now that be is 
aa » fish in Ihe bottom of the kettle, there will he, I imagine, no 
difficulty in apprebending liim. 

• off Ibc cdut of Chluue Cochla China. 

With reference to what your letter farther saya, upon the 
insecurity of tbe river within and without Ihe Bogue, a search- 
ing inquiry has shown, that the fishermen and boat populalioo of 
the locality in question, when there is no great quantity at Gah 
to he taken, seiie llie opportunity to thieve and to cob. It can 
hardly be said that tbis is never the ease; but tbey ecrlamly do 
not land their craft together in Beets. Besides, there ia no 

Earallel between tbe river within the Bogue, which b cloae sit - 
and, and the sea-board of a foreign nation iike Cochin-Chink. 
Tlie admiral ia stationed on tbe spot: and, as bis cruisera an 
not few, and quite equal to the task of pursuit and colore, it i> 
not worth while to impose labour so severe apon tbe naval 
force of your Excellency's nation. 

Adverting to tlie English merchant -fblka, who snSered from > 
storm off the P£ng-ha (Pescadores), the compassionate Mteii- 
tion shown (hem by the officers and gentry of these islands waa 
no more than (what it required by) &e common law, where mny 
two lutions sre amicably blent together. Tbe Cbineae and 
foreigner are of one family; if either chance to be in extremity, 
it is tbe natural duty of tiie other to protect and auecour bim. 
Why then he at the pains of returning such abundance of 

I therefore leply ; availing myielf of the opportunity to wiali 
tiiat comfort may increase to your Excellency, in year activity 
and your repose. 

A necessary communication, addressed toH. £. Mr. Bonbam, 
H. B. M. Plenipotentiary, &c. &c. &c 

Taiikwing, S9th year, 9ih moon, SSth day (ISth Nor. 18i9), 
(Received 13th Nov.) 


Brooks, wlfsof J. A. at Victoria, Nov. I. 

BuTLiB, Asst. tnrg. Richard, at Clrnsan, on board B.M.'s brif 

Arab, Oct. 9B. 
Dallin, Mr. Bl Victoria, Nov. 30. 


Nov. U.~Man/ Bannalgiu, McKirdy, Sydsey.— U, Bgdrabad, 
Castle, Sydoey.— IS. ilaggie, DaTidson, Hobart Town; SItlilf. 
Grinder, Sidney. — 19. Jaealra, Bays, BaUvla.— M. BngaaMm, 
Lovett. Bombay.— 96. Sanllago, Stdman, Bataiia.— 2S. Jotlua 
Bata, Stoddard, Uverpoo). 

Nov. 3. :fVry,Wlllcox,Bonbay.— 9. Tor/or, Wcbber.NewTaifc. 
IfM. G^Mn. White, Loadon.—ia. Duke <^ CtrKKttXi, WUufaead, 
London.— IS. JoAn Lilt, Palmer, Madru.— 16. Orphat, NeOl, 

.—IS. AXheri Edward. Stoddart, Cork.— aa. /adw. Camp. 

bell, Bombaj.-aa. Vaawmwr, Fuller, New Y..rk.-a7. A '"" 
Davis, Sydney .—M. Steamer Bra^aiixs, Lovett, Soei. 

Per steamer Dm; aiua ; — 

Far MAnBAS.— Mrs. Dent aod 3 servants. 

For SooiHAltPiOM.— Messrs. A. Price, W, Potter, and G. E. 


Canfon, JVot. 39, 1649. 

Bills on Eiiglaud at G montlia' sight, 4s. 3\&, to 4i. 4d., aa India 
Compaay'a Accepted BiUi, 313. Syce 1\ per cent, Mexican Dol- 
lars \\ per cent. Rupeea 333. 

aaotations to Great Brit 

Iht Bill In.unl Id Ihint W» , . 

oSlcera iihI [leaple of tbe Pueulant U lb* lUpmeekcd o 





At B iMmtUj.neetiiig of the Bombay BnDch of (he Rojel 
Ati«tie Sodelft Iwtd on (he SSnd Noiember, (he following 
nport wmt nid ftHBi the Bcr. Dr. StrrenMin, mpecting nine 
Nl*ec coiDi prwented h; Mr. A. F. Bellaaii, C.S., tt the So. 
detft meetinB OS (he SOth September ; " Tlie nine old Hindu 
MMiu Mnt me for cumination ue IhoM of Mtha Kihitrap* 
Swia]iRiMlrmSBha,N>nof Miht KibaEnpaSwinii Rodn Dftma, 
the 12th end Uit of ihe regtl utrapi of Sauruhtn, mentioned 
in the Joanudof Ihe Aaiatic Society of Bengal. Some of tbetn 
SFB dated 990, which, if with Mr, Prlruep we luppoia to be (he 
«ra (tf Buddha, gim ua B.C. 1^ The coina tiefore preeented 
to the Society were nioally of an earlier date, but there wera 
iKme of thii reiffn in those found at Jooneer." 

Tba Rar. J. Murray Mitchell rtati a paper, entitled, " Reaulta 
tX recent InTeatigalion* of the Religion of the Vidat." Mr. 
ilitcheU ilated that the object o( the paper waa to preient a 
■Diamary of tbe chief reauUa of the more recent re*earcbe« of 
the leading Orienlaliata of Germany, in connection with the 
VMuM, partieulariy of Profeaaor Laaaen and Dr. Rudolph Roth, 
who are probably the taigbeaC living autboiitiea on tbii import- 
ant subject. The Sanakrit term for God (dccai) ia derired rroin 
iia or Apt, 'to thine,' and Ihe fundamental idea of the Deity 
la tbe Vfdia a drawn fiom the bright ahining tky and ita nried 
phenomena: eaaeolially, the religion of tbe ancient [lindua waa 
nature- woiBbi p. Thia cbief god of the Vtdat ia Indra, the god 
of tbe aky ; next ia Varuna. whoa* poaition and attribute*, how- 
ever, are very different from tboae ascribed lo bim in Ihe later 
mytbology of India; next li Agni, the god of fire. The aun it 
also much worabipped ; but not the moon, and scarcely the pla- 
nela. The Vtdai, however, exbibltcleartracea of another type 
of religion, the olTapring, not of a timple contemplation of 
nature, but of reflection. Tbua the god Bribaapali (erroneoualy 
identified by tbe later Brahnuna wUU the planet Jupitei) ii the 
persooificalion, not, like the elder goda, of aome outward oh- 
ject, bat of devotion : be is the " lord of prayer." Brahma 
neyer wot a deity of the people; be waa the product of a Brah- 
manical thooght, apectllacing on a creator. Viahnu ia quite an 
inferior deity of the Vidat; be i« Ihe god of the ahining flrma- 
menL Sbira ia not mentioned in tbe Vedaa at all i nor ia Rudra, 
originally the tame ai be. The Vtdat contain no ayatem, pro- 
perly ao called ; they never claaai^ or deSne the objeeta of wor- 
ihip. Tbia waa afterwarda done by commentatora, who have 
often greatly miaunderaiood the old religion. Of Ihoae Pan- 
Aeiatic view* of God which have ruled ao widely and ao long in 
India, we find indicationa only in a very few of the lateat hyoina 
of the Vedai. Of the Avataiaai or incamationa of Vislinu, there 
ia no trace in Che VedoM. There would aeem to Lave been ori- 
ginally only two in number. The idea of them apparently aroae, 
not amonf the Brahmana, but the warlike Kabatriyaa. 

Capt. Kittoe baa addteased tbe Society Co aolicit the SocieCy'a 

inacriptiona in ancient Sanacrit type. The Pali of the pitlara 
and roeha, Capc. Kittoe concludea, From hia present inreatiga- 
tiona, to be the parent alpbabet from which all the reat have 
iprnttg ; the cfaan^ have been very gradual, more particularly on 
the western tide of India. He further atacea Chat he it now en- 
gaged in tranacribingnumeroui inscriptionB, which are at the aama 
time being tianalated into Engliab by able acholars at Benarea, 
■ndhe proposea preparing a great table of comparative alp h abet a. 
In (aa far aa poaaible) chronologicai older, which he expecta to 

Cre uteful in finding approximate datea to temples and caret, 
ThU rale he haa already applied, and fotind correct 

Tbe Calcutta Iteriem for September hat an article upon tbe 
anbject of " Canala of Iirigslion in ihe North- West Provincea," 
detailing, from a maaa of vtlunbie canid literature, what the Bri' 
ti*h Goremnient baa done, and what it proposea to do, for the 
txtenaion of irrigation throughout ihote provmces. 

Preliminaiy to thia, however, the writer haa traced Che bit- 
toiy of the Mogul canala, which maintained a aystem of irriga. 
lion, more or leta efficient, for about four cenCuriea. 

liie GiaC Indian canal dates from the reign of Feroze Toghtak, 
whooe worka of utility, ornament, and bene vol en i^e, keep hia 
Bame in deterred remembrance. The position of the bead and 
■ODtcc of supply of Feroze'a canal are maClira of tome doiihC. 
The lealimony of hittoriana and uniform tradition would lead to 
tbe belief Chat the aupply waa drawn from the Jumna at <Ca 
deboucbement from (he Sewalik Hills ; but a document, hicherCo 
unknown, obtained From Lieut. S. A, Abbott from Abdul Salwad 
and Abdul Muttaklm, Fitzadaa of Dbalrat, in the diatrict of 
Khfthul, tends to prove that Feroie drew Lit canal from the 

Cbctang Nala, one of the drainage lines from the Sub-Hiiaalay^ 
weat of the Jumiw. Thia document ia a ninni^ of the great 
Akhar. dated in 1568, which atates that the Checang Naddi, by 
which Feroie Shah, 210 yeart before, Liooght water from the 
nalaa and drains in tbe vicinity of Sudhowra, at tbe foot of the 
hills, to Htnai and Uiaaar, had, in the courae of time, beeoma 
to choked, that, for the latt 100 year*, the watera had not 
flowed beyond Kbyihul, and (hence Co Hitaar the bed waa 
scarcely discemible ; that, in consequence, the emperor had 
itaued his frmm the preceding year (1507) that Cite watera of 
(be nalet and screami at tbe foot of the hills at Khirzabad (near 
the preaenc Delhi Canal bead), nbicb were collected in tbs 
Sombe river, and flowed into llie Jumna, be brought by a deep 
and wide canal into the Chetang Nuddi, and that the canal b« 
excavated deeper and wider Chan formerly, ao that all the water 
might be available at Hanai and Ilistar the ensuing year, 15G8. 
It would therefore appear that, whilst Feroze conttructed in 
1851 the first Indian canal, drawing an inCermiltent supply from 
the Chetang, it was to Akbar thaC tbe country weat of Uio 
Jumna whb indebied for a perennial atream drawn from that 

The noticea of the Western Jumna canala to (he time of 
Akbar are brief and imperfect. In (he reign of Sbah Jehan 
new works were undertaken and completed wiih cbaracteriatie 
magnificence. To afford an abundant supply of water Co bit 
new capital (rf'Shabjehanabad, lie projected the Delhi Canal, and 
in Ali Murdan Khan he foand an agent admirably qualified to 
execute his plana, Ali Murilan'a first line parCed from Feroie'i 
canal at Madlonds, and pursuing a aoutlierly course to Kerana, 
there entered an extensive natural hallow, the head of a great 
drainage line, and following that, in a highly embanked channel, 
at far aa Gohana, it turned thence to tbe toutb-eatt, by Intoula, 
and, nearly on the exiating line, entered Delhi. The embank- 
ments having given way, and tbe inefficiency of (bis line being 
demonatrated, en entirety new line was excavaled from Ralir to 
Intoula, Craveraing tbe anticlinal ridge, or natural water-shed of 
the eouncry, until It reached the vicinity of Bowana. Betweeit 
tliit police and the city of Delhi very low land intervenes, whicli 
rendered embsnkmenu and on aqueduct necessary. Clearing 
the low land, tbe canal wound along the base of (be AmvuUI 
Hilla, and, at a bvoursble point, boldly crossed this ridge by a 
channel cut through the solid rock. It then flowed through the 
city in a mssonry bed, throwing off On both sides innumerable 
minor atresma. The immenac number of old water-course* 
^ong the whole line of the Delhi Canal chow to how great an 
extent the agriculture of the country is benefited by iCa existence. 
For about a century and a quarter after ita original conslruclioit 
in 16£6, Ihe Delhi Canal continued cfBcient ; it became extinct ' 
in 175a The canal of Feroze had eeaaed to flow in Huiriana 
about 1707, and at Suffidan about 1740; ao that the Mogul 
canals became practically extinct nearly in Che middle of tho 
eighteenth century. 

In common with Che Delhi branch, tbe construction of the 
Eastern Jumna, or Doab, Canal, is ordinarily attributed to Ali 
Murdan Khan. let bead was esiabllsbed immediacely under tha 
Sub- Himalayan or Sewalik Hilla, and passing by the hunting- 
palace of Shah Jeban, it enlered the bed of the Raipur Nala, 
and carried thenca in an excavated rhannel acroas (he Intunvrala 
and Nowgong mountain-torrents, it was thrown into a low 
ravine, near the town of Behut, which it followed until It teiiched 
the bed of ibe Muskarra river, near (he villagelf Rulsia. En- 
tering there upon Che high land, the canal was carried past Saba, 
runpur, liampur, Jellalabad, Shamli, and other large towns, until 
it descended again into the valley of the Jumna, and fell into (he 
river nearly opposite Delhi. 

The Rev. Dr. Wilson haa published at Bombny a curious trea* 
tise on the aboriginal inhabttanta of IniiiH, in which he has enib 
msraled at least twenty savage races, biiC little known, reaident 
In or near Ihe island of Bombay. Amongst them an (be Wa- 
ralia, the Kttodis, the Nagukadeas, aod (he Kulie. 

The Waralia were first met with in Ihe year 1834^ They were 
found in great Qumbert rcund tbe Fortuguese settlement of 
Domaun, and in tbe solitary places adjoining. Their hair wic 
black and lank ; Iheir bodies were smeared with oil, and per- 
fectly naked ; their appearance was wild and aavage. They had 
no connection with the Brahmins, and knew nothing of the 
Hinilu religion. Their villages are never permanent, and they 
have no fixed abiding place or trace of a home : tbey move about 
the jungles as fancy, caprice, or necessity requires. When 
they need what they cannoc procure in Che woods, they cut a 
few bamboo), bring them for sate, and purchase with Ihe price 
all (bat ia deaired. Waghia, the Lonl of Tigera, is tbe only 
deity (hey rect^niie or worahip. He is repreaented by a stone 
ameared with red lead and ghee. He bu offerings of chickena 




UI<1 broken coco-nuti made to him. They have Bcari.'ely bD]' 
SOncepIion of an hereafler. Tbey ue not without mtelligenca, 
•od Kemed not unwilling to leani. 

The Katodis are principally (band in the Northern Kunkui. 
Tbey tuve no setltementB of their own, bat live an outcaits neu 
lk« villages. They eat almtiat anythint;, eiceptin; the bti>wii- 
fieed monkey, which they believe to bare a human soul ; nta. 
iizacda, and anakei, are amongal the commoneatof their dainties. 
Tbey are as debased and improvident as tliey are rude and igno- 
nnt They ore nearly all dmnkards. and will pawn the last ng 
tbey posEt'ss for intoxicating liquor. They are aaid to be given 
to robbery and plunder, and tbe repute of their magical powers 
•preada alorn) amongst the native popuJalion. Like the Waralig, 
tbey know nothing of ruturily, and scarcely have anything de- 
•uving the name of worship ; tbe deities of both are spirita 

Tbe Nogakadeaa are chiefly found in Gooierat. They are ■ 
Murce of much terror and annoyance to all around them, and 
are hunted down, hanged, or shot, wherever tbey can be reached. 
They wursibip, like ibe Waralis. tbe god of tigers, and, in addi- 
tion, a female fiend, who is believed to destroy all wlio neglect 
Of desert her. The parent or eldest son is tbe priest of each 
binily. Unlimited polygamy ia indulged in. Tbey bavs no 
eduottion wlialever, and are much given to drink. 

The Koli or Kuli tribes consist of betwixt twenty and thirty 
emte* ■■ there are supposed to be above ten tboilsand of tbem 
dwelling in the island of Bombay. Tbey are some steps above 
the other aborigines in eivllizatian. Tbeir religion is a corrupt 
*«liely of Hinduism, and tbey seem as liftle discriminating in 
their spiritual as the Katodis arc in their bodily food, lliey are 
a strongs robust, and tnrbalent race, much addicted to plunder. 

At Ibe meeting of tbe Institute of British Architects, on the 
7th January, a paper of much interest, on " The Architecture irf 
Indin," was read by KFr. James Ferguason, in which its distin- 
guishing fiijitures were developed and subjected to criticism. In 
tbe course of tbe discussion ivbich followed, Mr. Tite noticed 
the resemlilnnce (though someivhat distant) between tbe speci- 
mens ct ancient Hindu architecture extant in Java and the Srehi- 
tectural remains to be found in Yucatan and other parts of 
Meiico, and it was the general opinion of the meeting that the 
subject, in its philological and etbnogmphical relations, deserved 


TUESDAY, January 22, 1850. 

The Legislative Council of British India hcs of late been 
active beyond all precedetit. During a very ahOTt period of 
time, drafts of various Acts have been publisted (having 
passed a preliminary stage), which, if they acquire the force 
of laws, will prove of great importance to the well-govern- 
ment of that now vast empire. Some of these meaanreH 
have attracted a good deal of notice, and been subjected to 
criUcism in tbe Indian journals, which, pro Adc rice, fulfil 
the functions of an oppoaition party at home; indeed, it is 
avowedly with the view of testing the opinions of the public 
in Indie respecting these projects of tegialation that the 
drafte are officially published. 

One of the most remarkable ie that which proposes to 
abolish the exemption of British aubjeclB from the juriadic- 
tion of the East-India Company's Criminal Courts in tbe 
Mofuaail, being the complement of the Act of I83G (stig- 
matized as tbe " Black Act"), and the Acts of 1839 and 
1643, which made them subject to the Company's Civil 

Courts. The slight resistaDce now offered to this e: 
of the power of the Company's Courts, compared with the 
storm of opposition raised by the Act of ia36,^though the 
latter was far more inoiFcnsivc, since it was confined to civil 
process, and excluded the MoonsiAs' Courts from juri»> 
diction over Europeans, — is a convincing proof of the 
unre^^:onabIeneE9 of that opposition, which originated in A 
despicable party spirit, and a vindictive feeling towards a 
partieidar individual. The injustice, as well as invidious- 
nesa, of keeping up one set of Courts fas Europeana aad 
another for natives, is broad and obvious. If the Mofussil 
Courts arc not good enough for tbe former, they are too 
bad for the latter, and the most effectual mode of disco- 
vering and correcting their defects is, as Mr. Macanlaj 
remarked, to make both classes atnenable to Ihera. The 
abiiurd consequences to which the distinction has led may be 
seen from the following incident, which oecnrred at Meern^ 
and ia supposed to have oriijinatcd, or at least hastened, the 
present Act ; — 

" A youth WAS brauf'lit np before the Criminal Conrt oo a chaige 
of havir^; altered n bill from 4 to 40 Kb. Aftrr the prellmioary in- 
Teslizfllions had bci'n, It nat dlscaicred that be ma • 
British subject, and it bceanie aeceasary to traashr the eofiiiBfwa 
of the cn^e to the Supreme Cuait in CnlcBttn, and thii led tn the 
Eum.u'iulaf of the b:>uker at Allyghar nho caihed tbe draft, of tiM 
half.daicD iuditiduals tbroufth ivlioje hsodj it passed befuce it 
readied Mi-rrut, ut tbe deputy-colkctur aud his Iiead.eluk, and of 
scvcial olbcr pcreoas, to C.ilcutla, a thousaad miles distant, tu give 
tridcncc in this ningulficent forgery case." 

This aTicrr:i!j' will now era 5 c. All personn thron^oat 
the Company's territories (beyond the towns of Calcutta, 
Madias and Biinihny) will bi.- henceforth subject to tbema* 
gistrates and Criminal Courts of the Company, aud liable to 
punishment for any offence, accordinjj to the Kegulatjona 
and Acta in force ; save that no natural-bom sut^ect of her 
Majesty, born in Europe, can be punished capitally bjr any 
such Court or magistrate. 

The objections urged against the remoral of this exemp- 
tion rest euiirely upon the ground we have referred to, the 
inefiiciency of the Mofu8t^il Courts, — for tbe argument of 
a Madras journal, that it is " part of a systematic and in- 
sidious desi)^ for the virtual subveraion and final abolition 
of the functions of the Supremo Courts," scarcely deaerrea 
an answer. I'he syltem of criminal law in tbe intarietr ia 
alltjjed to be had ; the tnagistracy is, in some cases, 
intrusted to civilians of immature age ; the Judges 
are not well instructed in the great prindples of 
law, and pierjury and forgery are said to flourish in tbo 
Company's Courts. These are, however, reasons for im- 
proving and purifying the system, not for ezeiaptii^ one 
class and not the other from its operations. IMth regard 
to the last-mentioned point, however, the Criminal Courts 
labour under the saoie difficulty in respect to evidence, oral 
and documentary. " We could point oat an instancy** 
observes the Friend of India, " in which more than 5,000/. 
has been paid for evidence in tbe Supreme Court within the 
last four yeara." 

The journal Just named, of the 6tb of December, in an 
excellent paper, in which the whole subject is examined and 
discussed with great fouraeaa and force of argument, ob- 

"Tbe only qoestloB to ba wlTtd Is tint of jastic* and eqaitf. 
We mnjt confess Ibat we are unable to perceive the joitke of girfag 
to Europeaas all the prlTilegea of tbe oatives of thi soil, and at the 
same time of lelicilDg them frnm tbe RtpODSlbilltio attached to 
those priTllegfa. As long B5 Ihej were considered Interlopers, and 
lesldcd in India onlf 00 sufferance, Chen was naiun In eiemptiBg 
them from the liabilitlei of tbe nstin popolaUon, But when tiaj 



coDDCcted nilli the govi 
aUDC utent, s> ttie oati 
7 thiC both ctssHs ghouM 

br being plBf«d 

dctft tt ••^ — 

tro«pt bf the Biiine tLeti and 

:• of thi coDDtry, It bFCuni 

: equally prolnled fiom Injury 

wr.i>toii,«odbTl>n»1nB )Hti« 

tbem on tbe ' un* tww.' Bna if It bs adaittcd tbM 

■dm^tcnd ia Cdeatta tban <d Che Intcrier, tht* 

ptoee in & mon prosincvt light tbc InrldlomntM of 

iperior adulniitntim la • priiilcgsd dua, and leHlnz 

- ' ■ ' ■ - ■ Jniitntion,'' 

the oatirea of Ukc loil to Um mcccj of a leu p«ie 

Another Act propoeee to esUblUb trial by jury through- 
out Britiah India, wherebf ererj p«rw>D who, at the Ume ot 
hi* committal for trial hj a Hwioiw judge, ahall claim to 
be tried bj a jury, will be eatitled to that form ol trial. 
Tbe maiiBei in which jwies are to be provided and ap- 
pointed b as folloin : AQ perMna of repated intelligence 
and respectaitulitj, between theagei of twenty- five and fifty 
yean, are declared qoalified to serve on jariea, and, with 
certaia cxceplionB, are liable to lerre ob jnTyinen. When 
a jury trial ia to b« had, fire persona are to be cboaen hy 
lot from thoee who attend tbe seeaiona on tlieir aniinnona, 
and any deficiency in tbe required number ia to be supplied 
by the jodge d« drtmauioMtibut, or othenviae. Both pro- 
■ecBtor and priaoner may object to a juryman for cante, on 
the validity of which objection the judge is to decide. He 
18 lo appoint the foreman of the jury j be is to put such 
qveetieae to tkewitMeaee aa maybe eaggeated by the jury; 
lit the close of the trial, be ia to (am up and explain tbe 
«Tid<aioe to tbe jary, of whoM verdict (to be determined by 
dM ra^ority) he is to declare hta approval fir disapproval ; 
in tbe latter event, the judge is to refer the case to tbe 
Nizamut or Foajdaree AdawiuL 

It win be perceived that the echewe, which, we believe, 
lias been in practice in some parts of British India, com- 
iHDes the prindplea of our jury system with those of the 
Uindn pimchayet. Ita aimjriicity and furaeas, and it* ob- 
vioos anali^y to their own system, will probably recom- 
mead it to the people of India. 

A third Act, worthy of notice, trader the gnise of pro- 
claiming and extending the Uberal principle, that no man 
«hall be dafxived of ligbla or property by reason of any 
change in bis rdiffious opinions, throws a very necessary 
protectioa arotind converts to Christianity, and arms the 
Courta of law with pover to prevent tfaoae tyrannical as- 
■omptiwis of anthori^, on the part of tbe Hindu heads of 
•ects, whatby aevere civil disabilities are inflicted upon 
Okmb of thoT countrymen who, in reoonnciug their creed, 
violate the laws of caste. This, we apprehend, will, at 
leaat, be tbe practical effect of tbe law, and if so, it ie, per- 
b^M, the moat important of the three we have enumerated. 
It ^ipcBTs by the last accounts from Calcutta that the 
" orthodox " Hindus of that city so underatand the law, 
and have detennined to petition Parliament against it. 

Thi subject of emigration to onr colonies has acqaired an 
additional degree of interest, now that the benevolent project 
started by Mr. Sidney Herbert, and well supported by a 
band of nohle coadjutors, baa a fair prospect of realitaUon, 
namely, a fund for promoting tbe transfer of our distressed 
needlewomen from a state of abject penury, humiliating 
dependence, and incipient diseaae, at home, to health, free- 
dom, and comparative comfort abroad. The scheme, in ita 
conception, is a happy one; it combines tbe immediate and 
tAcctnal relief of these females, many of wbom are of repu- 
table families, with tbe public objects of diminishinK the 
glut of the home population, and making a large 

to tbe colonial communitiea of precisely that class of settlers 
they are moat in need of. The only danger lies in the mode 
of working out the scheme, which demands much care and 
caution, and a vigilant supervision, to counteract causea 
that would Qullify it altogether, and even generate greater 
evils than it cured. 

The care of framing what may be termed the machinery 
of the project was confided to a sub-committee, who have 
just made a report upon tbe subject, which is distributed 
under the following heada: "1. The proper aelection of 
emigrants; 2. Tbe most effectual mode of protecting the 
emigrants during their transit to tbe colonies; 3. The aid 
and protection to be insured to them on landing; and, 4. 
The cost of their outfit and passage." 

Under the first head, the aub-committee justly lay it 
down, as a concluaion drawn from experience and the beat 
evidence, that it ia of rita] importance to the success of tho 
undertaking that those persona only ahould be selected for 
emigration whose characters for morality and industrial 
habits will bear the strictest scrutiny. 

The following are the recommendations which the sub- 
committee offer under this head : — 

" 1. "nie eaadldates for emi^ntlOB ibonld oot meed tliirtjr-flva 

" 3. They should be entirely free from say meotsl ot bodily defeat 
likely to impair their aaefulnei) ai settlera. 

" 3. TtiFy Bbonld hm had the (nuU-pox or hare bfta Taednaled. 

" 4. Their eharseleri for industry and morality ahould be latlj- 
Iketory ; nod It ii desirable tbst they ihonld rsad and write. 

" E. They ahODld have been aecnstomed to oaiblDK and cooking, 
or hue had tome eiperience la domeitie serTice, as boniemalda oc 

It is jrropoKti, in order that the characters and babita of 
the candidates for emigration may undergo a still further 
teat, that a probationary-house shoidd be established, cap^ 
hie of accommodating about fifty females, wberdn they 
might reside for a abort period prior to their embarkation. 

Under the seoond head, which is an all-important one, 
the auh-committee conclude that the best description of 
protection which can be afforded to young females during 
their passage to tbe colonies will be on board tbe Govern* 
meat emigration ships, in which tbe strictest discipline is 
maintained, and where the emigrants are generally bene- 
fited by tbe surveillance of a clergyman or s schoolmaster; 
and where this mode of transit cannot be obtained, they ad^ 
vise that the females should be sent out in small parties oti 
board free emigrant ships, vrith a view of securing to them 
that protection which the presence of married couples and 
families, intereated in the maintenance of order and de- 
cency, would, to a certain degree, afford. 

The third object ia happily secured by the resolution of 
the Colonial Land and EmigratiDn Commissioners to place 
at the disposal of tbe suh-committee the machinery already 
established in otir colonies for securing to the new comers 
tbe same protection, aid, and guidance which tbey are ia 
the habit of affording to parties who emigrate under their 
own direction. 

" Oa reaching the eolonlei, the emigrsnts wlU be recclired b* 
Government ofGcen, who will be initruclcd to gl<e them nil the 
aaslitaoee aod adilce tbey may require, si to the rate of wagei, the 
places where enptoTmeut may be nioit nadiiy obtained, and other 
similar points. They will also be received In barracks, and rationed 
for a linilrd period, shoaid an) delay Inevitabiy oecnr In aecnrio^ 
employment ror then." 

The cost of outfit and passage will be provided, either 
wholly or in part, according to tbe means of the applicant 
by the Fund. 

Digitized by V 





These recommendations o( the Bub-committee were ip- 
proved ani) adopted, and the donations having alrsady 
reached a considerable sum, the scheme may now be consi- 
dered to be in operation ; and we indulge a very sanguine 
hope that the plan, in its public as ivell as ila private effects, 
• — in infusing pure and nholeaome blood into the colonial 
societies, whilst redeeming the hel[ilea3 from misery, dis- 
ease, and perhaps vice,^^will prove an instrtiinent of exten- 
sive good 1 and those, whose benevolence docs not lack the 
means of exercise, cannot, in our opinion, employ those 
means to better purpose than by contributing thsir aid to 
the " Fund for Promoting Female EmigralioD." 

We find that Capt Da Costa, who had been engaged in a 
gambling transaclion with Iifajor Cooke, for which and its 
incidents the latter officer was dismissed the army, has been 
likewise brought before a court-martial, and being found 
guilty of " unoflicerlike conduct," in having played at cards 
with Major Cooke for large slakes and bets, in the course 
of which hs won from that officer R«. 26,000, " such con- 
duct being in direct disobedience of repeated General 
Orders prohibiiing gambling in the army," has been de- 
graded to the bottom of the liet of captains of hie regiment. 
Gambling is thus placed in the category of military oftences 
in the Indian Anny. 

A special general meelinjc of the Manchester Chamber at 
Commerce was held on llie ITlli January, to take into conaidere- 
tion whether any coiirae be open whereby an entaryed eommer- 
cisl intercourse with India can be promoted, and especially an 
increased supply of cotton be obtained. Mr. T. Bazley, preai- 
denc of the Chamber, occupied the chair. The proceedings 
were opened by the preaiilrnt, and the followinK resolutions 
were proposed by Mr. Henry Aahworth, seconded by Mr. Lewis 
Williams, and aupporled by Ibe Hi^ht Hon. T- M. Gibaon, 
M.P., Mr. John Brighl, Mr. William Brown, Mr. James Ker. 
shsw, M.P., and Mr. W. P, Ctnke, and were ansnimoosly 
adopted ! — 

" 1. Tbatlhe tact of tlieeoDtimiffldcpendcnee of tlie great iodoa- 
try of this district for the anppl)- of Itj raw malerial, mainly from a 
■ingli tooroi, callg for the smoaB MnsMemtinn of ill ttlia are la- 

" a. That notnlth aland! 02 th« taAoj prooh that the climate and 
soil of large portion a af Brilisli lodla ara well anitid to the growth 
of cottoD, and tlie man; aod costly cijieriincnts mads bj the Eatt- 
India Company lo promote iti growth within the territories lub- 
jectrd tn their rul(, thia Charalitr it reluetanlly rampcllid to bclleie 

procuring for the manDfiKtarcra of the UoiUd KloKdon a mpply of 
cotton the proittiee of Brll!i>h ladia, >ad that proof is altogethtr 
mnting to ahawthnt cfforli hitherto made by the Eaat.Iadia Cora. 
ly have resulted In any Increase in the praductloa of cottoo In 

.o brliiie that Ibe eeonooileal condl- 


tlon of mnny partj of ludln i* onfavonrnWeto the extension aod prr- 
miiiBnce of thai JDdnilry irithont irhlrh large and steady eiportt of 
CQttOD to tidi country cnanot reaiwnaUly be looked for, sod that it 
Is esientlal (o the security and weU being both of lodin and of the 
cottoB trade of EnKland Ihat a searcliing loTratigatioD be imtllated 

been mode to tUmulate the (Tovlh of cotton la loitia. 

" 4. That this Chamber, contemplating the enrlyripiration of the 
Eoat-Iodia Company's Charter. I> of opinion that a •pecialcommla- 
sion of laqniry should be scot fcrthwith lo India to eiamin* Intntbe 
condllloa of tlie conntry, esptdslly within tlit prtsldeocles of Bom- 
bay and Madras, with a view to ascertain what a» the obataclea to 
the growth of cotton, and In the eitenaion and pernuioence of a pro- 
Etablelodaitryin the eultlTatiDn of the toUi and the Chamber is 
b1»o of opinion, that the report of auch a commiaiioo would forniih 
iavaluable iDformation tn the Legialalnre and the pubHe brfore the 
contidrration of the future goreroneot of India I* again bnnigbt be- 
fore Parliament. 

" S. That the dlrreton of the Chamber be rcqneated to prepare a 
petition for preatntatlon to the Honie of C'lmmona, and a memDrlol 
loLord J. Bassell, Urging the appointment of soch a eommiitloa of 
inquiry; and to lake loeb steps bb to them may seem dtalrable lo 
obtain the eo-operation of all parties ennceroed la the COttan Irada 
In the promotlDa of this Important ol^ect." 


IlDTA^ Asiatic Socthtt. — At a meeting of Ibl* society, on 
the IStb January, the Earl of Ellesmere, the president, in tho 
diair. Major Rawlinson read a paper of eitraordinary interest 
upon the Assyrian inscriptions at Nimrud, Koaynnjik (or 
Nineveh), and Kboreabad, which, it appears, contain a copious 
collection of historical data, anterior and lulwequent to the 
dace orSardannpalus, as well as genealogical lists of the kiiigi ot 
his dynsEly. Major Rawlinson read translations of some of 
these inscriptions, one of irhicli waa a minute chronicle, by the 
son and immediate aucceiaor of Sardanapalus, of the politicml ami 
military events of his reign, extending to thirty yeari, detailing 
his vaiioui expeditions, conquests, &c., year by year. Many of 
these erents synchronize wltti the historical records in the Bible 
— some of (he names are identical— and the narrative throws 
a strong light upon the history, antiquities, and religion of Baby^ 
Ionia, Anmtea. Prrsls, Tyre, Sidon, and Egypt- The inscrlptiona 
of different obeMtha mutually assist each other, and in one of 
them there la a reference to the colossal bull, and to the object 
which it was Intended to commemorate. Major RawUnaon 
expressed the flrmest confidence in Ihe truth of liis system of 
decipherment, and in the accuracy of bis renderings, which 
their interna] evidence jnattfies ; and, in reply lo an inquiry, be 
stated that the language waa decidedly of the family called 
Semitic, the pronouns, verbal allixes, and other grammatical pe- 
euliaririe*, being nearly the same aa in the Hebrew and Chaldee. 
The discoveries of Major Rawlinaon may be considered m ■ 
gigantic atep towards ihe recovery of tliG lost history, of an empire, 
eloaely connected with that of ihe Jews, and as affording an irre- 
fragable testimony to (he trulhfnineu of the Sacred Records. 
Major Rawlinson offered lo resume and eontinue bis revelations 
At future meetings of the Society, which Lord Ellesmere, in the 
name of Ihe Society, requested him lo do. At the close of the 
meeting be read a letter fiMm Mr. J.ayard, wTiich he had just 
received, announcing further discoveries by that gentleman, now 
occupied at Ihe acene of his former successful labonra. The 
meeting was very numerous; the Marquess of Lansdowne and 
many persona of rank were present- 

Thi lite Liiui. WacHoKH was bom at Chatham in the year 
1800. At (ivelve years of age he waa appointed a midshipman 
in the Royal Nuvy, and sixteen days before he hsd allained 
seventeen be passed in navigation for lieutenant, th« youngest 
midabipman that had ever done so. In 1B17 he mu paid off, 
and went third mate of a free.lrader lo Calcutta. Reluming 
home in 1819, he got appointed to the Bengnl Marine (pilot 
acrvice), where he served till 1834<, when he volunteered for the 
Arracen war, and received Che command of the East-India 
Company's cutter Mntehltat, and a division of gun-lHiats, in con- 
nection with that army and Soiilla. He was five times engnf>ed, 
and saw much service by land and sea, and was once wounded in 
the tight thigh. He returned to Calcutta in 1B27, having re- 
ceived the thank* of all the HUlhoritiea, tvith a constitution then 
undermined by the fever of Arracan; but from bia indomitable 
perseverance LieuL Waghom rallied to the great project he had 
secretly al heart, — namely, a steam communication between our 
eastern possessions and England, He communicated bia plan 
to the offlciala, including the then Chief Secretary to Ihe Bengal 
Government, Mr. C. Lushlngton, now M.P, for Westminster, 
through whom he brought home letters from Lord Combfrmere, 
then President !n Council (Eart Amherst, Governor- General, 
being on a tour in Upper India), for the East-India Company, 
in London, aa a Sc and proper person to open ateam navigation 
wJth India, via the Cape of Good Hope. On bis arrival in 
England, Lieut, ^^'agllo^n advocated this object in London, 
Liverpool. Mancbesler, Glasgow, Birmingham, lie, as he fiad 
previously done at Madras, the Mauritius, the Cape, and St. 
Helena. But the Posl-oSlce. at that time, waa opposed to 
ocean steam navigation ; and so were the Eaac-India Director*, 
except Mr. Loch. However, in Oct. 1889, Lieut Waghom was 
called on by Lord Ellenborough (President of the India Board) 
and Mr. Loch (Chairman of the Court of Directors) to go to 
India, through Egypt, with despatches for Sir J. Malcolm, Go. 
vemor of Bombay, and to report upon the procticabilily of the Red 
Sea navigation for the overland mule. On lhat trip he got to 
Aloiandria in twenty-six days ; and so rapidly was hia journey 
to Trieate accomplialied (nine days and a half through Ave king- 
doms), that an inquitr was then made by Ihe Foreign OAic* 
respecting it. Lieut. Wacom's orders were to join the E/iitr- 
prue, first steamer from England to India, at Suei, on the Glh 
of December, 1839. Owing to an accident ahe did not appear, 
and aa he had important Govemment despatches, Lieut. Wbb- 
hom bad no resource tjxtft lo return to England, or go on in 
an open boat doivn ihe Red Sea. He preferred Ihe latter as a 
matlerof duty, and aailed down Ihe centre of that sea wittiout 
chart or compass, the north star kilng his guide by night and the 




■un by day. He tnittd at Juddih, 6S0 miles, in six and b half 
iajt, ind there flnt letmed tbat the Enltrpritt *tnmer hid 
biolcen her nuchinerT on bir way from Bengal to Bomlwy, and 
mi not coDung. nom what Lieut. Waghom olMerred in thii 
trip, be fell contuiced tbat. for erery purpose of interest, poli- 
tiially and com mere ially. between England and the Eust, thia 
naa Che route, and nith aidour, perseverance, and Unnneis, be 
worked it to completion. Unaided (except by the assiatanre of 
the Bombay Steam Company}, he built the eight halting-plarei 
on the Deaerc between Cairo and Suei, the three hotela esta- 
blished above them (in irhicb luiurie* are provided and stored 
for the passing tiarellers), and rendered that hitherto waaie (he 
wonder of every traieller. When Lieut Waghom left Ejfypt 
in 1841, he had estabUtbed Engliah carriages, vans, and horses. 
for ibe paasengers' conveyance across the Deiert (instead of 
camels), aod placed imall steamers from England on the Nile 
and the canal of Alexandria. The " Orerliuid IMaiii" to and 
from India ftir two years ((ron 1831 to ISSL) were worked by 
himself J and he summed up his labonn by carrying letters lo 
England &om Bombay in forty-seven days, in February. \SH, 
without any steam from Alexandria to London. In 1817, Lieut. 
Waghorn showed tbat England possessed another vray to India 
aa well a> the route through France, (he gallant officer having in 
the winter of (hat year eftcied a saving ol thirteen days in the 
journey ria Tneste. He, moreover, explored a mail route 
through the Papal State, did Ancona, between Engliind and 
India; and another route by way of Genoa. Each of these 
route* is now open (Trieste, Genoa, or Ancona) for inch pur. 
po«e whenever Gorenment may (hink proper to order mull to 
and &« betwctn England and India by either.— Tuae*. 

I'tiin Sooth Wales ; Jant 
Oreme, Hanisoa, Uaiuiliiis ; Awttit Ridley. Hudicn ; Diaaa, 
pDgfa, aod John Bractr, BrOva, Beneal ; Ntio Bxprri), TTare, 
Cfyloo.— T. Riby, Ellsrbir, and Lord Wm. Btnliack, AUso, Ma- 
nilla ; fiuRr, Boiby, and Crutiojieri. Harmrr, Mnurittus; Caiiibc- 
Imnu. AiDstr«ag ; Paradise, Clare, and Fairy Quten. HI c hard too, 
Bengal ; Ptmltft, Seadden, Madras.— 8. Ratttifft. FhllllpFon, BcD- 
gaL — 9. Sf*milry, Rlckatdson, CFy1an.~ll. Jan, OilbFit, Bom- 
fi*T 1 H'arfna.Fs'nDn, Maalmaln ; Stixa Uoon, Aahbridge, Hong- 
Koii«— 14. Lwifa Maars, Harding, Mauritius.— 19. Turf. Xunn, 
Cvddatore.- II. Duke nf Ric\nui>i3, Barclay, Mauritius ; Serinj/a. 
folam, PtckeC, Madras. 

Far ataamar Aipsa, Jan. U. — Col. aod Mrs. Wcitero, 3 chiUren 
andacrvant) Mr. aod Mrs. Hoogh, Mrs. S(tvta<, infant, and ler- 
nnl. Mn. Diioo, Mrs. Watta, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. MDonald. Mr. 
Egerton, Mr. Christlsn, Hr. Broun, Capt. DrniioD, Cikpt. Hamil- 
ton, Mr. BoIdeni.J. Davy, — Clare, Mn. Hovortb, S chiMrtn and 
9 Mrranta ; Dr. Ludlow, Mr. Tajlor, Capt. Damargnc, Dr. Law. 
reace, Sir 3. and Lad; Tcnaant, Sir W. and I*ii Ganm, Col. 
Vates and 5 KrvaDta, Miss Armitage, Mr. Sedler, Mdbb. Roi*I, 
Madanc Roa^, inhnt, andserrant'; Mr. Haana, Lieut. PiLklagton, 
Mr. Vena, Capt. and Mrs. Watson, iahat, and lervnat ; Kir. Pot- 
ter, Mr. Pryte, Lleot. BTtheaei, R. N. ; Mr. Machelaoa, Senor 
HDntcoaro, Mr. Cramer, Un. Sbaw, Lieut. SfdeabaiD, 7Sth; 
Hr. Buoy, Mr. Prand, Mr. Kenolbal, Sealor Olajia, iuD. ; Dr. 
Baln&ther, Capt. Fenwick, Mrs. Schabert, Mn. Roblua and child. 

.N. 6. Otbon. 

From the Dowj»«.— J. ,_..,, 

Alexander, Port Phillip ; 7ifron/s, Wilharn, Madiat ; Brilieh Em- 
firt, Mrrtyae, Caknlta; Diadem, Caitboess, SI. Ubes and Cspe ; 
Mary Sparkt, Grahaai, Bombay; Oralar, Hotoan, Calculto ; ^ran, 
Maalea, A%M Bay; -Bo'irir. Young (from Stiidds), Cspp; lticl\ard 
CaUa, ArehUiald (from Hartltpoolf, Crylon ; WilHani Carey. To(h, 
Cape.— 9. IiabeUa Leiik, Robertion (from Ncweasllr), Cape.— S. 
fonj, TUay, Manitius; Umcji, Ramtdio, Algoa Bay.— 7. Nor- 
tm, Malbew, Aden ; HiadoXm.. Puok, Bouhay ; Juhn Edward, 
Tldntao, Calcutta; Margaret Weil. Bfluraan, Bataila.- 8. Taglioni, 
JoUiffe, Addslde ; Priace qf Wain, Wilson. Lannr«lon.-13. Blac 
Bdlt, WibOB, AlgOR Bay ; limutain Maid, Wisbart, Cape ; Heroiif, 
Crighton, AlgoaBay.— 11. tataaa, Scott, New South Walei.— 17. 
SaAer, Morris, Cape ; 51f leri, STnith, QaUe and Msulmain ; Ed- 
ward, Roben«on, Port Natal and Bombar.—IB. Lodji Bate, M'Kiu- 
Uy, CalCBlta ; JaKpMne, Leader, Bombay. 

Flraaa LiTBaFDOL. — Jan. 3. OnlioA, Slater, Bombar. —9. Aden, 
SBrilh, Hoog Kong ; Koberl, Cavavercb, Singapore; Gambia. An- 
ianaa, Cateatta ; Ganpa, Tbrowell, Madru.— 10. Gtorfe Bark- 
kam, UUcba, Batavia.— IS. Willian Carey, Emmcnt, and Am- 
tkta,maom, CaJcntts.— IS. Vriula, Cngg, Bombay.— 14. Fre- 
iariri Bukm, Wollar, SlBgaporc.- 1&. Ariil, Payne, Cape and 
CalcotU.— IS. S ltanera, Todbuoter, 'Bata>la and SingAporc.- 16. 
PofrM Qaeea. Boddoek, Calcutta ; Blaabillk Howe, Patrlckscn, 
~- ■ "' ra^at, De Corthloa, Manila ; Jatrior, Sowlhlon, 

I'a Bm, Parker j^Calentta. 

. Btxiii 

From LxiTB.— JAI 

From Pltudctb, _ 

PblUip.— Jan. 3. Bapj^rotyai, Bami, Uoog Kong.— G. Juli^dm, 
Bora, Adelaldr, Fort Phillip, and Sydney.- 7. ^roMoa, McLcod, 
Adelaide and Port Phillip.— 6. Chtbar, Graysoo, Bombay. 

FrOBPORT*M0UTH.~jAN.B. Bangalore, Morgan, Moretou Bay. 

From the ClTDI — JaIC. 6. Cadil, Altcbtnaon, Adelaide.— 1«. 
Alia, Watt, CalcatU. 

, Port 

Per steamer India from Southaufton, Jan. 90, to proceed pel 
atesmer Hoddiitglo*, from Sues. 

For Malta.— Mr. Maxst. 

For Aden.— Mrs. aod Miss WatioD, MU* Wation, ]UD.; Mr. 
G. O. Knrr, Capt. and Mrs. Dickson, Mr. E. Williams, Mr. Way, 
Mr. J. Hicks, Miss Richardson, Mr. Preston, Mr. Brown, Utut. 
W. de Vitery. 

For CALCtrrTA.— Mrs. Yulloch, Mr. W. B. Buckle and serrant ; 
Mr. E. Stone ;'Msj. Hay, Mr. H. Inglls, Mr. R. Chapmau, Mr. 
J. H. Weill, Mr. G. Maoson, Mr. Pollock. Mr. G. Westmacott, 
Mr. McKlnnon, Mr. BclgfaCaMD. Mr. L. D. Partooa, Hr. Grant, 
Lieut. W. Harris, Mr. C. L. Leresche, Mr. Nowell, Mr. Parker, 
Mr. Agabfg. Mr. Tomklnaon, Mr. aad Mrs. Uaaoitk, Mr. Pog- 
son, Mr. A. Honstan, Mr. F. Caayihn^ and serrant, Mr. Cushing, 
Mf. Psul, Mr, W. II, Lniosdeo. 

For Maobas.- Mn. MeCally. Miss Warwick, Miss Mc Catty, 
Mill P. MeCally and two cbildreo, Mr. H. Dakyoe, Mr. C. 
Wetton, Mr. O. Svlthen, Mr. J. Orr, Mr. end Mrs. Monektoo, 
Mr. C. Cazenove, Mr. H. C. Hey, Hr. Gillespie, Mr. Gibbs, 
Capt. Cotter, Mn. Cotter, Mr. J. H. Burnet, Mr. G. Ilarcoart, 
Mr. J. Crawford, Miss HIeks, Miss E. H.Wood, Miss E.J. Price. 

For Cbtlon.— Rev.and Mn. H. Von Dodelaen, Miss Hoblyn, 
Lieut, sol. Milman, Edi. Savage, Mr. R. W. Keate, Aist. surg. 


ortheRev. Alfrei 
e at Calcutu, s. 

rife of Heary M. of MeckleobBrgh aqaarc, d. (lUU-tKim) 

col. d. (stU-born) at L0TeU.hil1,Wiak> 



field, Jan. 11. 

of Edward, d. Jsn, 10. 
tbe wife of George, of Calcutta, d. at Warmlnttcr, Jan. 16. 
HBLriLL, tbe wife of J. C. )aa. d. at Hampttead, Jan. iS. 
TaivoK, the lady of E. T. Bengal Ct^ servie*, a. In Yoric street, 
f Ortman square, Jan, 13. 

Cbkstir, O. Hon. E, I. Co.'a Hadraaeitablltbaent, to MariaC. 

d. Df R. Uicka, at St. Pater's, Eton-tqanre, Jan. It. 
CoTTia, Cant. G. S. Madras art. to Katharine, d. ot tbe lata 

Abraham Mann, at Camberwell, Jan. 14. 
KitsOn, Capt. J. 4Stb Madras N,I. to Mary E. d. of the Rev. T. 

Kitson,at St. Mary's Chanh, Devon, Jan. 10. 
Maihwarino, Capt. H. G, Bengal Inf., to Franeet I. d. of the 

late J. Kelk, at All Saints (niurcb, SI. John's Wood, Jan. IS. 
NawBOLD, Rei. A. G., b.a., lo Elliabeth, d. of the lAa Peter 
' Calcutta, at the dinreh of St. Staphau the Martyr, 

B'road, Regont'a-wk, Jan. 10. 

^, Capt. P. H., ith drag. Boards, a. t 

Sir Juper NIcolle, e.C.b. U Ellen, d. of J. H. UlU, at A 

N I COLLS, Cap' 

\ drag. Boards, a. e( tba late Lieut. Gen. 

SnaniK, Cbarles, L. 39tb Madras N.I, to Mary C. H. d. of the 

late Rev, J. C. Wright, at Balb, Jan 1. 
TwiNlHS, Richard, jnu. to Hannah, d. of the late Rev. Henry 

North, at (he ehnrcti of St. Bartbolocuafr-tbe.less, Jan. 8. 

la Co.'a service, at 
r Peter «t Guemsay, aged 99, 

noaa Bmiroi..-^ 

hhia fVuacfl, Allen, Port Phillip 

BbookS, Robert, formerly of the Hon 

Baeklnghsm 'Street, Adelphl, ^ad CS, Jan 
Db Havilamd, Emilia, r^t o" "'- "'- 

Jan. 19. 
Edwabcs, Capt. R.,^te commander of tbe ship fVaw>ee Coicarjet, 

on his passage fh>m Calcutta to Slogapore, Oct. 3. 
Fabbib, Peuelopa, widow of the lale Capt. William W,, Hoo. 

E. I. Co.'s service, at Leeterrsee, Bluklieath, aged B4, Jan. 9. 
Fbitq, John G. a. of R. Frith, of Bombay, aged «, Jan. II. 
Hatbbrlit, Ueot. col. H. N. lateof tbe UBdraa establishment, 

at Keowlth, Jan. 10. 
Monk, Capt, M.ofthetbip Siilininy, on the Cldna seas. Sept 3. 

i.lB^Chspclle, aged To, Jan. 8. 
. fornieriT general Baptlit Mlu 
Yent, aged fi7, Jan. S. 

I, Ret. J. fornieriT general Baptlit Mlisionary In India, «t 

SbOBT, George F. s. of tbe laU Mr]. O., 4Sth Bengal N.I., 

TeignBODlb, Dee. SO. 
SwANBON, Eleanor, F. d. of Ma]. Bombay aniy, aged 3, Jan. d 



Jan. 7th, 9tk, and itUh. 1630. 


£(MiiI fWob.— Lieat Williun G. Law. lOtb N.I, 
iis^atEttab,n-C»pt. ChaiWi M. Elliot, engineers. 

Enl. William E. D. Hands, IStb H.L 

Capt. WilliuD E. Lockhart, 46th N.I. 
Se&AtsEilab.—U«iit. Tbomw T. Haggard, anillary. 

Lieut. James Blair, £nd It. cav. 

Eds. David Huicheon, Snd Europ. r^. 


jraifra>£*ta6.— Capt Hugh H. Bell, artillery, overland. 

Lieut William B. Feltowes, 3rd cav. 

Lieat. Joeepb J. Prarce, Snd Europ. reg. 

Lieut Laurence JohnBWn, 86th N, I. 

Lieut Charlea L. Sugden, 39lh N.I. 

Lieot Charles J. Rudd, invalids, per Mahbar. 
B^uAayEOab. — Atiiet surg. Robert Millar. 

Bbdhu A(a&— Tlie Rev. Robert K. Hamilton, OTerland, £Otli 

BmiAasEitdb.—'L\«m. Rowley W. Leeds, Indian Nary, per 


Bngat BitA.—Um!L *6L Jnwa H. Mtckinlay, 68th N.I., 
6 moatbs. 
Capt James L. Walker, Tlst N-L, 2 do. 
M«^<»EitA,—'Bwf, maj. John H. Cnuner, Snd Enrap. ng,, 
6 do. 
Ens. Daniel A. McNeill, 15th N.L, do. 
Ueut Lodge R. De M. Hatcbinjn, SOth N.I„ 

Lieut. George C Fjrbaa, S2nd N.L, 6 do, 
Lieot. George S. Dobbie,iWi N.I., do. 

SaiAasEitab.~iIt. Charles J. D. Cole, IndiaB Navy, montlis. 

iWufrosfslai,— Mq. Cliarlea Butler, invalids. 

BMgat EtUb.—Tttt ILey. Arthur Henry David Smith Moore, 
of Bishop's Collego, Calcnlts, appcdnted an 
■ssistaat chaplain. 

Wak Orrin, Im Jin. 1860. 
Bmgal, 3rd Ll.Dragi. — Vet. surg. Benjamin Chaning Rome 
Gardiner, from the 7tb drag, guards, to be vet. surg., T. 
EdliD, who exchanges. Dated 4th Jan. 1S50. 
Wedrtu, 51*1 Foot— Capt William Blundell, from the 14th Foot, 
to be capL, r. fkmer, who exchanges. Dated 4ih 
Jan. 1851). 

Wab Orrici. ISm Jah. 1630. 
Bmgal, M Lt. I}ng:—Conitt Alfred EaitHeld Wilkinson to be 
lieut bv purch., v. Hunt, appointed to the 6th drag*. 
Dated ISlh Jan. 1850. 
84tA FooL — Lieut George Frederiek Berry to be rapt 
without purch., v. Grant, dec. Dated 20ib Oct. 1849. 
Ens. Frederick William Adam Parsons to be Leut, v. 
Btny. Dated SDth Oct 1849. 

Madras, 51sf Poof.— Robert Coke Glover, gent, lo be ens. hy 

purrb.. r. O'Callaghui, prom. Dated 18lb Jan. 185 
Somboji, Gtkh Feat. — Trntraoi Squire liichardsmi, gent, to ha 

Snd lieut. without purch., v. Freer, prom. Dated 18dii 

Jan. 1850. 
e6M Foof.— William Wmniett, gent, to be ens. without 

purch., V. Bond, appointed to the 4i9tb Foot — Dated 

18tli Jan. 1850. 

EuI-lDdla Hook, Wb Jn. ISSL 

COUP AN V da henb; ^vt nodtv. 

BMt-lalia Sotm. BUi Jw. UtO. 

COMPANV da b«toT ■!«• Botk^ 
That LtacFiiuKa and Hooi* CgaimlttK wUl be n«ly, on oibiAnWsd. 
Dsday, UiE t3i6 inUiDt, id iraiyt pmmU In villiu, hiUhI up, bsUi 
neb penom «i iruy be wiUlng to luppl; ilur Cotapajif wkLA 

And Itul llui cnndiUoni of Uu Hid ConUKt dwt 1» hud on uF^caUos it tlv 

n Ihefonajso'otUwBidSnfdH^ii^JuiiUT, IMh tftB wlricb hoH ao 

Tendo ■iU be MoJTed. 


Th«t U» ^.^^Ma ■Dd^Honi* Comiuiiua^rDl^ In Mdyj on m btfow WeA- 

1, Hl(d up, from tueh pcnoiM ■■ nnr ba olUliig u nftij It 
ritb (LOW Tiu of Coat of any of t&* undBiMDtksicdKini 
Bd (I BombsT :— 

COAL, i Scnoud. 

ev COAL, I 





br kn •( Uis Seatttrrt 
--- • ' — W d*j rf 

Ua)r alw bi abulned or 

8, 111. Muiki-i PIM*, dhuisfl Ciob! 

BENGAL ARMY LIST.—Juet FubUsfaed, the Qnu. 
iRly Amv Lilt at Has UAiurr'i Hid ilw Hob. CoDpnf I Pamga Os 

Bcniol Esul>liihin«[ 1 ahibiiing the luk, Mudhu, and viiloui mTta of 
ncry OUcer In Dm Aiidt i diiUii(ui(hteg Umh obo &»■ ncelKd mediih ol 

4M of CJiil Sorruti m Ban) 

B d4Ua of lb«lr HpfHllQtllKfltl, «& 
, Hm., pflfmblB In AdVBH* i ■!■ 
RlGDAIMOlt, 33, ConhJU. 


(So. IX, CBi 
EitablUbed bj Act cj P 


Williun Biilltrwonh Barlcr, E-q. 
C. S. LaloDcLc, E.q. | rfgarj Porc'-.ti 

WiBitm Bnttcrwonh Bijl«.,'Eiq., Chaiiroio 

UhoiB.B. HndcHDu. Hijor Tiiiiir^r. 

JuttoTj — Mr, W. Levij. | SecreUTj — Mr, JuhnC: 





■.tLITA.! A^U »A 



Produ. 1 



altar Ibc cilI™l»llon of IL. ,. 

After ihtapimiao sf msi. ibiproStt will bt dulucd snniull;, u 

KioB tbanu, with Llikc optuD m to tli4 moit of appticiuun. 

^ mta ej, md on lh« flrtt baJf-r* vir prtrmium ti^^^min,/ ifn* W enrU 
aBmA apoa iba Eaitab fbidb of pmuiuB, Bed b< pliic«d urikr tbc nui 
■ODdiiiam of tba So^dT tharc Dbulmsg. 

All putbs iHiirtd fcr USt, or for twnu o(ba thwl for Liie, wbMtv 

In'diir'^d on Ihc flnl "^r^nrl; pr 
belor caa"-D^d°di^iig 'thet'f^ihn 

Tba Pmninmi in » fnnucd u to mccl tbc dilT.-r<-T>i p'-"'"! 
vlucfa waoou an clumcd bT the OAmt of iht Aim* in lodi 
of fiutMiRDWnl. 

to (ha En^Lnta ra 






Ba.lll 3 

Aftar IS jcar.. 



L. OF Endow 






Ra.i3» ■ 


M7 i 

Ra. 1 1 

"' J5 *'™' 

Abt OAmt, aged ](), pajinB Ri- W- *>- In one nm, on entrinM into ( 
■rne, oi iBODt% B*. I. I. for twaBlT-Bn jOMi, >IU ba aotlded to lece 
lA* (xiayMlOB d Ua •crricK Ra. i.on. 

TaUai and liill uiloninti« to b« had ■! tbo OSca of tbc FimllT EbA 
■tM SscMt, No. It, CtaaibauP1a«: or U the ODce of tba SacrtUiui is < 
arta, H(Kh CORDON, STUART, ud Co. 


Thli Day !■ pubUthcd, tin Vh a*llm. In l tdL 4*0. pHoa £^ M. inlKiaidi, 


•■■ Tottae nrH Parin/att DitUtncrr, Ibo aulhoi hai, by laborlou itudi 
add<IlDfU. In Ol Hlnduifaiil a»l Bnx'M Pnrr, Iha HtDduatuT imdi n 
reltra. The'Dt.TriiPrs/.whtohTw itiihI from thosSakrtrArablcTHjbm^ 
or Ihoae ]iii«uu|«,' 

Th* Sami Pur*. B^^ ™ 

Ravrav m "Tiii».' Jan. 3.—" Moth mlntlai baa bacii paid to the 
coHacilnguricianliflcteniia. tapeelatlybDUDiciliHiei, aamll a> to Iha cDoaat 
rewleiiucihem UitotheiedinolofyorBiirape.'' • • • " The Hladiulani 
and Engliih Part oT It noa l^o^»lIll opxanli otKMO wmii aai pbraw ex. 
plained, being ;,ii(i) man than in the laat edilloo, and 11,000 aiore than In uy 
olherDicticKiHTjof IhelikedBcripllon niweitanL" • a • ■• (n TnHia i> 
ai well *• in Curooa, iht chancier oftbia woik bia lou b« I 
and ihc picient edilloo wID greallj enhance lla reputitloo." 

To which ii added, ■ 

1 ml. royal 8vo. price £l. lOa. 
GUAGE. DrslgnedenwlanylbTtlMiaa whahaaanalHtneEV. 


m, », CoraUlL 

alL,_TheriUaordbta(y ElBcacymd hnppy iiTilaiiaallrm nrWi piimlj 
ciollc matoiali have rendered it iuitly reoowneil LhnniAout Uw world ta Ita 

It Iminuata ita balumie prcrpenles biio iha pom of the head, nouiiiha the 
hoir in iti Mnbryo alale, accelcialn ILi growth , clean tta II from Kurf and 

•llky aofinen, and hiiuiioua ledandaiKy. to Iht latail parled ol human IiOl 
lla opanilan in cam of haMneailapsniliaTlynctivei ulhal, in numeiouain- 

nmiiHii eirii and nwM of Baium, In ihenrewihof whiaken. eyehnwi, ud 

r>pecii.1ly recomnnndad, ■• funning the baiii of a beautiful bead of b^.and 

otKaloedtha p^tronaae of Hoy ally thrauahoul Europa, and tba high aaieom In 

received of fticfflcdcy, adbrdtht bail and ■aicalproafo or lit pKriti.— Price 
31. ed, and 7). 1 oi family boltln (equal Ia4>nialll, I0a.ed.) and double that 

CAUTION — On the Btappar of each botda of theganuioe aitlcle are thaae 

^1 0>i<] on Ihc back of the wiijipei nearly l.^JUlUnn.canulolnig m,(UaiHlan, 

THE TEEIH.— A very curious invention «innei;ted 
wilb Dental Surgery haa b»fi Inlrodund by Mr. HOWARD, of : 

dacHplion nf ARTIFlClXl 
luiea, Theyiia perfectly 

by__llr. HOWARD, of 13 

tnba dbtlnrulilied 

They will neaer change colour 01 

1, ana win DC loutu Tiryiupatior to any intb evar beftm uaed. Thk 

iiidd'K! ni>t require the exlractlou of coou, or any panful opmllon, aod 
luppon asd pnaerve Iha ireih thai art hnH, and la guaranieed to teatora 
ulatlon and laaatlcatloB. The InteBllon deitiTea the awlaa of ihcacXo- 
and ia of Imponuireio ouny pwna, and thoae who are Interaal^d In it 
otdobellei IbanaTail thmH^vaa of Mr. Howanh ikUl aia DmlK. 

lady, tm inlimaie fnend of the family of Oenrral R«ai. Goremor of the R«- 
pubiic of La Plata, dccUrea that ihe waa latetr cured of a dliordet hi tlw 
atomach, and nittnad to narfMI bnlih, by Ihe aw of thb admlnMa leoad*. 
She hail roniulicl iho nuHt eninent nhnjclana la Ihe (ounlry. bat had not 
been able to obtain any rrilaf from th* omplahu that waa kilHBg har by hidiM, 
until ahc look lloUoway*! Pilli. John Baitinan, Eiq., m «nliuiit BaRhBt a( 
Buenoa Ayrra, eommDnlcalad ibae padlcalan lo noAMor HoOinny, t» ■ 

Sold iiy all druggiita, and at Prohcnr RollDwiyH eataWtafament, M, 
SUand, London; and by all European and Natiie TOitei of ■"■"rln- 
throughout Ihe whole of the Eaat tadha. 

In lUi.B«llat,a.«d., iUl, 11.3d., and lib., ii,M.i«71lia.Baata 


- [CALCUTTA ria«ra. 

-._. LEIGN 


eTgn establishment. 

INDIAN CUURY SAUCE, o( luperior ouaKtv.— TWs 
noTel and ploDinl Sauce, now Inuoduceit to the EncUA vuHIc Aw the 
Bnt lima, la pacidlaily aitepwd foi stnka, Chon, (tes^ FU, CoU Mean, 
Haih, Ac «c The Bddiiloo of a little of thli &uee, bi caea where a entry 
nlmenl. PWNEandSON'S Foralvi Warehouerwi i*>>u>dsn,Rr|cnt 






Ai fathm, <dth kw. Hi^M]^ tU^^KjMgn. ud C^r>> tat tb* d^4<(. 


ITli, Mi »7Ui of trwy mooit, " S-» 'Jt, Whop «W»r o( the» d»(«i aili 00 

HALTA,9Mliaiid»Uiiir««TiiioaLlb «LEXANOnlA,»lUiaribimaB(h. 

«>tb*iM««h»MMk- - — — - ..- . 

INiDLA AND. CHltU (jnx Emm). 
8INOAP0RI, inl MONO KOIM, Mh of K nintb. 
ADEN md BOMBAY. Aam iheJffb odtMBHoUh 


From CALCUTTA fbrEngliBd, lOlh altrraj mopUi, u»pt In Vsj, June, 
jM juit. mwttottimmiiiliilmtii. 

Tnm MADRAS, iburduianB l«Tiiii Cilniui. . 

Praa MALTAijm « rdXHit Itia Uib ud MUl 
rron TREBIZenD, oaoiitiiMlthtlMi. 

From LiSbSN, dn ot iboU^e StD. iKh, and mh. 

n F J Plww af thr K^k, ratw or fii ■■MnoatT, lad iiUMui* Ptdp^g 
«t4 SUp Cvfe, plant uplT Ml ibc Compuy'i Olflca, No. lis, LuADuoiLt. 
•■■■■T, LanrBov, ud rM. 57. ilisH ^lUOT, lauiBAHVTaif. 

NJB.~L«ivik of p ii flB ftom SouU mp lMi.lo Uw uMemuDtiMel puu. 

To aiflR ALTAR— ■-'■ ■ SnoiDBiK 

ALE X ANDRt A i : 1 i 1 ^ ' 1 i ! I li ^^: ■ IsiMetB 40. 


BOMBAY - Thlny-fiTeSo. 


'idtnbiil direct, tn io full poueiugn ol til 
nit detula connceteil wiIB tno lUut icjtulatloni hr tha Uninna h won it 
Mch Prtiidanc7, wUch tn pnptnd bf tliem is lbs flnl i^l^ ud u Iha 

Otbln Fanilti 

Fa. and C1WJ HtWe of Fatamtl OuUtt, nadji fot SUpat 

wold, Uatcd on IbC moiClmprDt 
»n hODocn wafkiam, npfibad it SJ; at. wfa. 
JUTSABD * EABBO, US, LMduLhall gtraat. 



BESEMERBS And SONS, Clotribrb, ODTprrTMxs, 
«nd Uady-Buda Uaai WuAwiHnun, iDniia ««la^ tnTcllcn u> 
Ipds to toiptct tUi PoKTABLi BmatsiD, prtea IM. M., Iimniad and 
midt onlT hjr ifeo. J|»«™fjh u HMb, It li umu, coBpict, of fnU iln. 
■DdnarbaoHdwMioiitaBiaitiBii tt ptMt ladllt lato a \iif aiocTMi in 
OOMUt.Mlm. SadtUBd.baddiu, bluluti, ib«iti,quUt,A<:.,picla«in 
aw ol ttulc Walniraof Rei[ulitl(n OvoUnd Trunki, vilgh Hour Mriba. 
Otghnd Tninta, Ob« Outoaa aaA. LkusfUulStAnCidtbaDdAiilituit- 

SoiRCoDij H[Linalai ujd fnTDrMiOoa of t^aj eipenit of I^- ---* 

lourDav, forvnded by aoal. LJataof Uaeot MlflM. laaytkal 
tlllf WuchouKf, NmEIIoM. Hound^lilch, LddUud. 

WElAIOrr & SOJJS, OPTlClANS.&e.,begtomv. 

ORINDl-AV and Co., Eae-Iad1> AnoT AcnK, beg to amounra the 
nuonl Id Om OUTFIT tai MILITARY dUI'PLY Brudi oC tn^ btul- 
ntu (D No. 03, roTohill, and tfl4, Blihopcun 5ti«t, where plAm and nricai 
gfaoonnodMlDD of all SHIPS >aUinaiaIuU»nU)ba lata, ■odfASJjAQES 
HEOOCIATED on Ibe moat tdvintaniui tetini. 

EuT-IiDiA Auir AaiaOT, «3, CodUU, and IM, BakowMaStUit, 

INDIA. — Getitiemen e.tpectinK Appoiotments in the Eatt- 
iDdiaComgxDT'aCaTalrr, AnlllsT. lofantrr- « MadlctI Sintea. an 
napectfUll; lufonntd Lhal, on appUcallon U Heiili. CHRISTIAN, tfatr will 

; ■■' 185a 

rpHE foilo^'iiiR SPLENDID SHIPS^ 'belnn^in([ t 

:•. r'-^m^ 

(ba eaU-lndU DoAi tbraa daT> pnvbnulr. 

StUp". NuDfc 






lOOO J.T. Nam .... 

■a Sv^ai! :: 

SW O. C<^en>aii.... 




[T, appiv lo the nqiocUT 

ipjo^ 0° aPf^ 

Sib Hn»T Wiu.ocic. K.L3., Chaten 

John SrawAHT, £4q., Dvputy cbalnnaa. 

- UijoT-Gcn-SliRlckaidAnutroDai 

mni,— Baok of Endind, > 
^oui-mn^wlmam b< 

■ r!s.,m^ u 

The principle adopled bi liie Unlrereil Life Af __. 

— m.^ ..... — Lrpd, 1> admlited w Difif gnat adTBDUtfoa, eaptcialli '~ 

Hiih Co appropTiite Ihor paoporUoa of pcoiU to 

Robert StaiideB.' Bnq. 

{■net DuBoaB Tbocuoa. Eu, 

itod Mem. Cnrfe ana Co. 

Anoa Stiad. CuTondlih 64. 

-feunt^V £ 
gnat adTBDUcea. eapeciaUT to 

c foDowhn TalSe xlTI thtw ll 
cd 00 Ilie Mb of May, IMS, 1 
il memlimii. TtiiiwUlbtl 

rlt of Ilia lait diTtiinn of profltt, at 
pataotu who had on that daj paid tbc 
ind a liberal reducIioQ If Ibeorigiaal |Ka- 

mvlijoo of pnllu 








Oa ai ixfore 



£11 1 4 

foe LIFE, FIRH:, and MARINE ASSURANCES.— EtlaUUbed by 
Boyai Charier of tL'mg George the Firii, A-D. liio. 

offlm, 7, Hi>Tid EichanK, ComhiU, and 10. Rnnl Street. 
uaccnlDihe AioiTand Nan (broad, and bi the CItII and MytiaiTStnlcti 


perfect tecurily from f»lie Ittya and picklock. 



applied, And are tlroog, ■tcurt, iimpit, and durable. 
JHObbS' patent LATCH. At AotitdoDn, counU 
h libplt In coibtnKlipn, low in price, 


IiChVaho, LONDON. 

CHUBBy cash awL UEED 

Edlnburih, W. Blackwood and Sana. 
Dul;lin. llodaei and Smllh. 
BcigbKn. C booty. 

al ;, [:a1ihocpe soeM, hi tbt 

and iiutilliheil t>y Lahciilot Wild, « No. 13. Caiberine iTIrcct, S^3, 
in the Pnilib of sl M.irv-1fr5traiid,tailbeiaUCoiiBiy. I 

■'■"•"■"■■"■ '" Digitized bXnOOglC 


^ AND 




Vol.vm.— No.I42.] 


[Price U. 

C«BMl OldM . . 


OLiil, Bilwtamm, lUliwrr, 
■Bd Medical FTtHihTnt 

W-^ggw "* CommncUJ I- 




Tfee Atiar, viih tha miili, left Bonbaj JaawMTj 3, for Adea and 
SiHi. Tbe inalla reached Aleiudria, and verc Ibence deipaUhed 
to Ibe Jlatua to Malta, and anired od tke wUb. 

Tbc tfrrJM took the wkole of the Batl* on to tfarteillM, and 
n the 39tb nlUao. 

The BTxt gull for Botabar will ba daa^atitad turn Loodaa, vU 
ttanatia, on the cveaiDr of Thandaj. Feb. T' 

A maa for Boaibay, CcyloD. Madiaa, Calcutta, the Stralta, aad 
CMaa vfll be drapatcbcd on tbe aoning of W«daeMlBf . Feb. 90, 
atf SovtbanploD. Lettcn ahnld b« posted i* Loadoa oa the pc«- 
*!■>■• eictioE ; or. If maiked eid Uanelllei, on the evcDloc o( HOD- 
i>7, FA. 3S. 


IV, Fti. 4 


. .. Dao. 2S I HadMi Det. ZS 

Booib«<r Jan. 3. 


Tm pcesent mail is hj do metm a barren one. The 
uteOigeiice ia not, indeed, marked by any feature of bigh 
po&ticil importance ; but the inddenti, foreign and domeatic, 
s« Bot wTtbont interext. 

Tba Rajab of Sikbim hat at length releaBed Dr. Campbell 
' nd l>r. Hooker, who had arrived at Daijeeling, Bccordiii)^ 
to the Calcntta papers, on tbe Uth ot December, though (he 
Bombay TiaK'cafGrros that the; had not reached that station 

np to the I7th. Of their actual liberation from coafioe- 
ment there it, however, no doubt. They received tbeir 
parting presents on the 7tb December, and were to coni- 
mence their relnm to Daijeeling on the 9th, by way of 
DiUing, which, strange to aay, ia the longest route. It ia 
difficult to account either for tbe determinaUon to release 
them, or for the selection of tbia eircuitous journey. The 
Rajah's wife had been uniformly kind to Dr. Campbell in 
hia captivity, and repeatedly sent bint refreshments. The 
reason alleged by the Rajah for the outrage was, it Is said, 
that Dr. Campbell had transgressed tbe boundary beltveen 
Sikbim and T&rtary, not that he had passed beyond the line 
of demarcation which separates our tertitoriea from those 
of Sikbim. Neither this plea, nor his tardy release of tbe 
two gentleniea, is likely to exempt the Rajah from punish- 
ment; the troops dMtincd for that object had reached Dar- 
jecling, and were moving upon Sikhim. 

The next incident, in the order of importance, is tbe 
result of the expedition against the intubordinate zemindars 
of the Eusofiye country, near Feshawur, who, it appear*, 
evincea repugnance, notunfrequently fell in various part* of 
theworld.tothe payment of rents and taxes. Abody of troops, 
nnmberiog about 2,500 men [as mentioned in a previous 
Summary), was despatched some time back into the Eusofzye 
country, and on the 11th December they ntarched, under 
the command of Colonel Bradshaw, 60tb Riflee, from the 
village of Kothnng (or Katlung), on the left bank of the 
Cabul river, to Sunghao (or Snggoo). a village situated in tbe 
gorge of a mountain range. A letter from the scene of ac- 
tion describes the pOHtion of the Tillage as formidable from 
its natural difficulties. It was seated in a nook formed by 
the hills (3,000 feet high) which bound the valley of 
Luncboor on tbe north, and a spur (500 feet high) project- 
ing therefrom, acroas which a atone wall or breaet-work, 
two feet high, bad been constructed, behind which, and on 
the spur, the rebels (about 2,000) took posL On our force ap- 
proaching them, two guns opened upon the men on the spur, 
whilst preparations were nuking for the attack. Tbe plan of 
attack was, that tbe height* on the right were to be crowned 
by the 200 RiSes, supported by the 1e& iving of the 3rd 
Bombay Native Infantry, under Captain Bingham, of the 
Rifles. The other heighta were to be occupied by Captain 
Lumsden's Guide Corps, and a company of the ist Punjab 
Infantry, under Captain Coke ; whilst Ute 300 men of the 
61at Queen's and the right wing of tbe 3rd B 
Infantry, supported by Fordyce'a troop o" 
Artillery, attacked the village. Instead, howev^ 
the Guides an hour to go round to the leftft 
allowed more than ten minutes; and tb^ 



'fAag Srd N.l. tMtead of $aiag M (tw vilUffe, in wfaidi 
there were not above a hundred men, remained under cover 
in front of it. The ascent waa accompliBhed with great 
difficulty, the enemy throwing dawn largeitoBes, wlh bUi 
precision, from the heights. After a deeperate atruggle, of 
fire hours' duration, the enemy were driren by the troop* 
fbming the centre of atMck, namely, the detcchroeat of th« 
61et, ably auppoTted by (he 3rd Bombay Native Infantry, 
along a narroir, precipitoui, covered path on the heights 
behind the village, along which tb«y cn«fed, and wb«a it 
•mm inpossiUa to £ril«w them, %a the mwiWain, 3,000 fiaet 
high. The village wae eackad and biuiied. Ow loe* wh 
five killed and tiventy-Bix hadly wounded, including Captiun 
"Bingham, dangerously hurt hy a itone, TTie loss Of the 
' enemy is supposed to have been 100, and the puniAmtnt 
produced its proper effect ; for, next day, the hekd man 
of the village came In and sued for pardon, promiaiDg to 
pay the arreara of reveime, and to be more pnnctnd and 
belter beliBved in fotore. 

On the I3(h, die force moved to attack other refractory 
TillageH, within two mllea of Sunghao, the inhahilanta of 
which, having received succour from the Zwntteee, 
mtistered, it is said, 10,000 men. These villages, called 
' Pulleewal, Zorcmndee, and Heerfchaner, were situated on 
a narrow plain, in the north-west comer of the Ltmcfaoor 
valley, where the hills, which form the north and west 
boundaries of that valley, termioate abruptly, thna formmg 
the pass leading into Zwatt. The ground m front of the 
villages is intersected by walerconrses and rsvinea, while on 
' tEhe left ia an iaokted hill, 1,500 feet high. The enemy 
took advantage of the natural strength of the position, and 
bad fortified the village of Zommndee (the centre one), and 
the graveyards and topes of trees surroundiag It. 

On the 14th, a party of the 6lst Foot, with Coke's and 
Lttmsden's men, attacked the insulated hill and the 
northern range ; the 60th Rifles, and the 3td Bombay 
I^Btive Infantry, driving the enemy out of the hilli, and 
the artillery covermg all the movements. The rebels made 
a stout resietance, and had vast numbers killed. Our loss 
was trifling. Their villages were burned and razed. A 
general submission was expected to be the result of this last 

A third incident is a projected expeditioD against a tribe 
. called Kooks er Kookies, inhabiting the upper range of 
' hills on our north-eastern frontier, beyond Sylhet, and 
who have been ravaging the plains in the Tipperah country. 
These people, it appears, sacriflce human victims at the 
funerals of their chiefs, cutting, off' as many heads as the 
deceaaed chief numbered years, and their descent, it is 
supposed, WBB for the purpose of collecting a sufficient 
number of vicdms for such a ceremony. Colonel Lester, 
commanding the Sylhet Light Infantry, had been ordered 
out Bgsunst these plunderers and murderers. 

At Lahore ibe ceremony of the investiture of Sir Walter 
Gilbert and Sir Henry Elliot, which had been so long 
looked for, took place on the 5th December. A report 
of its inddenta is given in a subsequent column. TheGo- 
• Twnor-Gaae»l had held a durbar, when Shaik £mam-ood- 
deen was raiaed to the rank of Nuwab, and the Aloowala 
chief, Nihal Sing, received the title of Rajah. That capital, 
ae well as the rest of the Punjab, appears tr«nquil. 

The Governor-General left Lahore on the eth Deeem- 
ber fot Mooltan, and was expected at Bombay about the 

middle of January, where prepaixti«u bad been mde br 
his reception. An address had been resolved upon, at a 
meeting of inhabitants, European and native, expressive of 
the gratifieation «4urii his lordship's presence would alFard 
U> all classes of the community, " and of th^r confident »• 
surance that the pereonal knowledge which his lordship wiQ 
acquire of the lesourees and capabilities of tbia part oi the 
territories ander his government, will enable him to »p- 
preeiate their value, and tend to measures calculated to pTO- 
note the geseral interests of tba whole of British India." 

ThitrirMiis«iari»n-^i'' iiir-^-'-'- '"■'-'- 

ot ths last acoovnta. 

For some time past, obscure intimations have been tbrovn 
out in many of the Indian journals respecting certain occnr- 
rencea at Indore, and the conduct of the British res* 
dent at thM court, eafwdally with reference to the M«h 
Srinb. ft now appears that chargas were octaally ^k^ 
fared ^(BiMt Mr. Hamilton; that his aecnser ja 
a native of high rank, Bago}ee B»o Psnaiab, and 
that ibt Governor- GeriOTal, vpon an amtiogniaa ofitbe 
charges, has pronoanced (bem frivohms, entirely taput^ag 
the Resident, and declaring that he bad done notUng- to 
deprive him of the confidence of GovenunsnL His aecuMT, 
moreover, has been dismissed from Us poution in the 
Regency, as a person from whom the Resident had just 
grounds for witbdrairii^ his ivinjjw><-». ^aratLbalaaa, iba 
Bombay papera do not appear to be altogeAer satisfied 
with this result. The Ttleffropk says :— 

"Wcirbnwd to duroM whtcb have Wen KUt la br BMtfaer psrtTi 
wkow high ehamdar will eaamBod retptetnd sKentloa, and to wltoee 
BppHcatiDo no np\j had hcoa rccdwd at the diteaf the lutkdtlcn 
from Indore. Ws nferTrd alio to the grave BllcBatlDD, that U» Reij. 
dcDt, when the Mah SaUb <ra* attacked with the diolera, prddnd 
treating her hiisuir to calling In the Retidenej loifcoa, and actn- 
_,.__j_,_._.___j __._^, piiit lo her when In » rtate of ct" - 

The Bombay Timet, however, Mfers to a letter from 
Helwa, "the author of which is beyond all suspicion of 
distorting facts," in which the alleged serious cbaiips 
i^ahist Mr. HamHton " astnme a very different aspect fron 
what one would have inferred from the notices in tbe 
columns of our Calcutta conteuiponuies ;" adding : — " If 
mattnrs really are as staled by the writer of tb* letter— «id it 
cornea from a quarter where the tnie position of tfaingB 
■mat he known, — the dafgmatory insinuations whkdi hoe 
lately appeared in some of the pubUc prints will niMt wflfc 
the reprobation they deserve." 

At Calentta, the hoatiltty to the " Hack Act " appeun to- 
be acquiring intensity, as well as an organization, and the 
other presidencies are partaking of the contagion of ran- 
conr. " He agitatwn egunst the propMcd legislative acts 
for rabjecting Europeans to the crimind jiHisdiotion of Ao 
Company's Courts, and for protecting the Company's judi- 
cial officers from the legal conseqneneet of their own re^- 
lessness or ignorance, is lapidly acquiring strength and 
energy," observes the Hurkani. The EHgluhmm aays, 
" We have already meotioned the gsneral faeUng of alarm 
and disgust with which the British inhabitanta of Bengal 
havB received the propoaal to malce them subject to the cri- 
minal jurisdiction of the uorefwnied and incompetant 
Courta of the East-India Company." A reqniution to the 
Sheriff of Calcutta for a public n i>»tiTi g to petition against 
the proposed Acts, ncnved more than four hundred aigna- 
tures in a few boura. The draft of a memoiial to the Go- 
venunent, prepared by Mr, Dicken*, has been published. 



qnd ia remarkable for the boldaeaa al ita tons. If the Go- 
fMumenc should prove deaf to tlieu remonelranceB, it is in- 
teoded to petition Parliament. ] 

Bombay iras visited on the night oF the 26th Dscember 
by two slight shocks of an earthquake — A very unnsual 
OCCDrrence. The weather had been changeable, and Its 
eSect npoD the public health unfavourable. Cooler*, 
dtboogh not ao general or so fatal as it had b«en, wt* still 
tl'flnging about the island, oarryiog off its daily dmea 
iMM^at the OBtitM. The eneceai of the eold-wat^r Ireat- 
ilfent of this di«ease, as reeommended hy I>r. Mssgrove, is 
aSS to he complete ; more than half of the patients ad- 
laitlMl ut* the Cholera iDfinaary in a sttttt of coUapte wen 
^Ht^, and aR irtm had not nnebtd that stags of the diwat« 
Accrerecl. Al the Enra)Man Genaral Hoapital, one of the 
BMt inpovtul iMtkMWfw o» iba isla^ tha aaMiwator 
VOMAent has bwn pronouneadthe beat and mDit'eueeesafdl 

■ Wahan givra, ^ulsr ita appFftprifila h»ad, aa acecM> 
^•QiK diaMver^ of a gold inne in aarawak, which win im- 
p«it a ant valiK to tba Uttlo tenitory of Ri^*^ Brooke. 



tLU-'a Troops.!— Lieut. W. L. D. Smith, 39lh regL at 

Waaeeiahad, >'or. 29. 
BuMAi^— Ueut. CoL H. J. Wbito. coaa. fiOth N.I. at 

Adka, Dbc. U-^Ueat. Oafenea W. Wignay, 5Ub N.l. 

■t LaboK, Dec. 3. 
Madras.— Lient. W. H. Crompton, Tth N.I. at Hoosiog^ 

**<*. Dec. a. 
BoxBAv.—IJeat. C. E. Allam, Art. at Peshaivur, Nov, «. 

—Lieut. F. A. BUlamore, 24th N.I. at Hydrabad. Dec. 7. 

— Atat. atuv. W. R. Dimock, 2Sth N.L at ViDgotlab, 

Dec. ao. 

I^Meti boa Pesbawiu. dated Dec IS, iabtm tu that CoL 
Lawnoe*, with the force under Brigadier BraiUbaw, lift Pesb- 
aarar, Deo. S, to panitb the inLsbi^nta of tome village*, wha 
■ataaJj nfoaed to pay mtoiumi but ^UDdated aad aoDojad 
tkaii Biore pea cea hla odgbbouia. After cioauag the Cabul 
im at Nowabeara with some difficulty, there being do Tord, 
andtatfew bouts, tbie fame reachad, on tbe IOcfa,I£atlDi^, a vit 
laps at wfcidi Capt. Lamatea, with hi* guida corps, bM bran 
jTsirpcd, protecting ibe country fei the last monlb. On iJm 
Morning of the I Itb the force advanced to perlorm the succeM- 
fal- littk albir at Suggoo. Ttie enemy was, of eourw, das. 
§inH»i bat bii posUian, with the natural difficulties to be 
•retume befoit it was poasible to engage, were ebobl furmidobla. 
Hie village of Siwgoo is lituated in a nook farmed by the 
"""ftfeaj wl 


i wUchbi 

a tba vaUey ef Junooer a 

aogie ori2 or 30 degrees ; acroie thiB work was eoiiBtructfd a 
atone wall, behind wbic^, and on the spur, tbe rebels took 
vp Uuai potilioa, abowiBg numaroas flans, ltd. &(. Ob tbe 
jafca approadui« to within 1,2W yaida, two guns opwad 
fira oa tbe mea cm the spur, while tbe 60th riSei, and some 
companias of tbe 3rd Boaibay N.I. moved to the front, 
tml aaoaadii^ it at two points witli great difficulty, eke 
■aafmy tbrawiag down stoaes, firing tlieic matchlocks, Etc., 
ta annoy tbeio. Coke's and Lumsden's infantrr went to the 
left up the main range, to obtain possession of Ibe only retreat 
>l|ptappe«fed practit^le. The main body, with tbe remaiaing 
ibu guQS of Fordyce's troop of II. A., moved to attack tbe 
^iOage in front, and after the artillery had Bred a few rounds of 
o^Mlal ihetti over the advancing inhntry, the eUt Queen's en- 
Wed, overcoming of course all resistance. Tlie ieb4-ls, about 
&000 men, bad more than 100 killed and many wounded, lost all 
Bra' flags, and escaped only by climbing tie most precipitous 
Wtk». Their village was aarked and subsequently burned. Our 

.toaa is C>pt. Biagbam, 60tta liSes, severely wouodtd- Lums- 
te'a corps, 1 killed, T nounded— 60ih riBus, 3 wuunded— 61st, 

|< wounded— 3td N.I., 3 wounded. Tbe whole affiiir was | 

Duriiv th« nigbt of the I3[b the enemy annoyed tiie pjckats 
Bod ea^ a good deal, 1^ firing, and iiyi^g t 
to Btladi. One large body c 

managed excellently by Btigailier Bradihaw, and tli 
deserve all sorts of credit fur overcaming such natural ili 
Tbe 60th and Lumsden's men crawled up places whicti seemed 
quite irapraclical.le. Capt. Lumsden conJucted tile advance, 
and sbowed himaelfthe line fellow be really is. Men may 
WEite nonaanse about >oung Clives "doing" biatery, and inci- 
pient haioea boldir^ uidereimible places bj the streiigib of tlieir 
own right sriiia, but it is not too much to say that Liimsden 
knowi every village, and is respected and liked by every villagarf 
in the Gtuol^ye cauntry, of which be baa cbarga." — MofmUU^ 

From Brigadier Bradsbaw'i Fotce, Dec 15.—" Col. Law- 
rence destroyed aurgoo and rested. On tba ]3tb the bead nM 
of that vQlage cama. begged paidoa, and promiaed to ' never do 
so aaf Btuie.' Uis repentance and revenue for tbe past year 
were accepted. Tbe next morning the force under Brigadier 
Bradshaw marched to wiriiiD two miles of tboee oUicr reriactwy 
lAUa^B. wboaa Mih a hk anis bad raceived giaai asaisuoe* from 
the Zwattaea, and allogelher amounted to near 10.000 n 

pinck up a 

■MJUH w uie (iudecenlj Faringfaeea are all asleep i now 

let's profa we are are Ohaieea.' Anotber sung obacens sorgi^ 
to tbe amaseoient of those of oar aentriea win uudarstood 
tbaob Uany bulleta came amougi tbe tenta, but no dsmsge waa 
done. Tbs sun of tbe li(b rose, and the force advaiued to 
puniah the insolent rebels; and liglit well waa it perioroud. 
Tha rillagea of Polleewai, Zerumudee, and Theerkhanee, were 
situated on the nuruw plain on the N.W. comer of tbe Luoch- 
ore valley, where the lulls which Ibrm tbe north sad west boun- 
daries of that valley terminate abruptly, thw forming Iba Paaa 
laadiag inta Zwat : the gcouud in faont ol the villagai 
is intersecttd b^ watercourses and ratrinea. while oo the left 
ia an isolated lull soma 1,300 feet high. The enemy taok 
advantage of the naiursl strength of tba position, and bad 
tDttUed the village of Zommudee (tbe eantre one of tlie three) 
and tha graveyanls and tupcs of trees auirounding it. Tha 
artillery witli some dilfic«t[y arrived witbtn sJiot of the rebela. 
TwoguDi moved to the right with some of tha 6 1st foot, aod 
Coke's aad Lumsdaa's meu, to attack theenamy on the Isolatad 
bill and noithetn range-, ihebOch ilBes, and 3id liouibHy N.L to 
tlie left, driving tbe enemy out of tbe hills, tbe artillery of course, 
covering all these movements. The 60lh lifles, 6Ist foot, Coke^ 
and Lumsden's men, drsva tba eoeny, though In great numbeoi 
easily before them. The 3rd N.L were not so successful. The 
advance was steady and reguhr. Tbe praetice of tbe artillery 
very good and pretty. Tbe whole businesa was over by 
10 o'clock. The rebrls had immenae numbers killed, and loct 
flags, swords, matchlocks. 8ic. without end. We liaue killed 
two privates COtb, one sO'var of Quin's Horse; wounded ten 
of tbe OOtb, and Bve of Lumsden's corps. At about 2 o'clock, tbe 
three villages having been razed, the force retired to tbe level 
ground, and on being drawn up the brigadier thanked his army^ 
and seemed pleaded with iheir aehievemenrs. The men cheered 
and vowed they were ready to follow such a commandor any- 
where, especially through the Kliyber Pas."— /biJ. , Dec. S5. 

8 E N Q A L. 


The scene oF this interesting ceremony was Lid in (he stale 
tent of the Governor. General of India on tbe night of the Sth 
December. Tbe state tent was lighted up most brilllauily, and 
thronged " wltli all the beauty and fashion of Lahore." Iliere 
could not have been less than three hundred persons present 
Tbe decorations were composed diiedy of the colours of the 
various raiments quartered at this capital ; tbe whole effect 

At about hulf-pa.<t nine, tbe CommaRder-in-Chief, aiteoded 
by all his stuff, mads his appearance, and sliortiy alier Maliarqah 
Dliuleep Singh, and the Irading members of the Sikh nol>ilily en- 
tered the lenr, suit took the pi dces assigned to tbvm, liis lligh- 
ness being conducted to a siute chair on the right of the throne 
by tbe Cam mander-m- Chief. It uas nearly ten when the na- 
tional anthem unnuunced Ibe approach of the Gorerntir- General, 
who. preceded by his ttutl, advanced through an avenue uf foot 
soldiers, extending from the outer entraoce to tbe presence 
chamber, and took his seat upon the ibione. 

When the company had resumed their seals, bis Lordship 
rose, and spoke as fultovvs: " I liave been commsiidi-d by her 
Majesty the Quern, to invest Major- General Sir WuUvr lUlelgb 
Gilbert, Major General Sir Joseph 'Thackwell. Mxjur- General 
WiUtam Whisb, Colonel the Hon. Henry Dundas, Colonel Colin 

iiiiifeN<^ telri6lAl^*AtL. 

Cunpbelt, Colonel Joiin CEieape, and Mr. Henry Mien lAiiot 
with the insignia of the respectire nnki which the has been 
pleaMii to confer upon them in the moit bonourshie Order of 
Ibe Bath. Tlie exigeocieBoflhe public lerviee, and Ihe distance 
Bt which some are detained bj Ibeir duties, have combined with 
other cQuses to prevent the attendance on tliis occaaion of many 
of the oSiceri whom 1 bare named. But it ivitl be tnf dut; 
tbis evening, and I desire to add that it ii a duty which I per- 
lonD with the alrongest feeling of personal satisfaction, to inveat 
with the honours they have so fully won, Major-General Sir 
Walter Gilbert and Mr. Henry Elliot— fitting repreaent^ 
tives of thoae qualities and dnerls for whicb the hpnoon 
of the Batb are conferred— the qualities, I mean, of gal- 
lantly and glory in war, — of fidelity and ability in eounclL 
Tor tiiis purpose I have requeated your presence tliis evening ; 
•nd after having recited to you the nulhoril^ under whicb I 
Lave tiie honour to acti I shall Iproceed to tbe inveatiture of my 
pliant and hoiiourBbls (tienda, in atrlct accordance with the 
nmple rormi;enjoinedbj.t]iia statHtes of the Order, and witbont 
tWe rariationi which have hitherto b«ep admitted, but which, 
in my humble judgment, have been an innoulion without being 
■^ unprOTement.'' 
' I^ii Lordship dien rrad tbe royal waninla, sqd comaianiJed 
fcr Cbarlea Napier and Sic Dudley Hill to mtroduce Sir Waller 
GSbcft and Mr. Henry £)1iot. The csiididatei were Intro- 
duced accordingly, preceded by the senior ^mpanions of tbe 
prder. Colonel A^ountain and Major Macgregbc bearing upon 
velvet cushions the insignia; and the GoveiTior-GeDeiiti then 

inrcstFd .fill Walter Gilbert tr'th those of a Knig'tt Grand 
tfroaa, and Mr. Henry Elpot with those of a CiiM Knight 
Comnander of Ihe Bath, "in the -' ■- " — ^- 

Croaa, and Mr. Henry ElUot nith those of a Cii' 

' ■ " e «f bet miueity th( 

' ' : deep-nounted 
id ihnr rnartid 

a I*, ibeiupper 

Sr-roonv tiiete 
_ of • plairt in 
re r«questedi of 
' his respects Ip 

id the ceremony 

with her presence ; and slipfiing ffom t*e throne on which be 
liad beeti Eeated, the Kttte TtOj adranct4 towardk her JadyiUip, 
and, holdlttg out MW hand, 'ofl'ered h)a ctnrqillmenii with simple 
but'dfgnlBed.dMnranotori— 3fqfl«iaE«i£)irc, 14. '■ 


tlonil taxel oc by retrem^inent In ouriiUBtbk opinion. 
^q«alizWio!i.Df.tfae.inOQn;an<^tb^e;TP«n>Iilui)eof ibeitate |s to 
ue so^ht, in the , lirst instance, by the reduction of e^woaea, 
nibei thaD %7 any attempt to increase the revenues ' For nj 
'JUigfUeDlation of the public inconie we must look to tbe.gradiial 
"jmprovenrt^t of fbe couatjy. The reduiclion of Solode aJlow- 
soces in tbe Fuiyib will eventually produce a saving of about 
tvreniy lakha of rupees a ^ear. Should it fall short of th'ia aum. 

Bill, for JitU general remion of the eatalliah- 

ments of the Ind<<u>, CpverniDent which will eventually exljn. 

Sifhitba annuiil fieticieticy, we must be content to wait until 
> adininistration of tf&t is brought under the examination of 
a Pari! amen rary. Commitlee at the termination of Ibe present 
Charter. In ihe remarks we now offer on flnaacial retrench- 
n^tli tlffrtfpr^ iFB^desiie tp beundentbodaspointingto those 
which are \Jkeij to be adopted when new arrangements, are nifda 
at the close of 1863 ffr the administration ^f India. 

We itHied last week that a sum not far short of forty lakhs o( 
rupees a-year mi^ht be saved, by lueiDg a loan it a more mode- 
rate inteteat, paying off the prtseat ProprletDra of India Sto^, 
nod transferring the election of.ilirectors— if a body of proprie- 
tors be still deemed necessary for the govenimenl of India — to 
tbe holders of tbe,new)tocic, or tdoptine some other device for 
their appointment.' We (eel eonfldeut that Farllament will not 
consent to the cotttittuance of the present iniquitous lax on the 
xavenuea of India when it may beat oiice terminated. by borniv- 
ing ei^ht millions and a half aterlbg ai three per cent and dis- 
charging tbe old debt. The precise mode of closing up this 
draiu on our revenues must be left to the wisdom ef Par^ 
'ment, who w'U doubtless effect it in that mode whicb will occa- 
sion least intetroption to public biuLnesa ; hut it Is the tint and 
most momentons question comiecied witli our Indian Goveni- 
ment. It is bj no means improbable that, when Ibe present pio- 
prietors of East-India Stock ptrceire that racb a measure la in. 

eritable, they will consent 10 take Ibe new stock themaelia, at 

a lower rate of inlerest, on condition of being allowed to retain 
their present connection with East-India patronage. 

When tbe word "retrenchment' is pronounced, every on£ 
hastens to point out the large allowances of the civil serrtce, u 
tbe moat legiiimate field for reduction. The question cannot he 
evaded, and it ia, therefore, wise to diteuas it in all its bearingl 
in the country in which it ia moat fUll^ understood, durine tbe 
two years that remain, before it passes into tJie handa of a MrllO- 
mentary Committee. The number of ciriliana at tbe three pr«> 
stdenciea, according to tbe most accurate return we can obtain, U 
■bout eOO i namely, $79 on the Bengal, 199 on the Madras, and 
1 16 on the Bombay establishment. We assume the whole eon 
of this department at ISO^akha. , "We have always advocated. 
the bestowal of large salarlel oi| thoae Who ore placed in dCw- 
(ions of large reaponathllity, whether native or European, fbtdtir 
very obvious recson of enabling them tomtJntain the dignity oul: 
Independence of their official position! The question ofredndrw 
Iheu, tbetefore, Ss one which will require much consideratIt)£ 
And which will tlwkyt be attended witli'some risk. Still, wIlM' 
we consider tbe loud demand for reUenchment In the ptlUle- 
offlces at home which is now Ua4e on JParliament, and ^tlfS^ 
will become Inach louder ill tbe n^^'""'''^!. '"<l ^' '■'1' Hr 
ductlona wbicb tbe Ministry will be constrained to make in At 
number and solarlea of public ofHceli, it appear* highly prbblibte 
that, In tbe diicossions ifgarding the adi^inistration of Ir'"- 
wbich wllicOmeon while these retrenchments at ' 
England, tlie public voice wilT demand', and G 
be obliged tOeoncede, the application ofthi sami. ,_.,._ 

nodintd degree, to the etiil estafilUbraenn of India, the fti^ 
Of wtlch wilt probably be a reduction To fhe extent of at le«^ 
tenner cent, in these allowaneea. . ; 

We have few sinecureain I|id)«, luidlittle'roomrat aiedu^W 

igniy proDBDW 
ition of Ii)£» 


of officeJa, when iwai pared" with the magnitude of the G6t^ 
liTent, as that of India ; and Itis Ughlypfobtble that at '*^' ' 
rion of [he Charter, the necessltv of increasing, rather tl 
nlabtng. the strength of lire pnblrc estflbllstmente, will be fo^M^ 
on tbe attention of, FarlianienL The only positive siileeWC 
among ua ia the. post 9T quarter- master-gen era! of Que^^d^ 
'trbops. The oOlfe fi kept up solely for tlie patronage it aSjtOe 
the Horse Guards, and the at>oIitlon of'it w'ould save !,5lXU,> 
year without in thp stnallest d^ee impairing tbe elBcienctf Bf 
onr rniHtery establish me nta- Keilber can [here be an;; suLsfiw- 
tMt reason fat bestowing on the Commander-in-Chief ^CpfB 
Army in India so extraordinary an allowance as Ri. 1S,()0S« 
month, or 19,0001 sterling a year. Uereceives lO.OOOT. ann^Af 
as a Member Of Council, in wliichhe never takes his seat, tuln 
tan be little doubt, therefore, that at tbe expiration of the^^Cm- 
ter, Whtti it beeoBieS neceswry to effect such aubatanlUt^n- 
trenchmenta as Shall prevent tbe annual accumulation (rfl rott- 
oiis deb^ the redundant eraolumehtsol this office will be bRi|l0M 
under discuision, and its prospective value regulated npda « 
scale vrblch shall effect a lavbg of 9,000^: | yeu to the Staul [ 

A stiff hrthet t^bction of our tturdene may be made la ria^ 
fence to (hat mpst eneriwve hobhr of the India Hous«, Oa 
Indian Navy. According to the S&nbay Timet, the coti^ at 
this wbiatle falls little short of400,000t tyear, or forty lakha^ 
ropets. This eteam navy ia almost exeluaively employed in tpQ 
conYeyatice of mail jwekets between Bombay arid Sues; jet, if* 
utterly inefliclent is it even for this service, that, with eleven 
costly steamers atta^bed to tlie port «f Bsmbay, Uie malli bar* 
been once, if not twiee, cohveyad, during the present yew, in 
tailing vessels, and on tbe last occasion but one, the steainn 
Bi^ually m^de 1,100 miles in seventeen days! The GBVemmeiit 
of India can at any time indent on tbe Royal Kavy for whatever 
waf eteamera, or Other vessels^ may be neeeaeary to maiiitnitt 
British sovereignty in tb^ Indian seas, l^is expensive and 
comparatively valuvleas flotilla must be rednced to tbe liwt oT 
the public wants, and the Indian Navy muat furnish its conMi- 
bution of twenty lakhs of rupees a year t» the exigencies of am 
exchequer. In tact, all our mariite estaUiabmenta are suscqift- 
hie of reduction. . '^ 

We advocata the expeijmeat of retrsaeboseot before BB]rfta«h 
attempts are made at tanlion, bat m tbtqueataon ef aaaaitMig 
revision and a gena^t reduction «f out -eatablishmenta ia not 
Ukely to be <^>eined before the-diacMeieaa oeme an InParliaBMlit 
two years hence, wa cann»t bat think that ths.amall retcani^ 
mtnit which are said tahajrelweonedtt or to b* ia eontenwia- 
tion, in the allowances of the hamblest DMrnbers of tka ^piwc 
service, ought to ha auspmded. Tbayare ealeulated only 10 
bring odium on Government witliout aay Smnoial muit Tbeir 
effect on the exchequer beam no proportion to the iodividaal 
misery they inflict. We must save by the thonsand, not by Iba 


alijEn;& ffloiAW- m>1|[)l. 


luandred, if we would snppls ellecCuillf with the anniuil defl- 
cir. We roust begin t the rigbl end. The flru field of reduc. 
tion i* the dividends. The principle niaj then be carrlrd down- 
trvds tlirongh the vtriou* nnks of the puljlic service, nhereTer 
there tppem «iif room fiir its ipplintion, and extended to Iha 
estaWishmenis nhich etn Iheir existence rather to the predilee- 
tione oftbosa nho control the Tunds than to the exigenctei of Ilie 
public service, and we ihall probabi]' And that an enlightened and 
unpaitial economy viU elFect luco reductions in the higher de- 
partments or our Indian service, as topeimit the Government to 
exhibit a reeling of lilienJilr toward* ill lubonllnate bnnchet, 
and to incieaie thoss allowancea which ara now coDfeaaedlf so 
imdeqnte.—FHtiidef India. 

V. The Friend rails tbe iotereU paid to these proprietors on I'lu- 
railiiiis lor upott the revenues of India. The iniiiuit]' is not in 
Die tax, but in the can^uest ; If the oanqueit be juttiSable, the 
iwe mad* of U must ba lawful. That question, however, i* to« 
%ide for considaration at present, and we must be contented lo 
fal(« the political relatioQi'of the country as we find iliem, for 
.'nAatfter wtoug may have heeo done to uie inhabitants br the 
ipo^peit, it.atrords na justiBcatloo to one bod; of tie invadajs 
^ bM)<in$ Etitb (vitli anotbet. Pkrliamant gave the whole 
lEbwroftbeE'iBtGni World to the CdoipanT, and sanctionad its 
JiftweedTn^ for a term of yetri more than double ibsl which has 
IMiildeeaied sufficient to confer a prescriptive right, even sgainal 

t those wbo had adraDced the cspital,.eipeciall]' ai it cancft- 
eA Itself heir toan ain|i]re M:quired bl tbe monopolisls, the sale 
i \er} fmall por^w of which would have repaid their capital. 
IM« arcoRtFnfljrMfceted (hat the holders of ludja Stock should 
ngginaclfar diTHnMI l«n W»^ » half pet ceoL until, the 
WRkenOtAvWAprfl, Iwiiatidtliisls not 9Uileso unreasopabla 
WM^a«iit^lVi<Upp(W«d, became part oT the stock of the Giut- 
TMlfc 0>ltfWT via sqWrlled at SOG, and a part at 16D, and 
Xn)paceat.^*nd part" Waaiai*^. for the eipresi purpoMof be- 
iM^^t to the Crown, and the Pti>prietlor* were compalled tp 
MjKiflie the required auot. The cspital Ubck on wliich this 
. TJJIJ CT cent. Interest » gi^aranteed ii mtt 8). but sU milliaiu 
4n&f, the rei&ainder^being tbe bond d^<i iiliicfa we conclude 
.TMtWpaidoff at alt; time whic)i niajtecon]nith(k«condiluuu 
«f (boak bmdi. Tha ail million* of Stsck, however, aftar the 
d^nbrattc gnarantec df the last Charter Act, cannot be touched 
Mj^^rbefora tVe atijAilated period, without as grou a hrtaCh 
~« ^ttt aa If it were cancelled. 17>e |uaraotee fuatf of two mil- 
jUf^'beaiug compound interest at (he rate of 31 per cent, is 
^'^nied tp provide for the nltimate redemptipn of the whiiJe 
]Jfnc; tai the securllf o( iKeae stockholders aeens to have been 
"tttm e«ntfaltT leelslsted for t)i«n anything else. Notwithstand- 
"nt ^cfi, (be'.7VisNif cootl; i^ropotes (o u; tliese people bv 
~|ItM then three, instead tM tw and ahsJTper cent for ih^r 
JImmA ! Aa « eompieuMtion, liidecd, he U inclined to kt them 
11 their connection with EasMnttlan patronage.' 

■egentrasity of the I' ' - 

mit td ttte ttaveO^rt pone, 
~m win paj ftw U* npper. 

' Ojtr cmiMnpoarr #oul4 ffierrfbre take rk«m the India Stoek 
.^Men their property, bee&aae It >a convenient to make a saviag 
Jtfc fl revenite, and at the aame tibie would perpetuate * privi* 
flege whieh can be hoMMly abolished at an* moment, and whicb 
'.eauAM be ctMitliiaed for aaf good purpose. —EtjiStlinian, 

;;■ m^scellaneods.' 

Ifni Mitt (exprels fhim BlmUay), with letters (htm Lon-' 
; am to Not. 7, raadi«d Calcutta Dec. r?, 

- Tbe L&hokb SrAti Jewai.i, not, df course, the Xbh i.aobr, 
ge colnh^ <trt»a (o Calcutta for sale, arid Messrs. Littey, 
ftodiers, aad Co. hare been honoured with tbe rommands (rf 
. OOTBTniwofeo (tisppte of them by auCIion.— /TufAon.. Dec. 34, 
_^™n Co«*oi.— The Bqfutiait repoHs, thst the Assay 
'UMerof the Agni Mint has been ordered up lo Lahore with 
" fc** iWtaH MiiMent. TTils ia satd to be preliminary to a general 
~ HpAnemant !n th^ mkh eolna^, wblch baa been greatly depre- 
ciated. Thia measure ahma ii a s^ of an improvement, which 
i-mnt^Sikk an aan^w ib fd. Tbtt« M-pcnnp* no bne stAject 
■-■wfch wbM hmHw ar« not* oMnrtant than the value of a 
' aalBage, and lb* pnMi ef cMlMUige, ai*d any I mp tiw wu ent 
' fa that reject it Mr«l« afl forth ffadr'mbQonded admiration. 
' G«TiaMHnn Wh^' it i« Matsd, Nnettbaed an ootloy of 
- ■>»■ SSfiOa for tfce Po ai l H HJtiOn of a »eWMdg<: ofboaMatmsa 

IniAt Joans Maenmtix, Saq., i« appointed abcrilT, and 
Itnmaa Bnwe S(ril*oe, E«q., tM depnty-iberiff. Tot Ae 
year IMO. 

Loan GODSK and aiiitc are expected to reach Calcutta about 
Dee:. 89. 

Col. G. Sr. F. I^waaxci.— We bear that Col. G. St. P. 
Lawrence is to escort the Nepal chiefli to England, aiid to 
have charge of them on a salary of IflOOI. per annum-— ji>(A< 

Sourn-EjktTESK AnciiieiLioo. — The Saijapor* Frtl Prat, 
In an article upon the extension of Brilish Influence in the 
Sonth-EaBtem Archipelago, mentions that the Americans Imve 
Utely accredited an envoy in tliat direction, whose head-quarter* 
will be Singapw^., 

MiLiiUBi Orvhah Sociatr.— The authorities have refused 
permission to the Ite*. ThomDt Wood to retain Ms chaplaincy 
ui Connection with tbe office of secretary to the Milltsry Oiphao 
Societj. He has, therebre, resigned the UttR appointment, 
and the minagera, after expressing tlieir regret at the lost of 
Mr. Wood^ servtcee. bav« selected the Rev. J. T. D. Khld, 
re«tor of St. Piu!'« School, to All tbe situation. 

TiTLoa b: L«)id'.— This caM KM been deeiiled, and the 
defendant condemned to f»f Ra. 500 dannlgef. ' Tbe action, aa 
our Mulders may reiVrember, ardse out of an article in the ilfo- 
fiMthle, in tfliich MV: Taylor WM itfltO * cheat, for havftig W(» 
at. cards the sum of Rs. 70,000 fh^ a voang rmm of twenty^ 
"one. "The plei* ttfjuBfifiMtiotl eet t(p Uy (te dWcBflanrwere over- 
ruled, bat the jotigc evidenify conrtdered lljetn Of some t^m, 
■s tbe dgmaget, Rs. 300,Bye little more thati ntMninal. Unfbr- 
tonately for Mr. Lang.'fhelti^ of the action itiBieta on hhn thfc 
penalty of costs, on both stde^ which w!TI heat iMit treble the 
of diimagn. ■ - 

ToHS 'Blc^Wi 

Conh,' on Siitnrday, Dec. B- 
Tr Bisnuror Cjicutta watto leave Ghaxeepoirc for Dhq. 
^re and Patna on the 7lh pee. 

Brabx MiHjLHii SisDH.-^T"* it<ifiutBie 

that that 
I reported 
r drowned 

reoiarkalrlepersanags, Bhaee Mahlil^] Singh, Who 

t(y-hMte'|penBh0d intheCMly t>*Tt Of last year, ynt t 

at atl. The Government, has placed a reWitd Of 

rupee* tifdn hh biad, dead W alr^, andit woold si 

still regird bim M an bbftct Of dread. We terymudf dwAt 

Whefhef they wni'iticWed ftictpt^rinf the tedonhted Gooroo, 

■she ha* 'the TanativUin'of I Whole population fc^ hi* defence. ' 

FahV '^cciDEHi vo'lisuT. ScotT, S6ia V.i.—Tbe Apra 
Meutnger wporls a melancholy accident which occurred to an 
tfficer. liieiit. Scott, of. the 59th ft. \. He was out shooting 
and had brought down aaeelguji The animal, hovrever, at- 
tempted to rise, and Lietit. Scottjitrack at it with the butt oTIiia 
double-barrelled |()w,l(«. pi^- fHf^ 'hftol being loaded, the 
biciw forced down the lock, (he gun went olT, and the unfortu- 
nate' o^ccr 'dropped 'dead' on 'the spot. ' Llea^. Scott waiter 
cently married, and his yoixhg wift' «b* In camp With him at (he- 
time Ofibe acclitent. 

' mt)iti.i,AH.— A left^'Mrii'UalUmifa'inemittn^, tlwt II'Mn 
STngb, br Jullundet- noloHetj', the man wtio gave Brijadiec 
Wheeler so much Iroulile, passed through the Station a daj 
or two ago in irond.'under an escort consisting of a company 
bfIbe7thN^r.,inprogresitOtheprorioces,— U*!/if GDi.,Dre8i 

MiLiTA«v, — Intelligenee reeelved ftom Atnndurgah statea 
that tfje Ifilh grenadiers had arrived there, after'some very wet 
and unpleasant msrches, Ort the lltb Dee. The thorps wa^ to - 
halt on the laihowittgtotheAove cause, buf was eXpectM^^td 
beat Berhampore by the SOth, DlnagepOTe on (he S8(h,Blkd' 
llUl^h in a few dit^ aft^r, en route to IHrieeltng. 
■ The 14th If. J. nrtflercommand trf C6I. Vake ' Ifft Dethlm^ 
pore on the l*th Dec. In jirogresi to Titalyah. The 42nd L.t 
(from Delhi to Bkrrackpore hi progrets Of the g,eheral relieO 
waiatCawnporeontheath De*:' ■ ., 

N. 6; pKoiTitrii. — The'BiigK'h^an hMtil' a report firom the 
■notth-eastern frontier, that a hirge body of Koolile*, from the 
upper rnnge^of the Kbttky Mills, icame down Into the Tipnerah 
tourttrj about the itiirtdle 6f last month; and cut up more than 
thirlV'Sve of the TiTlagen. plundering theneighftounngcoimtty; 
another party, thttty miles lo the eastward, attacked some 
CacharrrvillBges, murdered twelve men, women, and cbit^n, 
and pIoni*eri;d the tnisiges. 

Tnv LitDT.-OoTiiHoa N.V. FroTinres Irtt Allahabad for 
Bemt«s on tbe lAth nlilmti. 

Tut BAHQire Can&pas, of CiverpboT, and hound to tlist jwrt, 
was burnt at tbe San^eadi tin The llth Dec. ' Tlie Hrt Was 
caused by an accrdent ; the captBin. while attempting to exhibit 
a sl^d Tight, having dropped ignited turpentine down the rom- 
pBfiiOD-hatch (ipbn soniejnte. Tbe creW took to the boats, one 
of which, with (be plhit, the second mate, and ehven of the men, 
was picked up, but the other, in which were the commander, 
C*pt. Rowelt, and tbe'lieet'or the sitlp'f compuiy, ha* nut since 
I been h*ard of. 




registrr of merctianC 

Dn. Eulih. — 'Tbe Cominaiuler-in-Cliief has remttlad the n- 
SMinder af th« MDteace d[ tbe eo'irt mvtial an Dr. £dlM, «b* 
yn» kuapended from rank, piiy, and emolumenis for six nKmlln, 
forcdisg Capt. FugBn a " client uid ■ liar." The aelKenoe had 
■baul [«ro moDtlis and a half Co run ; ttie reni««on appean M 
be owing la a letnr of Cnpt. FaKan'g, wliieh Dr. Edlin wa 
UD^ke to prodiue ■■ s«idenea on bis tri^ but wUeb Uaa linM 
been received from EngUod and forwarded to tlia Commaodeh 

Turn FuuD «■ THB OnmnAi. Bxhk.— The poat-oSee ds- 
Uverr peon, who was brougbt up before Mr. Wyiie last week, 
upon a charge of having ouered on Che Oriental Bank a poaC- 
office bill for Kb. 50, which hod oriBiiially been drawn tip (a« it 
ought to have been] fbr only Rb, 5, baa been comniined <o Uie 
Be«aion« for irial. 9fnce ttiia eauie caoke before Ae naglsMMB, 
tlM bank oficera have d)iic»*eied, that witJitii iha laK iiO weeka 
the baak baa been subjected to similar ovarduuvtM on paat-offie*- 
bint, ta the extern of no leca than Ra. 1,400! The bank «(. 
facra are now engaged in aeeing wfaatbar tbete additiBnil ovav' 
cfca«Bw nay nM likewise be tmoeri to t4e peon alrvady aom- 
Wtted, and if tbey or any part of them ean- be eo traoedt th*r 
will be included in (be indictment uponwhidi the man is le ba 
triad neiL oaMUial.SuTkrm, Dtc. £5. 

Hji»a EowiHiBaa. vnt to ]ea*e Labore on tbe Snl Dee. Uav 
Uajeaty having ex|ffeBsed a wi^ to aee a snit of Siknea tdaUnty 
a quantil; of the wedding garments tvliicb were prepared for tbe 
intended bride of Muleep Sint ere to be aeot hoaa for her 
Uqeaiy'a inspection. Tbe Kob-i-noor might be aaen by tin 
ciiria*» three timeaa wetk.fHMn8 to lOa'dock a.h. Cbuiter 
Sing and tbe other sirdars were alae visible. 
. A Gekihu. CwkB-UAMTiAt. will asatmble at Benaiea a* 
■oon as practicBtile, for ifae irial of Capt. Uaacll. 48ib N.L. on 
charges of liiigioaa aad insubordiaata c«ndact, prelaived agailut 
Uin from head-quarters. 

ewauon.— Alatterrsoeived fraBi Pooraah, dated Dae, J 5, 
iafems uB tbat " Uk match of the 3pd r^raent G^slior coii> 
tiogent has been delayed. Tbey were to have eacorted tbe 
Baee towards Boorhanpore, which has beenfixtHlanaa her future 
destination, but the queen'dowajter refuses to remore, and the 
aaiistanl-reKident is in a fix. Mr. Busbby is tburcly expected, 
when he will decide the lady's bite. The contingent troop ace 
also belli in reedineas ta go after a rebel lumeendar, who it 

Oie Luahkur autlioricies." The foiluwing letter, dated 19th in- 
elant, is fiom another correspondent at Gwalior; — "Great ex- 
citement here juiCnow — nothing but troops flying here and there. 
To-niorroiv moruing a detachment, constating of a wing of Capt. 
Black's corps, the 2nd infantry, Capt. Hawkin's artillery, and 
the let cavalry under Lieut. Adlam, move into the diistrict in 
pursuit of a TakiKit named Bliorali Sing. wboJtas been pluader- 
ing and huming viliagee with impunitysince last June, when tbe 
force under Lieut.-Col. Graves failed in catcbint; him. CapL 
Sale, of [be Snd infantry, goes in command of the wliole — 
barring ihi<, we have notliing strange in Scindia." — Agra Men. 
aau/tr, l)tc.2Z. 

ErrATE OP Messrs. Cockehsli. ahd Co.— Mesirs. Maoken. 
tie, Lyall, aad Co., under instructions from the BMigneeH of 
the lute firm of Cockerel] and Co., put up for sale, on Satur- 
day, Dec. 15, the bllowiHg indigo becories belonging to the 
eetale of the insolhnlB ; — " One-half sbaie of the tbrae neveral 
factories, called Bhojepere. Bantab. and Luekrong, aitwata in 
tbe district of Sbatibad and province oi Bebaiv The saltpetre 
works called Sugrampore, and a meiatj of the indiifo faetorr 
called Bereira, in Sugrampore, in the dlitrict of Chumpanin, 
Jn the province of Bcnaree. Tbe Coleabdali indigo iBecaDy, in 
Burdwan. The six indigo fsetories called Culcbooa, Mobe- 
mulpore. ButlooSi Jamooa, Bohoraoipore, snd Kutka, situate 
in tbe zllluh of Mirsapore and ptovince of Benana, and ooin> 
monly called the Cutchooa Indigo concent ; and the seven iadigw 
factories cilleil Maooli, Rejpore, Baijee, Puhitee, Pariiaree, 
ChonkcB, anil Chonpore, siliiaie in Mirxapore, and commoBlr 
called tbe Maooli concern. " Not a hid was offered fur any one 
of the fie live lots, though (he auctioneer asked for an oBar of 
even Its. 100 for each. Mesiri, Mackansue, Lyall, and Co. 
also put up fai sale ttie Hsdgipors Saltpetre eoncem, ia 1^ 
hoot. — Mr. Bell, the solicitor, prefers en advene chiim to this 
concern for a firm, in Patna. and read a protest, which, bowaveri 
nobody could bear. Mr. J. S. Judge said, m reply, tbat the 
very claim which Mr. Bell appeared to uphold bad been pre- 
ferred in tlie Patna Court, and been kicked out of it. The tot 
was knocked do\vn to Baboo Gouripenaud Mookerjea, for 
Co.'s lis. 5,000, 

Thi PmoAa.— The OoMrm^fQitmani left Lahore on 4|m- 
nteming of 3atarday, Dec. 8^ Col. Benwi aecoinpaDied bta 
lordship as far ua Koonj, and was to return to Lahore tlie dvA 
■soriuag, and finally to leave with his oSie* for rhiirmnlrtnrwr 
on the 1 1'th. iKHn wlileh iriaoe ttw eolsoel proceeds by water tO- 
the preaideney. Lelt«r»fcam Lahore oteMion that Narain Siofc 
and absiM lw«iitf-&iFe otbo plisaaeta, wtlia ta leave on the lOtk- 
Dec for Fe>oiep«tfe, guwAed bx tbfM oonpanies of the I7lb- 
N.I. and a troop at Skiaaer'B imgvlan, Uie whole under tlM- 
ooDKBand of Capt. P. Slwrtretid. There isa reportcuireDt t»- 
the a0Brt 1^1 tbe etatiw of PhtUuuf i* inerewed liy a n^ 
tive ragiiBentt oae cvaipany »f artiUary,. aod one cotnpan; oC 
eappers and mlnera ; hut it may have DngiBated from Sir Cbarias 
Napier having made a verf ndnate inspection of the magazioe 
anU (an whila oa hi* way to LdwMBr and tbe alation banB; 
sitodLhis fiac a* tlte kef-ctani, or aotiWMe to the Panjatk. 
being «B dMdiraetnwdbam.l^oadiaaahMroaathe Sutledgsta- 
Lafeare. A robbery Xtt some exteot bM been perpetrated afe 
Lahare; tba Uahai^ahDhuleepSuwieUieeuffenr, tbepriiXMi** 
waidroba bavwg bean plui>d«ra4 Tha tbeitbasbesD traced te- 
aaanin tfaafc«t.artil&«r. 'na KoM-Hooc is no longer e»- 
bibited. Latter* kon Lahoae vaatioa Aat (be bead qitaetef* 
cant^waacipaated to loaM about tha l?th or IStb Dec TIm 
inveuigaiiwi. wbiob it Uaa* wade inl* Ike Utaft at tbe TobIm tbe palaaa, liaei it ia aaid,.M*ulUd ■■ tbe dieein'e^ 
tiMfour or live E^oBOpeaa anillaifaaen. an imylioatad, aftd aw 
nqv in condnnnani^ The Cowni*iHltT-iii»Chief ia siill at tttr 
bore, aad w« understand be wiU remain there imtil after A* 
deputvra of Dbulaep Singb Mid tb* ptuunpal state priaa ne a^ 
The city w*lls are (bea to be leveltedi awl a Dew cameameat 
fotHied UatwesD Mean Meer aad ShaleaMri ana rsgimeat ai 
£uiopean iobatry, ooa of aative infaMryi and one of irregiiUt 
iwtalryf.are M be statiaaad at AaaricaUeo, ta take the dutieant 
tlie citadel. The 15th reg. N.L baa been detained at IaIkkb 
for the purpose of t^fing cbaige of the slate piisuners, ChutCer 
Sing, Shera Sing, Moolraj, and otbers. They were eipeclad at 
Uinballah about tbe 2Sib, where tbe 15th is to be stationed, and 
the ISib, it is said, leoeive ebaqe of tbe prisoners, and escort 
them to Allygurb, where we hear they wilt remain until fuitliei 
orders.— i)aAi GazMc, Dtc- 15' 

UutsuaaiuirT. — The CaltaUta Star states that tbe Gorenu 
ment of Bengal have ruled that clw Covainneat standard for tha 
biMMb in. tbe Loiwr Provbcea shall be ISO feet square, <x an 
area of llslOO teet Tbis is tJie oidinarj bigah. but in aoma 
places land is measured by the cubit, and tbe cubit again by tJta 
ariu of the xemiodar. This, a* miglit b« expected, cteataa en(k 
less confueioiL 

ViLL,^eE Scuoou IN N.W. FaBOXScv.— We rqince to 
learn, as we do from a correap<mdeiit who is likely to be wdU 
informed, that the Court of Directors hai made a grant of more 
than a half a lakh per annum tor village schools in the N. W, 
Presidency. By a jiulicious application of tills sum, in ectabliabi 
ing and aiding in the aupport ofsttboola, very much may be dooa 
towards supplying ever; laife vdlage with the means of sff(»rd~ 
ing a rudimentary education to tlte youth of tbe naigbbourbood. 
We shall watcb the progress and nsuU of the experiment wUb 
much interest, in the hope that its succoaa may ancourage out 
nilera to repeat it on a larger aoale in the Lower Proviacea.— 

Tub Joac Act. — The plan begins at tbe wrong end. Insteact 
of raising the CouMs to alevel witli tbe intelligence of the age, 
and rendering them fit tribunals for the trial of free men. tta^ 
are to he left in all their defurmity and corruption, and the pri- 
vileges of British-bom subjects pared down to the same leveL 
The argument is, that all tbe l^^ilonts of a country should 
have equal rights. Granted; hut tbat is no reason tor subject- 
ing them to equal wrongs. It one, and that a very small clasa, 
has biUierto been exempt from tbe defective and oonupt admi. 
nittratiou ot criminal justice, tlie evils of the syBtem will not 
be lessened by including them in tbe calamity which bai befallea 
the native population. The attempt ia monstrous, and cannot 
succeed if there is a spark of Britiali spirit left iu this country. 

AosaATATsn Aauvur.— A native named Gopaul MuHidc 
was sent np ta (fee ecMions by Mr- Wylie, to take his trial upon 
aebaifeot having committed an agitrevated assault uprni Mr. 
Rbwland GrafaaB, the asaeteor oT Calcutta. Tbe assauft was 
eaamitied on tlie evening of the fOtb instant, and Mr. Graham 
wBi so sever^ injured, tbat tbe magiBlrate, Mr. Wylie. hud to 
go to his hoan to take his deposition^ whicb was to this effect: 
One Romcfaum Mullick, brother of tbe defendant, had petitioned 
tbe justices of Calcutta fur a reduction of tbe tax on a bouse in 
Burtollab.street belonging to him. On the 80th instant, at 
about 5 r.M„ Mr. Qrabaas went lo the bouse with Mr. Itowc^ 
Barreyor of T0«ds, Sreenauth Mullick, and two tax Bireara, Vt 



enaiUM Ow btUldngk WbMtbcr anMrcd it, Ui^ Onlum-ab- 
■erveil GopBvlMalbdcmikNnwUboailwNCO^UiHT. Go- 
bhI aiked bim who b* «■*, He iafotmtd buni uptn wkick 
Gopuil buiilj witbdrev tukte. Mi. Gnliam ud Mr. Row*, 
ttqwctiiiR Dalbing, pnMcaded to an Jtau nawre id the 
hanw, \Tbere Che remaki live, but where ro female* veM U 
tbtX time. HMing inipected the inner a^tmenU, tli^ came 
to ao Miter M|UBre, ind, wtiillt ituidtnf at the entiaace door, 
were joined bj Gopaid, who eame with a beavj atick lilie • 
nil rnHler t^ clothei, beyeatb vhkb Mr. Onham could aee it 
nrajeellBg. He aaked Mr. Onham and Jlr. Bowe what thcf weia 
doing within the premke*. and botb^epUed that the? bad cove to 
(samine tbem,iD csDieiDeoce of B«nicbiini Mulliek bar Ins aibed 
fara reduction oT the tax. TbiaiiiiinnationwaanoeoiniBf giTEn, 
Oan Oopaul nised bii itiolb and etninb Mr. Oraham a nolent 
liow with It on tlu Mt aide. Mr. Qraham iCamcred towaidi 
Bie door. A lircar who wa* befbra bin, and wai ivahlng out. 
Ml, and Mr. Grahim fell ortr bim in ■ Une im Ibe right arm, 
which wai jnfced, and the muiolea of which were eeTEielr 
SnUned. When Mr. Graham aot np, he aaw Mr. Oowa with 
Ida hat off, and a «at on bia rorMMtd, bom whieh be waa bleed- 
iag pivfmelj. Mr. Giaham wta Quiti laint and weak wben lie 
^Mse. He i!Ot into bii bog^, without further |voteatalJoa, 
With Srernanth Mallirk, who drove bim bonie. Hr. Howe, who 
anaabn in no condition to drive, got iato Sraenauth MulQck'a 
palhi gliany, and waa cwiKfad boeae. Obpaul MuUick bad 
ootiiing to H17 for bimaelf beror* Mr. Wylie jfiiterdajr, except 
UmI '' he had no intention of committing tbia grievoui asnull 1 " 
Ha. Wjlie, as aMuiioned above, bai Mnt up the caae for trial to 
tbe Beuiooa ai one of aggreraled aaaault. Up to tbe tiioe of 
writiug, ilie acvuMd was in eiuCod;, but the magialnle will en- 
large hiiD whenevpf be producei lufBcienl bail. Both Mr. Gra- 
iMm and Me. Howe, we arc hapP7 to cay, are recovering fiom 
their iniaries. — Bariani, Oac aS. 

Till Touuxm Ant-^lbe fcllowtag h the dnft of tbe 
Act far eitenditig ihe priiuipie af Section IX., Aagulatuin VIL, 
leai. of tiie Bei^ Code, thittajhout Ibe lerntoriM lubjeec 10 
tbe GoTOBBait of the EaatJadia Canpaur : " Whercaa it waa 
enacted hf Section IX.. Bigiilatxw Til., iS3i. of tbe Bengal 
Code, that * vheneTcr in m; dTil uut the piMiea (o >ucb lutt 

Sij be of different persuaaioni, when one party shall be of the 
indoo and the otber of tbe Mabomedan penimion, or where 
one or more of (he partiei to the «idt ihall not be either of the 
Mabomedan or Hindoo perwiaaifnif, the lawn (rf thoae^igiona 
iAatI not be pcnniitcd to operate to deprtre meh partr or par- 
ties of any propertf to which, but for Ibe operation of aneb 
lawn, thej would have been endtied;' and w b ereaa it (■ expe- 
dient to extend the principle of that enadment throoghout the 
territoriee lubject to tbe OeramnrBt af tfaa Batt-India Com- 
pany, it ia enacted aa followi : So much of an; law or uoge now 
m force, wilbin the territoriei iubject to the eovemment of the 
East-India Company, as inflict! on any person forfeiture of 
i^htB or pioptrty. by reason o( his or her renouncing, or having 
been excluded from (he communion of any relixion. shall ceaae 
to be enfoTced u law in the Conrta of tbe EsM-India Company, 
and in tbe Coorts enlabliihed by Beyal Charter within the said 
ternioriesL" Tbe new law will estat^sb the rights orconacienee 
tbrongbont India, and enable auy eaan to profeu tbe creed be 
prefen, without tbe fear of being Vhepelq' feprived of all the 
property to which be would otberwiie bare been entitled. It 
waa idle to talk of tbe existence ot any^ing like liberty of con- 
•cience in India tvUIe tbe proviaions of tbe Hindoo taw, which 
were designed to extinguish it, foimed pert and parcel of our 
code. Tte piesent Act is, of courae. a complete sbrogation of 
that portion of tbe Shaatcu which was Intended to keep tbe land 
Of India for ever bound to tbe support of Hindoolsm, by or- 
daining that no one sboiild enjoy the fruits of tbe soil who did 
not mantfen biaadherence to tbe Hindoo religion by the type of 
olhrrng the Ibneral cake to tbe manes of his deceased piirent. 
But tbe legislation o( Monoo belonged to the sge of Hindoo 
coruervBtisni. when the rights of conscience were as little nn- 
derscoad as in Ihe days of St. Domiuick, and it woaid be prepoa- 
lerona to suppose that it ahould continue in farce in the preaent 
age. when India has «omc into tbe pouesaion of thoae who 
pride themselves on bonottring thoae rights. —f rswrf^fcrfw. 

Inoix Srua-NxTioxTios Cowpabt.— On Ihe 13lli Novem- 
ber, ■ rule, which bad been obtained nisi, waa made absolute, for 
an Bttaehment, for non-peifonnance - of an award (which bad 
been made a mie of Coitrt), againU JaAes Hume, Joseph 
Spencer Judge, Colin Cawpbell. R. C, Jenkins, ai.d A. Thomp- 
son {the directon for the time Jwing of tbe India General Stoam- 
NsrigatioD Company), atthe insUnce of Mr. A. O. Mackenzie, 
Ibe late manager of that Coaopany, whoee claim wm referred to 
•ibKration by mntoal bonds of submission entered into by Mr. 
Madianne and Ibe diteetara, Mr. H. Cooka (the accountant of 

tfaa coupany} and Mr. Deans Campbell being reapaeti«ialy 
cbaaiNi and appointed arbitraton, with power to ehoose an 
Seventeen meetings were held, at which botb Mr, 

arbitralors aa to the amount they conoeived Mr. Mackenzie en- 
titled to, the case was tranaferred 10 Ibe umpire (Mr. JardineJv 
who awarded tli* sum of Co.'s. Be. 17,000 in Mr, Mackenxie'* 
bvour, with costs. The directors not only refused payment, but 
made an application to the Court to set aside tbe award, which 
application waa refused, with eoaia. Demand having been pez- 
lonaily made on Ibe direccora. and reftlsal to pay twing stiil pei- 
liatedin, the preaent application fbrattajcbment waa preferred. 


Fort WOHam, Nm. 16, 1640. —Under inatractlons from tbe 
Hon. the Conn of Directora, communicated in military tetter ta 
the Governor of the Presidency of Fort William In Bengal 
dated 19th Sept., IM9, and with reference to her Majesty'a 
Warrant, dmed 27tb June, I8W, the Ron. the Preaident of th« 
Council of India in Coancil ie pleased to establish the Following 
General Rules, regarding elaime to indemnification for losses bf 
officers and soldiers of tbe armies of tbe three presideociea, to 
have effect from this date; also to republish, under aeparatt 
beads, the several Bf^ulatlons on the subject now b force at 
this presidency. 


2. Indemn ideation is not intended to make good the fiQl 
amaanl of loas ausiained, but is gnnted only to auch extent at 
tball enable tbe cisimanl to re-equip himieif for service. 

3. Indemnifieation shall brvaiiaUybeoonllned to losses whieh 
bsve been altogether unavoidable, and may be granted in Ihe fol- 
lowing cases, vii,— 

Firtl. — For losses tn an action with tbe enemy. 

Second. — By capture. 

Third. — By shipwreck, or by IrteTftaUe casualtiee on board 
ship, occasioned by storms or stress of weather, wben proceed- 
iiaon duty. 

TourO. — By aecidenul Are. 

Fifth. — By the destruction 01 a pnbHc storehonae, or 

iSuli. — By the destruction of articles or of bones, or baggage 
cattle, to prevent their lalling into tbe hands of the enemy, or to 
prevent tbe spreading of an iiileclious or contagious disorder. 

4. Provided, that in all the above eases, the articles or snimats 
were placed In the situation in which tbe loss occurred utvilei 
the sanetion of proper authority; that every exertion was used 
to prevent tbe loss ; and that any orders for Ihe destruction of 
articles or oFanimalt were issued by competent authority, and 


'Firtt. — Losses from deserlioD. 

Stand. — From articles having been Improperly packed; 
placed, or left in impmper situations, 

7^>nL~From ibe deaib of bone* or baggage cattle by ratigue 
in the ordinary course of servtee. 

Foirrlh.— From Ihe breaking down of eairiages, being privats 

K/UL— From tbe loss of accoutrementa, clothing, or necessa> 
ries In boapital ; or 

Sixth. — From any circumstances whatever which might lisre 
been prevented by proper care and attention on tbe part of tha 
tegiment, or the claimant, or tbe person in obarge. 

6. No claim can be admitted from the representatives of oflt- 
cers or men slain in action, or dying in eonsequenee of wounds. 

7. No indemnification shall be [[ranted for lossea Bualalned by 
oSicen when proceeding on, or returning bom, leave, nor ttt 
those in receipt of boal-allowance, that allowance being on ■ 
scale BulBclent to remunerate ihcra for all expenses attendant 
on the insurance ol their property, aa well as ftor their boat 

e. If an officer or a soldier shall have n^lected to bring for- 
ward bis claim [or a period exceeding one month from the date 
of hie los". this delay shall be considered a sufficient reason far 
rejecting the claim, however valid it may be in other respeiM, 
unless Ihe cliiimsnt can prove that be was onavoidaWy prareuted 
from making an earlier claim. 

9. Whenever bHggage or articles of equipment are sent by ■ 
vessel in which the officer 10 whom they belong is not himself a 

such officer to protect h 

ICC thereupon, and ifhe has an 

■■ himself of it, no 

opportuniiy of doing so, and neglects to avail himself of it 
compensation wiU be given by Ibe statefcrw tow «« 
happen. v ^^lOOV IC 




1"I0. Wbcn )cn«ii 

T'lBtrvte* ia'jttia:fttU,'ibdis«er<l'oi 

d«plie1>< cotDmlttsai tor^Ae-inxwigtl i on otdmitn.aiiAa wrt 

eMdi-JBa,'~«r«eNlleil<ci>pinitkerKitsUU ba tnataailled MtMlagh 
dit)pi«sa<ibed'idKiiMlMDK'Coi*m«ndBB'i|B-diief< (brlaii and." 

HMff'* obifarvBdadulAtapiMMnjri >'-> v ;i'" j ,':"''< 

£i-l£: No Clwti ilM)] beaflaiitMd'on Mcnunl iMthBiJoii -of 
lbonBy,"bsini'l)M7B*aM paopoRpiof indMUiU; >bul<n'^wcifel 

■tmm,-:\sbv^!'pttSD:ioomf; «triehi faM't^IuIr tieiir radtibMl 
- ' -ividuali, and JHti'aM<toiJUi1irnidBia>4'iD'.itetT *M^ 

Ailt-b^iwt'arit HMor/iip 

N ro^indc^iiatiMllhiqt:bc 

jCDininistioned oSleen and aatdiHt.indMdtiljj^.iAaUiAUAiDjia 
ipeciSikCiob •ftt»MlW<^.lM>m«»i'Mtli*tDiwniy-wti^'«I'Jlie 

kUsi and «)iMMiMlqigion«n»df(regiMMM*tiive JitMirMpanfttda 
tUt-Boiratli.4aaUTs|irilJai4u<te'Bfebu|»>aR>«saaiioCitf ntiolai 
BbfeaanakiboU **«gbiiinU)aKeMtiV*,b7llt«iuandiD(f onlmirf 

»t>innjv-'i( -ill lO \-\'u< ■-.■■■ ■■■.l-^. ,:!■ r,.. !■ ' ,',..,.,' 
-.-.^S> Tfiiii i liiiiiMiiiiliiifl iiiflw I II iiiliili iii.fcliln adaibw* (sml 
t^AainM'iti^ti-m^^tiiaamit mm mm»'thmtitolu miMlhai 
litan<nMtoall4lv««<**riTBoeii» .Infcc^wMeBif* tm ■iiiiiaMlii* 
Mi ubfB tUfef ■nilabeBpniqnra^ Wl!rBlamHjiAdra&>[*i.iBMt 
■l9i>Mtnij«hl h««aihnqip|Mdacn'oF4V[iV(l}ib*)L«amrfni<a'jilU«a 
inent ortlie preciM period during wbich they weM'stieM'JniM 
thqir" tfsiiJcnfa yi i hmM ^^eim> «f . fcaiByraaillitJj ■ ■ ■ - n < '■•>' 

.'■.:!,.;■,.-. ., .pU |., *. .t^Wji-W if.Sw-»«%n.) ■ ..■ •-. ■■■,., , ;r, 

Tipredl W-MMbh •*'«("=— ■'■■-'- *'^'- -—'■■' -^— 

eMfttt«W*l»f«*ft«W. ^ 

r^i^M tl M I'^fal B WeffA^liMffUPMgWWtini-aftlWMillWL 

t^Mt ;<iM t«^lB)^<«a»tnkmfii' tttRMR ^pp<Att, '»'**' nkW 
fiction of ihc committee, that such hone ii infected witbt^bl 
' I^gMlta^,"t^ttlH1WlW1»'<MfW>»e«0tMn«ri%aC^e 

and qrder the horae to be imoiedialelf shot, i.. , _. ^ 

rPiVato fftMit a-Mn«R»|n^lMffpM>alhM'^tft'ltie,Mw4'be«4lntU«H(l 
inMiaHe^i'DMAril; Wi>MteMtlOfl>i>n'hd«(Wf,-"(EIHK tlle-ntlMS 
■lMt«iyM"tttti4H<rfiy HIM>bs''li MhMw.^ or' pShidt^bMW.-'CM 
■ccompanied by a eertined ^Spftif tb&bdl iU l iMff i^MWftdhiW'al 
a«'t!bd>lnlt(AV'1uJ*: MIU'MII tk»'tM)(UW<>kiialtMLMikr«' U 
i8(Mr)M:dt«'p^#iaMrifiiflMf»«Mlfnl«. ■'''- '■■■■"- ■■'■■ " " '" 
ifi. TM'lMiiiMF"nM<l«IMHMtetti>'(b«i!)lBrgMlJafMKM»-Hr 

horw fietd-batterie*, but not to WN^'bf mnHen' df kltyvMhM 
■rm, nor to >laff officer*, czcVIItlinder peculiu circumi lancet of 

- - - - ■■■■Y^MW'BBHtW'^ii-lta'^aPl 

BVKS?Wttt"« lejHfcetfl-W'IfttI f* 

■eieciea irom^mTsni™, w wnaiererprim paicn»c<i, b cuiDpEn-- 
••(ion equal to the rMidiULQr/iucSfjirlqb.xftcr the deduction of 
ten percent^peratTMtd.'Mitrltlea'tlAr^MtAliie do not exceed 
Ibe -CMT tttnuWOv wtM'ii -AannuniD aFicompRintion 
ilMwed'Ht-*inyO|U»>imT.V, ,-,..>„ml .■;ir'"') .I'.Wi.v,* -V' Al 
.T4aif>4tiini'fo*iMWWniltit«ifa»tim'lM* W<a-Nl«pted Lh a nij 
)»em ««)iMtdlM£iMiliTl a^IledlS4ht«<iUi«»>gltllewiMi/« 
tume, nnk, troo[^aM»Mvllieni Mtn)wllabtida|iiriw.Mhnl l*M 
MMbd*, tt4w«M<«UililKuiM«inMb*nrM|'tfMl tlwaeClrtKhn- 
MftiiU'tor « tlkupK«Mt a*leeORd«ok.tWMUi,.BH<l<I<cl>'- 
1i(hi-'ba'«anotnf ■p«ci4hv<4M prIcditM mi.xb»-^M&ot p«K 

Chat^. ■'■.■'■> ■■- ■■< ■■ "-'V- 1- ^.■,'! ■.,1.' 1u ::.-■-■-': 

^iM.'iCnvptnutlMijDrkDtBca'or Aa un^iriar camlry lliwriii 
Bciiottit'ateatiABertjtMtlntndaof Oi>.'^iUi:IS6«Mb. Tfientfie 
iiBl««Hbw«d'wkwidief UB killed by'htifua,4ettMyedor'di«I 
abled on exttaor£Mrr.dtltiM<t'w)l tbwB 'otwwtaU* > eommKtBa 
cOwdlrf '(McbM.-iBto'baintnbMfcr-the purpon of afiier- 
taUiii^t tW t:iifa— WawcetaatPidldgiiMli ewe, tha ntura << .4fa 

MiSeflBTe^tkMtlia'seaidaK'ifiDih'finmnimwIeet «r erailtTiOf 
tharidar,:aa'MB«ihi'i>MqluUte<>with tbeciicinnataBCBilFtiib 
hd.iKalatta.itaUvtMafe^.DfAii teowUdgc tbatibeband 
wai in good and touitd be«ltb,-inul vt^*» nf pofonntng^Ht 
B«wr»>^im*t„i>*(mf ilMKNit.' j'n^ «»iap(ltlw it l*)re«9tt- 
neniJiMipb. afliopnt,o£ji«HHies»*Uon, w. W «•■• eiceedifj <tbt 

8;fi^n^n4 VPftipimff <*f,-Cpi,>BHi 1M<. I^itakiw mww^dmte 
a|*:Mwi;W« );heiB(D<«ltl«l.l>i»»* "MB W l^ »r»it% W *• 
<)n>P««.pcVl*lUT'IW<ii<'ff>if>>WW) thq,OW^« nJW I'e.'iWM* 
Snlittid^Wi 'J.;! lui :..,.■.■■■ .., -.i;,.. ■..■.■ , :■; s/^: 

E3. The proceeding!- 0^ thq «mR9«Kffl.*[* t<o »t fir^WWtH 
usordancp f it|i tl)e '<>''*'^'VS,ji^^ h .V*^ cifficera compjn^^ 
Sfl^p, of .it'regutw ravsl'fy.JWlidid jfi'Bjrti Will accpinpuif;tt5 
probeedTn^s ^f tH'e r0md[t!fUBWeWoIhe«'f6 comply >^Pf 
Mth'ttid 'liMnidlTM>«'^dtlUAMa''lri'-'(B«^'fct'ei!OliU| pkfag^lL 

Fft«W(-oJfcw§'(h<r«i«>;i-' •■■' -.n-. y'.-i.ii «■ '.s^nLSH^lt. 

2a CDmmanding oAWW 'Mtr'M"beW'l%il^iIUe"tnltT«8 

rMairidUlaM>wbiiA«e Haiy to ta aoVIWAut 

itafdljlejiof'TbasliDg a.fa" 

ing in action, or captured by ih^ HHf) iraotahniaiitala,' vnlari 

www VHMHawll.dlM ' 


wwwi»i«awi,<'iwM(x^,,-.^ ...... „..^, „ji.. ^.-j.^-- ■ ,i.:;j 

«i!i»i?fcf>^e<:s*Hftn«,ii',*M».<m*»it^ «w «e "fi'Wn* 

titlent with psra^alf)|f,llww)ffJl4hinV>jyi9W^tf>T«>^ 
reference to tbedeeiaion of Government, no. S53, oiSSrd &Ub 

|rp| aivbujicer boraei, or IftnH* Wflui{[ltqt ••™^H'55^ 

i^EonfAiuiOUed oflften, UmI bi»d out U t^'^<i^J(^,„|q 
. _fnpenMtian la aanction^ ror,'E({<< 

^i ^^^t^p^«^?lf^^%l\ 
;.» (L!^ under the orffen orGovi 


oflMr* tobcMiucd utkoMoltBbaltwaalBMniUdDf wnpei* 

oAwt emummi, thit ba bu 
MMaiacd the loaa ior wtiMb fc* «hi— to Iw iMtbiutw), M«n». 
firinil fcr ■ r«rtiflwM fniM liii iiiwinniii iiJiiii AalMUM 
ttmllM low WB (Mtaioedt MKitafiaM WM cnp)«f«d oa pMUia 
daM. and Iha^ aecMdiiir t* tba twM of ba kaowladga aad 
bdH the ka> <lid Boi icto *an aa^ «nlt or Mgtett af tte 

•tttfr^plfwt (m iwiiMHiinn 

'Ml CMIcmindnwl^««UipeBMtiMW)llhTther«cftir]r,«pMi 

»tt ciHiMte their loti ■( Mw.fMittfi-.'OMAyr.MtttM'fmrtItt, 
wtiwcaMDMybe, BDMnUaK MWftidi' tbtrrArit be paM Ow 
like fnpoTtiont of rba taint taneiioacd (or Um Iom af tbt 
MriM «f Ibrft basMe tad camp cqaipac*. 

"'39. OfBcert holding iloil.militarj ■ppolnrtnentJ IwTe no jiul 
(Sffm to conpcDulion (or Iom of putelj mllilsrT eqtdpmaolt. 

3(k Ah officer of kihirtiy i> entitled to compeDwiJon for loai 
« ^•CSMC at the mjtntrj n,U, thodgh U the tine af low he 
^(•7 ^ doinf iMj wllii ■ maaand cwp*. 

-SUThe laboTdjiatB nwfctl eetaUkbwent beiay aDnKad 

B by.tba ( 

BMot; the rairt regarding conpenulion for IhoM eqaipnenla 
■RMilrapplteaUatDtbemBdienMteDeap^ied, and ad aetnal 
IBM orcwi of tbefreara |*BpM^ 

' 69 ConpMwtM IS tuihtt altawvd to all eAoMi of ib« ar> 
tOIeiT or empoeen who mr low profMrioiMl^ iaitHiniciiti wbHe 
tt *K7 in the flcia, eir wftih proecedit^ bf MB, under tbe erden 
<g OsmnuMnt, *» Qie pvtWular dlwniMatWH of caeb eud 
iiij^ appear to reqniiv, at the foHmiing ntet r— 


gta*. dra rt^, eaeb 

^■■taparbi, wth .. 
rit^metar, in— d" - , 

DM*. rMUagakr, tech 

lUw, hnm, MfaOeli MioahceaA : .. -. 
Bttto d^ ISIaefa.cwk 

Bte dHtf islaA. wtfc .. 

Dtttodltta ; iSSTm^ 

SBc^SsWS-r^ :: : 

e» 1 n 

10 I b} 

7 si 

IP 10 al 

M a if 

w •«! 

s < 1 

i *.o* 

I 14 • 

ll» 6 

• Ift » 
13 10 9 

7 II H 


m 8 7l 

Ne iiw t aM all i i tf H dnaMsr ^Mieef beakh 

SS. OwpeuMMl ior >M* d n^eeMtiei ii taaetioned (be 
Xaaopeen aoa-c««BdfMeMd .dmcoM wj ^Tsbi wbila eaf 
pbi|Bd «iacti«« tcrviee, oit pwirwfi^ on dtify, iiichiding inva- 
Bde, mefalOieaot bppcEby^roogb «iT Mitt o( their own, the 
yaiwd itmingMng eoBTTi M lpto ladi aii t uf feweT M >>. O^d, 
pec Canpaojli rapec :— ~' 

SeifcuU efirWtrj, ^bQW eanliy^ Af J •. iCo.'tIti. A. P. 
MpperaMd«lB«i.. _ "w .. .. S IS .. M IS • 


. . aUomd a anieir of lb* inumnt 

wnctioaed Toca fbll-paf dmainier. Voaien one-half and child- 
len one-fourth of the uaaorrt allowed to a private of inrantrjr. 

as. The Ion af bag^tga bj oe»oaaii^ariened offican and 
jwhyte* it t* be eelbnaml at oae-4aaflb, oaa-balf, tbtw-CMirtht. 
utbavboleiakar, w tka^caw MajfafiOn tbo priacipte laid 
dewnlecoAcei^befgant and ofteen tnaemitting bilb for tha 
eompenulion shall certify on hosaan, talbe baatoflbrir know-- 
ledge and belii^t after minuM jaqair;, that tba piafwrtjoiw 
eliaiglKl tot in tba hiik art aomet, mttrntt caa be aiorrtained, 
■odlhat Ibc tote of ^ beggige ww nM.oB > awa*«d byanj want 
olcweoetWitiDaaa tbapartsf the taldiec. . 

30. Tba waihaaai of ci ipia aetion to ba dnwa b; luthM 
Uaap* of Ilia line aadbp local twopi Air kMi ol.fMiiate eStota 
tndwiine of pnMla equ ip M cat a, tabeai fol\omn—- 

Subadart, one montb'* paj and full batta. 

Jeqadeta, non-cowaiMnBad ^M(a, aadnaikaAaHOTetaiw^ 
and haK Math'* pajrand AdI bMta. 

~ ' ' ba^ia,BiidpriTi<eB,tw« do, dn 

regiment* are to lattore, at the pidilia>- 
ri oSaa 
ittieOr daaoinioaiedragiaientri cquipm 
head^iaw, bnaat'pkta, gieat csaie, and.eadi Nothing m ia» 
liitnisbid from the off-ieckoning fund. Of the private cffeaM 
lMtb*«efaladiTidii4 « dettil ia MbaAKaMMdbf theciHii. 
aMwdMg oObeiB, with aatatenMHof the ptobabta *alac,andla 
ba aaeanipaided kj-prnjafim IwUe. ooBtabib«'tba.nanwaf tha 
Bafleeera, a«l (he aneant af -oowp — nth a ■ dww n fat aach. fan 
ekwiee of the nat ef tba legtmeatal tqorpaMtiia to be Auaiehtd 

38. UncoreiMaetd. i iroiiM , when ffeeeedlog to the Uppea 
Frovtpeet with the Govcmof-xencniprilte Commander-in-chid^ 
are not entitled to coaipenaation tvt tbe ion of Ibeir baggage, 
tbe^ddUiaoal aUoin|n«* tKMiti M. MHh IndividiMla haiic uiJB- 
aiMttOHMHllbemapiBUlea*, bjrln*«ri||g,IlKirp>wpwtr- ■„ ■ 
~" ... ^iij^ii offiaen haradnwn atj^ 

u»b o<l|c4n ani bUomed pix 
. . coMpanwtion £>r.tb« lfwi«f theif 

haaaet; liutnoeompiawaiiooaltowanoeiaffeMedioanyoficei 
•iibac «a tba abawdBaait n t. or m the jMtiMMWatian of a liiU- 
bM> uatJoBt tffipaw fM.Uill baitt JMMg.eonwdnild M be ia.lh^ 

to. Whan arai. ac««iilieB»nt«, and re)pn>«ntal appoiiUmenjK 
of H, H. regiaMBt* an to*C during bottilUiea, oompeuation i| 
gnnted Cor lucb aiticla* to Ibe extent af thie«-fbtirthi «( tbei^ 
vehta, but no allowmM ia-wade Aw. tliMe Kadennl wae[tic«i- 

Menta, the propettjr af <Jo*cniiMnt, l««t at dcatrared on well 
•eeetioN. are t» be mwIM br tntop oAcen. eharging tba 
MM in eeMiagetMbmalMlf atM*te4- , 

48> ClaiM*fDrlowof«a(«em>partr«»e4l«mdtatbeait««t 
of three- fcutteenthi af tb« antita nlfwtjm. lha«rli«lM bcia| 




it allowed at Cow'a Ba. IS aaek 

•(|r-G«a«>al of IndU ii picaacd to leiolve th^l Um nnder-ves^ 
fioned Mationt attaAed to the Bengal Preaidency ihall hereafiai 
bepenMtiMnUr <iect^cd%troapao(M<«Jli4n*iifwLBoeibay 
amiee. aa follow* >— , . 

Sf At UaJrat Armf. —CvtWik, Sangor.lluiiingaM. JnUnili 
paw, ifagffd«,.W" w i Hl lire, apdMhaw. ... 

.8^l4«AtNba|4nw.— [icemufhM4NuKic«nbad-- . r 
. ii\ ai^iotneal* cwn«cted with, tbe Bengal annf at tW 
•1^ Matiooa will GffaB.oB.ibp lat << JIw>anr Muct. but ofieeM 
wtU pnntuuiftoaM i« tiwr frctcu appwiitinenta (uitil.lber m 

Tbe atMione of Nongong, Jhan«, Onee, Bjuidab, HiUMC^ 
piK«. and Calpea, fliiw .Mtached tft. the Sauicor diviiioo, aM 
iMaafeiredM theiC<iWflparediTi(inn,&oin tbipibric. < . 

couars maetial. "..! 

KavnnMS at«UBOBii»tBTT««fie«t Kwi'i.WrB Men. 

Hfi-Qtmrttn, Cnm, UwrkMr, J f inmtw »t tMt.-^Atg 

.. - — . .,_. (rttal •■ " " "-- -- 

it*, a, 1040, MiebehBTcd bclaae te aaeaift b* hHim, who* 
Ma^ i aoMpanr. ka aMch bt hrtoagfd^MM rt w aa bi gto. iM 
Bataall of tbe Dowlal fau of Mooltan, tepanted biiuctf.tea* 




thfl men, and ttUen tetaga In a small llouae. and tbere remained 
dnder abetter till some tlniF after the capture of the gate. 

2nJ Charge,— Tdv having, in scclon at Goojrst, on Feb. 31, 
I6t8, TtiialMtiftved More the enem^ on two oeraticmii he 
iMvhtg, white in Ibe inpernuRienirf rank of the eompanrto 
Wbich be belonged, when the regiment WM tdTineing under Are 
Of the enemy, marched with bin body itoaped down, onder (he 
influence of frari and having afterwardi, when the men mre 
IJing down under Are of ihe enemy, reclined in tbeir rear, and 
Availed himselrof the partial praCertianofa cavity in thegroand, 
Vndei IhB influence of Fear; in botb these iniOnera aetting** 
veiy bad eumple to the men of ibe company. 

&d CWffs. — For having, at Pcrozepore, onoraboat June?, 
1M9, Improperty questioned 3er^eint James O'Connor, of her 
Hajeaty'a lOib fool, relative to the informatidn glTcn by Mm to 
the commanding oflicer, when called on «□ ro do, i?latiT« V& bis, 
lAeat. Taylor's conduct at the ba(tf« of ODdjrar, as Blleg«l in 
the aecond charge ; and for baring, on the aame occasion, apotteb 
most disrespectful ly and anhecominKty OfRis cotninandmg officer, 
tifeitL-enl Franlis, u.b., commanding H. M.'s 10th icg. by 
lUbrmbig Sel^eanc O'Connor that LteuL-CDl. Franlw and bin - 
•dfbad pnvioaalf had a dispute, and that he, Lieat Tayloi, 
lelhv^ tiia commanding oflicer vvisbed to iifum tain, or wanli 
(b Hiu effect. 

iA dergt, — ForhaTing, at Ferozepora, on ov about* jMly-J^ 
tSW, improperly communicated, at the oHei^ room, wMt- 
Seneant Itficbael Lloyd and Seijeant Mlehoet O'DoirrwH, of 
H.M.'i lOth regt., and rebuked the fohnei' rey^iectlog ttW 
-Matements made by them at a regimenul court of inquiry, held 
at Ferozepore, on July 2 and subsequent days, to hiveatigale 
Wa, Lieut. Taylor's conduct, as alleged in the aecond cliarge j 
Mid nnbecomingly warned them that it waa his intention to 
cMss-eumine them strictly before a court-martial, ami ibit if 
tfcywere not cueful they nould convict thenuelrea, fbrtliey 
Iwd bMA very nervout at the court of inquiry, or tninls to ilMt 

' FinfiWf.---Nat guilty; and te tliefelbre m«t fuBy ami 
aion bonouably acquit him of the whole and every part IbereOf. 
Approved and consigned, 
(Signed) C. J. (CAriea, G„ C.-in.C. 

- ffead-iinarteri, camp, Nov, 91 , [9W: 

Smarii hi Su BrqeOauy Uu Coamfmdfr-iit- Chief. —TLtm 
proceedings have been exteoiled to a rnont unvvarran table length 
Iw the admission of a very gieat proportion of irrelevant matter ; 
tne blaDie of auch irregular prncecdingi rests mainly with Ihe 
twesident, whose duty K was to have cD ceiled and prevented the 
production of sueb olyectionable mader; and had this duty 
Men properly performed, the court need not have sat for nine- 
fan days, extending over a petipd of a monlb, to the great incon- 
venience of the public service. 


JOiai-QtATlm, Ca»p, BktpMvitM. Ifav. 86, 1849. -At m 
tvneral eavt-avtial usmMed at JnUHdor, om aalnnlM', 
Mr. iO, 1840, Lient P. K. Toitanhan, 7tb l%(it cav., was 
atraigned on Ihe following charge:-^ 

For conduct unbecoming an oflicer, in liaving at Jullundur, on 
August St, 1849, in a written define* presfnted by him and 
Mtf alaeoart of inquh-yaher^ beM to inveatiptB ha eomduct, 
MfMSMd liiBMclf in ■ Mgbly tntobonlhiM* aiid dinMpactM 
mtmat T respecting his commanding ofltorr, M^or B. T. PhiHipe, 
WS^awHi^ tlw »th Hght cav., unjuMiMably alleging, amongst 
other ihinRE, that Major Phillips had been arfuated by "nialig. 
■MMnMOVur'agBLnH hin; had "raked up every little inciAnt 
(^nst him for no other purpose than to Mast his lair hme dnd 
mutation}'' bad Buule art "impotent'' aneanpt to "exert Uie 
MuMc« a( H eanmsiFdiflg officer ovar Ihe junior eSiMn of his 
attfti to bhfUeut. TtmenhaRi 'a) detriment ;" ha4 not adopted 
^* »«nly, fraM, o^n, Mniighllannnl proeeMlli^, ealcoliited 
t o inspi re him (Lieut. Tottenham) with (bac respect bmI b4- 
_i_i — i-^ ij- .___^ju^ officer so essential t»(heweil- 
■hfiioi evinced most bB(emi*|rsp'<'>(,'' 

„ .11 praceedbigs, Hajor PftiHipt bad ^m- 

•ecuted him (Lieut. Tottenham) in an almost unparalleled and 
nnprecedenled manner." 

i^uu4sf, —Guilty. 
.: SatUart. — Tv Iw suspended Ct«m ranlt, pay, wmI allowaMes, 
In ■ »«tiod of tbHccalendof moatlN. 

kttegof tbestnieoj" 
- d that • '■ 

(«9wd) C. J. Nmcu, G., C.-iB.C. 

iiaad-quarlAM, ynbaJlab, Nov, IT, 18W. 

MfmaHm bj, M» BroOem), tim Cbimwa^Ar *> q>^ — It 
•b NBdiag tho pntvediapi •fthitoonrfesulfol, J (feel boMd » 
MH-ttMatuntiaoafMaJMifihiUIpa tvllM Mofcio WbiakhsJM 

emrcised hti aotlicrrity at 

was not proper to eanse Bl) adjutant to write ofliclal notes vv 
offlcera, demondhig ibeir writtm opinlonion ibe general condttcC 
and character of a brother officer, and to state the termadf 
(tiendRhfp on which diey atooi with Uai. Theofflcefs very pro- 
perly denned t» Mi*wer soch qnetlians, except to a proper Itl- 
bimal, and even Aea dretr Mtawaing taeh questions woulf 
gmerally be vfHtmni. W^ Pbillipt has W leam that if ■ 
eomnMmXnf officer btf tmftirtaDMelr' eat 
UDder Via otttn to trM, he muM deal wiA Acts, and m 
dvMv tbrHk- A« opinMM of his fiTtRNr officers on the gennal 
ebaracter of the person he chargM wtttt Misconduct. He has ■ 
ri^taBakehU inqawieaas m iiela, and when b« thinks ibe 
«vidnc» Mffleieath MtOM tapMva iIiom speiilisd fiuta,ta: 
#*■• in efaasisa. I Bta-wittiaB to aaeept H^'or PbiUipa'a asMto 
raace, and (lM*fiBioM«fwilM«wa, that Miyor mUipa'aintaBv 
tiaas ware ta aar^aihaimMMi hat laia Ha^ of paaeeediag wim 

Snd. I liare also IB remarfc (iMt Bo-eoaTt of ioqafry, nor r 
Mort'martiat. fasa ■- r^hi ta alloi*, lavth leaa advwe, a priaoMEt 
to iiillidraw s Wnarn rars rasri inyubiic, andaastiBg dishonaw 
aa another person. . The doing tins by the eourt of ioi^uiiy, of 
which. Lmui.-CoL Downing, wai president, urns a very uawa^ 
laatabie proceeding. When a maa publicly accuses anetluE 
before any court, that court records the paper, and lalces such 
noCtc« Of its propriety or impropriety aa it deems fliting, orleafea 
it to a higher authority to do so i but it lias no right to supprett 
•och a pB^r after it has been publlrly read. 

3rd. I mi^ here remark ou the erroneous opinion wIiiiA 
seems toltave prevtiled on the court oTinquiry of which Lieut,- 
Col. Dawning was president. A court of inquiry ought gene- 
rally to be a closed court; no one allowed to tnter biit ancb 
tndtvidcA ah wk balled for, simI vtho being privately examinef, 
sre sent out. If anj person hanpena to be accused of mia- 
conducl, he is calted upon fbr hts stotemem of the iRstter In 
kand' lika aay other person; be may either appear oe rehse ta 
appear, aa be pleases, unless •adeced by superior auLbority, and 
•rUier sMwet any questiona pot to him. or refuse to ansrier. 
Tlie court may eitbar conaiuniote to him what has been «ai^ 
or refuse to commDnicate to him what it has dieted ; it doei 
what it deama best suited to obtain information on which higliK 
BUtherity caa aalely act. It is genetilly olgectionable to malia 
« court of inquiry an open court. In this instonca it has pi^ 
duced a courl-iDsitial, which Ibis court, of in<|uiry, by ita in* 
peopar as^e of proceeding, forced apaa ne as Conmandac-ia- 
CbieC Courts of inquiry ara abtewanable praa t ediags wkaa 
Ibey csa be avoidei^ but in a larKt arosy tbay an sossetiBaa 

(Signed) C. J. N.M«a, Gen., C.-tn-C. 

The BCDtCBce of suspension passed upon Lieut P. EL Tatr 
tenham is to have effect from the date of pubiicatian of tbia 
Older to the Tth reg. light cav., of which a report >> to ba laada 
t« tbe adjatant-generat of the arav>aad W tlie aaaiatsat a4}«> 
tant-gencml at the presidency. 


H»ad-Queirtert, Camp, Laia^ Ntm. 30, 1846.— Ata gemril 
sourt-mariisl held at Fort William, on Wednesday, Nov. 7. 18*9. 
Comet J. D. Bennati, H.M.'aSrd (or the King's OwD)tEgt.of 
iigbl drag., was ansigned on tire (bltowbg charge; — 

For having, on the night of Sept. 25, 1810, been dnub irhaM 
oa daiy aa oBlcer of the guard on board the abip Csaysrisisw.' 

FindiHg. — G uil ty, 

StMMM.— To be csshUred. 

Appraved aad confirmed. 
(Signed) C. J, Narisa, Gen., C.-la-C. 

Head-Quarters, Camp, Nov. 25, 18W. 

Rieommimdatum' bs th* Court— The Court, baiiog aworda* 
the only sentenca wbich they daem commansurate wtth^UH 
seriuua offence committed by t^met Bennett, do most eamaalljr 
recommend iiim to tbe merciful conaJdcrMion of bis Elrellenop 
the Commander- In- Chief, in consequence of hia youth, coDtn 
tien, sod totsl inenpetience. 

Bemm-hm bf iit Exct^Ki^ ike OtmrnMailer-iK^Ckief—l do ao^t 
consider the youth of the prisoner to be Bajr axcuse, bis eofitf^ 
tioii is good, bis " total inexperience" is some excuse, as it pf«- 
venMd his being avrsre of Ihe magnitude of his crime ; snd tDii 
ineiperience, added [o bis tnak and mauty defence, induces ^m 
to pardon Comet Bennett, and I trust ha will prove a bailee 
ailoer Iben bis beginning promises. He is to join bis regiaent, 
Md hiacommaading oHoar la M tap<m la bb liH farther oidtri 
bow Comet Bennatt aoadacM hanmeif. Jbm report ca te 

Al.LteN'S, tNlilA^' MXtE^ 


Abtell. H. O. to be mat. Had toH. of MooEoAnrag^r, Dm. ID. 
Athbbton. H. Abliarty eworar. nf IMiea dlr. uade o*(r rti. of ■off. 

WC-TotlnbwD, Bn. IS. *> 

Bii-JODB, fi. G. rte. <*, of mag. of Mo^gbar fr. I1«t»oo4- 
'BaLmain, W. qiinl. for sen. hf pnT. in two 

■ttaeb. to N.W. jtrov. Dec. U. 
BiLLi, C. S. to be an bmI. to mog. ftc. of Ri 

tab. div. Strsmpor- -'-^ 

BiaBiB, A. w. to bi 
SBoDHnsT, w. a. 

to Borkliind, Dm. 7. 

fi, v. a tab* pat am. 

'. prioc. aut. to igi 


^kad-devoBDy, Ac. Bl.-W.-| 

ill. of of 


off. Die 

I, F. W, qori. for •err. lod stti**. t* IT, W. Bror. 
"'""--'- -^'f , FMttachcd to Sei>ir^ «». Dk. M. 

I. jadge of Bojesbye, made amr ch. of 

AlCESDKH, G. F. . 
COLTIH, J. R. to b , „. ., ,. „ , 

Cooes, H. W. Tuled with poveri of drp. coU. Is diHrtet of Aiia- 

garb. Dee. 1. 
Cmibt, H. H. to offiD. u n(g. tod nil. of Bodaon, dor. lb*, of 

CrNNiNGHAU, W. C. S. to ki jt. wmtg. tie. U Putleealcf , Ikoldiiig 

iBMief. of Famcliibod.. 
DiANB, H. W. la be ell. ud Kt>. jod. of Metrnt, Dee. 10. 
DnOH, W. M. ne. ch. of the suit agency of Chlttogoog, Dee. T. 
DoDOBon, J. C. CD be ui ( jtv nag. and dep. eoU. of Bog> 


d M* a«e<4,^ 

Pa«an, C. W. to oAo. M DIM* &«• Faltobpoor, Deo. 5. 
FOBBBS, W. A- aeiTlica pl««ed bi ditp. of G/yt. Qao. far emp. in 

Foojab, Dr. S. 
GAftBETT. R. B. ret. to datj Dec, 7, aod rcBttnetaed to Seagal 

«*.Drc. 14. 
GVBBINS. M.R. ret. lodDltDre. 7, andrtallachedtoN. W. prDT. 
Gl7BeiNs. F. P. ret. to dnty'DfC. 9, nnd rtanaelied to N.W. pro*. 
■Vdinoim, A. nt. tcrdmy Dee. 7, aod nMtadRd t» Bmal Mrr 

• ' aMfoB. ofa^t. DM. aad da^solL Doc. .10. 
Hamptoh, R. ret. to doly rrdttaoktdita Bmc«l>dtT. Bra, 7. 
•Makkmom, E. p. lop. 9*ah Ibr f«b. •»«. aM. to Bw«al div. «r 

Hodgson, ft. F. eoU. of MoMdHdabil, na. «b. of oB. fr. Bani- 

•OD, Dec. 5. 
J*«E^^ W..B. Id^ajimL of U't. deifBQBTi Ac. ia Cnkutla. 

. of off. 

jtlTi:^ . . _ __ 

JmimtHf, B. P. aaat>^iBV<a»d eott. af Tiiboot, 

pa«. Dec. I a. 
Jmmambahd, J. matad niCh pen. of « d*. • 
.-iMriM, Dm. 7. 
l,ocB, G. iDBdF ov. eh. of collect, of Bbaognlpore to Raikei. 
I.ITSBINOTON. C. H. m. oh. of off. of (upctint. of Du>ailiDg fir. 

Bjror. D^. 11. 
^ACUAAop, C. W. to ke u aist. to bbk. aad wll. at Iha H p«- 

(Bnnabi, with pow. at a jt. man. and dep. coll. Dec. IS. 
BfAtiiBTOSM, Coll. of Rotdwaa, vade ov. ob. of aC to W. C. 

Locbvr. Drc. 31. 
UcCblebt, W. tooSe. aajt. mag. Jui. of Meerat dar. abi. of C. 

GnbWu, Dec. 7. 
UlHa. A. J. U. nt. to dut* Dr*. 7, mtd natUfbad to Baofal 
• »., D«. H. 

MOHCETOH, H. to be an aaat. in Beoaru dii. Dec 7- 
MVMV. G. C; lo off. aa piac- «iid cdU-.ot Cawopoce dui, i.\)t..ot 

MoiUod, bee. 3. 
MnaranTTiJ. B. made «t. ^ of lob. dl«. of Kholoa, to F. I,. 

it.iiiiJt. li^d'Jep. cATI. Of Deblee, Dte. 1. 
U9C. to BiBg.;wid.coll. ofCawnpore, toci. pon.of 
f. coll. Dec. 3. - 

lAc. aa aag. «ad coll. of HvaiMrpare, d«r. wbt. of 

Peanlort, Dn. 7. 



a jiid. of an 


iVCnaoT, &c. dur. aU. 
mag. tf Ka(asbT«''a>*^ <»' ^- ol a^- *B Hn. 

BoBIMSOti, P. H. 

of B. 3k)kr. 
Shawe, M. a. G. bb^. of BaekergmiBP, made 

Tatlok, J. tsbea 
Tcciaa. F. to be ai 

jt.ioM>'aBd^..caU.hUappita.Tii|H*flt. 4K- ( 
TtLEK, 1#. H. roQffic. oa 4t<<>' 'o licut. gov.. 



WfLnm, G.'D.vffie.-eon. Wldoapore, wdde (rr. cb. «r bb tttC- 
BOtT to O. Bright, prrp. to proo; M ioterlor of hta diatrtet*. 

WiLaoH, T. taaacd with paaaan of a dap. coH. tn Baana lS*> 
trlEt,DM.7. , 

Wooococs, E. E. jt. mag. and dep. coll. of Fnbna, rte. ch. ofoff. 


Hoflo.'P. F. Dae. T. 
JVLOcaoir, A.J. Pe«. 7. 
MoBBis, Q. G. D«o. 7, 

BiBD, P. M. Dec. J, 
filLiDTT, p. B. Dec. 7. 
Hammond, H. W. Dee. 7. 

Abmstbono, H. 3 uo. 

Aa,v«i.t. U. G. laBH can*. 

Bluht, W. Bsit. to mag. and coll. of Cattack, 3 mo. on m. o. 

Baf o«, J. Q. • no. 

Dice, A. a mo. lea, on m. c. 

Egebton, P. H. to Boglaad, oa ■. c. 

FLBTCBBft, G. C. a so. on ip. e. prep, lo Cape W Good Rtf*. 

Gabstih, C. 9 mo. prrp. to Cape of Good ndpeioBin. e. 

Oran't, J.'I mc, ... 

tmn»,mr.t»imti,ommit^ ■■ ■ . • lu , : .. 

Latocb, E. ISdBfi. 
Xo««BKA>, B.J, I Maa 

MOHOAH. R. B. 2100. 
MOKLANO. E. H. I ■». 


A^OINTWeHtB. fliC. ' ■ ■ ■' 

BouaTEAD, Her. J. chaplain of Lalioit. leaTC cmicAM. ' ■ 
«Airt<m,'ReT. "Fi A. i«. ft-, tali: pi. at dhp. of He*t; p». of'W. 

W. prov. Dec. 1*. 
HERmiAN, Ra*. J. C.tobejwa. mtaUtenfT St. Aadrew'a'ciniTeb, 

CalBotia, Dee. 9. ^ 

KiDD, Rev, J. T. D. to be aec. to mil, orphan society fr, Dec. U. 
LnscBi.L<B, Bei. U. chaplain of Ciiwnpore, 1 mo. leave of abienee. 
Sloooitt. R'V. C. u.a. chiip|. ofBc. at Wnieenbad^a^. a *«• 

rogate for grau'lngt tptsc. llcCneeB of marrtsgei. 
Waleeb, Rct. R. O. chaplain of Ai^a, 1 mo. hh-n Of ilnMte'. 

, IMILITARV, ' ,; 

AKPBBaoN, Capt. G. G. 15th. N.l. lo offlc, M maj. o( brlf. of 

Wml Runr di»t. Dec. 5. ' 
Andbrbon, Eo(. T. C. to raok fr. Aw- 17, 184g. 
Anoelo. MbJ. H. 34(h N.I. fetomed to duty, Dec. g. 
Apthobp, CH|.t. C. 4UtN.I. rrtumrdtodoty Dec. 8. ■ " 

Bakeb, Ens. T.N. tornok fr. 8f pt. 20, 1949. 
Battini. Eoi. W. a. to rank fr. Sept. 30, 1M9. 
BecbEb, Ens. V. W. 2nd Eur. reg. to be Iteot. fr. Nov. 15, 1M9, 

V. VicAry, ret. 
■ri.BAVBiBii, Ueot. J. 3nd Enr. rrgt. to «e cBpt. fr. Nor. 11, 

1MB, V. Viciiry, rel. 
BnooanAH, lai Lient. T. att. retotnpil todoty Dec. 9. 

Campbell, CiHt, W. G. 90thN.t.'appi.n oaj. afbirif- DeaiU. . 
CAoaiBVB, LiaBt. J. r. 3nl M.I. toM a4i- to- BhangalpMra UU 
.aaagara, «. Dos. 
Cave, Ueut. G. N. 3lat N.I. to be 2nd in aora. of Sylbet L.I. 

Chalmers, Eoi. R. to rank fr. Srpt. 7. 1H9. 

Cheat, oinj. rem. fr. NeeoinchtD UBbaUah. 

Cbbahe, CHpt. H. In*, tit. ret. to daty, Dee. 8. 

Crichesteb, Coraee Hoa. 9. A. /. to rank fr. Jidy 80, 1M0< '' 

CRBisTiAH.Eni. H. U. with Slat, pBWed'tO'68lh N.'!; piM.lto 

e. S. 
CoLi, Llent. T. I9t 


:. fr. Deo. IC, 1S4«, ta ■ 

Coatun, Ma}, Ji. B. k^.-aal. perm, to nnda si ptea. ioitcad of 

Simla, prep. In i^p. for tarl. to Europe. . , ... ; 

JQa VI KB,. Lieut. J. S, jun. aaat. nod off. |9t. clu> aHt. in Sing' 

bbnom, aB<um. ch. of off. D'-c. 6. 
De TaiaeiEB, Eat. L. M. S9U> bHi.o))^. fr. Nov. 30, lS4f, 

V. Scntt, dec. i .^-. . ■ ■ ■' 

Don, Brev. ci^>t. W. G. 43rd L.i. to be eoiqmt. ol hill nugara, v. 

NaBlet«B, piou. . 

Eden, Em. P. G 39th N.l. to be lleat. ft..Noy..:2s,.iaMI> in toe. 

EtiEBSOH, Lieut. J. off. jua.atJt. taagtat.nt.StuV''°'V> a"ii°i^d 
Caitbful, I^ut. G. MSU(Be4ch. of diit..of4ei)g,lr. (>pt. S. 9- 

Tickrll, Dec. 7- ' ■ :}: ■ 

pANaSAiPi, Capl. R. W. H. nt Ev.fn*. r<|karprjtodatf, Dec.* ■ 
FakUeb, MhJ. C. 31sl N.l. tr«n. to inv. eitab. fr. Dec,.l. js 



^».k ft. Not. isJ'«««^f,«fiiS®ffi'^ 

Ombam, UraL col. J.Jr.'miSifUkh N.I, ■><* ordcn lo pro*.! 

H«U>ANI, UMt. C0l.-£lV ir?(6o0(t<d«f ^. i 

HAM,C3Mt-A.»tliL.C. rcfinn.Mant.lmital dfft. plK«d| 

.. JBVIT, Col. A, Q,B. Stod NJ. phff ffin , -_,, 

Uvm, Conct C. J. to imBk <NW|^4b;l}Afl<l'ia °> -f^t ■'■ 

luiw, Ueot. J. A. 6etk N.I. to ba tatcrp. aad t 


,a^rtlMiiC.,fbJl..a;iiUd.lasi ----- 

Tatlob, Ural. coL T. H'.-fcf&^^HlVtt. to dotr. Dm. tl. 

Tatlob, Eu. R. T. »*-diTdWf Ma'9Wi N.I, ' 

>l l|MMt«4to«MiiIKi(flf>MJt« ■"■' 

TnoMrtOH, Bnr. Unt. col. W. J. t 

i»<<fc*-'"i -Q.M ,J .y. m." .f--* .^uum 
,aE««tWHi;KUtHWcpl*e..ft..»MMdBt«,M^< i.:'/. ,^<><if..a 
Tbobnton, IJcat.ccd.S, I^fr. 70Ui to jm N.I. t»l|Mpaito 

Tdlloch, Edi. a. Mth N.I. to be UnMUHllMu)! U4» 

r?ipti.*e«,aiii-'f'iKiio(jiirfji .il .S.J .* .s'U' .'"A .jjaimiiS 
TcBTOW, C»pt. J. ari N.l. tor«t.ito,li<t>»«D»ni8faq m l.y. 

9liUfH»awt.jei4Nii.AdlU<t«M>U<)ttMi .jiut .loA .aainO 
VAHftBMIH, Eoi. A. D. toMiAft. J^tT, 1MB. "oqa^eO »„ 

0Vtak4bn>4dMt.''M.'«A'«|ll;rVe^ pft^MM!«B«UpVtfa 

. lo iuL-io Dbnw ihruiiii s»iqniB« '.soil oT.cijua 

lit lirat A. wt. lit. *t8lit*l*M?ft» : »i™- '''■■i-'^ ^ 

Toiixs,CmI. K. Mth N.l. w» to WMJ tyft M mq wi M W - 

.eq£o» tit C(u lelV.dB .biai . m at . m .3 .T .ainS .aaTaiu>a 
:3«nllilK)ia In .Its .IWd lUS 

„«__^ „ ^V«fcSi*«to«toiJ«fcp«.-K*MKJi«KiV«. 

.iiFUU Ifi i<B ol b!« .bim JanfcsunA .1 ■Bint .J«*A ,«Aai!-ja 

■tfJlW.irttt^&'Wl'IBrf.'Ioi'' ■'">MieHl.e?Ti«^-«^''^* 
.bju ,ie> boa .dnotnidD ol .aoiq M rw .1 .y m ,ti*A ,«a iisTaj? 

CATALBT. i .?!>([ .dgilsb ■ W .ifa 

Danibll, C.A. IMlJ8v>^a.<i[.|,i4alni^il<H.-Mfc«?a*'^| 

oattqsnqMbWC MbM1>'» ■■'1 ■•«» -T -l ■*■■'•» •>"'■ .n^-'oaa 

.e .iM ,nbBi1 lu*»H 

)(3.eui l.c .b9« .BfloJ.I.K (tW*.JlJ(-3 ■<■ ■»"« It't^ ■" ""■'O 

jB^hi'I I. ,,.^»IW'.)J« J--' l>a« .1 '^ '■"« »" 


J bia .[.-,11 

11 Hull IWI II iT ami MTfito iMgltiyN ■waUXgll 


,am<hik^ lf4iil.ilcpf.bpia/IM4UiW*i.a)^Ga«rU^f, WlaMc. 
— .vrfiBtt.4nc»M«.iabuaabiis nilul/. ■T^mi-.'^'i.jJ ; ^...Ji^JTl 

]««■*««, En. m.mmm &dSvt.ii«tiMtt.jD9ui 

1'Moto(Ui4ill*id.<tt>|0ill'to«UMoi4M Uf.4Bda 

. £it»-Amki^-'il .T ,r .J;.a .rt .-.lii^oi id ut .lol-.T ,1 .J .fq. 
.»»ffiliveatJfabi^th « lhJr ^ dtjitoiiq>bKdtt' *«EuMtl«hw-i 
.tluli^oreb'Bbn'Vial ol ,JC .dU <>I iii' ..i:>a .^inv,> .iq^-.i .>»— 
IWAoti'eaptl'SbAI MUt«.I<ttairad ta«ilmi3»eJ.M. >.'i..I.a | 

Sahbat, M^. W. H. UBd N.I. nt. to datji, Bft.D!^ -^^ -""i- : 
BlBftBLL, M4. W. Bud* olll lai. of oC. ol >Mt. snatal. ta^ 
•opp. ol tkanco la P^attmKOD LwUoctoo, alta «< BcM 
. ■Utioagdi.toLkBt.a. ndyCMeT,a7tliNJ.Dte.3l. 

BiFLiT, Sal. E. P. W.Unafcrr. Jatfao, IHMiU .Url>i>» 
SoBBiMB, Bm.M«iaCMbdh|d^[KIJt* dkiMi>«tadtii«*JBhi 
~~ "MI.AlM<rtllM]aLl ~- 

KowcBOFT, HaJ. p. lit N.l. nt. to ' ' ~ 

R»OT, Liml. 0.«QuA^itelaaJMklHa. 

iislniptir.jii nl i'in .bim lir »; ,iii 

BOBHir.H^. G..;MH«UiaH«>ilr..iDM.-'lll4dffWr'- >J)|fi , 

ml Laadoar « m.e. , ■" ' ""' ~ oTaw?™ 

GWATKIH, Capt, C. RiloK^' 

NOMDH, Lk«t. ML IT Wth N.Ih l.j«ai fr. NDr.-'nr,''«PlSLtil 

blSHlBipiiMj rtt.! 

•n)n,UtBt.Ml.«;^V?«.W4tf«>tb«MI'fttf!- '''-''^''''l ' 

ol ntojmma -'f'T.). •.iT7b^-:^^r^,.,^«,nr^ 

Rob*, 3Bd liMt. W. A. ait te Kww, a 

eiiBBwiLi,, Gift. *.miitttvtfrKmkiS£i;i ^ "^ ^ * .»a 

rt»ia ia UII* aorth of DofnA, OB a. rf'' " '''' "' '• "■■ -"i "i 

TktCb, CaJM. H. , _ 

wiBTON, lABiTttit. r. e.'vrcs. im'V.'Rwil 
;w«ti«a, M iww.'-tv"i*rB«f.'M.'(r«a<i«<. » 

WiMMi, UrL obi. R. W. e.k,«Mkllfl 



j#»H<itfrK T i 

.-J ,iil^Wf^>Ml MUIM. _ 

Sk^on, Ami. wrf. J. V. m.d. to Mod. dk.~ «P MUrtewWr. 

.SI*(JrfIlwfc;ij. 1 ,Jt.I.a.o .l.W .[<■■, .tu-.'.-.T,'[ ,^.i,-iw .|,T 
BOSLI, Am. nrf. A.L. M.B. roiU«>kt,lMlt'tAl.4«1M«*t I 
X«TMIt, Aut. ■M%}lK)UMlMM,A..irali.'4«f 1«I»;>««9H«A, 

:J«*«M«lai •l-"< Jt^V M muT .il .J .fi .lus.JiiiU .«..t>:hohT 
Sdcu-b, AMt. nrg. a. B. ut. to aff. sad. aU to MK'^ridr'tWk 

tiWbj>r.b<i».^i^foiiitt.rtW«> I 

irtibitf artfrt hot art. M d«> u JtaMi At (Wv;17« WtB 

t.j^ tti,ffH--«A««(.!^ 

I>MMM;»UA^«t?aMKUUMIMIWL<ii M^atf^M tor. 
DniraiAk,AMtOTf'-AnMb*Ki&aH. *M la nr. of DAI. 

n>>TC»ft, A«t. nn. J "-»r=»— •- "J >- — ■ ■ ' 


B«rrt FW4ac, Dm. 3. j 

OUBAif, Awt not. 1. C^MJt^ 'lajh N.I. to aff . bmL aid to *i«k 

AUaWbad ; to aaa. ai MatiMV. CawMM* ckel*. 
BAmraow, AMt. dWf^toWb&WlEo* ai^ aff. aod. rid to{ 
.uMsqw.itMftVaft.MdiNa.iatJi.liaiMtUi'^jJ .wojHAif i 

5AMMUiul«k»«W.«..n,psMkdlmiMrLe|]Ml3(»a ,.>olti I 
Jonraron, Aart. nuf . J. L.wne.ota AUMUih^ iMd»«lk of 


JUWr, AnL ««. J. a. ti.B. •>!. to *«. aod. aU to bcaAanjiaod: 

iWUviW^BUfB '^'^ r^^i— , -.. ...T- ... 

I*«, A««t. »aft. J,,' 

^^ni'Mi- ^.,^.,,,^.. . 

.*-»» l1> P.|ii| M iMllijitirt.<S*nH fl 1»ii,a-imi-l.Y'.^H»ll . 
KAjmoA^Saif. J. • ■•d.iMla4Rk>blMa4M|t. a< 

h pnpua to HBtb% ,„, no .^{"n;'! 1. : jt. ...■,' ,■■..,1 .1 

ft iaiai j , aad to««. Md. aM to eW. catah. aa*UU«t.lHtlM. ' 
Sismou, Aait. N%iai>N»J«4 Jalf hW^ fliiiirLtiiHatoM. 

dh.f^diiM|- lt>*i«.i><»'Bn;ll>%rHai-; ■' 

' " — ' " " 0tmi«fit. nt.tUkVkkJm'U 

■ iHWHW h^ftjiH in-.lo^ ....u ..... .AM 

. .- , ni Jr.. >. .^TTiTTfli.i .;).J life .A .i^jbD ,j.i.H 

n .•tatM.rJfti|.«M»Ma«b>H.aUlnt « rfb.M |ka<>li»Mll 

jr. fr. Jaa. 10 ; Capl. J. Ilaa^«ki*fcM^to«a,hA)I*M..torfOT. 

.(Mfiv.t .T .iin.ip b'<a .qt«la' ^ 0) .I.V1 rilKA .A .1 .lo^U .wj.J 

Cavalbt.— M II. dnff.— tiMt. TlaekmB.clsUl .tbdMMtls, 

bUifr^hHM*«*«-iOMMt»idfaa4itoAa4liM MqlttwtaMOrrJ 

iiil rwn i r i i m iiillnil mi Jia rm itoiifc "di ll iHiBtia W 
7tfc.l.-Mtk. Capt.TM«all,a>«.fjr.NaT.l5,MUMIHMI«n. 

LU«. Ua, a rr*. to Baafaad.-3Mh. Hqj.mjwMdiK B^ HMjd, to 
iq*Utt«»a*^MlHdBt^*44 "-^-J--" ""| — |- -- — 

and E».N«ilk,9Ba. toBoabaT,BBd9Tn,«diBM#IWpMiiM«.l 

linH. Ml. the lUwT.n*itt*aai*idt>aa«d»..aa w Mtllfc. 

anhdM»-rti. m a ri h,).a»F»'ito * i^" '' i Ui^ i'OmtMwiam, 

Nov. IS to Ja«. lM**t,M>tm «* itaMII*»««>it-«MhjiM». 
:n Mla^.<i»wt.toJ8%la<*yJM*"PiWi»«^->.»»«l^»'Bifc». 

to Xahon i Ua«UM»U Hatw Badufi«nllto,ia>to ' ~ ~ 

dia. Lbat. taHIUmfOmtlU^rai»tM}avtafi 

to Calnttotil 

to Bulaad ; l^at.WMil.npiriM 

-fc^f il»t«. okba^^tXI Mi^WiiMi 

Ca^ T. J. Tartor, to W Baior, fr. Oct. S, <.. .... 

iB dH' ' *T" W < ■h>fcddBto>ttH»l» > dmd j^f T»v-tg ilN rt««. 
— aa. Cirt. Sp>i^. Dao. » to Jaa. 31, to PnMiidiBBii^aMlte. 

■Sin.' J? a'fej'--Sis^ffl*Sii'«a-tt!fffi! 

i >UB.tef«)V •k-llli' 

BtLaoir, «lh>ieilHt>aN»fV'MHiaLI/ift 

MmAad, BfMKI .»! rid .1) iI'm ot .W . 

BMUAV,«ifiolT.i9a&ie>:N«IMiaiiM,-Brt)M.»- ^^i 
Baamub, Willi atUDuU'«e'JI.WNII»*H>LHdJoatiad*Mk*dhv 

Dm. W. .» .s^'l .^l"l< <■' .1" .I.M let ."i .t"K ,i^.'H->wvJl 
' .'u-...! .TiMiY.<t 
iCwtttfini iWu II awhifc WttlMHUd.tuaiWtoDto.iUiat 

Flll«7*lff* .-, , __,_„._., .. 

itto,bee„«„^;, ,., „...,.,„ 



WmoW, t^ABfCkiM. J. R. WMtir.-d. «VCMM>| DtCi 9J '' 

then., vlh of F. A. M. ri.«t D^hab, Dte. 13. 

Paluib, wife of Dr. C. d. at Jenore, D«. 14. 

Mmat, mitt ofSw^ A. JODudtr, Dm. G. 

RETNet-SB, Mn. C. M BnUllT, D«. II. 

Savhdebs, Mcb. J. •.« CibiiUa, Dec p. 

Tavlob, ^^lt of B. d. at S<mlN, Bet. ts. 

Xbwf, Kite at A«t. aarr. E. C. u.v. 3rS PaiiiA ear. i. at U- 

hore, Dee. 6. ' ' - 

■Cirwili, irlfenf LftBt. Hobt. leiliertn. *. tt Jtillm<er,Onv(. ' 
TiNiNG, Mr*. Wilton, >. at D*B Itow, Btc ». 
Wi*«it<B, -vMi Af V. ■. M G«ImM», Dm. I«. 
■WiLiia, Mn. C. B. d. st Cakatta. Dec, H. 
WTLit, wM of MBdnri, 1. at Catoatta. Daa. M. ' 
ita«WAU, «tr(«f-G. d. at BlMrr«, Dec. «. 
TODKO, «1A af J. A. Barkfai, A. «t Calmtta, Dee. n. 

e, d. cf JobaWataOD 

Blaki, Ed!. HeniT BevjMMv, «nif N.'l.iv Charlotte E, D. R. 
d. of the Iste J. R. &. Amiiieir,-M Dinaporv. Dto. 7. 

B>awM.CBpt.Cbvl(i«vlM»>^.l-t>Mia<rObri*tiaa, i. o( Lint. 
col. K. F. Mackenzie, at Farowpan, Dec. <«.' ' 

«>.E*Hi, D^ Id. Uliv lmi*» MattUa VaDgfaaa, Bt OahoHa, 
Dec 4. 

Cabperse, C. r. to Baelur BNiabeft, d. oT Um laU Rn. A'. 
Alexaadcr, Kt Caleatta, Dee. 13. ' 

XJ»6k»vkj<; W, to MHi Praneei EI1s)<b«(b CitAerr. 

DiTNDAB, EnaigD EJoard Tbomii*. ntk N.I. ta UMiaa AaoB 
Haiii, d. of tbaKrr, MoMHaht Beiand, RtOaMMM.TBM.T. 

«A,»iXti, B.D. toMarrFrWKsa, d. □rtbelate.Mka.fiilaaiM'eri- 
CDttB, Dee.5. 

BiCEB, Capt. Hfnry, or the ihtpli Ua-uiok, to Hlu BliBibetli 

Dk. a 

S««TD,.Lieiit. E. P.Mtk NJka LoiilM3aiM.d.ii(tha teto.Cd. 
,»uf W'^. Brt. «t,Siiiila, Jiii^ IB, ... 

Po&TEOUa, G. M. M.D. to Delia Tnrn'r, at Calcotla, Dee. 10. 

PoTHBSKr Rei. L. to LonUsi d. of -Col. Pattle,'Gd. at-Cawapare 

De«.M. . . ., . . . 
aMKBTTB, (tioT, A.ta..S*pMBVr'>>Hl«f,4.«l tha. 1«|> O. 4*c|h- 

jgfii m - C harieaitiejuRaad, to Uiu Blqwot HmtMI WW. M Bwi- 

SluruVrG. W. to Beba«iK d. of tlw late K. Marton, at .Calmtta, 

.SrsrciK^ Georn, lo.Evdlu UuU'CMtdlBe.^ati. H. R. U«tt, 
- U'Cal(r«tla^vOee. 91. 

-Vi^or, FredeAsk A>>*L-«irOMN. a«MM W. Tut N.I. at GakMtk, 

■ ' DM. 10. .' -J :i- ■ . ,. ■ 

-BSASANGA, Mr. D, C. M LnbkanW, Bf|f d BT, Not. 99. 
.■0li«ia, Secj. John, at Dlt^)ore,'B«e<I 39, Dk. 11. 

CAanit, iame; faif. «. tt tbe HtCe W. G. Cxaldr, gt C*)eatU, 
■ Dee. 19. 

CnuuB, lM*clta. iMfe or J. at ewrfnt!*', Mc IS; 

•AiT. J. M. lit LU<«<, Dm. «. 

-AMtozAuv, BeifMBla,!. nl V. .8..a»CMe«tta, agal l«, Dkc. Sk 
.■l«Ba*BiBn,.». siro'atebalM, at.ealetitW, afnIM, Smlft 
-■AUia, Jafcaaa^ «■(■ of J. A. u tMlcoMtt, aned S3, >■*. 1& - 
.SMpaBBi, B(*tM Bdwanl J, ■. •[ J. A. L. at Cak«U, uad 

n BO. Dec U. 
.Bakvbt, Mwf AoDCHthnine, d. of Sarg. W., H.M.'aJQdinBt. 
at CalruItB. nged 7 mo. Dee. 12. 

Jaffbat, Wmfim. iit Ciiluit««. aged *fi, Dtc. 9. 

Jennings, Oza, wldon of Thonui.dt Caleatta, nged 40. Dee. 6. 

Lynch. John Fote;, at Delhi, p^til 36, Dec. IS. 
.nni^ipa, Pruow A. wlfanf A. M., c.B. at CvMpora, Ko*.>. ' 

Baio, inr. t. of aarg;. A. alJulliiiider. Drc. 8. .. . 

Renin OTOH, SavullC. a. UlMauJ.C. li* H.I. «tFr»ii|t. 
Dee. IS, ., , , 

RoBBBia, JaiMi, inf. f . of E..M Dcllii. Dec 
^DOi-PB, tUUafcelh, d. ■ - - ■ 


I ltf«..A.,at.Suti#thaa, l«cd ), 

SuiTB, Lieut. W. U D„ H.M.'e 291I1, »t Wnuerabad, Not. 29- 
Shith, MntlMaCatberlBF. d. of H. at tjrabnilah, aged I. Not. 29. 
Stepney, £. M. vife ol Capt. H. D. at CaJratta. aged », Dec 4. 
VEnFLOEOH, Wm. at Calcutta, sgod 27, Dec 15. 
Wadchofb, Elltabitb. d. of 3. al H*ogfal;r< M"! *, D^ 13. 
Write. Lieut, col. H. N.I. acDalbi, Dec IS. 
WiDHBV, Ueut. ClBccace Walter, £8ih N.l. at Labon, Dae 3. 


Dec. B. AnUB ytaria, Heekford, t^naag; Itab jhy, FiBOeti, 
Champim, SutFnaon, BoEobnr.— 13. Biltain. Saei, LiBa»p»oiL - 
)S. Trafalgar, Robeitaoa, FaitamaMh ) . Aaul Mbwtt $m»^^, 
Chi>ia.--14. e<>»wgin»tf, MnHKn, Luodeai; Sina«t iBRlrtw, 
Greenock and SinufaM; ilvoW, Maan. linrpoed; fMU Jtewei, 
Andrea, Cbloa; /»(, BaBter,Ma«rillu! Sarw, YoMf , Beitaa ■ 
^t^o, MeicoD, Bsatoaiv— u. Oit rfim m, Wiltkia, UKtxf^i Al 

Browne, LiTtrpoot ; EfizaMk, Mdrt<*, Port Phillip; 1 
Bailey. Madrai.— IT. - JViBMfw, IVUta, Literpon].— ir 
Uancy, Mull.— IB. C«hbju Fami^, Durham, Chiwaa 
—39. Ittgina, Quialonv ilomt»T.->3S. Patnvt, Rickr. '- 
M. Oeiaa, figUa, Huc^ , . 

Per JtfBeAnfer.— Mt*. and Miea Fbrrrtk. 

Per Mol Jttf.—tl*. A. Slephea. ' 

Per .^fincourf.— Mrs. HToe Bnd ehiM, Mr*. Wltberrveb MM * 
cUldrm, Mn. Hooper. Mr*. LaaiV. Mr. Honper. Mr. l«nbe» 
Meun. C. and G. Devinner, Mr. M'lntotb, Mr. Cripp., Mr. C«- 
■eni, M*. Sotomom. Front the Cape o^Gdod Hope.— »r».'*rf 
Miss Laoz nnd 3 chlhlren. Mrs. Walker. Mrs. Al'imtdrr ml t 
«MMr«B, Mn. Baj* bbA 1 child, Mr. L*nf. Mr. WMtkrr, ^W0K 
Boyd. Mr. Tamltner, Mr, Taylor, H.Ms.'BSrd; Mr. AleBBsder, 
Mr. HBT«a a>d OblM, Mr. PeBh<e, *nd Mr«. Renaldi. J 

Per fl^xHMfB.^Mr. (ySNnAf haeMy. 

Per Jpyoat.— Mi*. UaWe and chUd. ' '_ ' 

Per Oaai^l.— Mr*. Bmpbpnron and 3 children, ■ 

IkrGatlnf.— Mn. CbWtMta-NMA^KInn, Ht. 
AcMldrea, Mra. «Bngel«ad fl chUdreB. 

Per fiellntre.— Mr*. Ben. 

9er- V r ^ m l ftr , Mm. Kamtm, Mr* •eaflnoat ; . 
■oot, Madraa army ; R. F. Sluk, eiq. ; Uc9*Tt. T. W. 1 
T. W.BcAha. and C.T. Owen, «diU; Mr. Cbb-. 

.FcrJhyid^Jtvf.— Cast. Da*l*, Mn. ai^ Miia Daiii. 

Per Colliaovaoi.—iini. Mollton, Mrs. Hontb, Capt. H."V. 
Bowtib.VMJtMadrrgt.; QeuU. A'.' W. 8. F. ArtaHroBf,''^m 
W. T. McGrrRor; Eoalgns G. A. ElUott, H. H. Jon», bBSM. 
T. MUi^, H.M.'sTStk prgf; ; — PoHiet, nq^ BJE. ; t. C.CMH, 

iPn .^170.— Rrrd*. R. Coolie aad iaity and J. PoMcraad 1^. 

VtrJtaalreor' " — — - ■ - • - — ■— 

D. Tapley, ewi. 

Per Qnr^iiu. — nr. oanoBMB. 
» Per J>ata»m.-'-Mr. StoKbever, Mr. WilHaaaoo, Mr. lapH 
Hlllwitebt, Mr. C. D. Bro-dr. _^ 

Per Onrof^ flWiffu.— Kin. Agalng'and hnfly, Mn.WhMK. 
MlaaeaMitcheltaBdM. H. Dnrtmai.A. n.-GalrtlD,efq. aDdH;0. 
Mnlehwf, «»iji ■ ' 

Per ^dfrint.— Opt. HntcKMHn, Mr Themfoo. Wn. H lf*Wtat 
«i««<IiIMrd, sadMn. Hodyt. ..J 

Decs. Aritt, Burt, diina: fa^a, Matif(9eM, Haottthftl. 
Arriw, HenrrtBDe, Chlaa 1 HKanimA, Bamet, Bonbay ; B<flBi 
J/arji, Len!e> ManrlHas.— 10. Caaajm, Rntreti, LiTCirOaf} 
Sfnnn ftay, Blnidalr, Lircrponl ; Electric, Donglw, LiTrrpoal. — 

13. C'Drvannnd, Nnnaan, Londnn; Campa-dvim, Drnoy, Lnndcb 

14. France, Amoatl, BfOrhon.— iS. ifaty Am Joh'srrt, lohnvtdfc, 
Briatol.— 16. Frnawt Wottn-,' Hay, Lonflnn.— 17. Iw, Shepfccid, 
Penang; ,1!IM. Walker, Madras and Boinmy.— 18. Wittnlty.kmtir, 
London and Cape.— 19. finis ^Ke, Tburlta, Mamititn; Jtaja* 9 ^ af , 
Shsrp, Singapore • W(f <if S/omfw, Brow, Clyde. — SO. Ml*, 
Saunden, Penang nBd SSngnpon'; jlmraf, Kttnae, ^la gBp BWlfa 
3t. AnacHa, Maiden, Madraa and Colombcr. 


PerBurAint.— Mn,younghusbaniland4ohildteB,Mr>.Co1.CM«>V 
3 Mieaea and Matter Oliver. Mn. Wilmei and child. Ura. T. 
Taylor and 3 children, Mrt. Plyter and 3 children, ai d 3 of Br. 
«oad'a cbildren, Mia. SirinlnD and 3 diildreti, Mr«. Wilaon «Bd 3 
children, 3 Miiaea and 2 Mastera Drake, Misi Kenu, MaaUx Mad- 
den, Miu Pagan, AUiiMcClerJy.M iuWarucr.cJ.Mn. Lnmh.lfaipr 
loDcc and 2 Masters Aleiandrri Dr. Simmoov lady, and J .i3^U 
drfn.Mr. andMn. Mahon, Miai B<ake, Capt. and Mrs. Moliottl*, 
andMr. and UrB..Ratrliffe and 3children, 

*er Ef/cnJoTBUjft.— Mrs. Marahhl), Mn. JcUicoe find two chil- 
dren, Miai Staple! and Mlas C. »apln. Mn. Tinoit and S.AI1- 
clrrn, Mrs, Perkinaand 4 ehlldren. Mm. Rowlatt* and 1 child. KM. 
Charlton. LWt. eol. Marahall. Muier Daalwr, Mi. Caatheri.lJb. 
Gcoma Oman, B«t. Ui, PatUat, Hr. UnuD, aad Mr. Banr. -• 

GOMMKBCIAL. r ,, '7 

Calatla, Dtt. 35, 

Tranafer Stock Paper A ' 
BotabaySpecoeDt. , 

Old Sicca 5 do. aecordiD( 
New Co. '»S do. 

Bangal flaak (Co.*B Ka. *jaw) 
Agm BatA (Co.'a Ka. BM) 
M.W. Baak <<aB.'i'ltw M»t .- 


SmmSUtw Ca.'sRfcUH B to 104 1« p.lMM.«k 

dtaatMdBan Ifl 3 .. Ifl B Imtm-wI. 

cEUDoit 13 > .. 13 B r^""* 

SfU^bDoHua 330 10 ..331 <'To,.u)a> 

MniuD ditto S» .. S30 a fP""™* 

SonnigD* 10 II .. 10 »(1 ^ 

mfiuaoUMaban .... MS., !• v Vbkh. 

OMOMMotan 91 9( .. 31 aii 

■■•i^BitWMalai.llRUlMllR B«APo»»Bni. 

faht, aodNMy DilUBt3dai>. I'- lO'- ^ >*> 10*<^ Amw^ 
aJuh^MitofBrediV U.-ll^ to Uw.Ul<L 

(bataUDB* are. to tomdon, 31. IT- it- ta «t. St.; to Limvool, 
3)1 to*, to St. 17*. 6d. 


•OtrBnt-rnAm MMtM hdM te'eontMit tOMfnWetMr 

the exMrienee of put generation* can taaM Mm Imw tv aM 
«fa|M<k We &a*« Htfeefto p(niitc«'*« the m« wtrtefa ther 
ifitfJfiMtnfer, antf aaaiht to dMnnmtrale tklWIroI «gn- 
cAnnl •eh«mn, and feaion oT'Iabowi «« wmiTd noar (kfn 
dlqwt their nt«ittt«n to fcMJUe pinn oF aincli*>ati)Ti. 1>«it 
taft^ Hes, thiD, in tiie mtmAmion of neir mannfiwtarea, and 
Ok hap H wtBWiC oTlkM* llitlj known-M rtw HindM, where 
thrleMaf end«*««wn«aM ba ahMMt esrlMttdf (twtr o«ir, 
«tMt tbeir aptitude for acqnirmg knoirhdRC fte made- prartaAiM 
ottle happieac renrta. Wbat ahMld-MndtMlw-eMBMtlhMtnt 
oft'potten'. 1*'' esample,— tiT Wf notlinj of MMpan-* ■*-- 
mtfcfiK Che eomfnieitim of tnina lor giMding Sonrf and 

"MffiWi Che eomfnieitim of tnina lEir giMding - . 
^■ii* Sir tlrrathniK padd;? The uiccwa of IV. Hiint«r> 
Idnfan fiasahOTTD, Vroinl'aVqueMtiiT), that pottery of rft km^ 
fcotn tbe ODOiEaonML to Ibe fnett porcet^, nta^bc made wicli 
liie BUerials fotniahed in the- hit)* lying in rbt itnmedUte vicinUr 
tf Ibdraa. The co>t in the ilwpe of oiitlar i* ■ mere tiiUe,— ■ 
gmu of R*. 4 eOO having Inen feond anlTicieDt, vith the aid of 
IWI MiliiKI n^ea, to ettsMMt the works and tOnr ■'le nrpetnei 
«( adfpMinMBa orer ■ pcriotf ofttave yean. M tJie variow 
pn S m t of tMi rntercRing bnrneh of hidDitrr, oeenpadoH may 
befMnittlirtllemosr ttflned aHtFir uld tbe Ibwmt Mnd of Ja- 
btrar. liie native chattF* and the Drraden vaie are Kpatuted 
bjtninld ctnturiea of InrenfUnr and periev«tinK trial, and 
wKSn Ae Riodu reioluteiy adheres to the rude methods of his 
fiaiftiken, the £a>t Indian has it in hh power to acquire in- 
^0t laOcieat to enabte bin Xo practice tlie bigli etforts ot 
Xmmp^ in. 9«cf> ia tl« cmHiootu titent of the denund for 
y dte ff . tbaC we an coaWneed cooatanl eimployment trf a lucra- 
titskmd mighc befonndflirhaDdredliof tbean«mplored in [his 

T CA«ir«Tre,— The .^Mbwaal say* that pafl- 
_. . .11 B»» e t ee n aenr W t l i e i uip ert*! leylalatBre, riRtied'hy the In- 
IiMtana of Madras, pttT^iiK that the law whfeh pFoteets the 
NVwaub or the fanatic from the prosecution of his creditors 
irilK be repeated. 

CSia]»iaicr.— The Mnlhu ZJiUlal Serviee GasOfa states that 
de-guTCimnent of Ui«t Preaidencj have discolored a canepimcy 
aMWD( the UahomedanB to massacre a!I the Earopeanc. and 
tiuT ate plot WBi onlrtFTCalAt tlhrough the fitielity n( sane 
aepojK "ntMiat-ta Sfimabr, bcnfever. snppnea a sonle^rhat 
b^ darmhig version of the affbir. It appears chat certain oSera 
were aiDde to the aepi^ but it ia i»t yet known hy whom, 
lithaagb [be elue to the affair has been in the hands of the 
gorenuaeot lor some-days. TTie whole story looks very apocry- 
jiMf and ttnteaa Hahonirt Ohome hns lost his senaes, vre 
c^totcanCRveanyniinir* ontbepartof tbenrassulinaiipopara. 
taJISB Ibr ai>y ontOreak. It Is much more pvobabte that the 
>Air oriEinued in some personal <iueslian, and the aggrieved 
■ Wthongbt tbemttlvea of Crying the infldefity of the 

jr Coouni— TIfeSf adnra t^dfedSeniict fJazttts 

-MHaa- the following notice, which has been isaued at Pondi- 
d»rry:— " MM, C. Cbatelferand S. De Soui» wifl furnish ves- 
aiia in lb* roads with coolies for the i«land of Bourtwo, in tile 
«ij|hr of entry, « H*. 30 a hevl, which sum wil [ cover all ez- 
fMMiOf CBbKifattlon.'* tfo stipulation of any kiml Willi reKHTd 
ta tte trsMment of ttM coolies ia even attuded to, and MM. 
QtMiarBiid De3<Hm appear ID r^ard tke trauaetioa at a 
■li^W— nil iif pnrchweamtMife, in which ho one bnt tbea- 
*dR)i at their eiKtomerria 'maResTad. 

r atteodant at TdB- 

Thi Bbio ThamoM Mttcayk was tecentlr stranded in the Hk- 


.._>*as« bf C^H, 

** Iatcflia>*a foeiasd from th* 
etafty. dM<« 3cd DMWnber, ISt». 

"ItlatapoNed tbM the pinita*t having cut off a merchant 
veaael, seat to Capt. Daniella, of Ibe Seminatii, stating what 
they had dooe. He innnedialBly *w( two of his boats in pur- 
suit, which were dealaf «* kavww b*a« fceaalmed wheu clme 
upon the pirates." _ 

^»>8aa> N.I. <*«e>M aartveat Mhow oa Dec 2L 
fluMCnfta^— Wah*lieve*at charges af » grave nabM , 
h^_ b_a~ m^tn im ■—iiiu ■ small ottcat beloaging la the 40tk , 
' the cnjoyaieul of tha 
ibarged. We 

N.I. who has for i , — — t . - 

inMIII bs^Mlilli iT Iha vberiff of Madtaf. He ia cbari 
Iwifam-aiBaag elhw ihiaga, with not bavioft rented 

- laailftiaeof itowaida uiin ny a ter 

'i(h .hanng averred,, (a the danuga 

L diMiD|ui4ia4. 


}>■>» of OoracnDMaa. ' < 

SlK'Uaaiuin— HinHteaaa* that Ikw Cawtaf Direelwa 
laM Mb*** to al^M> Mt. Mael*#a to Matn to Indian wbictt 
ipHaMTta ba Mstonomttte ■ disnisMl twntha aervice of ite 

• •taM baMiBB-Ax a 

iaBta> by ssM«g 
out. —AtiienaKm, Dte. fiO. ' ' - 

THa47w N.I. »«rcM »W«1 , BITOW OIT (Kb I5th B««r.,;tti 
rMf* to SedjiideniliaiJ. 

Snirwaacii.— Twodiaastrouiihi p«T» eti hact ocnwred f Dec.1 9) 
to tM ni>TthWhM,otl theKady»*MaatyorteofUieni,the /V^CfW 
ifoynt atlentled with tlia loai of nuny Eurtpean tlvea. A crofd- 
in^ to Ihe' JafHeiilar* of rtie cata«itiiphB gfven by Copt. BWen, 
the shiu tndkttru x^a* driven on shore in a hurricane at iheubove 
date, to the south of MunaoarcottaB, anB thd PHnensHOyafwar ' 
wttcketf soon ^r 'o 0* aoM'h of Sotiapwe- Tte laitcr vesW! ^ 
went to pieces in the outer serf iioraediaiely on iHlkiogi the diief- 
mate being theontf European saved. - < i 

Inekvni GoeM^An aMiato In Ae Mairat Jtkaaim, uo.-'^ 
femnMelr too-Waf lai eaamet. eaMaiw aoina awusuig atatiMiea . 
of the U*«l**m Ceiirtar Madn*. Tbe. loUl uiouDe of d^t. 
infMtrd by th* ndivMuals discharged (H>m that refuge for tlif ^ 
d«witoito4ir*«tb« Iwt.ten. moMiis i* Ka. l.l,«370, and tha , 
foUowinf alullxlly greduatod' list shew* the diitareuc uroporuoof , 
ID whioh U ha* !>■*» iwucre*:— " TwaWj-eiBlpt. Ewepaawi ■ 
divide »*«• theneelve* Ra, 0t71,»».«f w'Mch a little UMa.; 
tb^hyt, i> lahea hr»-lateBMibai(i( OMBoaidof Bewaiaar, 
AaellMt asa^ ii i n ■ - n«M.whe*» triiing stKiil aaaouau U 
He-fiftflSa. A liees y MMa kemMr oocuptcs the next plweia. 
p«)M et iMMar. mA balfs Uromtr le Ksi 45,105. A cuupJs b«. 
eewBisaiMs s^M* Mtow, wtww united bofianings r*M:hed.. 
R*.30,189i TwoeaptaiNB ibBse respectively Bs. SIJdTU. and; 
fta. WfiV&. An ot^rW the aaiM tank d»|Bi*«e4 >l>< swviov 
liflMl Ba-MiieO iietorc tw tede the arai|,. gi)od.night. said 4 
veterinary sMgeon id ihe UIm pre d ia* *M nl, wap eoutent vMb 
lU 1%9M.V Thia MtrBM is an epknnM tA tudian^ertaQk. 
A nian'a importance is no> eafiwssnd, ae wieeofMa tke aataiB,; 
BngtaA IV 1^ anaeiiw. ef kt* pwiperty, hat by Ihe eeeount 
ap^M bia* in tbe U<A-ail bank lieeU IleiaylK ■> iMlicn' 
tion of elevated feeling in Indian society tiial evtrv man i«^ 
candid enough to acknowledjie bift debts, hut we doubt very 
much whether tlie hebi(r«f ,ha*atina at thatn, irbich is so com- 
intB, teed*' id rriae tbn nanl beft>g,aa Sm tM« of K«iMli 
e«ptMaUlhy.~/'rMBi ef Mim. 

■■I r*cc»i» rxiMK Kihirr. 

Fort St Gearqi, Not. 27. — Wfth reference to par*. 4 (rf- 
O.O.O., 81th October. 19*9, the Right Hon. the Governor in ' 
Council directs that cl-aims on account of Europeans of the ' 
Hon. Company's army to share in the Ueccan Prbe Ptmd, ' 
shall cease to be taken hy committees from the 31 it Decembe* ■ 
next, and that after that date tliey be received tiy sution staff . 
and commanding officers, to be referred for the seoction of tike 
Hon. the Court of Directors. ' ' 

The period for committees asseitiMed under tlie provisions iff 
tBe' abov* O. O: for tha inveMlgiitfon Of ehdMa- on account «? 
nativesiantendedtotheSlst July, 1850. -' ' * '' 


4i.f^Bjr» mmi^Ti^Mm4. 


plTTlr'ilMncfM f^nng. fiMentir' 

Fori Si. Gtorgt, i>k. 4 I^ 

been brought to tht nbiic*. |i) „ 

Uunind diibanemenU Jham;.,keffi in«<l0i«ti>«(i«M 

fkmn tbe fiDes lericd ander llw G wieral Baur Regulatiow, the 

Mention of offieen eommvrinigi in Milled to hi 

. . I BUrct"$ft77^/7t,,nd lh< Right Hon. 
the Geiremor in Ce^iiiifLl| Byicf^;^ro^iiliiM,,"l(^,Kf7W''>W "W^f 

or G. O. O; SDtb 
the Goremor in 

coun-mirtial beU «(l>liMiMiB,ofrjiiin*r^ SowJ-, MIB,iiM' 
c<MitAil 'br ■ajotitwMK^Utiilli «.' BeW 'iwa W'f^. «Mi aii' 

i%Miute«i»MM<ii|JoiMiivvi>^-<- '^ ■1''"' ■■'-' i'i.-'v: 

diKlplIne, In hiTHis M MuU^-Bof ek 80. I6W, m oOmi 
eooMBandir^ tbe F. coap^'OM^^J- ntwiMd tlw hmi of Cix'i 

'««. ,«g(lw>iNlflr .*icnRm.'iI3i: lifftlMMlmlMkaM 

wend* '.SaUbatovM«*f MdMlcYdPU 4riMniAl>il ^tienui/ 
■Bd wbich 1^ nun be IttuddlnnlJlniMpplied to bh own me;" 
mndlb* Court And (bmt HtfWWWU;,"" '— '" 

iSt^MMMMl in tbt d 


iui oAccr 


.a.»5a .badi.. 

Lient Heniy B*II, y<M hare.bMtkacqultted of Ibat Mrt of At 
Atft iropntioc "eOfMnctuntHMnvtbecbaneterof uoAccr 
•nd a gentleiiMa,*' and abo fl(^ tai)4i|lMifcJM«it.n£Mi|M«iftii 
Ii0irc*er, tbal IoMMidcT[lto<JP«a ayiMlaM 

• depoutof Rt. 98, toibe'tfcsl « 
diwAtred tbe NfioKntal aMA"* 

«i»iifa*w «k«!b«ufi'<)p a»yii 



maoey-uuDiii' hand* fiir remtttaMce 
-.^unidiM afeltoiaMV aifh^ andp 

ApiHab't EutUr, and all owfaw to the MOal 
oa mar part. -1M«0#tlWr|oMiiW*>M 

inibBoar*Mi " 

iiMioa, wnd Wwairti'iirtif tM'te^^m«^t {"qHuafwyAtfi 

w Mtntl any npetidon a*^Mmr»aJtif&rm^t>' 
_rto#Mramlr. liballeM«aB3rnv'di|»t«inueMiehlnMne- 

froa MKtt. Md will TJ«mt«i«WA«Kjl'<*4 

Lteot U.Beiriobe wlwud >■■ miwi. and Ktnntohit 

tatj- .JAI0AHKMO3 

And ■ Qaorlart, 

eoort-mutial held _. .».._ 
Uent. J. PBM,-MraMAa^J 
tbtt—Var di 


nMnniiiit tha 4MDiitt|r>0f 

'■"iiw"4»w" ""f "i«oi"SM« 

BcbrTi M tbe night at 


and ailiiBiT ( 

tf a iirriMW giiMd; W'lrWWgtbt(4l<»lwn..whete«M»i< w i 4 t«a 
W I-Mca Maine andilMMMf lie Mid KMfd. >bi " ' "* 
— J -n — "^ lna^'lh#iJftii ---- j»-"»- 

ann «t Lance Nl_, 

prnj ef^Oie «S*.V.. .., _ _. _ 
a wliiiA^at Puke mi ^n^ 



J.i«)t. J, Parin, of ttw, 1M,« 

to & chuM oridnaHr prehned KMUt liiiM<M-W)aw»i— <■ - 

^«(y4d£(M^ <3aiVi.~PW luving W BallaiTi M -Oet' Mk. 
iSU, /dftd toBHWatntthe plaof^ .oT itin4« Ibr Mitmmim: 
■H»inl«d tiijr ,bi« ,eo ron) «*d i iB oOaM, LieaL<(M. XhMMKj 
Ipn Dufa, <MminwliBg^a jM W» d ia t-Pa» 

cf,qf«{> affic#r.A«d'.*lfW(eiainN:Midito.«)MnprqaMH 

iMtiofvllia>£«tti^ ttwiMM 

Mttn Aban^MdMtd- IkHlfc I 

nulowini iniTMum, II 


ro^oWflMlwiMiMMMaUpa^otthttilMJtialtM. Rate. 

-JiMrt *WMHiN»d,WW«P«AMd»Aai-»»i4IW««-«»»->: 

-mJl^lMMMri SWWM t.flaaiteii^'fett'Oi JW>i* .> ; 

C^PVMNiMM Ann ■fUtCBaM fler^nt 

riuly, Tt^ now twi ntfu lly la »aaaninend Ibe pnaon 
betdfui conaideratiM. In coOMVifMe of hit ronib. 

Iiqiprore aikd eooArnixfeB ARHopaBdMbUnce of the Cooit 
(Signed) O. H. F. B^mi.A,1itUi^&ea., C-in-C. 

cihl ecniideratkia en aeeonat t 

gded tha prijoner to BCr^ 

'fbrmiH bit baUte itronglr ui|ed kfMm 
feted. .yMh\ite«fcfM< ImpM ■■■ ■ ~- —' 

tiiff|pnk.«tMUidN«ld^> tlM«tMlttp^tM«yol'o(feaMb«tlME-^ 

S tife srcater pMieitf to tbe etron Mid.iiuiMlcti4^.lll» 


tlnwi— ndlai 

taat7.l 1 > fcu dii |h < n nafc»id»tf nfcfcietMt *B'<i>w»T i i »' aii" 
n and tnntMaitnl ordsr lij B tta wli e r Howard Dowktft 
KUMTMIii^IUtf 14, 1840, by not 
IIM(^ kb^taU tof^u^r. -14*3 ■'■<'''-"" I 
'GailtT. - - ■' ' ■ * - 

4nct- BcUaljr, ] 




umtBomtm m'nfwmmiH»^mMt Ml oAncM Mtof • ■my- 

mmM'nriKiibm t fc^-Hw Art MM of' Wrf, WWontMw anions 
■ llW i will l ' M— fcWP:i<tfc» "«> ». immtWl foTKOOlllrfcr •»! 

diteipliM ■uMWOTMt.w-«lMtaM»rW and. Mhrioiui (a the ^r- 
viot. ft-Aa^A ** H«oB««M iliU ■ Rjirtimmd h a niMr 
p — i ibwi»r. fn lb* pWMpef «t»f]i caMmtmHnt ofieer to 
MiMdj'lnwi Uu ■■■■—IJH' iM»u of ■ frrlnnit to tht Com- 
iiBJiwila mirf •( * »i W r/irtitMMK MMrtfiv tc'^c latfrrcn- 
-tie*»<»-«wil» iDM lfcll iM < ^fc il'lt U oMiy M run itiMn npri- 
I ]>nw bw towJ <rf ao »wil t*^ Jin 5»C(Wlt te«|i|b|:jt<l 

iMttial, Hid wMfneed to 1m •e«ccelj> KprinraMM: "'' '!, 

)Mii|i>»l*iir.eM*MbMiilit7< rMfitM-Mta trMV^i, 
tifctl i wiiMy w*i*»iwwi wt «ti» il«-i*«v«rAfT«priiimii4M. 

eann:faMt»!(hMi)M-'kM'pM.^'EJiMialiW'a||Mt,ri>D tttt' 
reWM»iM*Jtfct«(Mfcrt)iwifcj«rywg>'TMirT««Wlirt write yott ft 

tiMAHlhwMriibroilMM iM^ bMrtVcA- IbM'MKie porlioit AT 
h^ ■oUifritkc ktHan ii MilfcMfrlBiMur'A^riM. ud '%! 
••— ^liiiwiiJjai^ kn«>r«M««d-wNt '■( -inrVirhAlicrr^ 

.; Yw bH» fit *'dMMB-«r hniiiiafriTtttoipiir-H'wu 

rit^^Nk VnkinM*** tufcw. ittt^iln Oi^'ii^- - 

ofall tkaoAccn ia Aa^p««K>l HTl^B^fbA, «J«uM>tf& 

,[ Vi ^IW^.I'^D .'i .<■•■■ ^■^■'':'--' ' ■■■'■•>"'.P 

iMUMMliOnttMKUi':^- 5 :■:!. -•■' ■■:»I 

ZiiS?" ' ■"'"'"'■' 'm'"_:'''i' '■'' « 

_. ;.•«>> '-■•IT'" flS'i"--'* '!"'■■' i!.'/---J--'-^''""'i 

niU(^^*iUdMii«M«.'L. i<)M'IdB,ai»7-ii.-H' -':-'"■">-' 

_. . ,.Clnfcj*w.;i»^te> nH iiti j ^otMTiwtv>cfcBlJ^ '■ 

'WM-Wliimuill." " — -T-— '■ • -' ■■ i.ij im/i)^ " '' .' ' 
iHriT. Capt B. P. I. lilt N.I. n». thkUviW 

ITau, lint. . 

W^u.TkMl'A^lltM.fM. arr- lochucaiirEar.MWry'^' 
(.Cart. ii- u- Mth N.i.'u Baraak:'' '' ~ 

Jo*MMi^'Chrt. W. H. isih N-.f. 4 

KHM, UaMI. T. J. H. im-K>l. 4 no. 
~ MtfOrO.MOi ma. tS'lanC M 

,.. II ■:■ A ■ ■ *i^Oi»vii«Wrt, *«. ■■■■ ■'"■ 

Bfc1^LEkilSnrt. w: Srd Baft, rtt.'io tni t'.t.'toJolDf.Dec. ll. „. 
D n.__ . -, — > .. . .... .. . ■-dfldoiy wilbbmer." 

PVLLIM, 8*rf. J. C. STthN.I. 
Kani, Ant « t — . . 


daly wr 

Sara. H.'O.M«'Li<R1o'aM'N.T.^»e- IT. 

WKsMW. aairi 2. IttfeiijLlto •MtaiNd/ .' 

P4*uat SlW. fl. «!> hl<tr,i*if uaCBaa^iaan •>. iGd A. a Atghfe. 

!(«•■■■, A«it. ni(. C. J. Jt4g)wvW«M'MitM«r«a|M.iWlaifA' 

JMWi^ff44iirir9itfntt'-4ni^;t'«. Mlh!rtwtt«^ ' 

RnknftMM'WVlt-f.Ki.V^IIMRM^'lM'. ».'!'-' 

8taariB|>Mhal0i^1CV.^«Nk«MI.*:|ln■■tlM^)rwr( #.-''''' 
SraPHBHaoN, wHi aMtMfciil^iliaaiuwaua.-^fiM apft Dat-'tt.' 
TmmntllbifMtll* UlPM1MleftMN.b>l.kt VMpkti 9aft « 

Bnwmt'llAtT,w» imi w i j'»l4H>0 ate '''^" i' 


C^Mil^-isia :i",!l9a".)i . 

I Fn«MK>-JM)niai4feir,'«i44lr^.«tnbK;. '<"'"-''.'., 
■ill t>J muJii lint ,J'9iM MM^ 6MaaljT ^do^^l■)« ri jus: I 


■mia* )/.- 

t';-"! IS *il>; Tj JllSl T ! I'mrWS'WB' )H W-jrf Fl'" ill' JT"'' 


Taa)*nBoa4a ,bv:,'7 bu:' ^MMBi 




Df Copper, BrKu, Spdln, Lead, Tron, Steel, 

Qukkiilrer, &c B 

On do. orindigo 8 

Oa do. of CottoD aod Mda Tiriit, Wmrilcni, Cotton 

la t—k CndU ActmiiitHM Dtgi^ qI Cm. fper 7 

QkOwanuBHtt Aeoaptaseei. ..... 

On Prioste BiUa, mt ornitliiBSO.di 
Ditto abon n diW* 

H.U. TreuuT7 Bill*, amt. 
B4Bk or EDglMd Putt BUk, do. 
Cotwt of Dltccton' Bill on Uw 

Cukntta.— BojFt PW. 

BoMbi?.— BWt, t^ < do^ 

-.laf accordlDg-to light. 

: of Bengnl, 80 dap' 


^H I Mail, with letters' rrom Loodon (o Nov. S4, odI; reached 
Bonliaj on the evenitig ol iam.? 

Oee. 1, and assumed comoiiuid of the force froni 9k HL 
HfcglO far B nalliT an W» vnniilg oC tita ■■* 

Thc BoMBjur Taoon am lb la<T« bj regimnU'fsr S^Se. 
1h.)Mi N.1. cxpectHlwbe *• Brat Cb bre«k ^rbund^hmt 
the end of December. 

trAanae. Ritcaii, Srnrjanr-, iitd Co., of Bombny. bare ap~ 
pUed to Government for permltsian ta erect machinery at 
Baroach, for the purpose of dinning. coUod. 

H, M.'b Stum SLoor .Fury is to proceed, to Maulneiiii and 
afterwards to the FersiaD GutT. 

Fakiwill oema or BauiJiBilut Sia R. Dovims, i.c.s.— 
" In retiring from the comuui^ at Peiliawwr Bri){Bdier Dunda* 
bc^ to return bJa thanks lo the ciSam, BaB'eommiaaloned'sa- 
qHh and ptinlBB, far Uia 4iic1pliDe and fMd mmdmvt wluch 
biabeen obierved since tlie occupBlion of the preaent oanua- 
aent by the troofa. No cslUaiaii' witli (h« OMlVea, oranyelit; 
cninstance calculated to ptodotv n^ry feelings, has occurred, 
and atrict attentioo lias boMt ebaansd in the performanae of 
dnty. To the Bombay diriafaMoC Iba force, with which he has 
bMM-aa loaf and preudlf co a we ottdt M ktgi to odtr bit especial 
timtofcr dMraniflwm dtscijidnc'andBdQd conduct which iwt 
mariced tbeit career dtiting ffle impuitarit erenis wTlich ha*e 
taken place in the last iwelre months that the diviaion has been 
absent from tbe presidency. The .(livision, as ai Arst fornad. bas 
tbng arnce been broken up, but tlie brigadier cannot altuw tUa 
occasion to pan without, (ha axpHaaiun of his tbaalM U liM 
mtmH aoMnuMdini sdkeM of H fffl iaa i ^ l»- tiia s ffl sa w «Ao 
composed the staff, headi of deparonsnta, and the diviaian at 
)h|P, fortbeableanpprat iDvaiiably-affOTded him, and the fial- 
laat manner io which every doty xraa discharged. He aiiaii 
a*Wf u iWfeMwith sBtMMim' On"HW pMilfonTn whteft he has 
been placed, and the connexion be has held with the Bbmbay 
army, and sincerelj wisftes It every prosperitjd To Captain 
BaiTow, i9th regiment Bombay N,!., the sole stuff officer at 
Out gtaiion, the lirigadier is uuiler tbe greatest olillgations for 
the dillgEnce, ability, and sGsiduity, with which he has conducted 
the various duties that have deiolved un him, and the assiatancc 
lie haa derived from M« services. To Superintending- surgeon 
Stiakerhe baa to tender h ia i< faa nlia tbrtbr manner in which the 
du^es of tbaniedical departmtnt have baea a— gad ua^er his 
directions, and tk« attention that Ik haa given to the various 
want* and medical attendhaceof the troops. To Lieut.- col one! 
niomson, and to Csptains Shaw and Yineent, hi the rupecrtive 
podtians they hoU in tbe comraissslfiit department, his thauks 
aie equally due for the attention paid, to th« important dudes 
devolving upon them. To Hajia' Hagge, the ajoiiBisgary of 
(Xdtuuice, be is also mueh indebtsd for tbe alteiUton paid by him 
to tbe duties of his daparuaaat. To. 1, iaWaaant tNtllacdraod 
tbe other officer of the engineaca, who have had so much duty 
to perform, and with very modfaate aieaaat to meet the heavy 
demand! made ob tkeir department,, ha has to offer bia bMt 

Safma. — Wa hava latten fhm KurradKe to theMtftDee. . 
Tba callaatar had ratarnadto the sea-raaM, having oiTlypn>> 
caeded aa b* np^aoamry as Sehwan, at which pfaee fraud toai 
anarmoaa sotteiR Is said to have been deteetM) by the deputy 
oeHtctor. A tw .aw i i d«w« ftsck of focasts had visited Karta> 
chaa on the 9tb. A consldenble number of peraona wen Md 
up with fever. AbMVythawcrdr rarnHadrMenen themonF. 
iiif of ttM t7(tK tnriab' had' Oecn succeeded by cdo), pleaMitt 
wwther. Tba dep*t of the VOOi HlleA sm strong, with a de> 
t a efca m wof thtrty -atw n mawar tbeCAidfrat, Ipft Karraebee; 
iaprafftaarajoni tbaiPCDrpioti theMHi. Consequent on tte- 
bfMMHf Mrartttoabnlersatr tfteratstlon a win^crf the MOt 
bad been setK (Hit to Cliftan. The eorpa had lost in all tttt 
nwMaMoM'iwnran MxH the diaeMe, wMirh Ibntinaiely bad 
entiMf ceasM after ihtf Ml' of nilt abo*>e mentioned. Tbtf ' 
ranHHtT of a e t a t tbt ng aeftsua being appivhended at Sukkur poi- 
daa aasK a IMe; Cbe idea that Ali Mooradcouhl be »o hb' 
sansaa to da anytfakig^ti) damage hia ehancter tvith onr Oo- 
i w ala wt -a u ii iiut tn a mnnent be encerttined. A letter oF tSe ' 
I7t(r Dte., frw* 9tAknr, ntentiom (hat the hnd-quarlers and 
right wing' «4th N.l, were looked fo^on- the l*h, and thattW 
b«rf-<[uartera of lire VTtti- trei* ttt »*m for KiirrBrhie on Oe 
20th. The win(t WBrW.I,. otiJendt to proceed to the coaM; 
weirlieHeved ta hnve been directed tn stand %Gt fbritie present 
Tbe commissiofier, Mr. PVingle, IJmd twnched the station, when' ' 
he w» to remahi ' rtfl the arrival of tlie Marquis of Dalhouale, 
vrite was ejrfeccrt about the 5th inst. by the river steamer ffo' 
pitr, H.H.'aKnd foot mra Kwkad for by th?97cb.~A>*u 

A»T. Siao. Dnroca.— It ifwfth nmeh-regtetwe annotateV ' 
tbvdeitiilie at Tinaorlb, on (he Mth air, of Asst. snrg. V. BL. 
Dimoefc, of Ihe Zfittr N. I-, who Iiaif been tent from Bomliay hj' 
lanBealcfcargeofadetachfnentoftheSml B L.I. toHialport S ' 
the steamer Hugh Lindtaa. The (lecesaed bad. on retuinhlf '- 
from his evening visit to the sick, fslTen iAto ■ wHI md broken 
andabattered his leg and anhte, about the middle of the paat 
month. The eaaewas ftnm the first considered s serious oae^ 
an* aa tha* neeemary splints, ftc. were not procurable at V'ttt- 
gorls, the medical gentleman there. Dr. Burton, wished to have ' 
senf Dr. DinrttCtt nfi to frie'n«s!dcneylty one of the sleaiaen 
about leaving the port. Dr. Dlmock whs himself most aniiona 
to return lo Bombay for further treatment, and went out on pDt> 
pose to the steamer (the Alalaata we believe), and the fatigue 
and disappointment attending on bis unsucceaafut efforts to effect 
this, prolmhiy hastened bis fat& Tbe deceased was carelully ab> 
tended to by tbe medical gefitlen?sn in question, but high fem 
ensued shortly after the accident, wbieli could not be subduad, 
aad basaak into a piwnatun pavean tba 20th Dtc Ha-MW: 
a man of good talent, and of a large amount of genObl iaJbraa^ 
tion; bewoa miMih eaWemr* by air who knew- him, and bttlMr 
will be deepPf and genei^tly fdt. 'He'hav icft a wUovr tnKf vof - 
young family almost wholly unprovided for, who will, wc trus^ 
meet the sympathy of ivhich they stand so much in need. Hit 
late Dr. tlimock eniered the service on the Snd September, 
iBil.—BoniLag Tim. 

■ Woiii 

' iNni 


atBontbar- "l^aa 
India are silks and damasks; blackwood furniture, and apOl . 
eafttM wOTlt: Ailaid work of ivery, cohiiired iroada, and metal-; - 
lapidary work, especially in aj^ies. jaspers, snd cornelians'; 
silver work; arms - hau-s, arrows, stvords, shields, and match- 
locks.' And many others have been prepared. Eucb province 
of India ought to tend its Own peculiar nauuFactares, and aotaa 
spacimena of its industry. They will rorm no insignificant wt 
ditian even to the grand apectada « bicb will be pseMaied^Md 
many.«f Ika lade macfataesaf tha nati^a will ba faund tobaas. 
raMarteWa far their ingeaaitfas the naore perfect contrivasKW 
of Europegn artificers. 

■JtAitwiTs. — The Bombny TtiegrapK and ComicT mrn^Oft 
that Sir Erskine Perry, having travelled over the proposed routa 
□rihe l^nlmria Railway, was so sitisned of tbe importance of 
opening a mnie rapid mode of communicsti^, Ibat he put bit ^ 
name down immediately for two hundred shares. If every tra- 
veller who suffen, grumbles, or atvaarB,.a( Ihe dilatory journey 
along the Great Trunk Bond, would only net likewjie in refiard 
to the Great East-India ttnilway, there would be no coUiplaiaC ' 
of a lack of hinda 

Tna lOrit N, I. waia al Jaulntii Dea. S7. 

HooLTAH. — Late letters from Mooltan mention that tbe Itea- 
gal cavalry, for the relief of the lat Bombey IWacen, was at- 
pected to reach the station about the loth Dee., and that in thlr 
case (be latter regiment would start far Nussecrabad about tte 
18lb. Th^ were to mardi by way bt Bekoneer, and expected ' 

AUiEN:s jsoiASf, mn^. 



Bombay Ciaar. Dec. 17. 18W.— The following dispoaiclon liK 
of lurluugbaaTRilBbla is^uUiiiJied fur geiieiul mrurmatiou : — 
-furkiugbi.awtabl* An Uiia dXa, la. AdmUleil, ^. D. 

crviLi ■ 

AwiBTHOHO, J.F. 3rd«i 
BUBH, A. lobenMt 

Ml. 10 coll. of Taana. Jaiaad app. 

Dm. 1. 

to unH-ofw 

WT1N6TON.A. coll. sf Ahmtdab^d, nnoind to prac. 

Into Ills 

di»iricl» ou dcpuUtioo, 

k. D(c. 3. 

. ta MahMttK 

BM.Tt. ■ 

mmxins.S. M.pBM»««imiii.taG»™« 

««, »*V. 19. 

Mttar, W. E. ]•)«.&«. drWrnnnr, to 

Ml. Nat:-*. ■ 

llrTMASITY.J. D.CTll. 

Jbwukb. E.I-.»o.taw 

' ofI»«*l4Mw'>d.r^li>t 

E.n^, D«. 19. 
alM»i(i ta aroe. iato dMrlcti 

Db drpv 

tatim, fr. ftot. 34. 
ttrrrrTt L. C. C. SiH Mag. of polWf, Ki. «h. on D* 
Waltkr, C. pi. aain orderi of colt, af Sholnpnn 

ItDdlca Vi oM. taaf . ' 

DAtidbos, D. ft. Dec. •*, pr»p. ti 
Vnmcm', W. H. M Fab. ». 

-VWB, J. 1 

I, la NBilgbtrrlM, ob m. e 

Aitsw, R«». J.' N". (eninr iliaplsio ot Poonii, 1 ma. Inlw to pr«B. 
4hMi. Rrf, W. tD-frt. toMlila. -tnjin. cbapl. innriwbn.iman. 

of Coi»Rt HjrirnbHd.Drc.aa. ' ' 

Cotes, Bn. IJ. H. Rdm. an mit. chap), fr, Doe. Il.dataarUa nr. 

Bad npp. ehapl. of HTdrabad, tn.' 
MOKISON, RcT^O.-tD'Brt atchapl. M Mn, Dw. 39. 


BorB, Lient. eol. G. 1st Ear. Fas, rcl. tn dotr. Dee. II. 
B*Otii.ST. Lint. F. 9Bth NT. Kt. to «xnj, Dte. 9- 
SVKRI, Ucat. J. H.cngri.tnitivpt.byhtet.rr.Vte. H, 1849. 
OcrrroN, Bn. E. G. 3nd Em-. L.I. to he llcut. tr. Dec. 13, 1849, 

CmiPTOit, Ciipt. D. O. T. SMb'N.I. «*. to duty, Bee. ».' 

Govs ENH, Baa. T. l3(liN.I.-ta do doty vlth Sih N.I. at Baradtt, 

■■(il uHia' of hiecocpaatlfaat atnUna, Dec. 94. 
'OVMRINSVAMH, Cal.D. h. BihI L.C. to 'I*t L.C. Dae. 18. 
XncrfMD. Capt. J. A. A. I9ih N.I. rcl. to notj. D«.9. 
Sv*m. Capt. W. E. I3t Ear. fm. rtt. to doty fr. fiirl. 

laat. tfac date of Us nrrlTsl at Calcnttn ca ranle to jola 1 

GoLDNif. M"]. coil, imd mm 
Wtiiriit. Fmrington, Dtc." ! 
Oft&WaM. U*ut.«9<t. mtg. B 
■ '^td tbaad cnaipetcnt Fbr irai 
B^ftDVrr, Bnsi Pj A. peited < 
HODBB. Lieal. L. S.37(h N-. 
Jahks. Licol. U. H. lOtb N. 

nb Mar 

■. of BbHiirpoor, del. 

I AhmpdMhtd, nam. 1: 

KiK. Ot pub. bui. D«c. -ST. 

Wild Eur. L.I . to rank h. Bsei H. 

[. to be bre>. c»pt. h. Dec. 91, 1S4B. 

'. to aet aa mlj. to Irft w)i.g, I>ec. 20. 

JamiIov, Capt. T. L. 99lh N.I. Kt. tn duly, Dec. 9. 
]oFP, Capt. K. 16ib N.I. nt. to duty, Dec. % 
XiCCAS, 3mI Ueut. 6. D. A. nit. pniaed colloi 

UcGke«»b, Capt'. E.' M. and L.C. to bea m'l 


I. &. O. S f. t 

I. rr<.«odBlr, 0<^. I 
19 adjt. to left wlag. E 
be Heat. (r. Dec. 7, 


PnaGi,£a>. J. H.T. MHiN.1 

BrllaoiDre, dec. 
•B^nn. e*pt. a. fi. lit Bur. faa: 
4Ud delslla of lit Earp. flaa. to 
cODiplrtiOD of that duly, Drc. 10. 
#*LI«os, Cap*. H. L., N.V.8. ret. to duly. Dec. M. 
SAndwitB, C<'1. B. c.b. fr. lit L.C. to 2nd L.C. Dec. 18. 
•rrMoVR, l>iit. L W. 9nd L.C. to rec. ret. cb. of left wing 9ad 
- ' 4<.C. dnr. lla separatioo fr. bead qr«. Dee. 13. 
Bbaitr, I1I14. n. L.99Dd M.l.TPt. IndaiT. Dee. 9. 
Sim F8OH, Capt. B. fl. fladi^X:, to r«x vet. eta. 4>r head qta. wlag 

mt L.C. ia dept. of TofkiT to De«a, with Irft wtng. 
•^ — m, Urat. to nf. -tat. oh. of aad L.C. dar. -aba. «f Oapt. 

SciTTBBT, aad UMti H. lappen aad mlacra, paiaad aoUoq. 

m^at. Dec. 99. 
mM»nwt.<ii>9t-«°ir»-»W-'°w*»-tf "T"^ aap. aad»ia. In 

«N* to H^. GoodJfcUoiT, Die. 9L , . . .. 

I, Cn«t. to I. 

oar. Dte. 27. 

1. D. D. 

'. H.F.SrdL.C. puwdeo)!*^. exam. Dec. 99. 
ith N. I . to act at ialwp. w 4tta bau. art. Bm- «b 

i>rwA«b.i«t.'lak viag 3fld L.C. fr. I^ifc 

i>ttdjk«a>UI).IU.b)MBli.,b.Dw. 13. latJk 

T, Fieri 
TitcKU.I^eBt. 8nd L.C. to act ai adit, lo left wias. Dae. 90.; Omt,otaa4L*C.4w.;ah*,(rf.SU>p»<»oalcave, . , 
Waddinston, Em. T. 7ih N.I. to be fHt- to nut. of re*. nrHf 

and ■ucsamenl la AbaieODUgjgui wIle^tQtatt, 1, Day. . ... „ 

Watuv, Eo*. J. isdi bl.I. piuted cjilloq. eum. Dec. 99. 

Basbow, Capt. C. H. lettt N.l. «■. Dae. IB la UMdi I, ta 

BovE, Capt. U. dip. >>d«eada.g<a.(r.jBO. 1 to fab. 1^ (*««■■ 
Buchanan, B19. W. a»tb N.l. At .Bm.U .to Ja^ 31, M W 

CowFEB, Capt.T. A. aadaait.snpt. ofroads and taaks.tD Jan. is, 

t»|n*. ..' -MT ti 

Day, Ijinl. H.»ii*n|[of«IiipiBor(BflIearrat. 
Deshm, UniL.1. H. R. Uti^^JC.^ reb, IS. 
GEOBaE, Ent. G. St. 2Stb N.I. ^r. Qt^. 19 tp {aa. 81, to If ■!» 

lo Jaa. Sl^to II 

- - ^ - ^roFV^l 

UcUt. E. 4t1i b.N.l, to ffii. >S, 
Miio-B, Eat. G.X. 1>ee, 17, to Bombay. 
MonBI8,Cn|.l.'A. 4thT"I.I. to Jih.3, to BowUy. 
Scott, Liaut. col. J. nth N.l. leaie eaac. 
THoMPS'ofj, tlell^ 0. L. 96t*'N.r.T>«!. 99toJlui. 91, to' 

baleahwnr bill*, on .at. c. 
Vincent, Capt. H. to Jail.lV^ px*. M H. e. 
WABArB, Uent. C. W. 1411* N.L fr. Dec. iSte Jaa. 31, to B 

Wbitehili., Cayt. C: T. 9ad Eur. L.I. 3 mo. fr. Dm, 

YouNQBtrsBAND, Ent. G. iMITM.I. 1 mo. 

' ' tTEOrCA'L. 

r i«i Tcgt. s«Mfc w. 

horM, la VK. •o-Pniief, B«e. n. 
TAIMBWr, 'KMt.-Airf . !»«•«. *. ■( 

to pro*. In ined, ch. of I. w. lOth N 

of it tr. ta. art. A*, at Baeaa. Bbcl 07. 
CakTCB, Aeil. aarf. toe eh. df aM»-of iiW,«arK-«t ^M. No*. ^ 
Caarsuist. Atat. aorg. el>. nrg. atTaenab, to awuitecli. «f 

duties of iseclnatnc ol the Ooooaa, *. Jobustaoe, Dec. 94. 
COTBS, Aail. surtt- tii dff. sied. *id4i>dotaeh. of art. reer«ite]pM*. 

to Pouna. Ac. and att. to da da. -with 1st batt. art. Dec. 99. 
JoHNKTONB, Aasl. iDr(. H. lD«ec.«ad. cb.olltt L.C. T. ElBol^ 

KiKK, Snis. K. app. of aeihNJ. ia anc. to DbsMk, 
dec. - ■• 

LMTn. Dr. A. a. del «T. med. cb. of eonstry saolts A«t.4KV* 
Carter, Dor. 36. , 

UcDawELl-. Vet„Barx. F. aict. passed .fallow, oaam. Doc 99. ... 
' itt. aurg, to proc. and do duti alShikarpnc- '- 

Pitman, i 

Stovbli,' ! 


with Fc>' 
Join l.N. 

., — A. ofl. w. aOlbNX Dec 27- 

If. svrg. 10th N.l. to rec. med. cb. of 1. «, 2)sJ.N4- 
. to Nusseerabad, Dec. 97. '/ 

•SI. snrg. to ire. med. cb. of 4th troop h. ait. 
irg. M. rec. cb. of office afMc. to Boanl of EdnCBttSB, 

rdaetted, Ant. *wf . Bmd^ton 
rccs, to hold hlMelf la Btadimna ■ 

Young, Asst. sar^. toaard. cB. of 5th ce. Sod batt. art. Dec. ri. 


BARTON.Vet. snrg. C, B. Dee. n. ■*■ 

CoTEB, Ami. sunt- Dee. 9. ''' '■ - 

*AME», Col. O^C. 41* NvL rat.lto datj, Bae. 9. 1 

[. T. I6tb Nj. fr. 1 

'oTCpogle' ? 


Am&m. mmm^mAih 

p^-i'r -.'*( Hill— .liBOS "'■htfft ^l Wi''"" '"' '''"'"'■' '^"1 's*** 
.Variq ladl bn* .lie ol aliFr^inniivfvirfbas nsqo iqtil 9J Wiioila 

'"tf/nnVfhoo^ lol bnruiah -nfl' .TToWBli-iiia ,-i;nrtw 5il[ no ,ai 

Dm. 33. .yiHsiI w) t» Lat'j^qx4 y1im9U|>'<!I 

DiMOfiK, AMt. racf. W. E^JuJUait TIofViMk. D«e. 90. 

JoBKtTONB, " ' --"- -■-'^ ■•— ■-»— •■— • — 

FtrMtrltf n^ti. ■ .Ju-^ w BrM, Hn. Rolti£d>*^ 
sUM. Mm. Staaker Md «MM. llw. Lw w h r ami twoAUm, 
Hn. Itar m«l cUM, VH- tt>kt «M3«0«UUc<a, Mn. Skaldbi^ 
Hn. BwM, CMt. H. W. B[^B>hMt. ; LlMt. H. J. Dkr, lA 
Bm. N.I. ; Ltrat. R. ETmfWnm rani hMMn ; Ant. Mn. 

Iical.W. Ji>hn>tra,H.H.'i«iUiboti Utul.J.-H.^fLM/milltht 
Sh. W. INduwoa, Mk B»I»4*A. 1 Eu. J. P. Vanw, S«h 
M.N.l.i AMt.>q«.Mnt)wifcjn'laSltJMtl4'.flHH«rtt%Ma 
J. B. Bin*, oqi. ; Hn. la— a ud UuM ohiUna, Sogt. !««•. 
MinlM Cook Md Wright. ~~* — " 

Pn fcUsay.— Hn. Ilnfl><tWAIWB/. ■■' ><>*• B*"- 
Per I>w«nta.— Hn.'XAw,nBn: CAM, lint. B. P. Aitlmr, lit 
tea. t Kei. Dr. Joka WilM>/WPBb*. D. H. Cotn. 
rtt fWtay rfi iBliiinff Mm T ^iH iJI IIi> W«M-i«as1 
Per rtwner III 11 I I llilirmjinilll te ■ iiMJia iiillliMi— rt 
Hn. T.Lr%ktaai Hn. UnXilAU M"' BaatagtM ami tIM 

LrigUoa, Boab. ua* i CaM,'H'<iKnT<»> 3^ Baah. ca*. i Tut. 

10 >:oiTnoiBAcaUTiidAil»-«llaWiAMir.E '^1 QJOO 

,4- <^. ,,„., ft 5)5»J{, r.*j|l8~^i 
a ito. do. 1B41.4S V. fwHyiif: iSbtoh 


n dUl mMNbiXKl Jk.;K«lM( 

iwi>li l<'.r:-iivr K'ji iniifi I'jlijj ri:' t -':n 11 

riuCBI 99 BDU-IOK.' 


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.laaol .i|»2 .asililiili stidl l>ti« tiDOl .iiK : •[■n .»iill .0 .1 

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^Me o( ■ Bouitui «allcd ■&«■. mi wMiKd dowD iato the 

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aif iwiwp»Mwt w^MMicnWi— *a Mi.lDda*UI»MdbtBtpita| 
.IkMHOhMMM tlw ttatMMfflrlVBb, Low*! woik, and *t tbel 

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•Mi¥diatBttodeMdition. .n-t JkM .«(**-« 





M I 

1 tlM 

I meedns 
d November, nilli reference lo a paper by Capt. 
)Mni"l'>'''e hail-itorm at Shikarfthur. near Pesliawi 
SSud SepUntkar, Dr. Biiiit aud t^ere were few Ibinga of gceatcr 
ioterest amoiigit the anoicalous phenoaieiia of mcteorojog; ihan 
die occuirence of liail-BtonuH in hot couatrieii aiid be read a 
jUt taken chiefly Irom the Atialie Joimia!, and xaan lately Irom 
At nawKpapen, of tbe mMon rooarliable mrolitai, at lominaui 
jITtrr. ud of tba moii attLkiuz twil-atfirms, that liad been 
jav "> India for thirty yeara. 'Uie partJcuUrs were given of 
dMnty-^igiit Gre-balla which had been oburvedi (ngmenta of 
Jftm tk tboeliBd t)een«btajne(l( tbcae o(.jixBi» m tUe CaloiUtt 
Mmtnin. of tbs^.ui tbnt of Soiaba;! Wld one in ^be £uti*b 
MlNeiini in London. From one a abovrer of atone* wai aaid to 
liWM fallen, but none bad been collected. Forty hail.etomi 
•wc enamamtd ) and bon,lhe bcu conoMtHl wUb ttMm t^e 

fcllowiDg conclusions were drana by Dr. B^i*t:~ lit. , That 
baililonei in India are genenllf Irom nve ta ten or twenty tinles 
dte siie of those at h«me, from^ia «unoe» lo a pound being 

.BOthing unusual. Hgll In £i)gUnd haTdly ev^ exceeds ihe^ise 
ft beans or Itfberta ; chat in India is often the siie of oratires or 
pmnpkhUp-hBrdlyeyer IMfflhanwalnuts, Wfl. Hail pe&rally 
flffl* betwiirt fioon andsims^ — Iiai4)y ever after It is hirtyUHrii; 
It li almost invaliablj accontptnied by tiotent stonni of wind 

"^tDd nuDi and generally of thunder and ligbtnin|;. 3rd. No hail. 
'ttonei of any magnitude are known to have occurred at the level 
of the ica Bouth orthcSfnd pareltel ; tliey are moat abntMant 
IniBediaCely to the north ofchi*, andare plentthlto tbeH>atfai 

C ascending 1 ,OU0 feet above the level of the sea. The fall of 
1 at Bombay in 183S seems to have been slight and Insigni- 
IctDt, and' scarcely forms any exceptioK to ctais. Itti. -^1M 
'Ceha of ihe Gunjes, espedally the low country wKhin flfty 
tnnei.arth'eBriy ofBengal, seems eifieci«ny'l!aUte to hail •lorms. 
nth. Tliough bail'-atornis genetallj occnt in the dry seuon, south 
'tf.flie tivpicand are seldom experienced eariier tnon the month 
'oTJanuaTf, a drjalmoaphere aeemi b j do means esBentiat to 
Aeir app«annae. A violent hail «titrat oetmrni at Belganm on 
'Cm Srd June, whentbeair wascbifrgedirhh moiature, andtike 
.^Mins Close at hand. Hall M) atfiMorc on the fltfa and Tth- June; 
^tmd'tVi (he end of Jiily, when iheiir iv«s at thepohit of Mtora- 
tion, hall fell on tbs Mahabuleshwar ttflls. Tmre'seemftote 
.no record of the occurrenee of Inril in Ceylon, or indeed to the 
nalhward of Ootacamnnd, laL 18*. 

Hr. Malet, the chfef aecrf Ikry tdX?avetn»tent, mentioned the 
'.oecurrenee of a hail storm of Onoiual hty in Candelsh In 1986 ; 
Bie Toofa of palanquins were ipltt, fhotie of liouscs perforated as 
Tfby small cennon-shot. Mr. Mslet iroliced a mans of ice that 
bad, about the time mentioned, fallen in thai neighbourhood, 
which it looli some days to melt. It must bare weighed more 
than a hundred' Meigtat. i 

' Dr. Buist alsofeadapai^of sum* loBgtli «n the eMpOTMion 
tif jUiA probable curreota in, the Red Sea, in continuation of bis 
Anaet remasks. He bad einoe thea seen it affirmed that a very 
powerful under- current tiad junt Uei^n delected running out from 
.the Meditertanean thtougb the Straits of Grhraltor, and, nolwith- 
Jltanding tbe very high autlioiity uf Sir C. Lyell. according to 
which vaiC masses of salt must ueeds be accumuUling in tbe re- 
,itHMm ol the seaa> tbe evaporation of whith insured their sup' 
^ea ol fieih water, there seemed mucli rcBkOn to imagine that 
■SOMKM.IM the water atlajaed, b; eviipoution, a certuin speciBc 
.gnxily, it would descend and lodge, without at all increasing lis 
gravi^ or precipitating its aalt. Other masses of heavy water 
.4M:«iul(Dg over Ibis would accumuUite only until their upper 
-MRfaee altaitied a higher level than the b«ctom of tbe ittails, 
. IRben they would, according lo the laws of hydrovtalica. Sow out 
• as« brine current, and inli with the waters of tlie open ocean. 
JI this view were correet in reference to the Red .Sea, the ano- 
Bwlie* regarding the unibrmiiy of its «peciGc gravity, notwilh- 
-jt|nt|ii|g the MDOunt *t evapanitioq frou iia surface, would 
disappear. A bnnc undercurrent flowing out through the 
Straita of Babelmandeb wouldwix with the waters of the outer 
ocean, and, passing ensHraid Ay-iAiieD. be reduced by the de- 
.logea.of tb^ liiQUii.vionaaanB (o the erope^, strai^gth.of ordinary 
;iw».waler. ,'.-.,' .,■"'.. 

. Indiaittrprwclied with being d0Mituie of native history i but 

jf iwe«te content with what the vanl^ of nodeni IIiBdua,4ig- 
^■■i>Miwitb tii^oMoe «f itistAiT, ther«.ia.«iifio^n( i» «ur(c(I w. 
. J» f StniislicKl HtfDtt W (h« Circaraf Waruagul, in the Ni- 

lam^s country (puMished i» tUtlaaiM'tkotJauni^li'/LiUralirt 

tcapeciing its geology, products, iaatiMliau "tfi Jofw l M w . 

has given a summary of the Cliwnictes of the Kings of Warun* 
gul, tvhich be offers as a perfect ipeclmen of " Brahmin pret^ncs 
and Brahmin lying," which bavq spun from (prubabl^) a thr^ 
of truth a welt of misrepresentation, and tbe veneration (uid'tD 
this aopbiaticaiion ihow* tbe-Mgenien with wbidi auch eiag- 
gtntiona are seized on by Hindu wedulity. 

The rajahs of Warungnl are said to derive tlwir origin fre* 
Narain, rcckonmg Brahms and tbe Bishis amongst their ane^ 
tors. Orte of these heaven -descended mortnla came into th« 
Deccan, and, settling at Dhurnupoor, s village oo the souljt 
banli of the Godaveri, uph^mw; mmif p<iiu«a, look 4£0 ftif* 
lieasea,aad built Ijie tow^i of I'ituidsur «> that livar, where tbejie 
are mill the remains of extensive fortifications. By fiutin( dtil 
•■eriftees, be was deeaad a mttet oampanioB of the goda, .who 
«4Hii(Md him into their abode, mhI the ptwerthtg d«ly, Mm- 
aitig Deo, coaCerred upon him a sword, a shield, and ■ pair if 
slippen, all of miraculous power, especially the last, which 
whirled him through thtaiibetwaeniwen and his own capita^ 
Mandair. The celestial weapons enabled biu to vanquish tbe 
king of Chola, whose daughter he married, and the king of 
Ceylon bemne hit tnbatary. His successors teem to baA 
prospered, by virtue of their liberality to Btsbnuis, until one 
of tbem lost his life and capital (Kimdhur) in a war with Che 
king of Cutiack. Hts SOD, Madawanrniah, a fine lad, was U>ni 
of learning, for improvement is which he resorted to the temple 
oS Padmalchee amah Devikfe, Btot|Ktien uf his btbers. One 
day, he forgot to bring home bis writing. board and book, and 
to repair his negligence, he tom in the middle o( the night, and 
entered the temple. M that 4(Md.Ji|>itb«ben tli« devi.Mid bv 
train were preparing for Ifaeic bwtiA Mvela- The boy. iW j t 
palled at tbe sight, boldlj-deKWnded bis hook and board, wbicb 
w«n> in t)w gedditsi^ band, s«d ADdpawured even to ana«^ 
them from her. The divinity, diverted by bis audicitr, allowed 
him to osjne a wish, which ska promised to grant He aakad 
to be rcYcnged qN ib« r^iali of C«taid(. who Jiad killed.,WB 
father. Tbe devi, changing his hook into a sward and bis board 
into a shield, gave them to tbe boy, telling him be would be [he 
father of a long race oi; kiifg^ Whtn;^e grew up, be ascended 
(he throne of bis anrestorB in Hnnnumcondab, in Sal. £36, and 
with a large Ibrceavertbrcw and alew the king of Cuttwii. Ot 
reigned I6()7«an, and left the ttwooe to bis son ; tvhoae suecea- 
Bors, mighty potentates, reignet] till S*l. 1263. One of these 
piliieeB, named Poolraj. was distinguished for piety, eenti- 
mwUr baildsqc teai|>k», ki««ng tiw-feaa of nunia, a«d fs aii ^ 
Brahmins. Sncb virtue met with iu dqe MwartL. AsrSOBW 
earls were conveying grain to Huonumcondah, one of theot 
upset, and it being night, the tired carmen lay down to sleep 
unlil the-day broke, when, -to their -sstonishnient, the trml' rings 
of tin cart-^eds had bcEoma geld. .On ■nnouncsng this ftm- 
digy to tbe rajah, he caeie to the apot, with his wise men, wlio 
dug round the cart, and came upon Mahdeo Peraabede Shernbo 
Linpm, beaming like the purest gold. The rajah wished to 
transport the ^recioDS obfeet to bit arpttal, but tba saered Me«e 
xrfuaed te etir. Tbe king, was oast dowa; be sent for <NI> 
munis, who, after perfonning poojah Co the Lingam, advised Illl 
majesty (o leave the stone where it was, anil build a city. He 
adopt^ their advice, and the city of AVhsalinu^ur (two eoee 
•oulhofHunnuinco-ddiifeee upon the spot, in «al. MB, tltad 
with abiinea to Mahdeo, as well as to other deities. Tbe ecst 
of these temples was easily defrayed ; it waa only necessary to 
place a piece of iron beside tbe Lingam, when straightway 'It 
became of the purest gold. Poolraj was stain in the very t«rf- 
ple of Mm Ltngam by his son, wbe, in expiation of bfa oshM) 
made many pilgrimage*, wsi g hed binaeil eiibt liawa yiwW 
gold, which he gave to Bwihmins, and built temples without 
numtxr- Pertab fiudn. tbe laat e( the aeries of kinfis,. the 
Ariher of Wsruugui, fell befere.tbe Muaulman powef ; but Ml 
evpl«rt« and renown are (ttll the tbs wee of eulogy in the eaiuh 
tv. But, reoeirt as b .faia^Wa the tncjdaaU recaxied of Mm 
and Ills Mign ue as eitravagaiit as the precsdiiig, He.js 
said to have bad three eyes in his foreheDd. at which his !(%■ 
bomedan conqueror was tea well h#ilM|htibe) nuieh nsWrnshe^i 
. His fall iaaiUibuMd loUuhMKataary 111 a aiwlat, who bewgad 
.hit aorarMgH into tbe haiida of Pooloo Khwi for IS iM*.^^ 
rupees. Before the treacbety was MUtanmmaied, a miMculnie 
inddtnt WMued hitn «< his^H*. Tte pMJarMea of tha'lMft|)l> 
«an*w)c«d .t* iln JkisY iM the LIufun bad lost ke powWi^f 
, transmuting ii«a inio geld. Perlnb Bodr^^ in bar and •OHOWi 
repaired to Ibe sbrme of Pndna Devi, and placed tbeewordaMd 
sbiold. which sh« bad giwn ia.kis WMsMn a ibaasMd.fMf* 
befate, M Jiet feott Kbilu be «m partenniHg bia diSiM** 
tober,th« goddesB.Bwallewed the Bwoiid, and the shield spM^ 
up and cWitg .10 her cheat. BceiAaf thaae waepona, udabv 
.4eMd J>raba devi B^ak Umlm «aM hMUe Uf ff wirw 1UW> 
.Hid Jbitak JMm. «dMl AVJke Mdtor.Bowhoe iMdji )«■«■• 



difcaWJ. nadfl fthonu. and leiit to Dalbi. H« obUMBcd p«r- 
aiiciop to mire to B«Miei, and, dolbing himneir in bi> bnt 
apparel, br entered tbe hotj Owngm, im) "his Hmt m* earrted 
> a K dNrlM, H> tb* w«Hl*r Md joy ef bto 

at fMlowinf n ui citnet oT a letter, dated £nd Anguit, from 
'. Liringstonei— " We reached this a day or tvroogo. after a 
J ww mj ofaftpiiWWefcilCTftwKctofceng. midftel rtwnbhl tHM 
MK |Mtb hw bc«n WW «f Mter "^ pteaaaro^ W* mb now ■( 
tbe Batanana town, and yesterda; rode down about six mitei to 
look on tht iroud blue waters ortht lakr. Ve cannot: tell hoW 
brtinl it may be, hrww eoMM not 9M ■ hornon, rtttft one vT 
water, oa th« anoth and ««M. W* uaveraad lhrai«ll iMeh 
daaiTt country, and wera looking lot the like fur WO milea betort 
#e came to it We tnterud about tOO miles Blong the banks 
«Pb Mrite rtrer, wMek KM aftB ,-4 iNNirtMl ttrcam. hiaoM* 
fMto Wiy Hke ih« Clyit. butftoqueatly broader. Tbe mtar 
was ruinf, and seem* to coma fi^ tbe north from melted 
amnn, it is so dear and soft Two large rfvera run into the 
take, botb tVam tbe nortlii TIM fctanana are a numtroas tribt^ 
ytk* chief a yootb. Maay Uakoba m Bayeiye fish and ton 
«t tbe rivrr; dariciir in complexion than tbe Bechuanas, and 
i(Nak a lanitni^ wlitch bas a aKgbt kflck. Canoes boHowed 
Mt t4 one tiee; wryttr atew t ry on tbe bMka at tbe il aer, 
^kndid wees. Doatly new t» me.— om, Ike fruit like ■ s«aU 

Slow pumpkin, about thrf« incbea In diameter. The Buyeiye 
tery ntimeroun,' bnt vitiates all ima)!. Last obserratton of 
■WfMeabMiClV^T'.' WeBr«it«wN.)«.W. of Katobeng; Mn 
n expect, Tben at Srtttoaaa'a, t» b« eoiwidei:«Uy faiUiBr 
tRHtb." lie BataiBU tribe are Brchoaaaa, and originally of 
tfc BtanHMito tribe, Wtatch He dgfat days' Joamey narth of tfte 
ShktMw, arn t m »lwar Bfc.- fch-iiiBtto— 1m» hii WHOP (llnto- 
baag). Tba tribe of SebMMtaa («ba chieTa name) aro aloo Be< 
amuuB ; the Makoha (which meana davea) an a different raca. 
tlley poateu no cattle, but live on flsh. Bayriye leems to 
■■MiMersw Sfc:L.s«fibt(kpMte«etorW(">>dnaekKol»- 
ln§ in two OMuhM. 


MONDAY, Ftbrvars 4, 1850.. 

A AmusbIod of Bome intertst to tbe bolders of East- 
TtlAa Stock has aritien la tbe Calcutta journale, upon a 
atggestion by the Fritni of India, that, amonjfst other 
meana ot meeting tbe deficiency of the Indian revenues, 
flue migbt be a tavjng of nearly 400,000/. a year, by 
raieuig a loan to pay off tbe Aarge for the dividends upon 
dnraMck« wlncb tb» eriilorai tin* payar tenn* " •» iniqm- 
tua tax. oti tbe wgeaati of ladH." 
. Tbs caaa t« thit : triiea Parlkment, ia 1633, Rtwitad t* 
ItoEaat-lnlia Coapaoy Arir laat Charter, it SDaoted that, 
ik main for Ae traalAiT of their cOBttnerdial amets to Ikei 
Ctaktm, lad wbieh waa ta ba apflied to tha rademfrtlon of 
aaiwBat>wMktrt*»d«H*ehBWwiof Ettal-ladtaSt»dk 
ataaJd reeeitsan aanaityof I0#per cciit.t)poa tbeirm»ni» 
Mlaaptat af 6,00QWAuA, atiMea wpen tke Iiidiaa Rva- 
■■ii Mrieanafate.. avifu a^iM ef tba belden. ia MM, if 
dM Ckaiter wei» Mat ttea lanaiMt, and at -tba ofdtm at 
IbHiaBiaiit, » 1»7V iir**'P"ri**"**f 30^ for-nery lOOA 
MMb^ makee wriia i> irnVft 2««OD,omi ^ihxebah- 
paoy's comtnercial asKta being set apart, as a tecunly'OT 
gBkaotaa ftand, to adnaniibte at -a aatapaiiad iimmatiof 
Itftr MBl., ontft H atioaM hstMni (» l»,«0O,oa^., ftp 
taHraeffariag the redeaipllati of the dnnaity ee divide»#. 
l^ltfmpmiHum, a» «w MritMWid il, iataialM I *M»«I 

taoney, at the rate of interest of the day, — say 3} per centkf. 
— whidi, with tbe aecurity or gtiarantee fund, will be lufi^ 
cieot to pay off tbe 13,000,000/. in full. AsHuaiing that 
the guarantee fund is now about 3,500,0OOf„ a loan <d 
SJUJOfiC^; tU 3^ per cent., «ill substitute a cbarge of 
307,6001. a year upoa the Indian revenuet, iaatead V 
630,000/., being an annital aaraig of 332,500/. 

Tbe propoailion iteclf, find especially tbe iovidioos r» 
mark upon tba< " iniqiM^ " af layiag this " tax " upon the 
Indian rerenue, seeio to biCtraj a forgetf nines t of facta OM- 
tba part of the able adiUir of tbe Friead qf India. The 
i>^'^ini, aa well ai the injuwrii^, af traaafarring liu '***p**^* 
stock of tbe Company, wbicb tbelr commercial aascta couU 
ba«e accureJ in tbe GovanuMnt fuads at borne, to a diir 
tant and baaardoua aacuri^, waa atr«agly iaaiatad upon at- 
tbe time of tba negotiationa for tbe Charter. Mr. Tack^ 
tbe diiectar, in hia " Diaaant,'' urged tba injury wbicb tba 
praprietaty woald MMtaia in baiag "aevarad frais iban. 
capital," and pjaced in*idioiialy as "creditors upon t|i^ 
territory of India." Sir Cbaile* Forbes and Mr. ft. Jack* 
ton, in the Court of Proprietors, complained tbat such a 
cbarge upon the Indian territorial revenae wonlil be unjtut 
to tbe nativea, who never conld undersiand it otberwiM 
tlian as a burtben, and a drag upon the resource* of dOT 
country. What waa the reply of Mr. Grant } The Govern- 
ment plan, he observed, 

" AUoli to tbe proprietary body inportnot powtio and fane- 
t[6D* Id tbe admlniitrition of Indian nlfiiin: and io order tO 
Innre tbdr prnperiy eiercMof loch pmren and (anetteai, Ui' 
Majeitj'i Mlnislers deem It e«»eiitlBl that thr; thall he llnkca and 
bonnii. In point of intecMrt, to tliE cDgntrj' vhicb Ihey are to milrt' 
In powsaiar- TtiaaMasaM, * si t d m is. of laamteOag ta«« ha^ ' 
«at^ *itli tb* ttrritsr; of lodln ii ((Mtaily dM mi tne l ileawlafc. 
ioiMaterlal, bat a lital, coDifitian of the Brrnngement,; and ia dtO< 
paetloaastUaeaadltlaa' " ' -■■' ' — 

••IVplaviaTalMo as luu of lodlaa debc, m 

ladiao reaoureei, bat ilniply tbe lubBtllatioD of one 
cxeditprt for Knotbcr ; and tbat Id h wanner pecallnrij i 
to ladta, br the purelaae, la tb« fint lattnoM, ot tt 
debt. While, tliererote, with rtgatd to Eotlnnil, it inialiu do ec» 

BCftatWa. It rAmOTea the pTeitare Of n IlaHiRT wtiiati It migMba- 
diflleall to Sod aaotber oppBrtaaltT of ao ooonoiBUlyiUKba^iaCk, 
itHtnrea the pcoprleton of Kait-IndlB Stock their diHdeod ; It not 
enlypmeriea them In a teparaOe attBrMnc, thi^t-cnntlnnlBg- Uia 

•ooaeotloaheHMeatbadkwt^^pdUn " "- -" '^- 

ara elecled, bat It koiti tbit caopecllPD 

(bdrlotemt* «l(h tbosa of India, bygi 

sudhte anaey lottreal ia its. gaod govei 

them, in a decidedly greater drgree Chnii hithrtto, lor the dutlM 

atslgaed to theoi in the iTttek of Indian ndmloiktratlnn ; itod tttbr, 

■Ul* it li directly ' - - ■ -- - ■ — 

If all Ae*e reaaona vefto not mere fictions, they htm M< 
mncb cogMey now'da in iaS3. There h at pittaent graiAct 
M MibslMitiHl as tft-thdt tine for believing that the gifMff- 
tba Eaat-lddia Gamptny a -Mmay iatereat in the gtlttf 
gaw u aa aa t - at itha; aaiatry eanidad to tbair can aflbnla C 
security that it will lis w<)l gorferaed. If the meaMre Mi- 
Iben raOlly ^diMbtlylbiBcficiBl t« the bidiau Aaattces," it la 
diAimlC to H i MMrt » Mtr ie cMa-aarw be " an taiquitow inr 
aw.tb« fMowrtai ftflbdia.'' If ^M^y w«i« actitms, «ie pr»- 
priatoiawai* cbaaitd by die Goventaaont in 1S3S, ami V 
tbef wwe duped then, tiwy ant&W 

r w« <wni assona wmt H is WA fanendsd Ui pUfH^ 
waM any' witmg upon th^.' Tfa^ caimot Aen Iwi 
impelIed4e-aKlMilgetbeir'i«ta«itf until tbs. yetr IflHk^ 



wben the giuraniM tumi Witt' hsve nMrly nacfaed 
I»,000,ooo/. WiiB their Mnteht atidyhe constnt of ParKa- 
ment, liowever, tli«y ma^ aDi]oubUdJ]r auictpale the terau- 
Baticn of their annuity by i-dniTing' the prinrip«) twenlf 
y*»f% beforeit is due; but What becomet thenof the "rital 
cohdhion'' of tbe airaagtmut under ths Chwter, tb«t 
ftep should be''<«inect«diMne(HM(lr with the tferritorr 
of India," aia BecoritfforltE^ood gorernroenl! 

ne tnttK ii, ihat th«. dstt dC the Indian fiMaces drills 
the Indian amhotitiea to their wits' ends.' SomettiinifintnC 
be done to eqiiate Expenditure' wilji revenue, and public 
vriters, after exhaiialiifg fiuur tngBDiuly in deviainft modn 
of nMoff mom t yhf tiBtatiOw, irhieh ar« bne afieC another 
abandoned a« impmciicable, are driven to the last reaourca 
(if etat*- financiers, — retittiwhmsot ; nmd, judgiag hf tba 
arfaiUtiaiuma<fetnCaBna'«r'P»]MMrff, thej' fiinef tltnt 
Ibdia can diapenie Mtb. the money conueclion of holden of 
atock with iu ttiritpr^ «ad that tber mf Mfely r«dtwe lb* 
da64:ieittT{Jmcotii0 0n*<tWfdl7'bta|ffngthan tint. 

Far some lime past, Sir* Jirtiei BrooVe. the Rajah of 
Sarawak, has been ifye ohjfu:t of «U«rksi ija ceitwa quarter^ 
ao poinlad and viodioti** in their eharadar, that they han 
created a strong itnprenrto^ on the minds (ft impartial 
mei) that they muit . originate m #rivMa ptiyw a«d 
rtnmial hoetUity. b -uiitaa it nay, hi* reeeM chasUae* 
AsatoftheBottiean [urates ((tTwIu^h we.pnbli^Keda narr^* 
bve in the Mail qi Norafnber 33) bM.diinng ih» past mek, 
bCM the s«b)ect of dhcawiva W a pnbKe meeting oF (he 
•• Aborigines' Proteclkm and Peaca SoaetiM," coareoed " to 
conaidertiM faatful sacriflv of ,bmuA life on the coaft of 
Bonteo ia Joly Uat." ActUa nwtiag a htter from Mr. 
Oobden was read, Imvhicb tb« result of the pomeu ex- 
pedition ia deaigaated "a gntnitoM aad aold-bUadad 
batcberr. wUeh bniMb iU-vHtmn-mot aAy wMi-cHKky bat 

The ChairmiB (lfr.Sturge>a Quaker) Utd t h e other apcik- 
Oitmuaed th«mtdna ud ifa^kdimrbomdiajr kadianied 
U4be netting; for a One, «iA badStibing Sir James Brooke 
with the darkest coloors, and softening 4» shadow* of the 
pjiratioal diansMr, vhiM, vftA sfaa naahttioa sabmitiad to 
the neelnig,— tkdariag Oat Itae tModuet of Sir Jsmet and 
Ul gallant corepanians was " n giOM outrage on aU the 
H^its of joettea asd hnasawity, aad aakaktod to east dscf 
dh h o w ewr vpoit mir iwitonal character," — a Brltiilt 
leamnw. Captain Avon Smith, Had Mw eenngt and gana* 
ips^ te stimd Uf.mtfi baar Ina iHlimoay, from penowal 
kaowledge, to the rbarfecierofRajah Brooke and that of Ae 
■ifcraantt who were tha ohjedt ot euch morbid (rmpathr- 
71W fuia Mrd tqr him,.«Vl ite brCartw^ OampUU, in a 
letter pnUiahed in (be nwes of Feb, t, are afaMe soSdeiit 
t0 refute tbe shamefal «fi«tTn»l»f i|(t«redi against 8ir Jaawe 
Bwote,aa4lP*aim»omb iin —iie»has yw md,swn«yeii 
fte groimda of "justice and hunuwity." 

]F«r a Iouk eerie* ttrTpar*,aiid fspacially wBcc the eettWiali-. 
MRCofthe ftae part el Bingapera, Um auuckiee commhtod 
brtbe prates in the Hahy seas, and tbe kMsee aostauied 
trj (ommeroe therb ban) been the ttmaa of lo«d and «a»- 
atopt eonplaMts. The OorcnMneDic of the Bast have becti 
disrged with ahamdiri apathy and indifference in not tdiiag 
tDsaaurea to "put dowa" an gq{aata*d coaifederatioii to€ 
pnrpoeee of plwdet aad monler, dsattwain «f legitimate 
ce, by reoderiog ife great lughwi^f ussaft. 

In all ^tei, aad nnder rfmMt ever; ci:>de of law, pirates 
have ImcK placed rat «f the pale of embed socie^; but of 
■Ufonoaof piraar>*hatof BomeaaadtbeEaaten seas i» 
the most detestable, and should moat bt«Dd thoaewho par* 
ane itwfaia/MihuMW gwurw. fhese "Mood-thirsty «■ 
v^r*a " as CaptaM OanifbaK .most jpMj terms diem, erery 
asen wf wbmn cairie* « pbhwiRfl kMsM}' ** are everlHtitiglf 
od'dte'loak-ovt (br inwtll«d nerdiadt Vtsrids, or tradersM 
anfdsBDsiplio^ and, if tfcej' •MC«ed4« bmtfdi^, tbeyia- 
vafiaUF-mnrder every malt; wnt pilb^imd ecbtile &e ree'' 
sd.'* Aaae am tlto ttaitt Hutarta-whola Heaars. fiturgrf ■itcb<tudem«s(tfiM<limu Tife as afiy mem*' 
ber of the Aborigines' nol^tibD Stfejcity ean feel ; but it ii 
not one^ded; wo Bemmiesrate llie-eietiiu of Bomean 
cruelty, and bsve no piir for ibos^ ^Uo ahed blood witbonC 
■ecMsity i who make rapine their huaintsi), a^d the aufier- 
tnga of their leDow-jnen their paatame. 
, The proceedings of Sir Jatnea Bfoeke. wbkh hare been 
highly commended tyr hts conntrymen at Singaporet ^ P^: 
aannd -i», will benWrnaie^ tbe meemr of an eitenstre ptt» 
serTation of life, by eupprcwiog a practice which ia a 
aUnJing reproach to cinliaed society^ It is admitted by 
»mritee.wbo ia an jiaitial nimrae. rfiai Sir Jaraee Brooks 
offered protection to Wt native ttlbts ff they wuuld onll' 
ahandgn pirtw^t^aiul^re at peace with their neighboora. 
Some (Foead Starve, for eaaai^a^ attempt to paU^t« 
tUe fbna of pincy br A" «I«IAM plia that the 
Bprnefit grates do out attack Eaglfsh vesaelf,— wbid>' 
ia. kowenr, dispfored br *be si n asB Bat a of f^pt aiaa 
ShIA and Oampbdl, and ia diTccdy at vtriaaee wflV 
the efperience of ill wb^ know eiijthing of tbe Eaatem 
sea*. Bat ai« tbeae men kee pitates, sod entitled to nova 
^mpatbir, hecanee they reflrdn frwa atla<4dng a dmea o( 
vesaels which ooold ofler resiitance, and reeerre their eao- 
oiatrated beidMrity fee -iba miak aad defcnctlesat Tlia 
same ^ee might be eet up on bebaU of Ac Chineaa (Hrate^ 
who have been exterminated by Commander Bay ; aad m» 
may.ohserra, by the way, ae aetrongiodicatiOB ot tbe par- 
sOBsUly of this moremeat agmast %r James Brooke, that, 
whilst he has been viiuperated. the proceedings of tbe gal^ 
laat o&eer jwt aamed bare bean risitad with ao ccfwnra 
from tbe Society, or eren from Hr. Cobden. Yet it would 
be difEoah to diecorer » dis ti n ct iott between tbe two cava. 

Tsa Ses|^anaf ndiameal^wM opiMd oa Ibaiediqr la«b 
vrith a Royal Speech, delivend by OotfetaiiBtDii, vbenia H 
was aimoimced that, aminvat ibe moat important of tha. 
meaHimwhiGb had been pestfaaed at ths ami ef laat- 
eesnon, for want of time ta tbair seattdtrerten, and wUA 
wvald be nfirodnced befote Ibis Hoose of Commons, i* oaa 
"JoK tbeJteitw iaewaaait ^ the A«t>aliM CatonM." 
No time, it waaM sppean wflt be loet la btiaging tbU aw 
mentoBs sBfa}ect under diacwsion. lor, on that vecy aighW 
notice irae girea, on behalf of tbe Firat Lord of ibt Itaa* 
eniy^dmt be 'WwMmoVefbr bareto tvingln sacfaa bHI, 
when he would make a itatcmeat of t^ cokwial poU^ of 
tbe Gmmfmeat. The.diaa«mienitiUlak«plaee«BPridaf 

Tbe pecidiar circomsttnoN of soata.Df onr calonies i tba, 
views developed with regard to all of tbem hf A* Pi aaaaa 
Bifgrm agttalorst tbe aee n r wa cee ta the Sooth Afriean 
evlaaji which bat Meumed an auitnde of drfince bin aid* 


jtlAjEN?^ I»BIA2*^MML. 


.■Awiflw»e w Mp » *» 8 i w f<lt«wiiWJw4»i>'*fcftflo'*a»M.'<» 
^^^^jitofaotthw/tttfirMwt ComniHMftiiKitidMlaMiibtt 

during the eaTTeM:WMi<tiJlheiifi1f«*H«f ««r>iri(UtedidM 

^yj-gTgr F ww ni J Bt i «Jwa »ifl<i<fcww*»itv '. -iti<.. -iti' 

><row-,. i^-;';;.'few«'f Mrtos^. '■'::j":':,;l."" 

iMld OD tlM SStb Janyw^VJ^MilMW (M<toI)owrtlK diuiion i^''^ 

' «.io;iefc«'m.*m«,'*'t.fc ij,'ti.!3,.i;:"'""' 

8#'1»tll'*#' « l gjl tlll'"l»P'^'°jl««fW l>«*»oMi 


'^'J^JKG''^ i^Vf |Wrtkvr*ffKini' tfllJhtff>lirt*^L tb^'JStat]^ Mttfl 

b« produced. All Un pnf fift ntjtA ffir iIibII he Uid before jou. 
iff. iSaJSnoa^— I MW wUb to bare thi* Court mdjuuioHt, in. 

iWTO. i'JJJTC" "^'' °* MDon \Sh sWtiu iHWminffi wItIHitI* 

lAMiOoWtii&tMiwim aiMp4i«iita^' 

.^■■■■.■■■ll^n bvi.1 hiH »rfl lo 1(i:*1-mI "' - •" '-"■" 

affording ftroundi on wbicb a Jrbete could be rmited, >• ..i 

JUV. SMlHvtm. — I Tiili wilhdcaw mv propoBiluin. nj 

J8w i i^ .w we " mt"tte%ww TmspWimmfJfi 

Cbi l i— i h— 1 » farm w' ocouImi 

N«fr,iitlut lMrb« 

lUtcdiit. ta.te, J>ftt«J¥cli,I,Yepi^w^,iD,.«j,iU« m 

lurflitr will 'ariae ; if Oie debate Bhould be met by 

■Mill that' ibtf maiUn bt M^biMttt^'iben lill'tl^ gj^eral'qiutnerf* 
l|i|Mf«V tf.|t%p.C«ur«.ii''iU.go irf.ioo:' /("^mi. nD,'"by Mr. SUl- 
lf¥iw.l. .My.tfop.frieBd'J^eanofiWme/BbeT.iiiefairi ^ ouronc« 
baiihg trtsde a QuBHetly GincrEl Court' a Special Court, and 
iMU^i*bM Ml* IpSdAI bii«(IK>> wOVUm^H an Arsi,' and wai-tnet 
Vptttvptio^.t/iidJwiTtwMIV-mkn^ffrBa.unied.'all'tlie itapht 



produetiqi|,^ilBj<)f^,»yl,{hwfe Ltt fc4n»»itteim^qBnohlhi 
proprietors ; and upon ererj iiccaaion a itrong and anaaimow 
reiolution haa b«en paaaeil tirltlllr Ikvour. It never, therefoiv, 

^oblaw T/itTeTt Tookeri on while tbe.UouH of phefitara week 

■MN«><wtff«w«dM-^ilpe(MM.'uirf'\8A m%i^m^W 

4fr.9>f*tlvaEftiofM'lKijtftg«*lpil|iito4lMifcan^M iMcmittfu 
tfafCoMIM DIhWtMi WrM'HiM^Ae'ptk^ntUJtS. aM'tolMF 

^i^taMeMi''Ml'iiibl'Yif«{lriM£l ^»iAH<>(lfl'^<'!|BeUittA|'^ Wi^' 
<M* 1»vt,,lMfti*bltlit0.,gfl t0 ««>«l»>BbaH n(..foaBdl wMlf 

t.otlK> m..ff HflWfV({|*>MNPeMKbfterf^attk #AiafciC«wmiL 

tli«>b<M>HUt>0*atmn(M>OMin)l «" DsJi.n'.ir.ju «i Ti- :-;..-i 
have delegated tlieir authoritf to an executive hody.-^rttuttij^ 

liEve fliey will be jusCned; but I 

V-, out I cannot admit tbaftha Cault. 
^ !i\i €elegift'9 am ^O^Tli iuilitSfty?^-' 

t^U^Mlibritt'Ji^i* «^vi.^na)uiM*tKtWtMat^l)iU('^ 

&ri%if4">ti^nwwn ^ywM^ 

- tfbMibM4i«Hi4am.aD«<iiba|it lhNfrei^itMI*ji«Ml«tt«»)' 

: ctf I(MrIM4.-iM> ftft^.k^lt^ati IpHnCiirf «tti>«m 'Mi^l^IlL 

•■ ndt giuiw papen unintlie* bate acUiallr decided ibequ(»U>ii, 

that we can P»>iblj beittwiSfAitplAfca ::<i)i'' lo >;!..;i..:-s s^ 

0hjiMrtBM.UM4itnulHVfti>4>M|qMnd|Krl)MVWlllPf'' PUMF 

jnJWfe^ecflve ; liul IT ITie opinioifof.Jhe ptoprietqis ib not IQ be_ 

lcaMuRed'i»Fr«l'W?tiie>IWW(iiA%iv«^WHtiatlM iM ijnesitOAr 
'thMAMwls1»)MnB«ir<tie.pai(i(taK>Au n{>pMh.-tlk)ititMi :ii- ' 




4001 b7 tbe proprietors. If, tben, the Court oT PrDprieton were 
tp be made ■ pair; to everj queidoD tbit cmiae before tlie Court 
tf Director!, where would be the us* of ui executive bod;? If 
on til ocoHOPl there !■ to be a mutual delibcnlion and agree- 
jgent betveen the two Courti, It ia just tmcamoant to tbe de- 
atroccion of (he executive power of tbe Court ot Directors. It 
b, I cOTifecs, ■ very oice point. On tbe other hand, I feel the 
buperative importance of a dem oust ration being made on the 
part of the Court of Proprietors whenever it Js necessary. I 
feel it possible that it may be sometimes desirable that the Court 
•f Directors should ascertsio what are the ^neral sentiments of 
ftie proprietors on certain questions, withoac, however, commit- 
ting themselves thereby, or of allowing the proprietors to share 
iritb them in ilieir executlTC capacity. ^"1 ■uch occasions of 
CDnnlting, u it were, with the proprietors, ought to be the ei- 
Mptloa, and not the Tule< 

Mr. Smjiaat Guelsi. — I must enter id}| protest against tbe 
ilHrrniri ilrrr-r which yoi^ Sir, bare laid down. You hare 
M«B >^n jrwiiaeir to lajr doirai a gsneul rule, which, if cor- 
aaet, woald make it tbe gaeatsat bice in baring summoned »s 
kare today. I, aa a proprietor, will aot allow such a doctrine 
to be Mliranead in this room wttboat entering my protest afaiiut 
ik We have elected you as our encutive ; but itia ourboundeo 
daty dK to give up any authori^ we bsve delegated to yon. 
Tm we bound to consult us on certain ocouiona. Tbere ate 
AStaaion* when you ought to come, and are bound to come, 
Jft HI ; but, as I have mid before, we are oot treated with pn- 
par reject by you. When yon oome to ask br our votea, yon 
CPBC in a msaner which is unbeooming of men ( and when you 
gft, our ratal, you tieat iw in the way we deserre to be treated 
for having given you our votea. (Laogbtec.) 

ifr. Ltiom. — The Chairman bas decided this question between 
ikinulfand Mr. Sullinn; bW it is right tbat the countty should 
.iave an oppartuiiicy of judging of die natter, as well as those 
teside this Court. I hope the hon. geatlensan will not abandon 
4ke motion, but state his reasons for bringing it forward. 

Tbe doirataa. — The hon. proprietor is completely under a 
'Miatake ; instead of abandoning [he motion, the hon. gentleman 
is enly adjourning it 

Jfr. Lenia.—Ht abandona it prv ttmaarc 

itfr. iSiiJIiDim. — or course, Idonot abandooinynMtiotk Yon 
share conceded it. But what has lallan Irom the Chairman 
•Migea BM to call the attention of tbe Court to what has been 
.tte atiaoiatous practice of tbe Cowt in years past. In IBOS, a 
serious conflict occurred between the Court of Directors and the 
.Board of Control upon this question, vii. whether the trade 
■hould be thrown open. After a correspondence, which lasted 
two years, the secretary called the proprietors togetlier, and tbe 
TUncton having volunieered papers, asked for a vote, and they 
Rceired a unanimoua *Dle in their favour. In 1806, a dispute 
anise between the two Boaids upon this question, viz. as to (be 
Merits of Lord Weilesley's govemmenti and, after a great deal 
-Ul diacnasion between the two Boards, papers were laid before 
the Court of Proprieturs, and tbe vote not being unanimous, the 
Directors sulimilted the question to ballot, when tbey received 
abnost a unanimous vote. In 1811, another question arose be- 
between the two Boards ; and I will read a nieecb made by one 
fit your predeccaiors, to sbow what was Uie view he enter. 
tained upon the question now under discusaion. The report 
appeurs in the flrst volume ot tbe Ajialic Jvunuil, and tbat por- 
tion of the debute in which it occurs ia headed " Mr. Sherson 
and Mr Cooke " [Read theapeech of the G^airnan, in pageSl 
of vol. 1.] Here, then, a question was submitted to the Court 
of Proprietora when it was lubjudiet. Upon another very long 
Igilaied question, when a manaania was moved (or, the Clialr. 
man said — [Head the speeches of the Chairman, as reported in 
, the Aiiatic Journal, vol, I, pp. 381, 387, and 389.] Then there 
ii the opinion of Mr. Bosanquet.— a great authority before the 
Court in thosedsya. He said (p. 400) "tbat, upon so important a 
subject as this, it wan absolutely impossible tbat the Court of 
Directors could be silent. It was their bounden duty to lay the 
. papera before the Court of Proprietors. " Similar to this was the 
esse of Messrs. Palmer and Co., which occurred in 1633, when 
a wmdaiBiti was moved for. 

The CAaiVmaa.— Allow me to observe, that before the mait- 
doniiu wa« issued, all discussion between the Court of Directors 
and ihe Board of Control must bare terminated. 

Mr.Sui&Bim. — T have already shown that in more than one 
case it bus been the prsctice of the Court of Directors to ask for 
tbe vote of the proprietors where the diacussions have not termi- 
nated- Then, upun the subject of the appointment and removal 
of Lord lieyleibury, us Governor-general of India, Mr. Mill 
.baving moved iliat papers belaid before tbe Court of Proprietors, 
how did be begin his speech ? " The principle upon which be 
moved for those papers," &c. [Read from .ksioftc Joamn^ vol. 

xvfiL, N.&, pp. 57 and as.] §n said Mr. Aatelltbe same ^k 
He aaM, " If ladia utallr," &e. [Rend -fnw p. «a.J Ifc. 
Clark may be riicht in what he has said about the inexpedienqr 
of the Court of Proprietors being called upon on all ocesuona to 
eipreas tbeir opinion on the eondaet -of tbe Cenit vf Diieeteaa^ 
but then were, aahahail jasily nlaiinsj. iiiMiiliiiMl eaaea.-«iid 
tbia is one of them. Tbe Court of Directors are now i^ioot la 
make a flnal remonstrance to tbe Board of Control, and tb^ 
ought before this to bare called upon tbe Conrt of PrepcJeMnta 
bare given tbeai tiieir auyport. If tber had done tt, so eaa 
could fora moment doubt that this Court would have aupportod 
them by a unanimoas vote in tbe resolution whicb tbej bad coaie 
to in so good a cause, that caMsae being • 4nt iliiliiiiaiaaliaa 4a 
rsristagaaesoutrageand to «|Jiold tbe public 6utb. I%atwad4 
have aroused tbe Board of Contml to a sense of the miachieaow 
measure they were now about to enbree upon the Djnaeton ; 
and such a Tcsolation migU pass, if neaeasary, by a petMao M 
Parliament. That ia tbe ooMtkulianal eoMiM arbieb we oofit 
to take, and I say ilupon tbe highest authority, upon tfaeautbo- 
rity ofnolcBsaman tbanMr.Fox— aol wbenbe waa tittlagon 
the opposition benches, but when he occupied the bigbeet plane 
on the ministerial seat. Mr. Foi said, "llieonly remedy tbey 
(tbe DiiaeMrB) faul, wbeo tlwyfciBd *at the Boanl a( Con- 
trol inaiated upan ascasuree i^ieh to thoa offaasad «a ba of tt* 
moat danfeNHH tendency, waa lo CMae and atate thair 
IbeHoaas^ Last aesstna a natiM was Bade fora ietlKaf the 
Secret Committee, which co«M pmperly beeonsidered «vly at-* 
letter of the Board of ConlraL" So tbat 1 atiil naiiKaiifc 
though most cordially concurring in the oheervation of Mr. 
Clark, that it would be mischievous in tbe extreme if this Court 
should be csHed together on every public qnesdon, tbat in sadi 
a case as the present it behoves the Court of Directors to meet 
Ihe Board of Control with the strongest powers, and that that 
can only be done by Aeir being tttppeited by the anaoimous 
vote of the Court of Proprietors. 

Mr. 8etjl.Stadi.~l wish to bare it definitely evpMned when, 
bow, and to what extent we hare delegated to the Dtraeton Ae 
rateentiva powers. Wbetber it rents vpon )>raolice — upon 
allied right— or upon what fronad, and to wbM emant ^oea It 
go, that we caanet question tbe opention nf their power *t 
we ba*e no place -to interpooe an opiatoii before any M ca aar e ia 
adopted by tfaem 7 Or do they nwati to nay that tbey are in tlw 
ntimtion of an arbitrary goveminent — of an irilgarebical gorenb 
ment — in which no voice can be givea — on opinion asked — no 
part taken in any matter In wbieh tbey-aie teact? 

Tbe Chairmim.—l can onlyaay, in answerto tbe ben. praprto* 
tor, tbat the Act by which we hold all onr tight and priailefeaia 
the Charter of the East- India Company, in which are laid down, 
by a very strict law, all tbe power* we paasesa, and [ have only 
to refer the hon. proprietor to that CbnrleT, whicb wHI tell him 
how the Court of Proprietors and Court of Directert ean alone 
condnet the affairs of the East- India Otnapany. 

Mr. P. Oordon. — Then ss I understand you, onr oniy con- 
trol irrer the Court of Direetors la tbat which has been atrirtly 
preserved tons by the Charter, ra., by a sinp^ vote, by whi^ 
(bis Court may dismiss tbe whele Court of Directors at onee, 
and that Hie Charter -doe* not dieir as to Intetlere wMyon ha 
any otber ahepe 1 

Mr. SuUvam. — I beg to observe tbat yon, Mr. Cfaalman, are 
begging a very great qneation, tbe moeseiM yon Bay that yon wHl 
lay the papers before us. Is it upon ntytnodon tbnt you have 
consented to do tbisT At flrst yon legated it. Do yon BOW 
tell me tbat you intend voluntarily to lay Ihem hefcre ns7 

Mr. Latin. — I would ask, is h to be teken as a ftvonr that 
tbeae pspera are to be produced? TTiis motion ia not made bf 
Mr.Sulltvsnalone— norlslt to be decided by theChairman alone. 
There is a large number of proprietors besides Mr. Sullivan inte- 
rested in tbe question, and some of them may oppose their pro- 
duction ; the Chairman, therefore, has no right whatever to say 
that tbey shall be produced. 

Major- OtHtral Brigg>.~-1 beg leave to second the motion of 
Mr. Sullivan. 

The motion was tben pot, "That the papers be produce^ 
and (bat (be next Quarterly General Court be made special for 
tbe purpose of taking ibem into consideration," which waa 
mrecd to. 

Tbe Court then adjonmed. 

A grand experiment is now in progress in Ceylon, which may 
ultimately affect the destiny of all India, namely, an endeavour to 
superinduce the progressive spirit of the We«t upon the Immolii- 
lity of the Essi ;.— in a word, to substitute the European type df 
civilliationfbrthatot Asia.— Cafcattn BtoUm. 

Alt^BK'S JNPFAN mail;-. 



CoKMAnin Hiv, of H.M.'Khip Cohmibm, hii been pro^ 
mated w tlic r«nt of eapi^ lor his gillint conduct hi Hie lop- 
imsnonaf piracy in the China aeiB. 

N«» PiHiHiDi.iK S»i*m-Flkit. —We andrntand tbet, in 
•KUnpuiwi of wcudBB tite t»mUa mt tor conveyiag the maila lie- 
twaen India mtl At uu i iU a) and of parforRiing ilie wbote of cba 
MaJitnerMnaa and Bamter «mee^ tb* Paniiuukr sad Oiienul 
(Iwpany han damiMd on buildiiig seTao new and powcriul 
mJJIa whael Meal— eaaalit TixU mi Mu«r«Kor, of aMdnd. 
a*»iB bMkId twa of tbe Bambtn '^f ha¥iBg m e aaed ed lo well 
mtlk ttM SiiAn, the atrip hatbuUb The veaMla an to be built 

■.SLii.-nm «p fiaaavai. — Hm Eaat-lndia ConpMj baa iaautd 
■MiM ta tiM aOMI that tb* nt* at wkicb tbey will taaalM oaih 
fcrUU>^MnfieB^and']iladna>la.ll^., and" ' " 
■ wnotka. 
c Baanwiea IiLiHiah — Tbe 
It of the Uaitea Siatta, an tba SUk 
la faUowing pawaga rtapaeting tha SaoA- 
«( the SMdwieb lalanda with re- 
M aa tbe PMilc ; tba 
oitiaanii wha ha*a n> 
d Wthat' . " . 

o adopt aajiaMmi of gaiaia»aiil aad I— ii Mited 
tvlheti' eapaeitr aad-wanM) taitka naa aia^ ^ouraaaHfDua 
nb^ atapfref Um bartiawa af tba blaada a* ploMa of rcaart far 
aftMuiiinR reiNabaaeMa and T^wuak all eomlnna to reader thnr 
daatin J pecntluo'tr iMa«Mllng (a u*. Jt is our datf ca eatoiaw 
tte autbotitiee of tboee ialuMU in Am efforU to iaipTava mt 
•tMMe tha DoalaaApiriiticaleondilioa of tboiDbabilaaU) and 
Va aboold malia leacoiMbla allowNoea for tbe diffiealtica laaap*- 
Mble frtna tbia teak We ibain tbaS tbe ielanda naf nainiHa 
Ibaii independanae, a«dtba« odiar natiaMriiBiiklaonciir wkh ua 
•■ Cbie aeotiaaeat Wa eanJd in am arcitt b« i«KliflereM ta tbeii 
n of mif oikcr paweh Tbe principal 

*b*PB ii>tbtoa aaa a aaoK Wrteraat. aad It ia no ba 

hapad Ibat D*one of tben wiH attempt to ipterpoaa ibitarlaa to 
tbe«Blba iadapemiaaae of tbe ialanda." 

• Cnuii. — Aa i^pUoatiaB baa jun 
•ly aid far the I 

tl)« Saaiet; boiD( Ika 
prapOMd, iUl bo dediaaled to St. Tbomai, tha Apoalle of 
iHdiBr tba naHarfaaiag tbe biAop of. tbe diacaaej the offloen, a 
ptMMTipwl (at4iQ(K. per moub), four taaaorary feDtfm, and a no. 
t*ra tutor (inhrTljritrrtaia) Tbe object! proposed are tbe tbaolo- 
gical uul gEoenl education of atudcnla in prepaiatiaa for bolf 
aadrni. aad Ifea miohig of native catecbiata and asboolinaBl«ra 
fat the senlee of tba oboreb in tba diaeaae of CoioBbo. T*. 
ta«^ (be eadownieNta. of tbe Colletle, tbere ban baea already 
pfraMad ogrant frota the Cbriaciaa Koowledga Sociatr. 8,0001. t 
faVihititirn fnr aatiTa itiiiirahi nf tha aaaual valae af KM., pro- 
wi n ed in tbe esAamy, the Ueber Fund, about WlE. at pieaaM 
iavpfced at Catontiat. a«d unempk»<Md, to be trantlttrred t« tba 
ColleiE; and (roin tbe Bigbop, ■ nie of nine Mm. witb build' 
iafi npoD it, poreteaed by the Biabop for 8.00IML ; Uom tbe Bi- 
ikop'B iacaioe datriag tbe praaent epiaaapate, SOU per anaa m ; 
tva^HbilioBa of ItU. eaafa; the Biehop'* librarji i and froaatba 
Biabop of eakuKa, the Metropolitan, 2001. Tbe Society far 
tbe FropagatioB of tbaOaapel iataod graotioga libeialdauiHion 
Uamda ib« fotmdatiaaof tbe propaaedeollegc. 


Jan. 31. Rhtdetr, EnrfKTit, HoDg-Hong; Sta Wilch, Rrynrlt, 
Srtfnmhai.— M. CAiHOffe, Xyster, HuCanii, Mwalnnd, and llarriel 
Bumdlt. Be™, BedehI ( Mariner. Hurlnnd, New Ztsland ; Sydary, 
Vbite, New Seotb Wales; JuffNa, LrHhaw, SlDEBporr ; Baboo. 
Bukws and limie of Pottland, Cabltt, S^Langhal ; Ftrnrpirt, 
Ma>t£[tan, BoaibnT ; Palwi. BatliDn, WhiUDpo*.~3». AUerlw, 
Phintpj, Hnng-Kong; Saiutfiilii. Mottjr, MauriUus; John 
CfGautil. H'Donald, Bombay; Eupliratei, tVIlmn, Sbaoghai ; 
Bcmrn, Brown, Bmgd.— M. Tbn O'.Vianler, Marinbarg. Slaga- 

K[( ; Magella*, Spnnae,^sDg-KaDg.'2fi. Hindoo, Kelly, Beoral ; 
S'tbomigli, Rer, aad narlajrTKl, Bird, BrnRal ; Cliorla Jours, 
Oitbai, Sbun^hal ; Hhal, Cordhier. MRnritlni.— 3C. Madapasctn: 
Uifht, Courier, Towcnea, Sea N^mpk, Gnuge, Amt Nelicn, 
NrlwB. R«,aald Iltber, M'Farlao', and Bengalee, ColtboDk, 
Itw g al; ^DaorcA, Dussuna, Wbsinpoi ; Qana, Leydcn, Hiide- 
Kaogi For/arihire, laiat, Sbonghai ; Bqmilur, Aduisoa, Zioi, 
1Mb,' CaiHinbu, Bdle, and Coluntbint, Cmp, MHUritius) 
li^ Sandal, Reutnatb, Sfaanjtkai ; Falcan, Poole, Bombay ; 
P»fm, Henaett, Haoritiu.— 38. Amv\i, Wake, Bactlifft, 

nt, Stubba, and William, 

Cli-ndon. Marff Shrpkrrd. M'Dodi 

M»I-eil, Bfngiil; tarfy AmliTI . ._, . . _ .. . , 

Rajtat Slitplirrd'n, B'll, Cochra i EnltrpHse, Campbtll, 3liiB«pnre j 
»DA<iuijt, M<im««D,WhMaipoii< Mma.Fletctier, N«w South Walu ; 
Midora. Pmnder. aad Meraioid.Laatle. Mauritini -, Julia, La Crolz, 
Mndraa aod Poodicherry ; Atn Miln, TkaoM, BiadiBataa ; fitpw^ 
Garwood,; Ci-oM, ChaodJer, Whampoa ; Cltalta, 
BrnwB, Hong.Kiingi Fruiklipi, Abbott, Mautitiua.— 29. C/biw, 
\.cLeHii, Bad Loodiaaah, MeDoani'll, Bengal; SuanaaA, Lakef, 
Mnuriiiaii Cecilia, Byron, SoslbAuatralla; ColHiniu, Ramsay, Bo d. 
bay, Btm>r) nf Slrtaihain, Neirbolm, Pensog.— 30. Emilu, Harvey, 
BrD^al ; Sumner, Wlkln^oa, Madru and Poadlvherry ; CAina, Fer- 
guson, WhKRipoB ■. Lietlf, Baa rti ar uugb , tfanrWin; KaptlmiL 
Vsn Hall. Ca|>r.-3i. ?ferl*n>*<r(B*d, Pariih.ead Bengal, McLeod, 
Bengal ; Ramillin. ^'cUu, MaoriUar ; La BeUa.Kl nn, Hadtaa.— 
Fkb. 1. Lalla Rookh, Haiaa, Nav Boalb Wolea; Jigian, Anir^, 
MaaritlDi ; Gltnetr^, Fa>lrr, Shaagfaai (aiuca (taaadcd atOnacn 
ocsi); BahamiaK, Hnwliipg, Wbsmpoa; ^lecJs, Grace, Shxngtiai ; 
Uqffalt. Suiith, Bombay ; Jnni/ (Trni, Varisn, and Urgnt, lUnoa- 
ford; Maurlttui; ^ulanaui, Mauglian. Bengal; Schah Jiliaa, Jobotf 
Hnng.Kong.— 1. Bfirbfrtfrr, Sampion, Mmilmain; Tanjare, Peane, 
Manritiui ; QattK, Mun, and iMatar, H'Clear, BeagaL 

Fnxn NeTTPOBT. — Jan. 30. ^avat/o, Black, Hoog.Koiig. 

From PLTMlniT*.— jAit. 25. 7%eHt, Dodds, New Sooth WBha, 

Fiom PoRTBiiooTii. — Jan. M. Malabar, Itoaki, Madras as4 

FriiiD LiveKPOOL.— Jak. 19. MaMMa, Marshall, Calcutta.— 
20. Johm Bitbg, Pcaraoa. Bombaj ; DMin, KoUnioD, Calcutta.— 
34. Wancitk, Oven, Calcnita.— 95. Zarah, Ayre, Ceyioo.— 30. 
Norlh Palt, HodBkina, PbilliplneB.~37. Lord Aihbarion. Fonasb 
Adelaide and Pnrt Pnlllip.— 29. Bonaiaa, Hoodie, ManlU ; Uea- 
liei, BraithvBilc. HouK-Kong; Ntradf, Michael, Calcotta.— SO. 
John Mal'hif, Gronn, CokotU; JVifoKar, Knndsea, Ctdenttt.| 
Rtehard Cobdm, Steward, Bombay. 

From the DowKH.— Jam. 44, TioTliai 3par»i, Scott, Uoag- 
RoDg.— 36. AilfltauB, HnaaHeb, »iaw South Walaa.— 27. Barrg, 
Dve, Mauriiiua.— 39. B«m6af- Moore, Cape Bad Sin^porei 
Oror^t Mrlealfe. Barker (from Shleldi), Bimllpatam; Zee, Shav, 
Madiag; Ued^aa, Bordeonie, Manila; Colfield. Cnrgey (from 
Shields), Calcutta; SmbaAirar, Um^ViU*, Calealta ; Baat i^T Saf- 
laad, D»Ylson, " " 

20. Br^ith lilt, Rob 

.N. la. . 

■>. Lard 

artin. Bombay.— 
B^oit, Campbatti 

the wife of LIrut. col. Bengal anuf, i. st 8, Potcbestel- 

, Baysiiatrr, Jrd. 38. 

;iiT£N, the lady of E. a. at MonkbtlM, Wvodfisrdr 

. (aUllbsis) ktOtaU 

I. He.. W. to Caroline U. d. of tha late Capt. C. Sealey, 

», Mary H.d. of C«pt,H,B, 7th Madnucatalry, at Brighton, 
I 3, Jan. 17- 

ITON, Jamea M. a. of tha late CapL W. Hen. East India 
■ tmlrr. at WallhtmstoW'hoiUB, aged 13, Jan. 18. 

euL. ool. Charles, Sth Bombay Natire lufautiy, fa 


, Alhinli 

of Sir Henry, at Tonbriilge Weill, aged 80, 
life of Rer, George B. at MUton, neu 

r, Sarah, r 

rltft ufCol. P. Boifial eatab. aged Be, Jaa. 19. 
HILL, fitamttt C. I. ol Ttaoi. W. late of the Baagnl military 

eaiab. nt Tunhridge.oella, aged 13, Jaa. 33. 
SbaW. Laoia, wife of Rlchaid, of the Bengal nadital eitab. la 

Mnnlptlier.rcutd, HHiibtan, Sited 43, Jan. 1(1. 
Vanbittaht, R'V. E. N. at Taplon, Backs, aged SI. Jan. 31. 
Watbon, J. late of the firm of J. end R. merchants, Calcutta, 
at 15. Old CniFodiih-atreet, Jna. 26, 

of Col. Heory L. Bengal Anny, at 34, GJoacea- 

i, Hyde 

rk, Jan 

Moliiin Lai, in his description of Herat, says tbat the palace 
of the Shall " has bi> little ol the character of a regal residency 
tliac the iiauls in British India are much superior to the palace <^ 
Kummii, not only in arcbitecturol beautyj ^ut even iu cleauli- 


Ahl^WJ&, mi>lA^/H^ih- 


Jan. nrd, «M, xmifOA, ftVfO. 


Stngal E*iih.—TAt, Georg* J. Chryttan, 

BtugaiEttab. — Lieut George £- Voyle, ■rtillerf. 

LwuL coL -Sr ft jlenry Weiton, c.B„ Uth N.I. 

Vet. surg. Josepli Hougb. 
JUaAvi£*tafr.— Eiu. Andrew K. HunUr,37tIi N.I. 

Edl Harrej.G. Dicluii»oi>, Wjli N^. 

Sara- Jiisepl t«wr«nte, Wirei j 

AmTsi. «ui^. Joief>^'P(l^ite(. 
nm&opEibik— Capt. George auck, S4tb N.I. 

ibmbi^Etdili.— Mr. Cbulti J. Metcal^ puner, Indiui Naff. 

"PEBMITTED ■i'O IlETOaN to. TfialEm DUTY. 

a«^B»te6.-Lieu(.ATchiw5V'Wo«J.lWiJ^.I, , 

■- ' StiiE. John' DivMion: ' , 

ir<nfrM£(fa&.— Lieut. Ceeif ISicTjolla; Sth V:l., OveAaiiO. 
Lieut. Willianfi. HItcbell, SSnd N.L 

Ce«bJob>.KitMfi,.lA)lH.t,„d«. ; 
Bomi«y£tfai.~- Lieut. Stmuel Tlwckcr, 9th N.L, id Marcb. 

r..' ■ ■ -., ^ . ./^'CUnrtt'""' 't'-"-i" '■'■■■ 
£0ffihiy£i<iifr.— Conn. J<rtHi 3te|ihni«,''IiH]lkn Hiliy, oreH^rat 
Lieut. Robert, Baikeii Indian Navr. 


Jen^I Sftek— Lieut. Alexamler Imoe, S4tb N.I., 6 awitba. 
' AMiM. •uV.'nteiT V.tMtAMlllveifc' ' 
Vct-amg. E)uiM.CuH)nMtlyra-dtf. -- ■ 

VcL turg. Robert fi. Parry, 6 do. 

Jfiidhu£rfa6.— LiouL Hugh L. Cbritlie, lOtb N.I.. S do. 


Jfc**iJEWa5>-Airiit eekif; JoWnitifc;', : 7' ''■" ■' 

BtagalEHab.—XXait. Filunautice G.'BlodnVeld.artinet;. 

■';■■" ., ADpf^cbWBi, ";'',",'' '. 

LieuL Alexander Pond, of ihe Bengal eitabliabmnt, and 
:-I4Mt. Waltef IMH DTIHyi^lCtB SMfbar MMhBtbment. 
appointtd otdMly ofiowa U tli»Biilita>)>*Brin*i7. 

--.-'. .ClIANGCCS/ANI^irKOVaiVOHfl 


Wa. OrFici,,S5cH Jan. ISSO. 

AmoL IM <^ J9^'--T?Pf^v^i''l? IhBtb«tft4tBbMig|i, from 

^ ' ' 50tb Foot io be 'e^im., v. Swnuel «we» )irl(D,.rttit« 

upon balf-pav. Dated SSCh Jan.'lSSO. 

Wak Orrici,]n Fib. 18M. 
P*»gaL lAtk £Mf.~Eav Wijtiam Vetcj :>Ii]nvi|igi to V< li«*t- 
' '^ bv bUTch., *. 'ParSoin', Irbtne nou. bY putcb^ nu beat 
cancelled. Dated 1« Feb. 1850. " ' 
Ent. Robert Lind, rron.6tli Foot, to tie eni., r. Mun- 
.;„. , nbw.. IW!edl«tPl*./18». " 

lilh Foat.—ax». AVr^ Haitiwn .to.tM Jiaut withMt 

purcb., T. Coucbe, dec. Dated J4tb Jan. 1850. 
Epi. Edward Villieri Briscoe, /rcqi 6lli Foot, to be «iu., 
T. Harriwii. Dated lid FeK ISSO.^' * ^ ' 
Boahaij, fjOlh Foot— Lieut- Bdinird'&lDlick'idn Jonei.'fitini die 
Cape nonnted riflcnanr to be lleuL. v. Tbelwall, i^ 
painted adj. or65th Fwit. J>;tt)il lif Feb. ISML 


TraalatioiufiimUlK Jiatuia, wiA A« Orig&at nxU, pnfiati 
bi/ A» Eaay on iht Ltamagt. By Thouai Tatloe Mia- 
BOiri, InterpKierto H.B,II1.'b Coaiulale at Caatwu Can- 
ton, iste. 

Tni Manchu langaage, at we at« (old by Mr. Meadowa, gna- 
Datioally eontidersd, botda a middle place betweea Itie Cbineie 
and the lanjtuagm of modern Europe, reae«b)ing the tatter, hoir- 
erer, more than the former. It boa an atphabet, which it come- 
whM'nofeeompIiMted in Ibra than thote (rf European touguea, 
moM of the letter*, like thoae of the SN>itie elaaa, bwiifig dii»- 
rentfoiBM, aecoidiag to poaition, at (be beginnir^, middle, or 
end of • word. The Manebu.aTitingbe^ns,.likeonii, at tbe 
top M'ihe )Mge, and tbe leR eoi^eri biit the colomtia ran, m In 
the Chinese, perpendicularly down ihe page, initeid of boiiion. 
talt^actMi it. Tbe Handiu it a hanb-munding laa^oage, 
owing to tlie very frequent recnrrence of gutUualB««datf ifate4 
coptoniBtfc It havailtha'paRtof tpcech, indicated, not by tbe 
poutioa of tbe «otdt,u in Chinese, but by fonnadon. Out dot' 
nita article it wanting, but tbe catea of tubattntiv c* are denoted, 
M In Englisb. by meani of panicle*, which, bowaTer, are placed 
^ tbb *0(dB!tbey allbtK, inU'by mW-oT dMM ■« MMitatIr«<aU 
it narkod. It be* pfttM t«rtttMflon^-«i)UUIent to our i, nt 
Aeir tronted only after BaBMdanotlnB Hrnf bAagl^ taMiAMte 
ti^eeti an nndentoOd to1>e ofeltber miRiber ffom tbe contest 
or ditcriminated by wordt rctenibliDg o«r aS, or atry. The 
moit c^ractetiatlc pait oT Bie langiuge, atynolo^Ecally conti- 
dendi'coatlatt intbe-iicita and tbeifModilyinf panicky wIm* 
tber of tenee or mood. To acquire a IcIKrtrledge oTUfB 'erat iA- 
UfB and «M af dn otttielocwptayad to-Modi^ -mtbt, and of 
tbe order in irMch the wonh of a ttntatbt itHiA in relafion to 
each other, it tbe gretteit difficulty of the ttudent or ManchB. 
Artbd verb ilwiya itandi bA# Ha uiUMt imd' otj^, with }t» 
particlea of line and mood altar it miuii, the language in higblj 
p«iloifie in Itt KiniFture. and to br eneigctic. Tbe tenae of • 
■eatence mnatnt auipeiidwl tfll^lti nrj cud; wufdl vritlnm 
ideat are ArttgltM,— 41w< BMADWy bMV OMMiMII widioat anr 
oter lanhv of the iBittd,~aBM, U lengih, two or thno 
fyJhhlM, at by an inatantancout dailv l^ftiM «wU«n lift/o^ 
lbe«ijl%'fntoae preceding words. Tbe'vmtMl^cllanttef tr 4e 
MaDchuait not of an earlier date than A.ll. 1fi99,wben tbe «l- 
l^riir'Tlen-nilng eiAployM two WhoIkMto Clihm to inrent Aa- 
meten on tbe baiia of the llMwdiM. 
P. AmyM-MHi H. LMgMa «|»«iik of IM <HtMM «MdHty<< 
..... ...... , M.L - 


■eiy difficnlt langtH^. Ifi.Meadowtdaea not adjudicate upon 
tbit point ; oar own infyiwMiuu, dtrivod ftum mt aUr CWitta* 
aohotar •killed in lfaacbB.laad»a« to telwmthWtbo truth Hot 
in thenodinn. ■■■ ■ 

Hr. Meadowi iiulitt very jutiiy upon ibe otefulnen of the 
lage, etpecittly at an Interpreter of the Cblneve, tbe diarae- 
:ie obaeuritiet of which cannot b*y«iMilr«aat««d by Eb. 
ra^cMM witbMt nich belp. Tbia ia not only of importance te 
tbe- Mady af Clriiwte - l iletat u r e , -bat -in dip l atta t i e i n te reo w ao 
with tbe autlwritie* of IZMaa. Vnta ih« Itao- of the NankinK 
Ire*!^, Mr. Meadow* obstrre*, "an accunts knowledge of tbo 
raeaning and force of Chioete vatd* ha* been a matte^ of 

public document, may, by \i 
dtreeily produetiw of gran eo utwniK i m ." 
oye^ ihc Manchu i* bo dead IaD|uB|«, bat thu of tbe A 

Central and EMtan Aaia, )^ whom itia 
vaMd ; and JMancbiuia, wbcae it i* tbo SMilwi-taMgtw, tboagb 
Miow «to»ed to fereignaw, will In all piBboMBlym iw difni p» 
'^od. be Opened u ibc nEnvntUeenietpflnorwtttimiinUloiu. 

~Mr. MeidowB'a little work, •■cellani a* b M it goaa, e«H^ 
.tfti^.ncf. iMirnietM>ni for leaisuig Maachvi )iiit,it diMCtt tbe 
learner where to retort for tbem. Betidet (he original IBM 
(which are elennlly printed, tn tbe Haachu manner) and tbe 
tr mtlt tfan*. the won embodiet an estay on tbe MUM of tbe 
iHttingb the origia and pcoarai of the written diartcter, tba 
uterine** of Manchu, and £e bcilitiea for it* aequiiition. 

.Tke^Mr. Rich. writJng.ftpjn Mo»nl otWMtewb. ffj;,^ 
^•Ihred grievobily from the SWAt, or «ait -wlM.'wUcblb 
much drnded in that ifoantry, not on accoimt of ita poaaeaang 
an} keeimeti or ctormy qualliiea, bnt hccMBe or ft* tinnArly 
Tctanbg and dlaptriting elTectt on tttt BoHan ftame. Hik ttet 
fumitbet an incidental confirmation of die truthfiilncti of the 
Book of Jonah, where it it tiid (ir. 0) that " God prepared • 
TttftAMt {tbHTg, ttbM) eWt wind, MM Ibe 4ui> beot Mi tbo 
Iiead of Joajib, that b« bintedt and wiibtitiii llBucir (o dio.'— 

Sibtital Bttirw, 

1 1; 





AB vaxTxas 

COMPANY da hmbr fin noika, 
HWl iW Mte ar tvbovt al AM Wn wtH ncdi* cSh IM kOi w Bupl 

-'"-- ,taBlkaawnitiM>,aB«BBdAMhWHiti<»,tolLU|d7& 

c, Md lu E01( (m Bmliar> li. At Coapan}^ rapia 

iAMEE a UELVIIX. Sacntwjb 




19. .... . .QOHPANVtokanbfctnaaMi^ . . 

' ftm tt* THbM tgaka tf IIib ^d n i| ]"i ata* vHI ba tint «■ 
SBTlSr'ASSSMSS^ « ««■*««*. «d av-iad ••«> w Thuadw, 

lt«wi«iM>M—niifHiHliMw»ii«fci| t^ rtiWtliiliiii If sixDbaMa 


JAmES C, 1ULVU.L. ScfvUiT- 



:ECT0R§ of the EAfff-INPlA 

Vbenb^ (he notice. 

" JAIUS C- WEI-VILL, SaiBtarf, 

I, LoBdoB, mil ita. Wt. 


JL , COVAlIYjHiritTBh* notice 

tWYb^b ttfM Mftaccwdm M 1 ftM> VMdi mar lia iMd at Iht MMn* 

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-" "' . nSBS C. MKLTlLt, SMWUty. 

J^k b6lj:ft*;.»^iiiRE<n^B8 of the EAST-WDIA 

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' T^ 1>« Malta WwJwtCrHMkWirill >a mah. 1 « WfawWa* 

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■fcd»>ttt» tuBllUwiaf iM MM Cimimt m^T fc« b»d iMpHaUMi at tfca 
K tteliMMM «fUi>M*MrSr<>mM1wr, lui, ann wMcIi bnn m 

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OXOR6K T^CKN(^ If^. (TO. ^ , ' 

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THE UONlflJJe«h%-'d:^ kirkgVkai Dlu^tn(<<t'(c(lm 

DMniSfi Kada kr Ma. LAVAHD'. IM natai, Folw. 

LIVES OF THE UljUUAYS; or, the Hoium 0< 


', i'-. ■ . , ■■ ' '■;;■■- >'v ■ -• /,■.;■ ■-- 

Lll'E OF JOHN CALVIN. With ExtnKto from bit 

ContiiMadaica. 9j TSOHaS K DVKH. FotMt. Sn. Ua. 
"' Jt 


BT BIB CHAKLBI LTBI.L.' SnmI KiMm; 1 rgU. Pait tto. It*. 

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Diil;brherHa)Im1T'iHu>iSdlv« Uatn-HOBIHT i:OCKSi 

BuiilDflOD ^IjHt, LODdOU. 

Dnjee'tCailiEdral Huiic, 1 .300 Ur tfv (olia pjuci.byJoHph Wtrm, 
cLhora-il? Violla Ouirietu. edltsl DrRouiLieUDl, £s.fl>. 

- "- ■ "* Pour TriM, bj dlllD. f i. lii. Bd 4. »nM. t. 

^ & MiHrfiii»VllriiBQn[mo.;t-i.ii. s. sgi violl 
BmhDttn'i NJnaSjpnipliDiiln for ihiinun, by KiUkt 
111 MwerplRH iSonilu), bfCirni-/. 4vati., dich 
ni^nnln *• Pino Putu, by diilo, Si. M. tuh. 1 


BJ. K.( 



pcDIB, Mnilc by SMnhm filaier. Lanckw; R. Codu »"• ' 
ibsi 10 Uw jCtuaL fe.ed. TlKniuicoMhlmuri iieii)i 
■■iiimi u tbt wstdi. We beat Uut U h btcomiiig ninnwJr dopi 
ActwhlcbmituccDmH tht ocillipM uf bcth vutdiuainuilc. 

TKLL HE WMBRBIsnUDTTrcnAvDI Dm, by [he •>■« 
and CampiiKr. ta.«<L— Tkbli iDoaiaitiia byUKMmeiuibm. Tl 
JtctiiiiInp1l,y«tiUIklngJinitliidimu«Bd bcmuilAil. Bolh«uihoi»n 

ET HCn to iia*« ffonv DIB4 ID nimd tognber,— a nreoccurrence. 
MICH, Uka Ibe Jim, be t oo n t«t pcipuJir. 
THK MAID or SWlTZKU^inE WbiU by S. runul»~». 

iZjr.S- ''^- " " "' ~ ' 

_«A¥E Mf^ GODIWuite "JQm'B" Birkt. 
"■ ~ ■ roi(i:'LLAr' 1" 

Belta crudelb, la p. 

SDlPPUi Four iMimSoBB- Dt tbe (ctebiiuil coiDpiiiei, KoulnL tub 
■~Th«» ire n>«- wpiMIatr bimtlAil ioiib, by thr " s-in of Pauo." 
Tbnnuuk*,lD»iMd(|iM,af(&*itTl>af hbceicbni(dsuhai Hub. ja 
M> qnlls oriiiuiL irmonBuleaf to highly clastal ■ chuaciet u ihsa 

1...1 — i J u — <w HiptTiMt Uh wJuy notbloBtlhWKifltqumily 

uiillaaaag^.• Ttuy wi daute mil b«oB* u- 

LlJE^LKA. ^: 
»Jyf«bci MijBlyi: 

jn ihc mutic-doJu c/ 

tot Polks WH mpand «. 

ronuMl L» Ibc UU Ulnniud 

Oarmt. Itsluu _ 

B> (nily did lu ukDit 
U, ju well M ■' D«i Weni 

FltEDEJUCKA POLKA, .., u_. a— ...^.^ui, mciuu) -•• muu 

ftnumily peiformed befoie bn Mnjolr- li it a I'eel melod; ud ipaiKUcg, 
*>f ili«rlinlioi"*lliD«iked. _ 

- ALPRBS POLEA, By T, Bmne. 3*i — Like ttie ibovr, (hit ilu h ■ 
nninrul rmourlu. The lut^cel ^UKw^hgly pla<tiig,aBdHtBkaMy nilMd 

DIB FHIBDENS: Botes WilHt. ByLibitiky. SL-ThUiuliiilntiHUHl 
limk IliM Ht of ■■)■«■ li ■ gnat CnouiM nlUi all !««■ of Uic ■■lu. 
bMnky k««It kh (onpual a Mn sIhiIdi m it»n ihK 


B. Cocki ud CoHia^nibSScn n th* ^ueto. ud li ■ m Ihu ill aha 

■•Mnltfalliilhiatrtcu,!^ Ite-llBonll lUMked. ThMudUHAhn 
Polka wer* oidncd bj Sttmut to b* |d«d la bk oOMi. 

Vide " Th< LoatUiirtoB Hagnil," Jinuirt I?. 
THE GIPSY'S LIFE IS A JOVOUS Lire. liaDg. ByE-dood. nice 
a>.«d. Londoo! {(.CockiuidCo.— "Thiiua Joya>u,callickiDg»n(,ch>rac- 
HnMIe of Ihe wnDdertnc race afaote twbiti It u Inieniieii lontiirHOI. Tlw 
Uluxrued finDlupiece uakanaliyamy preilj (heIuh, ud h salj rqualM 
by (be quality of ibe coDtoiti behind 11."— Vido-' tlell'>Unifliier.''Jia. JJ. 
U the pueUc effveioD of a fouu lady quiuir.g Lba iboHe of bir native luuk, oo 
BHrinc Ihe dblani wusd of vUligelicllt flo-Iitig nbote ai.B througb ibeiuti 
of Ibe v«sel, imparili^ a bnuliful. though melaiiilwly Impieitkiii.acul btlD«- 

Ing lo htt teiollivilos many mdeailng Ihuughuol IhMcihrj wu leaTiDc belund. 

Uvticb) Jt.Biihop. Plica ti. 
Lorioai R.CocMUdCo.,NeirBurllP(IOB5liH(,PubH>li<ntolligque«ii. 

rp H 

THIS Day is published, lnS>o. ptieeiu. 

G U L I S 'I' A N OF S A D I, 

To Kbldi k added a Voabulixy, by E. B 

IBIO EogHlb by F. 


Thb day li pBblWMd, priet U. 


CUT lows in CEYLON. 

Author of " Elevn Yean in Ceykia." 

.5, George Stieet, fidlnburiti, ani 

Id Co., 83, CgnbiU, IH, B 

BENGAL ARMY LIST.— Just PubKabed, Hhs Qimo 
[arijAnny UK otHmn Mm it»r»'a aallfae Hik. Camfmft Wt ~ 

Bajni ^ubiiibniflii; eihlbliing ike reDk,ttaiHthinBii.nii4aw 
Army ; disiiii|!Ui*htiiB dioac nbo oaTa lecelTcd 



an, sae, and am, RECENT """ — ■■" 

INDIAN CUERY SAUCE, ol superior auality.— This 
nnrel and piquatil Sauce, noa Introduced Is the Eeglkh public for Iff 
flnl time, ii pecuiliily adapiad (or irtoki, Chopi, aims, i-'iih, Loiil He^ 

iiitb «d«a~of BegliMiitai'MaMti, WmJiaau, mdSa PuwCtt Iod l» , la ipaa 
'ully (olldt a conllnuanc* of UHM hroan ttHr hare foe Ml kog a pstad ■■ 

;boin>t detcnpiloD, the charge* muderate, and ibe uunHt atiradoa paid la 
lacklDf. Chaudellifn and Wall Bnckcti ia highly lefnciite while, and bi 
raxlMaEcd colouTcd hIbii. of the mm noTel and artlatic dftient. Drawuvand 
silaLie. •fChHdmiB, Table Ulaia, and OuiB, bnaadaTu aB paito^IiiiliA 

Addieu, APSLEV PELLATT and Co., Eabm QIb Wsta, LouIb. 


necmury. vli. aPedgeofgurpanlntfke ea p ei aandlaitlan duial^lEy. 
TABLE CUTLER Y7maTiuficlurnrLit the beat double iIhihI li.L. Otet. 
PEN, POCKtT, apdBPUKTiiUEN'U lUllVESof Ih ' 


Br and flnt qinllti 
eieiy atjic it ■[ttiDI. 

- ■■"■-—■ -UPPUI 

L>m the Shgffleid newngapen ehgw the ^tlm attoa 

b¥ Juieph BlapplB, whinh, far chaatin of de^n, 
^H<—'" •.~'.~-.~.»i-. -^ lil«h BiiiUi. Iif^T.calli^for^a^niprajniU^ 
Feb. », IVM. " A chrfd'tEuvre.— We ha< 

and Ihe wiHkmuithip u cuniidcied, by coapeteiil judna, p 

iM, Declli, JSn. Theabaveankln.niaDuractuKdliiJl 

and BROTHERS, are ioU leiall by tlte prtneipa] Tendun oh i^vunr uuvuau- 

oul the Unllsl KlngOooi.^ - 



'■'■■•■' '--fio^tdooii.couotbithomc dDon.kK, 
and qulta mcure. The keya an ptiOf 

nju. ao ai eflbcluaUy ID reai>i ihefjallli^ 
Are, and are alio p«rf«cUy leeure tffJtn 






noDilMlunf Jmmutt, )SH, ibe chirks 

I Indwllaf BaUfioui buimcili 

Ta CENBRAL I Um Bl^uh, frcBdi, nd O. 

IDVCATIONi 1 CaHnphr.Abi Boaid,!^ 

I, will IdUdn Eip* 

[n the C[<a 

,PlHDnai>«i Fotlfcuiaai •atwrk* OiMknndMi! 
I RtconHMriBf I Fn* bud DrnrlDfi Ck^riaoy lad 
I Phiilai GeidaiTiiid Mlnoddni StnUairudTutiiii 

< mftWT JutmwdwniJ lUO»CMtlH» of QcJMM, B w«. 

IHt Una Ax lb* additidhil Coii>«u Io tht Thie* D*|iu(ibcdU i 
maumi. tbM In ■» am an Uw oM »t BduculoB, Etoudi Ac kc, ■ 
Om Hiiadnd OuUkm dr hwdib. 

Rk Autlui Inlbniuikiii, iHilir ftaaBtUr, a b« MUt, Io Uw Knwii 
7SU1C1PAL, iJiHf, nUHT' 


WSS OEeVKSncdTB ■ UmtUd innibB of TOUWa aENTLEICSN, 
■^ho H* isnfD<rr imu«al In bfUih, KMccv. Wttliiv, AllUkDMllc, <teo- 
vmli}, ud iBe mduHBta itf Hit Preach widLutn LaofuuH. 

nc kiiMcM inatoMit ud ncnr uicimai (o luiihh ud comAiR bh* la 

MMOD. ^ 

/Tujit, Trnvrr-nro 6mn«i naAmioM^N'aatrM.uiUMHaMBi 

_ ArTi iatmitaatarryff ltiama lBlat,aiMafUi»a to ihim ild* dnriin th» 

B l I i M H lin lOilB N.W. of UmdoB, lod UuM uilv from HwfMMd 
nmb, tliuuad « > taJJI. *Dd la ranuJuN* for thi hIuIiMit of i» ilr. 

C^mlww OB thoEdjmn RohI, gol» id B^nvnn, Gumnucc, Wuford, 

l^k of UUEtU-'^- rnwurhAltkl "'■' ■ ■" - — 

■ I— 8W BIMIT ponDltMd (s 

tiadiT panollMd (s 
W. Datiu. 
HtHli, Kau. 

t Soom , K*i., Bmk-OrMi. Ham- 
|l(,U.Caa<iu, 33, Maddtt Stiwt, 

' XW . lto Ln*T«,K«|.,«uif , Hindop. 

•■H. Mill h2i. h< 

udFeiu, i 

t, Klngl Road, Cbalaaa. 
«Twa ml Miw, PMk Sum 

LADV.wba hBotT oM httlr fW. (kbt nnoU, k dadna ol 
mlwtafVOVtIO LADV^abmU thaumiMio ifDUCA-rE, ami toihin 

lawUI b* irau^la aiai 

fikcd, Apply bTl« 


A MARRIED CLERGYMAN, M.A. ofTrinity CoUetpi, 
CuikiMai, >bo bM bad Da» yawa* «ip*ti«ut In luliM,aadadio 
— ^-«alMiihbduiiUyabaPUPIi^t 

— — " ■•■haAim.V-'- 



JLi (« LIFE, riHI, aad MARINE I — ■nnttrn IilllliWI M 
fatal Chatir oniu Uvma ■wTln. A.B. UN. ^ 

t>«(.h 7. K-n> **■''««•<=""■■•«'>•■ BV^niaM. 

Ofluen In Ihe Aitny and Nar* afaroHl, and In tha CitII and MlUtary BVTkH 

of tba HocL Eaal-lihua (JfiiUBnr, ata ttjy UbvaUy Iftua^ 


B (M^Torr nduad ratal to INDIA arf 
" "*■ " Awtalla, tha Waw Indlai, Aimricai, 

aDd Chaplin^ 

CR. TH0MF60K nd Co. (late THOMPSON. 

t BKmtun triMactlina. ft" "- ^ 

and PuiSiMliofttortI, BWdSwlSSgrTara^iilcSl "[MO 

u. lopramaduiladta op obuio at tUa Aaacr Uh biat pi» 
I lAba SMin MdUDWUNBRRS, tkfSnow of £iE 

■OH fcr tM paiuai irlthDut any SrmTB 
a uaalvna nad| (« lupKttoB. BAOOAA 

UwOWEIII. AM D tavammv^mt ba aObidad, 

, i.t.1 la.H.'^ — ■ ' '-■<••'-■' "- ^..-T^..- v.!rT: 


Sf*'''^tSif*i!!S ^™" ' 


ItET»— OialliMin abou to rnaaad u !■«• to «1h Hob. E«<U 

nu.'. i'.,nlrj, AniUorj, ud l^uUJ, aaa napcachoij ae^aaintad Uitt 
" — ' dauball SiRit, an In tuU piHaaHuii al all 


, yjtnltuM. and —BUT aitlaia a< » fa»B«l Ootfi, nndy (ea aUpamt 
Hw Inbotrj Avon], taatad 0* Iba Boat ln]pn>Tod BBchuHj and pit 
lUTVAKD ft UXm, OS, TitiltiTibll irtnritt 

• noilcs that ihaa taaT> mUTod ftom M, HIGH HOLt 
— LOMDOK, i^m Mcytaaao ' " 

ig to sire 

JOR^. to 



tmnelj Uaad, puhlytof , and aooCbtoc aSacca on tha ^a i wbila by Ita actlaa 
faca, allays ttwj tfdrnrj m InlUmiiaika. aad thin illMifailj diiaipaiii all 

ud aa ■ waah (or infuaa, & 

yjaaaaoi. Ita puiilyii«And nftaabiif inurtloa ban iMitood Ua o^aoif* 
■alniioD by Her M^jtaiy Ibc Quitn, tba Court, aad tba H«»l Faiailr -ff 
Oraal Bmato, a^ ite aannl aowta ol EinfO, waailw ntb Ibc iLIt at 

■a lhawn|ips«( lb* gaalM ar 


Maiba iBdia.Hoaa*, L> 

>d bnitdlBf of foppllai of ■nnr blm 
liMlaiMli aHari^ and wafAoBaiof of 

UMBana mad* An daaitna anddlapoaiBf ofbanua tadong. 

D p«lB (irliiiw rram Indhi, eitha by tba Cift irf GoodUaco m by 

— , — ■.. 1^^ ^ ,lj, i^g^ root*, and daalmii of haiing 

uidalay, ihould wrtu lo Boi -.. " — 

b iBiiafi daafLd wlthmit daiay, iboul 
laa, Ao win almyi lB>* tbOi AgaUi li 

THE TElfl'H.— A mr cnrioiu tnrentiQD connected 
wttb Daaal »nf*rT *m bam tanodKod by Mr. HOWARD, of tT. 
Gaona Mnat, HaBinar SOBBMi h la tb* MKBAwtlcn of an a«lNly >n 
UoDOf ARTiriCIAL TKETH, Oiwd nHlwuI ipilva. *!»• «&B- 
Tb»y 10 partaitly laaiMa Bamial taalb, ai Bot Io b* dlatliwifcM 
■a oilgtoab Dy tlw doMat utaiaiat. Thiy will onB ehanfc ouuua a 
and will b( ftiuDd T*ry nipBlot to any UMb (Tar btlbre uaad. Tta* 
IdoaiBoi laqulrdbt ntraeUoD of rooii, « any palaful opaiaUoa. and 
'pi—iia tht vatb thai walanat.f-" ■ — ' •- ■— ~ 

opofUnc* to Buoy ptnooa, bM xt 
ihn iTiU tlHHalna of Hi. Horn 

aunaab, and iwond IS paiftat teabta, by iba lua oribta adnUfiditeiaBadr- 
Sba had ocMultad tb* rooal «iblif>t pbyiicbtBaln lb* cDuiiy, bat bad aM 
b*ai aUe to Dbtiuw any nllcf ItaiB tba wBplalnl thai waa kiUlv b*r by laabML 

■nlU aba wob HaUDwai*! Pilli. f---- »— "-i — —.—■ -.—<.—■ -r 

"--t-r Ayita, cnaiaui^aud Ibaa* patttnlia to Prafaiaaa HoUoWBy, tat ■ 

Stnnd, LnMoni and b* all E ui aa ao tmi MmM wai d i «r ill Mill— 
Uuvuihavt ibe wbol* ol ih* Eaat Indb*. 




}onplM* Lteta of ikt dMnpuj'i Stmni*, it kons ud ibimd i Itegili- 
HmpcetiDg Ilu ■;^lii[mnit of Writm. Cidcta, ftc. CompUwl from 


or [ha S«ntui'i Oa«, Eut-Indl* Hm*. 
' lima. Etmil, )«>. otili. U. boud. 





Ai bUon, nitli IM Mijmtt't Halli, Pmiiinin. a&i Cirtii, (h Ih* udAn- 


■"■ tDaStJth at efmj maat^ -. ■ «^ — i 

. Wlwatil 

MALTA, MthndMUnKnaiTDiiBth. ALEZANDRIA.HtliarthaiiiaHh. 


On tlH igtb oC tba mooth. 

INDIA AND CHINA (via Eotk). 


m ADEN, oniulboUlllltW 

mCEVLON, Dlue 

m ADEN, on Drib— 

Proni TREBI^OND, a 

Prom CONSTAKTihoPLK, DBOiilBulllHlMi. 
Fnin SMYRNA, en or aboW Iba nu. 

rmmaiBRALrAR, oooritxnitltwsui, inb.iBdKth. 
Flom LISBON, ODoraluutttwWIi, Utli, uidjVUi. 
D For Plwil of Ihc Voiak, ntn of PaHan-moDer, and to lacur* I 
■Bd Slilp Cirgd, phue appt; at the CompanT^ Offlcta, No. IM, Laioi 
Stbut, Lordoh, aad No. SJ, Hiaa Smin, Soutbihptdk. 

N.B.— Langlh al paauc> hom Soulbunptiiii lo Iha ui 
iBOBdUii all luppaia :— 

iBh ALTAR-.. 







■ ■.FartT'Btaito. 

CadaU, AailHaDt-SuiwiDi. and Mhaa appofatad lo India. Offiaan jo\a- 
iBf aunt BjEiJniciiU, and itrOioH who hara or Bho an eipcdlnj Appnint. 
OtaaU u India, China, or to aoT othat of lb* Cnkmla). na) oWala DeulUd 
LbU of the mocvaauT Oulflt for a Tary appolnliDCBl* niU panLcuIanof the 
Overland Houta lo lodla, ItaUi of PlHiH-KonaT, AUovanca of BiannL 
Ac, on appllutlonloMaan. THRESHER and OLSNNY, Eul IndS and 
Qsianl Ouldlleii, IDi, Stnnd, Loodoo. Tba on])' bouia hi Iha iiifdani 

, ■ THE MAND- 

BE8EMEKBK and SONS, Ulothibm, Outfitters, 
ad Haady-inada Linn Warahooaaman, IniUa oreland (niTrittn to 
Udil to Mvict lUa PrntHBLC Bumuo, iwica Ik. 6d., lOTinUd and 
' mM* not* bjr Iham. Allh«(h ao U|M, It it MmH. comiHct, of Nil iJh, 
■MiriBTlMiuladvfUMnta tnaunaat II pa«w iMdliK inu > bagdinchaaln 
• MMkalit.-MlDM- Badatcad, baddlnf, Mankata, iheata, quIli. Kc.. parkad In 
Ob* of ilRit WaEtrpioor Rafuiation Oratland TnmIn, watRh under MIU. 
.j,....t^j-r — t. n— GnlD«» aaeh. Lfau of Onllt for Cadeu ami AHlitint; 

poat. Liiiio?l 


X ETArr 


*.• Voliima IX. la no* conplattd. 

V Tba Second Tohuna and thtWskanwnrconplatcd. 

%• Tha VohiM and tba W<ak H* am oDpMod. 

la Khiokt. 90, Piaal Slraiti 

rHE following SPLENDID SHIPS, bdonRing to 
,..._. maUj (roin ORAVlfSENb at It '' 





I sse 



H CAPE i: 

W. P. Honia 
I W.GaiaHU . 

I 1080 I C. Hth 


OF HARDWICKE [ 1000 | L. BnOWR ... 
OWKNGLENDOWEn .. | IDOO | W, H.Pabi . 



1. (pplT to Mtwi. ORINDLA V Bd Co., 
a, ChaHug Croat ; or to 

F. qREEH t CO., M, OowMlL 

rpHE follnwlnir SPLENDID SHIPS, belntieior lo 

JL Maaan-WIORAM, of Bl--^—" —"■—'-"— .---"... -^ 

Ada. OIlllaaieORA 



Laai Shipping dav In the EaaVIodia Docka tbra* daja FCtviMil/. 
Bach Ship caiTlaa IS aiperltncad BuiiM'*. 

R^alAibM ■ 

CannZrinew I 



fCitBLS and ALLPORT, )ge, I. 

Edlnburab. W. Blackwood ud Sona. 
BrighLtHi, cTbooij. 


FWdl, In 

WoBd4T,~rath 4," low. 

lluT-la.Stiud, in th* •« 



'■••<■•■ ■■•(,-- M !''«' roi ' - ■■ - ._ I--. .-. 



Vol.YIll.-y^.Hj.J roWBOW, THCPSDAY. FEBRUARY 31. 18oD. [Pb,ce 1,. 

JohnUUIv Bl 

Lw n 

u>*«uu«.iM.i]«H.... ei 

OontUBnil GiHiklOiAni . . Dt 

CmtU-HuiU IH 

CMI, KedcduHal, tnUUrr, 

mA McNeil EMablidHUMti »1 

SbippiDgud CmBmercul li 

Ubc^Hwu litdUgcDn : 


enl Ord<H . J It 
■nd Mgdinf 

Ibc BadHtffloK. with tbe D*il9, left Cakntla Jan. S, Sa«gM 10, 
M»Jtaa 14, Point de Galte IS, Aden :l!nh of JaDnitrr, and reached 
Sni Feb. S. 

Tka 7i nil I'l. wUh. » ■•I), Hft Banbit; Jan. 17> and arriTid at 

B-Kong Dee. 30, Slugs- 

The Malla, wltb the Chloi mnil, left Hon 
.pMe Jaa. 7, ud Paoau 0, luchia; G«llc o 

ne Biili tbu brouabt nicbed Aleiendrla Feb. S, Milbi 
XtAi] 13, and MiTMillea [per UtJIna) on the ]7Ui Id 
Jitdni, ai^ tbe remainder of Che maili, maf be expected at South- 
uopton oo the 2Slh Instant. 


The B«xt mail for Bombay, Ccflon, Msdraa. Calcutta, tbe StratU, 
and Cbiai, di MareHlIea, nill be deapatehed trom LondOQ on the 
CTHUBg ofHMdsT, Feb. as. 

i. Hail br BonteTi »d MareeillM, will be made up In Iiondon do 
tte ereoiag althmniaj, Mareb 7. 

at t n-clict tkU «< 



Caicatts Jan. 8 I Ceylon Ian. 16 

Midru Jan. 14 I Singapore Jan. 7 

ScBibaT Jill. 17 I China Dec. 29 


Dn. Ctunpbell and Hooker haH arrived lafelj at Dar- 
jtclmg on the 23rd December. Tfaef dinrow tuj act on 

their part which could have justified their Bcizure, which, it 
appears, was ae wanton and uoproToked, as it wa« cmel 
and cowardly, . "^^ipt^ptioosof 9ur Govenwient with re- 
jard to,_lheSjilMm. cliief_Jiai] iV^-lje^P -declared, 4w»,Ae 
neceaiily'of mfficting S'ome pumshWent upon him seems to 
begeBerallfOMagniRdiatid bb the auemblBga of troopi 
in the direction of Darjeeling still continoed, it ia proba- 
ble that ioinelhing willbe done to'sallgfy tbe ends of 
joaticc. '" '...■- 

The force under Colooel Bradahaw, having thorouglily 
chaatised the EtMfiyoTtouMnts, had rrtwrned to Pesha- 
wur. Sonia Ennber accouotf of the operations against their 
villages are published in tbe Bombay papers, but diej- add 
nothing material to the preti^ns reports, except the follow- 
ing particulars of the confession of one of the prisoners, 
who, BCcordittg toB'lcttcr dated "Camp, near PulLl, i6th 
December," whiijb appears in the Bombay Timej, had been 
hrouflht in the previou* day, taken before Cotonel Law- 
rence, and subjected to the following ordeal : — 

" First he was bcooibt Bp-wHh« rope ronnd big neck, *htn tbe 
preparatloDi tj^ hfi1(gt|jrMB w»auiuthr*i«h, Mid he wes ordered 
* for death. TTe nas then asked it he preferred lo he haor 

re hli bead cut off with a 
a next (iaiauBe<i«ed flooritUog a awoi 
■ad hewna agnln told la prepare for 
d Us abtoMoD*, laid bii prayera, am 
■■ ■■ elfate. A !( 

d perfectlT r< 

Rod he was atktd (o tell the trnth. Re replird that the war wa> a 
Bolf War, aari that Ik* people of Boanetre, Bajoar, aad Swat had 
risen in ai-ma <□ auigt the Eaenfiais agsiail the tyranay of tbe 
Ferlagbeei, and they were dcteruiaed to dEGtroy them root sod 
braacb. Me ibea repeated the aame) of sevenil Khnni and other 
eUeft, all of which were written down in Colooel Lawreoce'e filac* 
BobIi, after whieh the prlaonsr wu led oat of camp, and tuUL to 

A misunderstanding is said to have taken place between 
tbe British Government and Ali Moorad, the ruler of 
Kjrrpore, the exact nature of which is not, however, 

Tbe territories of the Nizam cantians in tbe same dis- 
oigaBited state.. "Our last report from Hydrabad," says the 
EnfHthnwm, " atalM, that the only novelty in affurs l|iare 
ia, that depeodeiwe od the Government for the performance 
of ita engagsmeots haa ceased, and that nothing but the in- 
ternwdiation of other parties, trusted on account of their 
character or influence, brings the Oovemment a day of 
grace and relief fr^ai immediate tuniiilt, insurrection, and 
the disorders of' licen^uanets and disoi^nizaiion," It 
haa been sarniieed that the Governor- General, after leaving 
Bombay, may possibly visit tbe Nizam's capital, tritb the 
intention of seeing for himself what can be effected in the 
B-ay of reform. 

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Bhn Mdiar^ Singh, the celebrated SikhGooroo, bw at 
IcDgih l)een captured, and Fonei)|;ned to safe custody id the 
Julluudur gaol. The capture of this maD, who ia elated to 
have ezercieed, by reason partly of bia " sanctity," and 
partly of hie talents, almost unbounded inflaence over (ha 
Sikh nation, must be lexarded as a most fortunate occur> 
rence. He was taken by a party of irregular horse, acting 
under the direction of Mr. Vansittart, of the dvll service. 
The Delhi Gazette gives the following account of the 

" it noald (ipp«u thtt OD the BfterDODa at ths SSth Dectmbti, 

_^T.. ._. . L i_..i_._ "-jininMinr tfc^t Ite OoonJD WM known 

', midway betwfcn Uoihearpore and 
I, and that tbsrc wu trtrj naocc tit 
opUliDg him if do lime wen loit, the iatimatioD beiDS Ktao ^ted 
that It would br cTcnsarr to ilde faaid, an rourteealtoiB mnat be 
doiu in an hour and a bilf. Mr. Vamittart loat no Ivnc in;f[rttiiig 
together some tweat; of SkicDCr's horK, and set off Immediatelf in 
the diicctioa wiiieh the guide paiated out, and on arriving at a thkk 
" " !d Ihat tbef had arrived at the ipnt 

ih by tl 

; they w 

■ome lii 01 

D oF the party (nnly ten. we arc told, urived viUb Mr. 
vsnnttad), nnd the ntherg kept goatd nver the eneloeore. Tbe 
maldrr of Skinner'e faoiec was tbe flnt to enter the encloinre, and 
the othen followlag, tlu Gooron, with twenty followert, Vn cap- 
tured : the; were generally uosnned, or there would do doubt hove 
been a contested itmgglc. As it was, we hear (hat one man itmck 
at Mr. Tan aittart with a smaU aie, but a pistol, ball fron tlu genlk- 
man diiabled the Sikh from doioe faither mbchitf." 

The ei-Maboraja, DuUeep Singh, was removvd from 
Lahore on tlie 2lst December, to iiis fntiue rendence at 
Futteligurh. The Siich Sirdars who were arreated eome 
Utile time ago have been sent across tlie Siitlej, and will be 
detained for the present at Alignrfa. Tbe walls of l^hore 
■re to be immediately levelled to the ground, and as 
this city haa been found most tmsnitable as a station 
for troops, a new cantMunent will be formed at Uaean 

The Governor-General, whoae healdi, itaj^ieara, is almost 
entirely restored, arrived at Mooltan on the 31at 
December, where he end the Marchioness experienced the 
most cardial reception. At a levee the Marquess, it is stated, 
was much struck with the yoothfiil appeuanee of tbe 
Bombay native officers (not promoted by seniority), com- 
pared with the old Bengalees. A dinner, an evening party, 
and B durbar, at which the Nawab of Bhawulpore was pre- 
sent, followed on successivB days. On the 2nd January 
llis lordship took a trip to Dbera Gfaatee Khan. He was 
to leave Ktirrachee on the l6ih January, and was ex- 
pected at Bombay on the SOth. His stay there would not 
exceed three days ; be would return thence to Calcutta and 
Simla. The Guicowar had determined to visit Bombay in 
order to be presented to the Governor-General, and five 
Bteam-hoats had been despatched to his Highness'e capital 
to bring down his elephants imd atteudanta, amounting to 
several thouaands : a residence had been provided for him 
at Malabar Point. His viaitwaa not to be altogether one of 
courleay and compliment. He intended to propose to the 
Governor-General that the British Government should 
aSbrd a guarantee of five per cent, on the portion of tbe 
Tankaria and Baroda Railway which passes tbr<nigh their 
dominions— about one-half, — he providing for that of the 
half which passes through his own; making up, besides, 
all deficienciea in the share-list. Tbe oflvr is coneidered a 
most liberal one. 

'Vhe Commander-in-Cliief still atlracta attention by his 
proceedings, which contrast strangely with the gravity of 

Aose of his prefleceaaors. In reviewkig the troops ^ur^ 
tered at Lahore, he fulminated a general order against the 
■tale of their diacipline, in which he atatee that he never 
before, in the course of half a century of service, wituened 
such a scene, — and felt aesured, that in no other regiments 
of the army could such miaconduct have occurred ; winding 
up by saying, that troops in such a state of disdpline ai 
Boana of the r^tmeBia exhibited, wonld in tbe field prove 
dangerous to their frienda and contemptible to their ene- 
mies. Sir Charles left l^ore for Sealkote and Peahawnr 
on the 24th December. 

The agitation upon the subject of the " Bethme Blad 
Act " at Cdcutta atiH continued. He meeting referred to 
in -vw kwt SMOmary look place en tlie 29A De wni hp, 
at tbe Town-hall. Tbe greataM uBaoimity prevailed; "in 
fact," aaya the Enffiithtnan, "there was no one present who 
did not appear oonviaced that the Acts for svlqec^Dg 
Biitish-bom aulfject* to the criminal jurisdiction of the 
Company's ccnrls might justly be entitled Acts for bamsh- 
ing EnglishDUto from India." We agree with thia jouraalict, 
that " one good will probably arise out of this agitation. It 
will expose the inefficiency and corraption of the Company's 
jadicial system, and force a reform therdn." 

Tbe Madras papers are hare of local intelligence. " It 
has been found impossible," aaya the AtAeaamtt, " to screw 
the folks of this apathetic presidency up to a public demon- 
stration agmnst the proposed obnoxious legislative enact- 

The and-Bladt Act agitation ia, however, gaining 
strength at Bombay, where a memorial againal it baa been 
signed Iiy nearly all the legal, commercial, and trading 
cIdssm ; a oommitte*, composed of several of the most die- 
tiuguiahed members of the various occupations and pro- 
feeaione, has been formed, and several of the British nu- 
denl merchants have resolved to subscribe largely in aid of 
the fund raised at Calcutta to defray the expense of oppos- 
ing these Acts. The harbour has been the scene of 
another act of incendiarism. The ship Darlmoutk, belong- 
ing to Measra. Peiraingtoii, of Liverpool, was totally de- 
atrcTed in this manner, on the morning of tbe 7th January. 
The results of the census, taken in May laat, hare beM 
pabliahad, sod it appears that, in the little island of Bom- 
bay, compriaing in all twenty square miles of ground— four- 
fifths of which, at leaal, ia uuinliabitable swamp or rock — 
there are in all no fewer than 666,119 inhabitants, (rf whom 
SB4,090 am malea, and 2I2,02g femalea. 

The Ceylon papera are engrossed with tbe sahject of tbe 
coBee crop, wliich is over in all eave the very highest dis- 
tricts. " The out-turn of Plantation is not expected to ex- 
ceed, if it reaches, 250,000 cwta,," says the Observer; 
" Native, judging from present appearances, will fall short 
of the usual quantity, but it may be held back, in conse- 
quence of the present wild state of tbe market — the prices, 
even at Kandy, quite keeping up vrilh Ihoae reported from 
&e London market. Colombo is now crowded with l^n^ 
Coolies on their way back to tbe oontioeot." 

Advices from Malacca state that Gongallegodde Banda, 
who acted as " King " in tbe disturbances in Ceylon ct 
t«48, died on tbe 1st December, of small-pox. 

The intelligence from China contains nothing wordiy of 
especial notice. A report that the pirate, Shap'ng-tsai, ma 
a^ain at the bead of a formidable fleet had not bavjQpidSnned. 




The dlapute between the Chioeu and Macto authoritiei bad 
not been arnnged ; tbe former itill retained the bead and 
band or the late Goremor AD»nd. 

Hoog-KaBg «M bedlbf, tfa« WMttter b«wg oool ad 




BcNGAL.— Capt Wm. A. Scott, 59t& N.L at Cakntta, 

Nov. 30. 
Madras.— Bna. W. C. Black, 36th N.I. at Samulcottab, 

Dec. 34^: Liaat. Pmtj M. CwpcBd^ 12th N.I. at GiUm 
. prm; 9ac. 14. 



All thoie who hare had occasion to Tuit the vaj tntemting 
Kui flourishing setHnneiit orMoulmeb ban relaraed irith ■ feeling 
Otngnt that no fseititlei ciiitcd for taking adiantage of the ad- 
mirable poaition of Amherst, and coniertiag i[ into a lanatarinm. 
No one, oe bcltefe, needs to be Informed tbat it ties at the 
entrance of the Moulmdn rirer, abont thirty mllea from the 
town. It projects ont into the tea, la as la enjoy the perpetual 
benefit of an eihilanCiog and healthj sea breei;. It ii essj of 
leatoas of the Jt*r, and no alorni hu eter been 
n eteGolfof MarUban, in vbteh it iisitaated. It lies on 
a gentle elevation, with the noble scenerj of that coast behind it, 
a^ die broad eiparaB of tli» ooaan balWe aad aniiMfl it. It 
HTtake* in the tallest degree ot Chi natghlMS salabr!t]< of the 
ItoulBcui pTorac*, ud preaenta tbe finast rite ie Ifas tnj for a 
■BDatarioiB. A ttMiaer direct froia Calontt* would reaefa it in 
five dafi, and one tram Madras in sii. It ii anquestionablj 
Ae inmit poist, a* it regards time, to thoM cities to which 
iBsabia oa^d raaort for tbe reoonrr of beahh, or the in- 
wi(ontion of the conatltation ; and it poataaMi this especial 
sjTaotagB abote all inland mountain Banataria, that the 
jonmejr to it bj sea would of itself be ■ gmirce of heaith, and 
that tlMM w^ proeaaded to it wanld hftin to attain ti>eir object 
from the dagr they ^ttad the ahere. Ve (ral ooMldait Uiat it is 
daatined obb bj to beeoroe the freat sanatarioat of the Bay of 
Bengal, towUeh, not orij thoae wbo ««« laboolag nndor disease 
«iU raoct, bM where the fanalii* of Iboae who reatde fn CricnK* 
•ftd Madoa wilt psocaei dnciag two or threw menthi of tbe year, 
V> raeiwit Ottk health and strength. Bnt we want it ettrimshed, 
<m tba fbetlBg of a laaatarina, In oar days, that oar wiv«a and 
oUUrea mtj reap the b«Mflt of It, end IhM we may net on ererj 
«aaaali*Bof eaervaltoa trma tbe effaelaef the climate beoMie^ 
to break >p ow doiaeatic ■saociatianB and despatch onr fsmiKes 
to England. Haw many such elpemiTe royiges, and how many 
heNrt-nadiof aeparatians taight he areidcd, if we oonU gira them 
Ilia riraatsge M two or three Months' resideooa an so fciaw i ahle 
a apoL What is wanted ia the nodeoa of a aaaalariam. Wa are 
Aatty awara that peopla ia tUa coantry are, gentrelly, 
Tery oDreseooahle in expecting Oofernment to do oferythhij 
for th«D, wkUa thay do nothisg for thewNciTea, mi that thtra 
woald ba nnre iaproasmeol it there was more sclF-sbpeodawM. 
Bat. In thia ioatanee, it would be for the adraaUge of the StMe it 
Gmeraaaat wtK ta " take tbe iiatiati**." Tbata la 4)ut0 eaoagfa 
•f thofo- ahead i^it of salsrpiua a Uoolnaia to bilai* op thia 

It wiatsriag-phM in tba 

It to do ia to Kaot itr- 
^4> iiriftriMrfid E a» | ies« eeUJera to ba aeat, aa nqnitel, 
bas ths t(s«pa.«aiUo>ad a Cakwtta, DaadaM, and Madeaa. ttii 
Ik ipiiiai a amgaoti to tte statioii. Hie aaleatiaD af tba Uvea of 
amlj tan sokUer* io Ote yeai wonid corer aU the expanea of soefa 
tm CBtaUMhBeDt. Ibe ettablMnatM of mcdltal barraofce and 
the syyaiatiiiiiil •( a tasfSM woald iaapin cobMcbm fa tho 
laiMiaaailj. and m a rery short Dbs a new town would arise on 
that spM, ad inndMe woold be AiiBid flochiof to it. ITow (hat 
tha Ntal g attaw Aet la (cpaaM, bfotber Jonathaa wiB. in all pnn 



He third resohrtion adopted by a meeting of the retldenls of 
CilcBtta conrened by the Sherilf at the Town Hall, on Monday, 
the Srd of April, 1848, was " that ■ anhacription be set on foot 
t«r a aertio* of plate to be preaented to Sir John Littler." 

The splendid " Littler nstimonlat " scrired by tbe ship 
Mlinmxh, and iias displayed *t Messrs. Latley's for scTeral days ; 
it was on Thursday last delirered ta the gallent reteran by the 
oommittee appointed for that porpoee at the laeeling of April, 
1848. On presenting this ms^lficrnt service of pUte, Mr. 
Bwgty« OardoD, of As Cliil Serrloe, tbe President of the Con- 
nrfltea, sMrasaed Oaaeral Littler in tbe following terms :— 

" Sir John LitUer,— It mast be fresh in your recollection, tbit 
•ae* sfter yoor Brritd at thie prealdeney, to take your seat as a 
meuberof the Sopreme Council of India, a public meeting ot the 
ii^bitaats of Cilcntte was aaaembled to do ycu honour. In 
vtrtne of a resohitian paased at that meeting, there was preaented 
to yoD an address, expresiiiig the high tense entertained by the 
dMnsnottf of tbe ralae of joar niiHtsry serrices, and their heact- 
(Hlaatt ll sctiiw that those services had been noticed, and rewarded 
1^ year Sovereign and by the Court of Directors. In conse- 
qqence of another rciolation passed at the same meeting, it was 
proposed that a service of piste should he presented to you. 
^ that proposal you, with the frankness of a soldier, 
acceded, cordially accepting what oat cordially affersd. 
A subscription wai opened accordingly to all classes. 
When a eaflkient smoant had beea suhtcribed to ao- 
eompllsh the object In view, thia committee, anting gn behalf of 
the lubterihers at large, placed themselves in commanication with 
a gentteman of acknowledged taste, General Macleod, of the 
Bengal Engineer!, who was then residing in London. By bit 
kindness and zeal a terviee of plate was, with all practicable 
despatch, commiasioned, designed, manuractnrEd, and sent to this 
country. It ia now oor pleaiiog duty to present it to you. 

" Costlier lestimoniala than tUt, Sir John Littltr', more msg- 
oificent tributes of scknowledgment tor publio services, have 
often been bestowed. But, if the value of the gift conaitCa in the 
spirit in which it it given, I know no man who has greater reaaon 
to set a high price upon any bonoar that tnajt have been con- 
ferred DQ him, than you have for prizing this testimoaial. It did 
not originate in ilatterr; it was not a return for any p«r«antl 
faioura received from yoo, nor was it an offering mada in cupeula- 
tlon of futwe favours. It sprang frou tba spontaneona and die- 
ioteretled impnlae of a large body of men, who honeatif Ihoaght 
you deserved it, as a mark of tbeb- gratitude. Ammgal the sub- 
scribers aie very laauy of your brother oSeers, of the hnmhlest 
rank, who vied with eodi other in cootiibutlng aoeording to their 
slender toeaaa, that they might do honour to the man who, one of 
theauelves, ooaided by aBf political indMnce, and through his 
own nKrilB alone, had risen to Ibe higlisal sailitary posts, and 
wjho, in nwny enlieal aitaatkms, had nably upheld tbe hooowr ot 
the Bei^ army. 

"Youn is ml a aitare to rconin OMBOved by sympathy so 
ganersX and so unoere. Nail ta that peaee of mind wWeb you 
mast teisa kotm tb* eooseioaanesB ot baaing, ibrongh a long 
lift, aadWoasly misaiiiaii il to do yoni duty, mast ha tbe saHs- 
fasdoM fslt by yon m rtceiviog this stamp of tbe approhatiaa of 
yoar aoaatryutn. 

.*' Msj this ftJMiiaial l-r[rpri — tonroeof comfcrt, ot con«o- 
laHaa, of poMa ta joa i and iriien yon are goae, may tbe tight of 
tUt teatfaBOaU, by yoar ehlldren'a children, incite Ihena to etna. 
late year Inaoarable eiampti, and preaerte them from the com- 
nissiok of any act (hat woald east a stain on ysnr ontalKed 

Ito this eddrees Sir John Litllerreplltd at followj :— 
"Genlleoen, — It is with a proud satitfsctlon I accept (his 
pMbUeteallaaaHlel, eoBToylngat It doe* tbe approbation of a large 
sod bt^ty.ralned body of my brother officert of both serrkes, as 
wen ae of the gentiemeo, European and native, who hflvc so cor- 
dtally nnHed, from all parts of this presidency, in presenting me 
with tach a tplendid token of the tense they are pleated to enter- 
uin of my military terrjces. It mutt ever be a source of pride 
and gratification to a British soldier to And that his conduct and 
services have met with the approval of his Government, and not 
len ID, when he is fotlnnata enongh to obtain tba favoilrabld 
opinion ot his countrymen. 

" It has been my happy lot to secure both ; and I can in all 
sincerity declare ttst the distinguished honour now conferred on 
me, and the kindly feeling which has prompted the pretentulion 
ofthis magnificent service of plat! 


I fiud It 

myself in adequate and luiGcientlf grateful 

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" I mare too that thii tealimonj of the approbatiiia of my 
MlDW-conntiymeD, lo hifhlj priisd hj me, tball be haadcd down 
w an ineatimable heir-loom to m; family. AUoir me, gcDllemeo, 
to return yon my linecte thanks for the kind and friendly maDaer 
in which yon bare conTejeit to me the KDae and the wiihei of 
thoae whom joa tepretent on thii occuion." — Bengal Hurkaru, 

Dee. 31. ■ 


iHSOLvaNT CoUBT, Dic. 8. 

Jn Rt John Btchnilk, and ctrlmt oOier htohtnt ShmluUmt 
of tie Union BmA.— T^is was an application tor proof of (he 
claim of Mr. W. D. H. Oehir.e, a judgment creditor of the 
Union Bank, for Co.'s Ita. S6,000, againat the aeparate wtate* 
of Mr. John Beckwith and certain other iniolrenli, who were 
abardiolcJen oF the Union Bank. A similar application waa 
made on behalf of Mr. Oehme, and fully ar^ed, in January latt, 
in llie matter of Hesara. Mackilllgin, Gilmore, and Robertaon, 
the application having been oppoe^ on behalf of certain partlea 
who claimed to be separate creditora of Colrille, Gilmore, and 
Co.i under a mortgage and a joint and wpante bond with sepa- 
rate eovenantf. The Couit lefused to admit proof of Mr. 
Oehme'a claim in competition with the aeparate creditor*, whoae 
demanda. it waa then luppoeed, would absorb the whole of tbe 
Mseta belonging to the separate estatea. 

Sir L. Ped, having taken lime to consider hia judgment in 
this case bIso, delivered a written one: — The question in this 
case is, ivhether a creditor of the Union Bank can prove and re- 
ctive a dividend from the aepaiaie estate of one of several insol- 
vents, traders, who was a abareholder in the Bank, tliere being 
■ surplus of such separate estate. 1 decided, that he must Brat 
resort to the Union Bank, who must be deemed solvent co- 
contractora. The propriety of this decision is now to be conai- 
dered. I leave entirely out of question the surplus, for that 
really carries, the question no further; for, as ttie Joint eitate 
will not pay the joint creditors in full, they are entitled to rank 
on the surplus of the separate estate; and it stiU cornea round 
to the question — whether the creditor, having a separate debtor 
to look to, caa receive a dividend in competition with those who 
hive only the insolvent estate to look to. The question, there- 
fare, reallj resolves itself into this — whether the rale in hank. 
npt law IS applicBble or not. This Court, in distributing the 
eatates of insolvent traders who may be made bankrupts also, 
baa long adopted the general rules under which the dlslribnlitui 

the Legialatore. The proviaion aa to joint creditors 
the joint and separate estate, which ii in the Act, is an adoption 
Ofarute of the law of bankruptcy at established by the Courts, 
and it is lo be inferred from the provisions which are to be found 
in the Act, — as to the same psrly being at once subject to the in- 
solvent law here and to tbe tankrupt law in England, and for the 
collection and diilrlbalion of his assets in that case, — tbM it WM 
not intended that the right to ■ dividend should nry. 

But even if it were originally a rule wrongly established, that 
tbe general rules of bankruptcy should be appbcable tolnaolreM 
traders andet tbia Act, it ii an error of loo long a preralene* for 
me to abandon it. There is, howerer, very good reason for the 
oHginal adoption by a Court of Bankruptcy of this particular 
role. Tbe Court says, " As yon have a solvent debtn, pursue 
your remedy Arit against him : resort to hica. We cannot woric 
ODt the equities of all parties, if you diminish an insolvent eitate 
by putting the claimants on it in your place, by giving them ■ re- 
sort 10 your debtors : for we have not tbe parties before os. If 
you obtain payment of your debt from the co-contracton, and 
Ibey pay more than their share, they may claim for his portion 
■gainst tbe insolvent." It ia, therefore, a practice wliicii lends 
to expose tbe insolvent's estate lea* to the expense tA litigatioti, 
and puts the creditors of the insolvent debtora upon the asser- 
tion of their remedies against them, instead of making the 
assignees the actora in an equity suit against the eo-cootraetora 
of the insolvent. 

The 37lb section (of the old Insolvent Act), in my opinion, 
does not touch Ibe question. That section gives a right of 
claim ; and it incidentally gives the right to a dividend, ibough 
there be more contractors than one, and ihe insolvent not the 
sole contractor : but it docs not say jointly liable, and solvent ; 
and it cannot be supposed that the Legislature, in introducing 
this section, which was to give a right of proof, under an Insot- 
Tent Act, lo one who, if he claimed not, would not be barred, 
as not included in tbe schedule, meant, by a side-wind, and 
without express reference to the subject, lo say. that tbougli 
those jointly liable were solvent, there ahonld be ito primary re- 
sort to them. 

Application refused. 

Thi Mail from London, Not. 24, had not reaehel Calcutta. 
on the 7th of January. 

HuoB TnoauxT, tbe Rendent at Nepaul, It is said, intends 
proceeding home Immediately, and that his place will be sup- 
plied by Major Mackeson. 

Thi RisiDiHT AT Iiiooaa.— We have beard on undoubted 
■Dtbority, that Mr. Hamilton, the resident at Indore, has been 
fully and honourably acquitted of all tbecbarKss tfwt were brought 
■gainst him. The allegations have been proved utterly Bdse, 
and Ihe native official who was the flrsi to spread tlwm, has t>een 
declared unworthy and incapable of serving the Govemaent fur- 
ther. He will, consequently, be dismissed tbe sgeney.— Deffii 
Gazdit, Dtc es. 

Lahoki.— Letters from Lahore meotion that the head quarters- 
■nd camp waa eipected to leave about tbe 17th or TSth Decem- 
ber. The ^tb is expected to reach Lahore, Dee. 83, and the 
60th Native In&mtiy Ins been directed to halt to escort seme of 
the slate priaonera to Ihe provinces. Mooing is starving himself 
to death— snah is the report. Tbe Snd Europeans marched 
from Lahore on the 7ih December. 

Ha- HaDLST, the pilot, was disasiased the service bytbe 
Court of Inquiry on the charge oF asking for ■ gratuity, bat 
tbe deputy- governor has oomnuited his aentence to loss of 
twenty steps in rank. 

Tbi MissiHo BOAT of the burnt diip Catuiput, containiiv the 
captain, mate, and some of the crew, has arrived safely at False 
Point Light. Through the active exertions of the committee 
of the Sailors' Home and the liberality of the aMlcantile com- 
munity, upwards of Rs. 1,400 has been raised for the captain 
and crew, who lost their all by the destruction of that ship bj 

Jure. — Tlie Tnaarance Companies of Calcatta hare issued, 
notice tliat they will not insure jute on board any veiael, naless^ 
it ia carried in covered packages. 

Lu ex HOW.— Letters Siam Luckiiow mention that Col. Slee- 
man, the resident at that court, is about to make atour tlirougb- 
oat the Oude dominiona, for the purpose of ascertaining the 
true aource of the evils that afflict that unhappy country. It it 
expected tliat a general reform will follow tlie tesideni's move- 
ments. and it ia said that the king's brourite (a court singer o< 
the name of Reiee, who at present rules tbe king's inelina- 
tiona,) ia now intrignuig fi prevent what mutt necessarily bring 
about Ibe loss of the greater part of his present enolaoMnts.— 
JVo/ksfiKle, Sec. i7. 

Civil Siavica News. — We hear that Mr. F, H. RobinEon- 
take* bis seat permuwnily in the Board of Revenue on TAt. T. 
J. Turner giving over charge about the latter end of next month 
or 1st of February. Mr. W. H. Tyler will, doubtless, tbeir 
permanently sacc«ed to the commissionenhip. and the judgeship 
ofFurrackabad will most probably fall to the lot of Mr. C. Allen, 
now acting in tbe appointment Tbe mi^stracjr of Azimgurb 
to be vacated by Mr. Allen will be filled up by some junior 
officer, or by one returned or returning from furlough. Mr. 
Cunningham wilt, it is said, get the magistracy and collectorate 
of Furruckabad. Mr. Lushinglon remains in tbe Suddur,BCtins 
for Mr. Cartwiigbt. — Agra MeitageT, Dec 89. 

Gabiisok at Pmilloua.— Tbe DeOii Gtieitt states that th» 
garrison at Fhillour is lo be increased by a native ragtsKnt, a 
company of artillery, and one of sappers and miners, as Sis 
Charles Napier considers that fortress tha key of Northern 

DiB. — We regret to observe a 

ment of Ibe death of Prumutbonath Deb, one of the most 
estimable of the native gentlemen of Calcutta. Prumulhenatli 
Deb, and bis brother Aushootosh D^ were assessed by the 
creditors' committee of tiie Union Bank at £60,000, aolely oat 
account of llieir reported ireallb. Tbia demand was at lei^th 
paid, as tbe brothers found tliat a refusal would only lead to Ihe 
adoption of still note severe measures. PrumutbotlBth D«fr 
waa one of the two sons of Ram Doolal Deb, commonly known 
■a Doolal Sirkar, who began the workl with Ba. 5 a month, and 
died worth a million sterling. It is popularly reported that hi» 
two aons have doubled tbe fortune he bcquealbed to tbem. The 
natives of Calcutta are food of repeating an instance of genenHi 
humility furnished by the conduct of lUm Doolal. He waa 
originally a sirkar in Ihe service of ibe wealthy bmily of lh« 
Dults of Halkhota. When he became a millioaaire, be still 
continued to go once a month to their residence, and ask for hia 
salary of five rupees to convince ihem that the aoquisiiioo of 
audi eitraordioary wealth bad not led him to forget lus (diliga- 
tions to them, and that be still acknowlcdced himself JO be Ih^ 





Pi.Airr»$' McrrniB *t Tiinoor, — The EngHJiman ■nd 
Httrkan pubKsh ■ report of r roceling whicb liu b«an held by 
the planters, and other Europnn niidents at Tirhoot. A re- 
Mlution d(pr«calinf the " Blitck Act " wu paited, md ligned 
b; thirtj-Mven European Kentlemen. It i% couched in mode- 
[BtE tenns, and contama no offensive alliuioni to tha pMuliar 
nalare of the Companylt govertiment. Thanks were alao voted 
to the Mlilore of the Star, Htirkam, and JEk^AMnua, for thtir 
** independent and ahle advocacy " oi the just ligbli of the 

^The Baiiicis or thb Foot AatiLLiar at JuUiwder were 
burr)! down on the I3tb December. 

Tlie rollowing is the mull of the lait opium mI«: Bebar, 
8,055 cheats, average I,05i, proceeds Re. 21,66,775; Beurc* 
855 cbcsti, averafe 1,059, proceed! Ra. 9,08.075. Thil tbow* 
an increase of Rs. 13E on tbc average of the laM nle foe Babar, 
and R>. 1 15 foe Benares. 

Visit or Hepal Cuicra TO EKOtiHD— The Z>(Ui Oaitttt 
mentions, that LieoL -col. G. P. Lawrence ia to escort tbe Nepal 
chiefi to England, on a salary of l,0OU. a year. It would be an 
excellent thing for India if every nalire chief in this country 
were advised to pay a visit to England before mounting the 
masnud. Independently of the expansion of ideas which tia- 
rel necesnrily prodticea, the view of the opulence and power 
of England, which they obtained thereby, would tand to reduce 
Ifaeir conSdenoe in their own power. One of (he moat popular 
hllacies among- (he native princes is, tbat the defeat of our 
Indian aimy would be equivalent to emancipation from British 
controt, and they Bppest to be ignorant of the liict that three 
months would be lufficient to land 30,000 Europeans in India, 
and extinguish fbi ever their hopes of undisturbed command. 

Om WiATHia.— Tbe weather bai been delightful for (be 
laat fortnight, tba temperature seldom ranging higlier wilbin 
doora than 67^ or6S^ On tbe SSth December, it was duiing 
the forenoon at 67° in a closed room, the glazed windows sbut ; 
and at Allipore at 6 am. in tbe open air (be thermometer stood 
at 45^, which is quite ootd enough fur us Bengiklees, accuitomed 
fbr nearly nine monihs of the year to have it ranging from 86° 

JtfAjoa Gu. Sia W. R. GiLaaav, o.c.a.— The followji^ m- 
tract from General Orders co*tainal notice which is important to 
several general officer* of the Company's force*: — " Tbe Moat 
Noble the Governor- General is pleaMd to publish the following 
tfes|ntcblh>uibeBoD. Court ot Director*, in General Orderei — 
' Being of opinion, tbat the public interests will be consulted by 
the retentJOB of M^r Gen. Sit Walter R. Gilbert, c.c.s., on 
tbe staff for anottier year, we have resolved, in compliance with 
the recommendation of tbe Ute Cummander-in-Cbief, in India, 
and of the Governor- General, to reappoint him to the gener^ 
staff for one year, from the 10th of January next.' " One of our 
contemporaries argues that this order, tliougb highly commend- 
able, as far aa regwda Sir W. Gilbert, is unjust towards auch 
otfirrrs as might reasonably have expected (be vacant step, and 
intimates his opinion that the Court might have rewarded Sir 
W. Gilbert with greater justice by a present of the year's sllow- 
■nces, We imagine that the resolution i* not owing to any 
wish to reward Sir W. Gilbert, but to tbe fact that the contest 
between Leadenball street and the Horse Guards remains as yet 
undecided, and thit tbe Court has determined not to remove Sir 
W. Gilbert from tbe statf of the Indian army For another year, 
durii^ which period His Grace may possibly reconsider his de- 
larmiDation, or relinquish the supreme command of tbe British 
VXDj.—Friadqf India. 

RaonfcBATiov or Ihdij). — Hic Bkathvr, as translated by 
the Im^oM Tiinit, has devised a notable project for the re- 
guiCTMion of India. He calls upon his countrymen to raise a 
snbacription tt Bs. 30,01X1, with which to engage a qualified 
European at a thousand rupee* a month, and two native as- 
s delegate* bum (he natives, to plead ' 

of tbe en\\ service, and the salt, and opiui 
rtfc charter question comes under disc 

Tf»i> mnn«* ,«T*1.,- v.^.'hana Ka T.a«»«r Amn1 

n monopolies, when 

jsion in Parliament. 

The money might perhaps be better employed in paying some 
nember of tbe House of Commons to act as their representa- 
&n Bpon such questions. Surely, if (he rich natives of Bengal 
•re *« very eameat in the matter, they may contrive to raise 
aonetkiag more than Rs. 30,000 fur so magnanimous a design. 
Why, tbe salt merehants atone, whose prospects would be im- 
proved by the removal of the government restrictions, ought to 
contnbaie at least three timet that sum. But will the SiaMkxr 
give D3 the assurance that the two nstire delegates, who may be 
deputed to England, sball not. on their return. And themselves 
t«rD«<d out of eute, for qirittinff tbe country "consecrated by 
tb» toM of Ibe antelope," and consorting with outcasts ? — 

VitLAQ* ScHooiJ.— We rejoice (o team that the Court of 
Directors has made a grant of more than lialf a lakh per annum 
for vills^ schools in the North-west presidency. By a judicious 
application of Ibis sum. in establishing and aiding in the support 
of schools, vny much may be done towards supplying every 
Urge village with the means of affording a rudimentary educBtivs 
to the youth of the neighbourhood. — Hxriaru. 

GwAUoa. — A letter received from Poorsab, dated 15th Dee., 
intbrms us that " tbe march of the 3rH regL Gwalior Contingent 
ha* been delayed. They were to have escorted tha Baee to- 
ward* Boorbanpore, which has been fixed on as her future desti- 
nation, but the Queen Dowager refuEes to remove, and the 
asaiilBnt lesident ia in a Bx. Mr. Bushby is shortly expected, 
when he w^U decide tbe lady's fate. The fbilocing letter, 
dated 19th, is from another correspondent at Gwalior: — " Great 
excitement lieie just now— nothing but troops flying here and 
there. To-morrow morning a detachment, consisting ofa wing 
of Capt. Black's corps, tbe 2nd infantry. Capt. Hawkins's artiL 
Icry, and the 1st cavalry, under Lieut. Adlam, move into the- 
d'latrict in pursuit ofa (akoor named Bhoran Sing, who has been 
plundering and burnuig villages with impunity since last June. 
when the brce under Lieut. Col. Graves failed in catching him. 
Capt. Sale, of (he Snd infantry, goe* in command of tbe whole." 
— Agra Meuaigtr, 

EAn^lHDiaH Rttt-wAT, — If any hopes had been entertained 
here of the commencement of operatiout by the East-Indian- 
Railwsy Company^diirJng the present cold seaaon, they oould not 
have survived the arrival of the last steamer without the engi. 
neen. We have been so long used to disappointment in tliis 
quarter, that we defer our hopes for another year without the 
least sickness at heart ; and although we are aware that tbe 
occasion demands a great deal of indignation, it is so perfectly 
useless to loae one's temper on sucb an occasion, that we recom- 
mend every one to take it cooll}^. The men who are reapoosible 
for the thwarting of every project for improving (he means of 
communication in India will some day be btouglit to trial i but 
so long aa (hey are permitted to have their own way, it is useless 
to cry out against them. We must be thankful for (he smallest 
bvours (ram Leadenball Street and Cannon Row, and comfort our- 
selves with tlie conviction tbat the present system of governing 
India cannot last much longer. As to the Essc-lnd<sn Itailway, 
we have cared very little about ils fate since the Home Govern- 
ment cut olT its other end, leaving it to stop short at Weisanich- 
two, in the midst of (he jungle. We all know that a line to 
Minapore or Benares would be very expensive, and whether i( 
would pt^ at once or not may be a question) but about this 
ninety-mile railway (here !• no question at tlL A railway to 
the moon might pay and it might not, but the latter would bo no- 
argument (or a railway to the clouds. — Hurkaru. 

Sia T. Tusiok's DarALcATioMB. — An attempt has been 
made to show that the Government of India ia equitably re- 
sponsible for the amount lost by the laches of Sir Tboma* Tarlon- 
"The Morxing ChrimieU has started this idea ; it (ays—" It ap> 
peart that tbe Indian Treasury has not of late yeara been exclu- 
sively supplied by native taxation. It happens tbat during the 
wbol* time that Sir T. Turlon held his late office, yearly sums, 
fluctuating in amount, but which in ISM reached upwards of 
3D,000(., have flowed from that very office into tbe Company'a 
Treasury. Those sums have been producod by fce« levied on 
the ettates of Britisb-bom subject*, and hsve passed into the 
Indian Treasury by virtue of an agreement made between the 
Companyand the Supreme Court, whereby, in conaideralion that 
the former would guarantee to the latter certain fixed salaries. 
the Court engaged to make over (be fees levied in the Registrar's 
OBlce." Now if the Indian Treasury had been enriched by fees 
from the eatstes of British subjects, there would be some equity 
in requiring it 10 pay back those fees to make up for defalcations 
in that department, 'The C^roni'cls will, however, be surprised 
to learn tbat this story is quite as bibulous at thai of Sinbad tli« 
Sailor. In tbe agreement made between tbe Company, that is, 
the Government of India, and tbe Supreme Court, Uie Eccle- 
siastical Registrar's Office was made a special exception, and 
when it was arranged that all other offices should be paid by 
salaries, the Registrar's alone coiitinued to be paid by fees, be- 
eauae as the Regiitrar had to look out for business, while busi- 
ness came of its own accord to the other oQIcea by virtue of the 
rules of the Court, it was natu roily supposed, that if be had a fixed 
salary he would cease to have any interest in ferreting out the 
assets of estates, and that Uie bi^irs of those who died intestate 
would tliuB be subjected to the severest losses. Tbe Ecclesiasti- 
cal Registrar's Office, tierefore, has not yielded *''*''S^'^*r>-^^ 
Government ; it has not even yielded that number of ^llm^^Ji^ 

Digitized bv V-iOQffifE-? ^i'y' 

-Frimd of India. 


Nau'e Orrieuu.— Tba A^ra 
iMUnce of the mode in wbick the Mbawdinua auin oSekto 
of Indkn Courta too frequently amaH wealth. A mao naiaeil 
JonihuT Singb, of Jaw birtb, and who bad one* b«en codAbmI 
in tlie jitil at MozuSatnuBgcr, Kt up a nuU thof in tfa* banr 
at Agra. He Hubaequeittlr beeaan a jeoudai to tba lata Ur. 
Thompson, and is now payiof; to tbe GoTenment iMtweu 
Ra. 30,000 and Hs. 40,000 a year of rent. 

LrstJitT or CoKflciiNcx. — A native joroT, on Ae BtahnTn of 
tbe Court offering to swear him, taid he had no objection to take 
the oaih, but that be did not consider either of the fbrmi em- 
ployed in the Coun bincting on hit conidenee. Sir A. Bnller 
naked liim what it was that he did coneider " binding 
Ecience T The juror replied, that there wal a form 
in a recent Act of Parliament which bis conscienca would re- 
apcct. Sir A. Buller replied that that tbrm of declaration wai 
limited by the Act to the case of witneiaea, and that, without 
n>ing iaio the question further then, it will be better that this 
juror fihould leave the bov and another be swam in his place. 
No sooner were these lines read, than people began to a*k eacb 
other who thii juror was. Curiosity was naturally excited toun- 
t>Tel the mystery in which his name was Inrolved. Our inqui- 
liea trace him to be one of those who went to England with 
Rajah Rammohnn Rot in 1830, and ia now employed In a pub- 
lic oSice. — Hindu IitldligtHcer, Dec 10. 

Tm AnDAitiH Isuhd*.— We ha» bean faronied with Uie 
fidlowing interesting communication relatJve to tbe proceedinta 
of tlie commander ^ a smalt vessel of about 80 tons, called the 
Sea Strpent, which proceeded to the wreck of the Enalj/ on the 
part of the purchasers of it; — " The Sta Serpent arrived at 
Amherst about the SOtfa ulcimo, froot tbe wreck of the ship 
Eailg at the Andanan Islands, having on board a tiill cargo of 
lice recovered from the wreck ; bihI also having Captna Shaw, 
and four of the crew <rf the brig Ffymg Fish, tvhom ahe took aff 
one of the Coco Tales on her return lo Manlmain. Tbe captain 
of the Sea Serpent rcpons having had a friendly communication 
with Ibe natives, who asBisled them contjderably, and supplied 
them with wood and water. He also reporti that there still 
mnsina sufficient rice to load the Sea Serpent Area times (ahe 
carrying about TJS tons). When th« whole of the caigo i* 
taken out, they entertain hopes of Boating the vessel oK 
We believe this is the first instance of any friendly intercourse 
having been establiihed with itie savagee of tlie Anilamans, who 
have always been deemed perfectly inlraclable. It is the more 
eitraordinary, coming ao aooa after the visit of the P r v —r pi ne, 
at which they exhibited such llerce hoitflity. We belltTe that 
the Sea Serpen! was not armed, and might easily, of course, bavB 
been cut off by the savages. It ivaa indeed a very bold pro- 
ceeding In the commander to venlurs among them as he did. 
Eilhtr tbe same vessel iaigolog again, or another is to be sent. 
The rice is stated to be in good condition i aud if tbe vessel be 
got off, besides— which seema to be not very improbabhi — the 
purchsiera of the wreck at Be. 160 will make a splendid profit. 
The intereaiing fact for tbe public, bowevcr, ii that of tbe 
friendly disposition eihibited by the aavagei. It is quite un- 
accountable. Jt is gratifying to leam, also, as we do from the 
above report, that Capt. Shaw, of tbe wrecked brig. Flying JFUh, 
whose aomewbat myalerious disappearance we noticed a few 
days ago, was found on one of the Cocas Islands, and bad 
reachEd Maulmain in safely. — StigHtAaan, Jan, 5. 


Head-Qunrten, Camp, Lahore, Dec 13, 1849.— At the late 
review of the troops on the plain of Meean Meer, the lallowiog 
egregious deficiencies were evident to all ; — 

1st, That some commandera of regiments were unable to 
bring their regiments properly into the general line. 

2nd. One commanding offlcer of a regiment attempted to 
-wheel his whole regiment aa he wonld a company ! 

3rd. Several oBicers commanding companies trere seen dis- 
ordering their companies by attempting lo dresa them Itom the 
wrong Bnnk. 

4th. When the line was ordered to be formed on Ihe left 
column, some commanders deployed loo aoon, and ordered their 
lines (thus improperly forraedj to " double guich," in order to 
regain their position t This waa all bad; but it was worse to 
see these regiments, on receiving the word to " doalile jusc*," at 
once charge with loud shouts i no such order to charge having 
been given by any one, nor tbe ivord " prepare to charge," noi d\i 
any thing occur to give a pretext for such a disgraceful scene, 
bxlii biting both want of drill and want of discipline [ 

5th. Bad as this was, it waa not the worst When these re- 
giments ch4^ to " charge," the Cowmander-in-GhieT, to his at- 

aiiag off tlMii Mutket* to the nar over tbtir sbouUeiB aa tlta« 
faMNia (k« will Bot call than aoldlen) w«m nmiiBC *• tlu 
fMMl Ub Ictia aeatued that no siwk ■ Maao OMdd )»■*■•» 
cwnd ia any other rtgineMa ia tbe army : if evar suA agsaa 
ha|)p«ns, be will expoaa the owmaBdiag.aBiaer of any r^iaacDt 
that M> dispaoaa ilaalf, ia public otdera, to lb* vrhoW of tba In- 
dian anny. In the eourst of his service he never before wiC- 
neaaed such a scene. No commander could go into action with 
a raginat capable of Mch conduct wilbont feeling ecrtatn that 
it would behave ill ! The (^ommander-iB-iAief will, Aerefore, 
hoU conmaudiog officcn rtapoDaiUe (Gm they tioat are to 
blaana} that any soldier who shouts, or cfaargea, ot Bres, without 
ordeia, be instantly aeiaed, triad at once by a dnin-bead oauilv 
nwrtial, uad tba sentence executed on tbe spot. Courta-aoartial 
which try such dangerous offenders will, the Conmandet-in* 
chief has no doubt, uphold military discipline Hid mililairj 
honour against outrageoua and crioiinal disorder. 

Tbia Older may be deemed severe : the Comm«nder-in-diief 
means it to be so. for he vill not pass over, without animad- 
version, laulta, which, if talented, would, in tbe event af war, 
produce certain defeat lo this army. Tbe reviews which tfas 
Commander' in- chief makes of the troops are not to betaken aa 
ao many " chips in porridge." Tbey are made for the purpose 
of ascertaining whal officers are fit lo command batlalions, and 
there being no want of such in tlie Indian army, he will feel it 
to be bis bouiidcn duty to remove those who are not ; and when- 
ever he finds a regiment " fire," " shout," or " charge." without 
orders from its commander, he will, after this warning, remuve 
the lattar from his command. 

The sepoy ia both a brave and an obedient soldier ; and when- 
ever he behave* ill, it is in a great measure the faull of his com- 
manding officer. 

The drill and discipline of all armiea teat mainly with the 
commanders of regiments and of companies. Tttey are in im- 
mediate contact with the officers, non-commissioned officers, 
and private soEdien ; and to them general officers must look fi:>r 
that perfect obedience, without which an army is an armed mob, 
dangerous to its fiends, and conlemplible to its enemies. 
I (The Commander -in-ohief does not hereby call on command- 
idff o&cetB lo torment those under tbcir ontera by long and 
harasaing drilling. But b« does call upon tbeoi to inatmct tbeir 
officers, and to instruct thems^ves, and also their supemnmerarj 
ranka, that they are to aeiae any man in their fhmt who darea lo 
sboDt, or talk, or Bre, or run withont orders. General olltcers 
commanding divisions and brigades in this army are called upon 
to see that commandera of tegimeBta do their duties in those 

The Commander-in-chief doe* not apply Ibis order to all 
commanders I he well knows that there are abwidant first-rate 
soldier* and fint-rate regiments in the Indbn army; but he 
applies it to those whose regiments are in bad order. 

C. J. NAnaa, General, C.-in-C. 

Dee. 19.— The Most Noble the Governor- General of India 
is pleased to direct that the fallowing rule, to be numbered [4>, 
ehall be added to the G. O. O. G., dated Simla, 1st September, 
IBW, laying down regulations for tbe establishment and main- 
tenance of bands of music in the several regiments in tlie 
armies of the three presidendes. 

Rule 14. The above regulations are applicable to the regi- 
ments of artillery, witb the exception of the amount of donation 
and subscription, which are not to exceed the sums laid down in 
rule 4s but which may be reduced with the sanction of the go- 
vemoient of the presidency to which the regiment belongs ; and 
nlle II, the number of muaicians altowed as the eatabhshment 
of the band of each'r^ntent, containing as at present. 

Fi>rt WSlam, Financud Department, Dee. S9, 1819.— Notica 
is hereby given, that the rate of exchange at which bills secured 
by the hypotbecation of goods are to be drawn in favour of tbe 
Hon. East-India Company will be Is. lid. ^er Co.'s rupee until 
further orders. In all other respects the existing terms and con- 
ditions of advances to be made by the Governments of Bengal, 
Madras, and Bombay, will remain as at present in force. 


LUitT. raiEir «osB WAUSuiar, l«tM h.i. 

At a general court-nurtial re-aasemhled at Fort William, on 

Tneaday, Nov. 13, 1M0, Lieut. P. M. Walmidey, 16tb N.t. 

(GrCD.) was arraigried on the following diargea ; 



osUienigbtDr Haj IS, IStff (bei^ M Ae time ma ram of 
tnteiieWMnyUodedalHgeportwiiofrlie dMuitaHcdt frota the 
OMsl OB whteb tbar were tMoraiiig to tin wiiienli and maiclMd 
Ihem witb flud baTOAOi into the town of Wm, with Dm view 
otnteatag-ftvai ih«voliM«tatio»-beaMtiro p«nan«in cocdbw- 
inenE tboe, who bad aooaauMOrad hin that «««iiia> KM the 

qnitted (he 

—Fat bnin9,on or aboat Aagwl St, MM, 
pi. 9, m0, ttnilctn hit meat, bj bavtng 
~~ta ef BBTnekpoic and haring, on both 
. . » Calcutta without leara. tn tlirect dia- 

dbedicnea of atation ordei^ and of the onleia of tbe officer com- 
roeadimi thei^nent. 

FMug, — Guiitf oTtbe firat charge, with tbe exception of tbe 
wordi " being at tbe line in a aiate cf Intoxkatkm,' of whiA 
part of the cbarie tlw eawt eaqMt Juai. 

On the additional charge, guilty, with tbe eaeeptloa of the 
aeeoBd iiirtanee, mmtl;, " on or about Sept. 6, IMd," of wMefa 
the eoort acquit him. 

SeiUtiKm.— To be CMtiiercd. 

Approved and conflrcDell : 

(Signed) C. J. N*nii. Geo., C.-in-C. 
Head-VMTten, Labora, Dec 1^ 1849. 
BtMortu bji hi ExedltH^ the CiMmai<ltri»-cki^.—l a» 
bound to expreeaaij gieat aatiataelieB at tbe caaduet of Liaat. 
WbitG, 40tli N.I., which ««■ that of a aMadrand eanalieot 
officer. I alio approra of tbe conduct of the eentry, pfiwe 
Kered Alice, ajw of the 40th N.I., who acted in aMMnat 
becoming a leatij and a aoldier. 

(Signed) C. J. Ntriin, Oen,. C.-in-C. 
The name of Lieut. P. M. Walmitley wit) be (track offthe 
list of ibe IS(h N.I. from the date of publiaation of thii order at 
Bairackpore, of which a report is to be made Eo the adjutant- 
general of thie amj, aad to the atatttant adjutant geoMsl at tbe 

uior. j»iui laaamMn b.ii.*i 3&it Mot. 

At a genenl conn-miTtlBl M«enit)led at Rawnl Plndee, on 
TocEdaj, Nov. SO, 1849, Lieut. J. Morpbetl. ol H.M.'i 53rd 
foot, waa arraigoed on the following ebargei, via. : — 

Firtt Ckary«.~F»t dJagneefnl coodsct, in 

In. — In hwring. at Lidiore and Rami PinAee. belw^ Ibe 
month of May, 1647, and the present date, bj bil omi neglect 
in the liquidation of a loan from the Agra and United Serriee 
Bank, obliged tbe bank to require iJeuL Grabtie, of the 53rd 
foot, as auretj for him, to make good tbe dcbL 

gnd.— Inharin^, at RawDl Pindee, on or about Ang.TB.IStft, 
AUely (tsted to his commanding officer, that be was prorided 
with two sureties for the purpose of releasing Lieut Grubbe 
from all liabiilT as his surety fi>r the said loan bom lite Agra 

3rd.— In baring, ia a letter to the capt. of bis comp., dated 
Aog.f6, 1849, folsety stated thattbe Agra Boriihadaecepted and 
held a paper rele art ng Lieut. Qrubbe from all liability ea his 
««rrty for tbe said loan from the Agra Bank. 

Steend Charge. — For disobedience of orders, in bsving, at 
Rawol PSndee, on or about Sept. 4, 1B40, (ailed to attend at tbe 
orderly room, tbough waiaed to do so by order of Ibe capt. of 

Tliird Oiarj^e.— For disgraceful conduct, in having, at GhwuI 
Findre, on Sept. 3, 18U, when required by tbe commanding 
officrr ol the risimeni, W account fur bis non-attendance at tbe 
orderly room on the previous day, hisely asserted that be had 
not been warned j and when further pressed, falsely reported 
that he had not beeo warned ^U tbe bugle sounded for the 
onlerly fei jeeBtt. 

FvmHi Cl«r^— For having, at Bawul Pindee, m tbe nsoni- 
iog of Sept- 7, 1819, absented bimselt from regimental parade 
without leave, on the pretence of sickness. 

Fiftli a^rgt.— Vot dicobediance of tbe positive order of bis 
animaadiag mSmtt, repeatedly delivescd to faim, in having, at 
Hawnl Pindee, on about the 7th September, 164% biled to 
report, ihroaigb a medical oHccr, his inability to attead paiade 
on thai day, wten abaeat upon the plea of illness. 

Fhidag. — Not guilty of tbe BrsI ritarge ia tbe first instance ; 
-,.!r... ^ .1.!. .■..»> in ^ second instance ; and guilty in the 

Guilty of tbe fifth cbaige. 
SbaMKB.^^ be cMhiered. 

(Signed) C. J. Niriaa, Oeaml, 

Commander, io-chiel, East ladies. 

H«d.^snm, LaboK, Dec 10, 18*0. 

UeM. Morphea b to bs struck off tbe Strang of ILU.'s 

5Srd eagt. boa tbe date of tbe pablication of this otder at Ilia 

haad qa. «f bis re8t..whioh will be leported to the a<tjutant< 

general and to tbe military secretary to hia Eaeelleacy tbe Com- 

ALtZAKDia, W. S. dv. and seu. }Dd. of Bh aug d uo re, ree. eh. of 

hUoff. Dec. ai. 
BASaromo, F. to be postmr. ofOhnttsI, D«e. IS. 
Bkll, W. to be coll. of Rajcshyt, Dec. 31.,C. S. ree. cb. of the Jt. xaag. of Serampoic, fr, W. G. 

Toimr, Dee. 77- 
BaaRBPORn, H. B. coll. of Mymenslngh, ree. ch. of bl* off. fr. 

R. C. RalkEi, Dec. 17. 
Blaciall, a. K. dap. coll. at Jallnnder, to eh. of public tnai. 
BaowN, J. C. ciT. aad seu. jnil. of Noddeab, made ortr ch. of 

enrreat duties of bis off. Dec. 34. 
Caupssll. C. H . to be reg. of dctds for dist. of Moonbedsbad. 
CaiAFE, C. B. civ. and ses.jad. of Rsjeshye, rts. cb. of carreDt 

datlea of bis off. Dec. 16. 
CocKBUBN, G. F. to ofSc. asjt. mug. and drp. coll. DfChinpsran 

dar. abs. of Fleebtr. or till further orders. 
Cooper, B. H. (o beong. of Rnngporetlll ftartbir orders, Dec. 31. 
DkiATitPLm, F. A. B. to be rag. of deeds for dlst. of Beer- 

bbaon, Oso. 97. 
DoDORON, J. C. to offic a* mag. of.Dinagepore, dor. aba. ot R. J. 

Scott (3 BO.), Dee. W. 
DauHUDMO, Hon. L. tasctred eh. of the asaglatratf of Bslnr, fr. 

a. Rosa, Dm:. S7. 
DauMMOND, Hon. R. to be an Siit. to mag. nail coll. of Bsreilly, 

■nd to ei. pow. of joint mag. and dip. coll, Dec. II. 
FoBHCS, A. amg, cell, and snlt agent oT Pooree, made over ch. of 

bii lr«a>ury to G. Hough, ilep. coU. Dec. B, to visit tbe inteiior 

of bis dUt. 
Oahbett, R. B. to one. as elv. and ans, jedge of EastltarA' 

wan, Dee. ». 
QlLuoaa, M. S. elv. and sea. }ad. ot Cuttac^, made orer cb. of 

hit of. to proceed to Bullasore to hold setiloas, Jan. 4. 
Grant, J. W. ret. cb. of off. as eiport Tartboase keeper, Dee. 34. 
Gbaht, J. civ. and seta. Jud. of Diaaaepore, made orer <^. of off. 
Hamilton, H. C. to oOle. as civ. and sets. jud. of West Burdwan 

dor. aba. of C. IJarstin, Dfc. ». 

tlon, Dec. 35 ; to cond. dnttes of coll, of Beerbhoom dor. abs. of 

Ogiivle, Dee. 3fl. 
HAavAso, J. U. M. Test, with pow. of dep. coU. at ABahabad, 

Mlrxapore, Benares, and Ghateepon, Dec. 14. 
HnSBon, C. K. tcc. ch. of dr. duties of off. of prtnc. asst. to 

enmnr. at Kampoor, Drc. 18 ; to condnet duties of jun. ssit. at 

Kamroop, V. Agaew, Dee. 30. 
Hdmb, a. O. qosl. fnr poh. service, attached to N.W.P. Dm. M. 
KlNLOCH.C. W. retarned todotT, Jan. 1. 
Lahce, G. E. del, over ch, of otf. ef mag. of HymeaalBgh, to R. 

C. Ralkes, Dee. 17, to bo In eh, of the anb. div, of Jareanlpore. 
LiYcesTKB, O. P. lo be coll. of Monghyr, Dee. SI. 
LoHOHOBR, W. J. tooSc. IB }t. Bag. and dep. coU.of PabnB.dui. 

aba. of Woodcock, or till farther orden, I>ie, 23. 
LooOBHAN, R. J. dr. and test. Jud. of Pataa, made o*. ch. of 

LoKB, W. to be civ. and aesi. jad, of Midnapore, Dec, 31, 
MArWELL, P. veit. with pow, erf drp. coH. at Cawnpon, Fsmck' 

abad, Mynpoorle, Etavidi, and Shahjehaopore, Dae. 14, 
Mbtcalf, H. C, coll. of Tipperab, res. ch. ol bis off. fr. G. A. 

Paitoo, Dec. ai. 
HOKBT, D. J, dv. and see. Jad. of Moorsdabad, rea, ch. of his 

off, DsbM. 
MOKBT, A. tobe]t, msfc. BBddep, coll, olSnd gradrs, Dee, 31. 
MoiB, J. to off. at civ. and ses. Jnd. of Fnttebpore dnr, sht. of 

Annttrong, Dec, II, 
MrspBATT, J. R. to ^c. as reg. of deeds for dial, of Backer- 

gonge, dnr. abs. oi 

Paxtom, O, a, asst. to mag, 

powers of a it. mag. and dep. coll. Dec. 39. 
Probtn, W. G. loofRe. asjt, mag, and dep, coll. of Cawnporedur. 

Bba. of UorlBDd, Dee. 14. 
Raikbs, R. C. dd. nverch. of off, of coll. ofMymensingfitn H. B. 

Bereafiird, Dec. 17 s ree. ch, of off. of mag. of MymeoslPEh fr. 

G, B. Lance, Dec. IT. 




Rosi, H. del. over ch. of m^jitrwr of B«hu to H«b. S. Dram- 

mODi), D«. II- 
RcBBiLt, A. B. to be rrglstnu' of deed* for (be di*l. of Fanmb. 
SbteKB. W. T. VMt. wltb poo. ot dcp. call, at Pnttehpooi and 

AUshabid, Dec. 14. 
Shawe, M. a. G. to be mae. of Naddea, coat, to offie. ai coll. of 

S;lbet lill farther ordin. Dee. 31. 
Stukt, R. R. aud. cb. of the off. ot jt. MSg. and dep. coU. ot 

Naocolljf, Dec. 1. 
S-RETENHAU, H. cl*. and sell. jnd. of Dacca, made OTcr ch. ot 

big off. Dec. ^ ; to proceed to Furrccdpore on (culoD) dnty. 
TbobktoNiR. to be a mem. of the local com. of public Inatmctioa 

BlAgra, Dec. 91. 
ToiTHG, W. G. del. orer ch. of jt. magletrtey of Serampore to 

C. S. BelU, Dec. 37. 

Ammand, a. S. t TT*. to Cape, on m 
Bbown, J. C. 1 mo. 
CoMBB, J. leate eaoe. fr. Dee. IB. 
Frekcr, p. G. 1 mo. aod 15 ixjt. 

Oallowat, A. fachtc 
Halet, O. W. I ma. I 

Mayne, F. O. 1 mo. 
OctLTlB, A. 1 mo. 
Scott, R. J. 3 mo. 
Temple, R. 1 mo. 
TcBNER, T. J. 1 mo. prep, to ret. I 
WlNQFIlLD, C. I, 3 mo. prep, to ( 
Woodcock, R. E. 6 wcehi on m. c 
WVATT, T. C. 1 mo. 

CstPUAN, Re*. E. i. ehaplain at Dlnapore. 
Dawson, Rev. F. A. re-appointcd cbaplaln i 
HaNiLTON, Rer.C. D. I mo. leare. 
LABCELt.(.B, ReT. H. to be cbsplaia ot Sangor, Dec. 91. 
Shvtd, Rev. T. C. to be cbapluio of Feebawar, Dec. 1*. 
ViBET, RcT. F. C. to be tbapMn of Cawnpore, Dec 9i. 



Abbott, Lieat. Col. A. c.b. nrt. fr, Stb to 3td batt. 

AoHEw, 3nd Lievt. F. A. art. fr. Sod comp. 9ad to 3rd comp. 8th 

Alexandeb, lit Ueul. F. art. qual. aa laterp. 
Alixandeb, 9ad Lieat D. C. ait. ti. 3id comp. 4tb to 3i<l comp. 

7th batt. 
Albiander, Eob. a. H. Sstb N.L to be a4j. to 9ud reg. Oade 

Local Inf. 
ALtGOOD, Uent. G. 4Slb N.I. pasaed exam. In Hloduitanl. 
Amibtbono, Ltent. A. T. 79od N. t. paaaed eum. in Ulnduataoi. 
Ashbubner, 9ad Ueut. B. ait. poated to llh comp. 3(d batt. B« 

ad}, to 3rd batt. dnr. aba. of MaineU. 
Baibd, Lieut. A. F. ISlh N.I. qoal. ■» laterp. 
Baker, Eoa. T. N. to do duty with 65th N.I. at Benafea.' 
BAMriiLD, Lieat. A. U. SGth N.I. paieed esam. Ui Uindnitaid. 
BaTtie, 3ad Uent. G. H. latEnr. fna. qoal. aaintcrp. 
Bechbb, Eni. D. W. Sod EuT. regt. paaacd exam, in Hinduatanl. 
Becbrr, Bre*. Uent. cot. A. M. to dOc. as dep. qn. mr. geo. of 

the army, fr. Dec. 1. 
Blunt, lit Uent C. H. art.paased eiain. In Hindoitanl. 
BOOLB, and Lieut. A. U. art. posted to 41h camp. Glh batt. 
..._. ^ -^ .. ^ J : j_ j,( 3^j j,g(_ Oode loc»l 

1. 3rd to and comp. 4th 

Boilbah, Uent. O. W. to be Sad ic 

iaf. T. Sale. 
BouBCiiiEB, I*t Uent. G. art. fr. 4lh cc 

Bbett, Ut Dt G 

Sannder*. ret. Dec 9S. 

bo capt. fr. Dec. 90 in sncc t 

3BIIT0W, Lieut. £. W. lit N.I. to be brer. cut. fr. Dec 19. 
BROorn, Lieut. F. W. 3lat N.I. paiaed exam. In Hiodnstani. 
Bbodqhau, lit Ueat. T. art. fr. 3rd comp. 7tb to 1st cooip. lat 

BvEBB, Eos. C. H. 70tb > 

and la < 

in Hladnitani ; to be 
lBD>na,'to ret. (^t. 

. m^. C. to proceed to Bbdui 

Fagaa fr. ch. of Beairta circle of pay- 
CarkV, 9d<I Lieut. Dc V. F. arL poated to 3rd comp. 5th batt. 
Caub, BrcT. m^. G. dep. jnd. adv. gen. traiuf. b. Cavopore to 

PesbBWor diitriet, Dec. 91. 
Chalmebs, Eoa. R. lec. adm. tojoin and do dotj olth 44t]i N.I. 

at Bsrrdckpare, Dec. 10. 
Cbanneb, Capt. G.G. 4tb camp. Btb to 1st comp. 7Ui batt. 
Chase, Lieut. D. A. 64tb N.I. paased uam. la HlDdnataal. 
Cloostoch, Edb. E. L. 34th N.I. passed colloq. exam. 
CoNOLLV, Eoa. W. F. 4eth N.I. passed exam, ia Hiaduatanl. 
CRorroN, 2nd Uent. J. eng. pi. at dlap. of foreiga dapt. fbr emp. 

under the eliil enf . in the Punjab, Dee. 91. 
Cbossi, Lieut. R. 73rd N.I. paaaed exam, io Hindutanl. 
Cobbib, 1st Ltenl. M. E. art. passed exam. In Hiodnatanl. 

Dalton, Ueut. £■ T. made oTcr ch. of cnrreat duties of off. of 

prov. astlat. to commr. at Kampoor to C. K. Hudson, Dec. IS. 
Daneet, Lieut. J. J. 16th N.I. to be ailj. i. GraTdou, Dec. 10. 
Dixon, Lleot. H. commt. of Ibe Kbaordah and Ballttore Park 

Conpaniei, assd. eh. of hia off. Dee. 99. 
Dbdhmohd, Lieut, col. J, G. c.e. to offlc. ai qr, ur. gen. ot 

■miT, fr.Dee. 1. 
Dtas, 1st Uent. J. H. eng. pi. at dtsp. at foreign dept. for «mp. 

under the cMI cog. In the Fuojab, Dec 91. 
Elton, Capt. 9nd in com. 4tb inf. legt. Sdndlah, contisgemt to 

Etanb, 9Dd Uent. H. J. art. poated to 9Dd comp. Stb batt. 
Faddv, Cipt. S. B.Sfitb N.I. to offie. aa anb. aaat. comm. sea. 

for pnrpoae of anpt. of dlap. or grain depot at GoTtDdghor, 

fr. Mar '8. 
FOOKS, LtEut. G. A. St. P. SOIh N.I. pBHcd exam, la Hladnataui. 
PahSHALL, Ena. W. H. 4th N.I. paiaed colloq. nam. 
FoETBBftCB, Ens. F. R. N. T3rd N.I. paiaed exam, in Hla- 

I, Uent. J. 15th N 
~ ?. G. 4 " 

>l N.I 

Sannders, ret, Dec 9B. 
GiLLEIPie, 9nd Lieut. A. art. fr. 1st comp. 9nd to 1st COBp 

7th batt. 
GOOBT, Ens. C. J. 36lh N.t. pasaed nam. ia BMoitaai. 
Graham, Ebi. F.W. Ilth N.t. pasied exam, iu Biaduitaal. 
GbatdOH, Ueul. W. iSth N.I. perm, to realga iff. of adj. t 

corps, Dec. 10. 
GREATHtD, 3nd Lleut. W. W. H. BDgt. passed exam, la HIa 


r, Bns. W. H. 4Blh N.I. qaat. aa [atap. 
Griffith, lit Ueat. J. C. art. (r. 3rd comp. fith to lat eomp. 

3rd batt. 
Hannthoton, Capt, J. C. made oier ch. of hia off. of 4ep. 

commr. in Chota Nsspore, to Capt. T. Simpson, Dec IT. 
Habbts, Lieut. J. C. olHe. exec. env. ISth or Rajpootasah dlr. (a 

ofBc. aa exec eng. o[7thdiT. grand traok road, dar. aba. on m. c 

of Urnt. Short. 
Hood, Lieut. J. 4Stb N.I. paaaed e»m. ia Uiadaalaai. 
HOWAUD, Eds. J. J. E. 94th N.I. qual. ai iuterp. 
HcNT, Comet C. J. to do duty with 1st L. C. sader orders to 

proe. to Cawnpore. 
HOHTBB, let Ueut. J. art. fr. 6tta comp. Tth ta4th eomp. 7th batt. 
Htblo?. Ena. H. F. M. 74th N.l. todo duly with UU M.I. 
Inoilbt, 9nd Uent. W. art. to set aa a4|t. to detach, of art. rt< 

eruits nader com. of Capt. Smyth, Dec 30 ; posted to 9ad oooip. 

9tb bslt. 
Ikoilby, Eds, R. M. 7tb N.I. paised exam. In Hladnitani. 
JOBHSTON, Lieut. J. 9(nh N.I. to be bra*, capt. fr. Dec 11. 
JoNBB, BrcT. capt. W. eng. pi. at dlap. otljent. go*. N.W.^cor, wkk 

a riev to bla belDg app. aapl. of emtwnkmeDti and imgatiDii in 

RohileuDd, Jan. 4. 
Kehbali., Uent. rec cb. of pol. agency Tarkbb AraUa fr. Ha}. 

RswlinaoD, Oct. 15. 
Kennion, lat Uent. T. E. art. qnal. as laterp. 
Lambert, 3ud Uent. A. art. fr. 4th comp. Bth to 4lh eomp. 7th 

Lane, Brei. lieul. col. J, T. cb. to com. art. dir. at Wnxcenbad, 

Lattbb, Lieut, T. 67th N.I. pusrd exam, la Hindustani. 
Lbbs, Lieut. T. E. B. 43rd L.I. paaied exam, in Hladnataui. 
Lbicbbteb, Em. W. P. 30th N.t. pasaed exam, io Hioduitaiil. 
Lino, Eoa. J. B. 34th N.I. qoal. aa laterp. 
LllTEB. Lieat. cnl. F. G. pol. agt. in Ibe Cosayah UUs, made orer 

ch. of his oSce to Lieut. 0, N. Gate, Dee. IS, to proceed on dulj 

to the Rookie HUla. 
Llotd, Brig. G. W. A. c.b. app. to Mooltan field farco. 
LtTMaoKN, Uent. J. T. 30tb N.t. paiaed a 
Mackenzie, Eds. C. F. 9Sth N.I. qaal. ai 
Hacphebbon, Ueut. R. D. 15lh N.I. to be snb.asst coma. gea. 

V. Harrla. 
Uaddoce, Edi. T. H. S7th N.I. to do dstf wlU 67^ N.L at 

Dlnapore, Dec 3D. 
Maihwabinq, UeoI. N. W. 73rd N.I. paSMd ciam. in Htn- 

Marbhall, Uent. W. E. 4tb N.T. paaard exam. In Hiadostanl. 
Martin, Em. J. P. to do duty itith 65tb N.I. at BeaBrei. 
Mabtihcau, Ebi. E. M. tOth N.I. to be laterp. andqr. mr. 
HcOkoboi, Capt. H, J. dep. jud. adv. geB. transf. fr. Sangor t« 

Cawnpore div. Dec. 91. 
McNeil, Itt Lieut. D. art. qnal. as laterp. 
Mbrceb, Lieut. T.W.45tb N.I. qnal, as Interp. ; to oSlc. Bi loterp. 

and qr. mr, to 65th N,I. *. Robertson, on leaTc. 
HzTERN, Llrut. BafOD V. adj. 4th inf. regt. Sdndiah'a ooaUagnit, 

to act as 9od In com . 
Hills, Ens. C. E. 3Sth N.I. passsd eiam. in Hindaataat. 
Moffat, Ena. F. to do duty with 6Sth N.L at Benares. 
MoLLBB. Eol, U, lltb N.I. qual^ aa loterp. 
MuNBO, Eos. A. A. 50th N.I. qnal. as laterp. 
Mtlhb. lat Urot. W. A. art. qual. aa Interp. 
NicOL, Ueat. H. 50th N.I. to be brei. capt. fr. Dec 19. 
Norman, Lieu-. H. W. 31tt N.I. to oOc.saRiag.of brig. D*c31. 
Ndthall, Uent. W. F. IStb N.I. passed exam, in BoriBeie. 



OGiLTtK, Eb*.C. S. W. etiiN.I. qui. ■■ interp. 

Olifbant, »Bi Linit. W. 3. pi. at dlip. of foreign dtpl. for cmp. 

Mderttiedr. ng.lD thepuigiib, Dee. 31. 
ONiLow.Litut. A. W.41SCN.1. touCMadjt. taleft wine, dor. 

■ep. It. hd. qn. Dec. 31 . 
Paget, Eu. W. H. Mth N.I. lo be odj. to cuncl corpi. 
Pabee, UcBt. E. U. SSth N.I. puied ciaoi. In HindaitSDl. 
Paton, itt Litat. C. S. cog. pi. st diap. of toniga dcpt. for cmp. 

Dadcr the dT. tng. In tfae PaiiJBb. Dec. 31. 
PiBBCK, Lieat. T. 30th N.I. qaal. u Inleip. 

PiBRSDS, Em. W. S. 54th N.I. to do duty with GStb N.I. Dec. II. 
P1.0WDIK, BrcT. Capt. U. G. C. 9th L.C. to be 3ad in com. of 

llthirr. ciT. 
TtovDtn, Lint. A. C. 50th N.I. qui), u Intcrp. 
FoPK, 9nd Litot. W. k. Ul Ear. fu, puud exum. in HindnstaDl. 
Pott, Bm. capL S. riiKi. In ch. at BnrdHsn di>. to *t». eb. of 
Uldncpon uid Colmejale div. dep. of pnblie works tn add. Id 
prtiEDt dutlei, dar. aln. of Plowden, Dec. 96. 
POVKCL, Eo*. T. E. 43rd L.I. paased eoUgq. eiBm. 
Pkicstlet, IJrot. A. G. tilt N.I. pissed f»m. lo HiudiuUnl. 
PaiOB, Capt.C.eilh N.I. puardeism.iD Hiodaitanii tone. Cb. 

of caBm. dep. SngoT dii. fr. Lieat. W. WilllanuDD. 
Ravlimsoh, Uaj. H. C. nude o*ci cb. of pol. uene*. Toriutfa 

Anbia, to Lieat. Kemball, Oct. IS. 
Rkks. Capt. C. H. 6Stb N.I. Co proc. and }Dla his regt. at Beurei. 
HsHNT, litLkBl. G. A. art. fr. 4thoomp. ;ih tottbcomp. Slh 

BicBAjans, Capt. W. H. poL a^nl, Jajpon, tea. eh. of aceae} ft. 

Capt. Showen. 
RiCHAKDBON, Capt. D. L. Ibt. ell. peim. to redde at prci. 
BiCHABDaoN. Ru. C. L. SSth N.I. paijed naa. In HIndutani. 
RiFLSV, litat. F. W. Mad N.I. paued ixaoi. In Bumtw. 
BOBBBTOV, Capt. P. A. 68th N.I. placed at dlip. arC-ln-C. 
RoBBRTaoHT Capt. R. to olf. as saprHot. of Dhulteeana, Dec. X). 
BOBINSOK, Conet J. I. to do dntf wilb lit L.C. at Cawapoce. 
Bawi.ATT, lieat. E. A. 91>t N.I. to bs capt. fr. Dec. I, in ibec. 

to Hanarr, loTal. Dec. 3S. 
Rtbot, and Lint. G. O. att. fr. 3ti mtaf. 9th lo 3rd eomp. Btli 

Scott, Capt. G. depp. pAT mr. NeemBch circle, and bU off. titab. 

tnB*. lo the liafli Rmi circle at Wnieerabad, Dec. IP. Em. R. E. O. 91st N.I. lo be litnt. fr. Dec. 1, in aaee. 

to Fuawr, inial. Dee. 9B. 
SBFFrvBS, Uent. E. J. 11th L.C. qpal. as loterp. 
SKAKsapiAB, Ueal. J. T. 94lh nTi. poMcd cia*. In Hiadastaal. 
SBAKEsriAn, Lleal. eol. Sir R. aut. agr&l fOT. (ta. (or aBalr* of 

1. cb. of oAcB. 

li N.I. qnal. as Interp. 

lo do dulj wilh lit L.C. Doder ordera to 

SnotDHAM, £u. A.I. 90th. N.I. paiitd eolloq. riao. 

Bbvuibuc, HaJ. T. H. S9Bd N.I. retamed to dutj. 

SixaHt, and Uent. F. C. art. fr. tth comp. 4th to 3rd coaip. 1st 

SlHPBON, Capt. T. rec. ch. of off. of dep. commr. In Cbota Naf- 

ShaLLby, Lleal. E. T. Slit N.I. to offic. ai loterp. and qr. nr. T. 

Lienl. J. C. FiUmanrine, 17lh N.I. Dee. 10. 
Smith, Ena. J. D. 71lh N.I. passed exam, la Hindoataoi. 
SwiTB, Ueat. A. S. 94th N.I. qnal. aa ioterp. 
SMTLT.Ea. J. B. 39th N.l. polled eiBB. In Uindaatnoi. 
Spdttiswoodb, Capt. U. 31st N.I. to be nMJor fr. Dee. 1, In sac. 

to FatBter, loTal. D«. 98. 
STAxaBDKT, Lieat. D. 60th N.I. to be brer. eapl. fr. Dee. 19. 
Stbtekb, LicBt. H, B. 41it N.I. paaacd eiam. in Hlnduataol. 
SwitilT, LkaL O. 7tb N.I. piased cum. In Hinduitini. 
SnttnaaLAKD, Capt. E. lem. fr. 4th eomp. 7th to 4th eomp. Sth 

batl. art. ord. to Alnorah. Dee. 10. 
Stbeb, Bbs. J. 6Gth N.I. qoal. aa Ulerp, 
Tailob, lit Lieat. A. bbjc. pi. at diip. of tDrdfa dept. for enp. 

ander the el>. eag. ia the Poajab, Dee. 91. 
TcNNAHT, Brig. J. c. B. trans, to Lahore field [oree, ia ine. to 

THoicrsoN, Eai. H. L. 68th N.I. passed eian. in Hloilnalaal. 
Thoupbok, Ebi. E. to do dat; with 67cb N.I. at Dloopore. 
ToDLUiN, Lieat. T. H. aath N.I. paaacd eiani. ia HiadBitaBl. 
TBAVaaS, £i>*. E. J. 39od N I. passed riiini. In Hinduitaul. 
Tdbkbdli., Lieat. A. Bth N.I. paiaed ciaBi. la HindnstODi . 
Uvwiv, Lieut. R.' leth N.I. lo oRic. Hi Interp. aad qr. mr. to 

4Sth N.I. dor. aba. of Oakes, on leare. 
DKii*TOK. Kaa. H.B. G9ad N.I. qnal. as iDlerp- 
Tanbeiten, lit Ueat. D. C. art. fr. 3rd coinp, ath to 4tfa eomp. 

Watt, Capt. E. 6tb L.C. ret. to dBty, No*. 96. 
Watbom, UcbI. T. 3Bdin com. sth in. cbt. torec. ch. of adj.') 

Wood, Lieat. col. H. J. cb. art. fr. 3rd lo Sth batl. 
Wrehch, Cnpt. A. Sth L.C. to act aa adj. and qr. mr. 
WaoDGHTON, Mnj. R. hiT. est. pf rm. 10 reside in Hllla nnrth of 

Deyrab, and draw hia pay aad BlIowaBcei fr. Mcemt pay office. 
Wtkcb, Eiu. H. p. W. Id dodnty with 67th N.I. at Dion- 

AoKEw, Licit. W. ]an. 1 

im, 4 mo. to pres. 

t Ueat. 3. art, pasaed ei 

1. ia Hlndastenl. 

Alexander, LI. F. J. iarallda to Earope, 00 m. r. 

ANPBBaoH, Lieut. H. C. S4lb N.I. 1 year tn ext. to remain at 

Mnsioorie, on m. e. 
Belli, Ebb. A. C. 8. 99th N.I. 6 mo. fr. Msy 1 to prea. on m. e. 
BiED, Lt. col. L. S. to Earope, on furl. 
BoNHAH, Msj. G. W. 401b N.I. 9 yeaca to Cape, on m. e. 
BoTD. M^. H. lUh N.I. leaie cancelled. 
CakpbelL, Ebi. L. G. a. 63rd N.I, 9 mo. fr, Nov. IS lo eit. t» 

remain in hilta BOrlh of Deyrah, on m. c. 
Cabb, BrcT, Major G. 91st N.I. 9 jr». to Cape, Via DleoieD's 

Land, and New Sonlb Walei, on n. c. 
Chambeklaih, Lieut. C. T. 1st Irr. cbt. fr. Not. IS lo Dee. 4, la 

eit. to enable bim to joio his app. 
Eldebton, Lieat. A. 9ad Kar. ng. to Feb. 91, prep, to MB. 
Elms, Uont. E. J. 1st N.I. furl, to Europe, ob m. c. 
FOBBTEB, Capt. W. R. to Earope, on furl, for 18 mo. 
Gabdeh, Brer, lieat. col. W. c.n, 3Stb N.I. to Earope, on m. c. 
Godbt, Btbt. col. C. CB. lytb N.I. furl, to Eatvpe, db m. e. 
Gbatdon, Uent. W. leth N.I, I mo. to pres. prep, to app, for 

fnrl. lo Europe. 
Haio, Ueat. A. 5. iSth N.I. 11 mo. fr. Jin. 1, tn hills north of 

Deyrab, on m. e. 
Hall, Cipt. A. 51b L.C. fr. Nov. 1, 1349, to March 1, ISSO, t» 

pres. lo app. lor leSTe to aea, on m. c. 
Babbib, Cspl. C. 37th N.l. fr. Nor. I9 to March 1, to remain at 

IkTiNQ, BrCT. capt. J. Isl L.C. 3 mo. fr. Dee. 97, In eit. 
IsniN, Uent. W. 4ftth N.I. 1 mo. fr. Nov. 16, In ext. lo remain at 

Jebbwie, Capt. W. H. 38U L.I. 6 mo. fr. Nor. 13, to remaia at 

Liptbott, Capt. J. ITth Irr. ca*. 1 year fr. Nov. is, in eit. to re. 

naln at Muaaoorie, 00 m. e. 
USBCEB, Ueat. eol. A. c.B. 63rd N.I. to Earope, on fori. 
NiCBOLDOH, HbJ. J, dep. eomm. Rawnl Plndee, I mo. la eiL 
O'Haklon, Bre». maj. P. lit L.C. leave CBBceUed fr. Dee. 31, the 

data of bia retam to Beagal. 
OaaELET, Lieat. R. 34th N.I. foci, to Europe on m. e. 
Plowden, Bre*. mnj. J. C. ITth N.I. fr. Dec. 96 to Jan. S, to re- 
maia at Caloatta, prep, lo app. for ftirl. to Earope. 
Rainspobd, Capt. F. 671b N.I. furl, lo Europe. 
RaTTkai, Lieat. T. 64lh N.I. leaia cane. 
Rawlinbon, Mnj. H. c.B. pol. agt. Tarkish AraUa, 1 year OB- 

m. c. with perm, (o tisit Syria or England. 
RiODELL, BrcT. maj. W. 60th N.l. furl, lo Earope. 
Rmb, Lieat. col. R. 38th L.I. to rem. at pres. uatll arrlial of bio 

regt. at Bsnaekpore. 
SiALE, Capt. R. H. 90th N.l. 1 year fr. Not. 90, ia tit. to Mas- 


r, Lieut. R. ei 

D April 10, I 
D. to Calcutta, pi«p. 

ep. to Earope, 

proceeding to. 

TaouFBON, Ucut. eol. Q. 48th N.I. 1 year to bills, on m. e. 
Tdbncr, Capt. J. W. H. Invalids, to Europe on fnil. 
Ttb-whitt, Lieat. E, Slat N.l. furl, to Earope. on m. c. 
Tttler, Lieat. W. F. gth L.C. to Earope oa furl. 
Tttleb, Cspl. R. C. SSth L.I. 4 mo. from Nov. 94, to pre*. 

Wallace, Capt. W. F. N. 74(h N.I. lo Earope on fiirl. 
WiLLiAUBON, Lieut. W. 41sl N.I. 1 mo. fr. Dee. 17, to the 

Baddeley, Surg. P. F. H. 41b L.C. lo conllD. in med. ch. of ftoot 

art. at Lahore, Dee. 10; to 9nd bait. art. ord. to Liboie, Dte.ll ) 

to med. eh. of tbe div. staff, Dec. 90. 
BEATS0N,Aigt.aatg, J.F. to lat comp. 6tb batt. 

art. V. Parker ; to aff. med. aid lo lit Seik ioc. iuf. ('. M. 

McRlod), and to head qa. and R. W. 28th N.I. Dec. 11. 
Bebwice, Surg. G. J. to aS. mrd. aid to 9od eomp. 3rd batt. art. 

and a delaehmcDl at SulCaQpore, Dec. 10. 
BocLB, Aul. garg. A. L. med. eb. of ]9:hN.I. v. Holmes; 

to aff. med. aid to ditach. of 14th aoil ITth irr. cav. at Lahore. 
BuBB, Dr. K. (o med. cb. of eitabi. aa Ibe Gangei canal at 

Roorkee, and vilhia the limits of tlie Seharunpore dist. Dec. 99. 
CoCEBDBN, A^t. sur^. R. taj»in ITth N.I. itCiwnpore. 
Cb«ziek, Asat.aurg.W. 9nd N.I. lo aff. med. aid lo detach, of lit 

troop, lat brig. H. H. proceeding to Waieerabad. 
Dawson, Vet. tnrg. C. J. paiaed eolloq. e 
Dickson, Surg. J. B ntt. lo med. ch. alio of 63rd N 



T. bn Iff. BUd. >ld to Srd NJ. 

Do«BLAS, A»t. tvm, C. Ifith in. 

T. W. L. McOregar, m. c. Dec. m. 
Gkien, Sarg. W. a. 2DdtaTtbbalt.ut. Bt Heent, Dao. 11. 
GnjSE, Aut. 9urg. J. A. pi. it disp. of liant. gov. N.W.P. wlUi a 

-new to his baing appolnied ciiil uit. inrg. at AUihalwd. 
HANDtBiDB, Sarg. C. B. h.d. lit L.C. to be med. itorekeepac at 

UmlwUih, T. Nlibet, od lee*e. 
II11.LUED, Aiit. iDTK. J ' to afford toed, aid to lit ao. Sth bat. aiU 

at Saaeiir, an. fr. Nowgong. Dec. 10. 
iNOLia, Sarg. J. to aff. med. aid to 3rdw. Bth batt. art. groc. to 

Johnson, A»t. aorg. C. paaaed oolloq. nam. 
Kran, Surg. A. K.D. to aff. aiti, aid to Utk N.I. and detacli. af 

aeUi L,I. T. Scott, Dee. 20. 
Leckii. Surg. T. m.d. fr. IBth N.I. tji 3Sth L.I. andn ordeii to 


1 da dutf will) lat L.C. proc. 
oed. eh. 

Paok, Vet. surg. T. 

PAHKEa, Astt. aarg, 

art. to HosIi(yarparc aod tbeace to retaro to bli dntf nitb. tioop 

of art. at Loodianab. 
Pembkhtoh, Aast. aurg. G.'K. u.d. to do duty witb detach, of 

favBlid) proe. to prei. midercom. of Capt. Norgate. 
ROLVB, Aatt. larg. W. A. to join bead (10, at Cberra Poonjee aod 

ail. med. eh. of S;lhat L.I. batt. 
Hoaa. A. to afHc. as mag. and coll. of Ghazeepore, dnr. aba. of 

P. G. Freueh, or nalil furtlktr ordera, Dec 34. 
Seelv, Aasiit. lorg. G. B. att. to 471b N.I. to do dot} with ait. 

at CavDporc, Dec. 10. 
Stivbh, Assist, aurg. W. S. M.D- pi. at diap. or Lieot. gOT. N. tf, 

Prov. »llh a liaw to his being appoint. cIt, aisiit. inrg. St Mo- 

radabad, Jan. 1. 
Tbornton, Sarg. H. J. 3Sth N.I. pnitcd to lit L.C. nadci oidcn 

to CawDpore, T. Uaadiiide. 
WiLLTAua, Ai^it. snrg, J. to me<i. eh. of 28th N.I. t. Young. 
Wilson, Surg. A. 6SIb N. I. to rec. med. cb. of Sth camp. 7tb batt. 

art. ff. Snrg. Stokes. 
WsiOKTBON, AssJtt. snrg. R. W. to be inrg. fr. Dec. 31, T. Darhr, 

BonLiNO, Asit. snrg. H. H. 3 jtaia 

Denhau, Dr. J. 1 mo. In ext. 

Kean, D. a. lea*e eaac. at his nqnest, Ang. ao, 

M'Rae, Asat. Kirs. D' ^- ^<h. 1 to May 1, to BombaTi P^P- *" 

ap. for furl, to Europe. 
MiLBK, Awt. snrg. R. D. to Feb. 28, Kot* Kaagra. 
O'DwYKR, Surg. J, O. «4thN.I. Dec. 22, to pm., prep. 

to appl. for fori, to Europe. 
Scott, Snrg. H. M. 10 mo. to Singapore and China. 
Spilsbubv, Sup. aurg. G. G. Cawopote div. I mo. fr. Dec. I, to 

rem. at Saugor. 
Wellb, Aiit. surg. W. W. rr.Jas. IStoAprillS, tortm. atHbow 

and proe. to Bombar on m. c. aod prep, to applT for hri. to 


Catalky.— 0tta lane. Col. Sgott, 3 Tsan to Eagland.— 1Mb 
it. drag. Capt. Wilmar, 3 rears to EogfaDd ; Capt. Gall, to be 
a.-dec. to Msj. gen. D. Barr.— ISlh hasiaii. Capt. KeacDe}, 1 
jear to England. 

Infantry.— Bth. Llent. Biig, ijran to EngUad.— UKh. Capt. 
Moore, I jcar in ext. to remain in bills N. of DcTrafa, on m. e. ; 
LieDt. Ctiaodler, 3 mo. to Bombay, and 2 jnrt to EoRlaod, on m.e. ; 
Lieut. Clifford, 3 mo. to Bombay or CMeutta, and 3 jrui to Eog. 
land, on m. c. ; Eoa. DenDe, 2 mo. to Bombar, aail G mo. to Eng- 
land.— 24tb. Llenl. Clark, 3 mo. to Meerut.— 39th. Ena. G. H. 
Netll, to be lleut, fr. Nov. 30, t. Smith, dec.— sand. Lleot. col. 
Inglis, Lieuts. Rlchardion, Boiasler, and Clapeott, 2 mo. In 
Bombay, ajid 2 jeata to England ; Lieut. Straubeaiee, 3 mo. 
to Bombay, and 2 years to England, on m. c. ; Ens. Law- 
rence, to be lleut. fr. Dee. 19, 1. RIchardaOD.— B3rd. Lieut, 
col. Ryrne, 1 year in eit. to rem. at Simla and hilU, N. of 
Dermb.onm. c. ; Lieut. Orubbe, and Asst. Snr^. Hardie, 3 mo. 
to Bnmbny. aod 3 years to England, on m. c. — 60tb. Ha). Spenee, 
3 yean to EuglBiid.— 61at. Capt. Hasaey. Dee. 31 to Feb. 38, to 
Bombay, and 3 years to England, on m. c— TSlh. Aiit. snrg. Mar- 
tin, 1 year to N. 8. Wales, on m. c— 7Stb. CapL Hamilton aad 
Uents. Lockbart and Parker, 2 years to Gogiand.— BOth. Mq. 
Lewis, to be liant. col. fr. Dec. S, t. Bnnbary ; Capt. Haffhea to b« 
maj. fr. Dec. S, t. Lewis ; Lieut. Holdich, to ba capt. It. Dec. S, T. 
Hughes ; Msj. Lockhart and Lieut. Colman, 1 mo. to Calsatta, 
~ ' ' :o England.— B6tb. Capt. Welman, 3 yeartto Engiandj 
A ■— t,iBrg. Coglan, a years to Eagjand j Lltnt, 

iitjd- Robin ion and A 

Darbf, to be a.-d...a. to Brig. gca. GapM.— OKb. Lint. BatUia, 
to b* capt. fr. Not. 37, *. TaTlor.— »G(h. Llant. oDUWIbon. and 
Capt. Eyton, 1 mo. to CalcoUa, aad a jMn ta England ;. Lint. 
Comberiiind, 3 mo. to CalaatllH 


Hknry Burnsidb, formerly a lleut. col. of H.U.'s eist foot, and 
at the time of his death an inhabitant of Dorsetshire, to Eoglaud, 
to the reglalrar, Sapreme Coart. 

Andrew Boabb, late an Inhabitant of JoUnoder- Ditto. 

GeObOb Bell, late a conductor of the ordnance commiaMriatde* 
partment, in tbe service of the Bast- India company, and attached 
to the Allahabad magaiine. Ditto. 

RicHAU) C. Tayldk, late a Ikoteuant lo the 4Sth Beagal N.I. 

Sauuel J. Taboh, IbU a eaptsia in the Tth Bengal L.C. Ditto. 

Jaueb AlFkkd Babtlett, late a lieutenant in the S3rd Bengal 
N.I, Ditto. 

Jambs Stewart AL 

the county of Midd . . 
N.I. in the serTice ot the Company on their Bengal estab. to 
David Cowie, of Calcutta, Esq. a member of the firm of Missra. 
Col*ia, AinsUe, Cowis, and Co. of the sams pUee, maeehaota aad 
agents. Frith, Baniles, and Watta, proctors. 

Abtrvr CvablKB Gbboorv, Into a Heat. ed. lo H.H.'a SSth 
foot, ts Georgi Dougal, of Calcutta, Eiq. a msmbcr of tbe Swm, 
of Meisii. Giiborne and Co. of the same place, mercbanta Bad 
Kgento. Fritb, Soadea, aad Watts, proctsra. 

MabkShebidan, E>q. late of Great Britain, qoarter master ot 
H.M.'s 13th L,I. to Francis Robert Nd lion, of the town of 
Calanttn, Esq. Mirilny, Mncklatoib, and Poe, proctor*. 

Rawson Boddam Cboeibb, lota of tbe Fresh Water, in tha late 
or Wight, Esq. to George Ashburner, of Calcutta, Esq. a maabM 
of the Brm of Measra. Aibbnnur and Co. of tJia sanu pUae, mt»- 
chants and agents. Fritb, Saodai, and Watts, proctor*. 

BCBNAKD McMaodn, Isteof Lailbroks- villas, Notdnff-hiU, tatlia 
county of Middlesri. bcretafore a mHJer In tbe laiatarr service al 
the Company, to John Untcheaon Fei^nsoa, of CalcBtta, Esq. a 
membir of the GiDi of Messrs. Allan, Deffdl, and Company, of 
the same place, mercbaots aod agents. Frith, Sandea, aad Watta, 

WlLLiAH Whitins Poord, latt of Mount Doraod, la tbe Iil^d 
of Gnerntey, beietofore a licutinant coloael in th« servica of tte 
Company, on their Bengal eatab. to John Cowla. of CaJcstlB, 
Esq, a member of the Ann of Moisrs. Calvin, Alaalle, Cowle, aad 
Compaay. Fritb, Sandes. and Watti. praetors. 

WiLLTAU jAFrBAV, late of thaprovinceof Baa^d, 
mercbant. to Charles Stawait Leckle, of Calcutta, Xmi. MwUbTi 
Machlotoib, and Poe, proctors. 

ROBEBT Pabbott Stowell, Ute of Agra, baietaftn a mCBbw 
of the firm of Stow^ aod Company, wise marcfaaata aad aao- 
tloncen, to Chrietopber Swetdland Stowell, at pnaealoTCid- 

entta, a member of the Arm of Meaan. J. Manr* ' " 

of Agra, merchanta. Frith, Sandea, aad Watts, proctors. 


Babbeb, wile <rf B. a. (BtUI-bora), at Caleotta, Jan. I. 
Bbrespobd. wife of H. B. c.B. twin iods, at Myiaeoaing, DecSO. 
Bbind, wife of Capt. James, art. a. at Unaballab, Daa. 39. 

" „o^ wifaof J. A. d. at Calcutta, Dec. aa. 

ife of Capt. F. C. art. d. at jBHaodir, Dae. S3. 
BOBE, wife of A. L. s. at Simla, Dee. 3a. 

Cabill, wife ot Lieut. W. E. 4aUi N.I. d.atBarreckpore, Om.39. 
Colt, wife of Capt. d. at Lahsre, Dec. 33. 
CoHNOK, Mrs. W. d. at Ally^nr, Dee. 06. 
CoBNiBH, wife of Capt. F. W. d. at DlnapoM, Dec. 6. 
IlEATacoTB, tbe wileofT. G. d. at Sabaruopore, Dec. U. 
K ua AK, wifb of P. a. at Calcutta, Dee. B, 
Lainq, wife of W. d. at Caleotta, Dae. IS. 
MocATTA. wlfkofD. d. at Deegah. Die. afi. 
MoKON, wife of Lieut. G. G. GZnd N.I. d. at Cawnpore, Dec. IS. 
OuAHBV, wib of CapC eaga. s. at IHnapore, Dee. 35. 
Reid, wifa of H. Stewart, e.g. s. at Uamirvotv. I>ec. SB. 
RiDDBLb, wila of Capb Thonas, s. (stili-boui), at C 

Dee. 3S. 
Saohiell, Mr*. B. C. a. at Caleatta, Dec. 38. 
Sadler, wife of Capt. inv. ettab. t. at Caleatta, Dee. 31. 
Sfihr, Mra. W. d. at Garden Eteach, Dec. 33. 
THVATTEf , wife of Eubt. d. at Chlasorah, Deo. 35. 
WeSkin, Mn. W. T. s. at Intally, Dec. 19. 
Wood, wife of tbe Rev. T. a. at Calcutta, Jan. 4. 
Wright, wife of G. A. d. at Cawnpore, Dec. 33. 

Baddblrv, Ena. Clinton, 47th N.I. to E. Etiia Harriot, eUeit d. 

afCol. Pattle. c.B. at Cawnpore, Dec. 31. 
Collins, R. M. to Soaau, d. of the late Dr. Andrai* Murray, at 

KJddapore, Dec. 31. 
Hbbne, Surg. J. A. to Lacy, d. of the 

Fsttyghot, J«D. I. 



n BUn, *. «f th* lat« J. E.liaooii., 

RLKmoTT, IMM. B. 37tb NJ. to Jua, d. uf Ibi bU J. Utaklfl- 

totb, M Dclbl, Dm. 96. 
Rl«. Sm. Slepbui, to Cecilia, d. of Strg. W«. BaitKl, mt Dun 

Temple, RIehtrd, c.s. lo Charlotte FraneeB, d. of B. Marttndale, 

■t Altahabui, Dm. 9T. 
WitiTOT, Chuiea W. to Snphli, nBet of the Ut« CuH. D. H 

Poole, U CalcntI*, Dee. ST. "^ 

Wbllinqton, Fnd. H.M.'b 70tli re 

bU« CUrlet Reed, U Cdcntt*, Ju 

Bo™, qr. mr. S. H.M.'g 70lh, st Fort Wiliism, Dec. 31, 
BniNn, JminnB. wife of Cnpt. J»mer, «rt. at UmbnlUb, Dec. 39. 
CMfHKON.EinnTF, wlfeofC. dtCBlcotta, nged 17, Dec. 31, 
»c»w. Wb. .. of J. H. «t Rnupigkili, igvd 8, Dec. 94. 
Ltse, John DnkI, i. of J. D. at Mouoorle, and I, Dec. as. 
Ntss, Joha, at Caloatta, ared 66, Dw. M. 
Scott, Capt. Wm. a. wth N.I. m Caloatta, No». so, ists. 
SiNcLAiB, Jouphiu R. d. of tbe late J. at CalcDtla, aged 11 nut, 

SMim, Jaiae«. B. F. inf. ■. of Samuel, at B»ni»gn«, Jan. 6. 

11^"' '^*"'"" ^''"""' ■'''°" ""''* '"t* '■ LsrWo, at Calcutta, 
TiEa, DaTid, nt DeUit, aged M, Dec. 91. 
Wblsb, Harriet Marr, wtte of Joarph, at OakraKa, aged n, 


Dae. 95. WtaUitgloii Altton. Day, Botton.— 98. AiiKU, Thomp. 
Bon, H<iar1tta9.-97. CeciNa, Smitli, R«ngoon ; CAofAom, Morri. 
\°^ 'duna ; Jain Bepbnnte. Waroe, Ranpjon.— J9. Bttthnrn, 
AtUien, Lhrerpool.— SO. H^drm. CoDrf, MamtUae ; TVdor, Lay, 
IxindDo ; tteamer Are Qaeni, Alrej, Ak^iAi.— 31. Blif Paular, 
ailiteme, Singapare nad Prnaac.— Jam. 3. Balifax. Wright, Lo»- 
doB. — 6. Qwen, McLefiil, Loadoa ; Maiy Graham, BobiDBon, 
MeveuUe ; Punjab, Paloier, Bombay ; Eajaroin, Clooghton Sla- 
aapore; Sophia Caari. Bnzee, Havre,— 7. Jnnu Lind Llojd 
Newport; QgllnceT, NModa. Mauritiui ; Arlhma, Ogg, London- 
Aleramdria, Mowbray, Ghil« j OlMlo, Thompion, Hnit : Blen- 
idm, Close, London ; Macedmi, Edwarde, Port Adelaide. 

Per WoMnglomAhlm.-'iSi.t. P.rklMoa. 

Per itsru.— M». Tbaratoo and child, and Mr, Gardiner. 

Per John Srpbmu.—lii. A. Coben. 

Per TWor.— Mn. Lay and eblld, Mra. Smith, Mr«. Normand, 
Kei. — Smilb ; Capt. Stoddart, H.M.'i eoth ; LSeat. Feodali, 
H.M.'a Mih; Ueot. Manhnll, 87th ■, Bn>. 8iil»T»n, Gne. aniU, 
«>th. From tbe Cafb or Goon Kqpe.— Mn. St. Qeintin aad 
child, Hn. Kinloek and child. Mrs. O'Uanlon and child, Mre. 
RlohanlMD, Mr St. QnlntK Mr. Kinloek, Col. WilUamum, Col 
Haraball. Maj. O'HrdIod, Capt. Slchardios ; Lltat, Woodwrieht, 
&.H.'alSth; MlM St. Qulntin, Malt. St. OalntiD, Miii Smith, 
UiM A. Smith, Mr). Kuston, Mrs. EltgEln, Mrg. Plaokett, H. 
WHUaiiu, John Norkett, R. doaklne, J. Stewert, R. Jacobs. 

Per Firt Qiieea.— Me»n. Pelerion, Wilkinson, and Btomer: 
C^te. Barry and Smtlh, A.L. bettallon. Ftdio Abkacon,— Mr*. 
Cbase and famnT. 

Per Bliia Penrfo^.— Hn, Ooodwta, 

Per Quem.—ttn. Oen. Kemp, Mrs. Wiigbt. Ura, Mg], Stewart, 
Mra. Bedford, tin. McLeod, Mn. UngbeiilaD asd cUld, Mn. 
Haor and child, Mn, Bray, Miiu* Krvp. L. Kems. Stewart, 
HalkeU, Ch^iu, Holmes. Selmje, Boothby, Dauat, M. Dannt, 
Tartue, ClaA, Morgan, S. Morgun, Wright, L, WHght, Moor, 
fflnger , Mr. Kemp and Mr. G. K'fflp, cadets ; Mr. Wiigbt, H.M.'i 
991b foot; Llent. Ljle; Mr. Gasltoin ; Mr. Barber, cadet ; Ut. 
Hotloway, plaaten ; Capt. Hoar, B.N,].; Mr. HugbeadDD; Dr. 
Boai; Mr. angbes, cadet; Mr. Bolton; Ens.Payn, BJJ.'a 6l.t : 
Heaarj. McArthar, Graies, Shaw, Norman, Blackford, and LIddle, 

Per PtDpat.— Lienl. Fitzgerald, B8lh fui. 

Per Blnkfim.—itn. Bojm, Mn. Bdley, Mrt. Mnlter, Mn, H. 

Wood, Hn. RdbkU and chRd; Minea Wood, Onnldabnry, A. 

OoaUafanry, Boyea, Bri«*t«ek, E. BrieatDdc, and Shaw; Lieot.sol. 

"-"■ --. artillery 1 Llent. Foater, 6lh, Ijent. UttanoB, SJUi, 

Hofaa, Uid n^ B.N.I. ; Lieat. Bailey, 7th regt. 

- -r, H.M.'s lOlh regt. ; — Ruiiel, E«q. B.C.S. ( 

Wood, < 

-Mr, ThoQ 

I. Mandy. 

Die. ae, Orina, Sean, BoatoD ; Coquimie, Bueh, Boalon ; 5«- 
tem, Naeodn, Bomhay.— 27, Mnlem. Rngera, Boston.— 19. Bar. 
htm, GimUet, LoodoD ; neforia. Smith, Bombay ; EIlnboroMth, 
laabert, LoDdon,- 30. Ittd JEoerr, OIlTrr, Hong-Kong. — 31. 
trntHoghamshirt, BS'Grcgor, Bombny. — Jak. I. Zapnath Parnuah, 
Knifc, Stngapore.— '9. Joitpll Soma, Pnrker, London ; Bliti, 
Faally, BOTdeaui. — 3, Bj/irvmt, Nacoda, Jaddah ; Btrltty, 

Btddinglim, FhU, Soes. 


Per J/iu'ififiiM,— Mra. Annaad, a ehUdmi, aad MrtMtiHn, 
Maj. Hagkn, Mn. Mi^. Brahan, Mn. H^. HarriagtoD aad 3 
ehUdrcD, Mra. Capt. DobUe and 2 childten, Mn, Capt. Agnew and 
9 chUdrm, Mn. B. Wllklnaoa aad 3 children, Mn, Makepeace and 
9 children, A. B. Anoand, Esq, ; J, M. Brwider, Kio. M.D. 4gth 
reirl. B.N.I. ; Uiu- R- B. Hngbei, Maj. G. W, BonhVm, «Oth ragt. 
B.N.I. ; Capt. H. M, Dobbie, 30th regt. M.N, I. j Capt. W, Ag. 
new, 99tli regt, B.N.I. ; Lirut. the Hob C. J. D, Arbnthnot, lOth 
rtgl, llgbt eav. ; Litnt. J. Thrwhltt, Slit regt. B,N,I. : Ueut. F. 
L'Eitraage, Mnd r«t, B.N.I, ; Lieut. E, J, Elma, 1st regt. B. 
«>.,.._ „, Makepeace. J. Wilkinson, Esq. H.C.S, i Major 
t, and CB|>t. Oardner'i 9 chilJtea 


I children 


Per SoartBrnplon.— Mn. Bird; Mrs. Coker, and one child ; Hn. 
Tetch and throe cbildreo ; Mrs. Kaioafordand threechiMren ; Mt». 
EvaDS and one child ; Mrs. Ouseley ; Mrs. Aleiander and two 
cbUdten ; Mra. Bawen and one child ; Gen, Walion ; Col. Bird, 
B. N, I. ; Maj. Cnkcr, H.M.'s Mtb ; Capt. Turoet ; Capt. Uaiaa- 
fotd; Capt. Ooieiey; Lieut. Aleiandfr ; Ltcnl. Thackwcll, 3rd 
dng. ) Ml4* Oosnaney ; Maeten George Bceehee, Henry Beccher, 
H. Tonaocby, H. Hirka, Ramay, Arthnr P. Johnaton, and G. 

Per tteamer Baddimglm, to Mad&aR.-Mh. Kern and cbHd ; 
Capt. and Hra, Lakin ; Mr, Arbnthnot -, Maj. Oabbetl.— To Gallk. 
—Mr. Bloat I Mr. and Mn. Halllday, child, aad two acrvants.— 
To Sdbz.— Df, Coodere ; Mr. Taplln ; Mr, Dallas; aad Mr.Thor- 

lerranl*,- To Sodtham pros.— Lord Gongh, Ladj Gongh, ajid two 
•erTaots; Col. Goort, Infant, and srrvant; Dr. Stepheni ; Capt. 
TyCler ; Hon. Mn. Grant, three children, and two arnants ; Mn. 
Brooke; Csl. Qardin and servant; Cant, and Mn. Gough, two 
ohildrtn, and two aervaats ; Maj, Biddell i Un, Goodere ; Master 
Longman and aenant ; Mr. A. Hi^ j Brig, and Mra. Campbdl ; 
Miss Campbell i Mr. Hoakioi and aerraot; Dr. Darby; Capt. 
Wallace; Mrs. Knnx, twochiidren, aad twoaeriaots j Mlaaljisaati 
Mr. Frllb ( Mr. Timmlns ; Lieut. Ross ; Mr. J. L. Rmd nod ser- 
Mr. Goldsworthy; Mr. Thomaa; Mr. Perrint; and Mr.F. 



Traaafbr Slack Pa| 
Bombay fi perceuC. 

Old SiccaSdo. according to Nos. 


Bank 8 
Bragal Bwih (Co.'s Ka. 4,000) 
Agra Bank <Ca.'s Rb. BOD) 
N.W. Bank (Co,'s K>, SCO) .. 

Calealla, Jan. a, IBSO. 
OoremsCHt Secwitles. Sell. 
icr ( per cent. . , prem, 1 1 4 

prem. IMS ta 1700 

Disconnt on Goremncnt nceeptancea (3 nonthi) ,, 4 percent. 

Do. on priTBts billa and notee do 7 per cent. 

latocM OB deposit of Co.'a paper Gpereeat. 

Do. oa cash cmlit accoaula e^perceat. 

SyceeSllTer Co.' a Rs. 104 a to 104 14 p,lDOaa.vt. 

ChhiaGtddBan l« 9 .. 16 9 !,„„_» 

^•ni^DBllW 99« 10 ., 991 1_-,,~, 

lieakiaBdUa 990 e .. 99» B JP"'*"- 

Sa«eM%M 1« 7}.. 10 Bji 

Madras Gold MohBta .... 16 3 .. 16 O ^each. 

OldGoldMohan 91 2l .. 91 3iJ 

BiUa ate months' sight, Is. II Jd- to Is. Iljd. Bank Post Bills at 
sight, and Nary Bltlaat 3 daya, la, lOd, to la. IO)d. American 
Bills, under credit, Is. llH to is. Iljd. 

Oar quDtaUoBS ate, I 






Mr. John Cddecott, Bitronomer to the Rajah of Trsvancore, 
who died M TreHndrum on the 16th December, irai bred an 
architect, and u an ailroDOmBr and meteotologiit vai entirely 
teU-Uughl. Abonl 1832 be berame kaowii to the Rajah of T™. 
Taneore, one of the tnoataccompliihed, enlightened, and liberal. 
minded princea in India, who had receiTCd all the cnltiTBtion the 
behest Engliih education could bestow, being well read in the 
tbeoiogjr. literatare, and aciencei ofEuropo, and he resolied to 
indulge hie taatra in a way worthy of ooe who wai not alone a 
pbUosopher amongst prince*, but a prince amongit phllosophera. 
To Mr. Caldecolt, bf thii lime well known aa a meehantdan and 
aitronomer, he intmaled the phinning, ertetion, fumiahine, and 
charge of an aitronomicaj and meteorological obaerratorT. Thoagh 
Intmited «ith unlimited powera, he determined that no ontlajbe- 
jond what wat obaotulely cesential >boDld be incurred on the 
boildmg I but that no expenae ahould be apared in providing in. 
atrvmcnia of tuch lize and quality aa would lecure to the obaerra- 
torj a rank aeeond to none la the world. The nbaenatoiy waa 
erected on a hill of lateriu, abonndiog in granite, two mUea from 
the aea, and 130 feet ahoio higb-waler mark ; it wu teienty feet 
Id length, and thirty in breadth, with three retelling domea. The 
imtnimenU with which it waa at firat provided conaiated of an 
eighteen'inch attitude and aiimnlh, a 'thirty. inch tranait a 
Aiie equatorial, ■ reflecting circle, a forly-aii inch leleacope, and 
three chronometera, all lint-ra-^ of Ibeir kind, and all the priiate 
Pffl*'^ of Mr. Caldccott. The inatrumenU ultimately pro 
Tided by bia Highneaa contiited of a Are-feet tranait, a traniit 
tlodi, two fire-feet mual circlea, an aatronomical clock, an alti- 
iDde and aiimnth, two powerfnl teleacopea, one of tbem a refleo- 
tor. with nuerometera, with a complete aet of magnetic and 
meteorological inatrnmenta. These were aU of the fint-rate de- 
acnption which skill or money conld aecnre. In 1840 the obaer. 
ratory recei.ed an additional supply of magnetic and meteorologl- 
cal inalnmenta, almilar to thote prescribed by the Royal Socioty 
■ndBiiliih Aasociation for the aiity different obserratoriei up and 
down (he world. The taik of arranging and aetting to work, 
single-handed, ao large an eitabliihuent, waa no eaiy one ; and 
the admirable maaner in whioh Mr. Caldecott accomplished » in 
an incredibly abort space of time gareanfficient proof of his entha- 
ataam aa well aa hii ability. We find Mr. Caldecolt, in 1837, 
engaged, with the late diatinguished Madras astronomer. Mr. 
Taylor, in a magnetic autrej of Sonlhem India. Mr. Taykir 
took the eaateni porlioo of the peninsula ; the eiamination of the 
western division wai assigned to Mr. Caldecott. In 1836, the 
admirable lyatem of Bir John Herschel waa promulgated, under 
*\it name of a Report of the South African Anoeiation, and the 
aatronomcra at Madras and Trerandram resoWcd to carry out the 
scheme of connected inquiry, hj means of hourly observation* at 
least one day eirerj month to Ita fullest «i tent. Mr. Caldeeott 
bad now taken a conapicuona place amongst the scientific men of 
India, and his name speedily became as well known in Europe aa 
it had for some time been in the East. He contributed aeferal 
papers on meteoralogy generally, and on temperatures under, 
ground in particular, to the Britiih Association, and was specially 
referred lo iu the address of the President aa iheir " diatingaisbed 
aaiociate, Mr- Caldecott." He bad frram'lB*!, when the general 
srheme of magnetic and meteorological research was commenced 
all orer the world, set himself with hia nasal leal lo the working 
-out of the plan. It was not nntil 1845 that the Royal Society 
determined on Ihe brat mode of pubbahiog the vast mass ot matter 
that had up to this time been collected,— and Ihe Rsjah of Tra. 
rancore, scarcely appreciating the importance of economy of time, 
and little apprehending the calamity that waa at baud, was naln- 
rally anxious that a mass of facta Ihat had been gathered together 
at bis own expense, and under his own direclicns, abonld reach 
the worid through hia own press. Mr- Caldecott had now become 
deeply engaged in preparations for publication, when hit beallb 
began to fail him, and in Jannary. 18-19, he went to Bombay, and 
for some time traretled in the Cancan, Drccen, and Gbants, for 
change of air. He retomed lo Trerandrum, and resumed bit 
laboun in March, and was, up to the time of hia demise, deeply 
occupied in passing through the press Ihe reaulta of the researchei 
of the preceding ten years. 

Tlie publication of the rerised Madiaa Tariff, which it is ex- 
pected will lake place about ihe middle of next month, will con- 
fer a great benefit upon the mercantile community. The list con. 
taina about forty ilaple articles, of which the prices do not tbtv 
materially, from year to year, and upon which it ia proposed lo 

beliere that the principal credit of this reform ia due lo Mr. Un- 
derwood, the collector of aea customs, bnt it it hardly potaible 
that its adrent conld hare been delayed ao long, had the Cham- 
ber of Commerce performed Its duty properly. For years psst, 
there has been not the alightest ejiproximation between market 
and tariff ralnes. Prices might rise or fall, here or at home, bat 
the tum upon which the merchant bad to pay duty wai fixed aa 
fate, the odiantage resulting in all caaes lo the GoTCmment, 
which had taken care that the original raluation should be made 
according to the maiimnm prices obtained during the most 
favonrable aeasoos of trade. We might cite nameroua examplci 
of the beaiy hardship inflicted by the expiring system. Castor 
oil, for example, the very Bneat aorta of which are bought in the 
market at serenty rapees per candy, ia rained in th« cottomt 
books »t 300 rupees, to that the trader, whilst apparently paying 
only a duty of 3 per cent, ia in reahty charged Marly 9 per cent. 
the dlflin«nee constituticg what will be thought a handsome al- 
lowance of profit on the ahipmcnL Much of the confusion toA 
oil which beset Ihe operations of eommcrce In this PremdcDcy. 
arise hoireier from the jealousy and want of onion which prerail 
amongst the mercantile body. Theexlstenoe of a commoa intereat 
lias nerer yet been recognized, and it ia left with the GoTernoient 
to impose wbaterer rules they please. Whilst dealiog with tlie 
subject of the Custom House, we may as welt inform shipowocra 
of the determination which the anthoriliee hare come lo, of en- 
fonring Ibe payment of port doea, by erery reaeel landing paaaen- 
gers' baggage at Madraa. mtberto it hat baeo Iha ooatom to 
consider that bulk was not brokan eicept by the landing of cargo, 
but a ditoorery waa mada a few days since of ■ quastity of goods 
intended for a firm at Bangalore, which had beeo landed here aa 
paatengera' baggage, the captain of Ibe reasel, a firat-claia trader, 
baring mertly stopped aa bis way lo Calcutta, to put ashore tfaa 
paaaengen intended for Madras. lie goods in question, 
it appears, wen entered in bis bill of lading, but having 
taken personal charge of them, he fancied he might arald 
tronble and the payment of port dues, by endEamurin^ 
to get them paased eb baggage. Tbe result is, that tfaey 
an absolutely forfeited, tbe captain hat made himself liable 
to a beary penalty, and all resscls in future baring passengen'fi>r 
Madras wilt be compelled to pay the port duet, amounting on the 
areragt to more than a hundred rupees, eten though they abonld 
not ttay in the roads for a day, or laud a tingle bale of mer- 
chandise. NumeroDs instances bave lately occurred, lending to 
show how deeply the community at large are tnterelled in die 
conduct ot individuals. Tbe attempt of the oflceri of a eertaiix 
mess Id get caaes of valuable articles paaaed tbrongh on a far in- 
sufficient statement of their ratne, haa pat an end to the confi. 
dence heretofore placed in aimilar declarations, and induced tbe 
authorities to announce, that in future they would talis^ Ibem- 
aelvet by actual inspection of tbe real facta of tbe case. In 
another case, goods imported by a well-known bouse have baeti 
aeiied and sold within the last few days, at prices more than 
eighty per cent, above tbe declared invoice value, to the maniftst 
damage of Ibe faith nanally reposed in merCBntilc probity ; wbilat 
tha imposition attempted by the captain alluded to entails incon- 
venience and expense upon ererj veasel which may visit the port, 
under circumstances similar to hia own. It is dimcult to Omw at 
all times the degree of influence for good or evil whidtbe acts of ■ 
few persons exercise upon society ; bnt tbe rxamplea abore quoted 
will at least be termed cases in point, and we hope the recital of 
tbem will not be without a beneficial effect.— .^fAnitfiDii, Dtc.20. 

Thi Mail. — T1i« Prtctmor, nriiJi the London mail of the 
84tli^ November, did not reach Madras until the evening of the 
£th inttant. This unusual delay was occasioned bj the ground- 
ing of tbe Ma)lB parkei near Alexandria, By some accident, ■ 
part of Marteillea portion of tbe mail baa been left behind.— 

Loan GoDQii is a paasenger by the Haidmglm lo SuM. Hia 
lordship haa intimated that it ia not his intention to land at 
Madras ; and a deputation will accordingly proceed on board 
the tteamer to pretent the congratulatory address voted at the 
late meeting.— Alheiiam. 

CoNviTiHCE OF M.iLt.— Wb uiidersund Ihat Govemmeiit 
have under consideration a proposal by Measra. Burghall and 
Co., for conveyinK the muih betwein Madrst and Vuiiembaddv, 
H'iib the ultimate intention of extending in tbe course of a fen 
months the lines lo Beliary. They offer lo carry the ordinary 
daily mail, tbe baitghj, llie monthly overland mails, and ex- 



NuLicT or AH Atah. — A corrctpondent of tb< BonAay 
Tdtgrmpi, WTiCing (torn Ootacwnund, givei [he futJoving 
acrount of the miteraUe dealb of a young lady at tbat *lation : — 
" A Mira Famngdoa had been camplainiiig for lomc time, and 
the neilical nun mrdered e^c leeches to be applied to her lide. 
An ajtali wa* otdered to lit op vith tbe patient. Slie, oreourae. 
vent Co Aleep ; and tba n«xt morning, irlien tlia doctor called, 
lie arrived juit in time to tee hia patient breathe ber laiL She 
4itd bled to death!" 


fbn at Gtoiy*, Dte. la— The foHowinf citnot from a letter 
•tma the Hon. tbe Court of Direetora, dated Oct. 31, I8t9, ia 
^btulnd, hi eonformiir with their orderii — 

"Par.*. Having attentirely eonaidered all tb« hctaof tb« CMe^ 
and Ibe Hiaulea abich have been rerorded by tba membera of 
Tonr Goreniinent, ne concur in your opinion that Mr. Maclean 
la nnworthy to lie again employed in any public capaeilTat a 
-Nmnt <rf Oonrnment i and *« Mr. Maclean hei artired in Uiit 
eemiry, be al^ be iaftroMd that lie will not be puiniued to 

Part SL Gtent, Dec. 31.— In eonaeqnetiee of Ibe demlae of 
Colonel P. Derrille, of the artillery, the fDilDwing addittoo to 
fba lilt of oMeera entitled to off-rcckoniofa ia aucborited : — 

Colonel Pattictc Moatgemeria, ca., to extra Sib (lata 7tb) 
■abate froa tba off-ierteBing fund fron 8U October, 1810, 


, SlST 

ffMd-QMr/n-a, &otUiry FMn, Bte. 12, 1849. 

ttX coart-marlial held at Sionpora, on Monday, Oct. S, 1819, 
•Soaig;n R. G. AbtOD, Slit Madrai N.I. waa arraigiwd on tbe 
foUo«<n( cbarfaa, tu. : — 

Firil. — Wot condoet nnbeconinig Ibe ebaraetir of an oDeer and 
• geotleauD, and to tbe ptejndice of |ood order and nilitary dii- 
dpline, in having, at Singapore, on tbe afternoon of Jnae 2, 1819, 
Jteen in a ditgnccfnl Itale of intoilcalion, itiggering;, and icareely 
able to walk iritboBt lapport, in front of the Ireaaary gnard at 
tbe nid towD, and in piuenoe of the native officer and men of 
bii ngt. then and there on dnty on tbe (aid guard. 

Sttomd. — Pot condoct UDbeeoming tbe character of an ofleer 
-and a geotlenian, and to the prrjndics of good order and ndlilary 
dUciplioe, in haiiog, at tbe place and on tbe erenhig of the day 
act forth in tbe first charge, wben alill in a di^raoehl state of in- 
tOJJcation, appeared Id the pnbltc rotul, where his itate was wit- 
ncaaed by icnral gentlemen, ladies, and other perHne pauing at 
tbe tine. 

.Pairfi^.— Gnilty. 

SaUatee.—To waa a portion of hb rank in tba reipmcDt to 
whidi he beloDga, by bdng pUced at tbe bottom of Ibe list of ea- 
.Hgna, Dcit below Ensign WUlian Hamilton. 

Singqiora, Oct. 9, 1849. 


(Signed) G. H. F. BaiiKBLBr, Lient-Gen., C.-ln-C. 

Head-Quirtera, Madraa, Dee. 11, 1849. 

Aaaorla. — Tbe aentcoce of tbe coort ia not that which tbe 
-ofBccta of (be 51*t reg. and of the oimy generally, might hare 
'rearanaUy cipecled from the nature of the charge!, inaamaeb a> 
doc njBid for the boaoor, reapectability and disciplitte of the 
army would stem to require that an officer who had lo far lost 
'•igbt of what waa doe lo hti oca obaraeter and to tbe credit of 
hia regiment ai to act in the way the prisoner has dona sbonld be 
visited wilb dismissal from Ibe service. A firm eonvietion that 
•scb was tbe only appropriate pnniabnient for tbe oourt lo award 
in this case waaM have led me lo rMom tbe proceedings on tbe 
trial for teviaion ; but I am obliged lo abandon my Intention of 
doing as, owing to the great inconvenience that wonld arise to tbe 
servioe in again collecting together tbe members of the eonrt 
from Ibe tariona ststiona, and to the delay that would thereby be 
vnavoidably ioearred, which would subject Ensign Alston, who 
boa already been upwards of six monllis in arrest, to (urtber con- 
finement for neariy a similar period. 

I consider that an officer who hoa eipoaed himself lo tbe ridi- 
tale and contempt of hla inferiors can scarcely for some time to 
come be considered fit to exercise lathoriCy over them with ad- 
vantage, and eerlainly not to tit in judgment upon Ihem. I there- 
fore desire Ibat Bosign Alston may not be permitted to ait as 
member of any court-martial unlil farther orders, and the oom- 

manding officer will be pleased to report half-yearly to the adjn. 
tant-general of the army upon hia conduct, for my information. 
(Signed) O. H. F. BaaxELar, Lieut. ■ General. 
The name of Ena. R. G. Alston ia hereafter to be inserted next 
below Ens. W. Hamilton 51st regt. N.I. He ia to be released 
from arrest and directed to tetnm to hia duty. 


BiHHOP, J. F. coll. and mag. ofTaDJort, del. otercb. of district to 

J. Bird. Dee. 37. 
Blank, T. L. coll. and nag. of Caoara, del. over eh. of distiiet to 

J. Silver, Dec. 09. 
Ellis, G. to act aa sub. jnd. of lillah of Madura dar. aba. of 

Woodgatc, Jan. 3. 
FBAaan, J. to act aa prin. east, to eoU. aad aug. and agent to 

gov. of Fort St. Georsa Id GaDJom, dur. ab«. on leavs of T. D. 

Lnthlagtoa, Jan. S. 
FaKHB. H. aetg. riv. and tes. jud. of Tinqevelly, asid. ch. of tbs 

eonrt, Dee. 36. 
HABsia, O. A. as>t.]ud. of thezlllahot Hsngalore, del. over cb. 

of bis off. to Ihe dv. Jud. and reported hla depl. for England. 
HoBSLBT, J. dv. and aes. jud. erf tbe xillah of Cuddalore, dri. over 

ch. of Ihe court, Dte. 31. 
Ixeus. W. A. D. dt. aod acta, judge of xlllab of CbbglepBl, del. 

over eh. oreourl to prln. sadder amcca, Dte- 31. 
MiNOBiN, J. I. to act as bead aaat. to call, and laag. of Taqjore 

dar. emp. of ElJii on other duty, Jan. 4. 
VoonoATE, C. H. lab. jod. of tbe illlah of Madnra, del. over eh. 

oftbe court. Dee. 31. 

WvLiB, Q. Jan.*. 

BiBD, E. W. 14 BO. to pna. aad Eastern coast, on at. c. 
Fahb, E. G. R. to Feb. I, In ext. to rtn. on KtUgherry h 

MxLbOa., A. S mo. ia eit. to rem. at Cape of Good Hope On ■ 

HDB>Ar,H. imo. toprea. 

Philufb, a. W. 1 mo. prrp. to ^ip. for leave to Eorope on fori. 

POBTEB, R. T. 1 mo. to pna. 

ROBiBTa, C. A. 1 mo. to pns. 

RoDFELL, T. B. In eit. to Feb. 1. 

SuLLiVAH, R. J. ai mo. lo Cape on m. e. 



Clahir, Rev. B. S. to oOe. as chap, of St. George's cathsdial 

dar. abi. of Evan), Jan. 4. 
EiLTBBT, Rev. E. to offlc. as chap, of Traaqeebar dnr. emp. of 

Clarka at tbe catbedial, or till t<u. orders, Jan. 4, 



Alcocb, sen. M^. O. art. to be Dent. eol. tr. Oct. 7, In suce. to 

Dervilte, dec ; posted to Sod batt. Jan. 11. 
Allbk, Lieut. H. list N.I. to do daly with aappers and miatra. 
AhsinCk, Maj. G. art. 3rd batt. to horae brig, but to do duly with 

3rd halt, at KaBptee, Jan. 11. 
Back, Haj. J. ist batt. art. to 1th do. Jan. II. 
Baillib, Eds, J. E. Stb N.I. pasted eiam. in Hindustani, Dee. 39. 
Bayly, Ena. N. F. 12tb N.I. to be lieat. fr. Dec. li, v. Carpen- 

dale, dec. 
Beooxk, Eos. C. H. ISth N.l. paeted lo 3nd Eur. L.t. to join 

Jan. S ; to rank fr. Feb. T, 1B4S. 
Bebwicx, ira. Eos, G. 30th N.t. to be Heat. tt. Dee. 31, v, Sco- 

beli, hivallded. 
Blake, Capt. H. W. dep. judge advosale gea. N. div. to rep^ to 

prea. Bad plan himself nader orders of judge advocate gea. of the 

army, Joa. ID. 
BowDLBH, Llent. H. J. S. 9th N.I. perm, to retire from tbe ser- 
vice ol tbeCompaDy fr. Dec. 31, 1849. 
Bbown, aad Lieut. T. 1st fut, lo be Itt lleut. fr. Dec. 19, V. 

Paake, ditm. 
BnADroKD, sea. Sad Lieut. W. J. art. ta be Itt llent. IV, Oct. 7, 

lo aucc. to Denille. dee. 
BoBTOH, Maj. gea. W.M. H. brig, to 4«i batt. Jan. 11. 
Campbell, Lieut. R. F. F. 8tb L.C. to join hia COrpa In eompaay 

with Aa<t. surg. Tlinlai, 33rd N.I. Jan. t. 
CBBaHBV, Lieut. A. H. M. !3td L.I. paased exaoi. la Hindnstonl. 
Cholheley, Ciipt. M. 37lh N.l. ret. to duty, Jan. S. 
Da Wet, Capt. O. G. Slat N.l. ret. to dnty, Jan. II. 
DlTHAB, Maj. T. art. bor« brig, to 3rd ball. Jan. 11. 
FiSHEB, Eaa. G. R. aStb N.I. exc. to til M. F. JfB, fi, I ,> 
FiiBB, Miij. N. 4lb batL to H. brig. Jaa.UlK 1^ 

ALLEN'S fiSfOl^AN uiii!.. 

FoaniBT, Eat. F. C. 4lat N.I. puwd exui. in Hlsdmtui, to nc. 

aoomtbee *])crwMW, Dee. 9>. 
Tvvraif, Ena. J. R. Qui Emr. L.I. pttm. toraMnfr. Ui« leniM s( 

the C«mpmoj fr. Deo. 31, ISi). 
Gkant, Capt. W. Q. wthN.Lrel.tsdatir, Ju. II. 
Hahond, Lieut, cal. P. art. Gth to 3rd bait. Jao. )1. 
HOLLOw&v, Opt. £. N. T. to be k Ur iTiut. of Ibe eb>p. Mua- 

r, Uen 

1 Penltn 

. F, A. F. a«h N.I. 
„ . redliable pnifren pTonmiBeed, Jiid. S. 
KiKKBAD, BreT. capt. R. 1st to Sntbatt. Jan. 9 ; to act H 

adj, and qc. mr. to the dlT. ot nrt. aervlo; In the fiinfor and Ntt- 

budda dl>*. ; nam. la KIndiutanI at 'nicMoopolT, qnal, in sdjt. 
Laurie, Brig, to bea laf triutee of the nbapialDef of TricMno- 

Tolf, Jan. 4. 
LawiobI), Brer. eapt. H. art. to b« wpt. ft. Oct. 7, le sore, to 

DuviOt, dee. 
LAvrsBD, C^t. H. art. roo. prom, to tad tntt. Jan. 1 1. 
Le Hakdt, BrcT. maj. C. F. 14th N.l. ret. todotT Jan. II. 
LOOAH, Llevt. col. A. S. fr. 33rd N.I. to 13rd L.I. Dec. 30. 
LovBLL, Hi^. gen. L. B. resigned com. of pron. Malabar aod 

Canaia, fr. Dec. 31. 
MoNTBOHimie, Col. P. art. fr. rec. prom, to h. brir. Jan. II. 
MAm*HALL, BnT. mnj. H. 33rd N.I. 

fr. date of arrival of hia 

of goTt. to ba app. aa 
be col. fr. Oct. J, *. 

MoNTOOifniiK, Brer. 

DerTllle, dee. 
MowBBAV, Llenl. O. C. lEth N.T. rtt. to dut^, Jan. 11. 

er. capt. F. G. art. paued Scat enm. In Hhidnitar 

at college, J aL. _. 
Obk, Capt. V. A. 4th bat. to horac brig. art. Jan. 
Paton, Ena. W. d. d. 48th N.I, posted toUtM. 

Ileal, to join, Dec. 94. 
Patok, Ueot. W. 1st M.F. eicb. to 26lh N.L Jai; 
Patnb, Eaa, Q. M. doing d< 

Fatnk, Ena. ISth N.I. paeeed i 

if off. C( 


Pbitchabd, Capt. H. acting 
npatrto the pmidencf, ar 

asaed nam. Id Hlndnstanl for off. 

tp. jod. adi. fen. Saopor iW. irfll 
place himsElf under ordera at ttc 

lo dnly with lat N.I. onlH arriTa 
saih N.l. ton 

REYNOLDa, Eds. J. L, d. d. latN.I. pmted I 

fr, Feb.4. 1849itoptoetedtopreaidtDeT, Ji. 

KoLSTOK, IJtul. W. T. H. 14th N.I. lo act as qr. mr. and 

Iflth N,I. Dee. 21. 
Round, Ena. W. R. loth N.I. to join in 

art. Dee. 26. 
RnaBBLL, Em. T. F. J. 43rit N.I. pnsied ex 
Saluok, Capt. A. 47th N.l, ret. to dutj, Ji 
Sanders. Eos. G. W. lat N.L posted to 9t 

to rank fr. Feb. T, 1S49. 
Scobell, Lieut. V. inv. eslab. noited tn im] 
Scott, Brn. capt. J. D. an 

6tb or OalundaDze batt. Jai 
Sbakisfbabe. Ueat. C. M 

■ -- id N.I. Jan 

comp. vltb Sth batt. 

iN.i. to join Jaa. 5) 

3ad U 

l. to lat aaqn.m 

Sbibhefv, Lieut, col. E. ait. fr, Snd to SIh bat, Jan. 11. 

Sbowbss, Capt. E. St. G. Sth bat. to 4th bat. art. Jan. 11, 

Smabt, Lieut. G. 2l9t N.I. lo be a-ljl. Die. S8. 

Smith, Ucnt. C. 9nd Ear. L.I, ret. to duty, Jan. 11. 

Smith, Lieut, Sth N.I. to act as or. mr. nud int. ot thai eorpa. 

SfeWART, Lieut. A. art. ret. to duty, Jao. 11. 

Taylor, Ens. F. C. asth N.I. paised eiam. ia HioduitaBi for off. 

N.I, to iof. brarsh of the Niiam'i 
N.l. npp, to act a< qr. mr- and iaterp. 

Taylob, Lieut. R. N. 17(1 

icriice, t. Ellice, Dee. 34. 
Thoufbon, Lieut, T. H. 91 

to sand N.I. cane. Jan. 5. 
Thobktok, lat Lieut. C. M. J. art. to 

Canara, In aace. to Cnrpendelr, dec. Jan 
TjibVdb, len, Capt. S. S. art. to be maic 

Derville, dec. ; puated to lal batt. art. Jj 
Tbetos, M^). S. S. sertlces pi. 
VAoaHAN, Ena. J. C. 9th N.I. 

Mt. Jan. e. 
Wabd, Capt. W. 3ad to 3rd batt. art. Jao. 11. 
Wilde, Lleat. A. T. I»th N.l, pi. at diap, of lap. mt. tn ord. to 

*■ "" - 3rd Punjabinr. Jan.e;paiHdexaia.laTalMgoa, 


1, LicDt, col, J 

D, Jan. II. 

. J. E. fr. 33rdL.I. t0 33rdN.I. Dee. IB, 
WvATT, Eat. C. A. 37th Rren. eian. in Hlnduitani at Seconder. 
shad; qual.aaintierp. but to appsar for floal eiandBalioo on tiilt- 
tng the preaidonCT, Jan. 3 ; to rec. msoDahee allommBe. 
Yeouah, and Lieat. C. L, art. posted to Sad batt. Jan. 10. 

HOABLBY, Oonet F. Jao. B. 

ALOOCK, IMat. bdL G. art. b. Dec. 37 lo JbIj I, 

», on m.c (r. NaT. 

Arnold, Lient. W. R. 3id L.I. toNeilgheiri 

10, 1849. to No*. 13, leSO. 
Balukb, Lieat. B. 28Ih N.I. 6 mo. to PeaaBf, 
BiVAN, LItot. C. S. 1st L. C. 1 mo. 
Blaokave, Capt. C. A. «oth N.l. to March I, Inext. 
BiuiDwooD, BrcT. capt. W. J. aog. 1 OaaaaBore, la*ffii 

Cbebney. IJcQt, A.'h. M. 33rdI»l.(oMa(di31. 

CoLLiM, Llcnt. col. J. C. 6th N.I. fr. Jan. 15 to JoBC 30, to 

western coaat and Nellgherry hills. 
CoKRAN, Lieut, cot. G. H.A. 1 mo. to Presidency. 
Davib.Eub. F. H. 44tbN.I. to Calcatla, fr. Uareh l to Aug. 31. 
DicKBDN, Lieut. F. F. C. tat M. fua. fr. Jan. 30 to Jsly 30, to- 

DOVBTON, Corn. J. H. 3rd L.C. lo Ma; S, to PaaOicherry. 
Down, Lieut. W. lat fua. to Europe, en m. e. 
EtLroTT, Ueut. R. J. H. «th L.C. fr. Dec. 15, 1849, to Feb. 3B, 

ISiO, to Cuddapab. 
Fletcher, Lieul.U.C. 8tb N.I. to Jane 30. 
GoLDBHiD, Lieut. F. J. 37tb gran. 3 a»a. to Bombay. 
GoBDON, Capt, G. aist. qr. Br-gcD. Hyderabad sub*, (a 


to Nan- 

Haines. Capt. G. l«li N.I. to Madraa. 

IIawib, Eds. T. S. 371b gren. lo Entope, en m. c. tonabark fr. 

Boon bay. 
Hebefobd, Capt, postmr. at TrinchlaapolT, 3 mo. to TraDquebai. 
HoDBON, Capt D.44thN.I. to Dec. 31, I&50, to Neigherries, OD 

Inneb, Lient. H. D. 47th N.I. 1 mo. fr. Dee. 91, )D«oBt. 

KlNHCDY, Uent. A. K. C. 46ib N.I. ieare oaoe. 

LoSAN. XJenl. eol. A. S. 33rd L.I. to Europe, on m. c. to e^tatk 

fr, Bombay, 
JidlVTCHiH, LM«t.T. M. iBth N.l. fr. Feb. 1 to May 91, to 

UiHCHiH, Ena. C. C. Stb N.l. fr. Jan. 15 to June 30, to Wtatcm 

coaat, Neilfbetri billa, and Tnqjore. 
Nelson, Lleat, F. 2ad Eur. L,L to Cape and tbeore to N. S. 

Wales, lo he absent 3 years. 
OBBAItt), Lieut, J. 4Stb N.I. 6 no. ft. Feb. I, to HadtBa «Bd 

PooLBT, Major C. SSlh N.I. S mo. fr. Dec. M, to UlmpOK. 
PoBTBB, Capt. J. P. let L.C. to Madras in aaticipa. of tbeaaoetittt 

oflbeGov.Gea. Jan. 8. 
Bavembuaw, Cornet E. C, 1st L. C. 1 mo. to Madras. 
Remington, Capt. W.E. sth L.C. 5 mo. fr. Jan. 15 to Bombsf, 
Rkynolss, Capt. O. 2ttSi N.I. 3 mo. to prea. prep, to appl. tor 

Russell, Capt, F. aind N.I. to Europe, on m.e. 

Stepbkmson, Capt. J. L. lat fua. 6 mo. lo Wt ll gh tn lB a snd 

Sullivan, Capt. B. S. 4th L.C. to Eur. on m. e. 

SwiNBY, Ena. J. 37st N.I. to Eur. on m. c. 

Turner, Capt. C. 1st N.V.B. to Mar. IS in eont. toCuddalorc, ov 

Wood. Brev. capt. M. t-_ 

TODNQ, Ueut. C. W. S. Glnd N.I. Jao. 1 to JoM 30 to NeU- 

W. H. D»ida. 

FrTZFATKibi, Aast. «rg. 3. to be zll. aarg" CMorieput, Dee.H. 
Qbbdeb, Snrg. J. L. to be lapt. svrg, Hyderabad «aba. fcraa, w. 

MMdaaaell, nt. Dec. M. 

GooDHALL. Surg. SOth N.I 

part, of Barrlngton, Jan. E 
Habbino, Snrg. G. peria, to realga the swilce oa pen*, of 360/. 

per ana. ft. date of saillog of the Barliam fr. MadrU. 
Kevin. Aast. aur^. C. to be anrg. fr. Jan. 3, i. Ludlow, ret. i 

to Sth NJ. Jao. ID. 
LlHTOB, r 

dsly, Jan. 

I to Sth NJ. Jan. ID. , , , 



lAmiJtw, S«|. B. C. M.D. pern, totctlra h. the trAte of tbe 
CosyMT, tm- *• p*M. of lei I. pn amam, (ir. Jn. «: 

MJini.a, %UY. J. T. tttit (MriMn wrf . oT BtHair r. FklcoDtr, 
Dae.sai ».41hI_C.ti)9TUitir.L Ju. 10. 

lCAZ.'MWMuSan,.W. a.ifj». fr.3rii..C~tD«lhL.C. Jka. lo. 

EooiA Sms. W. 7J;b LX. h^b. to ntlr» m i»m. a« »li..f(e 

Fad. to EaiDpa, in B^a. 
49Qd N.i. 3 nto. fr. FA. I, M pm. 


|a«p> to ^ip. fbr'lrara to Ei 
Bou(B», AMt *ura. Q. G. to I 

TlMtUS, AMt. 1_^ 

TouNo, Aait. Borg. Jl. to Europs, (u 

OnwoN, «ifc ef J. U. ■. at Bingalnn, Dm. ». 

SMm. irita of ThoK. ■. at Mu)n>. Rnt. ?• 

Dm. le 

HtTCBvaoK, wlfkef Lint. PrrcrW., I.N. ■. rt M>dm, Dm. 19. 
FAISBMM.irtfsotDr.d.atTreraadraB.Dea. IB, 
PAmnaa, H». A. 3. ■. nt Hu)n«, Dm. 30. 
RaasiM, wife of M. d. at St. Thciar, Ju. g. 

^UWN. wife of Bdward, d. (itiU-bora) M MadrM, Ju. S. 
Tboupbon, wife of Dr. H.M.'i 94tb, d. At Cnnuoors, Du. 29. 
DmiBRnoOD, wife o( W. E. d. U Mudna, Jan. I. 
ToVND, wife of Major Cbarka ColyiUc, Mt. *. at Golodi, Jan. 3. 

B&iNDLiT, 3<rj. J, C. to M[s> EvdluE CoUInt, d. of W. at SecoB- 

dtrAid, Dm. 31. 
BCBBOITGHS, Lieut. Wo. Mvitj, 3Dd N.I. lo FruiMi IJoniu, d. 

of Niebol** SUtlowe, ot Bangaton, D«. V7. 
9hbt, apt. F. A. t» BeMnda Cbulotte, d. of R. 3tnui«, at BUck 

Ton, Dm. IS. 

IVStlta, Wb. F.I. of J. p. M Madna. ag^ 3, Dm. U. 
Oahdoim, RIetwrd Clarke, at Pottewahiun, attdal, D«.a7. 
Mathews, CbcMltiia, vlfe of Apoth, Jubn, >t Tepur, T*ii- 3. 
SHODas. John Jann. st Madna, Dt. aa. 
'Williams, Htarj J. at Mndrai, aged 33, Jao. 10. 
'Wbiobt, Hewf K.S. t. ot UmM. J. H. l at N.I. ■» the Fteiwh 
Socki, Dec 31. 


Die. as. Net^artU, Brovo, Manritiai; Willaltg, Axraw, Cil- 
c«tta ; Elixa, SrraDg, Calcutta ; Alibi, Wtilker, Calsutta { atcamcr 
3hiafwriM, Diny, CalentM ; Amtlia, Madeo, Cutcntta.— 26. Joht 
Um, PMBer, CUu.— 3a. Dnm^irt, Coiuitt, LoadoB ; AiwriDlpA, 
Dri*, CalcMlB.— 30. Wtri^, Saumlt, PsaaBB; Barritl, Bradj, 
<:«!■«>{ .'"H iUbtrJwa, Hoara, CUaa.— Jan. 6, 1»0. Steamv 
Pntmar, Powell, Sun. —7. Alvtrtm, BBCklaod, Blvllpataai i 
Jiff, ScowenA, HaoritJiu. — S. finua, VoM, Londen. — ». 
Stnaer ifa^ Ludias, Newoao, Ncgnpataui. 

l^itt m^-ca and liaot. WihoB, Mre. AlhertoD, Hra. Bltoa md 
ftHfir, Hrfc ha|>r and raBttr, Col. IkvhraB, Dr. fiadwtU, Lmt. 
MwUa and Poddwt, E*q. 

Per £iiza.— Uai. Arctwr. 

Ptr^JliAL— Ur. andHr*. Ciiamplai] audCapt. Bhodea. 

Per ,<auHa.— Mr. sad Mrs. Paul, Mr. 'phflUpaf, Mr. Morrison, 
lire.— Migi Newawn, Doctor MackiT, H.N. ; Doctor 
4.; Mr. Keen) and Mr. UDlden, Hn. KarlcliffC and 

_--. Capr. RadclWf, Mr*. LttUe and cbUd, Mn Llltla, 

Um. Haatn, H.M. Htli regt. 

Per WrraJF.—Btii. George Ruiiell i>nd child. 
PCi ffarrMI.— -U. J. C. Raberta, Mr. W. Nenberrj. 
T»r Anna Sobtrlim.—lSr. and Mn. Cari, two childTrn. 
Per ateamer Preiareor.^Frooi Sodtbahptoh.— Major C. F. 
LoHnd;, Hn. LcHardj, Mra. PrntWi lofent, and aerraDt ; Uia) 

Scyniour; Mr. Hor^, cadet, .Ulii CleMlin'. Mr., p'orter and' Mr- 
^^'J^'"^.^*'^"- "'■ "■ ^''""'- ^''-- W- Forteaui, Mr. 
aad Ho. Held, Ueura. W: MDawMl. H. Bagettiia aad Maboav 
Caiit. Baadaj. Mm Battle^, Hn. Baiai^i, Cut. BroMe. Hwl. 
Btnwna, Ch'. Biehaida, Ul» Howud, Mr. G. I.. Mania. Mn. 
Ma^D, Capta. J. Martin and H. Alpe, Mr. and Mia. Wjld, IUt, 
W. Kay, Cnpt. Baker, Mrs. Biikfr, Mlia M, Picrety, Mn. Gledwln. 
Kt. and Mra. X. AlH.nder, Mcs.n, W. Mackiptosh, C. Grant 
Huiton, Child., Cadet., aad P. Hely, Ae.t. t-vct. Mr. aad 
Sfrt. CAwcH, Mr. W. Gordon, cadet, Mr. Sgrkfea, Rct B 
HaddMk, Mr. J. Sfhca. MsMrs. Hawea and W. LTall, r-J— 
Hcaam Italawwfag, B. Khjtr. and " "- -■ "- -' - 
I*aa>M, Hr. IbDmaas, Ur. Uae* 

Praaer, Ura. Hwafa, Mn. W»bb, . „.._., „.. . 

amMK tia. Tewnatead aad infant, Mr. and Mr*. Br«idnp, Mr. 
J. B. UiggcuDii, Mr. Bac oadet, Mr. S. S. Willlan*, Mt. lACaa. 
Miaara. Smith aod Paapatta, Mr. Laailef, Xtcaais. CamolMlL 
Hardlnf, and Bojce, Mr. Higgioa, Mr. and Mta. LvshingtOD. 

E« Aii>tTlm,—iar. Uowdl, Dr. Thompoa, iit. LaaUaCtOO, 
Capt. Caitor, Mn. BiuUbmI, Mastir Buckland, Mra. aad Mill 
Summeri, Mr.. Sofll Mid child. 

Pit KmM.— Mradamt. Lintoo, Grant, Datlet, Smitb,. Huita> 
ble, De Weit, Hard; aod Mowbray, Misici Gibwa, Mucleed, 
Htbo, WalBoa, DrewitI, F«rti«, Elliott and Ed»nrd*, Doctor 
Lfnton, Remrend Me.irs. Hatdj-, Dj.virs, Hnitable aad Savfrt, 
Captalo* Mowbray, Graot, De West, Lient. Soritb, Mr. Peoeoefc, 
Uaat. Stsawt, Mr. Roberta, alx ehildrea. 

Daa. afi. Dfjiaaf, Swient. Calaatta.—BS. attuaet Tatmrrim, 
Diecfc NcgaHtAm; Rtuaolpk, Dale, Ijaadaa. — 30. AfoalnJos. 
'naral, Poudiclitrry and Marteillea ;. fTffJrileit, Arrow. Londoni 
ataamer Hui/h LinJta)/, Nmiubo, Negapntaoi. — Jan. 3, IBSO. 
AmiUa, Maiden, Cidooibo.-*, Etartald Islt. DoBSine, London.— 
6. aieamer Prtrmor, Powell, Calcutta.— 8. Alibi, Walker, Co. 
ind Bombay ; Same*, Brady, PuBdicherry.— 7- AlieHm. 
" im ; Afna, Segwcrnfl, "" - ~ . 

Bo^taait. Blnl 

—9. Barton, 

Per DryfanM.— Mri. Sergenl and jerranl. 

P«r irWIale]!.- Neadamea Bell, Gndfrey, Brace, and' Maltby, 
3 Bflnea Bmc^ J. Ln^, E<q. Capt. G. Pilsmaarloe, aad Rev. 
Ut^ 8aadanM<>9 etiIMm, Mr. Sntltb. 

Ptr ^larfb.— Mr. Morria. 

Per ateam-abip Preearior.- P. Saltmanhe, Esq. ; Liiut. C W. 
Rhdctlffi, Mr.. Railcllfft, l child; Eaa. Hunter, J: P. Kicioknnt, 
Brq. ', Koa. H. C. Dowker. 

Pet jtlMrlOH.— Mr. Howell, Dr. Thnnxon, Mr. Litshingtoa, 
Capti C**tor, Hr*. Buckland, Maatcr BnckUnd, Mra. Sumaien, 
Mh* Summers, Mr*. 9<nll and cMld. 

Per BorAdfl. ~Hr. Sulliinn and arrvant, Dr. and Mr*. G. ITard. 
\ng, dtlbl, and ivrvant \ Re*, and Mr*. Mahoa, 2 children, and *er. 
int i Ml*m Wake, Crewe, Weat, and aervmt ; Capt: and M«. 
Molyneaui, 9 children, and leriant ; Mr. and Mrs. RatclilT, 3 cUI> 

VaBKut .tim.— Sarjt, Gogg, iMa, and acmnt. 

Per •teaner-HbiMiByfDn.— Tn Sodthamptow. — ThaHna. Mm 
Htdau, 9 ehUdrm, nod serranti Mrs. Col. Connn, Gen. 9. B. 
Lwiatl, K.H.; Mta. HaltMadi W. O. Phttkanl, B*q. M.D.i aad 
Aaat. aKg, J. ThofopwMi. To Malta.— Capt. B. Haaaell. To 
BotraKoHa.—AaaL aurg, M. A. B. Uackay, R.N. ; Aaat. *«ig. 
Audnws, R.N. To Bousav.—CoI. W. Waikiua aud aenaiii. 
Cast. J. Cacopbrii and Kriaot. To Galli.— Capt. G. Haiotc 
aad aenaot. 


Moirm, Jn. IS, l«tO. 

Goremnieat Seeu rHte* . 

5 per cent. Loan nflBU i to | dla. 

('At Ute rate of aub.criplion, vii. 106} Co. 'a Ra. per lOOSa. Ri,} 

6 per cent. Loan of 1B30 i dit. 

('At thanite of aobscHplkin, via. IMJCo.'aRa. perlOOSs.R*.) 

4 per oant. Loan of ISsa 16^ dla. 

(At tha rate of aaiiMriptkia, lii. 106^ Co.'* Ra. per 100 3a. Ra.) 

4 per aaat. Loan 011886 IS dla. 

G p>rcaot.Loaaor IMl 3-16 dl*. 

4 per eent. Loan of IS43 ISl dii. 

Stock of the S per cent. Book Debt Loan no traaa. 

Fromitsorj Notea of tbe Ta^iare Debt . . IS dia. 

Bank of Mad ra* Shares No traai. 

:i : ii,d r.,Google 



Dk. MosoKori'i TiuTMnrr op Choliia. — Dr. HcMgrore'i 
dieocT, M to Ibe treument of cholera, is lliiu Elatecl b^ him : 
" It bM long been a miller of surprise to me, not merely tbaC 
■ny ibould oppose the adminlBtralion of cold water, but tbat it 
biu not toog ere Ibii taken its place aa the first and mo«t power- 
fid remedial agent. It U tlie remedj \Thicb nHture diclatM, and 
which nature calls Tor. If any intellij^enl physician were asked, 
what would be bU mode of treating a disease, tiM character and 
^mptoma of vrtiich were netr to him, the replj' undoubtedly 
would be, ' to watctt cBreTully what nature wa» doing to reinOTe 
the diaeaae, and to endearour by reoiedial meMurea to assist bei 
in the attaioment orthat object' But what does the history of 
diolen teacb u>? That, in tbis disease, the efforts of nature 
haT«been disregarded ; she has called with a voice one would 
IWTe guppoied loud enough to arouse the least observant practi- 
tioner, but without avail ; instead of her dictates being followed, 
human reason ha* sat in judgment on the indication nature bat 
giren, and the constant and urgent cr; for waler, wtttr, haa 

SrajLinii DicisioH. — Amongst the legal intelligence con- 
veyed b; this mail, is the report of a curious case, which oc- 
curred in the Supreow Court of Bombay. A native woman of 
that particular eaite, the pursuits of which are unfit to be 
named, had two children by an Engliah gentleman, now de- 
deceased. Thtf were of the respective ages of Ave and two 
years; the mother, after their father's death, took them to her 
own hokne in the Bausr, whence by a strataitem they were re- 
nMved from her, and placed mider the care of a Miss Hughes, 
wbo superintends one of the Christian educational establish- 
ments here. A ntit of hahiai eorpta was lued out by the 
mother, and after bearing counsel on both sidea, the Fuiane 
Judge (Sir W. Yardley) decided that the children must be de- 
livered up to the mother, aa of l^al li^t. Immediately aftci 
the optional order, the mother claimed the ohiMm, into had 
beesi in Court the whole day ; aod she carried th« Ultle girl out 
of court herself, the boy being taken out by a roagh-lookii^ 
n^vc, apparently her bully. The little twy, on getting into the 
street, cried bitterly, snd tned to get ont of the arm* of his 
captor, wbo seemed to take very tittle notice of bis distress. 

CuoLKiA HosrnAL.— We understand that the new mode of 
treating cholera patienia, suggested by Dr. Musgrove, is about 
to have an extensive trial. The following paragraph will be 
leadwith interest on tbis important subject:—" We undentaod 
that the Cholera Hospital Committee have resolved on ad- 
dteating a letter to govemmenl, re com mending that the insti- 
tution ba maintained on its pment footing for a period of at 
least two years, and that Dr. Musgrove be permitted to remain 
in Bombay, for the purpose of giving it the benefit of his per- 
sona! superintendence. A* the advantages of the system of 
treaunent pursued in this infirmary seems to be now pretty 
gwertlly admitted, tile request* of the committee will, we 
apprehend, be without hesitation acceded to." — Tdegrafli 

BiLOAtrH, 3Ist DiccHiia, I B19.— Major- General Barr, ac- 
companied by Captain Stack, asiktaot adjutant general, started 
tliis morning for Dbarwar, to review the 6th Madras N.I., after 
which he visits other stations of the division for tbe same pur- 
poas. — The bead-quaiter* and right wing of tbe Snd Bnropaan 
light inbntry, under ll>e command of Major Mscan, comprising 
3 captains, ]l subalterns, 631 rank and file, and about 70 camp 
foUowers, arrived here on tlie morning of the S8th instant i tb^ 
landed at Vingorla, from Aden, on the I5lh.— On the 29tb, the 
3rd regt. Madras liglit infantry, under the command of Lieut.- 
col, Whitlock — a dashing old soldier — consisting of 3 captains, 
B lieutenants, 3 ensigns, 1 assistant surgeon, 18 native officer*, 
and about 8!0 rank and file, arrived here, and stsrls again or (he 
3n] January for Vingorla. whence it embarks for Aden, The 
regiment ha* served in tliis division upwards of five years, wns 
present and partlcipatetl in all the dangers of tlie Kolapore cam. 
jHdgn of IB14-5, and is considered one of the finest disciplined 
corps in the Madras army. It has a fine set of officers; not a 
single court-martial, 1 believe, has occurred during 
this division — which alone will speak as to its effit 
ofBcers are liked by all classes, and it is said they are 
tertained by the officers of tbe 8nd Europesns and I3tfa B.N. I., 
before their departure. — Mr. Reeves, the collector and political 
agent, is expected here about the 80th January, on his nay to 
the dislricts on deputation ; he is now nesr Kulladghee.— The 
weather has become cold and very pleasant ; and tbe cultivators 
around us are very busy gathering in their hr'vest. — Soabag 

The Couuebcial Bake ha* declared a dividend at the rate of 
eight per cent, per annum for tbe past six month*. Tbe fot^ 
profits of the half.yeaiaBiount to Rs. l.B1,70A. 8a.8p.,ef1rt>ich, 
R*. 1,47,180 are to be divided, and the remainder carried t» 
credit of reserve fund, which on the lllh January amounted to 
Rs. 51,974. 9a. lOp. Tbe losses of the bank during the ris. 
miwtbs amotmted to Rs.89,ia8. 13a. Sp. 
' CoTTOH-aiMHUia. — Messrs. Ritchie, Stewart, and Co., of 
Bombay, have applied to Government for pemiitaion to eiecc 
macbhiery at Baniach for the purpose of ginning cotton. 

SciNni.— We are glad to hear that Captain Campbell, of th* 
Bleam frigate Queen, has, during the protncted slay of bis ves- 
sel at Kurtaehee, done moat important service in tracing out ■ 
channel of approach through the mud close to the shores 
Buoys were twing laid down, and It is hoped that hereafter the 
vast delay and inconvenience experienced by vessels of any con- 
siderable burthen ofif tlie great seaport of Young Egypt will be 
found surmountable without mueh difflcnlty. 


—We bare been favoared widi the fallowini 

idatory of the character and services of SuperintendiuK- 
snrgeon Tumbull, of tbe Nium's army, wbo i* about to visit 
Europe. Dr. Tumbull is said fully to deserve the eulogy of the 
authorities, " He ha* outlived," says our correspondent, " tbe 
rest of the old locals, and ha* reached tbe age of sixty-fire yesn. 
Majr be obtain bis pension, and ertjoy happiness and tranquiUity 
during (lie rest of bis day. I believe it is nearly certain tile 
court will leave it optional with tbe Niiam to ■sbablista pentioiis 
for the locals."— Eiiraet of G. O. 15tb Nov. 1849. SuperiDtend- 
ing-surgeon Tumbull having intimated hit intention of quitttng- 
Bolarum on the 17th instant, I beg to express ny entire ap- 
proval of the manner in which he has diadiargcd the impottant 
dode* of fats oflee from tbe tlete when be was first ap- 
pointed to it in December, 1841, up to the present date, 
mdudlng a period of nearly eight years. But I tegtt& 
the expression of general approval as insufficient, and 
desire to place on more special record tha high sense I 
entertun of his active Hal in the perfonnsnce of hi* numerous 
duties, and the honounble impartiality with which be bee eves 
brought the claims and merits of all classes of tbe medical de- 
partment to my notice, and has thus alTorded me valuable 
as«i*tanee in tbe eeveial case* connected n-hh this brandi of 
die service, wherein I have had occasion to consult faim. X 
request Superintending- surgeon Tumbull to accept my sincere 
wishes fi>T tbe restoration of hli health, and roy assumnce tluC 
I shall consider myself fortunate it circumstances Isad to my 
having again the benefit of his services in tbe Nilam's army. 
(A true extract} (Signed) C. Davidioh, officiating attiating 
resident ftir the M. S. — Ti^rnpk ami Courier. 


Bamiaf Cattte, Jan. 1, 1850.— The lUght Hononrable the 

{ovemar in Council is pleased to 

rom the Honourable Court'* let 
dated tbe 16th December, 1807. 

4. The fieqaeat applicatlooa that have been aaade to aa bj^- 
oSoara of onr several military estabUshments Id India, when ut- 
Eerope, for advances of money on loan , under tbe pies of tbelr 
being otherwisB nnible to retam to their daty. hare not only 
cansed mnch trouble and iaeonienience, but tn some initances the 
Company have sustained loss by the death of tbe parties to oboin 
■ucb advances have occaaioDolly been made, and tbis practice haa 
of late years inereaaed. 

6. As, under the Regulations of 1796, tbe military officers ara- 
allowed to come home on furlough, and to receive their pay, and, 
in regard to subalterns, are further indulged with paasage- money 
home, their litnatians bare been coniiderably itnproved, and they- 
canitot reasonably expect any additional indulgence of the nature 
above mentioned : to prevent, therefore, all expectation of the 
title in Atture, we direct that you publish in General Orders to tbe 
army, that we have been under the neoeisitj of ooming to tbe 
resolution of declaring, tbit oSicera at home ore not hereafter to. 
expect that applications for advances of money beyond what Uiey 
are allowed by the existing Regulations of the service will be. 
attended to. 

6. This regulation is to be considered a* eitendiog to the- 
marine officers of your establishment. 

Digitized by 





'. EUioU Id dtp. or coU. of cu- 

Dalsbm., p. H. to 

torn, Dec. 27. 
Do-WH, E. P. to be act. Iitaul. to mlL ofTanonli. 
D'Otlv, W. ipp. 3id lut. to coll. and mag. of KluodeUb. 
Da ZouiA, A. D. to act for P. M. DalieU io deo. at coll. of «u 

tomi, Dee. 27 . 
Elliot, A. W. to act hr Mr. Barra t» ooll. of cwtoma due 

Utter'a abi. Dec. ~ 

Baoihaw, R. S. to Feb. 3S, to Bombay. 
BikwooD, W. I MO. fr. Jan. 12, to prci. 
Bkown, H. 1 tear in eit. on m. e. 

Bill, W. W. i no. to pie^dtoe;. 

lulKKMN, U. 1 MO. 

IIOB«AN, J. R. to procMd iato Ua dtitriet* on dtpntftUon. 

Sims, F. in eit. Io Jan. 31, on a. e. 



.Adami, Brer. m^. W. S. uat. qr. nt. |cb. fr. S. dir. to Sdnd* 

div. to proceed OB Jan. ao. 
AMDeRBON. licnt. W. T. lltb N.I. to join, Ina. 3. 
Basmbwall, Lieat. C. H. and L.C. to b« adj. fr. Dee. 19, T. 

HcGregDr, pnm. 
Bbll, lit Lint, H. R. ttl Ear. foi. to IdId dctalla of tbat corpa 

uttulKd ta aid batt. art. Jan. 2. 
Bkowh, UmL col. ktaif rel. In tha com. at Baroda, wilt Join. 
CoMTN, Lint. Stk N.l. to act at Ibit adj. aad eommt. adj. at 

Swat dar. aba. of Kana, Jaa. 12. 
Cbawiobd, Capt. cBga. to Tctana hia titaatioB of gar. Mg. aad 

dr. arcbiteet at pm. Jan. 2. 
Itt TiTBc, Sod LicBt. J. lit Ear. tta. to ioln dctalla of corpa at- 

taebtd to 2gd baU. of art. Jan. 2. 
GiLLktPit, En*. R. R. to do dutj with 2atb N.I. at prei. to khb. 
Raio, Uem. Mth N.l.'to act u qr. mr. geol. to N. dlT. dor. 

Bkt. otMaj. Ramaa]', Jan. 11. 
HABrBB, Bbi. to aet aa qr. Mr. and int. to Slh N.I. dar. abi. of 

Jolaaoa oa lean, or tUI fnrthtr ordCTt, 
Ha», Capt. P. L. engi. app. cir. engr. in Sattara diat. Jaa. 2, 
HaiAD, Uent. M. T. InraMi, peited to N.V. batt. Jaa. 10. 
Hbnobbbok, 2ad Ucst. W. U. J. art. to daij with and batt. at 

prea. tojdn, Jaa. S. 
HoKRACK, Lieat. to act ai adj. to lit batt. dnr. abi. of Fuller. 
BosBACe, Ueut. act. to perf. dutie* of con. of ord. N. dir. dar. 

aba. of BrcT. maj. Locai. 
Jamkb, Col. c.B. atbN.I. tobeabng.2nd tlaai opoo ths ealab. 

Jaa- S ; poated to AhlaadBa^v, Jaa. B. 
JoBHaTONB, Capt. J. Q. J. to act aa iot. to N, V, batt. dar. abi. 

td LceaoB, Jan. 13. 
JONia, Capt. H. E. D. 9Sth N.l. >t1. fr. dntf on the aoBnal gco. 

tDTBlidlDg oaan. and la appt, a mtm. of tbe turn. eom. dar. abi. 

«*H«rt,Jan. ». 
Makcabt, Capt. app. tme. engr. at Nnusenbad aod Neemneb. 
Habbiott, LitBt. app. trnp. to act aa cogr. Io dock fan], Ju. 2. 
If BI.I.IBI, Ea«. O. J. Bth N. I. to Uke cb. of comait. and baaaar 

nuiter'i dapt. at Rtjcote, on Major Blenkia'i respoasibilItT, 

tor. tbat of.'i ibacDce, or till furlher orderi, Jan. 7. 
HOBBia, Capt, A. 4tb N.I. to do dntjr with I3th N.I. until arriTal 

at bia ragt. at Beigaam, Jan. a. 
HaUiTTB.ted Lieat. D. J.cng. id. at dUp.of lap. ecg. S.P. Jaa.I2. 
NixOM. LicBt. J. P. 2sa N.I. to be Una wtjl. at Nicmocb. Jam. 9, 

to act a* brig. tui. in Caodeiab, oa dep. of Capt. Wilwn to 

Obp, Unt.Srd N.I. to rec. cb. of Ist Co. aapprr) and miner*, aa a 

temp. Brrangcincnt, Jan. IS, 
PrrcAiBH, Eai. H. to do dntj with 29lh N.I. at prestdencf, to 

Phatbb, Capt. R. act. aait. qr. nir. |[en. fr. Scbide to S. dli. 
PoLl.BXV«K. Lient. J. J. IGtb N.I. to be D. A. tt. G. <d Rajpoo. 

tasa fiald force, Jan. 3. 
Knti, LIrat. col. A. T. c. b. l6tbN.l. to be a brig. Sod data on 

tbe cstab. Jan. 5 ; poated to Baroda, Jan. e. 
SBTMOCft, Dent, to aet aa adjt. Io t. w. 2nd L. C. Jun. S. 
SVAW, lient. H. O. G. 3rd N.I. app. to caoiel baggnge corpa, to 

ftoe. and join at Peabawur, Jan. 2. 
SnrtOM, Llcat.2DdgrFB. N.l.tDtahech.'of dutlct of comml. ag. 

' at Bbooj. Jan. 7 ; rto. cb. of poat office at Bhnoj. 
SOVFITT, LlCDl. 12th N.I. to net aa adjt. Jan. lA. 
SoDTBKV, 2Dd Lieat. E. cng. pi. at diip, of sup. tag. S. P. Jan. 12. 
SriTiHiON, Lieut, toad at adj. taI4tb N.I,dur. Aa. ofFtaronaa 

tea*e.Jan. II. 
Tatt, Brc*. maj. J. fith N.I. to be D)^. of brig, la Rajpootnna field 

Tatlob, Lieut. J. E. to act ai Interp. and qr. mr. to IBlh N.I. 
itr. aba. of M'Donald, on duty to Bombajr, or nalil further 
ordtra, Jaa. 9. 


lolerp- iB Hlndaltaal aad 

.B, LienL J. to ba qr, ar. and 
■ opthN.l. Jao. 11. 
I ucias, i^ieol. N. B. 2nd L.C. to be Bet. qr 

Hlndaataol, fr. Dec. IB, *. Baraawall. 
Wakbukton, Capt. Io act aa dep. jad. adi, 
dur. aba. of Bove, Jan. II. 

AlTcniaON, Capt. A, N. 13lh N.l. t? Jan. 31, In ett. 

Abh, Capt. J. art. I mo. fr. Jan. 1, in eat. to rem. at the Habi- 

bahahnnr hills, on as. c. 
AiUBDBMEK, Capt. G. £. Sth N.I. to Jan. 31, In eat. 
Bbllabi*. Mij. J. B. gtb N.I. Id Jaa. 31, In eit. 
BtBNKiNa, MaJ. W, B. G. c.B. 2 jn. to Cap*. 
Blowebs, Edi. W. H. 2»th N.I. Id eit. to Job. 31. 
Bolton, Eoa. G. N. loth N.I. to Jaa. 31, Id ext. 
BOTD, Lieut, col. G. I at Eur. fa*, fr. Jan, 2 to Feb. I , to reaiain at 

" I.LIent. L. W. 9thN.I. tojaa. SliDCit. toremaialntiie 

Cbeaob, Lieat. W. IBib N. 

Cbebpih, Brer. miii. IStb N.I. remalader of \mn a 
COMPTON, Capt. D'O. agUi N.I. I nw. fr. Jan. p, 

CuMBKKLaGE, Ucnt. J. C. lat Eur. fiu. to Jan. 31, 
ECKFDBD, Cap). E. A. ]9lh N.I. to Feb. to. 
Elliot, Surg. H. F, lit L.C. in eil. to Jan. 31, 
Etrb, Capt. J. 3rd L.C. 2 mo. (r. Feb. 13, topna. 

Feb. 1 to 28 Id eat. to rem. at 

tbe Mahabaleihwur hill-, oa i_ __ 
HOBABT, Ena. the Hod. W. A. !Gtb N.I. In ext. to Jaa. 31. 
HoaaON. Brer.;. J. lit Jan.? to 17, to Bombar. 
batU fr, Jan. 1 to Feb. I, to Bom. 

ta, Cnpt. J. 2i 

JoRNSTOHi, Eni. attached to lat grei 

HombBT, on m. c 
Kbah, Lieut. C. dep. aait. comm. of or 
KiNLOCU, Lieat. D. J. art. to Jan. »I, in eii. 
KxiaMT, En*. T. l«k N.l. fr. Dec. 14 to Jan. i 

MahabalHbWDT hllla, dd m. c. 
Loch, Lieut. F. A. E. lit N.I. fr. Dec. 4 to Jan. B, to KnrracbeB 

and Bombajr, oa an. e. ; and 1 mo. Ir, Dec. S, to Kurrachee and 

LODWiCKlCapt. M. lOlh N.I. to Jaa. SI, Ib oU. to noi. la the 

. ft. Jan. S to SI, to 
e, to Jan. 91, ta ext. 
I. In the 


ir hllU, < 

Thobp, Lieat. S.J-9BlbN.I. to Jan. 3l,iacit. 
TREaTBAiL, Lt. J. H. B. fr. Jan. IS to 31, to Bombar. 
WADOiNOTON.Ena. W.SOth N.I. in eit. to Jan. 31. 
WhitelOce, Capt.C. R. lltb N.I. to Jan. 31, In ext. 
Woodward, Capt. M. J., N.V. hau. to Jan. Sl.iniit. 


Ddm, Suri. 3rd L.C. Io rec. med. ch. of 4th co. lat batt. art. itaff 

and deiaila at SbDlaporc, Jan. II. 
DoM, Surg. J. to be aiaff aurg. and med. (torekeeper in Rajpootana 

Fraber, Surg. J. 12th N.I. to rec. Dted. ch. of bead on, 4tbbatt. 

Bit. at Abmedabad, Jan. B. 
HAiNEa, A<9t. anrg. M.B. to rec. med. ch. oF 1st and 2ad camp. 4th 

ball. art. 4th comp. Mppera and mioert, He. Jan. II. 
Hamilton, 9urp. mar. batt. to med. ch. of I. w. 2nd N.I. on 
r.Wioehta'er. . 

drpt. ol Sorg.Wioehtai 

wing ofaslh N.l. until arrlia 

ch. of 2Sth N.I. dar. abs. of t 

to. lat bHit. act. etalf, Bad dt 
KnaPP.AssI. aurg. to rec. mtd. 
LoDWiCK. Aislit. aurg. to rec. : 

tslia at Aasceighnr, Jan. 11. 
Mtjar— ■ - -- 

. of bead qn, wing, Io med. 

med. ch. of 16th N.I. 4th 

Sholapore, t. Bojeolt. 
'tneh. ofaSthN.I. Jbo. 12. 




MVEBAT, Aut. (urg. to aC mrd. aid to No. Bit. Held bltt. 

Md tM ao. Srd b>tc art. dttr. tbdr itay At SnklEnr, J&a. 11. 
SANDBBaoH, Aut. «Drg. J. Ind EnT. res. h.I. rtp. Ct for dntr. 
StsnfBAuaaB, Ant. Mrg. to aff. aicd. aid to ith co. 4th batt. 

•rt. and No. 9 It. (d. batt. oa their ■rrhat at Shlkaiporr, Jan. tS. 
Vbi.>b, Aatt. sail. aarr. pi. at dbp. of Com.'in>Cb. or I.N. 

Batiebsbt, Vet. anif . 1 

a Jan. 30 in cit. to 

. in tbe Mb. 

id Join the 

: L.C. to Jaa. 31, in cit to i«»in In 

Clat, Aaat. ■<»[. W. P. ait. to BombaT on m. c. In anticip. of 

gen. Ica*c, Dec- 31. 
CmAMHOicD, 3vit. 3, S4th N.I. tr. Dee. 31 to Jan. 31, to Bombaj 

Da ViTBE, Capt. 26th N.I. leave caiie. (r. Jan. 4. 

Gkant, M. let. to dntr. Jan. 3. 

OiBBS. J. ret. 10 datT, Jnn. S. 

Maitland, Aut. nirg. D. leaTC eane. at Us request. 

SiuraoH, Capt. E. H. Sod L.C. fr. Dec. 10 to 31, to Bombajr on 

JatDttiOM, Midi. J. p. prom, to mate, tr. Dec. 3. 
Ball. Cnmm. A. S, E. to com. Saoslrii, Jan. 13. 
Brnhett, act. lit clai<3nd matt, of tbe Brrniin, perm, to resign. 
BVHDOCK, act. lit elan 2Dd matt. app. to the Berenitt, Jan. 9. 
CAKHEC&osa, A. act.3nd clan Uad matt, to the BtrtitUe, jHn. S. 
CouBiHa, Bid. of the Atbtr, to be tton accl. 
BdLik, mM. pron. to pro*, mate, Jan 
EVBBKiDaa, Dent. ," " •- '— " 

babnlethvDr bitli an m. c. 
fAHKER, Mida. C. H. to Jan. SO, In ext. to rem, In tbe Mibi 

bnlcthinir blllt, on m. c. 
Habhib, Aaat. inrg. fr. the Tapirt to tbe Saotlrit, Jan. 9. 
K«>-NEDT, Asit. BUrg. to proc. per B.M.S. Cow ■ 

Nifrsni, In PerslaD Gair, Jun, 1. 
Hanneeb, Lieut, to eom. the Itiduia, Jan. 3. 
Rennte, Llrat. (t. tbe Saotlri) to the Haslingi, Jan. 13. 
9ANDEIIS, Capt to be aeo. nnv. off. at Aden, t. Love, Jan. 
Wklbb, Aiit. lanr. pi- "t dlap. of the C.-in-C. ot tbe lodiai 

Jan. 3 1 attach, lo tbe I-opfK, Jan. 5. 


CooaTNET, wife ot W. t. al Poona, Jan. 5. 
Bum AVNE, wife orCapl. Thoa. a. at Cotaba, Dec. 30. 
Kino, wife of J. t. at Mazsgoa, Dec. 27. 
MackaT, wife of James, a. at Aden, Dee. 37. 
ST7BBELL, wlffe ol Capt. A. 4«th N.I. a. (tUll-born) 

Dec. U. 
SMqbt, Vila orCapt. d. ((llll.born) at Bombay, Jan. 3. 

OwBKa, TboBua Leone, to Anne Harriett Edwardi, at Poona, 

Dee. 3S. 
Sdabt, Capt. Wm. engi. to Elizabeth Murray, d. of the late P. 

Rose, at Aden, Dee. 27. 
Yates, Wm. to CaroUoe Emma, d. of Michael Saigon, At Brculla, 

Doc. 31. 

Beethah, Capt. Samnel, commander ot the tUp ClilppeiB, al Co. 

bba, Jan. IS. 
Bbntlit, Thoaiaa Wilaon, inf. i. oTT. H. at QirBaam, Jan. 8. 
BoTBENSoii, T. A. M.p. at Kaira, Jan. 6. 
DCNLOP, Anna, wife of Alex, at Bomhaf, Jan. 13. 
Stokkb, J. J. at Blllcbpon, Dee. 30. 


Jan. *, ISSD. Steamer Viclcria, Amour, Colombo.-S. Tulloek 
Cattle, Grdg, Hdd| Kodk and SloRapore : ArmiOr, Lanttlr^, Liver- 
pool.— S. Steamer Sir J. JrjrtbhBi, Clark, Sorat ; Julia, Hndjee, 
Calcntta.~S. Steamer Sarat, Bnnbi, Sural ; Frolic, Faocnn, Chloa 
and SInKappre.— 13. ftev Ztaland, Smith, Londno ; Annt Jrm- 
ttrvng, Wtinamt,>£,i*erpooI.— 14. /oUa Qrtf, Hscdooald, London.— 
IS. Steamer Vieforia, Niibet, Sari: Cmtrlnag, Toblna, LIrerpool; 
AcNa, Campbell, Chloa and Singapore ; Uermaid, Andenoa, China. 
— 16. Cliarla Grant, Etant, China, 

Per Flefona.— Hra. Graj, Mra. DeVitre, Mr. GraT. Capt. 
DeVitre, 26tb Bombay N.I. ; H. Parker, Eaq.i T. L. Blane and J. 
Burl), Eiora. u.c.a. ; Uent. C. W, F. Whiah, 43rd M.N.L ; 
and Lieut. T. Ferrari de Villa Nora. 

Per S4r J. J^nAte; .— Mn. Glou, Ura. WIIIId|[. and Dr. Glasi. 

Per Dwarka.—tin. Wllloughby and two children ; Mrs. BiggB 
tad cUild ; two Mlaaet Lawrence, a cblld of Capt. Fraaet'a, Majora 
B. Edwardes and J. Niclmlion. Bengal Army. 

Per Ckarlm Granf.— Mrs. Blown and E. Jonet, Eiq. 

Per iteamer Ficferia, from Suez.— McHlamet Unrrioon. Camp- 
bell, Qmham, and YonDghiuliaDd} MlBtri Daiii, SlJrer, Reming- 
ton, Gray, Sinclair, and two MJHei Moirit ; Lieut, eol. J. Lloyd, 
C.B. and Bmet maj. W. T. Whittle, C.B. Bombay Artillery ; Capt. 

" " mtMiyN.I.! Lieut. R. » " 1— i— » — . 

t. anr(*. J. J. Faithful, i 

u.n. Bombay Army ; B. Pitcalni, Etq. Cadet, Bombay AniiT ; 
Mean. Campbell, Grahnm, Harrla, and Glllott. 3ni elai»— 
Meian. Jones, Gulrgii, Zaear, Lneaa and brother. 

From Ane.\.~Mr3. Bum, Mlts Vihurt, Capt. W, Lowe, I. R. 

and Mr. Pilroiitz. 

Jan.G. JjiKana, Barker, Calcutta; SwnojFMa, Flnlay, LUei. 
pool.—*. Mahtmar, Dailey. CaleatU ; Aiftie, Olbboa, CalcnttB. 
—7. IViUiam Wallu, DoodIdk, London.— 8. Kumtmang, Hogb 
CalcQttn; J^elam, BfII, Linrpool.— II. JoJM Bull, Crawford, 
Lirerpool ; Walmliulrr, Miehie, London. — 13. Good Sutcnt, 
Hunt. TatlcorrFD.^IS. Qrsmer^ Vale, Uierpool ; ateamei 
Datrka, Fiiher, Colombo.— 18. Afai'cMDa«H of Daaro, Woodwottb, 
Cbioa.- 17. Steamer Snetfrv, Saei. 

Per /alia-ta.— Mrs. Fellows. 

Per Mohastar. — Mrs. Dorlry and family. 

Per Bt>n6dy,— Mrs. Brett and Lieut. Snuter. 

Per Watmiastfr.—UtvX. RohM>n, H. M. B6lh foot, andDr.Fol. 

Per steamer Seioirris.- Mrs. Sanders and child, with three aer- 
tanti; Capt. T. S. Little, H.M.'a lOlh Hutaart ; Ltent. C. Whlsb, 
43rd rrgl. M.N.I, i G. Harrii. esq.! Mkj. Nicholson, B>n^ 
army 1 Maj. H.Edwnrdes, c.B. Beng. army, and two children, iilA 
aeriant ; Lieut, eol. R. St. John, Itt Bomb. fn*. ; Thoaat Dft 
Villa Nora Ferrnn. eiq. ; C. M-Doanell, esq. ; W. 

esq. 1 and G. H 


Bombay, Jan. 17. IS50. 
QoTcrument Securities. 
ntferlonn .. .. EU.II7a llSperlOOSa. 

do. 193S-30 .. Its. 105 do. 

do. 1829.30 .. Ri. 104 do. 

do. 1S4I-43 .. Rt. 99p.lOOCa.'aSCIl. 

do. ISM-He .". Rs. 83i pi 100 Co.'a. 


. Bs} d 

do. TVaasT-hook 

Bank of Madraa .... „ I.OOOeaeh 1,000 do. 

Apollo Press Com,,. „ 13,500 each 12,500 do. 13,000 

Colaba Press Com... „ 7,000 each 7,000 do. 11,500 

Colaba Land Com... „ 10,000 each 10,000 do. 7,000 DondnaL 

Bombay S. N. Com. „ 500 each 300 do. 75 peieent.dia. 

Gr. Ind. P. R. Com. „ 50 each 5 deposit. IS p. cl. dls. BajW 

Sorereigns, each ............. 

Bank orBniflandNotea, per.£. 

Span lab Dollar*, per 100 

German Craw 09, ,, 

SyceeSilier, per lOOtolat . .. 
Gold Lear, per tola, range of qi 
Gold lugott, according to touci 

Ba. 10 II aa. 

„ 10 ISaa. 

t> 33UL 

„ 313 

„ 1041 a VHk 

,. 16J 

„ ntonj 

For doe. bOli 
.. Rl.!» 

. Rs. 9Sl 

asBt 30 days' eight Rs. 9»t 

attight Rs.g^ 

at 60 days' eight per 10O dirt. Rs. 31 1 s 

Qiotallons to London are 3l. 3t.6d. to 3l. .^9.1 to Utarpooli. 
31. to3l. St.; to Calcutta, per candy Ri.4 to Ba.Sj and taChiOft, 
per candy Ri.ll toRa.ll|. 

Cotton Piece Good*. — Unless at reiiooed prices, aalea ait 
with dllflculty be effected in any varieties of Piece Goods, owing to 
the ahtrDce of demand fur up. country markets and those of BomlH^ 
being completely glutted.— Grey Goods. Domeitks are tcartaly 
Inquired after, eiccpt by a few Arab dealers, who. boweier, will on^ 
purehatc to a limited iitent at rednced latts. The tales darisf Um 
fortnight amoaut to 1,383 pieces. The prices ot MadapnilawB, 
Long Cloths. JaccoaeU, and common Shirtings, bate all giren way, 
while those of the better desf-riptions of the latter bare with difficaltr 
been maintained ; indeed a decline in these has becoiu* appaiaat. 
The tales bare been resprcllvely as foilovt :— 12,125. 3,000, 13.109, 
madlS,770 plecet. T Cloths hue sold to the eitent ot 11,100 
pieces.— Bleached Goods. Sales of Jncconcta bare been made to 
tike eitcnt of 15,800 pieces. Stocks are large, and price* 00 that 
decline. The same remarks apply to Madaprilaou, of which w* 
huTe not heard ol any sale*. Tbe Boer and middling quaUtiea of Dm 




Iwu h ii» ui B M MBw U nTKttf Mr Kqanl, Bad »■»«« IU> prteet, 
bat devMia lor than U btcoouBg nminltat dBlU-^Fw th* Imt 
dnerfptioaa of SUrUop mij daci anir loqnirr rilil. I.S50 piece*, 
8B tneh bf 40 yard*, hna bm dinpaied af.— D)r*d Goodj. Of 
TvUM Glotk *tadH m« nr; kxi, Hd n ta»d IniialtT tilMa ; *Ule 
bcTaikef Rrd Plain tb* dtmnikd ia dull. Prlnti or naiwnal M,j\ti, 
_..j . . « „ b ^^^^ — Fiiiici' GoDda. Low 

• Mulb, nn da)l: while 

-Ud itarcked HntI*, ar* in 

Dnd Madaaolhiini 
BlcubEd MbIIi, S 

nty d 


1 Grej . 

, SwU* Ijippeti, Lappet 
Bh»*lMd moUn, Ind pnrehiua') 1o hiobII i 

Mmu — DolMBi pnrril* Id tbe Metsl iil*rli«t, n wtUnall tke 
Otfaen, ukd ■ dedlDC Id the piiee of nuil; all ikamptiun* haa taken 
phec, Sheet Lead aod Sheet Iron btiog the onlf rxctptions, these 
MTlint (KglitlT laproTcd ; and Swedlth Bnr and Hoofi hnn rtmafBed 
m laat nfatUi. With C«ppn> Um baaaai la oientookcd, with ■> 



HACKBKxn, K. to b* M*t. at Budula to gov. anot for eantral 

prov. ., Mereer. ret. Jan- 11. 
BsAiHBBOOEs, P. W, tn be ant. aient, &c, anil pol. mag. at 

NawerakalawjB ; alto act. aut. at KuTDegatle la the got. agent 

(iir N.W. pro*. Jaa. 11. 
BaoDiB, A. O. lobe act. aut. ageat, &e. and pol. mag. at Nawe- 

nScalawT*, Jan. 11. 


Allen, w^fe of James, d. at Mutnall.'Oet. 29. 

Dxwasn, wile ef C. C. *. at Kandf, Die. 3D. 

UacviCab, ^ihotJoiuQ. d. nt Ceylon, D*e. 13. 

Pitt, wife of William, t. at Pettah, Colombo. Jan. 2. 

Spakkb, wife of Stephen, d. at Niapanr. Dec. 2:1. 

Wall, lady of George, d. at Baramb; Home, Kaudy, Jan. 7. 

ClaBS. Tbomaa, lo Ellea Julia, 
WCoKHDR, Vmrj, to Faony, ■ 

lliirdd. of M. J. Letnarthaod, 
at Jamti Fuber, at Ceylon, 

Sl«l>Hiiil, Ang(HH,d. af H. Rndd, at Cotombo, Dao. 37. 
Tamk, George, coaptroUtr of caitoma, la Hanirt, artond d. of 
" ~ ' " ' . «om. Ceylon rl4B r^. at Ootonb*, 

'Cahtks, Vr*. Angnatn, d. at Victnrta, Dec. t 

Dec. 7- New Uargartl, Beeby, London. — 11. Itca, BiuiCoB, 
LoDdoa ; Amiv, MlIU, Singapore.— It. Siiaaira,, Call. 
bnila i Walrr. WUth, Maim, Calcutta. — Ifi. Eleanor, Woodio, 
Soath Sea lalands.— 17. Utber. Patter.oo, California. 

Per HeJer.— Meii 

PCT«n*B(m.-Di. , _ 

C Bemett, asdW. Cnrpeoter. 

'VarateaBcr MdHa.frani Poiirr UK Oallk.— Mann. Aehenm, 
CW. Mvmy, Praatm, O. QIbb, Ryi4<, Coamr. Paeker, m.N. ; 
Md HaMer IMiar. Pram BiNaArou, Me*ira. Ken and R. V. 


Dbc. a.— Suppko, HIMreth, Lelth.-a. Witlmm, Loadman, Lon- 
■■ "*■■ ~ «, Syihiey.— 12. Robert Small, Small, 

nalng, Sydney; William Porirr, Wllaon, 
I, LoodoB.^^lB. ClIaHfffle /dftf, Lawrence, 
latriaDB. Bmbay ; Samarang. Baekle, 
. Ifdffr IfiteA, Maan. Calcvtta.— M. 

, Stnnpa 
mer Mail 

Ter Colamtiat.— A. Lei_. 
Par A-am Jlrterfwa.— Mr. and Hra. H. J. Carr. 
^■tcnwr BfDlfB.-'PorSilVTHAHFTOH.— O. H. SchnBachet 
ma 'Mn.qXbater. For Bombay.— Bynin}ee aod D. Edoyer. 

OnLoDdoti, «. Sd. for Bank Billi, PiWale Bllla 4a.4d.to4i.eid. 
Eaat.lodtaOnDpany'i Accepted have been aoM at 3B6 per IM dr*. 
8yoe ai per etBL Gald JanI BO tn W dn. p«T ImL 

lo the VaKed Stat**, K -in. 

Cotton Yabn — The market for lUi article ihowi a aticlit im- 
proteoient, notnlthstandiDg the rrry large ttoeka ; hat nntll theie 
arecaniideraMyreADecd, no great rise la prhca can be looked Ibr. 


Hi* Frimti ef Bmrmah containa tha latkniiog offlola] report 
Teeei*ad Ctom CapL Broolaiw, covnaBder of tlM H.C.S.V. 

Protperiju, delailiDg the particular* of hit aearcb for the miaaing 

;ortioii of the crew a( the barque Bmi^, wrecked on Interview 
eland, to the wMCward of the Oreat AndaniaD. Mr. Booo, 
Um galbnt oAotr laetiliiMMl, ia tb« «•■■ of H. Bmk, Eaq,, a 
naklent at Kii^ton 1— " October, lUtb, 164e.~-At dayligU 
continued the learcli from the point of last night'* bearing, pro- 
ceeding 11 yenerdtj, aounding in the boats aliead. Eight a.k. 
commenced the northern end of Intervf^w Iitandi mttirea 
MiBing to the b«Mb, smed m on the otbar Wuidi ; obaerMd 
MOM with cloihe* on, inppoaed the aame to bava batn ttoten 
from the wrock, aa tlieie were th« Grat aceo with any one article 
of clothing on. Nine a.u. sighted the wreck ; natiTca very 
numerou* on the beach, at! armed. 9.30. Mood cloae In ; an- 
eliond a.h>ail of Iba wraok. Frgm thecocsaMwco^f IheM- 
tivca bavlie ail tun into th« juogU, aad bo on* boiog ■aan «) 
board, feared the second officer, who was left on the wreck, had 
met a violent death, which I am aorry lo any was found to b« 
the ease on out boarding the vcaael. Proceeded under cover of 
the steanei'a «una, with the IM and Snd cottan artncd, the for- 
Ber under chufie of myieU, and cbe latter that of Mr. P«th*i 
3rd officer. Taking with ub Dr. LawBon. Mr. Anderson, and 
the European lat and 2nd engineer*, prepared in case an; of the 
nntirea sliould be eoncrattd on board; BncGceded. after some 
difficulty from the breakers ahe was among, in gettiag on board, 
when to our horror we lound lying on the deck tli« nuagltd re- 
raaina of the late tecond officer (the surgeon's report on which ia 
here attached], the ship plundered of every movable article, and 
CTCrything denoting wiKal destniction of property ; after being 
on board about five ninutea, ahe took oat the man repotted, tbe 
native* oollecling and a|>proaching the wrack, iosldc the laef 
which she was then on ; observed fires lit on the heighta of the 
coDst, which no doubt were beacons, as m an incredibly abort 
apace of time tnore than 800 had eolleotad on the bewA, and 
armed with apaars ami bow*, &Ck and a* otbew w«e Imt 
approaching Crofn all direction*, with the main body maving to- 
wards the wreck, and judging from their gesture* that their in- 
tentions were hostile, and an attempt would be made to cut ov 
party off, a* tlxy bW new twaved na to a my ahnr Matawe, 
and ottiers were obaerved lurking autong the loeki ^oae m tbe 
wreck, thought it advisable to disperse so large a body; gave 
directions for Mr. Boon, Brst officer, to open fire on them from 
tbe steamer, which was done quickly and in good style. To 
ebow their daring, not a man wouM mere among tfaem tm tke 
firtt round, but on (he second round eouing quickly, asd dM 
shot fallir^ fairly among them, a general yell was raised, and 
droppiag their aims took one and all lo fiighti our SI and 
19-poimdert kept them at this pace (or a long dntance nn the 
beach, and a» may be siippated w* weia aM agaia trmblad 


The SlralltTiaiet detaili a fracas which is said to bave occurred 
between the Lieut. Oovemor of Labnin and Capt. McCaakilt, the 
officer in military command of the aUtion, who kad besB BDn- 
mooed to Singapore on conrt-martial daty, and attanpted U da> 
part without reporting his intention to tbe Lieut. Goremor. Tlie 
latter placed him ander arreit after he had reached tbe *team*r, 
and he remained nnder arrest, but not to restraint, for twelve 
days, after which be was rdeaaad, on the mderatandlng that tlm 
whole qaestioD ia to be rehired to England. Capt. McCasUU 
maintained that tbe Lieat. Ooremor had no aaihority to pretenl 
him from obeying the commands of the Madras military authori- 
ties, while the lient. Qovernor asserted that hit power over him 
wat supreme. The latter appear* to bare been in tb* right. 





At tbe monthlf meeting of Ibe Roy*l Asiilic Society, on the 
I61I1 instuit,— bis Rojal Higlineu Prince Albert, a Vice-Facron 
of the Society, preiiding, — M«joi Rawlintan, c.b., resumed Cbc 
reading al hii most valu&ble and interesting nemair upon tbe 
ABiyrian and Babylanisn iDscrtptionB in the cuneiform character, 
which promise to throir a very distinct light not only upon 
prohne history, bul upon tbe historical records contained in llie 
Script met. 

Alter a few introductory remarks upon the nature of the lan- 
go»ge and the dass of dialects to which it belongK, Major Raw- 
Union give a Tcry aMiaraclory account of the manner in whicb, 
■ftar much labour, Ibc interpntstion of these curious characters 
iras effected. In Mm< parts of Persia, ancient monuments, 
bearing trilingual inwiiptions, Mill exist, one of tbe tijree being 
written tn tbe cuoeifonn or arrow-head character. Tliese mona- 
inents date from the time of Cyrua the Great to Darius Codoma- 
nus. The matter of the inscriptions was naturally assumed to 
be identical, and by a proceta, analogous to that employed in 
tbe interpretation of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, by tbe trilin- 
gual inscriptions on the Roeetta stone, tbe i-alues of different 
cuneiform characters were ascertained. Here, however, a dilfi- 
«u1ty occurred not met with in the interpretation of the hiero- 
glyphs, which could be rendered into Coptic, a known language, 
the language or languages of the Assyrian inscriptions being un- 
Itnown. Step by step, with mucb toil and patience, aided by 
Ike recent dueidationi of the ancient Orienul characters, the 
meanings of many word* were dlMorcred, niOlcient to reresl 
the grammatical structure of the langu^e, and so much oF its 
roeabulary, that out o^ perhaps, 5,000 words, the sense of SOO, 
On moat common and important, is exactly known, and that oF 
otbera appro.\imaIely. Casts of some of the Persian inscriptions 
in tbe cnoeilbrm character, relating to erenta in the reigns of 
. Khshayaraba (Xerxes) and Dsryavuah (Darius), were exhibited 
in the room. 

Major Rawlinson demonstrated the truth of a proposition he 
stated at the last meeting, that the language ivas essentially of 
tbe Semitic class, haring decided affinities with the Hebrew, 
Cliahlee, Arabic, and Alamean, many of the terms being identl- 
caL Its peculiarities, however, present difficulties : thus abbre- 
viations are freely u»ed ; the number of homophons is very great ; 
the f and o appear to be indiscriminately need; which is, liowerer, 
not without example in European languages, as, in French, 
mtre tor alltr, &e. M^or Bawlinson pmnted out nrious other 
peculiarities in tbe fMrts of xpeoch, Many of the vcrtn resemble 
tbe Hebrew. Tbe roots or stem words, be obaened, are, how- 
ever, hiliteral; thus discovering a greater simplicity than the He- 
brew and Arabic, in which the roots are generally trillteral. 
The conjugation ot tbe verb is not effected, like Hebrew, liy 
iiuffixes, but by prefiiea, which are joined to the stem-lettere, 
without producing any change of rowels. There »re voices or 
conjogstions libe those in Hebrew ; a niphal, hiphil, ^d hitb- 
paelcao be discerned. The chsracters, he thinks, mny Iiave 
been borrowed originally fiom Egypt. They are, in his opinion, 
essentially the same, and hare (he same power, in ail the cunei- 
form inscriptions, throughout Assyria. Bubylonis, Armenis, 
Suaiana, and Elymais, But he candidly acknowledged tlul, 
although much has been done, the science of these languages is 
■till in its infancy. 

Mnjor Rawlinson read translations of some of the inscriptions, 
containing annals, and reccrda of events (a sort of Assyrian 
Qaietta), in which mention ia made of Egypt (Miara), Syria, 
-and, as would appear, of the Greeks, under the name of Foraiw, 
ot lonians. One of the inscriptions records the grant of a 
Phoenician port for aeivices rendered by " Melanthus, Prince of 
Athens." Eeferences are likewise made to the Scythian dynaa- 
(ies, 01 S«cn. 

In the course of his disquisition, Mqor Rawlinson e 
in some detail the theory that certain princes of the Khorsabsd 
atid Kouyunjik dynasties, meiitioneil in Cuneifonn inscriptions, 
were identical with the Shalmaneser, Sennacherib, and Esv- 
haddon of Scripture. He stated the evidence pro and con with 
great impartiality, and concluded by pronouncing against tbe 

One very reuiarkalilc fact mentioned by him was that, whereas 
there was reason to believe it to bare been tbe practice to stamp 
the bricks used in building, in the Assyrian empire, with the name 
of the reigning king, he had examined many bricks found within 
a hundred miles of Babylon, and erery one was marked with the 
name of " Nebueh.-idnezxar, son of Nabopolassar." Thia fsct 
seems, at be remarked, to prove that that monarch wa« tte 
real founder oftlie city, tliereby literally confirming tba deelsn- 
tion attributed to bim by Daniel (i*. 30), " Is not this great 
Babylon that I hare built?" Major Rawlinson recomneniled 
search for antiquities to be prosecuted in Lower Chaldea, where 
remains of sniHent cities ^>ou tided. 

The subject of this highly interesting paper wm illustralec) by 
curious cylinder.', casts of inscriptions, drawings^ &c., to ifhicb 
the prince paid much attention, and, on taking his deportwe, 
paid some Battering compliments to Major Rawlinson. 

The meeting, as on the former occasion, was an extremely 
full one, and comprised many persons of rank and emtnencs ia 
Oriental learuii;g. 

We have no right nor desire. In a pately scientific inquiry, to 
assume the unity of the human race; but [f we do to, and believe 
that all languages ttegan with a comnron primevd rocBbulary, or 
eren that there are families of languages, it must follow from 
these premises that all unwritten tongues are mcessantl^ ebai%- 
iog, and that in process of time alt resemblance, save in stnic- 
ture and a few scattered words, is oblitnated. We thhilc we 
can demonstrate from observation, and without any refermce ta 
the qoestion oF unity of race, that this is the natural tendency o( 
oral language in all uncivilized regrons. A slow metamorpliMto 
goes on even in written languages of civilized races, as ia well 
illustrated by the German. How mucb more must it be the 
case with the wholly unwritten language* oT forest tribe* lilc« 
those of the Malay Peninsula ! 

IF the laws of development,— i. e. lawi expressing not only ihe 
mode and rate of development when citeamttancca roiBMB Ihg 
same, but under tbe known changes awl combinationa vtetuagu^ 
—were better known, languages might b« Ibund to preserve die 
chronology of the race, a rude one certainly, somewhat •nalogodt 
to the geological. For instance, U tbe l>ngiuc«<f tbe Saadvkfc 
Islands has mucb in common with tba MoUyu of Smnatn, the 
separation from a common stock must have been lessancient tbait 
in another island evidently peopled by the tame race and aiml- 
larly circumstanced, geograpbically and hiatorieally, in vhlefa the 
language has more diverged. 

The nomadic habit of ■ race may preserve resemblance of lan- 
guage. 1st. Because it implies a retention of the same habit* 
under geographical circumstances which admit of that relentiiMl. 
2nd. Because it kcepa open the communication between the 
families of the race, exgr. the nomadic pastoral Tartar, tbe no- 
madic maritime Maluyu. But if any family becomes (lied and 
isolated, with the loss of the nomadic babit the language will 
diverge, wild tribes of the mouotaiiu In tbe HaJar 
Archipelsgo almost every island exhibits evidences of the CO- 
eiisierice of both phenomena. The first operation of such ■ re- 
gion is to produce a vast nnmber of distinct ftmiliea or petty 
tribes and dialects. Civiiiiation and power, growing out of tJte 
increase of population in favourable localities, first check and 
then reverse ibis operation. On the great ethnic stage, barba- 
rism creates languages, civilization destroys them. The great 
ethnic power of the first is repulsion, and of tbe last attractiOB. 
The further we go back in the history of ilia Archipelago, up to ■ 
certain epoch, the more tribes and dialects we shall find. There 
are single islands in it, of small extent, which, having remained 
isolated, posseu more dialects than alt the wide region ot Poly- 
nesia. The conclusion ia inevitable that the population of tbe 
latter is comparatively modern. They must have left the Arehi- 
pelago at a late epoch in its history, perhaps one not long pre- 
ceding its discovery by the Peninsular Indians, and certainly 
subsequent to the full development of its indigenous civilization. 
Tbe allied Philippine and Celebetian language* aud i 




dir«ct us to Ilie esttem part of the Archipelago br the eartiett 
-seat o/ that development, a seat fltit occupied at a period ko re- 
mote that it preceded the origin oT leltera and art* in China, and 
ma probably coeral with the earticvt boat navigalton bj the Irtbca 
on the moDthi of the Cbineie riven and thoM ol the Indo-Clii. 
naae peninMila.— Joan. LuLArAipiIa^o. 

Captain J. D. Cunningham, in an article recently published in 
an Indian journal, obien'ee; "All our nrilera forttet that the 
learned of India make ta much dl«tinciion as ounelve* between 
popular belief and demonstrative icience. Ab Colonel Kennedy 
■ad Sir Wm. Jonea long ago observed (Bn. Hind. MgthoL, 
p. 140, and At Bm^ ii. I90J, [ha BnJimini do not confound the 
eoemo^f of feet and rbaptodiFta vith mathematical aitronom;, 
and a little inquiiy will thow that thej' equnlly Bepirate theology 
(mn netapbyiie*; Ttana, under the term ' MmS»t- thej in- 
ehlde the tiro lyateBii of Creation bated on the revealed writinga, 
apd under the term ' Turk ' Ibey include tbe four tyatema baaed 

Simaril7 on the human reaion. In Ibit tray, a Brahmin n-ill 
apute about life attd the loul as independent of the literal mean- 
ing of the F«If. M AlgtaaiUi troutd hive ai^ed independent of 
the Kariii, or aa we now do of the Law and the Ooapel. Tet 
we wholly disregard thii acientiflc phase of (he Indian mind, and 
•eise hold of iti P^ul" or ignortuit aspect for the petty purpoie 
ft depreriat'toD. While thus contemning the knowledge <A out 
Mrtqccts, we ham doaeM little to convince lAem of tha reality of 
ear own anpetiority, tliat very few ladian* lieKeve we have any 
bigh or pore Kienee at all. Tbey have every-dny pmof, indeed, 
of onr pushing warldlineu of character, and of our mechanical 
dexteiity, hut there is no livii^ impreMion tbroad of our excel- 
teaee aa moriHsts, aa critieB, or aa lot^eram ; and hence tM Mie 
Mek* to becoae acquainted with onrliteratate." 


THURSDAY. Februarif 21. 1850. 

Thb teheme of goTerament for tbe coloniet, dereloped 
1^ tbe Fint Uinister of the Crown, in the Houie of Coni- 
■nona, on tbe llth February, would hare appeared, fifty 
7am ago, to be tbe extrangaut conception of aome radical 
Tiuonarr, rather than the aober aod deliberate concluaion 
of the adviaera of the Crown; rather aa an expedient for 
rnnriag tbe colonie* from the mother conntry, than for 
enaenting thor connectioD. But the alow and cautioua 
march of legislation in thoH days would ill suit the gene* 
tMwb that bai witoeated tbe birth of railroads and of 
declric tdegrapha. Political meaaurea muM be now-a-daya 
inronipt; tbey matt be, moreover, large and generona. 

The faint outline of the new colonial policj, sketched laat 
ficMkm, has been perfected in the recent apeecb of Lord 
John Rtmell, and the details have been, aa far aa regards 
an important claaa of the colonies, digested in the Bill, now 
before Parliament, " for the batter goverDment of her 
Hajegt]^! Australian Colonies." The views of the Ministry 
aa U> tbe priocif^a of that policy are of tbe moat enlarged 
and libenl character. Aa a general rule, the maxim of oar 
,aDcea(ors,— whose wisdom we are lomelimes taoght to 
despise, — is to bo acted upon, that " wherever Englishmen 
go, tbey should enjoy English freedom and English institu- 
tions ;" and that political freedom is the birthright of oar 

An anuDuncement like this would have taken away the 
breath of a Tory House of Commons in the reign of George 
die Third ; yet, even if it bad not the warranty of aoces- 
. lorial aanction, tbete is nothing really alarming in the prin- 
dple itennnciatet. Tbe principle of representative gorern- 
mcDt, which i« tbe essence of what is termed " English 

freedom " and " Engliah Institutions," baa been gradually 
eipandiog into wider action at home. The House of CoiQ- 
roona has been reformed, with a view of making its consti> 
tution conform more nearly Co that ptineiple ; mitnicipal 
institutions have been reconstructed upon the same basis ; 
and, in abort, the theory that representation is the true 
foandaiion npon which all legielatire government rests, is 
ao universally admitted, that the only controversy which 
ever arises is as to tbe exceptions to a rule adinowledged to 
be general. 

The Australian Coloniea Govemmeot Bill proposea to 
apply this principle to those remote poaaesaioDS, with modi- 
fications which, under the circnmstaneet, do not appear to 
trench npon it, althoiigh they aSord a conveaient peg oa 
which opponents of the scheme may bang lome popular 
arguments. Tbe colonies embraced by Aia Bill are thole 
of New South Wales, South Australia, Port Phillip (to be 
detached hvm New South Wales, and hereafter called 
" Victoria,"), Western Australia, and Van Diemen's Land. 
Each of theae colonies is to have a Legislative Chamber, 
partly elected by the jicople, and parUy nominated by the 
Crown ; and power is given to these fonr separate colonie* 
to form a General Assembly or Federal Council, for the 
determination of certua questione, in which the coloniea ara 
jointiy and collectively interested. Thia scheme is, in its 
main features, extremely simple. Let us briefly examine 
aome of the detsila, aa they ara prestntad in the Bill. 

Eacb of die fonr colonies ia ts have a single chambar, 
one-third of the members to be nominated by her Majesty 
and the remainder by the inhabitants of the colony. The 
reason giren for the adaption of a single inateed of a 
double chamber, — analogous to tbe Upper House and 
Lower House of the British Pariiament, — is, that the coloniea 
prefer the single chamber, the present form of eoastitution 
in those which hai'c a local legislature, though it does not 
appear that the option was ever distinctly offered to them : 
but power is given by the Bill to the governor and legisla- 
tive council of each colony, with tbe assent of the Crown, 
to vary the constitution of the council, and to establiab, 
iaatead of a legislative council, a oouaetl Hid a bMiaa of 
represents lives, or other legislative house. 

The existing governors and councila, or, where there is no 
coanetVthe future legistative oouncil, ara ta hava thepowar 
of determiningthe number of members of which the connril 
is to eanaiat, to divide the colony into convenient electoral 
districts, and the measures necessary for the orderly, 
effective, and impartial condnet of elections. 

The governors and councils of the colouiea are to have 
authority to make laws for the peace, welfare, and good 
government of the same, and to appropriate to the public 
service within the colonies the whole of the colonial reve- 
nuea arising from taxes, duties, rates, and imposts levied 
on her Majesty's subjects within the said colonies; pro- 
vided that no such law shall be repugnant to the law of 
England, or interfere with the appropriation of Grown 
lands, and no money shall be applied to the public service 
unleu the governor shall first have recommended its speci- 
fic application. 

The revenues of each colony are charged with the ex- 
penses of the management thereof; and out of the colonial 
revenue are to be annually paid to her Majesty certain 
specified sums for the civil and judicial services of the 
colony, together with a sum for "public worship." 




Tb« g<jT<nvor and council in wch coloBy mi; inpoae 
CORtonM dntim on aoy goods whatsoever, wfaethar BrMah 

Ill* poWM to eMtblHh a General AasamUy it tbui ginn. 
In case the Lcgislativa Councils of any two or mofa coloniea 
Aall adireas the Governor-General of Anstralia, aignifjiDg 
■ desire that such Aaaembly should be eatabliriied, her 
Majesty may rstabliah auch General AMenbly, vfaieh ia to 
consist of the GoverDor-General and a House of Delegates 
composed of membere to be elected by the respective 
cooncila of theeoloniet which aball^ply for tbe Assembly, 
■nd the GoveFnor-Qeneral may convene such Assembly at 
inch time or place as be may see fit; and it snail con- 
tinue, if not sooner diesolved, for three years, and no 
jMger. Tbe General Assembly will have power to alter 
nles for cAECting its members, vary its constitution, and 
make lavs, adperseding those of the respective colonies. 
Sea dispasin|[ of waste lands ; for imposing customs duties 
tm the importation and exportation of goods from colony to 
colony; for eotsbliehing a general Supreme Court of original 
jurisdiction sad appeal; and other inter- colonial mattera. 

These are dte chief matters of detail conCtuned in the 
Kll, which will, probably, undergo much alteration. In 
llie meanwhile, we cannot withhold from its principles, 
which are sound and statesmanlike, our approbation. 


Tha people of tbu country faaie been mcentl; adiSed by sn 
Amerioan project for connfcliog New York and Ilia Iile of Wight 
-fay R Gub-marine electrie telegraph. Perhspt loine of our readers 
nperisDeed a little jealoiuj' at this signal displiy of enterprin and 
duiot on the part of onr brgthren in (he States. It so, we oan 
easily restore their eqiuDimity, for wc astnre them Ih&t no scheme 
ever jet conceiTed, cither at Washington or Naw Orleans, maiies 
any approiimitioa in grandeur or audacity to a well-con tidered 
■td elaborate prospeetui now lying belore us. The object of lhi> 
plan is, to be sure, nothinf oiore nor lesi than a simple line of 
nilway, but thii line is to connect, by a direct aod penuanent 
way, the two stations of Calais and Hooltan. 

Alloffing a few mhmte* for tbe snbsidenoe of the inrrrdolity 
•nd bewilderment which auch a propoiat will create, even in miada 
bmiliarized vith the eipaosibility of trunk lines, and the intrepi- 
-Afty of projeoton, we may proceed to make tbe scheme a litlle 
BNTe comprebeoiible. Difficulties, it is said, vanish when you 
close with them, and perhaps aome of those already riaing in the 
reader's mind may wear a less formidable aspect when contem. 
plated from a nearer paint of view. In point of fhct, the distance 
between England and India is of a very bbnlooi and artiKclal cha- 
ncier. It uKd to be called 10,000, 12.000, or eieo 15,000 nilea. 
He time coasumed in traversing it has laried fraoi nine months 
to three. Sir Arthur Wellesley modeitly stipnlated for four, as 
die Unit of tbe period within wbtoh there shonld be always a 
steady and constant oammnnioation bettreen Porlamonth and Cal- 
cnlta. At the present time tbe journey from Bombay to South- 
ampton ia usnally performed in soma thirty-fite or forty days, 
and there seems to be abuDdanee of room for still Further ahorten- 
ing the transit. For, after all, when we look at the plain facts of 
Ihe case, India is only some few hundred miles further from ni 
than the United Stales, though we hate come to consider the lat- 
ter country as lying at onr doora, while we still regard Ihe former 
as one of the uttermost parUofthe earth. From Spitbead toNew 
Tork it is 2,B20 milei, from Osteud to Hyderabad, on the Indos, 
it la only 3,865. 

Most certain^ nobody baa ever yet looked opon one of these 
jenrneyaaibeiogonly 900 miles longer than the other; but if the 
"Direct Calais and Mooltan" eier comes Into operation, the 
longer will become actually the shorter of tbe two. Now, let ns 
look at the aeieral stages of this tery edifying joumey. In tbe 
firat place, instead of starting from Calais or Oateod , we may start 
from Vienna, for up to that point railway communication may be 
eotuldered as already complete. Prom Vienna the line is, or was, 
actually open to Pssth ; bat here we are stopped, and the nest 
Step, therefore, is to carry it as directly «■ poaaible to Constanti- 
nople. For this purpose it ia projected to take a due southward 
Coarae from Pesth, through the leJley between tbe Tbeiasand the 

Daonb*, ereM>n(1kelatlerri«eralilDa MawtkejoHtioaaf Ike 
Drava, ud entering tbe Europaan territoriea of TDrk^jostl^ 
Belgrade. From tbla point to Cosetanthio^ intervenes a dis- 
tance of about 600 miles, over wbish the line wiU nu almit the 
valley of the DaBofae, pietty nearly to Niaopiriis, wbsa it will 
make a southward bend to ost the Balkan, apparently 
its own, a litlle north-west of Eskiiara. After tbia tbe contte 
(hroagh Adrianople to the Bosphorusis clear enough, and SO we 
stand at length on the borders of Europe and Asia, with abont 
one-third of the wholejoumey acoomplished, and 2,400 miles sdU 
remaining before ni — a loogish stage, certainly, but not longer 
than will be in actual operation in the Uiuted States before Gtc 
years are out. 

Turkey in Asia ia now to be trueraed from angle to angle— 
from Scutari to Bsara— saying DOtliiag, for the preaent, ahout the 
Straits. Tbe line will past over the memorable field of Angora, 
the scene of Bluet's defeat, and wiil then shoot with thestrslgU- 
ucis of an arrow between the Euphrates and the Tigris — the an- 
cient regioBs of Mesopotamia. Tbe rtiins and Klica of Nineveh 
will be brooght doae to baud. Babylon and Bagdad cannot fdl 
of beiog attractive stations, even for thoae who stop shott of Snsa 
■■d Ecbatana ; and, before we have well ncoiered from tbe sen- 
aatioBs occasioaed by the scenery, wc shall find ouiaelTes on the 
ihorea of the Persian Gulf, about 2,800 milea from oor startii^ 
port in the Channel. For the last 200 leagues the road will have 
lain thnu^b antedilotiaa cities, cyolopaan rem aina, gigantic scoly- 
hiras, aystariaaseicavations.bituminoiulBlMa, and mosaic wi" 

It eoterpriaing LrueUaea 

and we may reaaanably pause for a few 
oar tbeodolitea upon traots which the m 
have jet but iaperlwtly explored. 

We iiave now two rentes open to as. We may either take tbe 
great Desert of Kirman, and tbe miUa of Wcilain A%ha>i*(MI, 
driring right Chroogh the Solyman range of mountains, and 
Striking onr Indian torritoriei pretty bigb np in tbe Pnnjrf) s Br 
we may skirt the south-western coast of Persia, run exactly 
through the centre of BelooebUlao, and debouch direotlT upon the 
old capital of tbe Ameen of Scinde. Onr surveys, traffic calcota- 
tions, Gic, are here mainly confined to certain statistics rcspeotlng 
the capacities of loaded camels, end tbe tiaoka of periodical can- 
vani ; but tbe project before ns prodeatly deoidea in (atour of the 
latter-mentioned route i and the line accordingly passing right 
through the ruins of Fenepolis, cuts the Beloochee frontier at ita 
middle point, and then, turning a little southward, skirts the 
whole length of the aea coast under the bills, and at length creeses 
the Indus a litlle below Meeouec. The distance traversed in OaaB 
two stages is about 550 miles in Persia, and, ss nearly as possible, 
tbe same in Beloochiitati, Perhaps, at this point, it may be ad- 
visable to mention, for genersl inronnetiDn, that Bdnochislas ia a 
country bounded on the north by Affgbanistan, on the west and 
east bj Persia and Scinde, and on the south by the Arabian aea, 
and tenanted by an Indefinable race, living under no deacribsWo 
government. If, after this, we cannot anap onr ftngan at Ihe 
Yankees, it will, as they express it, " be s pily-" 

Yet the total estimated cost of (his mlracnlona design is cnty 
34,050,000*.— a sum which might indeed baie appeared con»ldav- 
able to Adam Smith, but which ia a mere trifle aooording to proeat 
nations, and which, in fact, acaroely eioeeds what haa been ai*aai}j' 
spent opon two domestic railways. The total annual intereat on 
tbe capital is under 2,000,0002., and the portion whieb, aecordiMg 
to tbe terms of the prqoct would bavo to be defNyed by tha 
"Goremment" of Belooehistan ia only 275,009/. We dkOsM 
like, however, to hear Sir Charles Napier's opinion upon the 
amenability of this interesting population to proper instruetiOD 
upon the points of inlernational inlerconrse, free trade, CriiinM 
loans, and funded debt ; nor can wc penuade onraelvea that Ike 
apparition of the projected oaueeway would be nnaocompawad 
with a oertun degree of shntptness in some of tbe districts of Par. 
sia and Asia Minor. " Engineering dtlficuMes," we are wdU 
aware, have now no place in a prqactor's vooabalary, nor is it <t 
they should have i but there are other not unimportant consider- 
ations in the case of a scheme like this. However, we have at 
last hirly beaten the Americans in comprriienidve surreys Mftd 
andamooB speoolation, and we hive abondant re a soos for bolia^Sg 
that the scheme wbicb we have here detailed has actoally boan 
considered for years, has been digested with tbe aid of all acceaei- 
ble information, and baa been devised with no other end than tlmt 
of promoting a great national good. — Tfisas. 

A laculty of wise interrogation is half a knowledge : for, as 
Plato'aaith, "Whosoever seeketh, kitoweth that which he seehAh 
for in a generel nouon. else how shall he know it wben be hUh 
found it?" And therefore the lai^er your anticipation is, tbe 
more direct and compendious is your search. — Baeim. 




Tbe tbird umul general meeting of ttais companjwH held on 
de I9th inst., Hr. Aglfonby, M.P., chairmsii of tbe Board of 
DfrectoTS, in lbs chair. 

The dtairmaM said be would mihe • few observationi a« lo 
the fonn in wbicb tbe accDunii bad been rendeied. The Bret 
•Beet abowed the reeeipti and paymenti, and tlie second tbe 
balance froto (he comment emenc o( (he compsny to the present 
tiBie, and Ifaejr were in exact conformil; with the form* required 
by Oie Joint Stock Act. At present, the direcCon were not 
jet acquainted with the mode in wbicb tbe Inrtian GoTernmetit 
would receive the ealU from the BharebolLlera in India. It was 
detirable that tbe parmenta abould be made in India, without 
tnniraiKion to Engl&nd, but wtiecher that mode would be 
adtipted, he was not at present able lo state. All the hooks kept 
bj tbe director!, a» well be all the accounts which pasaed be- 
tween them and die East-India Company, or any other person, 
trere open to inspection by the proprietors. Tbis, he conceived, 
would be the best way erf' giving InformBtion. Under the ar- 
rangement with tbe Government of India, aa well as under the 
Act of Parliament, the proprictora would have the eisenlial 
baneflt of a GoTemment audit i for not only was an ec qjjicta 
director appointed by tbe Eaat-India Company, but the accounts 
were submitted to an independent accountant appointed by the 
ObvCTnnienL These functionariea bad gone throngh tbe ae. 
eonnts, and were entirely sstislled both with tbe mode of keep- 
ing Ihem and with the result. Another great wcurity which 
they had wa«, that under no eircumatanees couid any money be 
dtawn without the sanction of the Eaat-India Company, Ibr 
tbeii ez o^io director had ■ Beat at the board, and would at all 
tilnea be able to see what was necessary to be done, so that if 
tftere ahould be any over-drawing of accounta, or any application 
oT money to an improper object, that would immedlBtelj be 
■topped by that officer. He understood some ahareholden ap- 
pevcd to thmk that there waa some mystery in the accounta, 
•nd lint tbe proprietora would be prevented receiving tbe full 
S pn cent, m giiannteed by the East-India Company upon 
die unounta paid by them. That miaapprehension bad onsen 
6w* tin iwpoatih il ity af aatdng forth in tbe aoeonnta all the eir- 
rnwatatiw attendiog the anwigement* with lb* Eaat-iadia 
OM p a u it TtM aeeauDta would exptaia this. Th* Chaitnan 
than nad tbe fbllowing atalament ■■ — 

Dm a^a%at ei»ilriih»t«H b| the ataot pio- 

grictacy £339,012 11 

The comHoy ataods ctedlled 

by the East-India Company 

■to* asfaoMMra )>rh>r to *• 


C^tfh. 1M,4M 


AbA the differtoce of thb 

■am and the aum ' of 

AW.913. Ot. lid. Is ac- 

emateil ftir aa fbllows: 

CMb to be paid to ttu Go- 

wr m t e jw tun a w t r In India £ig,S49 fl S 
BipaaHtBn from the Mat of 
- Maeek to toe aiat al Oeto^ 

Wa,awaitiasaaul>mi.... SSS IT 7 

Giatk a* bwikH*', to ba ia- 
dodtd IB B(zt pajment to 
East-Ikdla CooipaiiT .... 1,5M 11 

■ £139,S13 II 

Tbe npeodinire spoken of in this statement waa for the prefi- 
Bduaij coala incurred in India (br sorveys, plana, Sic. prepan. 
taryto tbe mdertaking being carried out. The full beneflt of 
thMe preiimJBary eipenaea bad been girea to the preaent pro- 
prieUin, ao that they would be entitled to receive 5 per cent. 
a tbe wbote amount of the payments they had mads. The 
le pursued with regard to the cuUi received by the company 
Dc; waa pud by the directors into the Bank of 
a given day (which must always be mailer oE 
^ m) they were wiilidrann from the Bunk of England 
_d. paid into the Eaat-India Compaay's Banh.aiid from that 
d>| ^ IMHIBJ bors bteieil at 5 per cent. The Chairman then 
entered into an explanation of the manner in which tbe 5,000 
•harea wbich remained unallotted at the leat meeting had been 
disposed ol. One thoosand ci them bad been allocated to pl«- 
pdtlora in In^ia. With regard to ihe remaining 4,001^ it was 
MC. pnposed to divide Jiem raieably among all the share- 
bal^cn; but objactiona occurring to that method, after much 
— '' 'nit was tbeuf^cltfit that they ahould be allotted to 
I Bight icallj mteud to keeg thsm t* inveatmenta. 

and not diapaaa of (ham in. the maikat, and lia wa* happf to Nf 
thai tbay had cbialy baen ^prapiiaud 10 tniataaa.wtao a«i|^t 
a safe inaeataant for their tnut-mooay, without any wiak to 
change or sell out. Thare wera, tbentDM, now no sbWMi 
whatever to allocate, and he hoped the meeting would censidat 
that the dii:ectora bad, in this instance, done the best they could. 
for tbe interest of (he proprietary. Ife then inov«d (hat the 
report he received and adopted. 

Mr. BMumaitl ealled the attention of the meeting ta tha great. 
delay that had take* plaoa in (ha praceadi^a of tha directon- 
with (he £a«t- India Company. 

Tbe Chainmai aald the direeton had na power eO«E(pedi[iag 
mattera. They weM entirely nnder the oonml of tho ActoC 
Parliament and the agreement wjtfa die Saat.Indi> Cooyaafv 
Tbe «i> qffcio director aat at the beard, and had (ha powearof 

Kting hia oiic upon the meaavre* proposed by (be director*, 
idea which the Board o( Control also nerdeed authority orer 
their proceedings. It ahould, however, be home in Bind. that 
altbougli delay might take place in finishing their undertaking 
yet meanwhile the proprietora were receiving per cent, upoa 
their money, 

A Propriafor.— Yes, but it (blaysoui receiving 10 per cenb, 

Jfr. RitarJa Ibougbt it dtsinUjIe that it abontd be dietioet^' 
und at a t aod by the ■ public that (hey had got itaDafaaolHngnaEantaa. 
of the Eaat-India Company of 6ve per cent apan every farthing 
of Dionay paid by the sfaaieholders, for it was that oiroumstanaa 
wbieb bad raally induacd amity iatotba schamat. 
It ought also to be diaiinclly undeiatood (Aat die direoMra had 
not any. power to eipaad money bywhielL any poition of the 
eapiiat paid up, and on which iotereat wouldbe reeeivad, coald 
ha reduced. 

Tha C^nrwen said ttmt, as br aa ha nnd n ratoad tha agree* 
meat, there waa not a alnglc hrthiog paid by tha piaeent prOk 
prietort which would not hear 5 per cent. inteisK under tliB 
guarantee of the Eaat-IiuHa Company. He Iwd atatedbefoDa 
that »• inenay eaald be eirpinJad aaaapt by tbe ca n aa t of tba 
OMeHiaMiit of India) tbereftwe in DO eaaa amrid ib seciK Aat Ito 
intaivat of 6 par oant woidd be ledoead itpaa tha suoa cmlfl- 
batod by (be abaohaMBn. 
. The report wa* (hen received and adt>pted- 

A resolntion was nnanimousfy adopted approvitipof tha COCB- 
pensadon proposed by tlie board to be allowed to Mr. Sta- 
venaon and his fiimily, in eonslderation of tbeservicea rendend 
by diot gentteman to tbe company. 

HuoBi or Loans, Fas. li!. 

CanmcttatthtCapt.—LoTiStaAsprvteoCed two petitioiu 
fram tha Cope, praybg that convicla mi^t not be traaapoctcd 
to that colony. As tbe Order in Council complained o[ bod bean. 
readDdad. he would not enter into a diacusaion whioli mi^C 
lead to (be expression of angry feeling. He ahould,. ho weveiv be 
glad to receive an asaitrance that tlie Older in question would 
not be ra.iaautd. 

Earl Grty had no hesitation in giving the aaaurance required; 
observing that it bad never been intended systematically to trans- 
port convicts to the Cape. 

Lord Bm^ham. tboaght the coaduct of tbe oolotilst* moat 
cruel and unjusliflable, in not allowing tlu unfoRunato coavfeta 
to land, after they had expehencad tbe snfFerings of a three 
months' voyage. 

Lord Stmky waa of opinion that tbe eolooiHa bad gone mnolL 

Housi or Cdmhoms, Fu. 6. 
CryJbiB.— 3fr, Hatet» having moved the reappointment of a 
select committee upon the giievsnces of Ceylon, 

Mt. BailliM, (he chairman of the cammii4ee of last aeasiiMi,. 
read a cofreapondence between Eari Gre]( aad hieuslf, in wbieb 
hia Lordship had declined ta send for oertain witnaasea, naaiad. 
byhim(MT.Bai11ie),by diieation of tba eanmiltaa, on the gnmnd 
that tha conuniUee had no power to delegate auoh a power tff 
ita chairman; the result of which refusal would be to protraat. 
the inquiry beyond the preaent aeaiion. If tbe inquiry were tnUf 
and tairly carried out, hia declared that acts of. atrocity would ba 
protiad, in compariaon with wbich the deeda of Field-Haeahal 
Hafnau in Hungary would appear mild and merciful. Hr, BaiUift 
detailed certain acts of illegal aawity on tbe part of Colonal: 
DteoW'it Captain Wataon, andotbeEat hui baeoold not nudes- 



take to proTi Mb ease if the witnenee rcqaired were not pro- 
duced. I( there was to be any inquirr, it should be a fair on* ; 
and the Home ihoald not support a Minister of tbe Ctowd in a 
bold and iinUushing Httempt to baOlG and defeat ic 

Mr, Haifa said, tbe proceeding of Mr. Baillie with regaid to 
Ceylon bad been mariced triili liia usual injustice and want of 
candour. There bad been no refusal of witnesses ; the witnesses 
iMtned bj tbe committee liad been sent for and were now in this 
eoanU7, and he denied that tli« committee liad giren power to 
their cliaiTinra to name witnesses, the eipense of bringing whom 
would be from 4001. to 700J. each. Mr. Hiwes appealed to the 
House whether Mr. Baillie'a personal attacks, especially upon 
Capt. Watson, one ol tbe witnesses to be examined before tbe 
cooimiltee, were not moat unjust. 

Mr. JTiuas said, as long as he could do his duty in that House, 
he would take care that the alrocioua proceedings in Ceylon 
■bould be inquired into, in spite of the unparalleled tinraimeas of 
the Government, 

' Mr. Disradi accused Mr. Hawes of mystifying the House by 
tbe manner in whieh he had read the documents, and declared it 
would not be ctediuble to the House to desert liielr committee. 
Considering that the conduct of the GoTcmment had been of a 
tendency to evade a fair ioquiry, lie proposed to amend the mo- 
tion by adding tbe words, that " in consenting to the reappoint- 
ment of the committee, the House deemed it expedient to ex- 
press its disapprobation of the manner in which her ItUjesty*B 
GOTCfnment lud evaded the undertaking of last session lor the 
further production of witnesses." 

Lord J. Runff gave his exposition of the nature of the under, 
taking given last session, and contended that the committee hod 
gone beyond its l^itiinate powers if it meant to delegate to its 
chairman an absolute authonty to command a Secretary of State 
to summon any witnesses he might choose to name, without 
leaaons assigned. Had proper eiplanatious been given. Earl 
Grey would have secured the ■Itendance of the witnesses. Lord 
John regretted that Mr. Baillie should liave raised these painful 
^scustioni, which wouM tend to disturb tbe Iraaquillity of tbe 
colony, where {nflamoiatory reports were already in circulation, 
■o that the peace and happiness of an important poaaeasioo of the 
Btitiah Crown were ioTotved in this question. 

Sir J. Graham, in very handsome tenus, exonerated Lord J, 
ItuEsell from the ebaige of having violated his promise; his 
general impressioo, from ttie noble Lord's chancter, was con- 
firmed by his*ecollecdon of what occurred. But practically the 
great question was, doi a vote of censure moved without notice, 
but what the ends of justice required. It was ioi possible that 
this inquiry could be stifled ; it must be prosecuted without re- 
serve, and witli the least possible delsy. 

Jfr. Diaradi acknowledged that the amendment was open to 
otnection for want of notice, and offered to withdraw It ; but 

Lord J. Rtutell refused his consent, and the House divided, 
when the unendment was negatived by 140 to 68. 

Mr. Hmu then moved a resolution that certain witnetses 
should be summoned to attend tlie committee, which Lord J. 
Bussell resisted, as a vole of censure upon the committee, and 
upon a division this motion was negatived by 109 to tOO. 

OArKial Policy.— -nie House having resolved itself Into a 
committee on the Australisn colonies. 

Lard J. RuntU ro5e to make his protnlsed staleroent of the 
view taken by the Government of our future policy with refe- 
rence to the colonies. Hegavean outline oFthe history of our 
coloDrsalion, and of the general principles upo.i which it had 
been conducted, from the year I6S7. He next adverted to the 
recent changes nbich had modified, and finally abrogated, the 
system oF monopoly whereby the commerce of out colonies had 
been confined to the mother country, and then described the 
vast extension of our colonial possessions, the rapid increase of 
their population, trade, shipping, and internal resources, the ratio 
of which, he remRrked. was most eiiraordin.iry, showing incon- 
testably the value o( those posHessions. Approaching the much 
agitated question, whether it was worth while to maintain our 
colonial possessions, he held it to be oitr bounden duty to do so; 
that we could not get rid of the resjionsibility of governing ihem 
for their own benefit; that weliad, moreover, obligsiions towarda 
tbe native races, who, in New Zealand and Natal especially, had 
shown a remarkable docility and splilnde to learn the arts of 
civilised life. The colonial harbours likewise Furnished security 
to our commerce in times of pence, and ibey were absolutely 
necesaary to ua in time of war ; and if abandoned by this country 
the coloniea would naturally appeal to other countries, frtio 

doubt accept their allegiance and become strong bj 
!sa. After examining various schemes and tlieories A 
colonial abandonment, he proceeded to develope the principtea 
upon which he thougbt the colonies should be governed, obserr- 
ing (hst, as a general rule, we could not do better than adopt 
the policy which had gu'ded out ancestors, who thau)[ht that 
wherever Englishmen went they should enjoy English freedom 
and English Institutions. After reviewing the suggestions of Che 
Association for Colonial Reform (the policy of which body, he 
remarked, was dubious), be explained what had already been 
done in reforming the institutions of our American colonies, and 
announced that the principle of representative government would 
be introduced into the Cape colony, where there would be two 
chambers, one an elective legislative council. With respect to 
the Australian colonies, the bill he was about to introduce pity- 
posed that there should be but one council, two-thirds of the 
members to he representatives of the people, the rest nominated 
by the Government, the colonies to have the power of alteriag 
their constitution and adding another chamber ; and the bill con- 
tained a provision for an assembly representing the dilferent pro- 
vinces, empowered to miike laws binding upon all and to regulate 
tbe prices of wastelands. With regard to both tbe American and 
Australian colonies, the desire of the Government, he observad* 
was to introduce the popular element, and to give full scope to 
the wishes of the people. After briefly notu-ing tbe chaogca 
made, or to be made, in other colonies, the question of irsna- 
portation, and that of emigration, he concluded that it should ba 
a cardinal point in our culotiial policy not to recede from thai 
principle of free trade; and that, consistently with the maxima 
of our ancestors, we i>hould, as far as possible, aa a general 
rule, introduce and maintain political freedom in our colonies. If 
some of these possessions should so grow in population and 
wealth aa to think they were strong enough to be entitled to in- 
dependence, by qualifying them fur selF-govemment, whatever 
might happen to this great empire, it would be a consolation to 
know that we had contributed to the happiness of the world. He 
moved for leave to bring in a hill for the better government of the 
Australian colonies. 

Mr, Rodnai admitted that the noble Lord's propositions wen- 
most liberal, and they had in a great measure satisfied bis mind.- 
With regard to South Africa, he bad nothing more to ask; bat 
why did he arrive at an oppoaite conclusion as to wbat waa Bt, 
for New Soath Wales? His belter spirit had acted in South 
Africa, but in Australia his evil genius bad prevailed, when be 
eopied his five new constitutioas in Australia from one baity 

Mr. Uawa observed that this " bulty " constitution was one 
which had given satisAiction to the colonists, and both New 
South Wales and Van Diemen's Land objected to any other; in 
framing new constitutions for Australia, therefore, it was deau»- 
ble to adopt as a model that fiwa which had worked well aod 
vraa acceptable to the colonists. But power was left to tha 
colonists, if they pleased, to establish a double chamber. With 
reference to the South African iHjnstitutioti, it was intended as K 
declaration of the Government that they would not object to 
elective councils in other colonies. 

Mr. Oladttvnt urged the Government not to commit a Gdsft 
step in relation to tbe Australian culuniea. Mr. Hawea bad said 
the single chamber bad been adopted bacause the peopleofNew 
South Wales objected to an upper bouse, and a remedy bad been 
provided for the error, if it be one, in the power given to Oim 
colony to remodel its constitution ; but the remedy was an im- 
perfect one From tlie manner in whieh tlic single chamber would 
be constituted, and the question whether tliey would havea doa- 
ble chamber had never been really put to the coionisti, who,, 
when they heard that llie Cape was to have ati elective upper. 
ehattiber, would desire one too. He should beieafter press upoa 
the house the expediency of having a double chamber in tha 
scheme of tbe Australia! 

Dr. Little has written an essay to prove that the coral reeli in 
the Eastern aitd Polynesian seas are the causes of fever, his maiit 
theory being that, owing to the vast amount of animal putrefce-' 
tion, "wherever coral reefs sre exposed, fsver, especially re- 
mittent fever, will he endemic on that spot;" and he hai endea- 
voured to demonstrate that by eismples. 

Thk Malats individually are of an independent cliaracler, 
but in the mass they bow submissively to the mandates of theif 
chief. Their passiveness arises From a clannish feeling, and that 
treatment, which if by a chief they would cheerfully or conteniedly- 
bear. would rouse tliem to rebellion or to Bight, were it to be in^ 
fiicled on tbem by a foreign power. — ColoiutLinii. 




Ikdiah RiTiB Stiam Navic*tion.— a party of gentlemen 
MMmbled, an the 6th Febriur?, to dinner at the London Coffee 
House, Lutlgate Ilitl, whoie interests are enlieteil in mrrfing 
out Mr. BounHs't project Tor the eEtablishment oF Btcam naTifti- 
(ion upon the tiven of India. Tlie clialr wu occupied by Mr. 
J. MacGregor, M.P. Afler the iitual loyal and patriotic loaati, 
tlw subject of ibe evening wu introdaceili and the advantage! of 
the intended project were wirml; and eloquently aupported by 
Mr. Byrne, Mr. Duncan, M P., Sir Julin Campbell, and Mr. J. 
O. Walker. The entire abience of any conatant and efficient 
Ikeani of eommanlcation was held out m the great evil under 
irhieh India tultmi, and by nbich iti almost unlimited resources 
inn crippled in tbeir development ; and it was urged tbataboutd 
tha present echeme come into operation, the exchange of our 
nunuiaetored fcoodstgaintl the cotton and other products of the 
iatetior of India would speedily receive a rapid impetus. To. 
wards the close of the proceedings, Mr. Bourne, upon bis health 
being proposed, entered into a detailed statement of ihs varioui 
featuresofhis proposed ayatem of navigation, which wh Usteoed 
to with marked intareit utd apprabation. 

PEHmsoi.AB *VD OaiaiTT*!. Stiak CoMTiKT.— The shares, 
£SO paid up, are quoted this day (Feb. SO) at £S9 to £30 

Da. GDTi[.Arr, Ihe well-known Cliinece missionary and icho- 
vfred a lecture in the ball of Queen's Collie, Oxford, to 
'Oua body of members of the UniverEity, on the literature 
and mannen of the Chinese. 

EHQAaiKiin or Ships. — The Alhaiian, for conveyance of 
■lore* to Madias; the Mary ^upherd, for ditto to Bombayi 
the China, for conveyance o[ troops to Miidras ; tlie CoUUrtaai, 
fei ronveyance of atorea to Bengal. 


Ur, del; 

Fbb. 3. Am and Jant, Smith, DcDgsl ; A'iiam, JainaD, Bea- 
nl; Uary Etttn, Porter, Maniltlui; Akbar. Williamson, Manri- 
thit.— 4. Vary Wkili. Walker, New Sooth Wk1« j Hartbtll. Mer- 
ahall. Maaritini ; Vicloria, Ltm\ngtBa.Sias<^pcre; Young Eigland, 
BtiKtC. Manilla; Captain, Jamca, Bombny; Lord Auckland, Ba- 
em, Bingfil ; CarfafMnn, Randnil, Maorttlna ; LaSori, Harils, 
Bengal. —a. ftofal .Itkrr, Wliltiside, Bombay; /oaaW, Chalmcri, 
Madraa.— 6. Mkttauary, JobUaff, and 5oI«j>, Spcnet, Uaorltins. 
-rT. FdHintrte. Nkcd, Cape 1 Vn-a, Haslsp, Uauritlni.—B. VU- 
larg, FtckcD, New Sonlh Wnlta ; ^jru SoauM, Naylor, Hong- 
Kong.— II. Nilt, livcary, Bengal.— 12. Alict. \ViliOD, South 
Anitnlia.- 13. Sophia, Clabon, Manilla.— IB. Dvkt of Aryylt, 
Uondonne. Bengal ; Sir Genrge Sn/nwhr, Millman, and DuJftouIie, 
BiittCTwDitta, Bengal; Chamoii, Pentreaih, Ceylon i Matilda, 
Balkr, Haarltliu ; CMtflain. Rnbtrttnn. Madras— 19. CamopoHte, 
Anaytb, SfaigBpon^-43. Bntah, Strrvbea, Maoiita. 

Per steamer lnd»s, .about the Mlh.— Dr. Stevens, Lord Gou«h. 
tailTGoDgb, aodscrTanl; Col. Goug^h, child, and eeriint ; Hon. 
Mr*. Grant, 3 childreo, and 3 leriRDls ; Mr. and Mrg. Paul, acblU 
dren, and 3 irrranti ; Capt. Tytler, Mrs. Brook. Col. Gstdfn and 
BSnnt : Capt. Googh, Mrs. Gongb'a 1 children and icrvant ; Mri. 
OoodeTc, Master Lougfaman aad arrvant: Mr. HaT, Gen. Camp- 
taS, Hn. CwHbcU, Mfas CsMpbeU, Mr. Hoskios. Dr. Dacby, Mr. 
««llact, Mrs. Ka«x, 9 rtUdrcD, and larvant; Miss Lisunt, Mr. 
Ffitb, Mr. Timms, Mr. Rosa, Mr. Reid and aeriant; Mr. Oolds- 
wortby, Hr.Thooau, Col. Bate), Hon. Mr. Hariics, 3 chlldiea, and 
■emat-, Hra. Couroo, Gtn. Lovdl, Dr. Prilchard, Dr. Thampsoo, 
Hri. Halited, infant, and lervant ; Mr. and Mra. Ciipps, child, and 
aetnnt; UcDl. Garrett. Mr. Harrli, Mr. Terry, Llent. McDoaald, 
UcBt. Neville, Llent. Sliamoods, Capt. Lawlon, M>u. Edwardc>,9 
cbiMren, and servant; Mr. Schnmacbet, Mrs. Webster, Mr. King, 
Mr. Perilas, Hr. AchMOo, Mr. While, Mrs, White. 


• Snuth 

1 Ja»t, Shtarer,~Madras and Trincomalee ; Jenny Lind, 
Taylor, Adelaide and Port Phillip; fleipt™ (from Shields), Cey- 
kn : Hmafrnaeer, Smith, New Sooth Wales ; Hag Qaren, Sajers, 
BatHtTawn; Marmien, Prat. Hohnrt Tokd; TSomai Loiny, 
Lake, Port Pbllllp ; Htri/ordihirr, Richardson, Bciabay ; .^ann 
jr«ry, Stephen, Calcutta; Mrropt, Harding, Swan River; Coro- 
■sanilrf. Cowan, Cape and Bombay ; Raiinr, Gale, Newport and 

Immk, Ferris, Cadcatta; Isabtlla, fflacUlr, ^gapore 


Jarvia, Algoa Bay. (The Uat aii ool back next day.)— la. Lady 
Bnet. BnnH, Port Natal, and pat baek.— 18. Bella Morina, Wood, 
; Qui^lin Leilk, Flumorri), Bombay; NoffoUt, Kreefl, 
Saaftpare, Robertson, Adelaide ; and all four put back. 

rrom LiTr.8F001..~FEB. 13. Uirzapon, Gamotk. Calentta; 
Bibi. Sonet, Bordeaux and Mau.itiua.— IS, Morio, Slubba, Ply- 
mooth and New Sostb Walts ; iieindrn-, Hawkina, Kang-Kong ; 
Beerhavt, Niaaer, Batavia ; Iiaac K'ellati, Plnmmer, Singapore; 
Blortngt, Banks, Calcutta ; RUkard Ootdea, Stewart, Bombay. 

From FaluodtH.— Feb. 13. Nosiai, Cothay, Hnng.KoDg. 

Prom pLTKOtjTH.-^AN. 34. Edieard, Robertson, Port Natal 
and Bombay.- Fib. IS. Falima. Ray, Adelaile.— 4. BaMOroA ifer- 
ckml, Edwards, Adelaide 1 Mary.^H, Darke, Cape and Adelaide. 
— 13. Qiorft iliUal/t, Barker, Bimlapatam. 

Froa Hull.- Feb. U. Jantu Whilt, Turner, Bombay. 

Prom Dkndek.— Feb. 9. Vala, Speoee, Maalnain. 

From BoRDBAOX.— Frb. fl. Siplttm, M-Doaald, MaurlUna. 

From tbeCLVDB.- Fab. II. Mlwno, Qiabam, BalavlB and Sin' 
pore.— H. Olflureiky, Nlcol, Csleatta. 

From HaEtLO-OOL.— Fas. 13. Lcifif, Bird, Caleulla. — Id. 
Jama Arvulrwg, Elliott, Hong-Kong. 

From Sunde«land.~Feb. 14. MtlrOfolit. Penny, Hong-Kong. 
—IS. CstnAelsaai, Armstrong. Aden.— 16. ttarf Florence, Short, 
Aden. — IS. OUrtr Crmnictll, &p:iitb, Aden. 


-Mr. C. Flet( 


Capt. and Mn. Malnwarine, Mr. Tlertiey, Mr. Foote, Mr. jamei| 
Mr. BuU, Mr. Urqnhart, Mr. R. H. WaU, Mra. Machcoiie, Miss 
J. McNish, Mr. W. Frsser. Mr. J. Woodley, Mr.Gardioer, Mr. P. 
Forbea, Mr. Cheater, Mr. R. S. and Mrs. Walker, Mr. L. WUmer, 
Mr. Somertilte. For MADRAS.-Mr. C. H. RIcketts; Mr. J. 
Richmond, Mr*. Rleliniond, Inlanl, and aennnt; Mrs. W. Elliot 
and European arnaDl, Mr. Harvey, Miaa Grant; Mrs. Bell, Infant, 
and serrant i Mr. R. Stnart, Mr. L. Iiaacke, Mr. R. W. Dnff, 
Llent. King, Mr. A. D. Gordon, Mn. DavldaOD, Maj. A. Cnppage, 
Mr. W. D. Foster, Mr. J. C. Middleton, Mr. Hllmaa, Uent. col. 
Hamaond, Mr. T. A. Chase, Mr. J. Brace, Hr. N. Archer. 
For AuEH.— Mr. F. Swanaon, Mr. G. Stone, Miss G. Ward and 
servaat, Mrs. Keays, Mr. Keayi, Mr. E. Owen, Mrs. TorabaU and 
child. Mr. Hnxmao, Haj. and Mra. Brnoke, Mr. Uchaidaon, Mr*. 
TrcmcDhcere, infant, anil accvant. 

For AdRN.— MIsi Spaeher. Mrs. Morris, Mra. Q. K. Bel), Hr. 
Todd, Mr. Morriaon, Mr. D. Hickman, Mr. Dawson, Mr. R. 
Bone, Mr. H. H. Elliott, Mr. L. H. Cooper, and Mr. Ramaay. 

For SiHaAFOBE.— Mr. and Mrs. Reid, Mr. F. O. Schmidt, Hr. 
Waste, aad Mr. H. Bnken. 

For CaVLuK.—Mr. and Mra. Giibotne, Mr. Haddon, Hr. O. 
Alston, Mr. W. O. Carr, Miu Moir, anil Mr. R. Dawson. 

For HoNG-KoNO.— Admiral Austen, c. B. and lady. Miss 
Anstcn, and Mlia Austen, Jan. ; Capt. F. W. and Mra. Aoaten, 
Llent E. P. Price, Mr. G. Msrtia, two Rwn serrasts, Hr. Pattnllo, 
and MiiB Dobbe. 


Lawrence, the lady of J. G. E 

Llanberrii. Carnarvonshire, Fi 
Lthcu. the wife o( Major E. : 

Surny, Feb. 1. 
Thornhili., tbe wife of C. B. s. at AddweU, Oxon, Feb. 

^ngal Army, t. al Qlyn Padara, 
. Bombay Army, s. at Rdgale, 

Stanton, Major, Hon. East- India Compan^'a Artillery, to 
Emily, widow of the late B. J. Harrison, at Paddington, 
Feb. 13. 

Adam, Thamaa, near George Town, Cape of Good Hope, Nov. 20. 
Blooo, Grace H. d. of Capt. H. B. TCb Madras Cavalry, at 

Brighton, aged IS, Jan. 30. 
BowiB, Catherine M. widow of the late Major gen. at Angle«ey, 

near Goaport, Feb. 1. 
Cox, Caroline, relict of tbe late Col. S. Hon. E.I. Co.'s service, at 

Lennoi-vUla, Clllton, Feb. f^. 
Hdnteb, Mrs. Mary Kaoi, reliet of the late Capt. W. Hon. E.L 

Go's aecviee, at St, Vlnceat-iUla, Rjdc, lale of Wight, aged S9, 

Kebb, Llent. eol. Archibald, late of the Madras Cavalry, a 

burgb, Feb. 10. 
MoBiaoN, Capt. R. formerly of the 30lh Madras N.I. atW 

place, SI. Jobn's.wood, aged 5S, Feb. 4. 
Dakes, Clara S. d. of tke late Tboma* A. of the Madraa c 

at Hampton court, aged SO, F<b. ?. 


Digitized by 





FA. eci lad 13d, law. 


Bei^ EMtab.—Ui. Piiillp H. Egerton. 
BmAeyEii^. — Mr. Ihincan Davideon. 

Bengal £i(ai.— Lieut. Octaviua Hunllton, 7th car. 
MadrasBslab.—Xr. ThoiOM Pritchard, riding, master, IM cut. 

Uent. Arthnr J. M. Reiney, 6th ca*. 

Eiu. Banington F. Hejraham, 18th N.L 

Lieut. Alfred F. Place, Mth N.L 

Lieiit Thomas H. L. Miller, Mnd H.I. 

Cape. Edward W. Kenworthf, retired. 

Surg. Henry C. I.adlow, u.d. 

AsBiat. surg. William W. Hende, ild. 
S<mbm/Eiteb.— Co\. Thomas I.eighton, 

CapL William F. Hunier, Bnd rav. 

LieiiC col- Micbael M. Sbuv, 15tb N.I. 


lIadra4E»t^j—'Brm. m^. Mich. John Bovlandsoi), 32Dd 

N.I., overland, SOtb June. 
BoBfymBilah. — Gnt. George Langbome, Slst M.I., OTcrtand, 

SOth March. 


MadraiEalah. — LieuL Aleiauder G. Tod, Isl eav., 6 montlis. 
Capt Richard Hunter, Tth cav., 4do. 
Capl. William P. Cust, 7ih eav.,6 do^ 
Lieut Charles L. Sugden. 39tb N.I., 1 do. 
Surg. Hugh Cheape. 6 do. 
Aaiist. aiirg. Edward Young, 6 Ao. 

MadratBitab.—Caft. John Moore, artiJIery, 6 montbt. 


Baniia^ Eatob.—Maj. Edward Stanton, artillery. 

tbt deatinatioB of Mr. Janiei H, Mangles, a atodent at Uie 
East -India College, has liceii changed from the 
Bombay to that of Bengal. 

(No. 2 of 1850.) 

For the Eitgimtrt, 
To rank from the 9tb June, 1846, the day on which they 
passed their public eiamination. and in the following order, pro- 
Tided the shipe by which they reHpectrvely proceed take their 
departure within the period prescribed by the Court's regnla- 
tione, vil, — 

Edward Charles Sparshott ^Villianu, quitted 

S4tta Dec. IB4g. 
Philip Salkeld. ditto ZZnil Jan. 1850. 
Arthur Baalnois, ditto SBIh ditui. . 
For tha Infmtry. 
To rank Uora the date of the trsnsm 
mail tA the para, announcing his appoint 

Henry Baltye (abroad), via Maraeilles, Tth Jan. 
To rank from the date of their departure from Soulbamplon 
by tbe overland route, and in the following order, vii. — 

n by tbe Overland 

Ralph AsaheWa Nowell, JaAi^ SOIh Jm. 

Edpr Grestey Stone, do. do. 

Qointin Dick Panons, do. do, 

Alexander Cruikshank Houston, do. 4o. 

Henry Irwlit, do. do. 

George Richard Westtnaeott, do. to. 
To rank Irom the date of the sailing from thwreaenfl of fl» 
ship by which they proceeded, aad in fhe foDoniog order; vis.— 

Charles Fraser, Malabar, SIst Jan. 

"William Cadogan Mttcbel, 4o. do. 

Melmot'h Aliiiter Douglss Orchard, do. do. 
To i»nk from the date of ilie transmisiion by the OTerlattd 
mail of the paras, announcio£ theit ^ppoinUnpnt, and in the Gil- 
lowing order, vii. — 

Charles Edward Ashbumer (abroad)j eta HvseQUa, 
£4th Jan. 

John Angelo (abroad), do. 7th FA. 

fNo. 2 of isao.) 

For At Canalrs- 
To rank from the date of bis departure from Southampton 
by tlie overland route, viz.— 

James Caienove, Inthit, ¥Oth Jan. 
For fAe Jiifaatrjt. 
To rank from the date of the sailing &om Portuhasth of (be 
aliip hj which be proceedad, via.— 

John William Willoughby Osboniq, Wobwr Casth, IM 
Jan. ISia 
To rank from the date of tbeic departure from SouthMsptOD 
bj the overland route, and in the following order, Vi2. — 
John William Ott. /mfar, 20lh Jan. 
Henry Fllzroy Di<keyne, do. do. 
Charles Weston, do. do. 
James Crawford, do. do. 
Geoi^ John Harcourt, do. do. 
Olway Frandes Smithers, do. do. 
Thoittaa Gillespie, do. do. 
Alexander Charles Hay, do. do. 
Edwin Thomas Wiseman Price, do. do. 
Alfred Frederick Delves Brooghton, do. do. 
To rank from the date of tbe aailing ftom Onveaend of Ike 
ship by which they proceeded, and in the fnlloniBgorder, vis. — 
Frederick Cadsden, Malabar, 81«t Jan. 
Herbert Chambela Macdonald. do. do. 
JHwu),— Mr. Francis Swanson having been petniitted to pro- 
Ceed to his destination via Bombay, for the purpose of visit- 
ing his (atlier, his rank, as determined in List No. t, is to 
be preserved to hia^ provided he arrived at Uadras on or 
before the lltb July, 1850. 

For tAe Ei^inten, 

To rank [rom the flth June, 1S48, tbe day on wbidi thej 

passed their puUicesamtualiiin, aad in the foHvwing <wdA pa»- 

vided tbe ships by which tliey respectively peaceed take tbeir 

departnre within the period prescnked l^ tbt Court's regola- 

Forlbt Cavalry. 
To rank from the date of the uiling from GiAvesend of tbe 
ship bywhich he proceeded, viz. — 

Stephen William Ogilvie Stevens, Btrefardtkin, Slrt 
Jan. I8Sa 

For&a Infiailry. 
To rank from the date of their departure from SouthaoipUKi 
by the overland route, and in the fallowing order, vil. — 
Robert Sutherland Pope, Indat, Wth Jan. 
William Edmund Williams, do. ia. 
William Berthon FreFton, do. do. 
Thomas William-Hickes, do. do. 
Alfred Cotton Way, do. do. 
Francis Wiltiam Brewn, do. do. 
To rank from the date of tbe sailinf fron Gravesend of the 
ship by which they proceeded, and in the following nder, via- — 
John Pyne Forbes, HtrefardtHre, 31st Jan. 
Charles Henry Hunter Forbes, do. do. 



To tank froin th* date of their departure from SootlMBtptaD 
bf the ontland rante. and in the followini order, vis. — 
JiAn LiMon Ptul. m.d., a.m., Mut, 20th Jan. 
John GMfgo Cibhe, do. do. 

(No. 2 of 1850.) 

To iwik from the date of the Bailiog fitna GraTCMnd oF the 
*hip I^ wbieb lie praceeded, viz. — 

Noah Philip Folej, HuidoiUm, dlh Jan. 
To rank from the date o[ bia departure from Soutbanipton 
bj the orerland route, viz. — 

John Crawford, InAa, SOlb Jan. 

Wak Oftkh. 8t> Fib. ISaa 
Btagal, WA JbcX.— Brev. col. Ibe Hon. Thomu Albburnham, 
c.B, from balr-pa7, BSnd Foot, to be lieot. col. r. Brer. 
GoL Amine Simcoe Heniy Mountain, cm., who ex- 
ehantei. Dated Sih Feb. IB50. 
53n' Aot— Eng. Bendjtcbe Walton to be lient by 
purch. T. Stokei, wbo retire*. Dated 8th Feb. 18.50. 
£na. Donrid Btisj Munro, from the l«t Foot, to be 

em. T. Walton. Dated 8th Feb. 1850. 
IfXk /(M.^Ens. Cbarlea Hinchin. from the lit Foot, to 

be ena. v. Hae, prom. Dated 8th Feb. 1850. 
eOtl Foot.— Maj. gen. Henry Daubeney lo be col. v. 
Maj. fen. Sir Edmund Keynton WiUlams, i c.B-, dec. 
Dated Slat Jan. 1850. 

Wab Omca, I5h Fib. ISfiO. 
Btagal,9lkLiglil Dngeaa.— Jo^n Brinkley, gent , to be comet 

by parcb. y. Wilkinson, prom. Dated I5lh Feb. 1850. 
ISti F(iM.~Capt. William Hanmer, from the Ulh Foot, 

to be capt. v. Aahton, who exchangea. Dated 15tb 

Feb. 1850. 
iiyk FeH.~Aux. mag. Jimei Lewii Holloway, from 

the MalF, to be aut. turg. t. Forlonge, dec Dated 

]5«h Feb. 1850. 
SM FmX.—Ena. George Henry Nevillto be lieut. with- 
out poreh. T. Gmitb, dec. Dated 30th Nov. 1S49. 
Eds. Henry William Somerrille Carew, from tbe 13tb 

Foot,tobeenL,v. Nerill. Dated I5th Feb. 1850. 
UaAia, 8Ul PooL — 'Ein. and Adj. James Pope, From tbe 44th 

Foot, tobe en*, v. Toung. avpoinied to tbe S!n(l Foot. 

Dued 15<h Feb. 1850. 
Bembajr, lOd Light Z>n^nu.— The Hon. Chailef James 

Keith to be comet by porch,, t. Williama, promoted 

Dated 15tb Feb., ie£0. 
64^ Fool.— AUredJohnTuke,gent,tobe ens. bypurcb., 

T. Monltria, promoted. Dated IStb Feb, 1850. 
78(ft foot— liajer Wdler Hamilton lo be lieut. col. 

withoat patch. L v. Dos^w, dee. Dated Snd Oct. 

Brevet major Thomas John Taylor to be major, y. 

Hamilton. Dated Snd October, 1819. 
LicaL Thomu Molyneux Keogh to be capt., v. Taylor, 

Dated Slat Dec. 1819. 
Ena. Horatio Gillmore Co be lieat., v. Keogfa. Dated 

3lM Dec 1819. 
£m. Andrew Catbcan Bogle, from the TSnd Foot, to be 

eu., V. GUlmore. Dated I5th Feb. 1850. 

Abmt of Ooouj SixoH. — An officer who visited Kaahmeei 
in Sepiember, 1849, hu declared that the two battalions com- 
manded by Colonel Steinbach are as good in appearance and 
exerciae a* almost any regiment be ever saw. The Colonel ii 
the brigadier, and the native cemmanding officers perrorm tbeir 
work on painule exceedingly well. Our correapondent had not 
•n omiottalli^ at seeing the remainder of Cootab Singli'i force* 
in movement, but tbeir appearance and loldier.Iike bearing he 
dedarca to be admirable.— dbato/Bnuw. 

Tbe ryea of serpents have in all ages had the property of fuei- 
nation attributed to them, so that o^iov ofifin," and " itrptnta 
wsju," beeamo a provn^ amongst the Greeks and Romans, 
ap^ic^le tolhase wha view thingaahaiply and attenlJTely; and 
•tymologista derive joamit', '■ dragon,' from itptiiv, 'to view,' of every public 
aadefic, 'ampenv ftosn ovrartta, '-to aee.' [ cupiniibneM." 

Jtteatt Dahabattea and MiSlarf Exenthnt in Ci^iott. By 
J. FoaaxB, lace Lkut.-Colonel TBth Highlander*: author of 
" Eleven Yeaia in Ceylon." Blackwood. 
Tni arowed object of this pamphlet ta " to attract attention to 
the wtooga of the iababitanta of ibe 'if«iuiitin Prorincea in Cey- 
lon." The author, wbo wa* commandant, diatriut judge, and 
Government agent, in tbe district of MataU, from 1888 to 1S37, 
must bare bad atmndinl oppartunities of acquiring local in- 
formation, and having, since IBil, oeased to have toy peraonal 
inteicat in Ceylon, ba must be presumed to write without bias. 
The picture he has drawn of the British policy io the [aland, from 
our past connection with it, and of our treatment of the native^ 
princes and people, is anything but a asltering one. Theae 
early errors, abusea, and even crimes, however, "become insig- 
niacant when compared wilh the transactions of IM.7-4B." 

Colonel Forbes ifflrma, and adduces evidence from tbe Blue 
Book to substantiate his avermenLs, — 

" lat. Ttaat imjiut tan* vera rashly eoacted, recklessly sup> 
parted, and lightiy abaailoDed. Qnd. Former law* aad | rr fisiiia 
(iaas, by ofaich the Eaudlsot bad been ruled, were publicly mlsin^ 
ttrprctfd lo theca, and then contiastcd with new ordlDaoeeS. 
3rd. The Btltish billi haa bcrn violatnl in the matter of tbe i<llgtaa 
of the people, and juiUcii been denied to tlie claims of tha prtoat- 
boDd. «th. With the knowledge of the aatbodlin, and withoat 
QioltstaCioD from (hem, gaag-robbcn, thlrvei, and prjlon- breaker* 
wen perinilCcd to conspire, and U> latlmidate, or eullcc a portioa of 
a Justly, disco a tented people Into rioti, wiiieh was pnt down aa a 
rebdlloB. Sih. Hnndieda of pcTsoni (ell b) th* rilU-bullet, or i^ 
balow tiM Malay oris, and eighteen ptrson wan tried, eoaviettd, 

nod eiecnted, h; tribaaBla aooioakius, unnaeea — ^ 

to the law. 6tb- Tbe erimaa charged against s« 
were Ulegnllr and criminally brief, erea In eaae* ^km llw seoteaoa 
was death, and uKUlion Innediateli followed. 7tb. Martial law 
wa> rashly pTQeiaimed without sufficient cauae, and long adhered to 
without conceivable eicuit." 

In concluaion, he aaya ; — 

" Let me call to mind Che delibrrnte trials that preceded Ibe eon- 
victioB, and the mercy (hat wai aftcrwardi extended byhetMajeaty, 
to the educated leaders of undoabted aud premeditated rebelliou hi 
Inland ; and coalmat these meuares o( oaiiapasslaBed joatlce iritk 
the extreme severity, (be hasty trials, aad auBeroras eapllal panish. 
nents Inflicted «a the oauparatitelT, if B»t totally, tanuegat *nh> 
ject* or her MajeeCy in (he Kaodinn pronucas of Ceylon. If their 

after say that eiiaal justice Is done to British aabjeota far aud near, 
id fair— (o the timid Cingalese and to the loud-toogued 

a that it la almi 


•' It will b 
ments. hot judged by my own ctperlence, not (beir assertions, that 
I eoadewo tboss acts of reckless eoergy, which may have apmoff 
from ignorance, but certainly eipanded Into cruelty — whilst the 
representative of majesty lamented the necessity of merey, and 
gneved over the acquittal of tha inaoccnt ; aid, delyinc the right- 
eous virdtct of au hancaC iury, and the oplnious of a British judg^ 
jh rsnk, sacred position, and unauUicd 
lim, pioclaimed him gnllty, whom lasr 

m to tbe Chief Jastice to foel that, bat 
fallen on the Britiah name : a blacker 
in that of hload, U it shall be ptovad 

to have been unnecesaarUy and reckles^ shed. 

" Let olbera daim from wlQing listeners .sympathy with those 
accDserl — I woald nillineiy accord them justice, and even iaipa- 
nlty, bnt only on ooniHIloo that JDaUca abonld ba done, mi mercy, 
if necessary, be shown to the anrviving rlcUms of mifgovemtnent. 
I syrapaihiie with hitherto peacrful tillngecs ; with women and 
children dilv^n by a rule of terror rrora their homes, to lie or to die 
in dense Jaagles ; to bring forth, to nurse their infant ohiidren, oc 
to weep over thrlr mains, amidst myrtada of land leeches, vhllit 
the howl of assembling jackala announced that the bloated.up 
corpse of the husband and father was to Gud a Uvtng tomb in the 
foul-feeding aolmals af th« M&tali fbrcst." 

te tbe gre. 

for kiw. a braadrr stain hi 

MAoaas Socirrv. — The Jfadras i^iIoarftMr Cbiu dascribea tbe 
Society oF that presidency : — " In no other part of the world ia 
society to stupidly stiff, and eitravagautly exclusive. Talk of 
the Hindoo's devotion to caste ! — it is nothing to tbe intoleranca 
which is displayed by those in tht service to all out of iC—aod 
the numerous minute gradaciona of rank into which the noii> 
service is divided, ia both laughable and coiilempCible. Tbis 
state of things exists nowhere else — at lealt in the same degree — 
and its existence here, Co such an extent, i* a bar to much social 
happiness and public improvement— and one cause of the failure 
of every public scbema may be attributed to tMi individual poi> 


CDHPAN r do b«nbr glta notlM, 
ichmga It whkh Itmy iilll ncrin atb fra bJlb on Bsinl 
IB (he pRMBl lUU. ud udUI [uittMiiiotio, be li. ll|d. Um 
id Ah bill on Bombty, at. [facCompuiy'i rupee. 


COMPANY to bvnbr |)v* wtlce, 
__Thit aQuuUriy^Ginnl Coait of^UM^U Compnv wilt be held at ibrii 

COUPAN V do fanebT fix DoUc*. 

Tbal the TnnitM Booki of the uld Conpiny'i Suck will b* ihut on 

TutKtaT, thetih Much ont, u 3 o'clock, ind opened igulD do Thundky, 

tbt uA April roUcwuif. 

ThiL 1 Gcnrnl Couit ot At uld Compuy vill be hdd It thdi Hnnee. In 
l.wdaih«ll SueH. « WnlDndaT, ths Inh at AprU, IHO. rum s cVclock In 
Ihe nKHnhiK uqiu o^dock hi ibt trcoinf , fbr tb* ElecUoa of Six Dlncton 

•noTAttonitTiiidDriDnlniiUoii tv eubUuPnh 

T, IbaSSlhUinh 

of tbe nid Compinr will be nady to be dt 


Eiu-lBdk KoDM, SCkb Feb. 1860. 

WHEREAS, in pursuance of the By-Law of the East- 
ing Coupuy, cap- 7, eec- B, It !■ erdalDcd,^ 

« Tbet 1 IM (hall tie puMUied UiiRT dajri bdOn lb* Auna) Rlaclka «r 
DlRcton. eontalBkv Ihe luniaa of audi PreiMcUn quattOed ^tccable to law, 
M atiall imbUj, Id wiIIIuu the Sacieun, Iheirdealn of beeontaic Uffidldana 
fOrihe DbecAoa thlnr-twe deja baCm Hufa AUHial SlaeUoBi" 

The Court of Dlreeton of Ihe lald CocapuiT do htrehy fin noOce, In otdii 
thai dK Pmpiieun may ceatoni to (be laid By-Law, tbal Uie mulnf Bleclioi 
of SiK Dlreelonof (betteit India Coonpany ror four y«ia !■ anunted roc 
WedneKla), Ihe loth April neil, and that tuch l.lil will be publUied thiny 
da]ri before the wld Ble^thn, ai Ihr abmB-nicBtloBad By-Law dirccu. 





ThU Day k pvbHihnl. the *ii SfiHm, In I tsL 4to. price £5. Sa. td boo*. 

DICTIONARY, DHCATLT iNukiaao: to which li addBl.a DIC- 

■■* To the FiTti nirr afihlt DMIoiuirr, the luthcH hu, by laboiioiu Mud* 
of HkHhutanI woika. both printHi and mmuicii-^ — ..- .k. __ _„_j_ 

Id SnfUA f^t^l, the H 

the ctaanct 

■r" peculiar to 


lenilwi hai 

xen paid u 




Penlan. and Greek, are given letpt 

tbt flttctt correiporidlng (raiulailaai Uiia Hi 
Hinaw IK " Turn," Jm. 3.—" Mmh 
colleKlDf dtidniiiac larnu, euecUly IxMan 
raidwfeu ibem into (ha (echnoion « Burai 
and Enflnh Pan of U now •onleuu upwiid 
plahiad, iieinc 7,gw mtn than In th 

aa wall aa in Kui ope, (he thai 
and IbepieacntedlUonwing 


Stb Edition, 1 tal. toyal tro. price l«. 


To which li added, a Oian Orunmu of tba Dakhni, 


1 lal. royal tto. price £l. Ida. 


aOAGE. D»lgned oprrtaily for thine who haTBBo Iniitgnnr- 

InlvolLtlo. price £1.161. 

KlNDLIiiTANI. With ■ terhal lunlatlon and giammallcil aDalytli of 


John Talkor, QMgmpLa to tbo EMt^ndia Coa^ttty, 


A Newly-constructed and Improved Map of 

India 1 eoinplled chiiAj fhm SBrran eieculed by order of Ibe Hoo. EBat- 
India Comiwir. tin lii iheeta-filaa, s ft. S Ug. wide: t R. 4 in. Ugt, 
i.-i.l>>-Sd.| oionclolh, hiBaaie,i;3.l3b«d. 

•ae In lb* CDDplUtlaa of Ihk Map, all tba latett Sdinii ii 

Map of India, from the most recent autho- 

^.._ n u — =■-(,) fLW In. wldei Sft. Jta-high, 18a.i ««■ 

Map of the Western Provinces of Hiadoostsn, 

~4haPui4ah, Cabool, Skide, tici liidBdInc aII(beSta(ea betwaanCaa- 
bl|h,£L lla.OiLiDron'dMh,taiac»w.i;i.M. ' 

Map of the Punjab and Sikh Territories. 

Map of Affghanistan and the adjacent Coun- 

trla. CompHedttomlhelataalSunByiof thoaeCountiiai.bvtheOncaa 
altaciwd to ibe Indlaii Armyi and mihlbhad by Aulharlty of (he HAl 
Court of Dtrectofa of (he Eut-lndU Company. On one aliirrrl Blwr. 

Map of the Overland Routes between £a^- 

land and India, with (ha DthatLlnai of Communication. OnanaAiac-> 
tilM,}f(.>ln, wide; 1 ft. 1 in. hlfb, 8B.| oronclolh.lakcaie, IM. 

Map of the Routes in India, with Tables of 

DlitaiKta between the principal Towu and Millury Slatiou. On ■»• 
•hee(-Slia, t ft. S lo. widei 1 It. S hi. hich, St.: oi on doth. In ■ 

Map of China. One large sheet — Size, 2 ft. 

Map of India and China, Burmah, Siani, the 

Main Penbuula, &c. On (wo ahnAfc-Slae, 4 ft. 3 in. widei 3 ft. 4 to. 
tigh, jt'l. li.i or onchxb, In a eaie, £Lllle. 





Journal of the Asiatic Society of Ben- 
Asiatic Researches, Vol. 1 to 20, and 

Iida ta tb**nt 18 nlimL £3t. 

Orme's History of Hindoostan. 

4tci*. tux 

Transactions of the Literary Society 
Wilks's Historical Sketches of South- 
Grant's Sketch of the East-India Com- 
Philippart's East-India Military Ca^ 
History of the Rise of the Mahomedan 

nmr(k>liidiitlllA.D.lCU. Ftmb U» Pcniio. 4 roll. Ka. 

History of the Dekkan, from the first 

HdtiKuDiidu CanquHla, nd ihcHytonor BtDultolTSV. FrDcnlha 
PMu, bTDi.J. SCOTT, intt-tto. 

Journey from Madras through the 

CouDUla of Hrun, Cmum, uul MiUbu. By F. BUCHANAN, U.D. 

Bnice's Annals of the East-India 

CampBT, fton I«W ui I7W. 3 Toh. 41a. 

Blac^er's History of the Mahratta 

Wir. tut. 

LONDON: Wm. H. ALLEN akd CO., 



I ■■»! »«< tr mUM to Hitadt. Fnni Til|taiDi»[rlctl 5ucv>>> mad* 
uaUkinB ^^^> SbeRi lKln( laucd Kpuiwly u Ibiy vs completed 

]<Rt liamuB, Pari of VbiHnitHii. 

111*. Pulof Vit^FUHE^ 

IM. Lowar Aiiuk 

in. l/ppn AHon. 
iM. Uppa Aium. 

LSI- UuDllliODf. 

U8. Nonh-BM Put of Amu. 
WH.H,Ai.UiiwdCa., 7, Uidntiill Strsi. 



l/iulc PuMtihenloUia Qnem. li.Sd. TIk mutlc of tl 
matctifd 10 tlw wordi. We hnr Ibit It it baomtei «i 
!■« -hkb It onn prom Ilia nuUmci af bolli ««£ ma mu.ii;. 

TELL KB WHERK IS BEAUTY FOUNDI Du«, by the •>a» Authcs 
and Compdur. !i.M.— Thiili inothar dual by Iheumoiuilian. Theiub- 
i(Kt)i ilnplc. yttnilklBghrmaloilloiiimil baaullTul. Both uiUkb aod com. 
powHamiobttrnehaid in hand lOMhs^^nraocciiinieK llwUI 
douhtlau. llkt iha ■GoTc. tnana tkt popular. 

THE MAID OF SWITZERLAND. Wonli by S. Fiiquhuuxi. Mailc 
by J. M. Tully. M. Sd.— Then ne «•« ntw kw(i mora dewntiif ot sodcs 
ihuiMi. TbaDuiilelaimaily>ppro|iriiteiDUiai>anlii>lilctamlMauilf>il. 
Tlwiai(wainl[Mii(xpnailir Its Slnu Hand, and wc dvaU ml Uiat li will 
baomw aunnely Mnnfu. 

SAVE HE. OCiobt MiiihibyGiKKEaRackar. ^ Id^Tbia la on* of tlu 
■weeteil moiccaui of aacrid loni ihal n k»a mat iiHk tiaa Iba pen oF lo 
flolneMaaavtharHUulaf-Llainllyn'iBiMa," " Tba IrWi EmlnHI,' dw 

EDIPPOi Four Italian Sonp. By the caMnaled oonpoKt. RoaalnL Bach 
n.— Theaa an (Out nqalilTaly beaulUUI tona, by tb> ■■ Svan at Peaaio." 
They nanaka.lnioiHdeKiee. of lbeuylc<^ hb ulebialad StabM MatR, yM 

■ere pubOihed, It would quLIe lupenede ttaajialtry DMhlnn tbat » IVaqiinUy 
liaueiiDdai the Mina of ^- Italian SoDd.- -fbay no doubt WIU banan* (S- 
ImnrL* popular. 


. Itll 

ByStiuiu. li.-Tbli btillliDt Polka w. 
Ly I Hate IjaKr, and wia parfonDcd by tb 


polU, II 



It, ai wdCaa "Dea WandararaLabewohl Walir,- to ba placed In .. 

PKBDEBICKA POLKA. BySinuH. 3a.— Thk Milktalinalody nalw 

SiiHitly peiTotnied baftn bo Mijealy. It la ■ iwtct aiioaj and ipaikllDi, 
the ihylbn wall maiMd. 
ALFRED POLKA. By T. Bnvne. !>,— Like lb* abot*, Ihii aho la a 
unlmul hraurM. Tban10ealinu«llnf1ypkul>f,andadiiiliably aalted 

DIE FRIEDBNSi BomWataer. Bj LaWtiky. St-ThhadiBliableand 
Markllng ■« of waltaea la a gnat raTouiliewiib all kinta of tbawahx. 
Labl(akyicar*el»o»«rcoinpt«eaaniote plai»ln»»et than Ihtfc __ 

walla, ai all the fornodnf oinaa. bauu ftoai the c e l eb iit ed ealabUibowU of 

hate heard tbemiay waaHTeraineded by lutalenledaulhor. Themelodiea 
lie bauiltul In Ih> aitiaine, and Iha thno well marked, llita (Od tb* Alice 
Polka were ludeiad by Strauia to bt placad la hl> eoSn. 

Vida '^ Tb* Lau^nftsD Hagnet,' JinuKT I7. 

iLdd. Londan: R.Cocki andCo.— "ThliUaloyoua,ralUckbiEKiai,clurK- 
tniatk! of the waodartof nn whme haUIi Itli kiiwlcd to repnaent. Th* 
Hhiurated rmnlliplaca makca really ■ vay pretty pleinn, and lionlyniulM 
by Iha quality of Iba toniaita behind li.-— Vlda " Bdlt Maueniei.* Jan. 12. 

la the poalte tOiiatni ota yowc Udy aulltlic tb* abm* 0(b« »Iln land, on 

hwilotlhadlttaitaouDdiirTinMbAli flr ' ,-.---..- 

of the leael, lBparIln« a baautUul, tboaih-^ ._- 

Uif to her lacollectko many endetiuv thMighUof thoaeabc traa karUig btl 

Uiuicby R. Blthop. PikaSa. 

LODdoai R.CocitBaBdCa.,N*wButIlBctaBStIMt,PuUlibanCathaQuaen. 

and taring, 
ng behind. 


only bybflM^aty'iMiuleaelleTa, Sleaan. ROBERT COCKSindCo., 
Nnr BuTlintun Straat, London. 

t. uoycViUilbadrallluile, 1.300 large tolhi pane, by JaaephWaDM,je«.«i> 
3. UeathoTein IT VMIb Ouartctct, wUtnl hf Rauallot, £«.«. s. Four 
Vk>lin Oulnutta and Pour Ttioa, In diiu, £L I^ 9A. 4. Haydn'i 83 Violbi 
«uartetu.£d.aL i. Ucuifa 10 Violhi Quaitetia, £a. »l s. Six VloHn Quat- 
lella,£>.xa. ;. Bietho<en'aNiiieS)inpfa«riBftit thePlano, byKalktocnner, 

S).l»6d. B. HIa Haatnpkcca ISonitaal, by Cuny. 4tala, aacbaii. 8. 
outl'i Six Synphoniea aa Piano Duela, In ditto, M M- each. 1*. The 
•une, ai Piano Soloa, by ditto, db II. Haydn'i Twein Orand Symphonln by 
dluo. with Flute, Ybi&i. and Vhihncailo. >d Hb., awttli. andyLdd. ». Tha 
aame, aa Sohia, 4a. and It. och. 13. The laiBa, aa Piano Dueta, Ta. td. each. 
14. Tba CnMkn, by John BIiIidb, ISa. IC Tha Seaania, by CleoesU, Hi. 
16. Handel'i Hei^. by John Uihop, lla. 17. Inal In Egypt. W ditto. IK. 
■S. Tha Four Cocooatloa Antbema, by ditia, Ila. U. Ai£ aDdOilatan, by 
dluo.lia. W.ThaDeUlncen TeDeum.bydltla.lM. IL Beallions'i Uounl 
ofOllvea. byJ.Warren.IIb H. RoBinTi Slabat Hater, by ditto. >k. 33. 
TallU' Dally tiariice, byJ.BiihDp, Sl M. Cotelll'l Folty-aigbl TtIca, S4<. 
H. TwdraSolaa, IOlM, W. Twelr* Csncartiia, lOkSd. Cf, J.S-Bacfa'a 

flngand ^Caei 
I Wotka, Ita. I 

Pianoforte Worka, 1 

0. at Vol I of _ — _-- — -- 

blln. bv J. BUhiip.Sla.«a7 M Cunp^pwll'i ditto, by dkl 

l,^a.,Hethvd(<stbaViolanaeUo,byA tleyrick,Bi«.,l:„ 

od futtheOiiiiai, by ditto, I9i. 33. Allita^ubef(ar, aU bla TbKntlcal 
oiki, by ditto. 4^ 34. Ntoieu'a Halbod ftw Hllitan Initiumania uaadln 
■""^ry Band, by dlllD. lla. 311 Caemy'B New PmetKa) Scboel of C\npo. 
by J. Blihop. op. dOO. 3 mi., Sli, m. aadi. X. HU Royal Plaiofoilc 
!. op. MO, 4 n^., 31a. Sd. aach. 31. Hlaek'iGi«uSchooltmib*Or)tan. 


n-.t^R-Jann, M. 43. ReUdger^ Eight 

. . . U. 44. The aame for Ptano^luta, and 

31i.ed. tS. Moaait'aSliSyn[^iaidariirPiaoo,Fkiu.Vlolla,andBaa, 


Cocki, l«i. 47. Pietoafa Uukal Slaiu«nfihy, by dlf- •- — " "- 

[beck'a Book of ConiBan Prayer, by R. Ji 

■-_ 1H_^ m^ib. ..^jb^. Jtj^gd, >* "r 

,___.. ,in[jioidtt ., 

4te. 411, KalklnrnWI TrMliM.aa Hvmoiiyfoi the I 

i. Drouet-i Method fOr (ht 

Collection Df350i3le(a. *c.,4T0li., G 

Flule, lit. N). NlchoiaoiO tautlca f<.. .... , , ... 

Porde'a EncyriepnUn of Malady, 3,DH Alia IH lb* Phila. • Tola., lib 
K. Kenfi Amhenu and Serilcea, 3 yak., Kla.enchi ud tO,000 othei worlta. 
Enlarved and hnnrored : the wholetliigeTcdhyCaemy. LoodOQ: R " ' 
Ca. du>lcPublUientalheOv«i.--'ThiiArtaei>thedlIk»afthii 

mall a price, orthathaa pleaied uimore. Itlei 

CocHandCa.,N«'Burlli«uiBSUceli aln of all MvatcaaUen, 




_._ OOIETT, 



ml, igth U>T, IMS. 

C; B. LatMCK £^> 


I L*wl*E 


r— llr. John Cmenii 

I' J. a. Jadn. Biq. 
llcdkal OBka— Jobn Gna^ E^., Apoi3i««i7.0< 
Bukn— Buk o[ BeoE^ [ SobcUon-Uaut. : 


Anul PmmuB for ■«riD| l.aM nip<ar- 



>..UTA» UI. >Ayi.l. 










B*. 3» 




All bohlm of PsUciH in IidU on tbc P»ll K^e, *bo dih hire pmid On 

(Dbc ptUlaatb, or to go in dlmiuutiDO 0l tbe futuni piemiuini pLr>l>'c. 
u to be uddad to UK ntm UHued bj Iht polie;. ml ihe opiiSD ol Iht buldci, 
■flv tb* calculuiu of (he profiu abill haie Uen nude in Lnndim. 

Aflet the eipintion of IBll. Ihe produ will b< declued umunUr, and Iha 
piLjm of flvo conplet* aomuki pmuuma ba zefulvly ett^lcd to ■ putjciifi- 
(km chcmD, with a like i^tiimae u tba mude of ^plicalion. 

T>qtia aaiuitd In iDdla for Life thall, on thtiiiclum toGnglmod rorapn- 
luej, and on the flnt half-TculJ preouum becamluK due, be enljllcd to 
■pM th* Ep^ijh ratei of premiun, acd be placed under tlH mica and 
illSDa at tha Sodatj <h«« oMalnini. 

an paitka Maand for LUa, or for lumi other Ibau far Lila, vhatvru Ihc 
■■Bibar of p a pna a ta. oi Uh penBanoiCT o oitaarwiK of thai midenta in 
KBTDpa, ihaUi alle* eanpletiBt a full Tear from the date of (licir qnllliog 
India, and on tha ftat haU-rwriT pnmlimi (iMrtaifler bsconini due, be e nt). 
ttnl lo a ndvetloA of tba&r premHui to the En^Uih rmiea, auch leiiuccd ralea 
being coDtiaued during thei' furthar TfaidcncA in Entvpe- 

"--= ' •■— = -■ -^ »"'-^ will be didj ngiatned u the OOu of 



AiiDuitrDtit>. 1,(100, >ith 
llHet-teunlo of Pnfiu, piyiMo 

g monthi'ta'lJdi. «.d It month. 
In Europe. 


flfcld 3 

AOar 31 iwa. 

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Ten pert 

il. additional ii 


ii Scttice 

•ervicaoftwentj-fiTa jiu, wilt bg Ibcai tblitlail, ai , „. . 

anuitTof ona thouaaud rapaea, parahie half-TBailf, with the ac 
thtaa-ioartha af tb( iMacQudiaU predta i or, at hii opiwn, alter ten 
jaan of lerTlca and condaned p^manl of premiiu, Id ' 
to tb* ihea niaa d< tba PdUct. 







)U.I,«M I 


Ki.lSV 8 

Ra.l 1 

:: 1 ;: i 

Toi pat-fanl. additiowalia<r*qdiadfaa the ( 



Sir Hihbt Willock, K.L.S., CbolroHi. 
ian. eiT RIdtard AmulroDC, 

will be required in advuica fro 

TaUei and fbH labrHllon i 
mantSodttT, No. 11, Chatham fJaee^ oral 
■Mta, Mawa. OOBDON, arUABT, and < 

tbe Oflce of the Paml 

Chailea Otmy Matna, Eta. 
WBUam Kottferr, Ean 
Robert SuiiHlen. Ek|. 
J«M*DaMaa Thaaxs, Baf. 
Cwt. Samuel ThoMo^ KIT 

^.B.. K.C.T.,and 

Bahuu.— Bankof Gn^and, and Meana. CnR(*ilDil Co. 

SouriTan— VUnam HeoiT CoturlB, Beq. 

'aTatcuH.-O.BurrowB. H.D., F.R.S.,4t, q u ia l a m s u iil . Tw i l iligq. 

Tlw principle adoptad bj th* Uniwrail Lifa AWMtanca SocMt, aC*a 
iraual nluatun of a^a> and liabUitlea, and a dliMm of thiee-kunbaef tka 
Dtr ffteat advuitigea. Mpaclallf to 
theu proportkiD or profit to tbw 

The firilaalnit TaUe will shew tli 
adaiedonthaimiof Hir.1849. u 

lilt of Ilu laat dividldn of proAtk b 
penoM who bad m that tif paid b)k 
■ libanl reditctlsn K thi wlliaial (cs. 
I otBcet adopting a ilmDai plan of 

Age when Policy 



pSit. Iffs^is.. 


On Ol brfae 



*S ! ! Hi: 

6<> 11 B XI 

DAVID JOttn, Aatmnr. 

THE INDIA DIRECTORY; or,Directinn»forSaiUiig 
to and rrom Ihe Eait India. China, Australia, and Ih* InKriicent Porta 
Of Africa and South Amarlca. Compiled, etaieAyfisni original Jmimali of tba 

«wJiSS'^^™K™^tar. ta^'i^rMloo'^IfUiD.a'siJ,"'^ JAMES 
HURSBURGH, Eiq..,&c.&c FiSh oditlon. a toli. 110, cioth lat- 

IIORSBURGH'S CHARTS for tbe Ntnigatiaii frev Kgn. 


ta. Stma oTRhio. OuHan, Ltnciu, 

n and^^^w^^^Coaat .d. 




It ^j;£:prrdi:f.nd,.( India, 




NlilA PILOT, £15.5* 



W HiKTS for TRAVELLERS ti. INDIA, deuaing the leianl Koutaa, 
Il MlutuallK Hapa. 

■ate Street, and a, St. MaiUo'i Piaca, liblAnt Cn*^ 

and a large ilock, l>an ITi. ed. to ISL, ni., gk, andMa. pBlb-i ■!■• 
OoiemnicnL HaniUa Clwrooti, al (he Warehomaof tltmt. ToSWTLL asd 

Id MamifkcturR.. N«. o, 7, and B. PuAUh 
: of the Hoaunenl. Londm i tad of BHlSE 
Foreign Tohaccoi. fla. Sd.,M.Sd.,>n<t iokM. 
-' ■ - ~1nicra (}IMi. eqaal to Fi — — 


KIb. TOS WILL and Co-'i Union and La Prlmcra (}Inn. eoaal to ForwlM* 
.Sd.|M-lb. M«rchaMa,Bhlpp*i*,Captaliia, te, nippM -ifth CtfuiBit 

'""■"""""''"■ D,„l,zedb,GOOgl( 





«bi m anMtr taianctii InCafliih. 
nptai, nail tb* nidbHBn otUwfmicti i 

Tuiii. Twwrrr-: 

auu* « • UU, iBd la nmukiNe tot 1)h iihibrilr of iu ilr. 

. . aHoo ItfiEdtnnia RoHl, |dIim rti EdfcWE, StHioDtBj Witftjrd, 

Twf^WaEBi, «Dd Hvndbemivtvd. pax Burroudrift Luw, wiLhiD wn mLnuts' 

___ ^ , ,v. „,j ^^^^ Holboni, and a^Avt al Uia flkwcaalar 

itUwBlaak Lin, Paildlt<|taD,KT<nlUiFca 

klDdlT pannltUd lo 

ball W. Dati». Eh]., mrfHu, B«l*]r 

— Souib AudJn s'lnrt. ' 

HowrTTvnd Co.^ Illjcti Rolbom. 
Inn WoAa, Baka tiiRM. . CapuiKHu, UilJ HO:, Handoa. 

lb Bon, n, Himita Sixn, Rt- H.ll.PirrTi, E>q., of <he houH of 

J. CiwoiLa, Eaq., BnukGrHD, Ha]»- 1 chuu. 

fc.O.C M^M, 33, MaUoi Stn«. ' Hut. PaiaaaandSoii.PariiSinM, 

Ml.CiluK, Id, Albao) etait, lU- 1 UawTPa^aa u?SoH, *W, llmat 

■aor«P«A. SBttL 

Hi. H. P. DATin, Orcal Scotland H^ui.£ciliI(IBaBdCi>.,4l>l. Oiftml 

or Pyi; P» imr«ic «,— awhtopginkr, conpounded of ihechutoa 

■btIbc ud baaalltjiBC the (enb. atnoiUHaiDi Ihe guma, and In (iiinf aiiait- 
■ w a in ilpjTf li iiw laihal—lh. IiatiipauaaHunaniiiaadluilonataihttKtli. 

aOjesitBIIcpiDpaniitaurclH a blaMy bcHatial and uluiaiy toBucDa: 
AHtamclUtmtbBtnvmiQl diw* of (ha laath. Induce a btallhy aoun 
fame ■■»«, and eauas Ibam to aauinc Iht bnghuxM and cshiuT ImUcalliE ol 

■aUMiiadcatDViDaBtaBdEraab lol toiiipadu, by paroctua^iw ^(ctivaand 
complHe iB»nkaiii». The PioprMon at Ihk Daolihlw pI«Vc ihamaalna 
Oatx lu dBcacf In prtaatinff and ambtlliabloa Iht uetb far uirpuHa any- 
ttafay sf Ite knd tra yet dtaad to the publle, ud haa, In eauKouaiKa, 
aW fliL tt malKtlin bytin llaeAy Iht Quctn.tht Court jmrtRuyalFuol It 
ofttw t Bittalii, md the Sdimfgni and Ngblltij tbisiiiboui Euiope.~-PiiM 

k-Sd. (WbOL 

CAimoa — To pnjuit Ihe pgWIc from frind, the Hon. Commlnlotim 
k»e dtiecul llle hopiiauui' naoK and addiaia. Ibus,-" A. ItoWLAltD and 
SDii,at,Ha(tonGaid£.'-iobeengn>Hl oo theGovrmnwnt tiamp. whtcbii 

TTWE TEPra.— A very carious invention connected 

M. atth Doul 5iU(>ry haa Imh iMioducfd by Ml. HOWARD, of U. 
CiaipaABMt, Hanmat Ijquni It ia the lottodactlw of an n'Jiely ner 
AnpUsBSf ARTIFIUAI. TEETH, frtad without •pilBK.wL'ai, or 1^ 

Ikgaadiaat^nlabT ib* dolol abww Tlw) <^ neretduBaa'^uroT 
■«ai, ud HiU be found <kit luparkw to any tr«h eve> before utrd, Ttila 
MOad das sot inuire the alrutloo of io«i, at any painful opciauoD, and 
-^BnnpBi ad ptcaane Ifar t- Mh thai are looaa, and b guttuilaed to nalma 


P^He nt La Plua. dcclana thai the wat lately cntecl of a dtaordet I 
i «ii — i ll. imt nnand to pvftei h«dih, by iba oaa of tbl> admirable ii 
Sfa* had HBuilred ih* Buae vnlnait pbyalriuH In the eotiniry, but hi 
n the eomplahil th. 

^ttertnijf RMlatntal Maaaa.MatchaiiU, and ihf PuUt in India, nspsct- 
t^ mt l d K a onananee of tboae flaoun they have for ao lung a polod re- 
—— - — ^— ™ nay be •mvnd of the quafiiy of their loodi befng nf Uia 




At fbllowi, wlUi Iw im<My^ Malla, PaMi««, inl Caiio, Ab the uulw 


,a^t7Ihof averynunilhiatlJurji. Wban althar of ibaao d 


MALTA, MMmdtfthDfeTtrrmaatli. ALESANDRIA.mhatUuniaUb. 



eiNOAPORE, iwl HCFNS KONO, antta artbemoO. 
ADEN and BOUDAY, alio OB UunUi of IbemanOk 


Pram CALCUTTA IMEDfiand, IMh oreray nuoth, *uipC bi1lBy,Iiiti* 
■DdVoly, sbantbeSttamanaaUonlbalUi. 

Fiom MADRAS, fuuribyiartvlaailngCaleutEn. 

m TREBI^OND, doiuabaulihelMk. 

m CONSTANTlhoPLG. ou oi abcwt Ib<m 

mSUYRNA, oa or about tbe JUL 

m GIBRALTAR, on OI about the 60, UUl, ■ 

nLISuoN, OB VT about the aib.Uib, and m 

pleate apply at ibe CompaDy^t OfBiai. No. Itt, l«AMIIKAI& 
n, ujaiwH, nd Sa.«7. >liu M*a*T. UOOTaAMnML 
.—Length of paMage from SouUmuptoD u ttm utuiiiitittDDed poit), 
IRJLTAH SeranDtr*- 



CO NsT AwfiiioFLE- - . 



ready tar lupactton. BAG Of 

ipoD tbe moat adiantauoui Ufui fbi 
ageocy, and Plana of the Shipa aie ali 
oreyery dee crl pl k io tbl| 

Biety Inlbnoatkitiieb. — 

and iba oacauary LETTERS and LETTERS 


anoa, and thib oudH and paa 
tM>1h ud n-nrrm^— "t 

VINES, and all raouialls REGIMENTAL EUn>LIK6, 

and fatuTD guid. 

UiDlA. — GemlemeQe^iieclinjiAppomlcQenlB m ilieE«8t- 
K India i;«Diuiy'iCwialry, ArUllety, lofDniiy. or Medical Senlee. are 
{■Mtfal y luremed ttait, on upplKUioB in Mnan. CHRISTIAN. Ihayvill 
jjfcibJiiJuHbeMtally pn^urad tSTIKIATtS. ihoomg ilie whole toat 
■"■fc and paiitn ria iba lioe oa tuypt, wlthuui iha nacauiiy of em- 
mP»H an agent. iKirii vlll be found dniiable to Ihoae who uudy aeonoRiy. 
II, nifBwnStieet, Cayeodlab Squaie. 

INDIAN CURRY SAUCE, of superior quBliiy.— This 

* ' I to tlv E^!lUi paUlc for tta 
Chou. Game. FMi, Cold Men, 
tbia Suea, ia caaH where ■ otrfy 




CRINDLAV unil Co.. Eaal. India Army A«ot«, beg to announeo the 
removal of the OUTJTT and MILITARY s'ui'I-lV Blanch of thtlrbilll- 
oT KeemniMukin of aB SH IPS titltaig to 1n^ may be aaea, and P« 




DUNCAN PORBBS.LL.D^PriifHimofOrlaiulLBnjiiivnla theKWt 
ColleH. Lcodflii UcmlMcofllHRo)!] AiiMlcSaciily oTOmt Biiulnud 
InUodi MBnbaorilHAiUllcSociWTotfiii.uiilAuthociiflhenilkiiilng 
Wodu, |a« pobDibed, on Ik* lliiiDimAiiKUPBMiAN Lahhuaoh. 




Id Ooa Vol. lOTil Rfo. pila £1. 1 to. ed- 

FluiH TBI " FniiHD or Ihdia," puNUIud at Stnamfurt. 

" Tb* pom ndmiH. by Itt.FDilm,i»nt*id*i«i InaUiubla annrlbu- 

Uoi to out OrlaUl nunuu*. ibiI worlhiF of ■ nan aumted nolice Ihun 

nllea lo tbt pmtDt adTinctd lUU or Uili uhI kindnd Mudla, dauBdi in iu 

tlnu. vrti pTtcLiMd In vulTili *>h1 inucnsu, illih iMIitf to ulgn to 
MCOBdin ud flninllT* iMinlnii > dna potfUoa, ■ pkilonililcal cltHlOalion 
BDda Uuli prapa IbnH. To IbU mf of tbt Uik Dr. ^otbt* hu bmufbi 

OrlHUlMuiMhBiiditKfwIeliMpMtlolbtklDd and dtfica at help »■ 
qnlrad to tlib Uomuh aatuaj. Ha baa •Imdydan* nid tcrTiu: hli 
ibniB mckt bar* adaQaiad DUOT to asqiitta that kBovMu oblch a nter. 
Ual to an aadau dhdMin of Iha vaiinu oBen of Uuat and napaulUUiy ot 
mrj lailMU raaldnt. To h; tbat It li an cntlrctv atw ■oik would be to 
(laknIWItaacqulTocalchanniri but m do ut U ft a matcSlttt fmiutiiim 
at IU Und. ntt* wa* ealeutatad to auit^n Ita anthai^ well4un(d rtniuiloD. 
TbaplanaodpriDe^aBlborillManfunsrdataUadin tha HcfMo. to wblcb 
«a ratlB oni nad«i Ih* daarical woikihaTabandltlnnUy ciplondi the 
■iwm •udKi) and Tduabla woika at Tkoapnn, Hakibl*, Coi, and H. H. 

'-"— 'to ft* pinUnUu Imni and local lUHai 

J.1 -^e and aeoMfrical bookTrha 

IbaabnbaabawtococnpUaa tbonnriilr luaUe and acoBonkai bookTrha 
woida u* olnB bi alphaSaUol otdati nu kadlBC >onl, and tbt mauibH of 
wUA It, & dnItMlMa 1^ ooopoHda, an ainn with anal 
can;— bi awotd, ir oadcnttlooand dtlMMMM, ir dac dhtlDOloB bmnm tha 
ptotinca) oTacnnmaifaBandlaxltoi^pba, If ioatoU Ikuiti, toirliet ihlnct 
o(a doubtTnl ulllii*. 10 npplr daBclBdaa, and to do all IMi with a r 

tlan that typopapby, pops, and mko thall b«uoa«-— ' 

aombhialion ba a tvconuModation to an author and hi 


HiiniD(T«iii QaiHHan, tai Uw Oriental and Ramsn ChaiacUra. with 

ot Alphabetic Wrilin)). To >hich ii added, ■ cnploui Sclnilail at Enj 
Eitncia tot t>«llBjt m Che EViil-AnMc and Devananrl chaiacten, ' 

and aaplanaUn; Notaa. B|r DDii0AK7oa>n, LL-OT Sio. dol 

L VocBbuIai} 

lIlDDSIill lillAI. 

laMuaget ipokin lb out Ejqtera EnplTe.. 

Ita man Dtomlneot pecullailtiet t ti 
PbraKi, dlalagnn, and 3Hb]KU for I 

By DntctH FOB 

he Lanfniage, with Eierc4ie> on 

iiilatlon I DID Engliih. 

irdi, Eagaai and HiBdnilinlj 

4 of idiOTD between the two Lan- 

Socond Editluo, conaldenbT)' 'l^^red. IBiiia. bound, b. Gd. 


OniBHUL PaaifawaHip: an EoaT (or tHIUtatIng the tt*dh]g and wrlihig 
of tba Ta'lll ChanclR, aa uneiallr uani In the Ba«. hi Ptnlan and Hlnilui- 

WtitlBf. aecutattlT llthogtapbtd ft«n arlilniir native MSS., aaxanpaiiltd \>y 
IMlerpren defctlptloni, together with EipluulorT Nets and ObtenaHona, 
Bt Ddrcau FoUM, I.L.I>. 4Io.<doUi,k 


el p<dnu and funetuai 
FOBUa. LUD. lta«al8io.elDib, Ui. 

•(• The Baatao-Bahuii Iha teat-book hi wblcb odati and anlilaiu-auifeaH 
autbtfrlcy of tba Hon. the Eaa t -l n dJa Conpao}. 


CuBMan ot Ihe Pauux LAieiiAaa. To wbleb ki added, aSriectlo* of 
Eaajr Sitiacia foi readlna, logeltier alth a cajHaui Vooabulajjr. B|r DuHcait 
Fanmaa, LL.D. Senmd edluoa, (raatlT Imptorad and eauldaiaMy enlaigad. 
aoiu gio. elDih Ik. Sd. 



CoDplele Liflta of 

the Compaaj'i Semntt, at boaie and biMid ; Btnld- 
— pointmcnt of Wriien, Cadeii, &c. Com|dled bo« 
led at the Eaat-India Houae. 


or the StcKtaij'a Offln, Eaat-Indii 

,* Scpaialel]'— Bengal. Hi. [ Uadna >ad BosibBf , Si. cacb, 
Londoo: Wai. H. Au. an and Co.. 7 

THE followinir SPLENDID SHFPS. belonging to 
Mcaut, WIORAH, of Blackwall, buUt and BIted «pte»lT foi tha^ndU 
Trade, will leaieGRAVESEND at the appolDlad data, calling at PoitiDouth 

Lait Shipping daj lo the Sait-Indla Dockj three dayi prnioualr- 

Stalp-aNama. Tontj Captnhi. 




IK?m;^ ■:::::: S i riSJ^.:: 

MaMuone < IWM J. T. Naah .-■ 

SSShiK" ■■ 'Solcc'c^'"" 

Queen i I39U | D. M'Lod .... 

flojalAlben 1 7» A.Stanlan -■-. 


MiSr« '.™.*.'::':'.' SS i S-c'S:^;;;; 

Freight or Pfuugei applv to Ihe rcapectlve Cooimandan, ai 

4ght or Pfuugei applv to 
n-houw; « u> WIMBLI 


CADETS, weight I7lb(. 

BESEMEUEK aud SONS, Ci.othibr8. Uutfittkm, 
and ^leady-made Lintfk WarelhMaamaB, laflte orerland craTdlen to 

ana Diar be uied without a matttCH! It iwau Radlfy blio a bag S liichaa ta 
diameter, U long. Beilitead, brddlog, Manketa, iheMi, quilt. <uc.. packed in 
one ol ttiFli Waterpiaof Regulation Cnetland Truuki, nelKh under Sclba . 

Snrgeooa, eiLimaiaa and lofotmatlan ot ewaj aapeoae of the pa ai ajt e and 
Joumn, forwarded by poaL Lbu ot Linen, priced, a 


CoDpany'a Cavalrj. ATtlllerj, and Infantry, an reapeetfollj acqaajoted tbat 

the detaila conntcled with the latcat lev uLatlooi fot the Unlforni aa vom at 
each Pmidencf . which an prepartd by tbcm in the Srit atylt, and at (b* 

CaWn Pumitun, and erery BTtiele of Ftnonal Outfit, ready fa 

The new luEanlry Sword, leafed on (be meet improved BKfal 

STEAM lo INDIA, twice a month.— Orerland PMaengers 
will tecelve the be.t practical InrorruatUn re^ieethig the loutaa ain Hat- 
andlki.(laiew'aghatsaadCo.|, IM, Lea^ohall Street, 'Thi 

Dublin, ^odn and 6 
flrighlon, C. Booty. 

LONDON i-Prinied by Caiiu.«a W»iiiit,of7. Calthatpa Sireo^ , .*? . j^ 

OHuof J.AH. Cox, Bmhtri, u^7S,at™iiii 
Flelda, in the PatWi of St. GUea-fai-Ilie- Pleldi, in I 

and publbhed by LaHciunWiLn, ai No. IS. (. 

In the Pailah of su Marr-I^Stnad. IB Q» MM CowKr, 

' Digitized bvGOOgle 






Vol.Vni.— NoJ44.] 


[Pbicb 1». 



Tk« Yitltrim, with tha ntita, Uft BoabiT F*b. *, Adra M Uw 
lltk, Md Son aa^ nit. Ttwi reubcd AltiaDdiii Feb. t», knd 
Haltk (per JfnliH) on Uw Sod ]hI. Tke u^ls Uuu braogfat 
arrired (pn UoKk) »t Mmdlki on tbt Mi iut. 

-B the nonlng or TVsdnndiiT. Mareh ao ; Icttn-i ghoald be potted 
)b Loadu Uw prerlaiu cTrniDg, or, if marked rid MBndllei, on the 

(Owp^OHMfln ««»i' 

il d ■'<{«» MO n*nt^, Xmvh p.) 


CdeatU : Jin. 26 I Iftdraa .. .. 

Bombi; Fab. 4. 


iMnKAo <i the fall of •tatet, tb« «DneKationof terriUMT, 
tbe mir^ at boopa, and naTrativGR of tangninaiy conflicts, 
tbejoarnali bronght by the DiMent mail are filled with 
gorgeous deicoplions of. the.incideats of the mit of the 
GoTOYior-Geiientl of India to Bonba}-, and triih the glowing 
eoroplimenta paid to the Marquesi by all that pre- 
■dsncy, where hia courteous and unaffected manners, not 
leM than hia intellectual qualitiea, it ia said, won for him 
" i^riden opinions," ia the Shakspearian aenae of that some- 
wtat hackneyed pbiue. 

_ ^rd IMhousie, with hia Marchioneaa, whom pur last 
ft—inriTy left at Moolipn, embarked in his iteam-fleet on 
tt« bidvi, and arrived at Sakkar and Roree on the 13th 

Januarj, where he held a levn and a durbar, at which he 
gare audience to Ali Moorad, the Meer of Khypore, who 
came there on purpose to pay his reapects to hia Lordahip, ' 
A prirate letter states that, at the interview, which lasted 
about half an hour, " the subject of tbe Meer'a misde- . 
■Manors was not broached, the Goremor-General deemiag 
the matter too complicalad for present amngemsiit, consi- 
dering the short time at hia disposal." Tbe Marquess re- 
turned the Meer's visit at his camp at Roree, wtiera he was 
recNved with all bononrt. 

Prom Roree hia Lordship proceeded, w the 15th, to 
Knrrschee, which be reached on the SSnd, risitiog Hfdra- 
bad in the waj, where he held a grand durbar. On the . 
36th he arrived at Bombaf . . '. 

Ills papers of that presidencf speak of his visit in terms ' 
which indicste that the intoxication of ytj, caused hj the 
nnaiual event, bad not then (three days after the Marquess's ' 
departure) entirdy passed away. 

The Sontbaf nhgrapk, thovgb now coadacted by an 
e^torjuat from the sceikes of London splendour, speaks 
of a " confosed dreamy impression," in which the Garemor- 
General of India, the Governor of Bombay, their brilliant 
staff and attendants, fignad in company with the 
Guicowar, his family, duMran ia tinsel dresses and peeked 
oapa, and tbetr motley crew of fglloweri, " constituting a 
nrid and highly variegaled picture." The Bombay Tlmi,_ 
more gravely, telle <rf the pnblic acts and general demeanour 
of tbe Marqitesi, who aaems to have conciliated every one 
with whom he came in contact. " Not contining himself," 
obssrves that paper, " to the common-place topics of the 
sigbtB be had seen, or the occurrences ae had met with at 
Bombay or on his journey thither, the Govern or- General ' 
entered most fatly on all the great subjects of interest con- 
nected with the policy of the Government, the (fosition, and 
the prospects, of India. He courted opportunities of learn- 
ing the ojHIiioaa of others, and of explaining his own ; and 
to thoae iriio had chanced to have had occasion to address 
him since his arrival in India on anj Hobiect whatever, he 
at once spoke of the matter, showing that there was no 
letter asnt to him passed over by him anreed, no matter of 
Inisiness left to the disposal of noderlings, dnA nothing 
which he had ever examined that had eacaped bis recollec- 

The war-steamer FVrozs, on board which were the 
Marquess and Marchioness, not reaching tbe hariiour 
of Bombay until the night of the 26th, they did not land 
until the ensuing day (Sunday), when ihey w^re received 
by Lord Falkland, Sir W, Cotton, Commodore Lushington, 
and the other most distinguished persona of all the services. 
Both of the aiastrious visitors appeared in improved health. 
The business and pleasure of the week commenced on 
Monday, the 28th, and were continued until the Isl Fehniary, 
when they took their departure for Ceylon and the Straits. 

Tbe following is a brief aum'mary of t^e doings of the 





HorqaaM: — During ha ahoit bUj ha visited die dockyards, 
futories, hoBjHtals, achoots, and seminBiieH of learning, ei- 
BmiDiDg arerr object that preaented itaelf with the utmoat 
attention. H« hdd a leree for the European commnuitr 
ibe day after his airiTal — a durbar for the nativaa the aecand 
day alter this. He receired the Guieowar and amis in Ibnn 
at the Town Hall, and sfterwards visited 'his Highneaa M 
bia place of residence. He was met with a coinidiinentRrT 
ftddreas by the vhole coiiimuDity — a separata one from the 
Maaouic Drethren ; he waa presented with a memorial from 
tlie whole of the European and a large number of the native 
merchants ; he was present at an examination of the 
ilumni of the Elphinatone College, where be distributed the 
prisea, and examined the Grant Mpdiral Collflge, thA 
Jamseijee Hospital, and Dhurrumsalla. He afterwards 
Butid across to the island of Elephanta, and esunined the 
far-famed ^gfU, bAatOviug every moment at his command 
diuing hia residence on some worthy purpose, and every 
evening there was a party awaiting him of from fifty to a 
lumdred gueeta at Parell. He publicly declared hie extreme 
anxiety for the maintenance of peace, and intimated hia de- 
termination to proceed with peace improvements. 

The Guicowar arrived at Bombay on the morning of the 
36th, and landed in the afternoon, under a royal aalute. 
He waa conducted to the Town HaB, where alarge assont- 

Governor, who met bis Highness on the grand flight of 
Btepa in front of the ball, and attended him to hia seat. 
This chief or Baroda, — now the most important prince in 
Western India, — though he had lived all his days witUn 
forty miles of the coait, had never, until then, seen the sea. 
Hia Highness had come to the presidency to converse with 
the GovemoT-General on the conatruction of forty miles of 
railway from the seaport of Tankaria to the capital, pro- 

rd to be constructed within the Baroda atate, tn which 
Higbneaa is himself chief contribntor. One of the 
Governor's own residences waa assigned to the prince, where 
Ixjrd Falkland visited him, and where he waa received in 
due stale by the Governor-General of India. The Gnico* 
war was attended by aome thousand followers ; he wM to 
leave Bombay about the 9tb or lOth Pebrmu^, <m a ptt- 
grimage to his native village in the Deccan, with a retinue 
of cameU, elephanta, and horse and foot, " such aa might 
have won the smiles of the hero oF Somnanth himself, — so 
numerous, bo noisy, so senseless, useless, and eipem^ve, ia 
the train." 

The latest intelligence from the Commander-in-Chief '■ 
camp left him at Manikyala, on the 18ih January. Aa he 
proceeded, everything within his prorince of administration 
was inspected by him with rigid care, and condemnation or 
censure was the general tenour of hia remarks. 

The whole of India waa tranquil, if we except a slight 
outbreak of soma eight Sikh Akalie at Lahore, on the 22nd 
of January, who mside a mad attack npon some companies 
of the lat Fusiliers, killing one European. They were soon 
disposed of; aix of the Sikhs were killed, the others 

The aecounts from Peahawnr, which are to the 15ih Janu- 
ary, state that all waa quiet thue. The Bombay troopa, 
except the 3rd native regiment, bad left : Lieutenant 
Walker, of the engineera, waa to ramain to finiab the 
survey of the Valley of Peahawnr. The salt-mines of 
Kohat had been reported by Mr. Came aa most valu- 
able. A constant influx of Caboolees was taking place, 
and new buildinffe were rising in all parts of the city. 
The Khyberees amused themselves occasionally in the dark 
nights by stealing horses and camels from camp, with the 
view of benefiting by the large sums offered for their re- 
covery. There were twenty-five heads of clans of the 
Khyber present in Peahawur, who bad assembled for the 
purpose of taking an oath to the Commissioner to prevent 
their followers from plundering our people, on condition 
that they were not to De shut out from bringing in wood, 
grass, charcoal. Sec. to the Peabawur market. The result j 
of the Euaursaie expedition promised fovourably, the people 
of PuUoi having sent to their chiefs, who had fied to Swat, | 
informing them that ibej intended coming in to make their I 

aalaama, and pring up keeping tba aomn iriio bad hitherto 
plundered the peaceful Eoaiifniea. 

The Ameer of Cabool waa reported to bare taken Khoo* 
loom from tbe Meer Wullee, and to intend flying to it when 
tba Britiab troopa more on Cabool, which he is sud fidlf 
to expect they inll do aooner or later. 

liiere bad been heavy run all over tbe Punjab, as well a* 
throughout the North-west Provinces, betwixt the 5th and 
latb Jannarr: the storm crisis of tbe Qtb had been exp»- 
lienced from Oochin, Catch, and Knrracbee, all along tho 
line of the Indua, and across through Central India aa fur 
sonlb as Bareilly. 

71m conduct of tbe Khan of Babawnlpore, who so 
promptly aont i iJ'i'ni^r to Mooltan in May, and haa.on ^n 
occasions acted ao honourably towards na, especially in the 
time of difficulty, has been liberally rowarded for the is^ 
vices of bis troops with GO,O00I. in cash, being 10,0001. for 
each month bis army kept the field, and 10,000^ as a 
stipend for life. 

A strange intndent had occurred at Kurracbee. Mr. 
H. B. Marriott, third son of Mr. S. Marriott, late a member 
of Council at Bombay, died there ; and aa be bad Emnerir 
belonged to the 16th N.I., some of the sepoye of the 37tn 
N.I., at Enrrachee, with whom he had been a graat 
favonrite, voluntarily oAred to carry bis body to the piaee 
of interment, which they did. On arrivw at the cbuictH 
yard gate, the clergyman, tbe Rev. Mr. Watson, ntmtd to 
allow the corpse to be borne to the grave by Ihem, they 
being heathens I After some hesitation, the sepoys, who 
bad honoured to the ntmost of their ability tbe retnaina o£ 
the deceased, were induced to lower the corpse from thear 
shoulders, and remain ailent spectators of Ae ctnmoaf 
outaide the gate. It would, however, appear that tbej 
made a representation on the subject to the officer com- 
manding at Kurrachee, by whom, we are told, tbe case baa 
bscn banded on to Government. 

The treatment of Drs. Campbell and Hooker b^ tlie 
Bajah of Sikkim seems to have been aa barbarous as it waa 

unprovoked. Tbe Gove 

ir-G«neral had written a 


threateidng letter to hie highness, who was said to be terri- 
bly alarmed ; bis only safety consists in the inacc«anbilit7 
and wortblessness of bis possessions. 

The Calcutta local intelligence ie acanty. Mr. Henry 
Palmer bad been dismissed from the appointment of super- 
intendent of alamps and deputy secretary to the Board of 
Customs, &c. The conduct of Mr. Hamilton, Resident at 
lodore, was unden(oing a further investigation, by CoL 
Low, on a charge broaght by Capt. Harris, tbe second 
assistant, it was currently reportaa that the local govern- 
ment is determined to persist in passing tbe " Black Acts." 

The long-pending alteration in the Cuetoms duties was 
finally dedded, and to take place on the lat of May, It 
conusta in tbe total abolition of export duties, and tbe im- 
position of eight per cent, upon all imported manufacturea 
and metals, instead of tbe present rates. He discrimi- 
nating duties on foreign good* will, it ia supposed, ceaM^ 
accoiding to the free-trade principle now ac(>Bpted by Go- 

The Calcutta papers slate that a mission from the Rajah 
of Nepal to the Supreme Government of India waa on ita 
way to the Presidency. 

Moulmein CAronieb of November 34 reporta the 
ry of a conspiracy to depose the King of BnrnUdi, 

which the priests were concerned ; more uan fifty per- 
sons had been decapitated. 


Bknoal. — Brev. Capt. James Mnrray, Sth N.I., on board 
the steamer Meteor, at Rajghant, Jan. 5 ; Ens. E. Evana. 
45th N.I., at Umballab, Jan. 4; Sura. T. Scott, 53Jrd 
N.I., at Delhi, Jan. 19; Maj, H. Sidifons, Beng. eng., 
at Portobello, near Edinburgh, Feb. 36. 

Madras.— Lieut. W. M. Foote, 22nd N.I., at Honapon^ 
Jan. 16. 

Bombay. — Assist. Sui^. Wm. RobartaoB, h.d., at JAoolia* 
aged 30, Jan. 16. CiHili^pd :„ LiOOQIC 






Tbe moat valuable document coDCaiued io tb« Almuuck or 
Ttu-Book for the N. W. Proviaeta and tlie Puqjib for 1850, 
b tliat iriiidi refsn to the rerenue and Cbe dMige* of tbe Noith- 
Wett Provincea. Of tbe revenae*, a rerj accurate aconnt bu 
been giicn to tbe public in tbe lait niuober of the Cakultm Sana», 
bat DO atateioeat of tbe expenditure in m detftited a fOrm, ai 
that DOW praeulcd to ns, bai jtt appeared. Tbe rereuuM of 
tttose pronncet ma; be ttkan in tbe groaa at live crorei of 
nipces, or Ave miJIioaa iterlu^. Tbe; arias from tbe followiag 

Land BcTenoe ... ._ 4,05,S9,dgl 

Stamp ColleetioDi .„ 1833(003 

Abkaree Collactioai 16,60.901 

Bevenne derived bam Salt «. ... 50,0^fi4A 

Custoou from Cottou dlsQ.SlS 

fromSncar ... .„ ... ^JS^JM 

The dw^ea Band thni : — 
Genei^ and Political Eatablial 

Hereiine Eatabliihrneat ... 
Jntfdal Eatabliahnent 
CuKoma EstaUiafaount 

Ea. t,aiAlJJ7a 


... 37.79^03 
... 60,43.560 

Ba. ],9S,d6,650 
TlM popdalioa in tba North- Wett Pra*inoet, acMs roughlj etti- 
— — d M thiit7-two milliaai, ha« now been redaced hj a moN 
■scimta eanaus to about twenty-three niHion* ; and tbe bmodm 
cftaMti«n,llMnfo(«,Utaattb«rale of a little Diore than two 
tufew •■ ead iwtividDal, or aboat four Bhilliaga and threepmca 
Kr«ari inEa^and it exceedi fort; abillinga. Fran the pre- 
ne^in g ahatnwt it would appear, that while the tvreitae of these 
pionncaa amoauta to five milliona, the expenae of e<dleeling it, 
aBda(ad*ifansterinBdvilanderimiBa1jutiee,doti not Teachmuch 
■Hire than oDe-ibnith of tbe inm, leaving abanl tbne erorea and 
of ntpM* foi milltarr ezpeaaea and hoiH charges, 
■'^-wateoe, we extracted fton the Cakum Omo* 
. —jtmttmta of reesipts and diabursemems for tbe pre- 
Wding twdva quatha in tha lowei provincea t and we are now 
t nal 1 1 d to eoanplate the general returns of receipts and diriwcrae- 
*~~*" '■» the Gangatic Valley, the most productive of all our 


Bs. 14,3MB,8a8 

re ia the North-Weat Previiiees ... ),«e,5«,659 
Dkto in the Lower Profinoea S;T7,6^S8S 

Ha. 5,0i,4S,9U 
It appears, therelore, that independentlj of the military estab. 
bahments and the bone ehaiges, tba coat of governing theae 
valuable proTinees doea not amoant to moeh BHte than ocie- 
tUrd of the revaauc tbiy jitlA.—Friimi tf Adim. 

Some montfaa bach we auted that the memben of tbe civil 
Berrice at Bombay bad determined to present a memorial to tbe 
Court of DirectorE, requesting that tbe pension of 500i a year 
wbicb is granted to civil servants at tbe end of twenty-five years' 
•"rice night be relieved (tora the condition that tbey should 
hare paid up the sum of Rs. 50,000, for the puichaae of the an- 
noity of 500i The Bombay civiliaos have been auiioua lo ob- 
tain the co-operation of their brethren in Bengal, and thus to 
fc'i°B the proposal before the Honourable Court urder tbe most 
fcrour able circumstances. Perhaps it may not be altogether su- 
l>^Dona to explain to some of our readers that tbe annuity of 
I.00OL a year, which tbe members of tbe civil service enjoy, is 
l^ted at the end of twenty-five years, and Chat one-ball 
of It is con&idered in the light of a pension granted by 
Oe atate, and the other moiety as an annuity purchased by 
theb own contributions. But they cannot obtain the pen- 
non till they have paid for tbe full annuity. This payment 
ia effteted by a dednction of four per cent, from their monthly 
labries. When this airangemcnt was originally made, tbe allow- 
neca at the service were large enough to secure Che completion 
of thia payment, by the monthly reCrencbmenl, at (he end of Che 

periwi iMd I but Ikair enoluMeala bav» alnos feeM m BaCeaUIy 
nduced, that the great mqorit; of tha servlea now find that at 
tlw and at twautyJiva yaats, the aggregate of their annual cob* 
rtwitiowa baa not amounted to nuch mere ibao half the la^ul- 
-"- mm, and. whatever be the state of their health, 'or tba 

II «r two w 
the ) 

iO a h^er period. 

BoMb^ is t0 enable tbe civtUaD to retire M tbe end of a 
quartsc of a eeotofy, if it suili hia convameDoe, with the stalv 
peaaiaM, and whataver aunuily hia paynanta may have entitled 
Um to. A propoailion of tbe aame native, which bad Lmd 
aant in ^ flftaen aubaoriban^ waa duly brought U£h« 
A» Anmial Ganarai Haetiu held oo the laC of JanBaiy 
iMt. TUrtaMi KMdaM matnbers wera paaaeM. and aa onlf 
■aa voted in faaoiir of tha proponttoa, it waa lotL 
Wa MWnlly cooelada (hat ai(|hc ef the membais praaeat muat 
have given their rotes againat it t and we amat coittaas our tittai 
inability to understand upon what ground their repugnance to 
this adnnt^MUi and Teaaooable modileation of the rulea was 
baaed. If tbe propoaitioii had been carried, and the Court of 
Direetora had granted (belt assent to it, no member of tbe civil 
service would have bees compelled to relire on a smaller an- 
nuity than \J300L a year. Tlwse who determined Co remain in 
the aarvica until the bill anounC was secured by tha com- 
plete payment of tha aum of Rs. A3,000, would have been 
•a ■lieb at liberty to do so after tha medifieaCion, aa they 
are at present. Why tbey should bare stood in the way of 
blowing any af dieic brethren to retire upon a lower aib 
nuity, we are utterly utuble Co comprehend. The only effect 
ofdms allowipg Men, who from any fanuly, or personal cooai- 
dentMMsa, mi^t be desirous of ratiriug upon an ipferior an- accomplish this obJMt, would be to quicken promotion, 
which it must be tbe wish of Che whole body of tbe service to se- 
cure. We very mucb t^ret Ibis dcCermination of Che meeting, 
inasmuch aa it cannot tail Co weaken the hands of Cbe Bombay 
branch of the service, and to disincline tbe Court of Directors 
to their memorial. We trust the question will noc be allowed 
to drop, but that such a demonstration of the general wishes of 
the service on thia subject will be exhibited, aa to overrule Cbe 
repugnance of Che small number of dissidents at the presidency, 
and we cannot but think that an impartial re-eiami nation of Che 
proposal wiU satia^ even them Ibat it is calculated Co promote the 
mtereaCs of tbe whole body of the service, without interfering in 
the smallest degree with Chose of any particular individutd. — 
Frtend of India. 

Tbe Skkim coon try is a scrip of tenitory which weeonquered 
(Jntm Nepal in 1816, and beacowed on the Sikhim Rajah. It is 
bounded on Che north and north-eaat 1^ Thitiet, on the south. 
eaat by Bootan, on tbe weat by Nepal, and on tbe south by our 
own territories. From Thibet it is sepanted by the highest 
Himalaya, in vbidi stands Che glorious Kanchin-jinga, the 
higbeat point on the globe, 38,000 feet above Che level of the 
sea. The whole of Che country, with the exception of a strip tk 
plain ^Kiut 300 square miles on its soucbam boundary, is com- 
posed of successive ranges of mountaioa, clothed for the moat 
pan wHh foreiu from (op to bottom, jntertecled by rapid tw- 
reUa, and abounding in rocky taatneaaea and deUee. In such a 
country, Cbs inhsbiCants must be few in number, and widely scat- 
tered. TNy couiltt of Lepchaa, Bhootiaha, Limbos, Mechis, and 
Moormis. The two latter inhabit the Temee ) the Limbos the 
norCb-weat, tbe Bhootiaha cbe norlh-eaat, and tbe Lepcbas the 
ceocra. Tbe entire area of the coiintiy i« aupposed noc to ex* 
oead 3,000 aquare miles, which ia a littlemore than balf the aur- 
hcB of Yorkshire ; and it wa allow six inhabitaDCa for a square 
mile, we shall have from 18,000 to SO.OOO, which is considered 
by all as very much above the nark. The trade of the country, 
as might be expected, ia smsU. Tbe chief aidcles of Crade are 
munjeet, raw cotton, coarse blankets, bees' wax, musk, chMuiea. 
and cberetta, in exchange tat which they import broad cloth, salt, 
earthenware, spicea, thread, oil. tobacco, and beade. Our trade 
both with Sihlnm and Bootan, especially in broad cloths, is in- 
creaaing, and ia likely still farther to inereaae, as greater facili- 
Ciea ofaeceaa to tbe country are created. The Rajah's resources 
are ver^ trifling. We give him a quit rent of Ra. 6,000 annually 
for Darjcling, and be derivea a considerable revenue from the 
atrip of lead in tlie Teraee, on the borders of Pumeah. which 
we bestowed on him. The army is a small undisciplined mbble. 
—Fritnd of India, 

Digitized by V.-jOOQ IC 





- Thi Bttmiaf TTmn inlbmu tu Uut tfaepriee ditd for ptnet of 
Milira opinm, bj the Goveroment notlGeUioa of Ibc 23n) No- 
, tember, 1B48, j'a^, R«. 400 tbe ebot, hu boen dineted bjr k 
notiflc^toB in tUOowmiKaf Ganlte, to eoDthiiM in foroc tiH SItt 
M>7,18ai- WeMil^olnt4>ata«niel«>nemomdiiiD,whidi'wflljirtTe 
iuluci ting to adlnaDf onrnkdM*, afDwnaiBbor of ^iM*iipactcd 
from MaWiffirtbe iMrt tan jnra, of the UBOofat reaUked from the 
Mu d«lT. and of tbe gndn*! inonate nbudi ttai btainiBda of it. 
It wai'oritiiudiT flMd at Ri; 125 the ditM,' bat It haabam anc- 

ST^ .nMed, Dpon' (be adfke of tbe RcMeM,' to Ra. 2M, 300, 
ivi. Tkia ioMeaae of dntj baa Dot, bowerer, oobaaioiled aojr 
dimlnatidn oF the ' Duubar Of oheata exported, wbleb anonnted to 
16,953 ID 1B40.41,wbte the diargewaaRa. IIG tbe cheat, and to 
16,50t ID the laat year, when U had been Miaed la Ba. 400. The 
BluraalaafnielitatiMof IbepabUcrereaaefron tbtaaonroa, bfthk 
jndicioBi iDcreaM of tbe dutf, nu^ be eatlinated at 45 lana of 
npeea, or Dearij half a nuUioD rtariing. 

1839-40 2.151 .. 2,68,8751* 

1840-41 .. 16,593 .. 21,19.125 I At R«125. per 

1841-42 .. 14,681 .. 18,35,125 f cheat. 

1842-43 34.320 .. 30,40,000j f 

1843-44 .. 13.563 .. 27,12,60o1 »- ™ ^ ,j^ 

1844-45 SO.rZB .. 61,45.600/ ♦"• ^^P" ***'■ 

1845-46 .. 12.635 .. 37.90.SOOl r, iw. «, *-»: 

1846-47- .. 18.802 55,80.600/ *"■ ^""- P*"**^ 

1847-48 .. 15.485 61,94,0tt)l „,' ,^ „„ . - 

1848-48 16,609 .. 6G,03,66O j '"■ *™ P" **"• 

Ta^l eipenees in 1847-48 Ra. 17,799 13-1- 

Ditto in 1848-49 ..;,..■ 18,159 10-6. 

Tbe TToiM oF the 22Dd of NoTcoiber lait Ba;a in refereoee to 
tbe RniDCea of India, thit " the produce of the new opium tax ig 
Hon round to be altogether ovemted." To what tu that joanui 
alludei ve caonot divioe ; but it ia an incontroTerlible ftict that t)ie 
dear net profit derived from opium lait jear amonnted to three 
mlllioni lUrling, iDd exceeded the ptoceeda of ererj preccdiog 

Neither are *e able to nDderitand on what d'ta >t it.atited in 
the lame paper that the " groae annual iocome of the three pre- 
udmciea is between seventeen and eighteen mitlioni •lerling." We 
ha»not'at hand tbe means of ascertaining the grosa produce of 
die rcTCnuce at Madroa and Bombay, bat'the Bombay ITmat givea 
OJ a atatement of their net rerenaei from a Parliamentary docu- 
ment, which, when added to tBe kHOWn and acknonledged rerennee 
oftheotber preaidqDCiea.Mt«^Ii»lifa the fact that the eatimate of 
the Timtt i* nearly fbOr millimia under the truth'. 

Net rereniie, Madiu ...:....:.: Ri. 3,88,11,613 '. 

,; Bombay. ..■........;...,■ 2,06,35.382 

Groia revenue. Lover PrBriUeer 9,43|t£,g82 

„ „ Upper Pronnoea 4,95,5i;876 

~-Frind if I«^. 8a. a0,33,3»,e53 


TAa Bombay GoTemmcnt baa at length made a great forward 
movement in this latftDrtBot qnestion. It appears to have beoome 
•entely Kiiiible of the diaadvanlaies of the present Imperfect ays- 
tern, and the fallowing order haa been promulgated wiib the aanc- 
tion of the GoTcmor- General : — 

"The right honaurable the Oorenior in CouQcil ii pleaied, 
with the permiaaion of the honourable tba Court of Director!, to 
cancel Sec. II. of tlie amended rulea relating to the junior mem- 
bera of the Bombay dtll aerrioe, pabliabed nnder date the 2Bth 
January, 1845, which reqairel that a junior eiTil tervant ahill paaa 
]a two Of the native langukgea before he la cenaidered eligible for 
cniploymeat in the pubHc aervioe. 2. In future, any junior civil 
itntxit who mav paaa In one langaat-e (HindultaiH). mill become 
eligible for eiAployment as a supemnmery oniMant to a oblUctbt 
and m^trate. but be win not receirc promotion Ottfil he *h*U 
bare paaaed an eiamfaiation in a leeond langoage, dtbcr Manthee, 
Gutei^thee, or Canareae, * hich he will be eipoctod to do within 
a period of 18 months after bis artiral io the ooantry." ' 

If the aathoritiea act fairly up to the apirit of thia regulation, 
the civil aerrioe will receii^e an impotee snch as it has not expe- 
tieoced for jeara, Tlie younc civilian, who on his arrivkl in lodit 
fa partially ac(|nainted with the Che Hindostani laiig;uage, is thus leave the excitements' aud allnrements of tbe'iAetrojiolit 
for tba dntie i of b is cnufaery, a^ aooiras he becooies master pfrtlU 

* Owinv tn war \n Cliiaa, the tnAt waa lUi^ant. 

t In eaBHanesee of iDcreaHd dntr from iitOetobn. 

t Nottn at the laotaaed rate Of dDtv" hariaa been liten— everv utr ibat 
conld be bronglit bifcct the dale ftied, I n October, was boaglit. 

ooe language. In the sobbrdiBats posifion wMeh he ooeapiea at 
the p.utaet of bit career, liia want of knowledge of tbe vernaealA 
tongues will be of little comparative importance, while he ia made 
distinctly aware that ntil be csid pass an examination in tbe dia- 
lect. of the 4iatriect, be wilt receive no addition either to Ua pay 
or bis rajihl . He ia thm fumiahed with the strongest incentives to 
exertion, aod at the same time placed in a sphere where hta 
ebergiec' will have fair play for the scquiaition of the reqniaitA 
knowledge. In the daily ronttoe of hia cutcherty, and amid 
the actual buainest of liit djatriut, he will acquire, SiB it wera 
by intnition, the langnage employed In our courts of lasr, 
while the examination of witnetaea and persona brooght ixf_ 
for trial will teach him tbe langnage of the people, and 
reaCBB him from what ia popularly styled, " the book tougoe." 
At tbe concluaion of hIa apprenticeship, be will returu to the Pre-- 
aidency to pass in einrninatidn whidh' has noir b«eD reudereal 
pecnliarly serere, by the presence of two native examineri. . If tte 
pssset through this ordeal ' in sffety, be may be ^rTy considered' 
equal to bia reaponnbililiei, and the aoiton who come befort Uhi* 
Will enjoy the inestimable' benefit of a magistrate, who can speak 
tbeir own tongue, and anderatand thnr rude, DDeonnected^ aeo- 
tansta- ... 

Highly, however, as we may commend (his " atoi in the light 
direction," we capijot, but thjnk that the 'period Slowed fer^io 
acqaiaitiop of a second langnage. Mahrattee, Goieralhee, or 
Canarese, by br too limitrrd for that feoHliar acquaintance w{th it- 
wbich the civilian oBght to possess. If six moneba be sppropnated 
to the Hiadustani; there will be only twelve months left for the 
vernacular tongue of thedittriet. and this is not BUffldent for an 
intimate colloqntal knowledge of it. We shsU, dieiefore, watch 
thertsuhaof t>'e pnaent moratnent with much interesL Mesa. 
while, we tratt die Bengal Governinent nillkiao be IndUOeC to 
adopt the system of a second examioatlaD Am tba yoaSK 
civilian haa b«en a auffident time in tbe Hohaad, to 
toqnire. a thotongb. acquaintaooe with the laun^ i of tba 
poople. We require a distinnt rule that promnUon bayob4< a 
aertain dofiniU limit shall be nude absolutely to depend opoB tM 
eiviUp d's (ncoMs in pasdng tbe ordeal of a second eiamibBtioii in 
Catentta, before a committee of gentlemen, Enropsaa and Native, 
at which be shall be obliged to exhibit a thoroiigb kaewVedge of 
(tie Bpokep laDgiHge, to Inuutate some native doenMebt. into 
EDglish, tiul aomj) English paper info the vemaMlBr toogoe. 'Bat 
we $tsat go Mrlber. < Sorstxaag ia th«diapo|iliad dSQk laiiliMerfa) 
OJSoeniot.ibecoart to ns« tbeUindustshi, UaMhemdst p^tSVe*t.atrii^;eDt Orders must be issued simoltaiieoaBlr wkh 
the new rule, that ne^ambh and no pleader aball be allowed to 
address the opnrt. in any. other langiuge tfann Uiatof t&editlrict. 
The civilian would then be enabled at once to TriinTnWf,t*ipt 'rfith - 
«hi4&i)inmMt.fa>CiLtlif-.(ea]o)UM«.oCIiia.igg))(anee, andbeooii- 
atniool maDlully to bee the smile which hia awkward mirtakei 
nuy create— -and. thus, within twenty years from tbe ijaie wbinttu 
ve^calar langofge waa' T!eftpre4 to the wuti id thb'toustrr.bjr 
law, we shall «;id { t .the ev^ve me4wii9 df oOnwuniaatidd ia the 
adnunistration of justice, wbereu more than half a coitury wa& 
reguired to comp^e this change of practice in England. — Friend 

<^Ii%dia._ ... . ..,.,-,, 

. 0(ta eontesiponry of Ddhi, hi his tssoe of the 5th, bat an 
article calling the altentioa of tbe Commander-in-Chisf to tbe 
Ftate of the ausses in the different regiments of the Bragal annjr, 
end inviting him to Uke actiie measures for putting on a better 
geoeral foottdg the interior economy of'theae iiutitntioas. Th«t 
in the toeases of many raiments belonging to the army pf India 
great want of good management, if not of common prudeace, 
exists; that owing to tbe negligence of the ofBcersinaome cues, oc 
the inattention and irrpgularity of mess coiomittees in . Others,' tiie 
affliirs of many of these institutions present masses . of Cptrfuaion, 
and unaecnrcd liabilities, which itll inspected coulj hardly bp'cmi. 
ceived,— no one conversaul iii t^e'slighteal iegret: with the fofikcl 
Will deny. But' wc think that o*r con[empurary/6;5ve, ar,^ vt^ 
him others bfthepreas, have fallu into an idea but toq |ire,vate^ 
that tbe fault in general rests with^the older and'niore ex^^ie^S 
officeia, who, by rendering the institutiou too expcnuve,', far".^M 
limited means of (he juniors of the regiments, throw ^em , into 
arrears, and through them the mesa itself, thus crealiDg for Ufeao 
young officers debts and diniculties in ' the \t'rj outset of 
their career, which '■ wiser course' on' t^e pari 'of 'the 
seniors, by leading and jiotniing out to their subordioatea 
the niore econo'mical, a^d, at tbe'same H me, equally d<^icjibif 
road, would hare caus^ (hem to avoid. We have given to the sn^ect 
aportidT^or ou'r beat attention, we have called to ^our.aid,(lia' ex- 
perience of one' who for many years haa ^een eithW the pre|^4*oi 
or a member of a meaa committee, and are convinced t£'at .tl^.inn- 
fnnons and entaiiglements into which the a%irs ol\ mesa ariibiil 




McMaj^MfMritobll. •riMnneraUf.lfiiotioMr.fhnfi'tbe 
U sf oaiBioD or commkaion oftheionngetportkialDf th* ratl- 

looAig thnudrti lato the tdUrs, . «r couctactiaf io the lUfhttat 
d«gt«e tha nanigtmtnt of coneenu In which Berartfadni tbdi 
oirn'inMRilt mtj b« to urioiulf boand np. Whklii emrj mMi'f 
boifelMittioboi^'i; thai, whllit Capt. South thtidct It nwi b« 
ill light, heoBM Lieut. Bran, whg U on tb« mm ■Mini, •nyt it 
l|, iStv*. Btowa-ABeoff it w, became IJenl; Green «u totd bf 
Enugn Whito that the nieia Baboo thoagbt Che concern in a 
Bpnrtibing oondition. Few take the leaM trouble Co ioqaire re- 
B^u)g,ths itate of tha.meni fewer inleRstthemielyeaHiSicieatlj^piutcnd it^. ^onoira, or aaaiM in the r«al ntananiatiitot It. 
The mititntlan I* formed, • nettin; anemblei, and aign* a kw 
Tola it hardly take* the tnrable to bear read ; that good foUaW 
te-and-ao Undlr conaenti to take tbe Dumagemeat, and be be 
incompelent.or be be wone, few care to iDqaire, to ai tbe trovbk 
and bother (u H ii axpreoiiolf called) ii off their handa. Or aaj 
It ^ otberinie, uj that (he coipi poueuea on adTantage, new not 
•hen met with, of haiinjc two or three older and more esperieneed 
•rIScen able and willing to manage thli and other- regimeiilal in- 
ititatioiu, atUI Lhef are alwafi a miooritr, and are liable at taj ice, ^d tbt tee, their beat iateDtioni ftiutrated, t^r moat 
able mlea'iet aude, very often, merelf to meet tbe eitnyagant 
and ill-conndered ideal of joDog and thoughtlen men, who 
nndeittand not the wiadom of the nikt proposed for their 
jQidance, or nDdentanding. care not to act ap to them. . Ercrj 
.o^oer onght in h{i tnm to take hit' ihare in tbe muugenienC of 
,Ui roeia, make hinuelf ic^naiated with iti detaili, and inCereit 
himaelt in its goter^ proiperitf . It Ie incumbent upon the aenEon 
not onlj to look after the regimental iaBlitotiont tbemielTei, bat 
to see that their jnoiora do lo alao. Tbe plea of total incapacity it 
ridicaloai ; a man incapable of doing bia dnt; ai a member of a 
mesa committee is incapable oF pecforming anj duty at all; but 
more than all, it it incambent on the eammaoding oStcert, bjr 
actnal examination and audit, to convince Ihrmtelvei that tbe 
affMra of (he meaaea in tbe rEgimenti committed Co their charge 
are in a aonnd and proaperoQi condition ; none need be otberwiae, 
aad jH how comparadTclj few are ao. Their freal bane, bf tar 
their greateat, it the permitting any officer nnder any ppetcoce 
whatever to fan Into arrears. Once allowed in a corpj, the 
-"-'-"le apmd), and if not tpeedily eradicated, miuC be fatal to the 
Tity of the meat, and entail difficalty and distreia on iCa 
ers. We have, with tbe atsiilance we before alladed to, 
drawn op a set of rulei for the guidance of a meaa, and we feel 
Isaored that if tbeae rnlei, founded n tbey are, on (hose now in 
na) in aome of Uie moat floarishing meiiea in the Bengal army, 
•re nMiepted by any regiment, and aoWd Op to, and on, in tpirit 
'and in troth, at the end of every three or four years, that meat 
■hall, if not already in more than areiage erabarratiment, be 
ft«e entirety of debt, and ihall have laid the foundation of a fdad 
wbiefa will apeedtly amonnt to thonratidi of nipeet, to Inreat in 
-[Dale, or Company'a paper, at It may appear to it moat advlaable. 
The Delhi. OtutHt propose* two- rupees aa the utmost 
atlowafale limit of the mest tubacrlplion, but we deem 
Ihia madk too little. It mnat be borne in mind that 
the' tobtcriptlon ii the only aid afforded by tbe married oBloer, 
■nd t» the staff abientee, if a member (ai wa toon tniat to aee 
all ataff officers obliged to be), to tbe meaa of hla regiment. That 
far this he ran at all times command a combrtable dinner at a 
hjtndaoiDely covered table, and that be has a put- proprietorship of 
■0 the neas property for this trifling mm. Surely, then, it will 
■ot be eonaidered aa too much ; — and it will, or oagbt to obviate 
tibeBeeeanty of any additional call on tbe panes of the members, 
irhcB a renewal of mesa fumitare or plate ahonld render an ei- 
tiaordumry expenditure neeeaiaiy. If, aa baa long been whiapaHd 
in Duffiary drclet, Sir Cbarlet Nipicr meditatea making aabset^- 
tioB to meaaea eompoliary on all officera, either with their corps or 
•baenton staff employ, the fund ourfat ever to be in a Ronrishing 
nnditton, receiving aa it woald then do, taking the sabicription at 
' Hi. S, ah Bggr^ate of Ra. 240 monthly, Including the Government 
■noiniMei and if tbi* doea take place, If the Commander-ln- 
, CMetiitim his fiat, we trust that there will net remain ao embar- 
Aawd mesa in tbe Bengal army. 


1. The meaa shall be governed by a committee compoaed of 
three olGcen, elected every aii mootba at a genera! meeting. 

2. . The officers on whom die election shall Fall ttnat serve on the 
aOBoitttec, nDder penalty of Ri, 50 to the mess fund, but no 
ioSmi( ean be compelled to aerve for two conaecutive periodi. 
■ i. The comratttea being elected, iball proceed lo allot amongat 
t fc i a ^hea tbdr leveral dotiea, the senior being preaident. with 
t^affc of the treasury and accounts, one member saperintendlng 
Itoiafae and Uqnor dqmrtmmt, tbe otbar tha house tnd bhanta- 

eck. dt oftaner Jfaee ea iaTy , 

prosperity < 

4. The oomoiittee aball meet onde a 
to taUyacea«ita,;iD^eot latten, &0. 

5. The meaa eommittae shall keep four boo^u. one cootaiaing a 
list of mesa furniture, plate, properties, aad fiitnTM, with their re- 
apeetbe values. One a "purchase book," in wUch, jmder dit- 
tlnot heatUnga, the amount of aitldea ordered or reccivedfrau any 
agent or merchant shall be entered, and opposite, the ainounta 
paid from time to time to aocfa merchant or agent. One a ledger, 
whkb ahaK ha made up mooSilyi end eibibiC a hiz eiiily-uuder- 
stood atattment of the meas accounts (thit alway ■ to bo open (a 
the Lnapectlon of th« memben). one a day-book in the banda ot 
tbe houie member. 

S. -In addition to the above, the wine member muat keep an 
abdar'* ebeck, and wine book. 

. 7. A bye-laar boot, containing the nltt for tbe Interior econqmy 
of Alt neaa-hoDie, legnletlng tha boasa Str tiffin and dinner, and 
oontaiBJng the ptioea of the dlRereM aaeaa atorea, ihill alwaja be 
kept hi tbe abdai'a room- 

B. Tbe vtbole of tbe interior economy of tbe mets shall be nnder 
the guidance and aatbority of tbe meaa committee, with whom no 

interference aball on any account be permitted. 
9. Tbe entrance fee to tbe meas uial' '~ ' 
Inalalmenta ot Ra. 10 a mouth. 

be Ba. too, payable by 

10. The farther sum of Rs. 30 to be paid on promotion to lieu- 
tenant, and Ra. SO on promotion to captain. 

11. All officers, on first joining tbe coijia, abdl .be coaudeted 

meas gueatt for a period of one week, after which ibey t^all b« re^ 
qaeat^ to decide whether they wilt became memhera. ^ 

12. Officera doing daty with, or in any capacity temporarily 
attached to the eorpa, aball be oonsideied honorary memben, 
withont ballot. 

13. Any officer not attached to the regimetil,'wiahin|' to become- 
•n honorary member, miut be regularly proposed and ' aecondeif ;. 
a ballot wilt then be Uken,— two black bails to eiclude. 

14. The monthly subsotiption ihall be Rs. 5, payable by all, 

1 5. Honorary members shall pay one rupee for each dinner, and 
eight annaa for tiffin, if not living regolarly at meaa, in which caae 
they aball pay tbeir abarc aa regular membera. 

16. Married officera belooging to the regiment, who, previoua to 
Uielr marriage were membera oF tbe meas, aball have all the privi- 
leges of honorary membera, retaining tbeir rightt aa members. 

\7. Honorary members, not officers of tbe regimcot, have- ns- 
vote* at mesa meetings. 

18. The montbty bills made out on the last day of 
every month, and a copy of bis own tent to .each[ bia 

' ■ " ' forwarded by the meas pra- 

se all pri ti- 

ls. Any officer falling into arrears to the mess to . 
legea of membership j and, in the event of an officer's I 
ing unpaid two consecutive months, the meat commiltee are boand 
to call a general meeting of tbe officers, and state the same befora 
them, which meetingthall have the power of expelling aucb officer, 
or acting in any other manner they may deem best. 

20. Any officer eipelled (he mess ria only be re-elected afVer a. 
period of six months, by a ballot— throe black balls to eiclode. - 
On re-election, he shall pay the donation of hia rank. 

21. An officer leaving the meas, or refuBinjj to join it on being 
posted, shsit, in addition to the donation of bts rank, pay s penal 
sum ; if a tieut., of Ra. 30 ; if a captain, of Rs. 50. 

22. Any i>neer having cauaeofcamplaiatagainst a mesaservant 
shall state tbe tame, in writing, to the bouse member, who aball. 
tnveatigate tbe offence, and panish the offender. If the complainant 
fa atill ditCBliafled, be can appeal to a general meeting: but no 
officer must strike a mess servant under a penalty' of a fine of 
Ra. 16 to the mess hnd- 

23. Tbe whole of the officers' subsoripUona and donations shall 
be accumulated at " mess finds," with siso such portion of the 
Qovemment donation as tnay be decided apon by the mess Com- 
mittee. This fund shall be kept to meet tbe eipentesof plate, ttc., 
itt accounts to be separate, and the anm to be deposited in one of 
the banks, and no expenditure from it shall be permitted, eicepc. 
by tbe votes of a general meeting. 

24. At the end of every ail months, on the retirement of (be 
ConimittHe, they aball lay before the' gmeral meeting a balance- 
abeet, exhibiting the debts dne by or to (he mess, balance of caeh, 

"and every particular interesting to the memhera at large. 

25. The duties of a mesa committee are gratuitous and great, 
and members are expected to throw no obatacles in the nay of 
tbeir fniailing tbem. 

2S. Theae rulea being passed at a meeting, and having gained 
tbe approval of tbe commanding officer, every member ia to sign 
them, binding himself to observe them in letter and iatpirit-- 
Eiffliihtnan, Jan. 25. 

Biriilpjsd by V 




HiaABAiA DHOLiir Simqs ii 
at Pntteyghnf. 

BaioAsiiK YoDDii :■ nominiled to commBud tbe 9ikkin 
* fleM force," wblcb will conslat of some companin of H.lS.'t 
SOtb, and the I4th and S6th regti. N.I., wHb tbe leqauite de- 
Ml of artillery. 

M*. AnDBuorr, one of tbe nridablpnien □( the Buctplmh*, 
fell overboard vblle that veuel was dropp?iig down tbe river. 
AU effort! to tan bim were nnaTaillng, and we regret to nf he 


Taa Mjil from London, of Nov. M, 1819, readied Calnttta 
DD Ae lOih, and the Hail of Dec. 7, on the 2end of Jul last. 

SiAUCola. — It IB said Sir Cbaries Napier desires 1(^000 men 
to be cantoned at Sealkole, which station is to replace that of 

1 progreu to Ue destinatioD 

Tna " ALratD' xm Tnnoi" have Ijeen taken Dp by Oo- 
temment to convey J60 invalids of tbe royal army to England, 
besides about thirty or forty men and women in health. Three 
or four officers will proceed in charge. Tbe Pr^tee o/ Wala 
takes the Company's invalids, siit^ in number, and about twenty- 
five men, women, and children, in good health. According to 
nisn, only one officer will accompany these. 

Thi ** advertising ' literatore of the day is noticed by tbe 
Star. An Australian hone was put up to auction, •nd de- 
•cribed as " perfectly quiet to ride and drive, and bas carried a 
lady; branded ' E. C." near shoulder." This onimat must have 
come ttom Norfolk laland, where.branded laiKu may be supposed 
teiideni. The same Ann sold a " large substsntial cage, with 
nine canuieB and six otber birds which sings weII." 

Houa DiiH TioH Calcutta to Miiairr. — A private com- 
pany is now being formed for the conveyance of goods and 
passengera and hoive carriage dakhs from Calcutta to Meerut 
When the government arrangements coma into effect tor tbe 
horse dakh from Benares to Lahore, a person wilt be enabled to 
reach the Utter station in about nine days from Calcutta. 

Ma. Ocaaai Iholis.— The fiujiuAnan thus notices the death 
of Mr. George Inglia, of Chattuck, in thedistrictorSylheL " The 
deceaGfd was probably the oldest European inhabitant of BengaL 
He was well known to oli wbo bad visited that part of tbe 
conntry.and there are few who have been in the neighbourhood 
without partaking of his hospitality^ Mr. Inglia waa highly re- 
spected, notonly by bisown countrymen, butby all the natirea 
of lhediEtrict,both those oftlie plaiiuuid the bills, the latter of 
whom have long looked up to him as a friend and protector. 
Mr. IngliB was in his seventy- seventh year, baring paued nearly 
sixty at Chattuck, and having been for that long period con- 
atantly eng^;ed in commercial pursuiU, in wblch he has always 
enjoyed a high reputaCion'.for integrity and honour." 

CAWNroix. — A correspondent from Cawnpore wrile^, under 
date 9lh January, as follows : — 

" This morning the S)tb regiment Native Infantry marched 
Into Cawnpore from Dinapore, ni nmle to Lahore. The men 
appeared healthy, and as there wtn but few dhoolees, there 
could not be many sick. 

The notorious Ram Sing from Lahore, eacorted by a com- 
pany of tbe 3(hh Native Inbntry, also marched, or rather rode, 
into Cawnpore this morning. The weather bas become beauti- 
fully mild, and the crops are in a most flourishing state from the 
late rains. We are now getting 52i seers of grain for tbe rupee." 
— Apra MetiengtT, Jan. 12. 

MasiM Maia. — The new cantonment at Meeau Meei baa 
been marked out) and we are indebted to a friend for a plan 
thereof. It faces Lahore. The rigbt commences about 500 
yards on the Ferozepore side of tbe Temple of Meean Meer; 
and tbe lert rests on tbe Feroiepore side, and will be distant 
from Anarkullee about 5 miles. Tbe barracks and all will be 
rMdy, it is supposed, by September neit. and the banacks, con- 
taining washhouses, reading-rooms, workshops, &c. Two ra- 
?iments N.I. to be in the front line, next to the European 
niantry, and two in the rear line next to the dragoons. The 
Staff lines come nett to the native uiCtntry ; and in the rear of 
these will be the Sudder Basaar. The irregular cavalry will be 
in the rear of the artillery. The cantonments will be 2\ miles 
long by one mile ieey.—MofiaaUilt, Jan. 8. 

FuTHAMEoTi. — We understand there is a rumour to the effect 
that a large cantonment is about being formed at Futbankote to 
command Goolab Sing's frontier. We give it as we have heard 
it, but the necessity of some such arrsngement gives it an ap. 
pearance of nrolwbilily, and we hope to Snd the rumour con- 
Armed.— DcUf Gtattte. 

GooRoo M*H*«*j.~A letter from Jullander of the 89th Dec. 
mentions the capture, by Mr, Vansiliart, of the civil service, of 
the celebrated Gooroo Mahara;. who was reported to have been 
drowned in the Jhelom during the last — '- 

Faaaroi. AocttMi.— Tk« Mutim, iuu atttvad at Cakalh 
fnm Port *-'-*-'-*t. iwotta ■ IsBfbil accidanl whidi happeacd 
on b0M4 Iha i l ajtrnti Skata oa kt wmj to Pact McIhoofM 
wt^migmiM. While M handa wtt* iMVaeeCa; (opsaiih 
Iha ship was stiadi by a aqnaU, wUek aamid Bway all tteaa 
■Mta, and pwap i latod twaoty4ve bm into tba sea, SevaatMB 
«r tfaMa WH* itaMed. but the nswDWf aight pefislied. If tba 
board. It ia diAealt to aee bow 

Tn naar xim Sicoim Hana (tf tba brig Gaffotf have becB 
(bond gnlftybefbre an admiralty eonrtaaaembled at Hong-Eaa^ 
of steafing upwards of Bra thonaaiid rupees CroBi some treaanre 
freight on hoard the vetael. lie former waa sentenced to seria 
veara' tranaportadon, the latter to two years' impriaonneiit witli 
nard labour. —AtriUni. 

Tna RsrOKf Hiat t>r. Berwick, of Benares Bank notoriety, 
waa to be uled by a conrt-mertial bas lieeR contradicted. 

Thr Bslbookolly Indigo concern, hi Jeasore, the property at 
the late T. Braa, Bw]., was sold, Jan. IS, by Mackenlie LyaE 
and Co., at pnbUc auction, in lots: Lot 1. Baboolnrily, to 
Hesars. Wm. Macnair and J. A. ftteedonald, Ra l^^OOIX 
Lot 8. Barragantle, to Mr. J. A. Haedonald, for Hi. 8^000. 
Lot S. (Half-share} to Meaars. Uacnair and J. A. Macdooald, 
tbr Ra. 55,500. Theae are, we presume, good pticea, aa 

Tn Kon-i-Nooa.— Ifit be really trae, and we have heard Et 
upon excellent antbotity, that her Majeaty has declined reonr- 
ing the Kob-i-Noor as a price, the question very naturally pre- 
sents itself— what is to be dona vritb it? It Is too large to be 
set far a flnger-rin^. or an aigrettst or for entting glass; too 
valuable for any pbilaotfarapic potentate to set in a snuff-boa 
and present to some celebrated George-Thompson- like character; 
too unwieldy for general purpoaes ; ao useless, in fact, that no 
one knows what to do with it. A glorioua opportnni^ 
therefore now offers to the people of England to raise a special 
subscription, open to all who inhabit those dominions ** upon 
which the tun never sett," to purchase the gem for pretentation 
to faer Britannic a token of their loyalty and affection 
at well as their estimation of the servicet of die arm^ in India. 
It would be priied more highly on account of the high honont 
done in its pretentation —on account of tbe blood that was spilt 
tn gaining it — on account ol its intrinsic worth — and on account 
of the possession of it being marked as an emblem of the death- 
blow to despotiam in a country, uneonquered until its brightest 
treasure fell into our hands. Tlie Koh-i-Noor is a prise up<H> 
which alt Englishmen ought to look with feelings of pride and 
gratification i it should never be permitted to leave England; in 
abort, the throne of England is the fittest place for such ■ gem. 
No difficulty was experienced in getting up an immense anm at 
a testimonial to Mr. Cobden, why than should there not be an 
equal facility for getting up one (or a Queen, whose mode «f 
ruling millions has kept peace in her realms, while almost every 
other nation throughout the world hat been shaken to ita baaa? 
— i)sai G(u., Job. 22. 

Thi Ei-Rasu.— The T^cJUGiuefl* baa leaned that Major 
Stewart, agent to the Governor of the North-western Provincet^ 
accompanied by a aufficient civil force, proceeded to the reai- 
dencB of the Ex- Ranee of Nepaul at Benares, for tbe purpose oC 
taking possession of all the treasure she bad therein, and which 
she was squandering in a most disreputable and thonghtleaa 
manner. The Major effected his object, though [not withonC 
Bome trouble, and a show of resisiance on tbe part of the IbiIt', 
who however soon saw it was useless, and allowed tbe proper^, 
amounting to about seven lakhs of rupees, to he taken away and 
safely lodged in the treasury at Benares. 

Das. CAHraiLL ahd Hooxia.— A letter from Titalya givas 
tbe followiiuF account of the escape of Dta. Campbell and 
Hooker i " Fifty of tbe Bhaugulpore Rangers were sent to es- 
cort Drs. Campbell and Hooker into Darjceling from the Run- 
geet; on their arrival at tbe Rungeet, tbe Rangers crossed the 
river and encamped dose by the dwelling of the Sikkim Utah's 
Dewan, where they had heard tbe two gentlemen were de- 
tained, and as this functionary was itili disinclined to release 
our superintendent, they spread a report among tbe Lepchas aod 
Booteabs about them, that they were followed by 500 European 
soldiers, who would, on (heir arrival, mattacre every Lepcfaa and 
Booteah they met, and cut the Dswao into piece*, if they toond 
that tbe Burra Sabeb of Dageeling waa not releaaed, and told 
them (the Lepchas) to advise their Dewan to release both Saheba 
immediately, if he at all valued bis life. The Dewan on baar* 
ing this report was so fri^tened that he inttanily set the Sabebs 
free, with whom the wily Sangera retraced their stepa to Dar- 
j eel ing.' 

Onoit.— At the opium sale held Jan. 81. Behar averaged Ra. 
lOlB 12 3,»nd Benaret Rs, 1017 5 It percbetL 




l«k tinadNn w«n U DtnapM Bb «h* «A Dn., cm tbrir 
nrVUM-bri^trot" It U MTMtri ttet Um DMJHtlu 
MrraofM^mMtdBbMsan Aowly » fc» f liyiJ k cat- 

■DoAcen •ntoirtnrit t 

t MiLiTi&T Omem » rat Cmt Copm. 
-ri Twy qnMr-Woried ord«r by the CammndaLhi-Chtof 
MdM KMDe doabta irttA hd uiwn m tD tb* MMMbUtty of 

-M*.- ^ t iawe hg ronna st Shnla. It b demcd that 

nAorit t« Ibe jadgownt of iliow ctmit*, knd 
d witfc tba d«eittoBt, thet ">»y appeal » the 
i^«riiv mofta on the RnMnd of ~ — ~ 

~" iiiiMtkaHai 

iSpmaaMof _ 

rat all ooneVMd diat tho todolgMM of Im 

M rrinta iflUn win ha urithbcM kwa any 

•■car, who. fcrgMfal or lAM ia <ae ta Oe booMnHe MolmtioB 
M wUdt be bckmga, ai^aeii hiBiair M bare hU eoB<D« bnwbt 
I" ^ iKK^ of amrior anllKiclty fct MKbk to pay a Jntt <Mm. ' 

Tta BnuL HtvtCAL RrmiNO Ftthd.— The Qonrterly 
Geneial Heeting of tbe aobacriban of tba abon Inwimtion 
tw* pbce at the Town Hall, In the ancnkoon of Jan. 15 But 
on the report of the eoinmittee of naaageinent being read by 
tte officiatuiB ucretai?, and a notion for ita reception befw 
InMgfat Sarwaid by Dr. Haittn. tod aeconded hj Dr. Eidaile, 
*• -*• deterauted by a nujoif^, on aa aneudmcM mored by 
^ aeooiMfod by Dr. HcLellaAd,— that tba 

. Uoo*^ which w 

pMO ofbaiBK ameiMled; 

jowauJ DDtil the ameodad report ka h«ni inbraitted .. ._. 
It the pmideaey, and another maeting oallad for iu 


A ComuBT.— The PiMraaatoHfrodnr haa a wry tenaibla 
article on tbe diBannee betwee<l HliKhi and European cfaarec 
tcraindiaplajaaiBtbrirrctpMAln^MMlMt ra1ath«|to there- 
aoM Di«R Acta. IbapartwfaMipropoaeitonakeBHilih-bani 
aaifleeUBMianible to tbe CMOpat^t BoAiaail eonrta la eriminil 
<Ma, haa, erer ahiN tbe day of Ita pnnnalgatlon, been made tba 
mitjmt of nnmereifal criTieinn and aavere cetuare. EnnnnBna 
tbrougboDl Ibe length and breadth of tba country bate aiMul- 
tiBeoasty and wfth one toice entered a urai^ proiatt uainat 
fte meaaare ; and if they do not nieoeed in pre*antlng the act 
5.^'.*!?? "•• " »" avanta, dctermiiMd to aiakea etraggla 
let onr legUaton In ptopoaing fatare innoTadou* 
^^.. - ' cooeenwd, Wharea* tba Hindni Buffer ibeir 

I*™ .*? ■ which atlempta a mere aertooi encioacbment wpon 
»w nghta and privilegea, to paaa Into a hiw atnioat without a 
?™- ™* Bengal anofee away the tine with hii ehmcterntie 
WHRrenee and reroltii^ apatby, and wordy Toung Bengal talka 
« frika, but to no pnrpoae. They ha»e, ft ia tme, managed to 
^tapB memorial, but there ia notbing like that unaaialty, 
peraeieiauce, and eamettnett whioh tbe Importance Of ttie 
■aiterfrnperatiTriy ealts for. 

K»D Foot. — We hear that half of tba BZnd fool will, most 
probably, go to DugibE, uid half to Subatboo, The barrack* 
at Dngebaa are first rale, but tbeie ii no aecommodatian for tbe 
offieen aave a meu-bouie, and one occupied by tbe officer id 
charge of the atation. Sir Cfaarla* Napier will, it ii takl, spend 
tbe nen cold weather at Subathoo^ aa tbe rainy aeaaoa at SJaila 
■a eoaeideied diaagrMable.— ZWU Oaatu. 

How TO iKcoiu A Hosia-owaia.— Tbe colleotor of Maeu' 
nienl and faii mboidlnate* are, aya a contributor of tbe Pnbiu' 
tar, deiermined lo stwre tbe lawyera, and l«ve the iudeea a 
good 4eal of Rtigation, by inlrodncing a notel end ■ jtry mm- 
m«y proem of inuiBferring bouiea and landed propetliea 
Expnuire and intricate caaes are decided in the twinkling of an 
eye ; and ezteniire and yaluable tttatei are mads orer to new 
P"*"" J^ a finpto attoke of tba pen I It any body haa a wiih 
to paai for tbe owoer of any big bouse in tbe city of palacea, all 
tbat be baa (o do ia to apply to the taziiv authorities for the 
bao^oftbeMmetobianamai and by tbe neat qoatterly bill 
IW bouse I* hia own ! 

A NAneauM. — The general orders published below eootain 
alfapieriam nnezpected, after the disapproral of proceedlnga so 
iR^pent Ulcly. Tbe Com nHnde^in- Chief says, " I consider 
Mat this court baa been improperly conducted by the Deputy 
JiMge. Adrocale GeBeral,»od I rtwllrsporthim to tbe Govemor- 
CcBersL" Geutlamaa eonscioui of their own deficiencies will 
■owell to pDt tbemaelTea to aebool at once, no matter what 
theit age or rank nay be. They hare got anr them a waicbfUl 
ecw^who rneana to keep erery one to hia duty.— Ei^bibua, 

*>TH>A«T>MO>r ea»e bcftm the Insolvent Coart In faj. 
™*¥'^ *?i^' *® ** «FP<we* by tbe Advocate Geaertt 
jwTjZ. "**•*■'"•"*■ ■'"' *• hearing was adfODmed to next 

Qoaaraa-MAjfraa Otxxtm, QoaartTaoota.— Wa hearfroa 
nad anthotMy, that CM. Goagh ia to aaebann witb Cm>» 
^5«. of H.M.'s »3th , this vrill eiMbl. cSTo^g^jt^ 
h> qipMntnMBi of quarter-mattet gMMtnt to the Qoeen-s trooas 
on the ocpiry of bia leave. The 3rd diagoons, in which he is a 
o^^ia aU likalibood wiU be raliaved baCare that period.— 

'*?*';?,!'"•""* fetadiMent of arlHlery recruits, under con. 
■and of Capt. J. H. Smyth, of artillery, will leare Dum-Dum 
te the Vpptt Provineta on Monday neat. Tbe foltowiag 
Offieera are doing duty with the detaichmeni : Ijent I»lby, 
•ctmg adjutant ; Lieuts. Boyle, Evans, and Gary, of aitilleiy- 
^S^' *^ ^'*'*" " '° "^'^^^ diacga.— iJiim n«a, 
BiaoA, 3(A Jan. 1650.— Yesterday our station was treated 
with one of the most severe hail storms I believe almoat erer 
experienced; it commencecl Bbout a quarter before II a.m., and 
pelted without eesiation for about a quarter of an hour ; the 
ground round about the bouse was covered witb ice, and looked 
like froMn snow, about U or 8 inches thick, the hailatones being 
as laqis a* pigeons' eggs, and some of them eveo larger. lie 
nativea stared wl lb aaloniihment, and tbe "oldest inhabitant "* 
declared ha had never gazed upon (be like before: the damage to 
the opium cropa must be conaiderabte. llie weather had been 
very mirky and cloudy for some time i it is now line and ctear 
again, although tbe early part oF the morning was very foggy. 

GwAuoa, I Iti Jajnuay. — We have been very gay here of late. 
The Govern or- General's agent, Mi. Buahby, and certain "ladiea 
hur," having paid us a visit. During their stay perpetual,'saluting 
and firing |of Iguns prevented other soundi being beanL Now 
that they have 1«^ sighs and groans are more than audible. 
Our church has been floifibed for some time, but Is not yet open 
for public worabip. It was found, after all bad been completed, 
that tbe Bishop of Calcutta's licence to open tbe church could 
not be procured wltbout a fee. Do you beliere it ? Tea, Rs. 64, 
-^il guineas ! is the sum demanded. This T am told goes to 
his lordship's registrar,— Well, our local bishop (Foy) remit* 
the aoin, and ii told in reply thnt at present the bishop, 
being absent fttim Calcutta, the licence cannot be granted. 
Here, then, is the Gwalior community, who have at great ex- 
pense and trouble (with the assistance of dte charitable) been 
able lo provide themselves with a place of woiehip — but are not 
allowed to put it to that, nor till they have paid a fee, the 
ehurch fund being at the tame time deeply in debt — and when 
the money has been made avaltable, then " the bishop is absent 
from Calcutta," &c. Sic. These, I believe, are the bets, and 
they speak for ibeniBelves. Had many of the subscribers known 
that a portion of the ftinda were to be paid to Mr. Abbott tor a 
licence, I suspect (be Gwalior church would never have been 
built' It was oor Intention to have opened the cburcb on tbe 
flrat Sunday of 1850. whilat Mr. Bushby and hia suite were be»; 
when It wtn be opened ia another thing.— A^a Mataatr, 

PaSBAwtTB. — Letteia dated Dee. lEIh Inform ns that Cnl. Law. 
tvnoe, with the torce nnder Brig. Bradshaw, Mt ^bawar on 
Monday, Dee. 3rd, to paniib tbe inhabitaDta of some villages who 
not only refosed to pay revenue, but phmderad and anDojEd their 
more peaceable neigfaboan. After orosSbig Hie Cabul river at 
Nonheers with aotne difficulty, there beiv no ford and bnt few 
boata, the force reached, on the lOtb, " Katlung," a village at 
nhieb Capt. Lumsden, nltb his guide corps, haa been encamped, 
protecting the country for the last month. On the morning of 
the 11th the force advanced to perform the BUCoeahil little aflair 
at Suggoo. The enemy was, of course, deapleable: but bis posi. 
tion, with the natural difficuMes to be overoome before <t was 
possible to engage, was moat formidable. The village of Suggaa 
ll situated in a nmk farmed by Ibe range of bills (3,000 fret) 
which rounds the valley of Jnncoor on tha north, and a apur 
(500 ffeet high) projectitigthevefromatanangleof flfteenor twenty 
degrees; scrois this work was conatnicted a stonewall, behind 
wblcfa, and on the apur, the rebels took up their position, ahowing 
numeroua flags, ftc. die. Oalheforea approaching towitbin 1.200 
jarda, two gnna opened fire on the men on the spur, while the fiOth 
riflea and aotne companiea of the 3rd Bombay N.I. movnl to the 
front and aacended it at two points with great difficulty, tbe 
enemy throwing down atones, firing their matchlocks, &c. to 
annoy them ; Coke's and Iiumsdan't Inbntry went to the left, up 




the piaia range, to obuin poueMion of the ool j ratroat . dk*t ap. 
p««red pnctlctble. Tbe mun boij, vith tbe rcmiinmf four gaaa 
of Foidjoe't troop of H.A., moTad to ittick tbe front, 
■od after the u-tillery bad fired ■ few ronndi of capital ihelli otbt 
the ■dnmini intaotrr, the 61at Queen's eotered, OTercomli^, of 
coarae, all roUtanee. The nibeli, about 2000 men, had mora than 
100 killed and EDanf wounded, loit all their flagi, and escaped 
onl; b; dimbiag tbe 'moat praeipUooi roolu. Theb- Tillage vu 
Mdied, and latueqacntlf barned. Our loaa ia CapL Bingham, 
60th AiBm, aarerdy wounded ; Lanuden'a Corps, 4 killed, 
7 woonded; 60th RMIca, 3 wounded; Glit, 4 wounded; 3rd. N.I. 
3 woanded. The whole affair wh managed eicellenUr by Bri- 
gadier Bradsbaw, and the troop* deaene all aorta of credit (or 
overcoming inch nataral dlfficnlliea. Tbe SOth and Lnmaden'i 
men enwied up ptaeea which aeemed qoite impraclieahle. Capt, 
Lumiden condncted the advance, and ibowed himaelf tbe fine 
fellow he reallj ii. Men may write nonaenie about yotlng Clite't 
" doing" hiatory, and iaolpisnt heroea holding indeftoaible plaoea 
by the atrength of tiMir own right armi ; bat it ia not too ranch to 
aay that Lomiden lioowa erery Tillage, and ia reapected and liind 
by STcry Tillagcr in the Enaobye eonolry of wbl(£ be haa abarge. 

Darjeelikg. — A letter from Darjeellog, dated IBth January, 
18S0, aayi :— " Head Qnaiien and three companiea of the Uth 
H.I. marched in here on Sunday, the I3th, nndor command of 
Ldcnt. col. Wake, band playiog and colonri flying, mnch to the 
amnaement of the Bhooteaha in particular, and Paharee* gtnerally ; 
three more companiea marched in on llie fbllowing day under 
command of Lient. col. Innea. Brigadier General Tonng, hta 
aide-de-camp, and aauitant adjutant-general, arriTed here by 
d£k, DO the, 16U], after dark, and a aalate of thirteen gnna wai 
fired from the cnteherry the follawing momiag loon after son- 
riae. On the IBth, the Oeoeral iaao^ hli orden for a Sikhim 
field- force to bold ilaelf bi readineaa to marah inmedlately, and to 
be eompoied aa foUowi : — Capt. Hawkea'a company of H.M.'i 
80th; i.e. 100 European), three ofBcen and doctor; 300 
aepoya of the Uth N.T. lire ofBcen and doctor; ISO lappen 
and toinera, one officer; 150 hill rangen, one oKctr; — 
Total 700. There ia no raenlion of the artiUery, two 31b. 
moODtain gnni and mountain honitier which are expected to be 
in here on Monday the 81st — and no mention in the order of the 
gvneral and hia ataff, bat angMationaUy it is hia Intention at pre< 
•ent to join tbe (aroe, which will be immediately comDianded by 
Lieut. Col. Innea, Col. Wake bdng <m the aick liat. The 
Sikhim Bajab has already commenced to alter hia tone. Re ii 
already calling for mercy ; what will be call for when the Sikhim 

' field-foroe haa cnMBcd the Rnngeet ? If thia force of 700 men be 
considered anfident for tbe purpose, aa it ia by the moat eompe. 
tent lo jodge, what could the Friend ^f IndU be dreaming abont 
an adTanee of 5,000 men in three diiiuona, one Dp the 
'Baliasnn, anotlier by Daijeeling, and a third np tba Teeita ! One 

' fit two Ihinga oinat happen with an adTanee of 700 men into 
Sikhim ; either tbe Rajah will aarrender, or eaeape— moat probably 
the former, though there is nothing to preTcnt the latter ; either 
will be an abdication, and I aoppoie suit tbe purpose ot Gorem. 
neat equally well. The Bajah is trembling in hia iboca (ftMir* 
boots), and well be may." — Hariaru, Jtn, 2S. 

TiTALTAB. — Onr lettera from Titalyah are to the 2and Inataat. 
They state that " the 16th N.l. grenadiers arriTed at Titalyah on 

'the 8lh instant, and the 14Ui N.I. marched from thia for Dariee- 
ling on the same date. At Fbaaeedooah, a Tillage of the Sikhim 
rajah'a, lying aii mllea from Tttalyahj and on the road to Dar- 
jeeling, the 14th foond two guns, I balisre aii-ponndera, whid 
Vasj seiaed ; two companiea of this regiment were left at SiUigorao, 
and two at Pankabaree, io order to keep tbe road opes. Gaoenl 
Young and hia A.D.C. Lient. Maxwell, Capt. Lydlard, aaaiat. 
■dj. gen. and Capt. Tickell, assist, com. gea, have eome from 
'Dinapore, and ha>e arrired at Datjeeling, to aasome the manage- 
.Bcnt of their different depaitmenti. The artillery stationed at 
Titalyah at l«tt marched for Fonkabaree on tbe Iftth in- 
atant, whence they will, perhaps, procend to Darjeeling. 
The whole of the Uth regiment, the Europeana 
at DatjeeliDg and the aappers, are to mardi imme- 
diately into Sikbim, ai the rajah haa fled, but it ia not known 
where to. It appears be bad been ordered, within fourteen daja 
from date of receiiiog the notice, topreieaC himself at Darjeeliog, 
to answer for hia late conduct, but at tbe expiry of which period 
news was receiTed (rather too lale) of his eaeape, and Ihe coase- 
qnence is, that ha will be searched for; two companiea of the 
16ih base been ordered to Fonkabaree, two to SilUgoree, one to 
Dbabalee, about thirty-six mllea west of Silligoree, and one to 
the rest of Bakalee, (o stop bim np in hia own billa, where CTen 
he baa auffldent room to haraaa oar Iroopa for some tine, if bit 

own people 4a not batrar Um. J 

waa plindered by Bhotan robber*. 

of fifty Bbaogulpore bill rangers, who had bem stationed thve I 

prerent theae immriiona, hBTii^ been ramOT*d to Daijecdiug, ihi* 

guard baa unce been remoT«d back to BikalM, wii«t« all i« qwM 

again." — HwrharH, Jb». 26. 

Military.— The 59th N.I., onder tbe commMid of Lient.- 
ColoDOl Syera, was at Seoree on the 19lb Jaonary. The 42ad 
N.I., under the command ot Lieut.- Colonel Polwbek, waa at 
Bnrkee on tbe 17Ui Jannary. Tbe oorps waa expected to teadi 
Barrackpore abont the 11th or 12th February. The detadunemt 
of infantry recruits, under (he command ot lUajor Shower*, 
72Qd N.l., in progress to the upper prorincea, was at Baiar 
on tbe ISth January. Tbe 20tb N.L, under Capt. Coifiolil, 
arrived at Noorpoor on the aaoNiing of the Bth January. 
The 29th N.I. marched oat of Noorpoor no the moniliv 
of the 9th 00 ita mareh lo Peahawur, but waa obliged to halt 
at Raja-ke-bagh, 4^ miles from Noorpoor, through atreaa of 
The 3rd GwaUor Infantry, nn^ command ot Capt. A. 
n, of the 43rd N.L, nroiile to Angur in Malwa, front 
. eached Sepree on tbe 12th Jannary. Tbe Sth N.L, 
two companiea of the Kbelat-i-Gbilxye regt. and a troop of 
earaJry, arriTed at AJlygurb on the 17ui, with a large amount ot 
treaaure under their diuge ; Ibsy were ■'''""f' three days by tho 


Gwuior, r 


Camp, LatMrt, Dte. 22, 1849.- 

t. eoomn, at 

to dieeWa 
of R«.4M, 

and much obstmetion to Jnatiae and hardship to merdiantaand 
othera baring been caused by tbe reFoaal of raOitlry offioert to 
admowledge the jurisdiction 1^ the aaidoontta, and by tbea^eet 
of officer* oommanding regisenta and atatiooa lo aid tbe iMI 
power Id oarrylag oit Ite daoreaa d( tbaae I 
in. Chief desire* that all parties ooncemed 
no OM ia at liber^ to realat tbe juiisdielrai of 

coutaaaay appeal to tbe superior eooft* OB the gAwid of wwDt 
of jtuWieUOn. 

When ofleer* ag^nat whom docreca are |JTen in tbe ciril eoaita. 
' "' * "to thdr nigimaBta or atations, the decree* ttHI be 

D*a DeceMan. Any commsaiJDK 
tbi* iojBBetMM will be prooeedel 

agaioat Ibr direct disobedience of order* *Bd ocaitsapt of autbarily, 
and tbe CoDmander-in-Cbief wama all conoemed, that tbs in- 
dulatnce otleare to visit tiu billa on prirate afliura will be with- 
bdd Ihnn any ofioer, who, bnatlU of what ia doe to the hoiMMr- 
abte proleaaion to which he b^ongi, sabjeoti hiwself to have U* 
conduct broDglit to tba nottoe of snperlor aothori^ be Ibilisf to 


pay a just d« 

Albxandbi, J. ret. to duty Jan. 9, attadhad to Bengal dlT. 
Athbktok, R. rea. ch. of bis o*. Dee. 9S. 
Balvour, O. G. to be mag. ot Monghyr tt. Dec 13. 
Baluaih, W. to be aaaL la the Delhi dtr. Jan. a. 
BsANDBBTH, E. It. rct. to duty, Jan. B; re-attached ti 

BatrcB, T. cIt. and si 

T. cIt. and sea*. Jnil. of Upoerah, laadi 
it dutiea of Ua off. to the ptinc. audder 

Bkade over eh. of t' 

trlct, Jan. t 

Chbbtbr, C. to Dffie. as mag. and eoU. of OorackpoR, Dec. M, 
ClifvoRD, F. W. to be an asst. lu the Agra dlr. Jan. i. 

CoopSR, r. H. a -' ' * — ■' -' = 

I, Jan. T. 

o mag. and coli. m Sarau, Teated irlth ap. 

ATioaow, U. plaeedatdlsp. of ladia, for amp. nndar 

board of adsalustratian at Lahore, Jan. 11. 
DoviTOH, H. dep. mag. at Mndriipoorah, in Bhaugulpore, rca. «k. 

of office, Jan. 6. 
Dbuumond, Hon. S. to be mag. of Behar fr. Dee. 13. 
EdmonStohk, Q. F. to be off. commit, and aupcilnt. da-Satle} 

states, Dec. 38. 
EoBBTOH, R. E. admitted to the aerrke, arriied Jan. 10. 
Erbeine, Hon. J. C. to off. at resident at Nipal, Dec. ». 
Garkktt, R. B. TcceiTcdch. of off. ot dr. and aau, }nd. ef E. 

Burdwan ft. H. C. Ralket, Jan. 4. 
Gabbtin, C. dr. and tea. ]ud. of W. Batdwao, made OTer cb. •! 

hia off. to H. C. BamlltoB. Jaa. 6. 
OiLMOBB, H. S. dT. aod)es.iad. of Cifttt^|e^,^«^Qff. 



Grrt, W. hd. we. to OoTt. ef India, to off. u MC. In Ih* honu Iwd 
for. dcp. dor. atn. ot Hkllidaj'. Jib. 7- 

" " " iDoBc.Mjt. miif. Midep. eoll. of BeniMi, J«a.7. 
'" "" regbterDfeoDrt of SnddecDcuuair and 


e. ch. of off. of mig. sfBeerUooni, Jao. II. 
HamptoH, R. to oHe. u jt. n»g. and dap. c^l. ot Pabna dnr. 

■b*. or Woodcock, Jan. 13. 
H^aRiiOH, R. P. rcc A. of off. ofjt. nag. and dap. coll. of Bog- 

Hakkibon, E. F. to be an astt. to the mag. and eoQ. of Dkcca. 
Bathobn, H. V.dT. and ata.jad. of Sana, made onrch. aHht 

cnmat dnCIci of Ui office to tha priac. nddn amccn, Jan. a. 
Hooa, P. dep. mag. of Chanpaam, retted mritta powen rf • nar. 

fo tbal dlitricl,Jan. s. 
Hdmb, a. O. to ba aa asit. to bu;. aod eoU. Of Mcenit, Jaa. 10. 
LiHDCAY, C. B. to (riBc. M Jt. mag. and des. eoU. of Badaoa Aw. 

dcpat. of Mr. CoBit, Ju. 7. 
LONBHoaa, W. J. aiad. eh. of idT. of It. uag. aad de>. toll, of 

rnw. Jaa 

IN, H. I 

. to datjr Jan. 9 ; and rt-attaelMd to N. W, 


H'iKTOsa, H. B. to be a acm. oi the ttrij tiud ton. of Hilda, 

HiLTiLLs, A. L. to be aa a»t. to nag. aod coll. of Srlbat, witk 

powCTi of }t mag. aad dtp. coB. Jaa. S. 
MtLLB, A. J. H. to oBlc. H gpcc. comm. at prn. dor. aba. of A. 

Dick, Jan. aa. r-~ r 

If OLOMV, G. W. adodtted to tke atnlee, atrlTrd Jan. 10. 
OoiLTia, A. eoU. of Bhieibbooo, taade orer ch. of U) off. to A. 

HaniBsBd, Dee. tS. 
PiorvN, W. O. to be an airt. tomag. and enll. of HlnaHra, to 

tx. r>««no(it.maK.aaddcf.toil.lnthMdUtrict,lM. 13. 
BAizaa, H. C. del. am eta. of off, of coll. of BhanlKn to G. 

toeb, Dre. 87. 
ECADB, F. e. rail, of BaekergBOtr, Bade OT*rrb. of bla traaaary 

aadcar. datlcaofhkoff. to J. B. Rdl;, Jan. is. 
Kbid, H. H. ret. to dot; Jan. s, attached to Bengal Mt. 
BtCBABDsoH, B. J. to be an aiit. to }t. mag. and d«p. coll. of 

:. eh. of ecflaeConte ef Srlhit ft. W. 1 

Dacca, Jbb. 

Shawk. M. 1 
Bukk, Jan. _. 

Sr. Odihtih, W. n*. to dnty. Dee. SO. 

Swn-BHBAK, H. dr. aad leaa. Jadga of Daeea, na. eh. of datSc* 

fr. prin. awldcraaiarB, Jaa. IS. 
SwiHTON, A. A. aug. of Rajeabfe, ni. eb. of b<e off. Jaa. 13. 
TMKANiAn, W. H. to ba ■apt', of Cslentta ult chokeva. 
Tboknhill, H. pl.atdUp. oftbcGoT. Qcn. foremp. (q tbaPao- 
^b. Dee. 3t. 

TfOBirroH. R. to offle. as aict. N. VT. P. dar. aba. of Graal. 
WiuiKB, O. D. oflte. kAI. at Hldaapore, ree. eb. ot tba trea- 

WiLEixa, O. D. to be ft. Bug. aad dtp. eoU. of Baaaoorah : to 
- -e. at ed. of HidB«ron, Jaa. 7. 

BaoWR, J. C. kcec rawrtlrrl 
roBar-TB, T. D. 3mo. fr. Jan. 38, to Caleatta. 
GAKariH , C. dr. and act. ]ad. of W, Bnrdwaa, 3 jttn to Cape, 

ecDed fr. Dec ft. 


OmB.ABD, W. R. hue ew 

GbAHT, C. I BM. 

Halbbtt, U. C. S weeti. 
KiHtocE. C. W. leaTa eaaeelled. 
SfACKiixor, C. W. toera eaaodkd ft, Dt«. ai. 

KlGBABJlBOtl. R. J. 1 no. 

Sr. QuiHTix, W. 1 no. on la. c. 

Stbachbt, J. 1 no. 

Tat(.«k. T. IcaTB eueelkd b. Jaa. 3, 

Tahsittabt. B. leare e 

WBVBaKBD,T. A. ino. 

Wooo, B. Sna. lont. 

BOMTCLL, Bar. R. B. S mo. lea<ra fr. Jaa. IS. 

BkOOBB, Be*. R. p. I BO. 

CHArMAM, Ber. J. B. to be cbapbin of Mldnapon, Jaa. 9, 


Uaddoce, Bar. E. R. to be ckapUln of Ptmag, Jaa. 5. 
P«»Tiita, Rr*. R. to be ehapMn of DIoapore, Jan. 9. 
Rj>BliiaaK, Rer. J. to be ebaplatn of Benatea, Jan. 10. 
Rdbfih, Rn. W. O. l no. to Haalndn. 
Samratno, Rer. B. H. lea>e of aba. tbr I mo. 

I. H. to be a inrTogBte for gnotlng epitcapal Uaeaee* 

VAu.ia, RcT. A. to be ebapUto of Chaoar, Jaa. 10. 
Woon, RcT. T. to oOc ae 3ad cbapUln of St. Jobn't Chnnh dar. 
Bba. efRa^lBf, Jbb. M. 


Alpi, CapL H. ilit H.I. Kt. to da. Jan. 14. 
Ahdibbon, Eoe. T. C. to do da. with e7lh N.I. at Dioaparr. 
ATKrNBOW, Llent. G. F. rag. app. (lec. ang. Benarei di». Jaa. 2. 
Bacon, Lleat. C. B. G. to do da. lath N.I. Dec. 34. 
Baoshawb, Capt. 8. R. 7ih N.I. conf. in app, of caaCoDmeut jl. 

nag. of Ftroiepore, Dee. 31. 
Baebk, Capt. F. U. Uth N.I. ret. to da. Jbb. 14. 
BAaaLBT, Slit N.I. rcL to do. Jan. 14. 
Bat-tini, Edi. Vf. A. to do da. with 44th N.I. Banacbporc. 
Bailbt, LleaL D. 7th L.C. ret. to da. Jaa. S. 
BiBca, Eai. W. T. 16th N.I. to act a> Interp. to detach, of re- 

eraJte oader con. ofBreT. H>j. Stcpoet, proe. to the upper pro< 

Tlac«i tobelient. fr. Jaa. fl, ISSO, t. Walmiley, eaBhtered. 
BDi'<BAaoH, Lleat. H. F. M. adj. Kemaooo batt. to ree. ch. ol 

gODi, tee. la Fort Malra fr. Capt. Salherlend, Jaa. 1. 
Bbiooi, Lleat. J. P. took cb. of the treaaar; at Maalmein, Nor. 

j'lN.I. p>i 

Bkowtr, LUat. W. T. art. to offle. ai dct. etaff, OOlta N.I. v. Cast. 

E. SliiBwrt, tgth, on nareh. Jao. 1. 
Bbownb, Capt. S. oeth N.I. ret. lo dntf, Jaa. It. 
CHicaiiTBB, Comet Hon. F. A. J. potted to Sth L.C. at Pcroic- 

pare t to rem. at Cawnpore on dep. ot tr. 4th L.C. witli which be 

waa doing dntf, Jaa. 1. 
CnaiiTiAN, Eai. H. H. anderordmtadodutT«!tbGlat,todo 

dot; with 67tta N.l. at Dioapore, Dec. 31. 
CoHOLLr, Ridlpg-mr. C. to be lleat. no the Tet. eitab. fr. Jaa. II . 
COBTIBLD, Brer. maj. J. let N.I. to be maj. fr. Dec. IS, IMS, U. 

■DC. to Bou, proB. to rank, *. White, dec. 
CBoatMAH, Copt. C. Ibt. eat. to be poet nr. at Barraekpoie. 
Daniill, Cornet C. A. to do dutf with lit L.C. nnder orders tor 

Elm*. Eot. A. sittN.I. toafflc. aaadj. dor. abs. H. W. Nomaa. 
E Ban KB, Cast. E. T. Sard N.I. tr. to ln<r. eatab. Jaa. 11. 
t, Uaol 

to eh. of abkaree at 

FoB«TTH, Lieut. A. S7lh N.(. to olHc. al adj. dor. abi. of Bem- 

iBT, Dec. 31. 
FoaTKB, Llcnt. G. IStb N.I. retarned to latf , Jan. g. 
Fbabib, Lleat. J. 4Stta N.I, to oflle. as lalerp. &c. T. C. R. Oakst, 

OBhu'l.Deo.31., Uent. C. A. IStta N.I. app. detach, it. of eeeort of 

MaharaUh DholkeD Siu. D^- »■ 
Godbt, Ebi. 3flthN.I.>ia« 

eorpi. Dee. IS. 

OobdOn, Eoi. J. C. fi. aSth to 391b N.I. In progieu to Lahore, 
GbaHT, Ebi. H. A. Slat N.I. paued TCroae. exaai. 
Odllv, Eni. P.J. 31it N.l. placed at dlsp. otdcp. comiD. to sapt> 

caaltraelion of road fr. Ptihawur to Atloek, 
Rall, UiBt. G. 4tb Irrcg. cat. to be poat mr. of Jhaail, Jan. 7. 
" Ens. J, T. posted to 3nd Eur. rtgt. aader orders to pnK. 

o wlag of corpi 

Hbhoebboh, Lleat. W. cogr*. pasted eoI. txan. Jaa. 4. 
BiOGiNa, Em. E. O. Srd N.I. app. pottmr. at Jhelam, Jan. li 
Hill, Comet Sir J. bait, to do doty witb let L.C. ander ot< 

HopoaoN, Eoe'. H, N. «h N.l, to be UeaL fr. Jan. S, In tact 

RoacAH, En*. J. W. posted to S9th N,l. 

bam pore. 
HnoBES, MkJ. B. B. laealldi, perm, to retire fr. tenice of tbe 

eoBpj. oa pen